“I need to see Walid,” I demand.

“He's bathing in the sauna,” Naomi states, “Where is your Guardian? Should you be wandering around unescorted?

I am in the castle. Karamo left earlier in the day. I spent hours looking for Qadir. It was useless. I couldn't find him. I was going to demand that Walid turn the asshole over to me.

“I need Walid.”

Naomi shakes her head, “Who do you think you are? Prince would never speak to me like this. What kind of Beta are you?”

Her voice is annoyed.

“What are you? His goddam watchdog? I need to see Walid!”

“Have you lost your fucking mind---” Naomi starts.

Naomi takes a step forward and growls. I can see her face She's interrupted however. She's interrupted by Fang. Walid's brother. Fang puts his hand out. He touches Naomi on the shoulder. She calms down when he does.

“Naomi go fetch.”

Naomi gives me a hard look before turning around. I can tell she doesn't really care for me. Hell by the look on Fang's face I can tell that he doesn't really care for me much either. He just crosses his arms at that moment and shakes his head.

Fang takes a long look at me when he does.

“Can I help you with something?

“I need to see Walid?”

“I know you are my brother's favorite and you'll probably be his Beta, but you don't go around here making demands. My brother is in charge of this Pack...not his potential Beta wolf. You do understand that right?”

“You don't like me?” I ask.

“Because of you we had to give away Nasir's bones. Those bones were precious to Walid. They were precious to me...” Fang explains, “We had to give them to a goddam stranger at that. Wolf bones are supposed to be burned.”

He is really holding the fact that some bones were given away. I could care less about these fucking bones. I could care less about anything that Fang was talking about right now. He was not making any sense and he was seeming like a less attractive, whiny miniature version of Walid. I wasn't amused by this guy at all. Maybe that's why I walk forward.

Maybe that's why I lay a finger on his chest.

“Listen. I'm tired of you Vanderbilts and your bullshit,” I state at that moment, “I'm tired of your weird ass traditions. I'm tired of getting backstabbed every time I look the other way. Qadir tried to kill me. One of your pack is responsible for trying to KILL me.

Fang is shocked.

“You're lying.”

“I don't have time to lie to you,” I respond, “I don't have time to talk to you either. So what you will do is swallow your FUCKING pride and do what the fuck I tell you to do. Or I'm leaving this place. And I wonder what your brother will say when he finds out you're the reason I left again?”

I'm being more forceful than I've ever been before. Having a less dominant wolf talk to him like that makes Fang look like he is about to explode. He doesn't though. For some reason the threat of pissing Walid off seems to get his attention more than anything else. They were definitely all terrified of Walid and they knew if I left Walid would be pissed.

The look on Fang's face tells the story. Maybe I've gone too far with the Vanderbilt Pack this time. Now they knew I wasn't like Prince or like Yuma or like the other Vanderbilts.

I was a wolf and I wasn't about to keep getting fucked with.

“Follow me,” Fang says.

He's given in. I can tell by the look on his face that he is resisting the fact that he has just given into me. It seems to be painful for him or something. Fang leads me down the hallway towards what looks like a sauna. He unlocks the door. He opens it and steps aside.

I walk into the sauna. The infrared sauna is full of steam and I start perspiring as soon as I walk into the room. The wet heat makes my body drip almost immediately. I can barely see thru the steam until I get close enough.

“I asked to be alone...” Walid says.

“It's me.”

Walid turns at that moment, “Yaser? My nose is weak in the humidity. I didn't even smell you.”

Walid is sitting when I walk over to him. For a quick second I almost forget why I'm even in this room. I forget how mad I am about Qadir. I forget about the fact that I was pissed when I walked in here. Immediately I'm turned on. Walid is sitting on the bench. His dick is laying on his right thigh. His legs are fall apart. His balls are dangling off the bench. His hard body expands over much of the bench engulfing it. His pubic hair clings to the sides of his inner thighs. The giant of a man looks over at me. Sweat is dripping down every part of his naked body.

“I made Fang bring me to see you,” I tell him.

Walid laughs. He seems amused by this.

“Oh did you now?” he asks me, “You giving orders to my Pack?”

He continues to laugh at that moment. I'm not amused though. I'm highly horny looking over at him but I'm not amused by what he finds funny. I stand there clearly sweating off my clothes.

“Where is Qadir? Give me him,” I state.

“Is that a demand?” Walid asks.

The laughter fades, the smile fades. Walid just turns to me. He raises an eyebrow. He is so fucking huge and intimidating. Some men are strong, but what is the most terrifying about Walid is that he knows just how strong he is.

