Chapter 12: Hope

Walid grabs me at that moment and lifts me high up into the air. I struggle a little bit. The wolf inside me must recognize I’m in the presence of an Alpha. It doesn’t dare come out. I’m useless now as Walid pins me up against the wall. His strength is unmatched and her ferocity doesn’t seem to care that we shared intimate moments in the past.

He looks at me.

“I warned you. Didn’t I? I warned you not to lie to me.”

I’m struggling. The wolf has abandoned me but the human side of me is struggling to get Walid off of me. Walid shakes me with his hand aggressively against the wall so that my back grinds against the old wood planks. The old mansion is announcing through the halls what’s going on.

“You going to kill me Walid?” I finally ask.

I look in his eyes. I’m dead wrong for not telling him about my brother being alive possibly. Perhaps I’m even wrong about lying after the fact to save my own ass. Still…I’m wondering if there is any part of Walid who would forgive me.

And for a moment I’m thinking there must be. Walid hasn’t transitioned into his wolf. He hasn’t ripped my head off. It wouldn’t be that fucking hard for him. He’s a wolf.

Just as I think his hesitation might mean that I’m safe he bares fangs.

The door opens.

It’s Fang. He’s standing there. His leg is bleeding. He has been bitten. It’s clear. The leg is bleeding all over the carpet at that moment. I’m shocked and relieved that someone ran into the room. Walid seems to not realize what’s happened at first. When he does turn to Fang however he completely drops me.

“What’s happened?” Walid asks him.

Fang looks down at me and then he looks at Walid, “Timus.”

“What about Timus?”

“I have been suspicious of him. I went to his room. I found Eucalyptus leaves in his room.”

“The fuck do I care about Eucalyptus leaves?” Walid asks his brother, “I’m fucking busy right now. Seems like Nasir is a traitor…”

Fang shakes his head, “Then you have two traitors.”


“I believe Timus was using the Eucalyptus leaves to mask the scent of the Eucalyptus. And I decided to confront him. He ended up biting me.”

I look over at Fang. Fang isn’t telling Walid what started his suspicion. He isn’t telling Walid about seeing Timus and I out in the woods. He really did decide to keep his word and not rat me out. I’m not surprised that he ended up going after Timus anyway.

Walid bulks up his chest immediately not impressed, “Did he bite you? You lost to the Omega wolf?

The level of pride between the brothers is clear. I can almost see Fang’s disappointment. Regardless of what he says I can tell that Fang looks up to Walid. Walid has some huge shoes to fill though. The look on Fang’s face just seems to say that this is something that he couldn’t avoid.

“Timus bit me and ran away. He caught me off guard,” Fang excuses himself.

Walid looks him up and down. He shakes his head at that moment. Walid looks like he is about to call out Fang’s weakness again but instead he turns to me at that moment.

“Did you know about this?” Walid asks me.

My heart beats wildly. I’m too afraid to tell the truth. I’m too afraid to lie again. So I just sit there at that moment. I just put this dumbest face on that I can get. I stare out in the distance as though I have mental problems. It’s the only way I know how to react at this moment.

I wonder if he’s going to kill me. I wonder if this is how my story ends.

Fang seems to catch Walid’s attention before he can make that decision.

“Walid. The girls have already gone after TImus. He’s escaping.”

Thankfully Timus must pose a bigger threat to Walid than I do at this moment. He looks at me. Then he looks at the door. He makes a move for the door and I can feel myself exhale almost immediately.

When he gets to the bedroom door though he stops and looks over at Fang.

“Watch Nasir. Don’t let him leave. Can you at least manage that Fang?”

Fang’s face flushes with embarrassment again.

“Yes. Sir.”

Walid walks out of the room and by the time he hits the stares I’m sure that he has transitioned into a wolf by how fast the footsteps are moving throughout the household.


An hour passes before long.

“You didn’t snitch on me,” I tell Fang.

He’s sitting on the other side of the room. He looks like he’s in pain from the bite Professor Timus delivered him. He’s just sitting there sweating a little bit. I guess the old Omega wolf had some fierceness in him after all.

