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Episode 2

"Steve." Aiden whispered to the sleeping form. "Hey buddy, get up."

Steve rolled towards one side and half opened his eyes to see who was disturbing him.

"Hey C'mon, let's play some tennis."

"What's the time?" Steve inquired groggily.

"It's 5:40."

"And it's Sunday morning right?"

"Yeah, so do you wanna play?"

Steve opened his eyes fully. Aiden was never one to get up early on Sundays. He shot up and sat vertical with a jerk.

"Ok, let's go!"

Aiden hurriedly got up and started to assemble his tennis gear. Yesterday he had returned back to the frat rooms after 1 O' clock and had hardly had four hours of sleep. Yet remembering Will and the kiss, he hardly felt tired. In fact he felt all pepped up and like a hot fudge sundae with nuts. The world seemed like an awesome place to live in. But Aiden reminded not to get his hopes up to high. "Will might never call me again, and it's not like I have any contact number of his." Aiden would have to try and keep his exuberance under control or severe disappointment could be heading his way.

Aiden looked towards Jason's side of the room. Jason was snoring slightly but his lips were shaped into a slight smile Seems like Jason had had a great time with Aditi too.

Three sets of tennis later an exhausted Steve called it a game and slumped down on the benches adjacent to the courts. Aiden was still prancing about not a bit debilitated. Steve had managed to beat him 2-1 but Aiden had almost beaten him in the last set losing 5-7. This was the farthest he had ever come in a tennis contest with Steve.

"So where did you suddenly get all this energy from?" Steve had a questioning look on his face.

"Don't know man." Aiden replied though he possessed some inkling where it all came from. It was the newness of discovering someone. The newness of being enamored by someone who was so out of league, but yet seemed very interested in you.

Aiden made his way towards where Steve had settled down, still swinging his racket and practicing his strokes till he too flopped down beside Steve.

"So how did it go yesterday night with Jason and that Indian chick and all?"

"Oh it went pretty well," Aiden replied still smiling at the events of the day before.

"Jason handled himself well with a girl around?"

"Yeah, although with a little help from me and Tinka, but I think he managed well on his own too."

Steve gazed at Aiden who knew that Steve already understood that there was more to tell about the previous day's events. Aiden cleared his throat.

"I sorta… um, met someone myself yesterday."

"Some guy?" Aiden was uncomfortable once more. What was it about Steve that could put him at unease so easily when it came to this topic. He was usually never unnerved about his sexuality when it came into light.

"Yeah, his name's Will Black. He's 27 years old." Aiden knew that this was all the information Steve would want from him. "And he's a social worker who runs a retirement home." Aiden quickly added the last bit as if it compensated for his apparently aberrant tastes in men.

"Cool." That was all Steve replied. Aiden surmised that since Steve knew he had slept in the frat the night before, he would reckon that this was something better off than a one night stand. Somehow Aiden felt like he had passed a test.

"I'll go get some water," Steve stated as he rose up and walked towards the filters. Aiden sort of wished that he could make Steve meet Will. He was sure that anyone would be impressed by his personable self and he would get to show him off a little or something like that. Will was such am awesome person. His face, his eyes, his body, his personality, his manner; his overall bearing. "I just hope I am not a charity case that he had decided to please for an evening or so," Aiden was trying to calm himself. He wished he could talk to Will again, but then stealing a glance at his watch he realized that Will most certainly would not be awake at 7:30 in the morning on a Sunday.

Just then his cell phone buzzed on the bench beside him. Aiden lifted the set not recognizing the number.


"Yeah Hi," replied a voice from the other side. Aiden at once knew who it was.

"Will, is that you?"

"Yup, Will here."

"Shit! I was just thinking about you!"

"I know!" replied a cheeky voice from the other end.

"So you're awake so early on a Sunday morning?"

"Yeah, awake and thinking about you!" Aiden blushed thankful that Will would at least not be able to see his crimson face.

"Listen," Will stated, "Hey how about meeting up and going bowling or something?"

Aiden had hardly ever bowled in is life before. He knew he would probably find the sport interesting if someone would just push him a little into it.

"Bowling, er, yeah why not?"

"Cool, can I meet you at 8:30 at the same coffee shop then? We'll grab a bite to eat and then head towards the alleys. The bowling alley opens at 9 o' clock"

"Fine by me."

"Ok, meet you there then."


There was a pause on the other side before Will's voice stated, "I'm really looking forward to meeting you."

Aiden face was positively roseate by now, the smile on his face bigger wider had been in a long time.

"Bye." The phone clicked. Aiden kissed his phone and leaped up in the air with joy screaming "Yesssss!"

An amused Steve was staring at the bouncing form of Aiden. Aiden immediately stopped hopping when he saw Steve staring at him.

"Err, that was Will, the guy I told you about."

"I guessed as much." Steve replied grinning. "C'mon, let's get back to the room." Aiden followed Steve out of the courts.

"And stop grinning so much. You're beaming like a house on fire!"


Old wooden floor boards creaked as a large Doberman padded across the room and settled down for a nap. It knew its master would not be back for quite some time from now. It shut its eyes and slowly drifted off into doggie dreamland. Suddenly its ears twitched as something awakened it from its vigilant slumber. The large canine opened its eyes and suddenly shot up. It stared into the atmosphere before it and let out a guttural noise. The air ahead of it started to slowly deform and turned turbid. The turbidity got more and more intense until it exploded in white fumes. Another powerful perpetual had just entered the material plane.

White's unclothed human form emerged from the white vapors. White looked down at his nude form. He would need to have garments to mingle with the humans and find the alchemist. Then he looked around at his surroundings.

Had that much changed since he had last been here? The last time he was here, these coordinates comprised of a deserted location. Now he was apparently in someone's home as he looked down at his canine friend growling at him, its mouth showing pointed white teeth. Suddenly the animal balked and fled yelping.

White smiled and spread out both his arms in a crucifixion pose and spoke out. "Assorted Ability 4; Fabric Habiliment."

Rings of white and azure lights appeared around both his wrists. The rings moved towards each other, expanding and contracting in shape as they hovered above the muscles beneath them, leaving cloth in their wake. They reached till his biceps on either side and then suddenly frittered away. White stared at the cloth that covered his alms halfway up to the biceps. He had just entered the material plane and it would be some time before his abilities recovered. He firmly held his alms perpendicular to his body, concentrated within himself and repeated, "Assorted Ability 4; Fabric habiliment."

The rings of light appeared again and started their motion along his alms. They covered the muscles in his alms and moved towards the torso and neck, slowly floating over the ridges and contours on his abdomen and the taut and varied muscles on his back leaving a trail of cloth along. They moved across his nether regions and then to the doughty pillars that were his legs. Completing the entire path along his impressive frame, they reached his ankles, and then slowly dissipated, their task complete.

