BDH2: The Castle

I dart through the woods. My legs are long but nowhere near as long as Dakota's legs. He's far ahead of me as he darts through the woods. I hate how fast he is. It's almost like he's gliding through the trees of the Pittsburgh mountains like he's the wind itself. I struggle to keep up.

By no means am I slow. I stand at 33 inches in height at the shoulders and measure 72 inches in length. I know because Dakota measures me every day after our runs. My tail is long and bushy and usually carried down. My body is lean but I have a lot more body fat then Dakota. My chest is narrow making it easy for my limbs to quickly scurry through the hard rocks and pummel through the trees. I can hear leaves beneath my feet.

No matter how fast I go I know I can't keep up with Dakota and sooner or later...I lose the white wolf.

Goddam it Dakota.

Where are you?

I make my way to a stream and take a sip and look at my appearance. I must say that I am a damn good looking wolf. I have light brown eyes. My coat has a dense layer of soft, fine fur that is reddish in color. Dakota makes sure that my fur is well kept. My muzzle is one of the only parts of me that isn't red. It's a harsh dark brown color.

Suddenly in the distance I smell something. It's food. I kneel down to the ground. It's a small deer that must have lost its mother. I've never hunted by myself. I've always had Dakota with me.

I lean close to the ground.

I feel so powerful. I'm a predator. I'm a wolf. I'm dangerous. Fear me...

Maybe today was the day that I stopped being a pup. Today was the day that I become a man. I'm slow. The deer doesn't see me. I can smell it even though I'm far away. My keen senses can almost hear it slowly crunching through the leaves.

Then all of a sudden right before I jump up I feel myself being taken down and pinned to the ground!

I can't move!

It's the white wolf.

In a matter of seconds, we are both changing back into humans.

You should have seen me coming from a mile away,” Dakota says.

That's no fair. I was focused on hunting...”

“You were distracted. Never get distracted,” Dakota tells me shaking his head.

Dakota still has me pinned down to the ground. We are naked. It's cold but since I became a werewolf the cold doesn't bother me much. It's November 19th. Almost 2 years ago around this time I met Dakota. Dakota was the only other member of my wolf pack. Supposedly something happened to the other members of the wolf pack and we died out. Dakota was the last member for a very long time until he decided to turn me. Since then we'd spent most all of our time in the cabin in the woods together. 2 years ago I thought I'd be headed to school.

Instead I was getting a completely different type of education.

Damn...I think I cut a scratch...” I say.

Fuck. Where?”

Dakota grabs my hand almost immediately. To say that he babies me is an understatement. I never knew why. It's just the way that Dakota is with me. It's the way that he's always been.

As Dakota examines me...I can't help but examine him. He's completely naked. His beautiful green eyes are what always gets me. His firm chest and shoulders turn me on so much. He's completely comfortable naked around me. It took me forever to feel the same. Till this day I look at his body and I am stuck between envy and lust. He has broad shoulders. He has these dark brown nipples. His chest has a lot of stubble on it because he shaves it daily. Dakota is big on personal hygiene. His dick is slightly swollen between his legs. If I didn't know Dakota, I would think he's hard. The thing is I do know Dakota. I know him well enough to know that his dick always seems like it's semi hard especially when we are outside. A breeze could stimulate him.

His dick has a huge long, thick shaft and a beautiful well sculpted head. His ass is well sculpted too. He has a plump bubble butt. It's not like a girl's butt though. His butt is small, tight and extremely firm in the most masculine way. His butt is just perky sitting perfectly. It doesn't even jiggle like mine when he walks.

Dakota notices me staring at him.


My face blushes red, “Nothing.”

Always nothing. I had a crush on this guy for 2 years and I always punked out when it came to telling him. He was completely clueless as well.

The scratch is nothing,” he states before quickly adding, “Thank God.”

“Figured it wasn't. You make a big deal out of everything,” I state.

“Yas. How many times do I have to tell you”. “You can't risk messing yourself up.”

“I know. I know. I'm valuable...even though you won't tell me why.”

I figured once I found out that I was a werewolf, things would change. My mother would treat me more like a man. That didn't exactly happen. If anything it got worse. Now I had both my mother and Dakota babying me every chance that they got.

I'm your guardian,” Dakota tells me, “I don't have to explain myself to you. You just have to listen to me. We don't come out here to hunt.”