“I told you I wouldn’t,” he replies.

“Thank you.”

“For what?” he asks shaking his head, “You still ended up getting caught. How the hell does that happen?”

I shake my head at that moment.

“I didn’t do anything wrong. Timus brought me out there. I didn’t even know Qadir was alive.”

Fang laughs a little bit, “Oh please. You want to protect your brother. Just admit. I can understand that. As crazy as Walid is, I know he would want to protect me.”

I can kind of see that unless of course when he turns on Walid. When someone turned on Walid all bets are off. That is the position that I was in right now. I shake my head. If Fang doesn’t believe me I know Walid won’t either. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

When Walid comes back…I’m one dead werewolf.

I find myself sitting on the bed thinking about it. I had to get out of here. It isn’t safe! Walid could be back any moment.

“Your leg. You should let me look at that…”

Fang is just sitting there. He leg does look like it’s getting worse.

“You know how to treat a wound?” he asks.

I get up at that moment and walk towards him, “You’d be surprised how many times Qadir got messed up doing something crazy when we were younger. I was always the caretaker especially after my mom died. Always had some sort of maternal instinct.”

“You shouldn’t say stuff like that out loud,” Fang replies, “It makes you look weak. Makes you look feminine.”

“It is what it is. You want my help or not?”

Fang nods. Slowly.

I go to the bathroom and return with some alcohol and clean rags. I start to treat his wound. It’s silent for a while. Even as I press down Fang doesn’t make a sound. I know it’s just Fang doing that macho thing that these werewolves do. They don’t want to look weak or what not. I can tell by the slight expressions on his face that it hurts. When I look up and try to catch the expressions though he looks away. It’s clear he’s trying to hide them.

“I can talk to Walid. I can try to convince him to spare you,” Fang tells me after a long silence.

It comes out of nowhere. I’m not expecting it.

“Why would you do that?”

Fang shrugs. He has his brother’s thick eyebrows and hairy forearms. He is a lot more careful when he talks then Walid however. He doesn’t just say whatever is on his mind without consequence like Walid. Fang must think he’s the cool guy or something. The strong, quiet and stern type. Maybe he doesn’t have as much confidence as Walid. Maybe he just isn’t good at talking. Or maybe he acts like this because he’s biting his time waiting for the right moment for everything.

“I don’t know.”

“Really? Every decision is made for a reason. You must have an idea.”

Fang shakes his head, “You saved me before. Right.”

“We were even about that, right?” I tell him, “Remember?”

Fang takes a deep breath and pulls his leg away from me as though annoyed, “What do you want me to say? You want me to say I still want to fuck you. Is that what Walid would say?”

I shake my head.

“No…Walid would just push me on the floor and take what he wants…”

I don’t know what gets over me. Maybe it’s desperation. I’m looking up at Walid from the ground. I’m looking weak, feminine…vulnerable and submissive. He looks down at me and he seems hypnotized by this. The brothers are more alike than they probably want to admit. And this ‘submissive’ act I have going on might just get me the fuck out of here before Walid comes back.

“Now?” he asks, “Walid could be back any minute.”

“You didn’t seem to care about that the day in the bar.”

“I was drunk the day in the bar,” Fang replies, “You’re his…”

Fang says this assertively. It makes me think that he has thought about this before. He has thought about me. He has thought about his reaction to what Walid would think if he was with me.

Truth is I don’t have nothing to lose. Walid is going to kill me if he comes back and he’d kill me if he finds out Fang and I have been intimate. I have nothing to gain from this. I can only lose.

“You care about me.”

“Interest and care are two different things,” he replies.

“So you’re saying you wouldn’t fuck me…”

I find myself taking off my pants. I can either convince Fang to be on my side now or I can wait until Walid comes back and hope he’s not in the mood to kill me. I much more preferred to have a little slut moment.

Fang is looking at me. His eyes glare at me. They are stuck. In the next few minutes I bend over exposing my ass slightly. I sit on the floor doggy style towards him. My pink asshole is pointed toward Fang. I pucker it a few times and let my balls dangle right above my lowered pants. He’s glaring right into it as though he was looking at the full moon. He seems mesmerized. He just sits there.

