I can't believe what's happening when I see the other wolves start to bow to Nasir. He is the smallest person in the room. He's even smaller than the Vanderbilt girls. The fact that they are showing submission to him is blowing my mind. I can't get it through my head. Why would Walid do this?

I think about maintaining my composure but instead I just snap, “Walid you can't fucking kneel to this fucking guy.

They all looked surprised that I'm resistant to this.

“Yas...Nasir is the Alpha now,” Walid tells me.

He says this to me as though it's just written in stone. He is talking to me as though I'm some kind of child and he has to explain the rules of being a werewolf.

“FIGHT HIM!” I demand.

“Yas...back now,” Walid tells me.

My heart is racing when he says that. Nasir looks so innocent up there. I swear for some reason I don't trust the guy. Maybe it is just my own jealousy. Walid's ex lover just walks in here and claims things as his and everyone is just going with it! When Walid submits to him the rest of the Vanderbilts just fall in line. Within a minute or two I'm the only one resisting this shit.

“Are you all stupid?” I ask, “That little shit up there is not an Alpha.”

The words just come out of my mouth without an censor. If I had spoken to Walid like that I'd probably be dead now. This just comes to show that this Nasir guy is no one's Alpha. He wasn't built like that. He just stares over at me as though I'm being aggressive. He looks so out of fucking place right now.

“He's disrespecting my brother,” Qadir says.

“Man FUCK your brother,” I respond.

Nasir's eyes get wide, “Did I do something to this guy? I don't even know him. I'm struggling to figure out what the problem is here.”

“He's in love with Walid,” Qadir announces in front of everyone.

It's crazy that Qadir is dismissing me like that. I'm just acting like an asshole because I was in love with Walid. No one else thought it was the problem that the Alpha dog was some tiny little nothing that anyone could fight. No one saw an issue with that because he was Walid's old lover? Fuck that.

Walid grabs me at that moment. He pulls me off aside from the others. I can tell by the disruption that I'm getting under people's skin. Walid's eyes are just glaring at me.

“Calm down,” he whispers to me.

“I won't,” I respond.

“I'm not going to ask you again.”

“No you aren't. You aren't the Alpha anymore remember. You act like you're all dominant for this? This? You allow this kid to come in here and take your position right underneath your nose?”

“Yas. Please...”

“I'll fight him. I'll challenge him,” I interrupt.

Walid's tightens his grip on my arm. He is holding it so hard that I'm starting to feel a tingling on my bones. I attempt to pull away but it is useless.

“No you won't. I know you're emotional right now. You have every right to be. I get it. This isn't your pack. You aren't in the Vanderbilt Pack. You can't challenge him. So walk away. I care about you but walk away. 'm not going to let you hurt him. That's not going to happen under my watch. No one is going to hurt Nasir again.”

Walid's threat is real when he gives it. He's looking in my eyes and I know just how serious he is. If I try to threaten Nasir he won't hesitate to protect him. Maybe I'm wrong for interfering in the situation that the Vanderbilt pack had going on but the fact that Walid is hurting me right now just to prove a point of staying in my place is pissing me off.

“You're hurting me. Look you're bruising me. Let go.”

He lets go. It's clear he's made his point however.

“I'm sorry.”

I give Nasir one last look. I look over at Walid. He looks like he wants to say something else. Maybe he wants to explain why he is acting like this. I don't want to hear it though. I don't want to hear about Walid's past with Nasir, nor why he would go at such lengths to protect him. It hurts even thinking about Walid caring so much about someone else. I walk out of the room at that moment.


Jealousy is an ugly think. It makes you crazy. I'm sitting in my room crying realizing that Walid has chosen him. The tears are so deep. They are entrenched in me. I haven't given up though. I just sit in my room for a long time thinking about just how jealous I am. Walid would never have submitted to me the way that he submitted to Nasir. I know that.

When a knock arrives on my door a few hours later I am hoping that it is Walid. It's not.

It's him.


“Can I come in?” he asks me.

“No,” I respond.

The more I look at him the more I try to compare him to me. He's feminine. He's way more feminine than I could ever be even when I wore makeup. He's not handsome if you ask me. I guess everyone had a type, but I hated the idea of losing to him. I would have understood Prince. Prince would have made more sense. Prince was drop dead gorgeous, but Nadir was nothing more than a decent looking boy from Walid's past.

“You hate me don't you?” he asks me.

“Say what you want,” I ignore his question, “Did you come here to ask me to leave? Did you come here to ask me to stay away from Walid.”


