The Elimination

"Where do you think you're going little wolf?" Amina tells me at the gates, "You need to stay back in the Vanderbilt Castle."

Amina of the Vanderbilt wolves doesn't seem to understand what's going on. I'm walking to the gate with Dakota, Karamo and Aunt Annie. As we approach the gate we can see the other wolves leaving the castle to defend it. There is this rush of fear all around us. We're all scared about what's going on. We were really being attacked. I never felt this excited.

"We're being attacked..." I tell her.

"Beta wolves have been ordered to stay in..."

"By who?" I ask.

"By the Alpha wolf."

"Walid is on his date. He's out there. He's out there with Basil. He's vulnerable," I state.

Amina doesn't seem like she wants to argue. She looks over at Dakota. I can see the look on her face. She's not used to being talked back to by the Betas. Maybe that is why she is looking at my handler. What is more annoying is that it works too.

Dakota touches me softly on my arm.

"Yas. Let's go back inside."

His voice is so low. His touch is so delicate. He's treating me as though I'm glass. All the other wolves that serve under the Vanderbilts in this area are off. The lesser Vanderbilt pack has darted into the woods struggling to look for Walid.
He was out there with no protection and these so called Wolf Hunters were also out there.

I shake Dakota off.

"No," I state.

Before Dakota can stop me I jet past him. Amina attempts to stop me but I swerve past her. I'm out in the middle of the field before I find myself ripping my clothes off. I'm completely naked before I know it. My dick is swinging in the breeze as I struggle to kick off my shoes. Within the next minute I transform. My body allows the red wolf to take over completely.

The red wolf is strong, desperate to come out. My hands become its claws. My mouth becomes its muzzle and my hair becomes its fur.

There's chaos in the field.


My heart races. I keep going. I go deeper and deeper into the woods. I go so deep that I can't see anyone around me. The wolf in me is using its nose though. I remember the smell of Walid. I remember how he smelled the first time I met him. I remember him sweating when I gave him oral sex in that bathroom. The deep, masculine odor of his nut sack in my face comes to mind. I take a sniff at the woods struggling to see if I can smell that odor again.

I have to track him.


They are shooting at me! I turn to see several men. I haven't seen them before. A black wolf comes out of nowhere and mauls one of the men. The other man struggles to shoot at the black wolf. I take off deeper into the woods. More wolves are coming out. There are more men too. These hunters are everywhere! They are making their way up to the castle in what looks like fucking hummers or some shit. I keep running past the hunters, past the wolves and towards the scent of Walid.

Where are you Walid?

Where are you?

The trees grow deep. The darkness swallows me. I can smell Walid. He's close. I keep going. I'm running faster than I've ever run before. That's when I see horses on a private trail through the woods about 2 miles from the main road that leads to Vanderbilt Castle. The horse smells like Walid. He is near here...somewhere. That's when I see someone who looks familiar.


Basil is completely naked. I look around. He is deep in these woods. Walid should be close if Basil is here. They went on their date together after all. They went horseback riding in the woods. I can tell that he must have been a wolf but now he's changed back into a human. For some reason he's just lying there. I make my way closer not understanding why.

"Don't!" I hear Basil scream.

That's when I notice that Basil is actually in some sort or trap or something. It looks like some sort of bear trap. His leg is in the trap and he's struggling to get out of it. Luckily he stops me in time because I notice there are other traps that are laid out on the trail as well.

I have no choice. To release Basil, I have to turn back into a human. I turn back into a human and approach him. Basil is sexy and seeing a sexy ass guy looking at my naked body is kind of intimidating.
"What happened here?"

"I don't know...Walid and I were horseback riding and we were attacked," Basil explains.

I walk over to Basil. I free him from the trap. His leg is bleeding but it shouldn't be too bad. He is a werewolf after all. Werewolves did heal relatively fast.

"They must have planned this if they had traps out here," I state.

He nods, "Walid and I got separated after the attack started."

"These traps are weak," I notice, "Almost like they don't want to kill wolves. It's almost like they want to trap..."

I stop talking before I can finish my thought.

I smell something. Humans...

I was right. This was a trap. I turn at that moment and see them. I don't know how I missed them. The fucking smelly humans have the worst smell imaginable and they have their guns pointed at me. There is something strange about these humans. There is this lost...look in their eyes. I count four of them all together. The four of them just stare at me with these blank...empty, soulless eyes. It's the strangest thing I've ever seen.