Fang gets up. His dick makes a tent in his pants.

He moves towards me.

IN the next moment his dick is out. His dick isn’t as long as Walid’s but it’s just as thick. His hands are smaller than Walid’s and as he grabs onto it his hand can’t get all the way around his dick.

He’s moving, inching his way towards me.

That’s when I pull back.

“Not here.”

Fang finally seems to show his real relationship to Walid when his muscles flex. His huge dick is on hard and almost dripping with precum. I’m playing a dangerous game right now. He can jump on me and take me just like Walid would in this position. The only thing that seems to be preventing him from doing this is the uncertainty in what Walid really intends to do with me.

“Fuck you mean? YOU just wanted me to.”

“Not here,” I reply to him shaking his head, “Like you said Walid can come back at any point, Fang. Take me somewhere safe first.”

He stops at that moment. I don’t know what he’s doing. He puts his dick away. It’s still hard. He’s still turned on. He’s still into me. Fang is sexy right at that moment but right now I’m worried about my survival. Fuck how handsome or sexy Fang is. I’m trying to get the hell out of here.

“Tricky…tricky…tricky…tricky,” he finally says crushing me instantly, “I like you. I’m enticed. I’ll admit that. I definitely want to dominate you, make you scream my name…all those things. But I’m loyal to my Alpha.”

“Fang…he’ll KILL me!”

“That is the Alpha’s decision to mak

“Don’t say another word to me.”

I can tell that I’ve lost his trust almost immediately. I can tell by how he turns around at that moment and doesn’t even look at me. You would think I was trying to get him to sacrifice his first born child in order to let me go and go against Walid’s words. It’s at that moment I realize just how loyal Fang is.

Time passes.

I look over at Fang. He's still staring at the door. He's like Walid's trained guard dog.

“What if they don't come back?” I ask.

“They are going to come back,” Fang replies as solemn as ever and not taking the time to look over at me.

“You're going to have to make that decision. Isn't that how it goes? When the Alpha isn't around, the Beta wolf becomes Alpha. What if Walid isn't coming back? You going to let me leave?” I ask him.

“Walid is coming back,” Fang responds.

It's at that moment I hear something downstairs. I jump to my feet. Fuck. No. Walid. He's back and he's going to rip my fucking head off. I'm so sure of it. My heart is beating faster and faster as I hear the front door slam shut again. I hear footsteps.

“Please...please...he's going to kill me,” I tell Fang, “I know it. We both know what he does to people who turn on him.”

I'm scared out of my life. I know that I'm on Walid's badside. If he did care about me at one point me lying is definitely going to put him over the edge. I'm scared as fuck. Fang is just staring at the front door at that moment. That is when I see him taking off his shirt. I'm confused about it.

“Stay here.”

“What's happening?”

His shirt is off. His pants are next. Then his underwear. He lays them on the ground beside him. Fang is butt naked at this point. He's as naked as the day he was born.

“That's not Walid.”

I sniff the air at that moment. The wolf inside me is searching for recognition. He's right. There is no scent of Walid walking in. There is no familiar scent of Naomi or Amina either. Something is off. I don't smell anything...anything but a slight scent of Eucalyptus.

My brother.

“Don't do it. You're injured,” I warn him.

It's too late at moment. Fang is proud. He's fierce. He changes into a wolf before I get the chance to warn him.

I have no choice but to change into a wolf too. My heart races. I'm scared but I don't know what I'm scared for. I don't want my brother hurt. I don't want Fang hurt either. I'm stuck in a strange position and I'm taking off my clothes as fast as I can.

I throw my clothing to the grown and immediately change into the black and white wolf.

In a matter of seconds I'm seeing the world through the wolf and I'm running downstairs. My heart is racing. Fang. Crazy motherfucker. You're hurt. Why would you run out like that to face a wolf just as big as Walid? He's lost his mind.

My wolf is so afraid at that moment as I'm running down the steps.

When I get to the bottom of the steps I see the fight ALREADY over.