White now had to search for the alchemist. He brought his palms together in front of his chest, holding them about a quarter feet apart. "Ability of the Light 84; Quarry Seek." A narrow beam of laser-like white light emerged from his chest and pointed towards the South West, continuing through the walls of the house. This light would lead him to the Alchemist. White walked over to the door and exited the apartment. He wondered what he would say to the alchemist once he met him.


Aiden was happy. Happier than he had been in a long time. He sat grinning opposite Will who was grinning back at him. Aiden had gone bowling with Will, almost a first for Aiden; he had never formally bowled in his life before, just accompanied friends who bowled and Will had given him a time to remember. The two sat outside the bowling lanes, Aiden holding his arm which seemed to be burning now that he had given it so much strain; tennis in the morning and now this.

"What? Why are you smiling?" inquired Will.

"What me? And what about you? You're grinning too!"

"Well, let's just say I found your bowling abilities exceptional!" Will was referring to Aiden's bowling 'techniques', and in particular to the time when he had tried to get Aiden to improve his stance. Aiden, totally enraptured in the 'I-am-gonna-knock-all-those-pins-down-with-this-strike' mood had stepped forward and swung the bowling ball with force. The next moment Aiden slipped and crashed down to the floor beneath skidding to where the ball ought to have gone while the ball went flying two lanes to the left. Fortunately no one was hurt, except Aiden's pride that is. Will soon resolved his pride issues with a smile.

Aiden showed his tongue to Will and stated with a mock frown on his face, "If you're referring to the incident where I goofed up and slipped, it's not my fault that they tell you to take of your shoes outside and play only in your socks."

"They never told you to wear your socks and play! You should have taken them off too!" Will was guffawing by the time he finished. Aiden glared at him angrily.

"Yeah yeah, whatever!"

"Seriously! You should have seen yourself! I still don't understand how you ended up in the lane and not the ball!"

"Ok, ok, I get the idea."

Will continued laughing. Aiden was still staring at him thinking he looked so beautiful when he laughed. Then he decided the guy was so damn good-looking that he would look drop dead gorgeous even in a bloated fancy-dress frog rubber costume.

Will finally stopped laughing. "So, you wanna hit the video-game arcades?"

Aiden just looked at Will for a moment thinking wasn't this 27 year old dude a bit too old for video games?

"What, you think I'm too old for video games?" Black was reading Aiden's thoughts and had been doing it since morning when they met.

"No!" said Aiden forcefully surprising even himself. "Let' go to the arcades!"

At that moment Aiden's phone buzzed. He looked at the phone screen. It was Tinka. Aiden answered the call.

"Hey what's up?"

"Don't act all ignorant with me!" she yelled before he could get in one more word. "What happened with that Will dude yesterday night? I want all the minutest details."

"Hey, Tinks. Sorry, can't talk right now, will call you later." Aiden was eager to put down the phone. Tinka apparently had other plans.

"Can't talk? Omigod! You're still with him aren't you?"

"Not still," he stated looking at Will, thinking his cryptic way of talking would not allow Will to understand that he was being talked about. Little did he know otherwise.

"You met up with him again today?" an incredulous Tinka asked.

"Yes." Aiden answered, "Ok now bye, gotta go!"

"Wait you moron… did you or did you not sleep with him?"

"No!" Aiden replied haughtily. Will was still standing in front of him, patiently tapping his foot.

"Ok, go for now, but you better have time to tell me everything later!"

"Sure, bye!" Aiden clicked off the phone and looked apologetically at Will for keeping him waiting so long.

"It's the girl from yesterday, Tinka right?" Will enquired.

Aiden looked at him dumbfounded. "How'd you know?"

"Lucky guess!"

"Yeah it was her. She was asking about how things went between, err, with us yesterday." Aiden admitted sheepishly.

"And you never told her things were rocking?!" Will was looking at Aiden indignantly.


"Well anyway, let's head to the arcade!"

Aiden followed Will wondering what the hell he had done to deserve such a person. He hoped it was real. That their friendship or relationship or whatever this was, was real. Then he tugged at his cargos to make himself comfortable. They were Steve's cargos. He had been exasperated in the morning after getting Will's call to meet up for bowling. "What the hell should I wear?" he had lamented. Bowling meant casuals and his favorite cargo's were in the wash. He had borrowed Steve's good pair but Steve was a size smaller than him. He was sure these cargos would leave marks and grooves along his waist.

Will on the other hand, Aiden observed, was dressed smartly in black denim cargos and a green turtleneck shirt. "He looks gorgeous" Aiden had thought many times. Even as Will had been bowling his turns and Aiden had wistfully admired his posterior. Apparently the girls in the neighboring lane had noticed him too, and were clapping and applauding whenever Will bowled. But they had all suddenly disappeared when Aiden had started finding them irritating and things were perfect after that.

50 minutes of frenzied video-gaming later, Will lead Aiden to a burger joint. The pair ordered their meals. Will haggled with Aiden for paying for his meal but Aiden declined it like always. The two settled down with their meals.

"So, what's the plan after this?" Will asked raising his eyebrows.

Aiden instantly thought about all the work he had lined up for the day. And he thought about how Will could just goof off like this when he must be having tonnes of work and all, but then he surmised that since it was a Sunday, he was probably relaxing and enjoying. Before Aiden could come up with an answer, Will interjected.

"I have some work to be done during the day, but I'm free in the evening. I would love for you to come and see the retirement home."

Aiden was pleased. He would have time for his academic duties as well. This guy was just too perfect.

"Ok, so what time should I come?"

"No, I'll pick you up around 6:30. That fine with you?"

"Won't that be a little too late in the evening or something?"

"No, no. It will be perfect. It's a retirement home; it's not like the people are in a hurry to go somewhere."

"Ok then, 6:30 is perfect."

"And we'll go someplace for dinner after that. And I will be paying for the both of us."

Aiden gestured at him helplessly but before he could say anything else Will interjected once again.

"We're just going for pizza cause I got free coupons!" Will held out a pair of coupons in his hand, rubbing them against one another.

"All right then." Aiden finally relented. "That means I have breakfast, lunch and dinner with you today!"

"Yup, and I am really sorry I can't spend any more time with you." Will smiled as he said this.

Inside, Black seethed at the amount of effort he had already put into this endeavor. He was surely fucking the alchemist tonight, and hopefully his mission would be complete.


