I don't know what comes over me when I start to growl. I make my way towards them. I want to tear them apart. I want to tear Genesis and Qadir apart.

Qadir jumps up. His dick is swinging, freshly dripping of lube from having fucked Genesis.

"Look who it is," Genesis says.

He doesn't seem nearly as bothered as Qadir with me showing up. He's cool. Too cool. Regardless of how big Qadir is I'm thinking that it might not be worth it to go after Genesis. God knows what the Witchdoctor had up his sleeves.

So I turn to Qadir. His eyes are wide. He looks like he wants to turn but he might know that if he tries I'm going to rip his head off.

"Now Yas," he starts off, showing me his palms as though declaring he doesn't want a fight, "Think about this. I know I lied. But it was about you. It was always about getting Walid off of his position."

I growl. I take a few steps forward.

Genesis smiles, "You're an idiot Qadir. He's in love with Walid. Don't you see that? Look at him. If you turn on Walid, then you turn on him as well. Talking won't work. Look at that wolf. He's defiant as always. You better defend yourself Qadir. I see murder in his eyes."

Qadir starts attempting to change taking Genesis's advice. Not so fast. I run towards him. I bite onto his leg. He punches down on the side of my head with a closed fist. His punches barely hurt my wolf. I'm gnawing on his leg ripping chucks of flesh out as hard as I can. Genesis doesn't help Qadir. He doesn't even give him anymore advice. He sits off the side above the fray.

That's better for me.

Qadir is smart though. He's resourceful. He breaks off a piece of the bench in the sauna and hits me. He hits me hard on my head. He jumps on top of me. I'm in my wolf form. He's in his human form. He's stronger. I realize that I'll have a better shot of injuring him if he is in his wolf form.

It doesn't work.

I am able to toss him off of me towards the door. My teeth are bearing. Qadir's naked body is attempting to slide towards the door.

"Don't be stupid..." Qadir tells me, "Genesis do something!"

"Magic requires a sacrifice. Kill yourself for me. Then I'll do something. Are you willing to do that for me Qadir? How deep is your love?

"What?" Qadir asks him.

Qadir's face goes from fear to amusement back to fear. He doesn't know how to react to Genesis. Genesis doesn't move. He is stoic still in the same position. I don't know why he thought Genesis really loved him. I don't know how he could be so stupid.

Right now Genesis made it very clear. He was nothing more than a tool.

"Sacrifice yourself for me. Then I'll help you."

Qadir raises his eyebrows. I wonder if he thinks Genesis is joking. I don't think so though. Genesis is dead serious. Maybe a part of him thinks Qadir is dumb enough to do it. Qadir looks hurt at that moment. He looks betrayed. Right now I'm actually kind of grateful Genesis was such a snake. That's what Qadir gets for being a snake himself. He had no idea that all the shady shit he attempted to do was now coming back at him. A bigger snake had swallowed him hole.

His reaction is dramatic.

He's sliding towards the door.

He's begging for his life. He's an idiot for trusting the Witchdoctor in the first place. I'd been around Genesis just a few times and I knew that he didn't have any emotional connections to Qadir. Qadir thinking Genesis really cared about him was laughable. His mistake was my benefit.

"I'm sorry Yas. This wasn't my idea. I promise you it wasn't. It was all Genesis. Genesis! He wanted to do this. He wanted a way to control the wolves. The only way to control them was getting my brother's bone. My brother was the rightful Alpha. He wanted to. Please. I wouldn't do this to my pack. It was all Genesis. Genesis."

Qadir had a point. He was strong. He was shady, but Genesis was always the threat. I know he was always the threat. He was using all of us for his own gain. I turn to Genesis. A part of me wants to go after him but he is way too comfortable. He is way too confident.

How dangerous was this guy?

I don't know if I want to find out. None the less I stare him down. He's gotten off the bench. He walks over to other side of the sauna. He puts on his bathrobe slowly covering his naked slim body. His entire body is drenched with sweat from his dick to his firm butt. I wonder how hard it would be to take him down.

It's almost as though he's reading my mind when Genesis smiles, "It won't be as easy as you think it is. You have a much better shot with Qadir, wolf. You shouldn't have taken your eyes off of him. Look turn around. He's changing."


He was right.

Within a matter of seconds, the bigger wolf is at the entrance of the door. Qadir's wolf is fucking huge. The golden red wolf growls something vicious. Spit is coming down his fangs. Qadir is playing no games.