“I'm a wolf. If I'm not out here to hunt, then why am I in the goddam woods?” I ask.

We are walking back to the cabin as humans. It would be a lot faster to travel as wolves but the cabin isn't too far from where we are now.

You aren't that kind of wolf.”

“You hunt. I've seen you...”

“Because I'm different,” Dakota says, “You don't get it. You have to be prepared.”
There we go. I have to be prepared. Every day I heard the same thing from Dakota. I had to be prepared. I had to be prepared. Prepared for what exactly? I never fucking knew. It never fucking mattered.

As we walk we make it to the cabin. We're walking in to put on our clothes when Dakota puts his hand up. I know that signal. That means that humans are close.

Dakota grabs me immediately.

He throws me up against the nearest tree and starts kissing me. His tongue goes deep in my throat. I almost melt when he starts doing it. My heart is racing faster and faster. Dakota has no idea how long I've waited for this kiss out of nowhere.

He has no idea how long I've been waiting for some sort of confirmation. Any sort of confirmation that he liked me the way that I liked him.

His fingers slide up the side of my ass, grabbing me.

Then I smell something and I realize why Dakota is kissing me...

“Big Bro... oh...Fuck. SORRY!” Yuma says.

My little brother is here. The reason Dakota is kissing me is to hide why we are naked in the woods. Dakota shoots me a stare so that I can play along as we walk over to where Yuma is. Yuma isn't alone. My mother is with him.

Dakota looks at my little brother, feigning some sort of embarrassment, “Oh shoot. Sorry about that. Yas and I kind of get...experimental sometimes...right babe?”

“Yeah, sure,” I state.

My brother turns away embarrassed. My mother just rolls her eyes. I know that Dakota is just faking it. My little brother just turned 18 but still has no idea that I'm a werewolf.

Yuma why don't you go take your experimental brother inside. I just have to talk to Dakota about something for a minute,” my mother states.

I'm beyond annoyed with my mother just showing up at our cabin. She checks in every once in a while. I have no idea why she's bringing my little brother with her this time.

My little brother is the only one out of the loop about what's going on and I feel like shit. When we get inside the house and I throw some clothes on and I just want to tell him why Dakota and I were really naked out in the woods. Instead I just smile though. My mother probably brought Yuma to distract me so that she can have one of her secret conversations about god knows what with Dakota.

So I was probably as much in the dark as my little brother was.

Your boyfriend is so cool,” Yuma tells me, “I still don't get why you guys decided to move to a cabin in the woods though. I never took you for that type.”

I hate lying to my brother. What could I really say to him though? Dakota really isn't my boyfriend. Dakota is my guardian. He's been training me on how to be a werewolf in the woods for the past 2 years or so.

“This was Dad's cabin,” I state, “Feels like home.”

“Did...Dakota know Dad?” Yuma asks.

I'm confused.

What makes you ask that?”

Yuma shrugs, “I dunno. Just seems like Mom has some sort of history with your boyfriend. You don't think it's weird that she's out there talking to him right now? I figured maybe he knew Dad when Dad was alive.”

“I'll ask him.”

“Can you ask him something else bro?”


“Can you ask him if he knew how Pops really died?”

I don't answer. I don't want to make a promise I can't keep. There is no way I am going to ask Dakota about how my dad died because I know Dakota wouldn't answer. Yuma and I don't know much about our father. That much was kept from us. Yuma is smart though. He knows that Dakota has a connection to my Dad. According to Dakota my dad was the Alpha of the wolf pack. The Alpha was basically the top dog of our pack back in the day. That was before something happened and the entire pack was killed off. Every dog but Dakota and my mother of course. My mother swore never to turn back into a werewolf so Dakota became a lone wolf. It's really kind of sad thinking that Dakota was alone all of this time.

He wasn't alone anymore though. I was with him.

We were a pack of 2.

All that was about to change though. you mind stepping out for a second. There is something we have to talk to your brother about,” my mother states walking into cabin with Dakota.

Yuma doesn't second guess it. He walks out. He is so obedient when it comes to my mother and honestly I think he's use to all the secrecy that takes place. I don't think he is the least bit surprised that another weird secret conversation is about to take place.

Dakota has a towel wrapped around his waist. It's a fucking sexy ass distraction to tell the truth. I struggle not to look at him when he walks in and stands in the middle of the cabin.

Yas---there is something that we have to talk to you about,” my mother states.