Aiden looked at the address that Tinka had given him, The number on the building stated that it was the one she had asked him to go to, but where was the optician shop she had referred him to. All he saw was a shop with a small sign saying "Horoscopus. Fortune Telling." Aiden made a weird face thinking of the lack of taste with the jarring black and red colors used in the signboard and strained his eyes to read the finer print under the main title. 'Future predicted for lowest prices.'

Aiden looked around helplessly. This was certainly not the place to consult an optometrist. Was Tinka getting exacting revenge for the toothpaste biscuits prank by sending him to a bogus location? Just then he looked up. There it was; 'Optical Palace'. This was the place Tinka had asked him to visit. "Cheesy names around here," Aiden thought to himself.

Aiden had decided that he had had enough of his bespectacled look and would try wearing contact lenses for a while. "I can always revert back to my glasses if I don't find lenses any good," he had reasoned. Aiden climbed up the narrow spiral steps leading up to the shop and entered it. "Okay Aiden," he said to himself, "Time for a new you!"

8 feet below Aiden's feet, a petit Japanese lady was having great trouble entertaining a customer. The irate patron was annoyed as the fortune telling Japanese lady had been telling him to hold on for she was facing some psychic disturbances. After 10 minutes of petulant waiting, the customer stomped off cursing why he had ever come here in the first place. The Japanese lady was still trying to figure out what was wrong with the 12 sided dodecagon shape board she used to predict her patrons' fortunes. She knew she was not very good at fortune telling; she would never be as good as her mother had been at it. But right now something was wrong and she could hardly understand it. Suddenly she saw a vision in the crystal placed at the centre. A vision of a strapping young man who was the devil. And a vision of a boy who would be used to serve the devil's purposes.

Aiden's nearby presence had triggered this reaction though he and the Oriental lady would never know that. The fortune teller was witnessing the most vivid vision of her life. It worried her and made her sick to the stomach to look at the consequences of the devil's deed.


Aiden stole a glance at his watch as he reached the main entrance of his college. It was 6:26 PM. Will had said he would pick him up from the main gate. Aiden made his way towards the granite benched to settle down and wait.

Just then a black sleek car drove up and halted beside Aiden. Aiden raised his eye brows staring at the streamlined body of the car. Yup, it was a Lamborghini though Aiden had no idea which one. Who the hell was driving this beauty?

As if on cue, the door of the car disengaged from its position and rose up. Will sat in the driver's seat in a tight red T shirt that showed off his perfect body. He was wearing glares that made him look super hot to Aiden.

"So you wanna get in or not?" asked Will. Aiden's mouth was still agape.

Aiden finally composed himself. "You own this car?!"

"Yeah, I do, now just get your butt in here!"

Aiden stepped into the svelte vehicle and sat a little consciously into the leather seat. "Shit! Too much!" Aiden exclaimed, glancing all around at the design of the car. The dashboard, the seats, the glowing buttons. "I've never sat in anything like this before!"

Will took of his glares and winked at him. "Well now you have."

Aiden was still staring wide-eyed at everything. "Ok, buckle up buddy, and we'll head towards the Joe Black retirement home." Will changed the gears of the car and zoomed off.

Aiden was still thinking about telling all his friends about the car and what their reactions would be. Shit! this guy was probably loaded! Where the hell did he get all this money from?

"So you thinking, how a person like me who runs a retirement home, gets to own a car like this? Are you charging me of embezzlement of social funds in your mind?"

Aiden looked back at Will with a deer caught in the headlights expression.

"So you are eh?"

Aiden picked up on Will's humor and decided to play along. "So should I charge you with embezzlement of retirement home funds?"

"Well actually, this car was given to me as a present on my 21st birthday by my grandfather."

"No fair! How come I never get things like that on my birthdays?" Aiden harrumphed and folded his arms across his chest. "And to think that I turned 21 just this year!"

"But I do need to ask you one thing." Aiden added.


"How come you walked with me everywhere before? If I owned this baby, I certainly would never walk to go anyplace in my life. Even if the distance is only a 100 feet."

"But if I would not have walked yesterday, I would not have met you, would I?"

Aiden blushed at Will's reply. It would take some time before he understood Will's fascination with him.

10 minutes of car journey later, in which Aiden perused all of Will's CD's and tested the potent music system of the car, Will slowed down in a huge compound, in front of a 2 floor storey wide structure.

"Yup. Here we are!" Will stated braking to a complete stop in front of the entrance of the edifice.

"So this is the Joe Black retirement home?" Aiden asked, reading the golden letters above the foyer. He noticed the muted pastels of mauve and green that the building was painted in, giving the whole structure a serene and peaceful look.

"Yup. Joe Black was my grandfather," Will stated as he switched off the engine and the doors on either side slowly swung up. The two exited the car and walked up to the foyer.

"C'mon, let me take you on the grand tour."

Aiden followed Will as he pushed open the glass doors and was immediately greeted by podgy receptionist with red cheeks.

"Good evening Mr. Black. We have a guest?"

"Good Evening Doris. Yes, this is Mr. Writer, who's interested in taking a look around the retirement home. I shall personally escort him."

"Very well, and should I arrange for something to eat perhaps?"

"No that will not be necessary; Mr. Writer and I have plans for later." Will was smiling and looked at Aiden who smiled back. Aiden loved the fact that Will always seemed happy and smiled perpetually. He knew for a fact that he always had a dorky grin on his face whenever he was around Will.

Will led him through a door at towards the right leading to a narrow corridor painted in white. "Well, let us start with the indoor recreation rooms." Aiden followed Will as the passage opened into a set of large rooms filled and bustling with people. There were cubicles one after the other that catered to different activities. "Wow!" he breathed.

"This was constructed by my grandfather 5 years back," Will stated as he waved to a blonde girl. "It's the recreation place for elder people to spend some relaxation time in and indulge in their hobbies." "We even have a home theatre system towards that side." Will pointed to a large TV screen with equally tall speakers on either side. No one was watching anything at the time.

Aiden looked around, taking in the sights of the rooms. Towards his left a room filled with stands on which white papers attached to clip boards rested. Two elder men were busy painting portraits of what appeared to be each other, while another elderly lady was giving shape to some wet clay. They turned around on hearing Will's voice greeting him good evening and smiled at Aiden. Aiden smiled back. On the other side was a larger room filled with more than a dozen tables on which were carom boards, chess and other board games. This section was rife with people playing games who all nodded to Will in acknowledgement. "Sunday evening is the ideal time for gamers," Will explained.

They strolled past a number of other rooms, Will casually telling Aiden about all the activities that went on around here. There was a smaller room in which soft music played as an elderly couple swayed gently to the music. The lady winked at Will as he passed by. There was a reading section with shelves full of books. A few elderly people, some with thick glasses sat in easy chairs as they read them.