So much for not wanting a fight. He was just trying to give me some leniency so he could transform.

Qadir attacks!

I feel him attempting to tear his powerful jaws into the back of my spine. I get away, sliding over the slippery floors. My wolf jets out of the sauna onto the second floor of Vanderbilt castle.

I'm being chased!

Qadir's wolf slams into the panels off the wall shaking the tiles. He snaps, spits and attempts to claw at me. I'm running as fast as I can. Not fast enough! My heart is racing. I should have killed Qadir when I had the chance. I should have killed him when I could have.

Qadir gets on top of me. He bites down into my neck. I FEEL the blood coming out of my neck. My neck is too big. I'm going to die if I stay like this. I know I am.

Maybe that's why I choose to change back to human. With a smaller neck I can manage to get out of his grasp! I'm praying to God this works. If I'm still with him he'd snap me like a twig. My human neck is nowhere near as strong as my wolf neck. I start to change slowly...focusing on the top of my body first.

Midway through the change I'm out of his grasp.

But I'm still partially wolf. I'm still somewhat strong. I use my strength to push Qadir as hard as I can!

"Fuck!" I'm breathing heavily.

Qadir has gotten off me. He's off balance. I'm in human form. I use my feet and give Qadir one last kick with all my strength. Qadir falls over the railing and into the foyer.

I don't see him hit the ground.

"Where are you?" I say walking down the steps.

I'm naked. I'm too weak to change back into a wolf. The descent down the steps to see what happened to the wolf is the scariest thing I've ever done before. I know I'm weak. I'm bleeding. The fall was a long way but if he was alive then I wouldn't be for long. Not in this position. I get down lower and lower. I don't hear anything downstairs in the foyer. My steps are heavy. Step after step I can feel my breathing get loud.

Downstairs is so quiet. It's so fucking dark. I look around. Where the fuck is he? Where the fuck is Qadir? I hear something in the distance. I look to my right and notice a small statue piece that is sitting on the table. It's a solid gold wolf head. The wolf head is sitting next to a life-sized statue of a wolf that Walid has. I grab it the wolf head... It's the only thing I'll have to defend myself.

I move closer. One step after another. I'm naked and afraid.

My body feels so heavy.

That's when I see him. He's just lying there. Qadir is in human form. His legs are broken from the fall. He's bleeding out. I don't know if he meant to change back to human. Maybe his body just did it for him during the fall. I make my way towards him statue in hand.

He growls probably thinking he's still a wolf. He looks down at his legs and notices he isn't. His spine looks like it is broken. He doesn't even move. He doesn't even move his neck to see where I am. He had to fall a good 20 feet over the railing of the balcony upstairs. He's lying in the foyer completely useless.

"Fucker," he says growling, "I should have gotten Ian to actually kill you when I had the chance."

"You don't deserve to live," I tell Qadir.

There's so much anger in me when I'm over him. I want to crush him with this statue. I want to end this now. He's caused so much trouble. Walid should have killed Qadir a long time ago. I wouldn't make the mistake that Walid made. You couldn't keep someone like Qadir around. They'd always come back. They'd always try to win.

I raise my statue ready to smash his head in.

"Please don't..." Qadir says, "I'll leave. I'll never come back. Don't do this."

I'm hesitating. Why the fuck am I hesitating? Qadir was dangerous. I had to do this for me. I had to do this for Walid. I had to do this for Walid's pack.

Why was I hesitating to take his life?

"Too slow..." a voice says.

I don't recognize it happening until it happens. GENESIS WALKS RIGHT UP TO QADIR AND SLITS HIS THROAT! Blood spills out of Qadir's neck unlike anything I've seen before. It covers the floor. The blood is so red. It spills something crazy.

I jump back shocked at Genesis when he cleans his knife on the dead body.

I'm so confused. I knew that Genesis didn't love Qadir but this was something else. This was something crazy.


"A sacrifice."

I almost forgot. I almost forgot that the Witchdoctor's power comes from Sacrifice. The entire castle gets pitch black in a matter of seconds. In a matter of seconds there is laughter all around me. There is chanting. Strange chanting.

"Little black girl. Little black girl. Little black girl."

The darkness gets darker than night. I hear a little girl running in the distance. I hear a little girl's laughter. It's so creepy. It's so eerie. There were no little girls in Vanderbilt Castle. Small footsteps running. I try to listen to Genesis. I don't hear him in the darkness.