“No. I'm asking you to get him for me.”

“For what reason?”

“I'm going to kill him,” I state.

Walid starts laughing, “Don't be stupid.”

“I'm not joking Walid. I'm going to kill him.”

“Qadir is twice your size. He's three times your strength. You're a beta. Even if I allowed it---which I won't, you would barely put a scratch on him.”

“Bring him to me I'll prove what I can do.”

“I can't do that. I sent him away,” Walid explains.

“For what?”

“I wanted him to follow the witchdoctor and find out what the witchdoctor was up to,” Walid explains.

I shake my head, “You don't get it. Qadir is in on it with the witchdoctor.”

Walid raises his eyebrows, “Hmm, I figured that much.”

“You did?”

“Yeah. Of course,” Walid explains, “When Qadir was the one to save you I figured that he put you in danger just to get on my good side. Qadir isn't that smart. I never trusted him. I've been thinking about it all night.”

“What does he want?”

“Take off your're sweating...”

“Walid this is a serious conversation...”

“Exactly. So take off your clothes. And come sit on Daddy's lap,” Walid tells me, “I'll tell you what you came here to know.”

“No Walid. This is serious. I'm not going to get naked and sit on your lap. Qadir used me as his pawn. I could have died. I lost my tail...”

“No?” Walid asks.

With everything I said to him that is the only thing he heard. The look in his eyes at that moment is fierce. He doesn't like it. I can hear a low growling in his throat even though his mouth is tight shut at that moment.

“I'm sorry,” I tell him.

I do what he says. It's easier to just give into Walid then argue about this right now. Right now I needed to do what he said. So I got undressed. He watches me the entire time. By the time I'm naked I notice that his dick is getting harder and harder. He doesn't try to hide it. Before long his huge mountain of a dick is completely erect.

I'm completely speechless when I see it, “Oh...”

“I asked you to sit on my lap,” he asks me, “Don't make me ask you again.”


I walk over to Walid. I am literally about to sit on his right lap but as soon as I get in grabbing distance he reaches his arms around me and pulls me close. I can't move. He's holding me with his left hand and he spits on his right hand. He swabs the spit into my asshole, before spitting in his hand again and rubbing it on his dick. I am not struggling. There is no point in arguing with Walid. He manhandled me when he was irritated with how I was acting. He holds me up in the air and examines me like a trophy. The way that he is able to just lift me, while sitting with no sense of struggle or even effort makes me realize just how powerful Walid is. He wants me to know it as well. He's showing off holding me up in the air like this.

He is holding me by the flesh underneath my lower thighs. He separates my thighs and before I fall he catches me under my butt. He holds me by my butt up in the air. Still holding me he separates my ass cheeks.

Walid gives me his warning, “You know what your problem is?”

“I'm getting Vertigo, Walid.”

“I asked you a question.”

“No. Walid. I don't know what my problem is.”

“You don't trust me yet as your Alpha wolf,” he explains, “I'm going to take care of you. You should know that. You shouldn't be sitting here worrying about getting even with Qadir. I'll make Qadir pay for what he did to you when the time is right. You should know that.”

“Walid he is plotting.”

“He's plotting to become the Alpha,” Walid acknowledges, “You think I don't know that. I can destroy Qadir any moment. He's not my concern. The Witchdoctor is my concern. I'm using Qadir to see what the Witchdoctor is up to and then when the time is right I'll bring you Qadir's head on a platter.”

The way he says it makes me realize that Walid isn't joking. He's promising me this. In a weird way I feel this heavy weight off my chest knowing that I had Walid here.

Some people wanted flowers. Some people wanted cards.

I wanted the blood of my enemies.

I don't know why I'm smiling at that moment when I say, “Ok. I trust you. But...”

“But nothing. You don't fight. You understand? I fight for you,” Walid explains to me, “I'm the Alpha in this. You are my Beta. After tomorrow I'm going to give you the world. All you have to do is point. You hear me? You don't lift a finger. You don't get dirty. All you have to do is tell me what you need and I'll hunt it down. I'll bring home the meat and anything else that you need. I'll bring you the world and lay it at your feet.”

I stop. I just came to the realization of the kind of words he was using.

“Wait so are you saying...that...oh my god!” I state getting so excited that I almost fall out of Walid's hands and he catches me, “Prince is still in this...”

“Just for show,” Walid explains, “The others are concerned about you. They think you are too headstrong. They are right.”

