Hey everyone! Back here with the third episode. This one took a lot of time to write, and it is a lengthy one. Just hope you all enjoy it.


Episode 3


In the Kingdom of Light, far away from the material plane, White opened his eyes awakening from a deep slumber. He was immediately surprised at the form of a woman angel bending over his body as he lay. Frigeria was still there? How long had she been there healing him?

The beautiful form of the raven haired angel turned her attention towards her Emperor. "Finally the white angel Witenhoem rises." Her voice reverberated as the tinker of muted bells across the chamber in which White lay.

"Frigeria, how long have you been healing me?" White was slowly trying to raise himself and Frigeria helped him in the task. His colossal wings opened up as he sat upright. He still felt enervated, but all the pain had vanished. There was no longer a single bruise on his body.

"I have been healing you but two nights. The wounds of battle you possessed were of a draconian nature."

"Yes," White grunted as he sat himself upright. "I was led into a battle with a small child; the kind that was the son of the devil himself."

Frigeria nodded her head in understanding. "So it was Pi that you fought. I reckoned as much when you appeared and collapsed onto your throne. My fear knew no bounds when I saw the injuries you bore and the icy shards embedded deep within you. Even your wings were torn and ragged. I almost thought that we had lost our ruler!"

White smiled at the worry expressed by the greatest healer in the Kingdom of Light. "Fear not Frigeria, it will take more than a chimerical creature to conquer me. I returned to you with wounds of a draconian nature you say, Pi did not return to the Kingdom of Void at all."

"So he was defeated." Frigeria took a deep breath absorbing the news.

"Defeated and destroyed."

"And yet, the involvement of Pi suggests that the Empress herself is involved in this matter of the Alchemist."

"Indeed it does, all the more reason for me to hasten and reach the Alchemist."


In the Kingdom of Void also far away from the material plane, another angel albeit a dark one, was crouched in reverence under his ruler. The undersized ruler shook her head from side to side, her golden yellow tresses, which reached all the way to the ground, swaying as she did.

"He is not yet ready," she stated. "The alchemist will not lend us the use of his powers in his current state."

The doughty black angel lifted his gaze to meet the eyes of his mistress.

"And in fact," the Empress continued, "It might be quite some time before the Alchemist will be prepared. You Arangyunus, will have to keep wooing him till he reaches that stage."

Black nodded understandingly. This task was proving to be diabolically difficult. The dark Seraph had been putting in all his efforts for four continuous days and the mistress only stated that converting the Alchemist would take much more time. Black had been constantly endeavoring, and in the process had lost himself several times, lost his finesse and he was feeling like he was losing himself now. He felt as if the young boy was gradually pulling the ground from beneath him rather than the other way round.

But this was no time to founder, and certainly not the time to possess a weak mind. The most important task he had ever been bestowed was upon him, and he would have to complete it consummately.

"I understand," The dark seraph finally whispered back.

"Slowly poison his mind. Seduce every pore of him. Completely overwhelm him with yourself. And when he is ready to do any task you ask of him, it is then that he will be ready." Having lost her pet, the Empress was more determined than ever to thrall the Alchemist. The Alchemist would grant her the ability to extirpate all her enemies, and one in particular; one that would allow her to exact sweet revenge for the death of her pet, and revenge for a matter that went far deeper into time, one that very few knew of. White would suffer for his chicanery.

Black nodded once more accepting his orders.

"Empress, where is Pi. It had been some time since I have seen the chimera." Black had never been fond of the fanciful creature himself but was used to its sessile presence with his mistress. It was strange that the past few times he had visited the Empress in the Kingdom of Void, there had been no signs of her pet.

The little lass steeled herself. She would not inform Arangyunus that her pet had been defeated. Annihilated by the hands of her adversary. Destroyed by White while her own guardian frolicked with the alchemist. Black would not know of this.

"I have sent him on a task to the dark glaciers of Void. I am afraid it will be some time before he returns."

Black acknowledged the fact and raised himself. It was time to go back to the material plane. Time to return to the boy who was so infatuated with him but was still not ready to do as he desired. Back to the boy that he had been seducing. The same boy who now sometimes scared him.


Aiden was a little nervous while entering his class. He ran a hand through his hair for the umpteenth time. Aiden had gotten his hair styled for the first time in 21 years of his life. He had finally gathered the courage and reasoning to change his hair. He had gone from shaggy uncombed disheveled to sleek middle-parted hair. He was unsure whether of what others would think when they saw it. But he had liked it when he saw himself in the mirror for the first time. And now his fellow engineers were going to see it for the first time.

Aiden took a deep breath and entered the lecture hall through the front door. The crowd was boisterous as usual, as they would be when no lecturer had yet entered the class, and a few took notice of Aiden's changed comport. Aiden looked across to where he normally sat on the last row with Dominic and Storm. Yup, they were there as usual, seemingly engrossed in some type of an argument. Aiden made his way towards them as someone commented how weird he looked in his new hairstyle.