"Where are you?" I ask.

My heart is racing. I should have waited for Walid before confronting Genesis. I know I should have. I just wanted to act like an Alpha for one time in my life. I didn't want anyone saving me for once. I wanted to be the powerful wolf that I knew I was inside.

What I didn't realize was I was facing something much darker. Much deeper. Someone willing to sacrifice his own ally to get what he wants.

"You should have just let things be," he explains to me, "You should have just went on your way. Instead you had to get in my business, wolf. Scooby Doo without the meddling kids is what you are. All I wanted were pets. I need an army."

"For what?"

I'm trying to distract him with answering questions so I can change to my wolf. I struggle to change. I crouch down. I picture the wolf in my head. I picture the muscle. My hands are starting to change. I'm starting to grow hair again...but it's too slow. Much too slow.

"There's a vampire city named Eden," he says, "Think I want to take that over. Think I want to take everything over. We'll see."

Vampires? I want to roll my eyes at the idea, but then I realize that I was a werewolf talking to a witch. Maybe the idea of vampires existing as well wasn't too crazy of an idea. And it would make sense. Genesis wanted more power. He couldn't get enough. He could control the humans and by being the Alpha in Nasir's body he could control the werewolves.

He wasn't done yet.

"Walid would never let you. He'll see through you...even if you kill me."

I attempt to change but every time I get close I feel something brush against me. I throw the statue into the darkness. It doesn't hit anything. I'm pushed again. I'm pushed again and again. I struggle to maintain my balance. I feel a strong push out of nowhere that seems like I'm hit by a fucking bulldozer. I fall into the darkness.

I land on my ass.

The lights flicker back on.

"It'd be so simple to kill you," he laughs.

Nasir isn't the person in front of me right now. It's Genesis. He still has his robe on. His body has changed back to the Witchdoctor. The sharp features and the dark eyes are glaring. They sink into me.

"Let me change into a wolf and you'll see what I'm capable of," I tempt him, "Show me how much of a man you are."

He rolls his eyes, "You think I'd be that stupid? I'm not a werewolf. I don't have any pride. I control the minds of people for god sakes. Think about it. I do what I have to do to get results. The easy way. Look around your neck. Look around you..."

I look around at that moment. There are ghost like figures moving around everywhere. It's almost like he's called someone to join this fight. This invisible thing is stalking us. There is less air in the room. It is hard to breathe. At first I think I'm having a panic attack but I realize that no matter how deep I breathe I can't take in as much air.

He is suffocating me somehow.

"Let's make a deal," he says.

"Like the kind of deal that you gave to Qadir?" I ask, "Before you slit his throat?"

The Witchdoctor smiles. He's amused.

"Leave here," he says, "I won't bother you. What do you owe the Vanderbilt Pack? I know what you want little wolf. You want love. Go get it. Walk out of here right now. If Nasir gives Walid his blessing Walid will leave with you. He'll never look back. Isn't that what you REALLY want? You want Walid. I can give you him."

My mouth gets dry.

"And you'll run the pack?" I ask.

He nods, "I'll become Nasir. I'll tell Walid that I'm not interested in him anymore. I'll tell him I don't want to see him anymore. That's all he needs to hear. He's already leaning towards you. Walid isn't my type to be honest. Far too aggressive. I'd slit his throat in his sleep if he spoke to me in that macho way. I'd prefer you take him away actually. Everyone wins."

Everyone wins.

I had to think about this. I could fight Genesis and probably lose my life in this room. I could team up with Genesis. I could walk out of here alive. I could walk out of here with Walid.

Was it really an option?

I shake my head. I know I'm making a deal with the devil.

"How can I trust you?"

"You shouldn't," he tells me, "But those are your options at this moment. Fight me or make a deal. I am the most dangerous thing in the forest."

He approaches me. The darkness is all around him. I feel the spirits all around him threatening me with every turn to make the wrong decision. I could kill wildlife. I could kill humans. I could kill wolves. This thing that Genesis was. I wasn't sure if I could kill him.

I swallow my spit.


It's a week later that Walid is packing our bags. A car has come over to us. I was getting everything I wanted. I was getting everything I needed with Walid. I was going to be happy.

Nasir and the other wolves are gathered around outside the Vanderbilt castle. There is a sadness in a bunch of their eyes. I watch as one at a time they go over to give Walid a hug and wish him well.