The last time you guys had a sit down with me you told me that I was a werewolf,” I state looking over at Dakota and my mother.

Neither of them are really amused by this. I might as well have been talking to myself. Dakota didn't really have much of a sense of humor and my mother just seemed to act weird when it came to this whole wolf thing. She always seemed like she was on the verge of saying something very important.

For some reason I think that the very important thing is about to happen.

Do you know how some dogs are bred to be lapdogs. Some dogs are bred to be watchdogs. Some dogs are bred to race?”

“Yeah, so what?”

You were bred to be a Beta wolf. You were bred to be the companion of a stronger...alpha wolf...” my mother explains to me.

Wait, wait, wait?” I ask, confused, “Are you trying to say that you had me specifically to be Dakota's little bitch.”

“Little bitch, kind of,” Dakota says, “For”

“Then who?”

Dakota and my mother look at each other. Why do they look so nervous to even talk about who the person is? The way they seem is kind of scaring the fuck out of me. I never saw my mother actually nervous just to say a fucking name.

She just waves her hand around describing it, “A much bigger, badder wolf.”


Dakota seems confused, “What?”

“No. I'm don't give a fuck about how 'big or bad' this wolf is. I'm not no one's bitch. I'm no one's Beta. I'm an Alpha wolf.”

They dismiss me as though what I'm saying is laughable or something. They dismiss me as though I'm exaggerating. I felt powerful when I was in wolf form. Maybe I didn't know many wolves. Maybe the only other wolf that I knew, Dakota, was a lot bigger and stronger than me. I still wasn't just some feeble ass wolf. Was I?

The sound of the word Beta just didn't even sound right. It just sounded...weak.

Who the fuck wanted to be a Beta wolf?
“Son, we have no choice. This is wolf tradition. There are wolves from packs all over the US going to this Alpha wolf hoping that he'd choose their pup as his beta wolf.”

“Wait. He's choosing between multiple wolves? What am I? A piece of meat?”

They don't deny that I am.

We don't have a choice. He is the Alpha of Alphas. His pack is the strongest. It would be seen as offensive if we don't send a representative from our pack. And there's just two of us,” Dakota states.

I shrug. I don't give a shit.

So you go,” is my reply.

I'm not qualified. He wouldn't want me,” Dakota states, “You should be happy. This is a amazing opportunity. If he chooses you are the beta in a strong pack and probably the second strongest wolf in the world. If he doesn't...then you come back. It's as simple as that. Don't you trust me after all these years.”

No. I didn't trust him. All of a sudden I feel like this was the plan all along. Dakota didn't turn me into a wolf because he didn't want to be alone anymore. Dakota turned me into a wolf because he needed someone from our wolf bloodline to be 'chosen' by this stronger wolf. I wonder what the fuck our pack was getting out of this deal. It didn't sound right to me. It sounded like a whole bunch of funny shit. It sounded like a whole bunch of shit that I didn't get.

And it was all under the guise of 'tradition'.


“He's so FUCKING stubborn,” Dakota states, before turning to my mother, “Talk to your son...”

My mother gives me a hard look.

Listen. This is who you are Yas. You're a wolf. Every wolf has a part to play in the pack.”

This coming from the woman who doesn't even acknowledge that she is part of the pack any longer and refuses to turn into a wolf. I roll my eyes.

I'm not doing it.”

I put my foot down. I don't care how many times Dakota calls me stubborn. I'm not doing it. I'm not fucking doing this. I'm not about to just be lined up and 'CHOSEN' by someone. Where the fuck was the pride in this? What was this? The slave trade or something?

Fuck that.

No way. No how.

You have no choice,” my mother states, “If you don't do it...then Yuma has to.”

You wouldn't...”

“We'd have to. Your brother will be bitten and turned into a wolf. He had the same blood line as you. If he receives a bite, he will turn into a wolf and he'll have to go. And he won't be anywhere near as prepared as you are.”

I shake my head. I hate this. I fucking hate this. I have no choice.

I'm being sent against my will.

Saying goodbye to my little brother is the hardest thing that I've ever done. It's even weirder saying goodbye to my little brother when I can't tell him why I'm leaving. My brother just thinks that Dakota and I are traveling together. Little does he know that I’m about to damn near be auctioned to this powerful wolf because my pack was small and fucking weak.

Your mother packed another suitcase full of clothes for you,” Dakota states, “We are going to have to make sure we impress the Alpha.”