I'm still being held up in the air. He's still navigating me right above his dick. I feel like I'm going to lose my balance but Walid is perfectly still. He has complete control over my body as he dangles me above him using my ass cheeks to balance the entire weight of my body.

“So why are you choosing me?” I ask him, “Why not Prince?”

“Because you are a challenge. Because I never thought I'd find someone I was willing to give the world to again,” he explains, “Because I never thought there was someone I would actually want to kiss again.”

Walid pulls me in close under my butt. Then he does something that means the world to me. Walid kisses me. He fucking kisses me! His tongue goes in my mouth and there is emotion everywhere. There are fireworks. He's so soft and he's so gentle. He's so loving when he does it. This isn't the Walid I met a long time ago. This wolf was giving me romance.

And I realized at that moment as he pulls me back and looks into my eyes that I'm in love with Walid. He's not too perfect. He's way too boorish and he is aggressive. He's rude. He doesn't have any manners at all. And I love him.

“Fuck I'm crying.”

“Oh you will be...”


“Remember when I asked you to come sit on my lap and you said no to me?” Walid asks raising an eyebrow.


“You have to be housebroken. You have to be trained.”

Walid is lifting me above his dick again. My heart is racing. I look down to see his huge dick. It's glistening with his spit that he had applied to it before. My ass is about a foot above him. Slowly he spreads my ass cheeks further and further apart. He is lining his dick up with my ass.

I'm panicking when I realize what he's about to do.

“Oh shit,” I state.

Walid's face smiles this menacing smile, “You should take a deep breath....”

The next night is the ceremony. My palms are sweating as I walk into the room where Nadia and Nadim are. Dakota is in the room as well.

“Is there a reason you're walking like that?” Nadia asks me.


I hadn't had much sleep at all. Nadia is examining the bags underneath my eyes. Walid's sex drive was something that wasn't even human. He'd fucked me all through the day yesterday and then woke up to fuck me again. That meant that we had slept in the same bed together. Walid was comfortable when he slept. He held me throughout the night. He'd nibble on my hair like a puppy teething. It was the cutest thing. My ass was sore as fuck but it was all worth it to make my Alpha happy.

“He smells like the Alpha...” Nadim states with a laugh.

Nadia clutches her chest, “You surprise me little wolf. I didn't think you'd come so far when I first met you.”

“Is the sex as legendary as they say it is?” Nadim asks me.

I blush red at that moment. Nadim is already doing my makeup. I'm blushing because Dakota is on the other side of the room. A part of me wants to believe that Dakota is happy for me but I am not 100 percent sure if he would be uncomfortable hearing these details. Nadim and Nadia don't seem to give a damn either way.

“It's not all about the sex,” I tell them.

“You know that an Alpha dog is in love with you when he can't keep his hands off of you,” Nadia explains.

My heart flutters. Love? Did they really think Walid was in love with me?

“Can we keep the gossiping to a minimum?” Dakota asks, “There is work to be done. Prince is going to bring it. Yas can't be upstaged by Prince.”

“No one is going to upstage my son...”

My heart races when I hear the voice.

I turn at that moment.


I jump out of the chair and see my mother standing there. I have never been so happy to see her before. I run over to her and give her the tightest hug that I can give her. After the scare of her being taken by the Witchdoctor I was beyond scared for her. Dakota let me know on multiple occasions that she was OK but seeing her just confirmed all of that.

When I release my mother I realize that she is not alone. My little brother Yuma is with her.

“Hello big brother,” Yuma states.

He ignores Dakota. He doesn't even look Dakota's way.

“Hey Yuma,” I respond, “We missed you.”

I'm speaking for Dakota and myself. I realize Dakota is standing up right now. He seems a little nervous. I can tell that Dakota doesn't quite know what to say to Yuma. The room is getting really awkward.

Dakota finally addresses it after minute or two, “Yuma, may I speak to you outside?”

“Actually I was going to meet up with the past Betas,” Yuma explains, “I don't have any time.”

Yuma disses Dakota and walks out of the room. I feel Dakota's pain when Yuma does that. It sucks to see Dakota hurt. Even though this whole thing with Yuma and Dakota is still fresh and new for me I still hated the idea of seeing them both in so much pain. It's clear that Yuma is blaming it all on Dakota and I don't think that is really fair. The feelings that Dakota and I had for one another were mutual.

This is just complicating everything.

“You should go after him,” I tell Dakota.

Dakota shakes his head, “I have a job to do. I have to make sure you are taken care of.”