Dominic had been the center of Aiden's universe for more than two years, in fact ever since he had entered the university. According to Aiden, Dominic was a persevering, extremely good natured person who always tried to keep everyone around him happy. Dominic was smart when the situation demanded him to be, he was sincere and basically the embodiment of Aiden's ideal. He studied hard, involved himself in a million college activities and organizations and was always busy. He was good looking with his West European aristocratic face and though Aiden knew that there were at least 3-4 other guys in class that looked better than Dominic, he would never place them in the same category. Dominic possessed an athletic built that gave the impression that he worked out and played a lot of sports. Aiden knew otherwise, the guy would not touch a sport if his life depended on it.

The other one of his close friends was Storm McDonald. True to his name, Storm could eat up a storm anytime he wanted. With his 6'4" frame and weighing more than 290 pounds, Storm was everyone's teddy bear. But Storm was hardly lazy and sluggish. He was energetic, hard-working and sincere, the kind Aiden always associated with. Storm, Dominic and Aiden always sat together on the last row and were called the beavers of the class because of their industrious natures.

Aiden came over to Dominic and Storm as the two looked up. Both got a puzzled expression on their faces seeing him.

"Hey, wadyou do to you hair? You look like a clown!"

"Thanx Randy." Aiden sneered at the commentator feeling a little let down.

"Hey cool!" It was Dominic this time. "That style looks good on you!"

Aiden immediately felt a lot better. Dominic had said it looked good and that overwrote what everyone else had to say, well almost everyone. He still had to show Will his new hairdo.

Aiden settled in next to Dominic and Storm as the professor entered the class.

Dominic asked in hushed tones. "Where you been lately, I don't see you at all nowadays?"

Aiden had been spending all his free time with Will who somehow always had time when Aiden had free time. In fact he was sure that he was going to have trouble staying awake in class owing to the overnight workouts he was having with Will.

Just then Aiden's phone buzzed on silent mode. He looked at it to find a message from Will. 'MISSING U. WANNA B WITH U' it read. Aiden felt a surge of joy within him. He wanted to scream out loud and tell Dominic and everyone in the whole damn university that he was in love with the most amazing person on the planet. The hottest hunk with an awesome personality and heart. He wanted to tell Dominic about his sexuality, about being in love with him for so long and then meeting the most awesome person on the planet; Will. He somehow felt that Dominic would be happy for him. But Aiden knew he did not have the guts to blurt all that out.

"Just busy." He whispered back.

Aiden adjusted himself and concentrated on the lecture being delivered ahead of him. Soon his eyelids became heavy and he started slumping down in his seat. Dominic nudged at him and finally started glaring at him after 3 attempts to wake Aiden up after which Aiden had promptly dozed off again. Between his nightly marathons with Will, his college lectures and the sports time he spent with his roommates, Aiden was having a hard time covering his shut-eye time needs.

"What the fuck are you so sleepy for?" Dominic burst out at him once the professor had left. "You know that was our HOD's lecture and he saw you sleeping! You're lucky our HOD is of such a great nature. He did not take any punitive measures against you!"

Aiden smiled back sheepishly and said sorry. He felt guilty for sleeping during class, the professor being amongst the only ones he actually liked. He would have to catch up on sleep somehow or he was going to be in bad shape.

"Ok listen sleepyhead," Dominic began, "We are assembling a robot for the upcoming TechFest. You interested in joining the team?"

Aiden knew he hardly had time these days, but it was Dominic asking.

"Yeah Sure! Who else is on the team?"

"Me, you and Mr. hyperactive here," Storm interrupted, referring to Dominic as the hyperactive dude.

"So we are going to an electronics specialist who'll give us pointers for a few days and help us get started. We'll meet him for our first meeting tomorrow evening at 6." Dominic already had everything planned out.

"At 6?" Aiden raised his eye brows and folded his arms across his chest. He realized his time with Will would be choked if the consultation were to materialize and occur everyday.

Dominic sat on top of their table and huffed. "Yeah, after college, at 6. Every day at 6 till the TechFest."

Aiden immediately understood that the robotics deal was something time-consuming that he had involved himself in; something that would last quite a while. He wondered how he would keep his commitments and still meet up with Will daily. All he felt like doing right now was to get into bed with Will and spend the remainder of his life there.

"You guys coming to the cafeteria. I wanna grab a bite to eat." It was Storm rubbing his tummy.

"Shit!" Aiden exclaimed. "I have to meet Tinka there. Almost forgot. She'll kill me if I don't reach there on time!"