"And here we have Mr. Kimberley's piano," Will pointed towards the large object. "Mr. Kimberley would not enter our retirement home unless we guaranteed that his piano would come too. He is however banned from playing during the evenings when the most crowd gathers here. Our senior members complain that at their age, they have lost enough hearing and would greatly appreciate losing no more." Aiden chuckled as he sauntered beside Will.

A blonde girl about Aiden's age, who Will had initially waved to, suddenly appeared. "Mr. Black," she said, "How's your day going?"

"Perfect Rachael." Will introduced the girl to Aiden. "This is Rachael here. She spends her evenings here helping us in our tasks."

Aiden and Rachael said hi to each other and Aiden immediately felt that he would also like to spend some time with the people here. Everyday was hardly a possibility, but maybe once or twice a week he could come here. Everything had such a clean and salubrious feel. It would be awesome to spend an evening or two a week here. Black did not at all like this line of thought.

"And here we have our gardens." Will stated as he led Aiden through an exit to an open space where there were lawns with a few tables and chairs arranged around. "Our elder people spend a lot of time gardening here and they are solely responsible for the number of prizes we have won for their gardening efforts." Aiden noticed three old ladies who were sitting at table playing cards under a lighted umbrella for it was dark. "Ah, that's Mrs. Montgomery and her card playing troupe. They never give it a rest." Black called out to them and asked them to go indoors and play. "After this game dear." The old lady replied. Aiden noticed the wooden u-shaped hoops and pegs that were sticking out of the ground for playing croquet.

Will then led Aiden to the Medical premises showing introducing him to the head doctor and his nurses. "We have the latest medical technology and appliances." Will stated. "We better have, for the price many of the people's children pay for their parents to stay here.

"This place is huge." Aiden said, after visiting the yoga hall and the sauna rooms. "It never looked this huge from the outside!"

"We currently house 283 elderly people here. It has to be huge for that kind of a number."

"Hey, can you wait a second?" Aiden questioned. "I need to visit the restroom."

"Sure, the restroom's that way," Will stated pointing to a long corridor. He had been wondering when the boy would ask him of the pressing problem that he had been getting signs of from his mind for quite long. "Towards the outside garden, there are a couple of doors to the right. I'll wait right here."

Aiden headed of to attend to nature's call. He hurriedly finished off his business not wanting to keep 'his hunk' waiting. He opened the door of the toilet and bumped into a small Japanese lady.

"Oh Sorry!" Aiden looked down and noticed how small the lady was.

The lady gaped at Aiden and suddenly shrieked, "It's you! It's you! I found you!"

"Who me?" Aiden asked bewildered. He noticed that the lady's complexion was as white as milk.

"Yes, I've been trying to track you since so long!" she said, completely dropping of the phony Japanese accent she would assume for her customers, it gave them an oriental feel when she did that.

"Uhh… I…"

"No, you don't know me but…" the lady stopped as footsteps were heard along the corridor.

"Listen!" she said, "There's no time! Just listen to me. The devil - he's with you and he's after you!"

"After me? What devil?"

The footsteps were getting closer, their soft thudding indicating someone just around the corner.

"Yes, he wants to use you, he wants to…"

Just then Will appeared around the corner. It took a fraction of a second for Black to read both the people's minds and understand what had transpired.

"What's going on here?" he boomed in a loud voice. Aiden noticed for the first time an angry expression on Will's face. The Japanese lady got a horrified expression on her face as she looked at Will. This was the devil of her vision.

"I don't know… this lady…"

Suddenly the Japanese lady burst out into a string of Japanese, bending again and again as if apologizing. She got close to Aiden and discreetly slipped a card into the back pocket of his jeans. "Call me," she whispered. Aiden caught a glimpse of the card before she slid it behind him. A vibrant display of black and red colors that read something like 'Horoscope'.

But stealth was not something that could have fooled Black. He had already read the lady's intention and knew about the card she placed in Aiden's pocket.

Then as abruptly as she had entered the scene the lady bobbed off, away from the two. Aiden was still gawking in her direction, befuddled while Black looked at her retreating form with his face as black as thunder. Abruptly his face broke into a smile.

"Senile old people!" he stated, "C'mon, We've just been roaming around, let's involve ourselves with the patrons a bit." Aiden noticed Will had a large box tucked under his arm. He shrugged and followed Will, dismissing the incident as the doting effects of an elderly person.

Will led Aiden to the residential quarters and knocked on a door with a label stating Mrs. Anderson.

"Come in." a mellow voice answered.

The two entered a neat room where Mrs. Anderson sat on a chair at the side and another old lady sat on the bed. Both were knitting some kind of woolen wear. And judging by the number of balls of wool lying on the bed, Aiden surmised they must be pretty good at it.

"Dear child! Good to see you!" Mrs. Anderson called out with a twinkle in her eye. Black walked towards her, bend over and hugged her. He hugged the other lady as well.

"This is Aiden here," he stated introducing Aiden to the two ladies who mentioned what a fine man he was. "And we've come so I can oust you and Aiden in a game of Pictionary." Said Will as he placed the box he was carrying on the bed. Aiden looked at the box and smiled. He was very good at the game.

Aiden was teamed up with Mrs. Anderson and Will with Mrs. Green, the other lady. 5 minutes into the game, Aiden realized that both the elder players were really good at the game. In fact, compared to them he sucked at it! However Mrs. Anderson was good enough to compensate for his flaws. She soon led herself and Aiden to victory.


A boisterous pair stormed out of Pizza Inn. Aiden was laughing hard leaning against Will's shoulder who was himself howling with laughter, his eyes tearing.

"Well what else could she have done?" Aiden asked between laughs. "The sand was running out and I was not being able to guess the word."

"You dolt! How could you not come up with that word? It was one of the easier ones."

Will was referring to their Pictionary game when Mrs. Aiden had to draw 'PISTOL' to advance to the next block. Mrs. Aiden was relieved thinking she had an easy one. She drew a gun shape with a trigger and Aiden started guessing. "Revolver, gun, Policeman, robber, thief!" Aiden had cried out. Mrs. Anderson shook her head fervently and Aiden guessed further on; "Holster, err….trigger, bullet…um rifle, carbine!" Mrs. Anderson had stared at Aiden exasperatedly. The minute glass indicated their time was running out. Finally the old lady sketched a penis, with a pair of testicles hanging and drew a steam of droplets gushing out of the tip. Aiden looked upto the old lady's face not believing what she had drawn… "Piss??" and then realization dawned upon him. "Pistol!!" he cried out, a second before the last grains of sand trickled down. Mrs. Anderson had leaped into the air, an extraordinary feat for a woman her age, and hugged Aiden. An embarrassed Aiden smacked his head wondering how he had not come up with such a simple word.