“Good,” I respond, “Because I'm not going to leave. And I'm not going to stay away from him.”

I'm aggressive. I'm almost doing it in a threatening way. If this little fuck wanted to go to war then we could go to war. I outlasted the rest of those Betas. I just had one more challenge left. Sure...this was a little bit more challenging then the others but I was going to win Walid's heart one way or another.

Even if that meant stealing Walid's heart from Nasir or ripping it away.

“He said that you were vicious. He speaks about you a lot,” Nasir says.

Nasir actually gives me a slight smile at that moment. It's so small but yet welcoming. The fact that he isn't kicking me out of Vanderbilt Castle and telling me to leave seems just odd.


“Walid of course. Walid is upset about what happened earlier.,” Nasir explains in a soft tones. His voice is so soft and gentle. It feels almost like I'm speaking to a child, “I can tell. When I look at him he seems hurt that he hurt you.”

“Did he send you here?” I ask.

Nasir shakes his head, “No. No he didn't send me. He doesn't know where I am. Walid is a bit emotional. I'm scared he might act out. Everyone is. He seems a little bit torn and I think that your whole situation earlier needs to be fixed to keep this pack strong.”

I roll my eyes. He's been back not that long and he was acting like he was never gone.

“This isn't my pack.”

“It can be,” Nasir says.

I raise my eyebrows at him, “What are you saying?”

“We love the same man,” Nasir explains and walks into my room, “In a way I probably understand you more than anyone else understands you. I'm not your enemy. My brother Qadir says you're a strong wolf. I think it's important that we have numbers. The more wolves the better. We can be...friends. We don't have to be enemies.”

When he suggests we be friends Nasir invades my space. Was this fucking guy serious? Friends? I want to stop him. I even reach my hand out to stop him but I stop short. Walid's threat about not hurting him was definitely still ringing in my ear. Walid meant it when he said it. He didn't want me talking to Nasir.

“No. You're not. Enemies are threats. There is nothing threatening about you,” I respond in a deep dark tone.

I know I look petty. I know I look like a sore loser. I'd had Prince and the others Betas treat me like this before but now I knew how they felt. When you work so hard for something and all of a sudden it is about to be taken away from you things change.

“You don't have to be threatened by me,” he explains, “Love is a mystery. Just like death. Trust me. I've know how hard it all be. Maybe you just need some time to figure it out. The other werewolves are going hunting tomorrow morning. Maybe you can join them. Maybe you can join the pack.”

“Betas aren't allowed to go hunting,” I respond.

Nasir gives me a smile.

Then he does the weirdest thing. He leans over and puts his hand on my shoulder, “You aren't a Beta anymore. You don't have to live by those rules any more. As long as I'm the Alpha of this Pack you have a place. And you can be who you want to be.”

I want to grimace at him. I want to say something rude. I want to argue or act jealous or crazy or something. I can't do any of those things though. Instead of doing any of those things I just nod. I just slowly nod at that moment.

Dammit. Why was this guy so likeable?

“Whatever...” is my response.

It's the meanest and nastiest thing I can say. I hate how nice this wolf is. Nasir gives me a slight smile at that moment. He is walking outside of the door. Before he opens the door he stops and stands there for a minute.

He turns to me, “Hey Yaser?”


“I'm going to talk to Walid tonight. About us. About everything. I know he cares about you. I can see it in his eyes. I don't want to come between something if there really is something between you two. I came back for a reason. I guess I was brought back for a reason and that isn't it. He's been emotional lately and I don't want any trouble from him. I'll let him know that if he chooses's OK. I'll be OK with that.”

My mouth drops.

Nasir gives me a smile. It's warmer. It's calmer. It's sweet.

Fuck it is hard to hate this guy.

He turns but before he leaves I can't help myself to whisper a quick, “Thank you.”


I feel the breeze up against my fur. My red wolf is hungry. Saliva is dripping from my jowls. I bite down on the neck of the stag. The stag twists and turns and gets out of my grasp. I watch as it's hind legs come of no where and threaten to kick me. Luckily I'm jerked away by Walid's wolf. The white wolf comes out of no where and saves me just in time.

It looks at me with these familiar tender eyes. He's trying to protect me.

I ignore him. Growl at him and push away back towards the stag.

The stag is getting away! I follow the stag quickly down the trail. Amina and Naomi appear in front of the stag, stopping it in it's track. The stag is clearly alert of the two female wolves. It starts back towards where I am. I watch as Timus attempts to take the stag down. It's a failed attempt. The stag is quick jumping right over Timus and making it's way right where I'm running. It's my chance now. I start towards the stag. I feel my body lunge forward.