"Don't move," one says.
And almost as soon as the one human speaks to me the other human says, "Where are the bones?"

Then in unison all four of them sing in a chorus, "Where are the bones?"
I don't know what they mean by this. My heart is racing. They have these guns pointed at me and they seem desperate or something. They seem to want to know where these bones are. I don't know what they mean. All I know is that their behavior is weird. Their behavior is off.
I don't answer. The wolf in me is struggling to maintain itself. I want to change so badly.
"I don't know what you're talking about," I tell them.
"Kill him. He's useless," one of the men says.
They ready their guns at that moment. I close my eyes when I see one is about to pull the trigger. Then I hear a loud gun shot. I'm not dead though. The gun rings into the trees. There is a scream but it's from one of the Hunters. A white wolf has appeared from nowhere. The white wolf is the biggest wolf I've ever seen before. It is white with green eyes like Dakota but this isn't Dakota. This wolf is huge. This wolf is a pure white almost the color of the cleanest snow while Dakota is more a dirty, grayish white. The gigantic snow wolf has ripped through one of the men.

It turns on the others. Gunshots rang out but the wolf is way too fast. I rush forward attempting to help the wolf.

"STOP!" I scream out at the Hunters.

The Hunter doesn't expect me to run forward. I manage to distract the Hunter but unfortunately one of the shots rip past me hitting me in my upper thigh. I collapse to the ground. The White wolf takes advantage of this. It charges at the other men knocking them off guard. All the shots end up in the trees. The shots ring through branches.
I've never seen anything like it. The huge white wolf blowing through and the Hunters struggling to survive as it approaches them. The wolf has blood in its jaws and it wants more.

That's when the Hunter seems to snap out of something...almost like a daze.

"Where am I?"

It's a weird question to ask. It's a strange question and I see him shooting wildly at anything near me. The wolf doesn't stop him.

All I see is a squirt of blood as the wolf takes him apart.

And then I realize I'm bleeding myself...pretty bad. I feel myself fainting.

And everything fades to black.

I wake up to realize I'm back in my room. I wake up to Karamo. He's asleep at the edge of my bed. I'm shocked that he's there. On the floor is the Aunt Annie in wolf form asleep. As I struggle to get up I feel the comfort of my sheets. I look under the blankets to realize that I'm completely dressed and that my gunshot wound has been wrapped up already.

"He's up!" I hear Karamo scream, "Thank God."

His alert takes me by surprise but I'm not surprised to see Dakota walk in the room as soon as Karamo announces that I'm up. Dakota takes a long look at me. I can read his face.

He's not happy...

"Can I have a moment alone with Yas?" Dakota asks Karamo.
Karamo gives me a smile and then a hard pat on the arm. God knows how long he's been here asleep. Karamo wakes up Aunt Annie and they head out of the bedroom. When they leave Dakota stays silent in the room for a minute. I can hear the flickering of the fireplace behind him. I have seen Dakota upset before but right now he looks beyond mad.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Besides you running into the forest like a madman?" Dakota asks me.

It's not hard to know why he's pissed. The Vanderbilts specifically ordered no Betas to leave the castle. I did exactly what they told me not to.

"Walid was in danger..." I state, "I just had this strong urge to help out."

Dakota sighs, "You were in the way. He ended up saving you."

"Walid was the White wolf."

Dakota nods.

"We may be kicked out of the competition because of this," Dakota tells me, "Walid is...pissed. To say the least."

"I was trying to help."

Dakota sighs, "I know. I know. It's just...Walid doesn't want his Beta in danger. What you did is against everything that he stands for. He's reached out. He says he's making an immediate elimination tonight. I'm pretty sure it's the end of the line for us."

My heart sinks. Fuck. How could I have been so dumb.

"I'm sorry Dakota..." I state, "I was just trying to help."

Dakota nods. I can tell he's disappointed in me. I can see it on his face. I shouldn't have tried to help. That wasn't my place. My place was away from harm. I was supposed to be the good pup who just followed directions and stayed out of trouble. I shake my head. This isn't exactly how I wanted to end my day. This isn't exactly how I wanted to do things.

It's the evening that the elimination is going to take place. No one is really talking to me. Nadim does my face with a distant smile. It's the smile you give someone when you really want to be nice but you don't want to really speak to them. Nadia is less nice about the fact that she thinks I'm a fucking waste of space. Nadia has dressed me in a deep brown color. It reminds me of chestnuts. It's a tuxedo with a dramatic overcoat. It's a beautiful coat but there is something sad and depressing about the whole outfit. The whole mood just seems...somber.