And Will was laughing at the same incident now.

"Get over yourself," Aiden stated with a mock frown on his face as he playfully swatted at Will's butt. And then burst into peals of laughter himself.

Black was furious inside. He had been laughing along all this time and playing this game. This day had completely drained the Perpetual. With all the arrangements his mistress had to make to create an illusory retirement home and all the troglodyte Empaths she had appointed to stay in as elder people. Each one of those Empaths could read any humans mind and were all commanded by the Empress of Vand to carry out the extended charade.

"So what now?" asked Black, not knowing what the alchemist was going to think of for their next move.

"Ice Cream!" yelled Aiden as he dragged Will towards a small Ice cream outlet which read 'Frozen Palace'.


White was close. He could sense it. The white laser-like light he was following was leading to a structure of some sort. 'Frozen Palace', it read. Would he meet the alchemist there? White was nervous. For centuries the Kingdom of Light had awaited the arrival of the Alchemist. And soon White would convene with him. What would the Alchemist say? Would he agree to help out a distressed Seraph? He could refuse at once, after all the Alchemist's powers were his to use.

White made his way across the crowded grounds as people stared at him passing by. It was his external beauty, he knew that. He would know it without even glancing into their minds. The humans were cretins in this matter. Judging things greatly by just their outside appearances. They had a lot to learn yet. He walked past a trio of girls that were openly ogling him. One of them whistled as his imposing form crossed them, nearing 'Frozen Palace'.


Back In the Kingdom of the Dark, the Empress of Vand was anxious. And that in itself was a rare thing. She had seen in the seven vision stone, the one she used to watch her Guardian Black and the Alchmest in, that her greatest enemy was in the vicinity of the former two. She had no inkling how her 'blessed' rival had found the Alchemist. But one thing was certain; he could in no manner be allowed to intervene right now.

The small girl sat between the 6 crystals she had assembled. She closed her eyes and started murmuring under her breath, her voice getting louder with every word. All of a sudden, the 6 crystals shone brightly, and a six-pointed star was etched on the ground, effulgent in black flames. The voice of the little girl was deafening now, reverberating across for miles. And as she approached the crescendo of her chanting, she abruptly stopped her incantations, opening her eyes. She had succeeded in her task.

"Pi, you will procure us some time." The pet chimera received her message telepathically.

"Yes, your excellency."

"You will engage White and prevent him from intervening."

The Chimera descended, as if bowing with respect as his eyes glowed icy silver. The fanciful creature then shimmered and disappeared onto the material plane.

"White cannot encounter the Alchemist or Black at this moment," the little lass stated to a nonexistent gathering.


White cautiously made his was towards the Ice cream parlor following the white light of 'Quarry Seek'. When he neared the structure, he realized that the laser light passed through the structure and went beyond it. Had he not sensed that the alchemist was near here somewhere? The light of Quarry Seek seemed to say otherwise. He shrugged his shoulders and walked past the glowing letters which stated 'Frozen Palace', following the light as it led him astray.

White walked on still wondering what powers the Alchemist possessed. Legends had it that the Alchemist would arrive and the battle between the Kingdom of Light and Dark would be over. Legend also stated that the Alchemist possessed powers beyond contemplation. He wondered what these legendary abilities of the Alchemist could be.

White realized that following the light spell he had been led astray from the crowd. He had been striding for more than 15 minutes and now he walked in an open stretch of land where not a single person was visible. Where was the light taking him to?

Abruptly a chill ran in the atmosphere. White instantly realized that something was wrong. Soft notes of music wafted in the air, steadily getting louder. White looked around rapidly, trying to understand what was happening. The melody resounding in the atmosphere, where was it originating from? It was the sound of a flute. In the next instant came a crashing wave at a high speed, a sonic ice breaker that unexpectedly boomed from behind White and collided with the high Seraph, ramming into him at a high speed and thrusting him along before it impaled him into an iron fence.

White reeled under the blow of the impact and got up unsteadily. The deleterious wave had knocked him face forward into the iron fence. The fence now lay on the ground, mangled pieces of iron twisted beyond recognition, but white had suffered greatly from the blow too. His torso throbbed with the force of the impact and blood dripped from above his right eye brow, blurring his vision before it trickled to the ground. Any pain or pleasure experienced by the corporeal shell that encased him would impair his spirit directly. The attack had caught him completely off guard.

White raised his arm, wiping the blood from his eyes with the back of his palm so he could see clearly. Directly ahead at a distance of about a 100 yards he could make out a hazy shape flitting about, slowly approaching him.

"Who are you?" his voice boomed. White had no clue as to what force could lunge at him with such an inexorable capacity.

"Who am I?" The voice questioned back with mirth in the voice. The shadowy shape slowly evolved into a human form. "Don't disrespect me by failing to recognize me White!"

White stared dumbfounded at the small 10 year old boy standing 50 yards ahead of him. A boy with white hair standing vertically upright, adorned in a black robe. It was Pi, the pet chimera of his sworn enemy, the Empress of Vand. Only this time he possessed his true form, the one of a 10 year old child with an evil smirk on his face. He held a 2-feet long glass flute in his hand, the 'Flute of Frost', White recognized the device responsible for the icy sonic wave that crashed him earlier.

"You!" cried out White.

"Yes me," the child replied as he lifted the glassy flute to his lips and blew into the grooves. White tuned his senses to make out the presence of a spiritual cordon that had been placed around, encompassing a circular area with a 1 mile radius. Even the subjects of the dark understood the importance of remaining unknown to the humans. The spiritual cordon would isolate the circular region so anything taking place inside the caulked area would remain unseen from the material plane. So Pi, intended to fight him here? White wondered if the cordoned area would be large enough to withstand the mayhem that was about to take place.

Shrapnels of ice surrounded White's adversary Pi, as he completed a melody and gathered energy in the form of an icy orb levitating in front of his torso. White stretched out both his hands and placing one palm over the other he aimed towards the child to spout a spell.

"Ability of the Light 21, Flaming Shot." A red fiery sphere materialized perpendicular to his palms.

White grimaced and fired the flaming ball towards the kid. Pi let out a battle cry as he swung his flute in an arc, hurling his iced sphere towards his opponent. The iced sphere hurtled towards White at an astonishing pace, burgeoning into the profile of an enormous icy wave that screeched an ear-piercing sound as it advanced. It collided with the fiery ball fired by White, causing an explosion leaving behind flames and fumes of boiling water which slowly dissipated.

The two adversaries stared fixatedly at each other, the child smirking and the man frowning.

