It’s been a month. A month since I’ve heard from Dakota or Yuma or anyone else. It’s been a month since I’ve been back in Pittsburgh. The deer runs through the woods. In Pittsburgh it’s pretty hard to find a deer. I’ve been tracking them for hours. Dakota never taught me how to hunt but now I have all the time in the world to learn on my own. The red wolf in me is fast on its trail.

My keen eyesight sees it drinking from the river. Usually wolves run in packs but I didn’t have a pack. I was a lone wolf. I start picking up after the deer and it sees me. Its large ears turn my direction without moving its head. It hears me! Fuck!

It takes off. It doesn’t matter. I can run up to 50 miles per hour. The trees here aren’t the same at the trees in Vanderbilt. They aren’t as fresh. The smell here is polluted with city life. It doesn’t matter. I leap past a big rock and make my way above the deer below. The logs break away as I crunch past them, but I’m never on a log long enough to be weighed down by it.

I leap.

I take the deer down.

I bite into its neck. The red wolf in me loves the taste of the blood. Dakota would scream at me if he saw me hunting. I can imagine him now in the back of my head. The deer neck snaps under my powerful jaws. I may not be in the beautiful forest of Vanderbilt but I am a predator even if it’s a narrow stretch for forest. I am a predator here.

“Hey little wolf…”

My heart races when I hear the voice. I don’t see anyone at first. I don’t smell anything at first. Then all of a sudden I see someone walk out from behind a tree. He’s young maybe 20 or so. He has a very strong looking face. He’s dressed oddly…wearing a red cloak almost like little Red Riding hood or something.

Who the fuck is this? Why is his scent so…faint?

“Don’t be afraid,” the man in the forest tells me.

I’m confused. He smells human. I can tell the difference. This isn’t another wolf. I growl hoping the human would take off. The human doesn’t though. He smiles instead. He has a very strange sharp looking smile. He doesn’t seem scared even though my muzzle is bloodied from the deer. I lean back down. I’m not going to attack a human but I need to scare him off. I growl louder. I tighten my muzzle.

I should be terrifying him. What was wrong with this guy? Was he suicidal?

“Are you trying to scare me little wolf,” he says and laughs, “How cute? I’m not afraid. Have you read Wintersmith? A witch out never to be frightened in the darkest forest, because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest is her.”

He was crazy. That’s why he wasn’t afraid. He was quoting books and shit. I look around. Maybe it would be best to just run away. Clearly this guy wasn’t going to run.

I turn ready to run away.

That’s when the man in the forest says the oddest thing, “Werewolves are rare in Pittsburgh.”

I stop.

He knew what I was.


I look back at him. He is smiling at me. There is this strange smile.

“Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me,” the man in the forest says, “I’m going to give you a gift. That’s all. It’s a coat. Walid will love it when you see him again. It will remind of you. But if I give this to you…you’ll owe me and there is going to be a time when I’ll want to be repaid.”

He knew about Walid. How the fuck did this human know about Walid? I’m struggling at that moment. There is something so off about this person.

That’s when the strange man takes something out. It’s a fur coat. I’ve never seen anything like that. It sparkles and glitters. It’s the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in the world. The long hairs reflect light that isn’t even there. In the dark forest the fur coat is the only thing that shines. Just at that moment he throws the fur coat my way with the most accurate precision.

I’m wrapped up in the fur coat and struggle to get out of it almost like a net.

And when I get out from underneath it…. the strange man is gone.

I arrive at my house after my run. I’m in sweats that I keep in my car. I have the fur coat wrapped up in my gym bag. I’m beyond confused. This man assumed that I’d be seeing Walid again. He assumed a lot of things. He gave me this gift telling me to wear it the next time I saw Walid. What the fuck was wrong with this guy. Why did he think I would care?

“Ma!” I scream out.

My mother walks out from the kitchen.

“Are you OK baby? You look flushed,” my mother says.

She rubs on the side of my face. I’m sweating after seeing the man in the forest.

“You won’t believe what just happened to me,” I tell her, “I have to tell you about what happened in the forest.”

“That can wait. It’s not important.”

“Ma. You don’t understand.”

“It isn’t important,” Ma tells me, “You…got an invitation.”

“An invitation?”

“Yes. From the Vanderbilts…the call came today. The person said Walid would like to invite you back to Vanderbilt castle for a masquerade ball.”

