Chapter 3: The Pack

My clothes are ripped. Walid and I are covered in sweat. He’s breathing heavy. It must be 7 am in the morning and I fell asleep on his bed.

“Round 3…”

He whispers it in my ear.

I’m shocked that he can still go. The attraction blows my mind as Walid’s strong muscular hands grab me from the back. He pulls me close. He thrusts his hips forward until his dick is inserted into me. He strokes me slow at first and then harder!

Before I know it, he’s beating my ass up, fucking me like I did something to him.

The thrusts get deeper and deeper. Walid doesn’t moan. He makes this grunting noise. He bites on the back of my neck. His arms are strong and they pin me down. Even as I try to move, I don’t too far. My ass is so sore but it feels good at the same time.

“Yes…it’s so good.”

“Say you want it,” Walid demands.

I never felt so…dominated in my life. I’d had sex before. I’d had sex with really aggressive guys but Walid is taking the cake. This is something I’ve never experienced.

“I want it.”

“Call me daddy.”


Walid smacks me hard on my ass. He smacks me so hard that I jerk forward. I try to pull away but he turns me on my stomach and mounts me. The weight of the tall muscular man pins me on the bed. He thrusts into me. His dick makes smacking noises as he fucks me.

“Call me DADDY!”

“Slow down…ugh slow…down…I can’t take it.”

“Stop being a pussy.”


I can’t believe this. Walid is antagonizing me, being aggressive and rude but still managing to make my as so wet that he no longer even has to spit on his dick to keep me moist. I’m so into this and even though I’m trying to express how odd this is I can’t help it.

“Bite down,” he commands.

I’m not sure what he means but I find myself doing what he says.

I bite down on the pillow.

“You look like you’re in a good mood.”

I snuck in my room later that morning. I had barely had any sleep the entire night and I’m exhausted from sex. I walk into the living room to see Evan and India. They are having lunch or something like that. As I walk in I’m smiling.

I don’t know why. I’m in pain. I haven’t had sleep. I should feel like crap. But instead I just feel like I had the best sex I’d ever had in my life.

Evan laughs, “Yeah…you’re skin is glowing. Do you have contacts on or something? I didn’t realize your eyes are light brown.”

Evan and India are staring at me hard.

I shrug. My eyes are definitely dark brown not light brown. “It’s probably just the light. Or whatever. I thought you guys would be in class by now.”

“Didn’t you get the alerts?” India asked me, “Classes are cancelled. There’s a storm coming in.”

“Snow day? Sounds like fun.”

I go over to sit at the common area. I can hardly sit. My ass is so sore that as I try to sit I jump up at that moment. My ass is beyond sore.

“You ok?” Evan asks me.

The two look at me as if I have two heads on. If I can’t be any more embarrassed I notice that Walid walks out of his room. He has on some sweat pants.

“I’m about to go for a jog,” Walid announces and then looks over at me, “I’ll run to the market and get some supplies for the storm. You want some ice…for your ass, Nasir? I kind of got carried away yesterday. That rarely happens…”

My face turns red. Walid is so nonchalant about it. He could care less that Evan and even India, who he’s had sex with before are in the common area with us. He stares at me waiting for my answer and I’m flushed with embarrassment.

“Um. Thanks.”

Walid nods and walks out of the cabin. I didn’t think he was the type to offer assistance. Maybe he just feels bad that he stretched my asshole out. I’m not really sure.

I can see India’s reaction without even looking at me. She’s spitting flames.

“You didn’t…” she states.

Evan starts laughing, “Wait so is Walid…is he gay?”

“He was gay last night,” I reply taking a deep breath and finding some sort of relief that Evan has a sense of humor about it.

My dear cousin however doesn’t seem nearly as amused. She walks over to me and punches me. Like usual her punch hurts. India looks beyond pissed.

“That guy is trouble,” she replies, “I told you he was trouble. Are you that pressed for dick Nasir?”

I’m shocked by how she’s talking to me. She is more bothered by the fact that Walid and I had sex than I assumed she would be. She is glaring at me!

“Why do you care if they had sex?” Evan asks India, “You don’t still have feelings for him do you?”

“You do seem kind of jealous India.”