My brother is in front of him. He's in the form of the reddish brown wolf. He is walking forward now to finish Fang off. Fang is laying there unconscious at the bottom of the stares. I notice that my brother isn't alone. Mayorga is there. He's in human form and he has a shovel in his hands. It's clear my brother distracted Fang and Mayorga hit fang over the head with a shovel.

As my brother jumps forward I jump in between. I growl.

My brother is twice the size as I am but when he sees me he steps back at that moment. In the next moment he's Qadir, the human again. He's as big as ever.

“What the hell are you doing?” Qadir asked.

I change back into a human at that moment. I am not going to stand naked in front of my brother and Mayorga like that so I run over to pull a curtain down from the window. I wrap it around and watch the two of them just staring at me confused on why I stopped them from killing Fang.

“That's enough,” I tell my brother.

I've never had much luck convincing my brother to do things. He always ended up getting in trouble when I was younger and we were never that close to begin with.

He looks over at me, “You don't understand. They know about Timus.”

“I know that.”

“That means they probably know about you as well,” Qadir replies.

“He does...” I reply, “But killing Fang won't help the matter.”

“It'll piss Walid off,” Qadir replies, “That's all I'm trying to do.”

I try to jump on Qadir at that moment. I make it to his back in an attempt to save Fang. It doesn't work clearly. Before I know it Qadir throws me across the room like he's in the WWE. I land on the wall and hit my back hard against the wall.

I'm scared as fuck for Fang at that moment. I'm so scared I'm ready to change back into the wolf and protect him with everything I have.

Luckily I'm not the only one who wants mercy.

“You're brother's right,” Mayorga replies, “Killing Fang won't solve anything.

“He's loyal to Walid. We take out Walid's right hand man. We weaken him,” Qadir replies.

Qadir is looking at Fang almost like an animal. He's speaking human words but he doesn't realize he's talking about fucking murder right now. MURDER! I look at my brother and I'm beyond shocked. He's lost it. He's really gone over.

Luckily Mayorga is there. Mayorga grabs his hand. I am assuming that he's trying to calm Qadir down when he starts stroking his the veins on Qadir's muscular forearm. I make my way back over to Fang. He's at the bottom of the stairs still unconcious. He's bleeding a little bit but he's breathing. I don't know if I should try to wake him up or not. I have the feeling Fang would attack Qadir and make this all the more worse.

“He doesn't need to die. Let's stick to the plan. You'll challenge Walid. You'll win. This will all be over...” Mayorga tells my brother and slowly adds, “Ok.”

At that point I see them kiss. It's the first time I see my brother kiss another man. I had no idea my brother was gay. I had no idea that he was into guys but then again he never really dated a ton of females even though they always threw themselves at him.

Qadir holds Mayorga close. It's clear Qadir is the dominant one in the relationship. Mayorga is able to calm Qadir down in the same way that I calmed Walid down once upon a time.

“Let's get out of here,” Qadir says.

“I can't.”

They look at me like I'm crazy. Hell at this moment I'm wondering if I really am crazy. I spent all this time trying to convince Fang to let me go and now I had the opportunity to leave and I wasn't. I was just fucking shaking my head? Really?

Mayorga shakes my head, “Nasir don't be stupid...Walid is going to kill you...”

The thought definitely has crossed my mind.

“Or maybe not. Maybe if I don't leave he won't. But if I do leave, that is me definitely turning against him. That's me choosing you guys over him.”

Qadir raises an eyebrow. He's confused. He has this betrayed look on his face.

“I'm family. We are your REAL pack. Why the fuck wouldn't you choose me over Walid?” he asks with an aggression.

He's so aggressive in fact that I think he's going to make his way over to me and swing on me. Mayorga holds him back.

“GET in the kitchen,” Mayorga replies, “I'll talk to your brother.”

Qadir is shaking his head violently. He looks...unhinged. That's the only way that I can describe it. Walid is aggressive at times but in a cool laid back and dominating way. Qadir is just as big as Walid. He's just as muscular. He's just as tall. He is shaped like a professional wrestler except his personality is so much different from the Qadir I knew before.