My heart is getting heavy. I’m a little confused. I turn to the bag. The man in the forest. He knew that I would be seeing Walid again. How? How did this happen? How did a human know about what was going on with werewolves? And why the fuck did Walid want to invite me to a masquerade ball at Vanderbilt Castle.

My mother runs over to me. She hugs me. She is happier than I am about this news. A part of me feels like she doesn’t have that much confidence in Yuma. He reaches out to her often for advice. That was something that I never did. Yuma was young and honestly not really the most mature person in the world. Maybe she wanted me to go back there to check up on him. Maybe she wanted me to go back there because she felt like I had a better shot with Walid.

I was just confused. Walid let it be known that he was kicking me out. Why would he want me back?

And who was this mystery man.

I arrive at Vanderbilt Airport. The car is there to pick me up. I’m more nervous now than I was the first time that I came. When I climb into the backseat of the car that is taking me to Vanderbilt I’m shocked to see two of the Vanderbilts in there.

“I’m glad you showed up…” he states, “My name is Mayorga of the Vanderbilt pack. This is my lover…Qadir…”

I remember them from when I was back at the Vanderbilt Castle. Mayorga is the bald one. It’s clear he is the beta just due to Qadir’s size. Qadir looks me up and down. He looks powerful. He looks almost intimidating. Mayorga offers me a smile when I’m in the back of that car and I attempt to smile back as best as I can. Qadir is silent in the car. He stares right through me. He doesn’t even attempt to be friendly like Mayorga.

I attempt to smile back. At least to Mayorga who is attempting some type of hospitality. I had seen the Vanderbilt pack before. They were a bunch of savages really. Qadir was one of them. He was a super aggressive looking wolf. I have to admit that he is sexy as well. He’s almost as big as Walid. He looks like he drinks protein shakes all day. He has a fur coat on and no shirt underneath. He sits in the car with his legs open. I notice how Mayorga rests his hands in Qadir’s crotch.

Mayorga touches him slowly tracing his hand up and down Qadir’s crotch. Qadir seems to like it. I look at Qadir’s crotch and then look up at his face. His face finally breaks and he smiles. He licks his lips.

Was he flirting with me? In front of his lover?

I attempt to change the subject, “So has much changed at Vanderbilt castle?”

“A big elimination happened after you were eliminated. Walid let go of many of the younger guys. He said it wasn’t…his thing,” Mayorga answers.

“My brother Yuma…”

I’m desperate to know if Yuma was still in the competition.

“He’s still one of Walid’s potential betas,” Mayorga tells me, “He’s a favorite to win actually.”

I smile. I don’t want to smile but I force it anyhow.

“Don’t worry Walid hasn’t fucked him,” Qadir says out of nowhere, “Not yet at least.”

He laughs. I get nervous. My smile fades. Qadir’s laugh gets louder when he sees how uncomfortable I am thinking about Walid fucking my little brother. I swear my stomach growls from my nerves at that moment.

“Stop teasing him Qadir,” Mayorga says, “Walid hasn’t fucked anyone…at all. Not since what happened with you. It’s a little weird.”

“Why weird?”

Qadir looks over at me.

“Walid loves to fuck. Mayorga and I find it interesting that you are the only one that our Alpha was sexually interested in since he met you. Now why is that? What’s so special about you?”

Qadir looks me deeply in my eyes. I almost forgot how it feels to be near one of the Vanderbilt aggressive males.

“I don’t know.”

“Is your ass tight…”


“Is it tight? Mayorga come here. Show him how tight your ass is,” Qadir tells his lover, “I want to know who has the tighter ass…”

Just at that moment Mayorga does exactly what his lover tells him. My mouth drops. Mayorga perches on the back of the seat. He lowers his pants and then he bends over. Qadir helps him spread his ass cheeks. Mayorga’s pink asshole is puckering up towards me at that moment. I’m SHOCKED! Is this what it is like to be dominated? When your man tells you to do something you just do it without even thinking twice.

“Um…whoa…” is the only thing I can say.

“Do you think my lover has a nice tight asshole?” Qadir asks me.

I look out of the window. These guys were so weird. Qadir seems to enjoy making me feel uncomfortable. I almost squirm.

“It’s fine.”

“Walid loves my Mayorga’s ass too. Day after day I had to sit aside and watch as he called Mayorga into his bedroom,” Qadir says suddenly, “Do you know what Walid would do? He would fuck Mayorga. He would fuck MY Mayorga right in front of me. What do you think about that?”

Qadir’s tone changes.

There is anger here. There is tension.