I jump. Higher, higher and higher.

I clinch on the stag's throat. This time I'm not letting go! Over to my right I see Fang's wolf. His wolf is strong. It helps me clamping down on the backside of the stag. Soon the other wolves are joining in. The wolf continues to struggle.

It isn't until I see Walid's wolf come out of no where. It goes to the back. He rips at the back of the stag's neck. He tears the head of the stag clean off in one motion. The rest of us were struggling on this one stag and Walid just came over and made us all look stupid.

Within a second he is covered in blood and changing back to human form.

“Good hunt everyone. You guys clean the stag. I'm going to the springs to rinse off. Yaser. Can you come with me?”

Walid gives me a look.

I turn away. I'm angry. I'm so angry. Reluctantly I follow behind him. I stay in my wolf form even though he is in his human form.

We make our way to the natural springs away from the others. I watch as Walid dives into the water. His body rinses off. All the blood. He is so powerful in that water. He is so sexy. I'm so amazed by him. His muscles come out of the steam. The water droplets make his upper torso sparkle. He splashes me on the side of the bank with the water.

“You did good today,” he tells me, “I didn't know you had it in you. If I knew you were so strong as a wolf I would have taken you out on hunts earlier.

I look away from him. Of course he underestimated me. I proved myself today. I proved myself not only to him but to the rest of the pack as well. I'm pissed still about the fact that he allowed Nasir to become Alpha. I'm pissed that he wouldn't let me challenge Nasir. Walid was stronger than this. I had see how strong he was. Why would he allow Nasir to take over like this?

He comes close to me. He attempts to pet me but I pull away. When I do, he splashes me with water. I think he does it playfully but I don't care. I shake the water out of my fur and growl at him a few times. I'm so angry.

I change back to human form.

“Did you bring me here to tell me that I'm not a bad hunter?” I ask him.

Walid grabs me by my legs. He pulls me into the water against my will. I'm struggling against him but it's useless. He's still so powerful. He presses up against my naked body. Together we end up at the bank of the water. He gives me a hard squeeze. I feel so engulfed by him. Normally having Walid take control of me like this would be such a big turn on. Right now it isn't though. Right now I'm pissed about Nasir.

“You're mad at me, aren't you?” he asks me.

“No shit.”

Walid touches my face a little bit, “I never meant to disregard you. I never meant to act like you don't matter. It's just things have been complicated a little lately. An ex lover coming from the grave would somehow manager to complicate things.”

I roll my eyes.

“I can see why you are in love him,” I respond, “He's so goddam sweet. I spent this whole time wanting to hate the guy and I can't even do it. He just looks up at you with those eyes of his.”

Walid takes a deep breath.

“I always wanted to protect him,” Walid explains, “But I had a long talk with him yesterday.”

“He said you would,” I roll my eyes.

“You don't trust him.”

“Fuck no.”

“Don't be like that,” he responds, “Nasir and I have a history. I always thought about him, you know. I figured I'd never be able to let him go. How do you let go someone that you devoted your entire life to. I explained that to him. I explained how I used to wake up screaming. I used to have these dry sweats wanting to be near him. Every once in a while I still do. When I saw him I figured that it was a miracle. I know it wasn't. Miracles don't exist. I had to come to terms with reality. The reality of the situation is that I'm falling for someone else. I'm falling for you Yaser. It would be so easy to go back to Nasir. A part of me thinks I should, but I'm torn.”

My heart is beating. I'm so scared that Walid is about to leave me.

“What are you going to choose?”

“I didn't choose. I didn't have to. Nasir chose for me. He told me to choose you.”

My eyes get wide.

“Oh my god.”

“I know. At first I felt rejected bu then he explained to me. It looks like he has Qadir guiding him now. Nasir understands that things are different now. I think he understands that I'm interested in protecting someone else now as well.”

Walid leans in. He kisses me. His kiss is strong. It's powerful. It's commanding. His dick starts to harden underneath the water. The water is all around us and the natural heat is causing me to sweat a little bit. I want to give in to him. I want to just allow Walid to take me especially when he starts to suck on my neck. I lean back. I wrap my legs around his waist. He carries me deeper and deeper into the spring.

I wade with him for a while, wanting to lose myself.

I shake my head, “This is karma.”

“Karma for what?”