We are on a plane. I sigh when I hear Dakota speak. I don't want to hear this. I don't want to hear him. All I think about is my little brother. I wouldn't do this. I would have run away if I didn't think my mother would just talk Yuma into doing this.


“So are you going to hate me forever because of this?” Dakota asks.

I'm not sure if he is acting as though he cares or if he just wants to know as a matter of fact sort of thing. It's so unclear with Dakota where I stand. It's so unclear what he means by things. The fact that he knows that I feel some type of way though makes me at least know that he isn't completely unaware.

What does it matter if I do?” I ask, “This is what I was bred for right?”

I still remember the condescending words. I still remember the comparison my mother made. Do you know how some dogs are bred as lapdogs? That was really how she was explaining this to me. What was I supposed to be this guy's lapdog?

It's a new Alpha. He's young. He's like my age,” Dakota states, “He's powerful too. He has the most powerful pack. They call him Alpha of Alphas. I know this sounds bad but, listen, it could have been worse.”

Why do I care how old he is?” I ask, “What exactly would my role be as Beta?”

Dakota shrugs.

You do what the Alpha says.”

I bite my lip. I'm so uncomfortable that I want to order a drink on the plane but I'm not 21 and I'm scared to use my fake ID on a plane.


Dakota nods, “And everything. You're submissive to the Alpha. 100 percent. You have no choice. He has the choice. And if he chooses you, you will be his. And his alone. You don't disagree. You don't argue. Just...don't be you. And you'll be fine.”

I roll my eyes.

Don't be me and I'll be fine. I turn away from Dakota. I know he can tell I have an attitude but I don't think he's going to do anything to comfort me right now. I'm scared. There are butterflies filling up my stomach. I fall asleep and remember the day that I found out I was a wolf. The memories spring back to me. I just remember the first time that I transformed into a wolf. I was scared. I was nervous, but most of all there was this excitement. I was excited because I felt like I was something different. I felt like something better.

I felt stronger.

On this plane that feeling of strength is sinking away. I have no choice in this matter. There is a heaviness that stifles me. It holds me and pulls me down. I am getting on this plane and being flown out to possibly be chosen by a man that I didn't know.

What made a man? What made a wolf? What made you strong? All of the things that I thought I was when I found out I was a wolf were being taken away from me and I had no way of fighting it.

Yas Packer?”

There's a woman standing there. She is lavish. I don't know what stands out the most about her. I wonder if it's her long beautiful jet black hair or her full voluptuous body. She stands almost as though she runs the world in a thick white fur coat and expensive looking boots. The fur coat has luxurious leather swatches including and long strands of thick vibrant color. She was with others just like her. People with long dramatic fur coats, unfriendly faces and graceful eyes. One of her associates are holding up a sign with my name on it.

Yes,” Dakota answers for me, “I'm Dakota of the Pittsburgh Pack, his guardian.”

“I'm Amina of the Vanderbilt Pack,” the woman states, “Grab their bags. The other betas are already at the castle.”

She doesn't introduce herself. It's a very small airport and the only thing that I can think about is how cold it is at first. It isn't until I'm walking behind this lady with the jet black hair and fur coat that I notice the smell coming from her. Since I've became a wolf I was able to smell humans. She wasn't human. I can tell that much. She was something else. She was something like me. She was a wolf.

The airport is empty. It's almost...weird. It's almost like a desert town. There are some people working here and some people working there but there is something even weird about the people working at the airport.

They are wolves,” I notice, “All of them.”

The woman with the jet black hair and tan skin doesn't turn to face me. Dakota gives me a harsh look and puts a finger to his mouth signaling me to shut up. I'm so confused. Why are there no humans in this airport? Where have all the humans gone in this town.

The air outside is cold. It's snowing. It has to be below 0 degrees. There aren't any cars outside that I can see. We have to be upstate New York somewhere.

That's when I notice our ride. It's a limousine. It's a long expensive looking Harley Davidson truck limousine. It looks brand new. I have to admit that I'm a little impressed.

“This is your ride,” the woman states, “The driver will take you to Vanderbilt castle. Once you arrive you'll get ready to meet with the other Betas so that Alpha can have his first sniff of you. I suggest that you attempt to impress him.”


What the fuck?

Limousines? Castles? I was kind of confused about this whole thing. I don't know why I was expecting to be taken to some hut in the woods or something. This definitely wasn't that. This woman looked like a million bucks and the limo that is going to escort me definitely looks like it's worth a little bit of money.