"Well you countered that this time," Pi stated contemptuously, "Let's see you counter these." Pi lifted the flute to his lips again, playing a melody of higher note this time. The shrapnels of ice around his body glowed as more than a dozen orbs of ice and sound materialized around him. White raised his eye brows knowing he would not be able to counter these with the flaming ball spell.

The younger fighter swerved his transparent flute into arc shapes, sending wave after wave of icy sonic blasts towards White.

White dodged the first wave jumping a high altitude. Just as he landed on the ground another wave came crashing towards him which he eschewed by skidding to his left. He looked in dismay at the number of crushing waves that were approaching him or being fired by Pi and decided he needed higher agility and greater movement faculty. He leaped into the air dodging a wave as it shrieked by, and closed his eyes while still in the air.

An assortment of miniature comet shaped lights accumulated behind his shoulders and took the shape of giant pearl white wings. His pinions were back. He flapped them and flew higher into the air.

"Trying to fly away little fairy?" Pi aimed his waves to the flying form of the angel now. Swiftly White avoided one wave after the other. He knew he would have to go on the offensive now.

He concentrated his energies and called out to his fighting companion. A brilliant light dazzled in front of White, radiating sparkling light that caused Pi to shield his eyes. Now White held the most powerful weapon in the Kingdom of Light, the 'Helos Saber'. He let out a howl as he clashed his sword against an approaching icy sonic blast, a wave that was larger than his own form, frittering away the blast and dispelling it.

White swooped down to the ground and stood up magnificently, his White wings out and proud, brandishing the sword of Helos in one hand.

"My opponent gives me hardly enough time to draw out my own artillery."

Pi gritted his teeth, "The Helos Saber shall no longer be able to defeat the Flute of Frost." He once more played out screeching high pitched tones on his flute as more icy orbs resounded around him. "Die, you cursed creature of the Light!"


Aiden could not stop giggling as Will led him out of the ice cream parlor, holding him tight by a hand around his waist. Aiden felt ebullient, as if he had had a glass of some exquisite wine. Will was having that effect on him.

Out of the blue Will pulled him into a dark corner beside the shop and slammed him against the wall. Immediately he smashed his mouth upon Aiden's kissing him fiercely. Aiden retaliated the kiss with equal intensity. Will was pressing into Aiden's body and Aiden could feel a rock hard penis pressing against his stomach. Aiden was sure Will could feel his own penis' joy as it was forced upon Will's thigh.

Will broke the kiss as abruptly as he had started it. His severe green eyes looked into Aiden's, his face reflecting a pure animalistic sexual urge. He slid one hand down and grabbed Aiden's throbbing member with it, rubbing it gently.

"Let's go to my place," he uttered in almost a growl.

Aiden only moaned and closed his eyes. Will was taking him further than he had ever been in many ways. Will jerked on Aiden's hand and half jogged to the black Lamborghini, dragging Aiden along.

6 minutes of frenzied driving later, Will pulled into the parking lot of an 80 storey building. Aiden gasped at the huge structure before him.

"You live…" Aiden's words were silenced by Will's voracious mouth crashed upon his own as it tended to devour Aiden. Will was bending towards the passenger seat and the two were jerking forward and backward as their mouths wrestled.

Suddenly Will lunged back on his seat with pain. "Oww! You bit me!" Aiden had no clue what had taken over him. He looked at a small cut on Will's lip as it turned dark red. Aiden lurched forwards and initiated the onslaught of hungry wet kissing himself this time.

The two finally broke apart as Will wrenched Aiden apart, both gasping for air. "Let's go up," he growled with pure sexual passion on his face. Aiden elicited another moan and followed Will out of the car.

The elevator saw another tongue fight as Will once again slammed Aiden against the walls, holding Aiden's face with both his hands. Aiden could hardly breathe but he was in no hurry to stop the kiss. Aiden would have probably died of suffocation if Will's floor would not have arrived and a man in a black suit, waiting for the elevator would not have coughed rather obviously to break up the two.

Once inside Will's apartment Aiden once again dived for Will's mouth who stopped him half way in his advance. Will placed his arms around Aiden's waist and rapidly lifted him up placing him on his shoulder as if carrying a sack of potatoes. Aiden was surprised at how effortlessly Will seemed to do that but he was getting a great view of Will's denim clad butt from there. Aiden was still giggling. Will lead him to a bedroom that housed a king sized bed and dumped Aiden on the bed.

In one fluid motion Will stripped off his red T-shirt and looked down upon Aiden as a predator about to ravage his prey. Aiden stared at the glorious male body on display. Lean muscles and cuts at all the right places. How many hours of hard work could possibly attain one such a body?

Staring at Will's form, suddenly Aiden's rational mind came back. He felt embarrassed that such a God was going to have sex with him; he certainly would not be good enough for Will.

Black immediately picked up on this line of thought and softly plopped down beside an Aiden who was lowering his gaze.

"Hey? What's the matter?" he cooed. The split second change of mood on the room was palpable.

Will placed his fingers below Aiden's chin and lifted his face, till their eyes met. Aiden was hardly able to look into the emerald greenness of Will's eyes. "Will I be good enough for you?" Aiden asked, his voice sounding as if he had just flunked a major examination.

Will smiled, "Aid, you're the hottest thing that's happened to me in a long time. I want you so bad!" Will took Aiden's hand and led it down to his crotch making Aiden feel the hardness that was all for him.

"Fuck rationality" Aiden thought as he lunged forwards and took Will's mouth into his own.


White was dodging wave upon wave of icy juggernauts and was getting annoyed. Pi, was skilled and was not giving him a single opening to even get close to him. Further, even the glacial waves that he stopped by thrashing at with the Helos Saber would explode into frigid shards that pierced his skin and made his hand numb. He looked down to the bleeding hand that held the sword. "This has gone far enough," he thought.

White held his left hand perpendicular to his body and chanted, "Guardian Ability 7, Golden Sphere."

A translucent golden sphere appeared around White encasing his entire form in an impenetrable bubble. Pi's sonic icy waves rammed into the force field which absorbed the impact forming a bulwark which rendered the crushing waves ineffective.

Pi, paused his volley of attacks to take in the new development. "Your force field is useless White," he called out. "It is not mobile, so all you can do is stay there and maintain it."

White released the force field and dashed towards Pi, holding his sword to the side ready to strike. Pi was taken back by the sudden movement but recovered enough to resume firing his waves towards a charging White. White dodged a wave still sprinting towards the young fighter. He was enclosing the distance between them rapidly. All he needed to do was shatter the Flute of Frost and this battle victory would be his. Pi fired another wave which White dodged and lunged to close the final few spaces between him and his adversary. This was it.