The three headed towards the cafeteria, Aiden rushing them along. On reaching there he immediately left the other two and headed towards what was commonly referred to as the 'Archi area' by architecture students or 'The big mess' by others. A section of the cafeteria that was always bustling with architecture and interior designing related students. Tables overpiled with A3 sheets, 32 inch folders and .1 mm microtip pens. The Architecture students stubbornly refused to complete their work elsewhere, much to the chagrin of the mess in charge; he had given up on getting them to do their work elsewhere leaving hat sectin of the cafeteria a sight to behold on submission days.

Tinka was furiously inking sheets as Aiden hurried over to her. She had 'commanded' him to meet her and help her complete her work before the submission.

"You're 7 minutes late!" she growled and then paused to take a better look at him. "Omigod! What did you do to your hair?!"

"Howzzit look?" Aiden beamed and waited for her response.

"Looks cool! How did you get it into you to… Oh so Will is having this influence on you?"

"No of course not. I was planning all along to…" Aiden paused to look at Tinka looking at him with a 'yeah-rite' look, tapping her foot on the ground. "Yes he is." Aiden finally admitted sheepishly.

"It really suits you. You look all cute and all with that hairdo."

"It better look good for the amount of time and money I put into it." Aiden muttered. "That bloody hair dresser put some burning cream in my hair to straighten it and kept me there for 3 hours. Never had such a lengthy haircut in my life."

"Ok, stop goofing around and grab those pencil colors. Start scribbling in these tiles in this manner." Tinka pointed him towards the sheets that were overflowing from all sides of the table. "And be neat," she added menacingly.

Aiden mock saluted her, "Yes Sir!" and hastily got down to coloring the floor in the weird mosaic pattern Tinka wanted it in.

"How come I am the only non-Archi student that has to do Archi work?" Aiden grumbled after 2 minutes of frantic penciling. All around were frenzied architecture students trying to complete their sheets,. He glanced at the patched he had colored and groaned as he saw the vast expanse left. This was going to be one hell of a task.

"Cause you are the only boy from the engineering side who bears some semblance to a person who can draw and color." Tinka answered.

"So you get to be all your colleagues' envy for having additional help from outside, and all I get is ink stains and pencil marks on myself?"

"You also get my brilliant company!" Tinka replied bend over her work still busy limning straight lines with her T-square.

"Yeah rite!"

"So did you collect your contacts from that eye-shop?" Tinka was referring to the contact lenses that Aiden had recently ordered.

"Nope. Will do it tomorrow. Have my first half free tomorrow," Aiden replied finishing a green patch and looking satisfactorily at it. His mind immediately thought about how similar Will's eyes were to the shade he was using.

"So new hairdo, getting rid of spectacles, getting contacts and that glow on your face. Will sure seems good for you."

Aiden stopped coloring and placed his pencil on the sheet. He waited till Tinka looked up at him. "He's perfect!" he stated triumphantly.

"He's just too great, forget the fact he looks ultra-hot. He's always so sweet and caring. And he always spends an enormous amount of time with me but still leaves me enough time to get all my academic work done."

Tinka stopped her inking and stood upright smiling, waiting for Aiden to finish.

"And the sex rocks!" Aiden added.

"He is remarkable." Tinka finally answered and took a deep breath before adding the next bit; "Isn't he a bit too perfect?"

Aiden was taken aback. Was Tinka stating that Will was too good for him, way above his league? Was she saying he had hidden vices? He knew Tinka would be happy as long as he was happy. Maybe it was just her way of asking him if he was not telling her something. Aiden opened his mouth to answer when his cellphone buzzed in his pocket.

Aiden fished out the set from his pocket to find another message from Will. 'MISS U LIKE CRAZY. U BETTER BE FREE IN THE EVENING.'

Aiden instantly forgot all of Tinka's worries as he flashed his cellphone showed her the message and started thumbing his keypad to send Will a reply. Tinka smiled at an effervescent Aiden, hoping things turned out perfect between Will and Aiden.


White stood atop a building as the sun was setting. So he had finally found the Alchemist. He looked down to where he could see an unassuming lad dressed in blue jeans and an orange sweatshirt leaning against a wall, apparently waiting for someone. So this boy was the Alchemist. And he had finally found him. The moment had come. But now he no longer felt nervous at having to accost the Alchemist. It was because he was not going to.

Instead he was going to ask the Alchemist for help without the boy knowing he had done it. He would enter the boy's mind and search for the answers to all his questions, searching through his beliefs. He would dive in and scour his mind and ultimately get the answer he was seeking; would the Alchemist lend the Kingdom of Light his powers or not. And it would take all of 5 seconds. He would have his answer and the alchemist would never catch a glimpse of him as well.