Did I misspeak?” she asks me.

No,” I state and then sort of let out a laugh, “Don't you think this is all a bit much though? A limousine going to a castle. Who am I? The Wolf Cinderella?”

I laugh. I'm the only one laughing though. I turn just slightly to see Dakota's face. He's not amused that I'm making a joke at a time like this. His face blushes red with embarrassment. I can tell that he would much prefer that I just shut up and take it.

What I don't expect though is the reaction that this Amina of the Vanderbilt pack has to what I said?

“Is this not sufficient?” she asks me.

I uh...”

“Please don't tell him. He'd be so pissed if he finds out that I messed this up,” Amina states at that moment, “Please don't tell the Alpha. I can get you a better vehicle.”

That's when I see it. There is fear. There is straight up fear in her eyes. She looks like she is completely shocked at that moment and scared death. I was joking. It's not me she's afraid of. It's whoever her boss is. It makes me trip seeing her react like this.

This is fine, Lady Amina,” Dakota responds.

I wonder if him calling her “lady” was some kind of wolf thing or if Dakota was just being his well-mannered self. Amina seems to sigh a bit of relief at that moment. Almost immediately the fear fades and that unwelcoming cold expression glazes back over her face. She signals her associates to open the door for me. These men don't smile at me much either. They aren't the least bit welcoming. I say the words “men” loosely. These are werewolves as well.

I get in the back of the limousine with Dakota and watch in the distance and Lady Amina watches us leave. As she watches us leave I can only remember the face she made when she thought that the Alpha would be unhappy with her.

There was true fear in her eyes.

And that fear was scaring the fuck out of me.

This place is in the middle of nowhere...” I notice as we drive through the trees, “Where are all the people.”

“This is wolf country,” Dakota tells me, “Get used to it. There are a ton of wolves here. Speaking of the wolves there are a few that are really important. The Alpha has a huge pack but the higher levels are really important to know. The Alpha of this pack is sort of like the president. But you also have his cabinet. They are very important wolves that have been with him from the beginning. You met Lady Amina., but there are others that you should get to know...”

No wonder I didn't smell any humans back at the airport. Was everyone in this area werewolves? I look outside of the window. It's beautiful. It's so different from Pittsburgh. There is no concrete. There is only one paved road and the rest was mainly dirt roads covered with snow.

Do you smell that?” I ask.

Yas. I need you to take this more serious.”

“Dakota look,” I state pointing outside of the window.

We are in the woods but all around us I notice things moving throughout the trees on the main path. They are wolves!

There hundreds of wolves in this forest. My mouth drops as I watch them running throughout the woods. They seem to almost be chasing alongside the truck that I am in. My mouth drops. I've never seen that many wolves in my life. They are werewolves. I can tell by the mere size of the dogs. They disturb the limousine. They don't jump out onto the road but the chase after it along the sides the road. There were hundreds of eyes glaring at the car I was in. I am blown away by the fact that they are chasing after me like this.

They've come to get a glimpse of you,” Dakota tells me.

“Me?” I ask, “Why?”

“The Alpha choosing his Beta is a big event. A lot of werewolves are interested in knowing just who the Alpha's options are. Tonight is the opening party. We have to put your best foot forward. You have to impress the alpha.”

Dakota talks to me as though I'm a piece of meat. It doesn't matter if I like the Alpha. None of those kind of things matter to Dakota. As long as I am the Alpha's favorite whipping boy Dakota and my mother would allow me to go through all of this.

I want to sink back into my seat but I realize we are reaching our destination.

In front of me is a path. To the left and right of the road are Emerald Green Thuja evergreens that bring the landscape to life. The row is almost welcoming in a strange way. It's on a grand scale that blows my goddam mind. My mouth drops open as we pull up to an extravagant grand gate. The gate opens and I see two large wolves that are acting as guards. My heart drops in my chest when we drive almost a mile before we come to yet another gate. The second gate opens and this time I see the golden building standing there.

It's a new building. I can tell by how clean and composed it looks. It reminds me of something straight out of Russian history. It looks like the Grand Kremlin Palace or something. The building has a luxurious Baroque feel to it. It's maybe five stories high and each floor seems to have two sets of windows.

We pull up to the building and see the staff glaring at us when we finally get out of the car.