Qadir looks...crazy almost.

“He's doing it to me,” Qadir replies, “He fucks you. You fucks my little brother. He wants to take everything that belongs to me. You hear me? I'll kill him. I'll kill him. I'll kill him...”

Qadir says it over and over at least 5 times. I'm shocked.

Mayorga strokes onto his forearm again, “Qadir wait for me in the kitchen ok. Please...”

Mayorga's voice is low. He almost is speaking to a whisper. It's like he's trying to pacify a wild tiger. The beast in Qadir is making his eyes turn red. He is breathing heavier and heavier. He is looking at the floor. He's looking at the walls. It's almost like he's LOOKING for Walid in the house even though he knows Walid isn't home.

I'm scared for him.

What the fuck is going on with my brother?

Qadir leaves at that moment. Mayorga and I are just looking at him until he walks out of the room. I don't know how to respond to this. I am just shocked at Qadir's behavior.

“What's wrong with him?” I ask.

Mayorga shakes his head, “He's never been the same since losing to Walid the first time. He's on the edge. You know? It sucks but that is the truth.”

“On edge is one thing...Qadir is...he's fucking crazy...” I reply.

I have to admit it. The look in his eyes was pure madness. My brother had completely lost it. He was ready to kill Fang who was laying defenseless on the ground. He was looking for Walid when Walid was no where to be found.

Mayorga must be in a state of denial. He just keeps shaking his head. He doesn't want to speak on it. I can tell he doesn't.

“Look. Come with us,” Mayorga changes the subject.

If he thinks I'm going with my crazy ass brother then Mayorga has another thing coming. Sure, Walid had control issues. Sure he didn't take kindly to traitors but Walid was still sane. Qadir was definitely scaring me. I was wondering how far he would go to get at Walid at this point.

“We need to stop this Mayorga. If you care about Qadir. If you ever cared about Walid. Stop this,” I warn Mayorga, “This shit is getting way out of hand.”

Mayorga looks at the ground. He knows I'm right. He has to know I'm right. Qadir almost dying. India being killed. Professor Timus being hunted. This shit was going too far.

“You don't understand.”

“At one point you guys were part of this pack. Maybe I can talk to Walid. Maybe I can get him to take us back.”

“Qadir wouldn't have that...” Mayorga shakes his head, “His pride is just as big as Walid's.”

“But you want it.”

Mayorga hesitates, “Man...”

“You want it, don't you? You want peace?” I ask.

Mayorga continues to hesitate. I don't understand why we can't have peace. I don't understand why we can't work together and be one pack. We'd be stronger. We'd be happier. I didn't want to keep having to choose between Walid and my brother. I wanted to be able to be loyal to both of them. I didn't want the fighting anymore.

I was tired of the fighting.

“Yes...” Mayorga finally states looking at me, “I want peace. I want us to be one pack.”

We were finally getting somewhere. I exhale.

“Maybe I can talk to Walid. If he doesn't kill me, you know? I think I can get Fang to talk to him too,” I tell Mayorga.

“I can talk to the Professor and Qadir,” Mayorga replies, “Maybe you're right. This has gone on way too long. We have to be able to find common ground somewhere. We were human first...after all. Maybe there's hope here.”


There was hope in the air.

I inhale deeply.

No. That's not hope. That's something else...

“ that?” I ask.

There is a smell in the air. I sniff deeply. I smell kerosene. The scent is unmistakable. I smelt it a few days ago. I saw some old kerosene lamps around the old mansion and realized maybe Walid had a kerosene stash.

That was when I smelt something else. Something much more alarming.

“Fuck...” Mayorga says.

Mayorga and I run out into the back of the hall at that moment. That's when I see my brother. He's brought he kerosene containers up from the basement. He must have remembered it being there from when he was a part of the pack. Either way he has them now. And he's opened them up. And...he's spread the kerosene around.

“Walid wants to take away everything from me?” Qadir asks to no one in particular as he lights a flame and sparks a massive explosion in the kitchen, “I'm going to burn his house to the fucking ground...”

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