White braced himself and concentrated for plunging into the boys mind. The next instant, his mind was in. Zooming across the thoughts and desires, through beliefs and faiths, through secrets and sorrows, seeking only the answers to the questions he had in mind. Zig-zagging through the meandering reflections, the welter of labyrinthine thoughts. Seeking his answers through the kaleidoscopical human mind. And seconds later he exited forcefully, his consciousness back inside his own mind.

White had received his answer. The Alchemist had refused to help.


Aiden had arrived at the coffee shop he was supposed to meet Will at. Whenever he would plan to meet up at a certain time, Will would always already be there waiting for him. Being extremely punctual by nature himself, Aiden had admired this quality in Will but then felt guilty that he himself would be the one to arrive late. This time Aiden turned up earlier than the set time and was waiting for Will outside the coffee shop. The same coffee shop that they had been to on the first night they had met.

Aiden noticed the arrival of the black Lamborghini that signified Will's entry. Yup, Will was there before time but Aiden had beaten him. He knew it would be a minute or so till Will parked his car and came up to him. He smiled with anticipation; he could barely wait to see his lover again.

Suddenly Aiden witnessed an excruciating strain. He felt dizzy as a million thoughts ran through his head. Aiden lost all control and staggered unsteadily bracing himself against the wall for support. And just as abruptly as it had started, the strain was gone. Aiden steadied himself wondering what the hell had happened.

"Ade, relax buddy what's wrong?" It was Will who had come rushing to Aiden's side as he had seen Aiden suddenly look dizzy and start swaying about.

"I… I don't know." Aiden finally managed to squeak out. He felt as if he had just spent 20 straight hours preparing for his Microprocessors exam. He wiped a trail of drool from his mouth with the back of his hand

"You Ok? What happened?" Aiden saw Will's expression of care and worry and his uneasiness dissipated.

"Yup, perfectly fine!" Aiden smiled and straightened himself. He still felt a little mentally exhausted.

"Should I take you to my place or something?"

Aiden looked into Will's eyes. Will had on a black leather jacket, a bit like the biker kind. His chest definition was visible through the thin white T-shirt he had on under. Aiden thought he looked ravishing. He could feel his hormones surging at the sight of Will. "One quick coffee and we're outta here" he thought

"No, no. Just felt a little dizzy suddenly. It's gone now; am fine now. Let's just go and have some coffee"

"Your hairdo looks great." Will suddenly chimed in. Aiden blushed. Will liked his hair makeover. The entire haircut investment was worth it now

Aiden grabbed Will's hand and led him inside the coffee shop wondering what had transpired a few moments ago. He had no clue that a powerful Perpetual had entered his mind and had rummaged it to find answers to his many questions. He had no clue that he had in fact subconsciously denied lending his help to this Perpetual.

Aiden entered the coffee shop and immediately let go of Will's hand when he noticed who was sitting inside. It was Aditi, the Indian girl Jason had had the hots for. And sure enough, Jason sat opposite her with his back to the entrance. Aiden would recognize the red Nike cap anywhere. So Jason had hooked up with Aditi after all. And it was a wonder that Jason was sacrificing his 'sports time' to be with this girl.

Aditi noticed the two and waved to them. 'More to Will than to me' Aiden thought. He frowned thinking his time with Will would get a little spoiled. But then it would give him a chance to spend some time with Jason as he had hardly done so in the past few days. Aiden guided Will towards the pair. Jason upon noticing Aiden's arrival immediately raised his hand in a high five; his standard greeting.

"Hey wazzzup?" Jason was all smiles as Aiden high-fived him. Jason paused and creased his brow taking a closer look at Aiden. "What the hell did you do to your hair?"

"Just something a bit different." Jason then glanced curiously at Will.

"Hey Aditi, this is Will. Will these are my friends."

Will greeted the two warmly. Aiden was a little annoyed to find Aditi saying 'hi' to Will in a prolonged seductive manner.

"So should we sit down and interrupt you two?" Will asked.

"Sure." Aditi answered before Jason could say anything. "Just join us."

Will and Aiden sat opposite each other with Jason and Aditi on either side of them. Aiden would have much preferred sitting next to Will on the comfy sofas the place offered. Looked like this would have to do for now.

"So Will," Aditi started, "What do you do?"

"I run a retirement home," Will continued as Aditi raised her eye brows at his reply. "It's called the Joe Black retirement home, just off shore towards the pier."

"Cool and how do the two of you know each other?" she asked swishing her manicured finger between Aiden and Will.

"He's just a friend," Aiden blurted out but the girl paid him no attention. She was waiting for Will's reply. Aiden looked at Aditi busy eyeing Will and felt a tinge of jealousy. Aditi continued asking Will questions, trying to keep his entire attention. It was then that Aiden noticed Will. Will was looking straight at him while he answered Aditi, not taking his gaze away even once. Aiden stared back at the unblinking acute green eyes. He was madly besotted with this man.