This was the first elimination and I was pretty sure that I was going home. From how Nadia was looking at me with an annoyed expression when I was getting ready I can tell she thought I was going home as well.

"Is he almost ready?" Dakota asks Nadia.

"As ready as he's going to be," Nadia states.

Dakota walks over to me and offers me his hand to escort me downstairs. He doesn't give me eye contact. Ever since I came back from disobeying the Vanderbilts Dakota hasn't given me eye contact. I feel like shit. I have disgraced him. It's clear that he's upset but he's not letting it show. I had one job. I just had to shut the fuck up and listen. I couldn't even do that.

I had to go out and play the hero wolf.

While we are leaving I can hear my stylists discussing me.

Nadim is the one who whispers to his sister, "When it happens at least he'll look good leaving..."

Nadia sighs and whispers back to a brother, "A loser never looks good losing."

That's what Nadia thought about me. Nadim didn't even argue with her. It's as though he can't deny that I'm a loser. Was this how my story ended? Was this how everything went down. Was I a loser?

Dakota doesn't talk to me the whole time he takes me down to the others. It's the most awkward walk in the world. I notice a few werewolves are looking my way as we walk down the steps. It's a walk of shame. I'm literally doing the walk of shame right now.

Dakota takes me to the front of the room, "The other Betas are in there waiting for the decision."

"Dakota, can we talk---"

Dakota responds quickly and turns around before I can argue, "Later."

With that he walks away. He doesn't look back. He doesn't stare at me like he usually does. He's disappointed. All his preparation and I was going to be the first one eliminated. All the planning and it all came down to this. What the fuck was this all about?

I walk into the room at that moment. The Betas all look at me. Prince is one of the first ones I notice. He barely acknowledges me except giving a slight "hmph". He was so cocky. You would think I was like a fly in his way or something. As I walk past I swear to god I see him flick at the air a few times as though attempting to get my smell off of him. The others aren't much friendlier. The twins are clearly discussing me. They whisper to one another and go out of their way to stare at me. The younger betas can't help but to snicker. The thing I hear the most are the snickers. These people think I am a fucking joke. A lot of them are dressed in bright beautiful colors and here I am with this dramatic dark brown overcoat on. Nadia was trying to make a statement putting me in this. I can tell the statement from a mile away.
The statement was clear: Thanks for wasting my time. I wasted everyone's time. Not just hers.

I search the room for Karamo struggling to find at least one friend.

I don't find him right away.

Instead I find Ian, who walks up to me with a smirk, "Is it true?"

I sigh. I don't want to talk to him right now. I know what he's doing. He's coming in my face in an attempt to rub it all in my face.

"What?" I ask.

"You ran out of the castle and tried to save Walid. You ended up getting shot, fainted and had Walid drag you out of the woods," Ian asks, "If that's true you have to be more fucking pathetic than I thought you were. And that's saying A LOT!"
"Get the fuck out of my face," I tell Ian.

Ian laughs at me. His smirk is so punchable. He thinks he's the shit. He literally is gloating in this moment and shoving this in my face. He was kicking me while I was down on purpose. What caused someone to be so disgusting? What caused someone to be so nasty?

"You don't have to worry about me much longer," Ian tells me, "You'll be at home, getting fatter and uglier not too long from now, while I'll be the Beta wolf of the Vanderbilt Pack. And you know what else...come here. Come close. I should whisper it."

"Ian please...just leave me alone," I tell him, "I'm not bothering you. I just want to be left alone."

" want to be left alone. Too bad. Come here. I have to whisper something."

I can't take this much longer.

I struggle to find Karamo. Ian is literally pushing me past my limit over and over for no reason. I've done nothing to this guy.

"Please, Ian. Whatever I did to you...I'm sorry," I tell him.

"You're sorry?" Ian raises an eyebrow.

I nod. I don't know why I'm apologizing. Right now I just want to be the bigger man. I just want to end this. If I left I wanted to leave on good terms. I didn't want to leave with this bitterness that came out of nowhere. Yeah. I may have broken his sister's heart. I may have done a lot of things I didn't like back in the day but I was young. I was still finding myself.

"I'm sorry," I genuinely say, "For what I did to your sister. I'm sorry for all of it."

Ian nods and outstretches his hand.

I reach over to shake it but instead of shaking it Ian spits in my hand.