White swung his sword forcefully and Pi lifted the flute to counter the blow as a reflex. A loud clanging sound pervaded the atmosphere as the two weapons clashed. White was befuddled.

The flute did not shatter. In fact Pi was swinging the delicate looking instrument back at him countering every blow he gave and was retaliating as a skilled fighter. White swung his sword around in rapid strokes only managing to strike the flute and not Pi. Finally Pi maneuvered away and flung himself out of reach. White paused.

"You thought you could smash the 'Flute of Frost' to smithereens with your pathetic sword? You are too naïve White!"

White had no reply. He creased his brow and decided to go ahead and fight Pi the old fashioned way, sword fighting with physical contact. Pi seemed to possess sleight of hand, but surely he would oust him in sword fighting.

Pi lifted his flute to his lips to begin another melody as White dashed forward. He would give Pi no time to complete these stupid melodies. Pi abruptly wrenched the flute off his mouth to counteract White's sword. White swung the Helos Saber a few more times moving swiftly, the pair dancing almost as if the scene was pre-choreographed. The Flute of Frost screeched each time the sword clashed against it. Yes, he could defeat Pi in this field. The kid was losing! Just a few more strokes and…

Suddenly White flinched and recoiled. What was the searing pain throughout his body? He stopped short and looked down at his body. Several star shaped icicles were etched into his body, jutting out at odd angles. Pi laughed a maniacal laughter noticing White's expression.

"You fool, you did not even notice the icicles the flute left behind in its wake while it fought the sword. Those are the icicles that it left in the path as you rushed headlong after me. And you notice the icicles now after they have penetrated your body. You deserve to die!"

Pi lifted the flute once more and played two dull tones. To White's dismay the icicles latched on to his body started vibrating and resonantly exploded.

White shrieked agonizingly as the freezing mini explosions blew out bits of his body. Small chunks of flesh blew out from his abdomen, form his left arm, from the left side of his body and even his legs. Tiny ice pieces dove into his skin and were embedded deep into it by the momentum imparted to them from the explosions. The great angel collapsed on his knees as a heap on the ground, heavily wounded as blood gushed out from everywhere. Bit's of his flesh lay strewn on the ground intermingled with feathers as his wings were torn at multiple places

Pi was still laughing fanatically. "You pathetic insect. You are no match for me."

White's mind was reeling fast as the pain was overwhelming his body. How could he be losing to the Empress' pet chimera? Was this creature that powerful? The sting of ice was too much for him to bear. And he was being sapped of his strength as the blood gushed out and the icicles remained embedded in his body. "No! I will not lose." He thought to himself staring at the ground. He opened his mouth to speak, "Ability of the Light 29, Self Immolation."

White whole body was instantly engulfed in flames. He burned in the fire of his own flame, melting all the icicles that were entrenched within him. Pi stopped laughing and stared wide eyed at the white angel who dug the sword in the ground and forced himself up, still refulgent in his own flames. Slowly the flames scattered away.

White raised his head to scream, "I will not lose to you!" And with that the energies of Helos were awakened. The sword burst into golden flames, the heat causing Pi to back off. Pi ran sideways along with White, who despite being severely crippled was lunging at him with the golden flaming sword. Pi realized he would have to use stronger abilities himself if he was to fight White.

White lunged at Pi and pierced the flaming sword into the boy's body. But what was this? The body suddenly shattered and fell to the ground. It was an illusion.

"My opponent gives me hardly enough time to draw out my own artillery." Pi quoted a former dialogue of White.

White swirled around to see Pi standing 200 yards from him, balancing himself on the iron fence.

"I don't know how you got there Pi," he stated calmly. "But you will be defeated by my sword now."

"We'll see," Pi stated before he played on the flute again.

"Damn flautist," White voiced to himself.

The sounds of Pi's flute reverberated across the open land. White noticed that everything suddenly began to change. Dark clouds rapidly covered the night sky and the moon. The ambient temperature dropped 10 degrees. Pi himself was glowing like his ice shrapnels. The melody was getting more high-pitched, unbearable for a human ear. White braced himself for what was about to come. He knew in light of the injuries received earlier that he would net be able to fight for much longer.

Pi's body turned into ice as frigid waves started swirling around the flautist. The waves got higher and higher and consequently swallowed the whole boy.

"Fight my inherent form you insect!" Pi's voice called from amidst the icy conglomeration. "The ice dragon!"

With a blinding flash of light, the entire icy mass rose up into the air. White was startled as an snake like outline with the head of a dragon slithered into the air, it's body more than a 100 feet long. "Great," White thought as the dragon lurched towards him. White let out a battle cry as the flames of his swords flared and engulfed his entire body. He leaped at the icy dragon, swinging his sword.

A huge explosion resulted and the shock of it shook the earth for miles. Vapors and sparks of fire floated everywhere and nothing was visible for a minute. White examined himself. He had been injured once more, below his shoulder blade where a deep gash caused blood to ooze out. But where was Pi?

The settling fumes answered White's question. Pi lay on the ground clutching his foot, a deep cut visible on his foot. White looked at the sight and took a deep breath. It was a 10 year old child grimacing with pain.

"Beg forgiveness now and I shall let you go. If you don't then the next blow will be much more powerful."

"Beg? I shall never ev..." Pi's word;s were interrupted as he heard his mistress' voice in his mind.

"Come back. You bought us enough time!" the lass uttered into his brain.

Pi growled "No, I shall not come back now!"

"Come back immediately!" the voice ordered.

"No!" Pi spat out. "I shall defeat White!"

"You fool, you…" but Pi had shut out his mistress' voice from his head. He was determined that he would defeat White. He lifted the flute to his lips one last time as he stood up.

"I have one last move left," he stated before he blew into the grooves of the glassy instrument. The melody was long this time and was reaching a crescendo. It was a rhapsody, White realized. However he would not interrupt the child this time. He would let him prepare his move.

A ring of frost surrounded the flautist as he played on, the tune getting faster and faster. It was getting even colder now. The earth cracked open below Pi as if the ground was witnessing an earthquake with the child as the epicenter, and a large platform of ice lifted him off the ground.

Pi stopped playing. The move's preparation was complete.

"This is the ultimate move of the 'Flute of Frost'" he explained. "The flute calls forth water from the ground and saturates that present in the atmosphere. The water from the ground freezes as it reaches the surface. The frozen water then surges upwards into the air in the form of giant icicles. These icicles then collect the saturated moisture in the atmosphere and explode into thousands of icy shards."