Something was happening in the ranks of the Vanderbilt Pack. Qadir’s anger is clear. He pats Mayorga on his ass and Mayorga pulls up his pants.


“No it’s not,” Qadir responds, “Walid is the Alpha. Everything belongs to him…even other people’s lovers. He takes what he wants. And he takes it often. But then all of a sudden you appear and after that night he stops taking what he wants. He doesn’t’ fuck Mayorga. He doesn’t even fuck any of those tight hole Betas he has vying for his attention. I wonder why?”

Qadir seems confused. His eyes dart towards me. The tension is still there. It’s not hard to see that he resents Walid. A part of me wonders if he resents me as well. I don’t know why he’s questioning me about why Walid hasn’t been having sex. How would I know the answer to that?

“I don’t know.”

“Maybe you had an effect on him,” Qadir says.

“He eliminated me,” I state.

“Have you ever thought that maybe he eliminated you because he was scared of you,” Mayorga asks.

“Why would be scared of me?”

“Walid doesn’t catch feelings. We think it’s weird,” Mayorga answers, “We think it’s weird he stopped having sex since you left. Maybe you can help us figure it out. We’re glad you came back.”

Mayorga smiles again. Qadir stares again. The werewolves of the Vanderbilt pack had a motive. I didn’t get it though. If they assumed Walid was “scared” of me then why would he invite me back.

“It’s not like I can say no to the Alpha’s invitation,” I tell Mayorga.

The two lovers from the Vanderbilt pack look at one another as though a little bit confused by what I just said. It’s Qadir that starts laughing at that moment. Mayorga just gives me a complex looking grin and raises his eyebrow.

“Um…not exactly.”

“What?” I ask.

“Walid didn’t invite you back to Vanderbilt Castle. We did.”

My heart stops at that moment. These two wolves definitely had an ulterior motive.

They sneak me in the castle. A part of me knows that I should probably not being going along with this. It was becoming increasingly clear that Walid had nothing to do with me coming back to Vanderbilt. I could just imagine how upset he would be when he found out that I was back.

Mayorga and Walid find me a little room. I think it’s a servant’s room or something. I look at the place. It isn’t nearly as grand as the room I stayed in before. This room looked like a shit hole honestly. It was dusty and there were cobwebs in the corners. It was damn near in the basement of the castle. I sneeze as I enter the place.

This was more than just a step down. This was a cascade down.

“We are sorry we couldn’t do any better,” Mayorga says and smiles. He is shy, gentle and well mannered. His smile is the only comfort I’m getting in this room.

“I should leave this place,” I state.

I finally say it out loud. It’s so clear that Walid doesn’t know I’m here. The fact that we snuck into the castle. The fact that I was staying in this room bothered me. Why were they attempting to hide me? What the hell did Mayorga and Qadir want?

I felt so much more confused this time than I did the last time.

Mayorga looks at me, “You’re free to leave. If you want. You accepted the invitation. We aren’t Walid. We aren’t going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“Speak for yourself,” Qadir laughs.

I look at Qadir. I swallow my spit, a little scared of him.

“He’s joking,” Mayorga says, “Listen. I’ll go upstairs and get you a mask. Walid won’t even notice you. You can check on your brother. You can have a good time. What’s there to lose?”

I think about it. I did want to make sure Yuma was OK here…

“OK,” I respond.

“I’ll be back.”

That’s when Mayorga leaves the room. The problem with Mayorga leaving was that he leaves Qadir with me. Qadir circles around the room. He reminds me so much of Walid. Sure Walid has the tattoos but they are the same size. Qadir domes over me. He’s a giant of a man. His hands are probably twice the size of mine. Everything is probably twice the size of mine.

I look in my suitcase struggling not to make this awkward but that’s impossible because Qadir moves closer and closer to me. He walks up behind me. He sniffs. Just like a wolf would.

“What does he see in you little puppy?” Qadir asks me.

I attempt to take a step back.

“I don’t know,” I respond.

Qadir smiles. He licks his lips. He doesn’t lick his lips like a human. He licks his lips like a wolf. His long tongue stretches out of his mouth and laps around his lips several times. A trail of saliva leaks out of his mouth like a wild dog ready to feed. He takes a step towards me. The room is dimly lit bit I notice his movements. They are slow and steady.

His hands reach down under his crotch. He grabs at something. It’s his dick. It’s hard in his pants. It creates a tent. He looks down noticing it. He glares back up. His eyes aren’t wolf eyes. I think he has contacts in, but underneath I can see a glow of the bright wolf peeking through.