"Fuck your apology. I'm going to be Beta Wolf. Then I'm going to order my wolves to find your mother and little brother and tear them apart. You'll blame yourself. I'm sure. I won't care though. I might just have your sexy guardian Dakota eat me out too...just so every time he tries to give you a pep talk to keep you from committing suicide, you'd smell my ass."

My heart is racing. My mind is struggling to maintain my cool. Ian laughs, a cold dark laugh. I turn to him and realize that his hatred for me isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

"Napkin?" Karamo asks me.
Karamo hands me a napkin. He must have seen what Ian just did. I don't think Karamo is the type to stand up for me. He is a true Beta wolf. He's very passive. He probably kept his distance away from me on purpose not wanting to be pulled into Ian's line of fire.

"Thanks," I tell Karamo, grabbing his napkin and wiping Ian's spit off of my hands.

"Don't let him get to you," Karamo tells me, "I'm sorry about what happened. I should have warned you. Everyone's talking about how pissed the Alpha wolf is at you."

"If I'm going to be eliminated at least I'll be eliminated doing what I thought was right," I state.

Karamo gives me a half smile as though trying to be polite but not really being able to relate to a damn word that was coming out of my mouth. It's clear he's come to accept that I was going home as well. It was just a matter of time but that was completely fine.

Just as that is happening the doors open and the Vanderbilt Wolves walk in. The main wolf pack surrounds Walid. The lesser wolves wing out to the side of the rooms here to witness their Alpha's decision. It's very clear that there is a hierarchy among wolves and it's so clear just by how they always even stand. At the center of it all is always Walid...the powerful alpha wolf.

Walid stands there at that moment.

"As many of you know yesterday we were attacked by humans. These humans are...werewolf hunters. When we took over their territory they became hostile towards us and are attempting to get it back. During yesterday's attack I came to the revelation that there was a Beta among us that just wasn't compatible with me."

I can't help to see a lot of the Betas look over towards me.

Ian even turns to me and waves his hand.

He's waving his hand and mouths off the words, "Goodbye."

"I'm sending home Basil," Walid states, "I recognize that we just don't have a lot in common."

The entire room breaks out into whispers. No one is expecting that. No one. My mouth drops open. A few people stare at me wondering why the hell Walid didn't just eliminate me. I'm beyond shocked at that moment. Basil seems to be the only one not shocked. Hell. He seems the only one that doesn't care. I have the feeling that Basil was forced to be here against his will. He silently walks out of the room not seeming to give a damn about this situation at all. When he leaves the room, the rest of them just look at me as though wondering the same thing I was wondering.

Why was I still here?

"Walid..." Naomi of the Vanderbilts starts off as though about to protest something.

Naomi looks at Walid. Then she looks at me. Is she thinking the same thing that everyone else is thinking?

"What?" Walid asks her.

He shoots Naomi a glare and Naomi seems to decide against it. She shakes her head before whispering, "Nothing."

Walid turns over to me at that moment, "You."

I turn.

No one is standing behind me. Prince is the one I'd assume Walid was interested in pointing out among all these boys but Prince wasn't close to me either.

"Me?" I ask.

"Yes. You. Meet me in my bedroom in 15 minutes..."

I gulp. Everyone looks over at me. Walid wanted me to come to his bedroom. I'm struggling to find my bearings about this.

"I don't...know where it is..." I state.

"Figure it out," He responds.

With that Walid just turns and leaves the room at that moment. I'm shocked. What is even more shocking is the expression that the other boys have on their faces. All the snickering stops when the Vanderbilts leave the room. Now there is another stare that is replacing the ones that I saw before. This stare is darker. This stare is deeper. I notice Ian's face looking pissed. Prince is looking like he is in disbelief. The twins don't seem speechless. Karamo looks confused.

They all look worried.

Within 5 minutes Nadia and Nadim have run down to prep me for meeting with the Alpha. Nadia is spraying me with cologne and Nadim is struggling to powder and set my face.

"He wants to meet with me," I state, "It's so...weird..."

I turn at that moment and see Dakota's face. I can't read his expression. I can't tell what mood he's in. He just seems confused about it all.

"Yeah. Weird."

"It's a good thing right?" I ask him.

Dakota shrugs, "I... suppose."

"Make sure you fuck him," Nadim says, "That's what Dakota is really trying to say. Actually no. No, no, you're the Beta. You have to make sure he FUCKS you."

"Can you not be so vulgar around him?" Dakota states, "There will be no fucking."