Aiden broke his gaze as an annoyed Jason tired to interrupt the conversation and get a few words in. Jason was apparently not happy at Aditi's obvious ogling. Aiden smiled as he thought about how Aditi was struggling to capture Will's attention as Jason strived to capture her's.

A young boy arrived and introduced himself as the waiter. Aiden immediately recognized him as the waiter who had been an overeager server to Will on the first day when he had come here. Poor chap was still vying for Will to take notice of him, albeit with no results. Aiden thought for the hundredth time how lucky he was to be the one that commanded all of Will's attention.

The two new arrivals ordered for coffee while Jason stated that he had already had some. He shot down Aditi's suggestion to order some more. Aditi finally ordered a pastry for herself which Aiden was sure, looking at her figure, she would never be able to finish.

5 minutes of conversation later, in which Jason scowled and frowned at Aditi, Will perfunctorily answered flimsy questions and Aiden adjusted his crotch three or four times under the table, Aiden noticed someone he was not at all prepared to see.

It was the blonde guy Josh, getting up and heading towards the exit; and he would cross thier table. The same Josh who had rudely turned him down in the bar 4 days ago and humiliated him. Aiden tried to look elsewhere as Josh squinted his eyes staring at Aiden as he neared their group. Will immediately turned to see who was the person he was reading about in Aiden's thoughts.

A loud crash was heard as Will stealthily slipped his foot out, tripping Josh who landed on his face with a splat.

"I'm sorry," Will leaped up and offered his hand to a dazed red-faced Josh who was trying to raise himself off the ground. He grabbed hold of Will's hand through the leather jacket as he gradually got up. Meanwhile Will intentionally tipped the coffee mug he had in his other hand and spilled its contents over him.

Josh shrieked as the hot liquid splattered all over his torso. "You asshole!"

"Shit, sorry. Really sorry. Didn't meant to…" Will continued to apologize though he felt none of that at all. This boy had hurt the Alchemist's feelings and would have to pay for it. Will felt the rage inside him tending to flow out when suddenly he picked up Aiden's thoughts.

The Alchemist did not want this boy to suffer, nor did he wish for anything bad to happen to him. Even after all the pain this boy had caused him. Even though all he had said during the entire episode was "Oh shit!" as the coffee spilled on Josh, Will read through his thoughts that he intended no harm to the boy.

Those thoughts of the Alchemist acted like a few drops of cold water sprinkled onto boiling milk overflowing from a container. Black immediately simmered down.

A couple of waiters rushed over to help a screaming Josh up and Will himself helped him for real this time. He cursed himself thinking of the way he had acted. Why was he so influenced by the thoughts the Alchemist had? And why had he felt so angry at this boy in the first place? The waiters escorted an agitated Josh towards the restrooms to get him cleaned up.

The four looked at each other as the profanities being uttered by Josh faded away.

"What was that all about?" asked a bewildered Aditi.

"Don't know, but…" Jason could take it no longer. "Let's go, I gotta get going."

Aditi flinched but she knew she was not having any luck here. "Yup let's go." She stated as she got up.

"See you guys later." She added as Jason possessively put an arm around her and hastily led her out.

Aiden heaved a sigh of relief and Will grinned at him.

"Whew! Good riddance with that female!" Will spoke out.

"Good riddance indeed."

Aiden had another thought on his mind. He couldn't shake the feeling that Will somehow knew what significance Josh held in his recent life and was somehow getting back at him for that.

"That guy you just spilled coffee on, did you know him from before?"

"Who me? No." Will replied truthfully.

Aiden decided to accept that and forget about it. The big-eyed young waiter appeared and started cleaning the mess beside their table. The same one Aiden had despised on an earlier day for ogling at Will. But this time Aiden felt pity. Will was downright hot. Any sane person would be attracted to him. But Will would not even give him the time of day. Maybe Will could just…

"Hey kid!" Will called out to the young waiter who immediately perked up when he realized it was Will calling out to him.

"How was the show?" Will was referring to the episode with Josh that had just occurred.

"Nice show! I hate that prick. He's a total dick." the kid was smiling wide, all his front teeth showing. Finally this hunk of the first water had paid him some attention.

Will winked at the kid and playfully swatted his butt as he passed by. Aiden almost choked on his own coffee when he saw Will slapping the waiter's butt but kept grinning at Will who grinned back evilly at him.

Will had just made the young waiter's day.

Internally, Black wondered why he wanted to fulfill this boy's every wish, however small it might be.

Not too far away from the coffee house, an irritable Aditi finally wrenched her hand and jerked herself away from Jason who was speedily dragging her along

"Hey easy, easy," she said slowing down. "Chill tiger!"

"What chill?" Jason asked agitatedly. He was peeved to the core at Aditi's behavior with Will. But he was not going to tell her that.

Aditi started laughing at his petulant expression.