“I had feelings for my guardian Dakota...” I explain, “My little brother loved him too. I chose for Dakota. I told him to go with my little brother. Truth is I know that Dakota was really in love with me...”

“I figured that much. He is still in these woods. I smelled him earlier,” Walid explains, “He was watching us hunt. Your guardian shouldn't be here. I should have fought him for you while I had the chance.”

“You want to fight Dakota but you won't let me fight Nasir?” I ask.

“It's different.”

It's always different when it comes to Nasir for Walid. He had a million excuses for protecting Nasir. Walid release his grip on me. I float away. Our eyes connect. How long is he going to protect Nasir? If I did end up with Walid would he really be completely happy knowing Nasir is out there alive?

I shake my head. I'm not surprised Dakota hasn't left. He felt like he couldn't. Even though I wanted him to go be happy with Yuma I knew that he wasn't going to do that.

“Dakota is in love with me,” I explain to Walid, “And yet I told him to choose Yuma. You are in love with Nasir but Nasir is telling you to choose me.”

“It's not the same.”

“Yes it is. Do you love Nasir. Right now. Are you in love with him?”

“Yeah but---”

“But what?”

“I'm falling for you too,” Walid explains, “This shit is complicated. This isn't easy.”

It was complicated with Dakota and Yuma too. I shake my head. Dakota left Yuma. He was still in Vanderbilt Castle even though I begged him to go try to make things work with my little brother. He was in love with me so he wasn't willing to let me go.

Is that how I wanted to end up? Did I want to be the guy that Walid ended up with even though he was in love with someone else.

“That's not enough. Not right now,” I explain to him, “I don't want to be your regret...”

“You would never be a regret. C`mon. He gave us his blessing. He gave us his blessing to be together. OK. I love him but things are different. C`mon. Where you going? Don't change back to your wolf. Yaser? YASER!”

It's too late. I've turned back into my wolf and I'm already running away. A part of me thinks by Walid's tone that he is going to chase me down. I'm running away from Walid because I know that sooner or later he is going to end right back with Nasir. That's just how it is.

It Nasir was really dead things would have been easier. I could have really been OK with the fact that Walid wasn't actually in love with me yet. I could have been more patient. But I couldn't allow him to be choose me if he was still in love with Nasir.

I couldn't be that selfish.

I end up running so deep into the woods and I can feel someone chasing me. I stop. I turn. I smell the air. Walid?


Another white wolf appears. This one is smaller. The familiar eyes glance at me as the werewolf begins to change form.

Dakota is standing over me at that moment.

“I'm sorry that happened,” Dakota says to me.

I change back into human form. We are both naked for the while. I sit next to Dakota on a stone that he has.

“Walid is going to pissed if he sees you,” I tell him.

Dakota shrugs, “Fuck him. I wasn't going to give up that easily. You're right what you told him. I'm not in love with Yuma. No matter how much I know that is what I should do I'm not in love with him. I'm in love with you. I sent your mother and your brother home. I never boarded the plane. I made my choice. Walid can't make his.”

“It's not that simple,” I shrug shaking my head.

“You sound like him,” Dakota responds, “It should always be that simple. If he was in love with you it wouldn't be hard.”

“He said Nasir gave us his blessing,” I explain.

“Nasir made that choice for him. Of course he is happy he didn't have to make it. He can't take you away from me. I heard what he said back at the water. I'll fight him if he really wants to.”

“Don't be stupid.”

“I'm serious,” Dakota responds.

I roll my eyes, “He'll kill you.”

Dakota laughs, “Probably so. Most likely so. You should've dated a wolf I could take. Like his brother Fang or something. You just want me to die chasing you huh? I get it. I don't mind though. Seems like there is a Witchdoctor around bringing wolves back to life nowadays. Ha. Don't know what the point of it all is by the way. It's not like werewolves can really be controlled even if they are brought back to life.”

“What do you mean?”

Dakota shrugs, “The wolf can't be controlled. I been doing some research about it in my spare time. Figured I'd try to help solve your little mystery.”

“If he brought Nasir back, maybe he can control Nasir now,” I explain.

Dakota shakes his head, “Think about it. He can't control Nasir. Dead or alive. If he could control a wolf by bringing them back to life then he would just go around killing wolves and bringing them back. That Witchdoctor is up to something else and I came back to get you. I'm not leaving here without you.”

“You should,” I state.

I get up at that moment.

Dakota stares at my naked body. He shakes his head.