"Where will you be headed?" Timus asks Walid.

Walid shrugs, "Wherever bae wants to go. I think I'm going to let Yas make the decision from now on. I'm kind of tired of making it all the time."

Walid grabs me around my waist. He holds me there for a second. He leans in and kisses me on my lips. There was a time that Walid would never kiss me on my lips. That time has long gone. Walid can't stop kissing me on my lips now. He does it time and time again. His soft lips touch mine. He gives me a million kisses in a day and he doesn't care how soft he looks.

Now that Walid isn't the alpha he doesn't give a damn how soft he looks. He's never been so sensitive before and honestly I swear that I love it.

"You better take care of him," Naomi tells me, "Or I'll find you."

Naomi's threat is real. She's always freaked me out a little bit. She growls as though adding emphasis. I take a step back, clearly afraid of her. It's Fang who grabs Naomi and pulls her back.

"My brother is in good hands," Fang says, "After all that Yas has been through I doubt he'd do anything to just fuck things up."

I swallow. I swallow because just at that moment Nasir takes a stand next to Fang. He stares at me. Underneath that kind smile and that welcoming look I know that Genesis is there. Every part of me is wondering if I'm making the right decision.

"You'll take care of Nasir, Fang?" Walid asks.

Walid is concerned. I know he is. If only he knew that the person standing in front of him right now actually wasn't Nasir. It was Genesis Bah.

"He's in good hands," Fang smiles at Nasir.

What's even more interesting is when I see Genesis slightly touch Fang's fingertips. It's a slight gesture and I don't think Walid notices it. I see it though. I see Fang's face blushing red. It's clear that Genesis has found his knew lover...or victim. By how red Fang blushes I doubt that is going to be a problem for Genesis. Genesis knows how to manipulate people. That's one thing he's very good at.

"I'm going to miss you," Walid tells Nasir.

He walks over to give Nasir a hug. Even though I know this is fake for Nasir, it feels real for Walid. He's letting a huge part of Nasir go right now. The hug lasts a lot longer than I'd like. It makes me uncomfortable. I can't believe just how jealous I've become over Walid. I can't believe just how much I want to have him in my life.

"No you won't," Nasir tells him, "Yas is going to do a great job."

"I'll come up here to check on you from time to time," Walid says, "Make sure everything is OK."

Nas gives him a focused look.

"That won't be necessary."

"Well with Qadir missing I'm wondering if Genesis came back. He might have wanted to come get his revenge on Qadir."

"I don't think the Witchdoctor is coming back for me," Nasir says, "Thinks he just wanted Qadir."

"What about Mayorga. He hasn't left his room since he heard Qadir was missing."

"We'll talk to him. We'll make sure he's OK. You just worry about you. I got this."

Walid laughs.

"Yes sir."

"Just make sure you take care of that wolf of yours," Nasir tells Walid and smiles over at me, "He's special."

The wicked smile flashes just for a second.

"Walid, we should go. It's getting late."

I feel uncomfortable. I feel beyond uncomfortable.

"I'm coming back soon to check up on you guys," Walid says again.

I notice that Genesis is annoyed. He doesn't like the fact that Walid is pushy about this. My heart is racing when I look at the Witchdoctor's expression. He wants Walid gone. He wants both of us gone for good. It's clear. Genesis looks pissed...and I'm a little concerned.

"Walid...don't..." I say.

"What? I'm just letting him know I'll be here for a fight. You're the one I want to be with, but I'll come back just to check in on Nasir from time to time. That's OK right Nasir? Nasir...what's wrong with your face man?"

Nasir isn't even answering. The cold, dark impatience is growing. Walid is being so pushy right now. All we had to do is leave. Why the fuck did he have to piss him off before we left?

Walid thinks I'm jealous. That's not it. I'm scared. My heart is heavy thinking of Genesis. That sick little expression on his face. Was he the devil? Was he really some sort of demon from hell? I don't want to stick around to find out why he looks so pissed at Walid right now. I had to get away.

"Have a safe trip," Genesis says to us, "Those mountains are dangerous..."

Fuck was that supposed to mean?

"LETS GO!" I scream at Walid, "NOW!"

I'm panicking. I'm not used to screaming at Walid but I'm doing it to be safe right now.