"What's so funny?" Jason demanded.

"Well it's you and your jealousy, God you males are an envy-filled species!"

"What jealous?" Jason was still not going to admit his anger was arising because he was jealous of Will. Will, who so easily grabbed Aditi's attention.

"Jealous of me flirting with that hottie Will." Aditi had a triumphant look on her face. Jason looked at her knowing she hit the nail on the correct spot but unsure of what to say.

"But you needn't worry about a damn thing." She added. "They're both gay anyway."

"Who's gay?" Jason had a flustered expression on his face. He was clearly not understanding what Aditi was saying. He cursed girls and their way of communication.

"Your friend and his hunky boyfriend Will. They're both gay," She clarified.

"Aiden's not gay!"

"Of course he is! Didn't you know? I thought he was your roommate."

"He is my roommate. And he's not gay."

"Uh-uh he is" she replied shaking her head. "You're such a doofus. Can't you see the way they look at each other. Aiden's as gay as a goose!"

Jason stared at Aditi with a shocked expression, his mind hardly able to register what was going on. "And so's Will." Aditi added with a sigh.

Jason was left repulsed at the thought that his roommate might be gay.


Frigeria entered the chamber where her ruler White sat in loneliness. The same chamber where she had spend 2 days healing the great white angel. Only this time he was in no need of any physical healing.

The great angel sat on a flat marble top in a pensive mood, his right elbow resting on his thigh as it supported his chin with the fist of his hand. His gigantic wings drooping behind, depicting his state of mind.

Frigeria settled down beside her ruler on the white floor, her velvety sequins swishing as she did so. She looked wistfully at his face. "What occurred?" she asked, her voice reverberating across as the dulcet tinker of bells.

White lifted his countenance to gaze upon the beautiful raven haired angel.

"The Alchemist declined to assist us." A simple assertion, yet the tone that White used conveyed that the weight behind those words was indeed not imponderous.

"You yourself asked him this?"

White hesitated before he replied, "I obtained the answer through sub conscious ingress."

Frigeria understood immediately. The mighty guardian of Light had been nervy when it came to matters dealing with the Alchemist. He had asked the boy for help and had been refused. And the boy had no inkling of it. The courageous guardian was intimidated by a mere boy and wished to remain anonymous in case something negative happened.

"But what were his reasons?"

White took a deep breath. This was going to be difficult to explain.

"As I raced along the insides of his minds and created a virtual world, I played out the entire scenario where I broached the Alchemist."

Frigeria swished around and made herself comfortable, knowing this would be a long explanation

"At the onset when I told the boy of the ancient legends and the power of the Alchemist, the boy thought I was asinine. He would not believe of the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Void and the powers that watched over them. He thought of me as an imbecile. Then I showed him my true form and stretched out my wings. That's when the boy was left perplexed."

"The boy accompanied me to Immaculata and I crossed him over to this plane. He stayed on for about a day and after taking in the surroundings and seeing everything around, he came to the conclusion that he would not help us."

White paused looking directly at Frigeria. She waited for him to go on.

"The boy soon understood the conflict between the Kingdoms of Light and Void and realized what it was that I was asking him to do. That was when he refused."

"The boy understood that I was asking him to extirpate our enemies, wipe out an entire other kingdom. He completely refused to do so. He said that this other universe contained two Kingdoms that balanced each other out and the entities that lived in it had different mindsets. He said that the powers of Black and White offset each other and it was not his to intervene. Especially if intervening meant killing thousands of entities and taking their blood on his own hands. He would not under any circumstances be responsible for wiping out an entire Kingdom and slaughtering thousands, just to fulfill a prophecy."

Deep melancholy filled Frigeria's eyes, melancholy filled with understanding and wonder as White continued.

"The entire royal court begged him to facilitate the Kingdom of Light. Me and you Frigeria; we fell to his feet and cried. We beseeched him stating that he was the one who was designated to fulfill the prophecies and end the war between the two rival Kingdoms. The Alchemist's heart ached to see us distressed but he still refused to be the one to carry out the ponderous sinful task."

"I clearly remember the words he used before he asked us to return us to his home. 'Good and bad are variations of the same Karma. And you ask me to hoard such enormous bad Karma so that your Kingdom can crush the adversary. I cannot do that.' And with that the Alchemist asked us to forgive him for h could be of no help."

Silence reigned in the room as White finished; both angels absorbing what had just been said. Finally Frigeria opened her mouth to speak.

"The Alchemist is of far nobler thought than we are."

"Yes indeed." White nodded and rose from the marble top. "And such nobility will need to be safeguarded."

"So what does the great one plan to do?"

White unfulred his wings once more. "Protect him."