“You don't have to be with me,” Dakota explains, “I just want you to be safe. You don't know why that Witchdoctor brought Nasir back for. Honestly. None if it makes sense. I went looking for the Witchdoctor. No trace of him. It's weird. Shouldn't he have shown back up by now? If Qadir really stole Nasir away from him shouldn't he have tried to get him back.”

“Unless Qadir didn't steal Nasir away from him.”

“What do you mean?” Dakota asks me.

“What if this was the plan all along?” I ask Dakota, “What if the Witchdoctor didn't want Nasir for himself. What if he wanted Nasir to return back to the Pack?”

Dakota's eyes get wide.

“What the hell could Nasir possibly do back in Vanderbilt?”

“Nasir is the Alpha now,” I state, “He's not even fighting for Walid. You know what Walid told me? He said he didn't have to protect Nasir anymore. Nasir was in good hands. Whose good hands? He's running things now...with none other than his brother Qadir. What do people with power want?”

“More power...,” Dakota says.

“We thought he wanted to bring back Nasir so he can control him? Why control one wolf when you can control an entire pack?” I ask.

Dakota shakes his head.

“More reason to leave. We don't need to be involved with this. This isn't going to end well,” Dakota warns me.

He might be on to something.

I don't worry about it though.

“I can't leave. I won't let this Witchdoctor take away Walid's pack.”


I run into the castle. I can smell my way to where I need to be but I know Qadir's smell anywhere. Qadir is behind this. He has to be. He didn't steal Nasir from the Witchdoctor. The Witchdoctor GAVE Nasir back to him. There plan all along was to take over the Vanderbilt Pack.

There was only one problem with their plan.

That problem was me.

I don't care if I have to fight Qadir myself. I don't care if I have to fight both wolves. I needed to stop these people one way or the other. I wouldn't let us be manipulated for their personal gain.

My wolf manages to sneak into the sauna area where Qadir is. I find him by the clothes sitting outside of the sauna. As I am approaching I hear more than one voice. Qadir is not alone.

“So what are you going to do with Mayorga now?” Nasir asks.

“Get rid of him,” Qadir answers, “No need for him. I found someone that I love so much more. Mayorga is the past. You're the present. Ride this dick baby...”

They are having sex! Impossible.

“Is it good to you?” Nasir asks.

Nasir is having SEX with his brother! WHAT THE FUCK!

I stop when I notice their bodies mingled together. They are sweating as Nasir is riding Qadir in the sauna. Nasir is sitting on his dick and grinding. Qadir has his head back. Qadir's dick is so big compared to Nasir's tight asshole. Qadir's dick has all these veins in it. Nasir rocks back and forth and I can see every vein strain in Nasir's tight asshole.

“Damn I love you. I love you so much,” Qadir is saying.

Nasir doesn't say it back. He just smiles as though pleased with himself, “Bite me.”


“Bite me,” Nasir says, “I like it nasty.”

Qadir bites him on his shoulder. Nasir lets out a deep moan. He goes deeper on Qadir's dick. There bodies are so sticky that Qadir's balls are sticking to the bottom of Nasir's ass as he rides him. Nasir slaps the fuck out of Qadir.

“Shit,” Qadir screams.

“Harder,” Nasir demands.

Qadir strains to please his brother. He slaps Nasir's ass so hard that I swear Nasir is going to be bruised. I have to admit that Qadir is sexy as fuck. His body is dripping. All the hair on his chest is drenched with sweat. The sex is nasty in more ways than it just being between two brothers. The two sweaty man are aggressive almost fighting each other but it's Nasir who seems to be getting the upper hand. Nasir pulls on his head. His asshole tightens around Qadir's dick. Nasir seems so powerful right there. He is in control. He doesn't seem like that innocent little mouse I met before. His voice is more powerful. It is more devious. The way he is riding Qadir's dick is almost like he owns it. He rocks back and forth on his brother's dick.

What type of crazy incest was this?

I'm in shock when Nasir pulls Qadir's head back. He kisses him in his mouth. He scratches Qadir's muscular chest. Qadir is having the time of his life being manhandled like this. His hands are on Nasir's waste struggling to control the wild thing on top of him.

“ you're so good,” Qadir is telling him, “Fuck man. This the best ass I ever had in my life. How do you do that? Damn baby. I swear. It's so tight. I'm about to nut.”

Nasir bites down on Qadir's lip. Qadir bleeds.

“Say my name,” Nasir says.

Qadir looks up at his brother and reveals his true identity, “Genesis...”

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