“You never answered my question,” Qadir tells me, “Just how tight is your hole…”

Was he serious?

I’m so nervous.


“You should let me try it out. One good time. You should let me fuck you. I’m stronger than Walid. I’m the better wolf. I should be Alpha. I can fuck you better than him. Would you like to see?”

He releases the buckle on his pants.

His dick flops out of his pants. Walid’s dick was thicker but I think they are the same lengths. Qadir’s dick has a curve to it I think where Walid’s was just this gigantic mass of a penis. Just like Walid, Qadir grabs onto his dick with his hands. He holds it there. He lets his hands slide up and down the girth of his dick. As though trying to prove to me how long his dick is he puts his other hand out next to it. His hand is gigantic but his dick is bigger.

“You have a lover…” I tell him, taking a step back.

“Mayorga doesn’t care. He wants to please me. That is his reason in life as the submissive role. Do you think he just left me in here accidentally with you? He could have gotten the mask later. He wants me to fuck you. It would make him happy to make me happy. That is the role of a submissive wolf.”

“I’m not a piece of meat,” I tell Qadir, “I don’t want you to fuck me.”

Qadir looks confused.

“Is his dick bigger than mine? Is Walid’s dick bigger than mine? Is that the problem here?” Qadir asks.

He’s so serious. It seems like this is his big worry in life. He seems really to be worried about his dick as opposed to the size of Walid’s dick. Every time Qadir mentions Walid he gets tense. There is a clear jealousy and Qadir isn’t trying to even hide it. He feels some type of way about Walid.

“Back up.”

“Bend over on the bed and bite down. I won’t ask you again.”

Qadir is looking at me aggressively.

“No you won’t ask me again,” I tell him staring back, “And I’m not going to listen to you. I’m not Mayorga. I’m not these other submissive wolves. You aren’t just going to disrespect me. If I let Walid have sex with me it’s because I WANTED Walid. I don’t want you Qadir. I don’t care how big your dick is. So if you plan on raping me…give me your best shot. I promise you I’ll bite your dick off…”

Qadir gives me a hard look. He looks down at his dick. At that moment he seems to get smart. He puts his dick back in his pants.

“Get dressed,” he tells me, “We’ll be back with your mask. The masquerade ball starts in an hour.”

I exhale as Qadir leaves the room.

I get dressed. I wear all black. Fuck wearing red to please Walid. I wasn’t here for him. I don’t wear any makeup either. I don’t care about looking ‘pretty’ for this guy. I wasn’t one of the betas anymore. I wasn’t in the competition.

All of a sudden I look in my bag and notice the fur coat. The shimmery fur coat that the man in the forest gave me. He had told me that it was a gift but that he would need repayment. I look at the fur coat. I have to admit it is beautiful. I wonder if it was going to draw too much attention. Either way I was going to be wearing a mask. It wouldn’t matter.

I grab the coat and throw it on.

Several minutes later there is a knock on my door.

“Are you ready?” Mayorga asks me.

He’s alone. Qadir isn’t with him. Interesting.


Mayorga looks me up and down, “That coat is…stunning. Here, I have the perfect mask to go with it.”

He hands me a mask. Mayorga himself isn’t wearing a mask. He doesn’t dress special at all. For a minute I’m confused but then I remember he is part of the almighty Vanderbilt Pack. They don’t really have to impress anyone. We were all here to impress them. Mayorga looking me up and down lets me know that I’ve accomplished that at least with him. He looks impressed. He hands me a mask. It’s the mask of a wolf. I should have assumed it would be.

“Thank you.”

“Right this way. You’ll be my plus 1 for the party.”

Mayorga offers me his arm. I take it. I guess it’s not too odd for two men to walk in together. When we get upstairs I see there definitely seems to be a lot of it. The wolves definitely seem sexually fluid to say the least. Some were gay. Some were straight. Others had both a man and a woman on their arms. The guests to the party all seem very well put together and glamourous, except for the Vanderbilts. I recognize the Vanderbilt table because they are the loudest.

I notice the table in the corner of my eye. Walid is there. He’s drinking beer. He isn’t drinking it out of a cup. That would be too normal for Walid. He’s lifting up a gigantic keg that probably weighs a ton. He empties it in his mouth. The beer spills all over the marble floors. It’s this strange mix of barbarianism and elegance that I’ve become used to at Vanderbilt castles. They were like pirates who boarded a wealthy Colonial ship and had no idea how to really maintain it.