A naked Aiden was plopped onto the large bed as Will dumped him there. Will carrying the boy over to his bedroom and dumping him unceremoniously had become a sort of ritual for the two. Aiden straightened himself on the bed still looking lustfully at Will. He was stark nude and Will still had all of his clothes on, including a very sexy leather jacket which made him look like the cream of all gay men's fantasies. Will grinned evilly at Aiden and teasingly took the jacket off, showing of his broad chest and shoulders which were sparingly covered by the thin white T-shirt that attached itself to Will's torso like shrink wrap. Aiden's dick stood out in full glory, throbbing in anticipation.

Will caught hold of the ends of his T-shirt and started gyrating as he tantalizingly lifted the thin white material. Aiden waited in anticipation to see that perfect masculine musculature once more, but Will was in no hurry.

"Tease, aren't you?"

Will replied by licking his lips seductively and pulling off the T-shirt in one stroke. Aiden stopped breathing for a few seconds as his entire being was riveted onto the slowly disrobing body.

Will stepped closer to the bed and unbuckled his jeans still gyrating to the imaginary music in his head. He bend down and lowered his jeans revealing powerful legs that any person would kill to own. Now he was clad only on tight black boxer briefs which were straining under the pressure from his erect member, protruding obscenely from the band.

Aiden raised himself and reached out to grab Will's crotch who torturously swung out of reach.

"C'mere you tease!" Aiden wanted nothing more than to touch that solid perfect body.

Will instead bend over and lifted his jacket and put the leather garment back on. He was now clad in only his leather biker jacket and black underwear. Aiden moaned as Will stretched his arms and pulled out a muscular pose, the contours of his abdomen prominently sketched.

Will slowly advanced once again towards Aiden who this time managed to hook his finger into the band of his underwear. Aiden slowly pulled him closer by putting his other hand on Will's muscular butt. He ran his hands along the insides of Will's thighs feeling the shape of the hard musculature until he reached Will's crotch which he cupped in his hand, feeling the weight of his balls, admiring the colossal sex god towering over him.

Slowly Aiden pulled away the underwear as Will's large rock hard member stood straight sticking out, pressed rigidly against his belly. Aiden licked his lips and smiled. This was the powerful tool that had been pounding him since the last 3 days, the tool that had caused him to have sore anuses, reminding him of Will throughout his college lectures.

Aiden stroked the huge phallus a couple of times and then took it into his mouth. Will groaned in pleasure and inched closer towards Aiden, clutching at the boy's hair as he pulled him closer. Sexual bliss was not restricted only to the humans after all.

Aiden continued sucking on the thickly veined rod, trying to take in a little more each time. He tried taking it in as far as he could by relaxing his throat muscles but it was no use; he could never reach the hilt. Either he was not skilled enough, or more obviously, Will was just too large.

Aiden withdrew partially and grabbed the base of Will's cock, stroking it while still sucking on the top part. Will was moaning Aiden's name and cooing, telling him how good it felt.

Abruptly Will bend down pulling Aiden's lips off his cock, smothering them with a kiss which Aiden returned with heated passion. Will gradually lifted him up and turned his body over, resting him on the edge of the bed. Aiden was about to be fucked from behind while using the bed for support.

Will finally broke the kiss and reached out for a condom. He found no use of the item for himself, but the Alchemist wanted it to be used so it would be. He slowly slipped it on and stroked it till it stretched out encasing his massive organ. Will pressed his weight on Aiden and started kissing and sucking the back of his neck as he loosened Aiden's anus with his fingers. Aiden was experiencing celestial pleasures by that time, moaning like only Will could make him moan.

Will lifted himself and positioned himself to enter the boy by holding his hips on either side. He managed to get the head inside as Aiden's sphincter muscles relaxed and gradually slipped more of his member in. The whole time Aiden was writhing in agony and ecstasy, having no intention for Will to stop. Soon Will was in.Aiden felt complete.

Will slowly started pulling in and out causing Aiden to moan even louder. He worked to a faster pace and then started pounding the Alchemist's ass the way he wanted it. Will was furiously humping him, the bed squeaking wildly, Aiden moaning loudly and the sheets which Aiden had clenched with his fists coming off a little from the bed each time Will slammed his pelvis against the boy's butt. Will still had his leather jacket on and Aiden could feel it's velvety coarseness against his back.

Aiden was moaning like a sore pig now, enraptured in the animalistic fucking, lost in celestial bliss. He could feel the beads of sweat dripping of his forehead, dropping onto the white sheets that he had clenched and was tugging at each time Will slammed into him. Aiden felt the whole world around him rocking. He could feel his own steel hard dick flopping between the sheets and his belly. He could smell the smell of Will's leather jacket intertwined with his sweat and Will's own masculine smell. And each sensation was pushing him over the edge. He was very close now.