I feel bad for Mayorga. He's lost the love of his life without knowing where or how. I wonder if Mayorga still thinks Qadir is alive. Every night he goes running the woods looking for Qadir. It is fucking sad to say the least. Little does he know that Qadir is long gone. Genesis made sure of that. There are no traces of Qadir at all.

Walid gets in the car and he starts driving away. He's quiet as we drive down the Vanderbilt mountain. The silence is almost intense. We had to get out of this place. I didn't like the look on Nasir's face. I didn't like it at all. He should have just shut up and left. Instead he wants to talk about "dropping in" on Genesis.

Still. I had screamed at Walid. I was way too aggressive.

"Walid. I'm sorry that I raised my voice back there."

Walid turns at that moment, "Don't worry. I kind of like it."

I'm confused. I look over at him, "Seriously?"

Walid laughs, "Yeah. It kind of turned me on. You being aggressive or what not, Is kind of sexy. Feels like a huge weight is lifted off my shoulder where I don't have to prove how much of a man I am all the time."

Walid takes a deep sigh. He looks so peaceful. He looks so beautiful. I just stare at him. My eyes just glare at him. To the right is the huge mountain side. We are driving on the hills. Walid is speeding like a mad man.

The side of the road overlooks the mountains. One wrong turn and we'd be over the mountain in a ditch somewhere. Walid doesn't care though. He's probably driven through here a million times. He must know I'm a little scared at his fast driving though because he reaches over and grabs my hand.

"Are you happy that you came with me?" I ask him.


I swallow my shit, "Damn..."

"I'm just fucking with you. Of course I'm happy. Fix your face. Nasir and me aren't what we used to be. The spark just isn't there anymore. With you there is more spark than ever. When he told me that he wasn't in love with me anymore I felt the same honestly. You know why? I wasn't in love with him anymore because I'm in love with you."

My heart beat is racing. Could it really have been this easy? We were almost to the airport. We were driving at our own speed. Walid slows down to lean in and kiss me. His tongue enters my mouth.

Walid just told me he loved me.

He was in love with me.

This was all I wanted. I had gone through that entire competition for him. I had fought to be with him. Now I had won him over. I'd beaten out Ian. I'd beaten Matty and Johan. I'd beaten out my brother Yuma. I beat out Karamo.

I'd beat out the memory of Nasir.

Walid was mine and there was nothing that could change that.

Nothing at all.

"OH SHIT!" Walid screams out at that moment.

He swerves. He swerves hard and we skid towards the railing that goes over the mountain. A few more inches and we would have been plummeting off the road and off of the steep side of the mountain. We screech to a stop. I hit my head on the dashboard. Walid struggles to maintain himself.

I'm so confused and my forehead is bleeding, "What the hell happened?"

"Something was in the middle of the road."


That's the only thing that I can think of. He did something! He had to. He didn't like the idea that Walid was talking about coming back. He did something. I knew he did.

Walid looks over at me confused, "What?"

I think about telling Walid now about everything that happened. I had made that deal with Genesis. I shake my head. I can't tell Walid. He would hate me. I betrayed him. I made a deal with his enemy. I hid the fact that his ex was an imposter and that he was leaving his entire pack with a strange force.

I couldn't tell Walid.

"Nothing. We should leave," I state.

"No. Look. It's still out there. Oh my god. Do you see that baby? It's a wolf..."

Walid gets out of the car at that moment. I get out with him slowly. Sure enough there is a wolf standing in the middle of the road. It was the wolf that caused us to crash. It was a black wolf. I recognize the wolf almost immediately.

So does Walid.

"Mayorga?" Walid asks.

Mayorga's wolf is in the middle of the road. He changes at that moment and speaks to us.

"It was you..." Mayorga says, walking towards us naked.

"Yo...what's your fucking problem?" Walid asks, "We almost crashed Mayorga."

Mayorga is angry. There is only one thing that can make someone in love so upset. I knew Mayorga in a way. I knew the kind of wolf he was. He loved hard. He loved way too hard. He doesn't care how big Walid is. He doesn't care that he is outnumbered right now. He had a madness in his eyes and that madness can only mean one thing.

He knows.

The look in his eyes is crazed, "He killed Qadir. Your boyfriend killed QADIR! I chased down your car this whole way. If you think I'm going to let you go that easily you got me wrong."

How fast could he have been going to catch up to a fucking car?

Walid shakes his head, "That's impossible."

"It was HIM! Nasir showed me the body. Your boyfriend killed Qadir and now I'm going to make sure I kill the both of you."

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