“It’s not that…it’s just…” India starts.

Evan and I look at her. India is acting a little…weird to say the least. She stares at Evan and then stares at me like she wants to say something. She doesn’t though. She just stands there and hesitates. I never noticed India being short to say something. Even back when we were kids she was so outspoken. Shutting India up was usually a bigger issue then getting her to speak.

India shakes her head, “Nothing. I should get going…you know. Prepare for the storm.”

India shakes her head at that moment and walks out.

I can tell Evan is feeling funny about it. He doesn’t say anything. In fact he tries to change the subject butI know that he’s intimidated by Walid. After last night I can see why. Walid’s sex wasn’t normal sex. It was almost…I don’t know…animalistic…

There was no way someone could be satisfied with a normal guy like Evan after having sex with Walid. I wondered if Evan was a little bit aware of that.

The grocery store is packed when we get there. It’s the only market in Vanderbilt and it’s something like a zoo really. I’m not sure what this storm is going to be about but it’s clear everyone is panicking a little bit. It’s already started to snow a little bit outside.

“Wish I had a bigger jacket,” I tell Evan.

“You’ll be fine. Maybe we can get together…watch movies or something until it passes,” Evan replies.

“I figured you would want to be hanging out with India.”

“She has a thing she has to go to.”

“In the storm?”

Evan shrugs, “Yeah. Don’t make me think about it. Do you think---nah…I’m tripping.”

“Do I think what?”

“Like your cousin sneaks round a lot?”

I haven’t really had the chance to think about it. I mean Evan and I were always together. I assumed that he’d spend a lot more time with his girlfriend than me but that wasn’t the case. India was rarely around. I just assumed she was busy these past few weeks.

“Maybe she has really hard classes,” I reply, “Evan, she’s really into you.”

“You think?”

I don’t know. I’m just trying to make him feel better. Truth is I like Evan. He’s friendly and he’s good company. I haven’t had the chance to make any friends really. Walid was always banging someone and we hadn’t had the chance to be alone really. Evan is sweet but I would assume India would treat him better. I’d assume she wanted to spend more time with him. So when I tell Evan that she’s into him I’m hoping that she really is.

“Sure,” I say but struggle to change the subject, “Should we bring something back for Walid? Maybe some bread.”

“Only thing I’ve ever seen Walid eat was meat. Maybe he’s on like the Atkin’s diet or something. That would explain that body of his,” Evan asks, “It’s like he purposely walks around without a shirt. I can’t stand the guy. Is Meat-atarian a thing?”

We are in the meat aisle. He hands me a steak.

“Big large…hefty…11 inches worth of thick juicy man meat,” I state.

I’m reminiscing. It’s hard not to. Walid is…fucking sexy and I still can’t believe I had sex with him.

“Ew, can you not do that?”

“Do what?”

“You’re like all into him daydreaming and shit,” Evan shakes his head, “I don’t mind you being gay. I support it. But when you start acting like a middle aged woman reading 50 shades of Grey, shit get’s weird yo.”

I laugh and throw the meat at Evan. He dodges the meat and it flies over his shoulder hitting the person behind him.

I notice the person who it hits.

It’s the quiet boy.

“Hey…sorry about that,” I reply.

His voice is low almost down to a whisper, “It’s…ok…”

“You’re in a lot of my classes right?” I ask, “A freshman.”

The boy stares at me for a moment. He doesn’t speak. He just stands there. He’s looking over at Evan and clearly Evan is listening to our conversation. It isn’t until Evan turns around that the boy finally speaks to me.

“Sort of. I dropped out mid semester last year so I had to start all over here,” he says.

I nod. He’ so shy I can barely hear what he’s saying when he talks. As I get closer though I notice his lips are bigger than I thought. He’s so attractive. He has that shy dismal look on his face. He looks so sad and almost…depressed. He’s dressed in all black again.

“Oh this is my first year,” I stated, “I’m Nasir.”


I reach out to shake his hand. He stares at it for a minute and slowly itches his hands out of his pockets. He seems so nervous…almost anxious.

Just at that moment I turn to see two girls. They call my name almost as though they know me. I try to tell them to hold on but when I turn back to the quiet boy I realize that he’s no there anymore. He’s…disappeared.