I feel like shit. I am about to argue with Dakota about that but my mother comes in my face. She brings over a white tuxedo.

“This is your day. Walid invited me and your brother. He invited werewolves from packs all over the world. This is the biggest event of the century.”

“I'm happy you came. I was so worried when I found out the Witchdoctor took you.”

“He was kind. Strange and unsettling but kind. He promised he wouldn't hurt me and when he got what he wanted he released me,” my mother explains.

“He's dangerous,” I tell my mother.

“It's over,” she responds, “He's gone. He's gotten what he wanted.”

She sounds so sure about that. I wasn't so sure. I wasn't so sure this was all over with that Witchdoctor. Walid had sent Qadir after him. God knows Qadir was really good at breaking deals and making shifty decisions.

I smile nonetheless, “You're right. Mom.”

“I'm proud of you,” she explains to me, “You made your family proud. Today your father smiles down on you Yaser. You're going to be a Beta wolf to the most powerful wolf out there. When he chooses you I want you to wear this.”

“It's beautiful.”

“I had it hand sewn just for you. And to top it off. Here. A Siberian gray wolf pelt.”

After I get dressed she hangs the head of the wolf over my shoulder. It's a little weird at first as if I'm wearing taxidermy or something but I trust my mother's opinion. My mother takes a step back and examines her work.

The room is full of beautiful flowers and music is playing on the loudspeakers. I’m kept up on the balcony during most of the party. It’s the place of the Beta. We are supposed to be away from the other wolves. We are supposed to be like glass sculptures up here or something. It’s just Prince and I.

Dakota was right. Prince looks amazing.

“There has to be hundreds of wolves here. I didn’t know so many werewolves exist,” Prince tells me.

He walks up to the railing of the balcony. He gets a little closer than I would like. I don’t trust the guy honestly. I find myself holding onto the railing. This guy could be crazy enough to try to push me over. These Betas were shady as fuck. Now that it was only Prince and I there was so much room up on this balcony. I remember the first day I was on this balcony. I remember how nervous I was overlooking the ballroom. I remember how my palms were sweating.

Looking down now I am a little bit more confident. Walid is doing his usual thing. He’s getting drunk with the rest of the Vanderbilts. He’s socializing with his guests. He’s loud and immature as usual.

“All of them are looking at you,” I tell Prince, “You look amazing…”

Prince gives me a hard stare, “Don’t fuck with me.”

“No. I’m serious. Look around. Everyone is staring at you,” I explain to him, “You’re gorgeous.”

Prince has on a red outfit. He has on blush that brings out his high cheek bones. He’s standing right next to me and honestly I feel intimidated standing next to him. Down amongst the crowd I can see all these wolves are looking over at him.

They are dazzled.

“I’d trade them all in for Walid. But he isn’t looking at me, now is he?” Prince asks.

“He isn’t paying attention to either of us.”

“Look closer. Every once in a while he turns to see if you’re still around. He whispers to one of the maids and two minutes later the maid comes to check on you. We had a date the other day…you know what happened? He called me Yas by accident.”

I’m shocked.


“He’s obsessed with you,” Prince responds, “Truth be told: I don’t get it. You aren’t as beautiful as me. You aren’t as passive as me. You don’t glide across the room like I do. The rest of Walid’s pack hates you. You aren’t very well spoken---“


“Ok. I get it.”

“I’m not done,” Prince responds, “You have all of those things not working for you but you have a connection with him. I don’t get what that connection is honestly but I don’t have to get what that connection is. He adores you. I know I’m not going to win. I know he’s going to choose you. A blind man can see that he’s going to choose you. And if I were going to lose to any of you lesser wolves I’m glad that I lost to the wolf that truly loves Walid.”

In a weird way I feel like Prince is making peace with me. I smile at him. I reach out and pat him on the back.

“Thank you.”

In a weird way it feels like for the first time Prince and I aren’t at each other’s throat. It seems like the asshole who annoyed the fuck out of me is actually not that bad of a guy.

Within a second I realize I’m wrong when Prince holds his hand out to push away from me.

“Don’t touch me,” Prince quickly jerks back, “You are probably covered in germs. Don’t get used to this nice shit. This is still a competition and who knows. He might come to his senses and realize that I’m the best wolf.”

I roll my eyes. Being friends with Prince was probably asking too much. He was still being really petty about this whole competition. I don’t care that it comes from Prince though. What matters is what Prince said. He called what Walid and I had true love. The idea of true love is getting in my head. Walid makes me feel more passive than I naturally am. He makes me feel like I can allow him to just take care of me. Inside maybe I am a man but I don’t mind being Walid’s beta wolf.