White hardly needed an explanation as he witnessed the move himself. The ground was being cracked everywhere as frozen stalagmites of ice burgeoned from it. Large icicles suddenly popped into the air and stopped at eye level, pausing for a few seconds as if wondering what to do. Abruptly they exploded as hundreds of tiny needle shaped ice shards flew in every direction at a high velocity.

White used a move used earlier. "Guardian Ability 7, Golden Sphere." The golden sphere appeared around him but he knew it would not be of much use against these millions of needle shaped icicles that were ricocheting everywhere. He would have to use the flaming fires of Helos.

White invoked all the strength that he could muster in the state he was in. Large golden circles appeared directly overhead him, thousands of meters above in the dark clouds. The circles revolved and let out a streak of golden lightning that fell upon the white angel and engulfed him. His entire body and sword emanated powerful spiritual pressure.

And then he ran forward, screaming with all his might. One powerful swing and everything collapsed.

When White had recovered enough to stand up he headed towards the body that lay on the ground. It was the slain body of his child enemy Pi. The scene looked gruesome; the body of a 10 year old with a big slash across his torso, lying in a pool of his own blood. White bend over and looked more closely at the child's skin.

"Fish scales," he muttered under his breath referring to the scales that subtly covered the boy's body, scales that related to his chimera form. White heaved a sigh of relief. He had vanquished a mighty enemy but was severely injured in the process. He looked down upon his once beautiful body that was mangled and mutilated beyond recognition now. He would require at least a couple of days to heal himself.

He watched as the boy's body slowly froze to ice and melted away.

Back on the throne of Vand, a little girl cursed the 'Dark Stasis' curse upon her that prevented her from entering the material plane at night. If only she could have intervened and saved her pet. She wailed for the loss of her pet. She screamed and swore her enemy would suffer.


Black had been containing the rage within himself for too long. Playing this pitiable game with the Alchemist, this charade of love and attraction. Constantly having to keep his attention, constantly having to try and woo him and constantly having to clear off his bitching insecurities about himself; telling him how attractive he found him He was getting sweet retribution for all that now.

Black was riding the boy hard. His sex buried deep inside the boy as he vigorously pistoned in and out of the boy's hole. It was not all Black's doing, the brutal fucking. The boy wanted it hard and he was giving it to him. He could feel the waves of pleasure as they exploded across the boy's brain who had his eyes closed and his lips apart moaning in ecstasy. The bed squeaked violently, as if it's legs were about to give away. Black ploughed the boy harder.

Without warning the boy convulsed and shuddered and finally orgasmed, spewing white cum between the two bodies. Black would force his own orgasm immediately but then he read in the boy's mind that he did not wish him to. He wanted 'his Will' to take his own time and derive the most enjoyment. The boy somehow derived pleasure in this fact. Then he would derive his own pleasure, Black surmised as he continued to thrust into the boy for a few more minutes.

Finally he exploded, his dick spewing it's 'Perpetual cum' inside the condom that clad his member deep inside the boy's chute. That was surely some savage fucking the buy had indulged him in. How did this shy and reserved boy, who only passed a single sarcastic remark every once in a while turn so vicious in here?

Black slumped onto the boy, his muscular defined body resting upon the young youth's. He lifted his face and looked at an expression of contentment on the boy's face. Glowing with serenity. And then he realized it was happening again. He could not read the boy's thoughts at all. The human mind was in constant turmoil, thinking a hundred irrelevant thoughts every few minutes. This boy obviously had thoughts running in his head right now too. So why the fuck could he not read them. His brow furrowed as he tried to extract the boy's thought. No use, he could not pick up a single trace. This was the same thing that happened in the coffee shop yesterday.

Then the boy slowly leaned forward and kissed him completely. Black lowered his hand to grasp the erect penis of the boy and just like that the thoughts were back. He could suddenly read all the boys thoughts again. It went as abruptly as it had come.

The boy now wanted to fuck him and was finding it hard to tell him that. He had hoped that one fuck would tire the boy out but this boy was insatiable. Very well, he would have to give into the boy's needs for now.

"I want you inside me." He whispered ending the boy's struggle with his own thoughts.

Aiden smiled widely as he heard that. He raised himself and Black along with him as he opened a condom packet and readied himself to enter this godly creature.


The boy was finally asleep breathing heavily. Black had spooned him and had his arms around the boy. The boy had pushed himself further into Black before he went to sleep.

The Alchemist had displayed an unquenchable appetite for sex once they hit the bed. He had explored every inch of Black's body and had sucked on his skin everywhere. He had fucked the Black angel and had been savagely fucked by Black in return several times. The constant activities had left marks everywhere on Black's body and several on the boy's body too. Black's skin was sore everywhere, even his asshole was sore. Who would have thought this boy would turn into such an animal in bed?

But now Black had work on his hands. He slowly unentangled himself from the boy's form, no easy act considering the intricate way the boy had intertwined their bodies. Black slowly stood up still naked and headed to where the boy's jeans were lying on a chair. He probed the back pocket and picked out a black and red rectangular card.

'Horoscopus' it read. This was the card slipped into the boy's pocket by that small Japanese lady. It held a contact number and an address.

"Internecine Ability 12, Black Cinders," Black stated. Black fumes of smoke emerged from the card burning with sooty flames till it was completely incarcerated. The Alchemist would never find this card. The recoil for such a low class internecine spell was small and it hardly stung Black.

Black had one more task. "Ambulatory Ability 7; Shimmer Teleport." Black's form steadily disappeared from the room and a few seconds later appeared in the room of a sleeping Japanese lady. Seeing her sleeping form, Black intentionally dropped a flask on her table onto the floor. The lady woke up with a start as the flask crashed onto the floor.

She stared terrified at the naked man in her room; the devil himself. She opened her mouth to scream for help but no voice left her throat. Black lifted his left hand and closed his palm except for the index finger and the middle finger which he held sticking out. "Internecine Ability 94; Psychic Implosion." Immediately the Japanese lady's brain exploded inwards inside her skull, turning all the cerebral matter into pulp. One of her eyeballs popped out of its socket as the other turned towards the far up right corner, resting at an odd angle. She fell back on the bed, dead.

This time the internecine spell was powerful and Black flinched at the recoil. He however had not time to recover completely as he heard footsteps coming towards the door. Black swiftly cited the Teleportation spell and was transported back to the room in which the Alchemist slept. He looked at the peacefully sleeping form of the boy. For now his job was complete. The Empress would later inform him whether he had succeeded in bending the Alchemist to his will or not.

Staring at the sleeping form, he suddenly recollected those moments when he would not be able to read the Alchemist's mind. It terrified Black, and he knew not the reason for it.

He slowly slipped back into the bed beside the sleeping boy who moaned a little in his sleep and shifted a little to adjust him back into their previous position.


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