I feel lost. I feel like I've wandered somewhere I don't belong.

Welcome to the Vanderbilt Castle,” one of the staff members tell me.


Dakota and I aren't given a palace tour. We are barely introduced to anyone. The staff ushers us in the building as though in a rush for something. I have the feeling that I must be late by how they are acting. Dakota and I are lead into the building by several women. The women look like old handmaidens or something. For a moment I feel like I've stepped back in time. They are all older women who lead us in. At first and they seem as though they've never touched a hand on any sort of technology at all.

My stomach turns as we walk into the building and see the Grand Entrance of this building. It blows my mind. Red is the predominant color in the main room and there are huge portraits of strange men hanging up on the walls. All of them are hard looking men...they are all tough looking men. I am pretty sure it is a wall of all the great Alphas.

Are we staying here?” I ask Dakota.

Everything is a bit much to say the least. I feel dizzy attempting to guess how many rooms is in this place. The marble halls are intimidating as workers run here and there. They never make eye contact. They don't smile. They don't greet. They have that fear about them. They always look down at the ground as though terrified of something...or someone. I feel the fear of the people that work here. We walk past state rooms that we pass that are finished in elaborate style. They feature blue flock wallpaper and columns painted to resemble a stone onyx.
He nods, “Until the Alpha chooses his Beta.”

“And if he chooses me?” I ask him.

Then you'll stay here forever,” he responds.

My stomach turns. I fall to my knees. My fucking legs just give out. The women who are walking with me look up at Dakota wondering what is wrong with me. Dakota looks down on me.

“Is he OK?” one of the women asks.

He's fine,” Dakota says to the woman before leaning into me and whispering me a strong command to get to my feet.

Dakota attempts to help me up but I push him away.

“I have to use the bathroom.”

“You can wait.”

“I have to go!” I respond to him.

Dakota's face blushes red. I know he thinks I'm being stubborn and hard. I just feel stifled right now. I feel like all of a sudden some type of Agoraphobia is triggering out of nowhere. I'm having a panic attack. I feel this anxiety when I see the scale of all of this. It's much bigger than I thought. This shit is scary as fuck and I don't know how to deal with it.

The Opening Ceremony is about to begin shortly,” one of the handmaidens says, “We don't keep the Alpha waiting. No one keeps him waiting. Trust me...”

The woman seems as though she's trying to warn me or something. She actually seems really afraid at that moment.

Dakota looks down at me. For a moment I think he is going to be steady Dakota as usual but his face softens up and for the first time I think he actually really cares about me deeper than he wants to actually show.

“Please...” I tell him.

Dakota nods, “He just needs a bathroom. It'll just take a minute...”

The women look at one another. They seem scared. They seem terrified. It reminds me of the same look that Amina of the Vanderbilt Pack had. They seem as though they don't want to let this Alpha down in any way. They seem like they are terrified about what he would do.

Please don't take long...” the woman stated, “It's against the Alpha's orders. We'll...get in trouble if he finds out.”

One of the ladies takes me down an area she refers to as the Gallery while Dakota and the others wait in the marble halls. We pass the kitchens area and she takes me to a bathroom. She waits outside but repeats the plea of the other woman that I hurry. She's acting as though her life is on the line if I'm even a little bit off schedule. '

The bathroom seems like one of the only slightly modern places in here. There are several stalls. I look up at the mirror.

I look at my reflection. What am I doing here? This isn't me. I'm not supposed to be here.

I can't take it anymore. I look over at the window and attempt to run towards it. If I sneak out of the window I can turn into a wolf and make a run for it. I didn't know where I was. All I saw outside was snow and massive trees. I could be thousands of miles from civilization. I didn't care. I needed out of here. I'd find a way out of here.

Sneaking off?” a voice says.

Someone walks into the bathroom. My heart skips a beat. I am halfway out of the window when I turn to the person who sees me trying to fit out of the window.

The boy looking at me is beautiful to say the least. Beautiful isn't really the word. Beautiful is too soft of a word for this guy. Handsome is too soft a word. The word to describe this man is just STRIKING. He's tall. He's about 6'2”. He has a burly, broad chest and doesn't have a shirt on. His chest is a little hairy but in the sexiest way ever. It's hair in all the right places and just enough of it. He looks like some kind of Viking God who raids towns. He's so fucking manly. His arm is about twice the size of my arm and I wouldn't say I was really a skinny guy. He has on jeans and boots. He has an axe in his hand that he lays by the door.