Damn. Still didn’t get his name.

“Do I know you?” I ask the one girl.

She’s pretty. One is black and the other is white. Besides their race you would think they looked alike. The black girl has wavy hair that falls to her shoulders almost like a wavy bob. She had dark eyes and she’s so close that I realize she’s wearing contacts. The other girl is a tan looking white girl. She may even be Spanish. I’m not sure. Her hair is jet black almost the color of mine.

The black girl looks so familiar. I’ve seen her before but I can’t put my finger on it. Who is she and why is it that my little quiet friend ran away as soon as he saw her walk over.

“I’m Naomi. You know like Naomi Campbell. Don’t I look like her?” the black girl asks and before I get to answer she turns to her friend, “This is Amina.”

“We’ve heard a lot about you,” Amina states.

“From who?”

The girls look at one another.

“From Walid of course.”

They say it as though I’m expecting. That is when I remember. I’ve seen both of these girls on different occasions. They had been coming out of Walid’s room. Walid had sex with both them. I was sure of it. Now after he fucked them they were standing here in my face?

I shake my head confused. I definitely don’t need the drama.

“Look I don’t know if either of you guys are Walid’s girl. I didn’t know anything about that.”

The girls laugh.

“Walid doesn’t do relationships,” the white girl Amina says shaking her head, “Besides. We wanted to invite you somewhere. On behalf of Walid.”

I’m confused.

“Why didn’t Walid invite me somewhere himself?”

“Formality. Really,” Naomi replies, “We are having a party tonight.”

“There’s a storm tonight.”

“Exactly. It’s a lock in,” Naomi replies, “It’s in the old shelter down the road. Safe. There’s going to be food. Drinks. A good time really. Here. Hope to see you there.”

She hands me an invite.

They turn and walk away but Amina stops and turns back, “Walid hopes to see you there as well…”


I feel bad that Evan didn’t get an invite to this party. Evan doesn’t’ seem too surprised though. A part of me wonders why Walid would just leave out his other roommate like that if he was having a get together.

“You should just come,” I tell Evan.

He’s in my room and I’m dressed. I look at myself in the mirror.

“I didn’t get an invite,” Evan replies.

I grab my brush, “I’m inviting you.”

“It’s not your party. And will you stop brushing your hair?” Evan asks, “Walid won’t want to be your boyfriend if it falls out.”

I shake my head, “Walid supposedly doesn’t get into relationships. Him and his admirers make that a very sticky point.”

“Hey?” Evan states.


“Be careful,” Evan replies.

It’s a weird thing to say especially coming from Evan. I’m not sure how much he knows about Walid or anything like that but he seems a little concerned.


“I dunno. Walid always just seemed a little. I dunno. Just be careful man.”

My mind races as I walk out that night. I can’t help but to think of his warning. I’m confused however on why he is giving me this warning. Where is this coming from?

The snow has already started to fall heavily out of the sky. It’s dumb for me to be going to this thing but I have this…urge to. I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s the fact that Walid invited me to it. I’m not sure what it is. I just have this interest in going. The weather doesn’t seem to influence me differently and neither does the warning that comes from Evan.

I walk down the hill. The two girls left me a handwritten map of where to go. The snow is sticking as I walk through it. It crunches underneath my boots. It’s hard to see but I manage to make it down the side of the mountain towards the shelter that is drawn out on the map.

The shelter is isolated, away from the school. It’s a big building that looks like it could serve as a gymnasium or something like that.

I walk over and try to open the door…but it’s locked.

I’m thinking I have the wrong place but then all of a sudden the door opens and a boy is standing there. The boy has green eyes with a tinge of grey in them. His eyes are…mesmerizing. He’s brown-toned…I’m thinking he must be bi-racial or something.

When he opens the door he just stares at me. There is no music behind him. There is no sound of a party at all.

“I must have the wrong place,” I tell him.

I look down at the map. I’m not sure where I could have gone wrong but this definitely doesn’t seem like some party or even a get together at that.

“You’re at the right place,” he tells me.