"Hopefully there will be," Nadia returns.

"Can you two go away?" Dakota says more in a demanding way than really in a questioning way. He doesn't even wait until they leave before he grabs me and pulls me away. For the first time it seems like Dakota's expression has broken a little bit. For the first time he seems to let his shell down just slightly.

"You ok?" I ask Dakota.

"You don't...have to do this," Dakota tells me.

I'm confused.

"What do you mean?" I ask him.

Dakota sighs and shrugs, "I dunno. I mean. It's great Basil got eliminated. I just don't think it's appropriate that he's asking you to go to his room. I mean. That's kind of cheap right?"

Dakota laughs as though making some sort of nervous joke or attempting to make his comment seem lighthearted. It doesn't seem lighthearted though. It sounds like he's trying to confuse me. It works. I'm beyond confused by what he means.

"Didn't you say that I should do anything he wants?" I ask.

Dakota nods, "Right. Right. But I also have been listening to what you've been complaining about and I know you don't want to go up there..."

"Actually I don't mind," I respond.

Dakota seems blown away by that. He wasn't expecting it. I think he was expecting me to push back some more on going to his room.

Dakota gives me a nervous laugh, "When we all thought you were going to be eliminated I was OK with it. I'm not blaming you if you are having second thoughts about this. You don't have to pretend like you're into Walid anymore..."

"I'm not pretending, Dakota," I respond, "When I ran to defend him I felt this urge. I felt this need. It was just inside of me. I think I want to give this a real chance."

Dakota looks...odd.

His face wrinkles up as though lost for words.

"You do?" he asks.

He's confusing the fuck out of me. One moment he was pressuring me into this and the next moment he was having me second guess it. What the fuck did Dakota want exactly? I struggle to try to understand it but I find myself just staring in his green eyes with more confusion.

"That's the plan still right?" I ask, "I mean...I wasn't eliminated so. That's the plan still. Right?"

Silence. I just have to make sure that Dakota isn't feeling some type of way. I have to make sure that he still wanted me to do this and still supported me in this competition.

Dakota nods, shakes something off and asserts, "Yeah. Yeah it is. I'm proud of you."

I definitely wasn't expecting that. Dakota not only says he's proud of me but he smiles and gives me a friendly tap on the arm. A part of me is glad this isn't hurting him but then a part of me is disappointed that it isn't. After all the years of slight flirts between us I would think Dakota would push back just a little harder when he thought I was about to go to someone's bedroom. I guess that's just not the kind of guy that he is though.

Walid's bedroom is designed just how I imagined it would be. It's a huge dark lair. Walking in there I feel like I'm walking into a Dragon's nest. There is a huge slain polar bear fur on the floor. The bed is a king's size bed with black silk sheets. Nothing in here is welcoming in any kind of way really. Everything looks either expensive or intimidating.

That's when I see Walid. He awaits me near the window. He is shirtless as usual. The moon reflects on his dark tan body. His broad shoulders are covered with all those tattoos of his. I try to make out some of his tats. A lot of them are symbols but there is also some imagery as well. A hawk. A boar. A dying willow tree is right underneath his left breast.

"Yasir, isn't it?" he asks me.


"Yes what?"

I laugh at that moment, "Are you serious?"

Walid comes out of the moonlight and into the light of the room. The bulb reflects on his body casting a huge shadow over the room. The shadow is daunting. His eyes are emerald green like Dakota but they seem to have hints of a yellow tint in them. They set on me like a hunter in the darkness.

"Do I look serious?" Walid asks me.

"Yes what?" he repeats.
"Yes sir," I respond.

This makes Walid smile. He walks over to me. He circles around me. He smells me. Fuck this guy is so sexy. He smells like a fucking man. He domes over me in a powerful way. My strong senses are getting the heat from his body and the aroma from his manhood. He has no underwear on and his jeans may be one size too big because they sag. From the back I can see the beginning of his ass crack. From the front I can see full patch of pubic hair and at times the beginning of that massive cock that I sucked on the first time I met him.

"You have a problem with respect Yasir," he tells me, "You ran into the woods after you were told not to. I don't like that. You understand that."


"Yes what?"

"Yes sir."

"Don't make me say that again," Walid tells me, "You need to learn discipline young wolf. The others wanted me to eliminate you from this process."

I'm not surprised by it. I remember the reaction of the Vanderbilt wolves when Basil was eliminated. I remember how Naomi verbally wanted to stop Walid from making the decision. I was supposed to be the one that went home today. That was very clear. It's all the more curious that I didn't go home.