You work here?” I ask him.

I have no doubt about it. The guy looks like he was chopping down firewood or something. He smells like a wolf. I can tell that much. He steps closer to me in the bathroom and I notice his eyes are green. They are the same color as Dakotas’.

Yeah, I do,” he says, “You must be new here. There are dozens of staff in the Vanderbilt Castle. I've never seen you before. Skinny. Small. You're a pretty thing aren't you? Sensing from the fact that you're trying to run out the nearest window I must assume you are one of the Alpha's Boys. So, entertain me. Am I right or what?

The way he says it is almost demeaning. Skinny? Small? Pretty? I didn't ever see myself as any of those things. I was a fucking man. I hate the sound of it. I don't know why I get so offended by what this stranger is saying to me.

I don't belong to anyone.”

“Not yet,” he laughs, “You have a smart mouth. Ha. That's what I'll call you smart mouth. Pretty mouth...”

He stares at my lips. He isn't hiding it. He stares and touches his lips and he uses his finger to wipe the sides of his mouth where there is a glitter of saliva forming. He sticks his thumb in his mouth tasting the saliva. His green eyes outline every curve of my lips intensely.

I know that's your boss and all but I don't give a fuck. He's not my boss,” I let him know.

You have no idea what you're in for do you? The Alpha gets what he wants. While you are here you belong to him. I know it sucks, but that's the way it is.”

“I never will be his,” I tell him, “Fuck that Alpha guy.”

He laughs a little bit, “You are a little feisty aren't you, Smart Mouth? People don't talk to the Alpha like that. You know? Some people say he's the monster under the bed...”

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?” I ask, “I don't get dominated. By anyone. Ever.”

He laughs, “Sometimes it's not that bad to be dominated, Smart Mouth.”

He licks his lips. Was this boy flirting with me?

The way he looks at me almost is like he is staring right through me. Dakota had the same emerald green eyes but this boy was different. There was something so intimidating about his glare. It's was almost like he was looking at little mouse.

“I should get back.”

“Did I make you nervous?” he asks.

And for some reason this stranger was making my heart beat faster. He was making my palms sweat. And it was almost like he could feel my fear when a slight smile forms at the side of his mouth.

It's the sexiest, most teasing smile I ever saw in my life.

No. I don't get nervous,” I tell him abruptly and attempt to leave.

I am walking past him he grabs me. Then he does the strangest thing. He puts pressure on my arm and in a matter of seconds I fall to my knees. He doesn't hurt me. It's this tender yet strong push that brings me to my knees without me even noticing I'm there until I'm down there.

It's nothing to be ashamed about. Everyone can get nervous and everyone can get dominated.”

“What are you doing?”

“I'm going to give you what you want. You'll have to get used to being down there sooner or later.”

I'm so confused. What the fuck was this guy talking about? Why the fuck was I still on my knees. I look up at him. He looks down at me. Then he does the unthinkable. He unzips his pants and lets his dick fly out.

His dick is huge. I've never seen a dick so big. It looks like another arm or something. I look at it and realize that it's a few inches from my mouth. I can't believe that he just fucking did that! This guy has a lot of fucking balls. He's beyond cocky! He must know he is attractive as fuck if he just meets a random guy in a bathroom, pulls him to his knees and whips out his dick.

A part of me thinks that I am going to be raped, but I'm not sure if you can get raped if you're as sexually aroused as I am in this moment. No this wasn't rape. This was some crazy shit but it wasn't rape.

Wh—wha---what are you doing?” I ask.

Let me explain to you what you're going to do,” he says, “You're going to open that smart mouth of yours. You're going to suck my dick. You're going to suck my dick until I nut in your throat. If you're lucky I might not make you gag. If you use your teeth and bite down--- I'm going to turn you around and fuck you raw on the marble floor. No lube. No spit. You don't want that. You won't walk for days if I do that. So be a good boy. Do a good job. Suck daddy's dick. And if you do a good job I might let you swallow my nut.”

Oh my.

I don't know if I'm turned on or off. I don't know if I'm aroused or offended.

I choke on my spit. Why is my mouth watering so much?

I'm looking up at him. The guy has to be no older than his mid-20s but he has this presence to him that I just can't shake.

Who do you think you are?”

He shoves his dick down my throat at that moment.

My name is Walid. I'm the Alpha Wolf...”

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