His voice is serious. He doesn’t smile at me or anything like that. His green/grey eyes reflect the moonlight and he steps to the side so that I can walk in. When I take a step inside of the building I watch as he locks it behind it. He puts a latch at on the door. I feel this awkwardness as he does it.

“That Bitch from Frozen is letting it go ALL over the place out there,” I tell him.

The boy looks at me. He doesn’t laugh. His handsome stern face just nods as though I was saying a boring fat or something like that.

“This way…” he replies.

I’m confused as he speaks. He leads me down a hallway and he walks me into a room. This part of the room does seem more like a get together. There is food. Meat platters. Then I do hear music and realize the reason that I haven’t heard the music before was because it’s so low. It’s not even like rap music. They are playing fucking classical music.

It’s weird as fuck really.

As I walk in the first people I recognize are Walid, India and Amina.

Walid smiles at me, “I see you met my brother, Fang.”

I turn to the boy who opened the door for me. I attempt to reach over to shake his hand but he seems to be having no parts of it. He just stares at my hand.

“Nice…,” I tell Fang.

Fang crosses his arms, “Can we just get this over with?”

He walks away at that moment.

Walid shakes his head, “Real charmer isn’t he?”

“Not everyone can be the playboy Walid,” another voice says.

I turn and am shocked to see Professor Timus there. He’s stands next to Walid but doesn’t approach him. This is a pretty small get-to-gether.

And why would they invite a professor to a get together.

“Nice to see you again professor.”

He smiles back warmly but doesn’t say anything. He walks away from me still not walking too close to Walid. I find it strange how he avoids getting close to Walid like that. He stands next to Fang and the two girls.

“I’m so glad you came,” Walid tells me.

He smiles at me.

He takes a step closer to me.

“Sure,” I reply, “I mean what do you guys do this a lot or…”

They are looking at me almost like I’m an alien. Their stares make me feel naked. Walid is almost looking through me with his eyes. He’s staring so hard at me.

He interrupts me, “Come on out…”


I’m confused on what he’s saying but then I realize someone actually does come out. It’s my cousin India. Is she who he is telling to come out?

I turn to India, “What are you doing here?” I ask her.

India ignores me. She is staring at Walid.

“He isn’t ready…” she says.

While the others watch me, my cousin looks bitter. I’m so confused! These people are acting like weirdos. They are all watching me as though expecting something to happen. Nothing is happening though. Nothing at all is happening.

“It’s going to come out anyway,” Walid tells my cousin before looking back to me, “Come out boy. Tnk-tnk-tnk-tnk. Come on. Come on out.”

Walid is looking at me. He starts snapping his fingers and making a noise at the corner of his mouth. He is looking right at me when he does it. What the fuck is going on?

“Come on! Come on out boy!” Naomi starts to join him.

They are all looking at me and they are start calling me. It’s the weirdest thing. All of them are doing it besides India. And for some reason it’s making me feel…nauceous as they do it. My stomach begins to turn the more I hear it. The professor is whistling at me. Fang is snapping his fingers. The other two girls are shouting and slapping their legs.

It’s almost like they are…like they are calling a dog.

My stomach turns. The voices get louder. India looks over at me and starts shaking her head. She crosses her arms.

“India…what’s happening?” I ask my cousin.

My cousin doesn’t respond.

Walid takes a few steps towards me, “Don’t shy. Let the animal out.”

I don’t know what’s going on with me but all of a sudden my body doesn’t feel like my body anymore. Something is happening. I feel myself ripping my clothes off. No. Not pulling them off. Ripping them off. My fingers scratch.

I feel like I’m losing consciousness.

I start to run at that moment. I’m trying to get away from the voices.

I’m trying to get away from them.

But I’m clumsy. I’m falling. My heartbeat is getting faster. My bones are making this cracking noise. At first it feels like pain but then it doesn’t Soon it feels good. Soon it feels like my body is stretching and contorting during sex. I’m being pushed to a limit that I can’t understand. The world is so much larger now. I’m hearing so many things. I’m smelling so many things.

And I’m running. I’m running as fast as I can.

And I notice Walid at my back.

He’s following me!

And here I am at the back of the entrance. There is a reflection from the glossy metal door and I don’t recognize this…THING staring back at me.

My reflection…is a black and white wolf!

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