I notice the other Vanderbilts are around him. They yell “Chug, Chug, Chug!” as he swallows the beer. To his right I see Walid’s brother. To his left I notice Qadir. None of the Vanderbilts have on tuxedos or masks. They aren’t participating in this shit. They put themselves above everyone else. They are the dominant wolf pack here. That much is clear and everyone seems to notice it.

“There’s your brother,” Mayorga whispers in my ear.

I look up at the balcony. He’s right. My brother is up there. I notice him immediately even though he has on a mask. He’s standing with Karamo luckily. I’m happy to see that Karamo is still in the competition. I also see Prince standing not too far as well as the majority of the other Betas. I can’t tell who is who unless someone takes off their masks. Prince clearly seems to take off his mask often. I am sure he doesn’t want to hide that perfect little face of his.

“Can I go talk to him?” I ask.

“Not while they are in the balcony. That’s not a good idea. They’ll come down in a minute. None of the other guests are allowed near the betas until Walid says so. Walid is a jealous Alpha…as you know.”

I nod and smile at Mayorga. I look around for Dakota. I wonder if he has a mask on. I don’t see him unfortunately. Even though I look.

The party goes pretty much the same. I spend most of it looking around for Dakota. But I don’t see him. It takes almost an hour for Walid to say the Betas can come down from the balcony and join the party. Even when he calls them down they just surround him. They are dogs in waiting, desperately looking to get his attention. It’s kind of annoying really. Was I that pathetic when I was a beta?

“I’m going to go grab him…” I tell Mayorga, “I need to make sure Yuma is OK.”


I ignore Mayorga and walk away from him. I make my way towards the crowd of betas. None of them are dancing or even seeming to enjoy themselves. They are all trying their best to look cute hoping that Walid would notice them. Walid is too busy with his beer though to give a fuck about these betas honestly.

I am close to Yuma. I reach out my hands to grab him. Just when I’m about to do it something happens.


It’s Walid. He says it loud and a bunch of people stop talking and moving around. The laughter and excitement of the party softens. People turn around frantically wondering which Beta managed to get Walid’s attention.

I have to admit I’m the same way. I wonder if Prince has finally gotten Walid’s attention. Maybe it’s another beta. Fuck. What if it’s Yuma?

That’s when I realize the other betas are looking at me.

And Walid is pointing…AT me!

I point at myself wanting to know if he’s talking to me.

“Yes you. Come here. Now.”

This coat worked a little too well. The shininess of it made him see me in a matter of seconds. He makes his way towards me. He meets me halfway. The other Vanderbilts are a little bit confused. The betas are confused. The guests are confused. Everyone is confused when Walid walks over to me.

“That coat looks…beautiful on you,” he tells me, “Where’d you get something so…beautiful?”

He seems almost enchanted by the coat. A lot of the wolves do honestly. They look at the coat before they even look at me. It’s almost like cat nip to them or something. How did the man in the forest know that Walid would like this coat? Did he know Walid? Did he know Walid’s tastes? Or was there something else going on here. Something a little deeper.

I shrug.

“The alpha asked you a question,” Walid’s brother says.

The other Vanderbilts look at me with glaring eyes. I’m disrespecting their alpha. The only one that hangs back is Qadir. He has a smile on his face. Did he know this was going to happen? Why does he look so pleased?

“There’s something about you…” he says, “Come here. Closer. Stand right here. Let me…smell you.”

At that moment he sniffs. He takes huge sniff at the side of my neck. Fuck. This wasn’t good! Within a matter of seconds, I am shocked. I don’t know if he notices me. I struggle on whether to talk or not.


“Clear the room,” Walid says.

“Sir…the party,” his brother Fang starts off.

“I said clear the room. Send the guests home and send the betas to their rooms,” Walid says before growling at his brother, “NOW!”

The order is taken seriously. The room clears out faster than I’ve seen any crowded room clear out before. The betas rip off their masks. I notice Yuma. He is perfectly contoured and looking my way. It’s clear Dakota’s team has been working on him. I have to admit he looks attractive. My little brother looks almost just like a female though. It’s a little scary. He has always looked like a pretty girl but now my little brother looks like a drop dead gorgeous woman.

And that’s when I notice the grimaces, even from my brother. They don’t like the fact that the party is over.

I turn ready to leave.

“You stay,” Walid says to me.