I’d do anything for Walid. I’d give anything for Walid. And right now Walid wanted me to be his.

“Are you two ready? Walid wants you both downstairs so that he can choose,” Timus of the Vanderbilt comes to the balcony to escort us.

The room erupts when Prince goes first. I stand on the staircase from the balcony waiting to come out. As I walk out I can see all these faces looking at me. My heart is beating. My palms are sweating. This is much bigger than the opening ceremony. At first I think there is no way that they’ll cheer for me like Prince. There is no way that they would care who I am.

I’m wrong.

The cheers are louder when I walk out. At the front I see my mother and Yuma standing there. In the distance I notice Dakota. My mother’s smile has never been wider. She didn’t even cheer this much when I was graduating high school. It’s so silly to me. This is just a stupid ceremony in a werewolf tradition. But it’s so grand.

My feet feel so heavy when I realize that Walid is waiting for me up on an elevated stage. Prince is already there. He’s kneeling down. As I approach Walid helps me up on the elevated stage.

“You look amazing.”

“Thank you,” I tell him.

Walid smiles at me. He bites his lower lip. He leans close to me and whispers, “I’m going to tear that ass up tonight. I hope you know that.”

I laugh. I’m pretty sure a few of the Vanderbilts overhear Walid saying it because they exchange stares. I know it isn’t the most romantic thing for Walid to say at a time like this but that’s just who Walid is. I wouldn’t change anything about him.

This was my moment. This was my perfect fairytale ending.

Walid stands over us. He casts a huge shadow. He’s so big. I’m more than nervous. I look to my left and see that Prince is cool as ever. He’s used to the attention I guess. I’m not. I can feel the hundreds of visitors. They are staring at me from the back. I wonder if they think I look nice. I wonder if they think I’m even comparable to someone like Prince. I’m not sure. Some are in human form but others have changed into wolf form. There is a deep howling that fills the room followed by cheers as the other wolves are all looking at us.

“Today I’m going to choose my beta,” Walid says, “Usually people give long speeches or what not, but I’m kind of horny and drunk so I want to get this over quick…”

There are more howls from the wolves. There is drunken laughter. I can’t help but to smile myself as I look up at Walid. God knows what he is about to do to me later on tonight.

Walid calms everyone. He takes off his fur coat. He motions over to me.

“The wolf that I choose to be my BETA is…”

“Not so fast!” a voice says from the back of the room.

I don’t realize what’s happening but I recognize Qadir’s voice by now. I look back and see him walk into the room. I’m so confused. Prince and I are staring at Qadir. I’m confused what is happening and why he would interrupt. Qadir must have some sort of death wish for interrupting Walid like this.

‘What is this!” Walid’s voice storms across the room.

Walid isn’t using a microphone. He doesn’t need one. His voice is like thunder. It just shakes the foundations of the castle.

We watch as Qadir walks through the crowd of people. He makes his way to the front. He is holding a fur coat wrapped up in his arms as though it was the most expensive coat in the world. I recognize the coat. It’s the same kind of fur coat that the Witchdoctor had given me.

“I stole something for you,” Qadir states, “From the witchdoctor.”

“I’m busy. Have you lost your mind?” Walid asks him.

We’re all thinking the same thing. Was Qadir drunk? A lot of the others were drunk and they still weren’t acting like this. No. Qadir wasn’t drunk. This was intentional stupidity.

“You’ll want to see to see this,” Qadir states.

Qadir rolls out the fur coat.

There is a wolf that Qadir was holding. The wolf begins to change right in front of us. He is only a few feet away from where Prince and I are kneeling. The werewolf changes into a boy. He’s soft faced. He’s feminine looking. His body is wrapped up in his hair. He’s cute but not handsome like me or beautiful like Prince. He’s just…cute. He reminds me of Yuma in a way. He’s young, but not a child. His eyes are so big and wide as they look up at us. They are much softer than my eyes could ever be. His skin is much smoother than my skin could ever be.

“Who is this?” I ask.

“His dead boyfriend…” Prince whispers to me.

My heart races. This couldn’t be. This person was moving. Nasir was bones. He was supposed to be dead. He was supposed to be GONE! THIS PERSON was alive.

That’s when I turn to see Walid’s face and I know my future is going to change dramatically.

Walid says the name of his old lover softly, “Nasir…”

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