"Why didn't you do that?" I ask.

"You remind me of someone," Walid states.


"Someone who was wild. Someone who was raucous. Someone who should have been disciplined a lot earlier on."

"Aren't you wild? Aren't you raucous."

"I'm a man."

"And I'm not?" I ask raising an eyebrow.

"If you stay are what I say you are," he responds to me in a slick way, "You are a Beta. You are passive. And you'll listen to every word I say from now on."

He stops in front of me.

"I understand."

"You need to be disciplined. Pull your pants down."

I take a deep breath. I listen to Walid however. He's the boss. I look him in his eyes as I do it. I slowly pull my pants down. I take the slacks off and throw them in a pile next to me. I watch Walid walk behind me. He stares at my butt for a few seconds. I can hear him take these deep slow breaths at that moment.

"Bend over," he tells me, "On your hands and knees. Now..."

I do what he says. I bend over on the ground. My knees touch his wood floors. My asshole puckers up to him. I turn towards him and see that Walid is staring at my puckering hole.
He grabs his dick and squeezes it until it makes a tent in his pants. He licks his lips over and over until the saliva makes his lips glisten. He squeezes his dick again and I can't take it much longer.

"You can have it," I tell him, "It yours if you want."

"You want me to fuck you?" he asks me.

Just at that moment he whips his dick out. My mouth waters remembering how it felt to taste that juicy fat dick of his. I stare at it. My heart is racing. It looks so fucking big. The veins in his dick make it look masculine.

"Yes..." I state.

"I'm not going to fuck you," he responds, "You need to be disciplined..."

Just at that moment he walks over to me. I don't expect it when it happens. I don't expect him to slap my ass. It's not a tap or some play flirty smack. He slaps the fuck out of me. I jerk forward struggling to understand where that is coming from. I turn away from him.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I scream.

My ass stings. Walid seems to enjoy this. He licks his lips at that moment. He's jerking his dick slowly.

"Did I tell you to move. Now you did it. Come here."


"Come here. Now."

I hesitate but I do what he says. I walk over to him. Walid grabs me up. He makes me feel so...feminine. I don't know any other word to explain it. He makes me feel like a passive little girl by how he pulls me close. He scoops me in his arms. With one hand he cups underneath my ass and lifts me until our eyes match. That's when his other hand comes into play.

Walid starts to finger me, lifting me in the air. He acts like I weigh nothing at all as he fingers me. His fingers go deep into me. Deeper and deeper.

"Fuck!" I state.

I don't want to tell Walid that it feels good. I put on a face as though it hurts. It does sting at first as his fingers go deeper and deeper in me. He puts one finger at first, then two fingers then three. The entire time he's watching my expression studying it. I attempt to fake the pain so that he won't go harder than he is now. I let out these deep hard pants.

Walid and I are face to face. His juicy lips are slightly parted. I can smell his breath up against my face. It smells so good.

"You going to do what I say from now on," Walid keeps telling me suspiciously, "That's not a question. You understand? You're too headstrong. You're too wild. You will be tamed."

"Yes...I will be tamed. Daddy...I will be tamed."

He likes that.

He smiles, "Good. You're learning. I might allow you to get fucked tonight after all. Would you like that?"

"Yes Daddy..." I state.

I don't know why I do it but I lean forward and I kiss those juicy lips of his. They are so fucking soft yet firm when I press up against them. I'm shocked when Walid doesn't only pull back but PUSHES me back as soon as I kiss him.

My body is thrown hard across the room. I land hard on the cold hard tiles. Walid seems disgusted all of a sudden when he feels my lips up against him.

"What the FUCK did you just do?" Walid says touching his lips.

"What?" I ask, "I just kissed you."

"Did I tell you to? Were those yours. I don't belong to you. You belong to me..."

"It was just a kiss..."

Walid wipes his mouth at that moment. He runs to the door, opens it and lets out this deep dark howl. I'm so confused especially when I hear footsteps heading up my way. I struggle to run to my pants and at least cover myself before the room is crowded with Vanderbilt people. Walid could care less that we are naked. His howl has brought his pack to his room.

I'm so confused. I just kissed him. We were just about to have sex and now he is freaking out because I kissed him? Was Walid serious right now?

"Take Yasir of the Pittsburgh Pack out of here," Walid states breathing heavy, "He will be the second elimination today. I don't want to see him again."