The room is empty within a minute. The only people there are the Vanderbilt pack and Walid. The pack looks over at their Alpha confused. Walid’s eyes sink into me. He’s still so fucking sexy. How can someone be so effortlessly sexy? He doesn’t even seem to mean it. He looks fucking beautiful. My heart races looking at him. He still looks the same. He’s grown his beard slightly. That’s the only difference. He has a goatee now. His lips are pink and puckering. His muscles are tight. His body looks just as sexy as it’s always looked. My heart skips a beat several times looking at this sexy man.

“Sir, is this that serious?” Naomi of the Vanderbilt asks.

Walid gives her a look as though telling her to shut her mouth. Naomi withdraws almost immediately. She is frightened. She has reason to be. We all know Walid had a temper and most of the other wolves knew not to push his boundaries. Naomi clearly had a habit of pushing him. Maybe it’s because she shared his bed so often in the past. Either way she learns her lesson relatively quickly and retreats behind the other Vanderbilt werewolves.

Walid turns his eyes back on me, “Take off your mask…Yaser.”


He knew me by my smell.

I take my mask off and let it fall to the ground. The Vanderbilts gasp at that moment. It’s clear no one expected me. Mayorga and Qadir look at one another. I wonder what their expression means. They are watching intently to see how Walid would react.

“You DARE show back up here?” Walid’s brother asks me, “Brother let me take care of this for you. Wolves. TEAR HIM APART!”

My heart races when Walid’s brother makes the command! The Vanderbilt pack tear off their clothes. The men reveal their swinging dicks and the women reveal their naked titties. They stand naked for just a second and then began to transform. Fuck!

Was this how I was going to die! What the fuck!

Even Qadir and Mayorga turn! They brought me here. They didn’t even say a word to protect me. They didn’t even say a FUCKING word to stop this. They set me up! They fucking set me up and are going to now participate in killing me!

All of the other wolves head my way. They are ready to TEAR ME A PART! I think about changing but what’s the point? I won’t be able to outrun these wolves.

“Stop,” Walid orders.

Fang who is the only other one besides Walid who didn’t change into his wolf form turns to his brother. Walid’s brother is a miniature version of Walid. His face wrinkles up not understanding.

“Sir. He disobeyed your command. He was an eliminated contestant who showed back up…”

Walid gives me a hard look.

“He goes upstairs. He gets his old room. He rejoins the other betas. He has been…reinstated.”

The wolves look at one another. They are confused. Fang’s mouth drops open. It’s clear that he doesn’t know what is going on. He is about to say something but he stops. He closes his mouth. He nods. The other wolves who are about to attack me don’t. They listen to their alpha. I look over at Walid.

Why did Walid change his mind? Why did he add me back into the competition?

I don’t get my answers tonight. Walid turns around and leaves, not giving any explanation to me or anyone else in the room.

My heart is racing not understanding what happened but I’m escorted back to the corner of the place where I was before. I’m escorted by Walid’s brother himself. His brother Fang doesn’t say a word. He is just as shocked that I have been brought back into the competition as anyone else.

I could only imagine the other Betas reactions when they see my face.

Fang takes me to a new room.

“Breakfast for the Betas is at 7 tomorrow morning. Let your old Guardian know if you need anything else.”

“Why aren’t I going back to my old room?” I ask Fang.

“Your brother is occupying your old room. Your Guardian Dakota will be looking out for both of you moving forward. If this isn’t acceptable…”

“No!” I scream more excited than I know, “Dakota will be fine. I want Dakota.”

Fang takes a long look at me as though trying to figure something out. It’s the same look Qadir and Mayorga gave me when they were trying to figure it out too. I could almost read his mind. He was trying to get why Walid sent me home only to turn around and change his mind the next time he saw me.

I was wondering the same thing...

As soon as Fang leaves I can’t help but to run over to my old room. Luckily I still have a key. I’m so excited to see my brother Yuma. Fuck I’m so excited to see Dakota. My heart is racing so fast.

I open the door with the old key that I had from before and run in the room.

“YUMA!” I scream out entering his room.

“Fuck me!” I hear my brother screaming.

I’m confused as hell. My little brother was having sex. My face gets red as hell. That’s when I see something else. I see something that throws me completely for a loop.

I notice who is fucking my little brother.

“Oh my god…Yas!” Dakota says.

There it is. Dakota. My guardian. My crush was in bed with my little brother. His dick was up Yuma’s ass. He was holding him tightly. The two were just kissing. It wasn’t just sex.

Dakota and Yuma were making love.

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