He felt Will gasping as he plunged long and deep within him climaxing with the last thrusts. Simultaneously Will grasped his cock and stroked it hard and long. The sensations were too much for Aiden who was immediately inundated by the pleasure of the Gods as he fell of the precipice of orgasm. Thick ropes of semen spurted out from his penis as he screamed in elation.

Will slumped down on his back pressing his weight against him as he sucked on the back of his neck once more. Aiden lay complacent, reveling in post orgasmic bliss, wondering how he could still cum so much even when he was involved in so much sexual activity.

Will gradually exited and freed himself from Aiden, then lifted him up in his arms. He gently placed him on the bed as the boy looked at him with a sated expression on his face. Will got rid of the condom and joined Aiden in bed kissing him softly, who reached out his hands and gently kneaded Will's powerful butt.

Aiden placed one hand on each solid pectoral of Will and pushed him back against the bed. He got up on his knees and swooped down to attack one of Will's nipples, but Will caught him halfway.

"It's time for you to be complacent, not complaisant," he stated firmly.

With that he pushed the boy back onto his back and straddled him; placing one knee on either side of the boy's torso. Instantly he swooped down to the boy's chest and started ravenously biting and sucking along it. Aiden gasped as Will slowly reached one hand across the boy's once again erect cock and tantalizingly teased the area around his sore anus.

"Should we try it once more?" he asked knowing what Aiden's answer would be.

"Yes!" Aiden managed to squeak out between gasps. "But harder this time!"


Aiden awoke groggily as he felt some sort of weird sensation. The morning sun streamed in through the windows as he noticed the gorgeous form of Will on top of him, breathing heavily, not snoring at all. His entire weight was on Aiden and the hard and lean looking body was apparently warm and soft to touch. Then Aiden realized why he was feeling weird. Will's dick was still inside him. Had he slept off like that? "This is definitely a first for me" Aiden thought a little nervously.

Will started getting hard as he opened his eyes and gazed at his lover pressed below him. "Hey beautiful!"

Aiden took a deep breath not knowing how to say it, but Will's penis was steadily elongating inside him.

"You know you're still inside me."

Will raised his eye brows and immediately perked up, pulling his almost erect penis out of Aiden. The penis was still condom clad and had the remains of Will's cum on the tip.

"Not that I didn't like it." Aiden grumbled making Will smile.

"Then let's get it back in there." Will said getting off the bed and frantically searching for condoms while he disposed the one that had stayed inside Aiden's ass all night long.

Aiden giggled as Will scurried about in the room and then in the bathroom. He preferred to top when he had sex, but with Will he was bottoming most of the time. And he was relishing it. Will always insisted he top whenever Aiden felt the least bit like it. Somehow Will would always understand what Aiden was in the mood off. '100% sex compatibility' Aiden happily thought to himself as Will finished his distracting chores jumped in the bed next to him.

Will slowly kissed the boy as he fumbled with his own dick, trying to gain entry. Aiden was always worried about his morning breath cause Will never had any. But if Will was noticing it, he sure was not complaining. Will finally found the right spot and pressed against it, still kissing Aiden who had him tightly enveloped in his arms. He slipped in easily through a comparatively loose anus ring.

10 minutes of hot morning sex later, Aiden raised himself from the bed eager to visit the loo. He knew all that pounding would give him some trouble, but he would happily bear it. He blissfully sat on the toilet seat, thinking for the thousandth time how lucky he was.

Slowly his thoughts drifted from early morning post orgasmic bliss to his college and friends. Tinka and Steve were still the only ones who knew about Will. What would Jason and the others think if they were to find out this hot property was his boyfriend; and that he banged him every night? What would Dominic think? Would they befriend him? He pushed the thoughts out of his mind as he thought about the work he had planned for the day. He had to go and collect his contact lenses and catch up on his college assignments. Apart from that he had also promised Dominic for the electronics robot assembling Techfest thing. And he had lectures throughout the afternoon. Thankfully he had the time before lunch free so he could wrap up all his chores and play a little tennis with Steve. Steve who would be peeved that he hardly played any tennis with him these days. He was certain that Steve would instantly agree to accompany him to the courts and bunk all his lectures. Nothing could stop Steve from a game of tennis.

He flushed the toilet and came back to the room to find Will lazily grazing his hands across his body as he lay on the bed.

"Hey Will, gotta leave now. Could you give me a lift back to campus?"

Will continued to distract Aiden by rubbing small circles on his abdomen with his fingers. "You could go or we could just stay here and have some more fun."

Aiden was adamant though he knew he was getting hard and had no clothes on to hide it. "No stop it! There's tonnes of work I have to finish today."

Will replied by swiftly getting off the bed and enveloping Aiden's thickening penis with his mouth.

Aiden managed to put in as he panted for breath, "Ah, ok… so you'll… you'll drop me after… uhh… this, won't you?"

Will nodded his head still continuing to suck on Aiden's penis.

"And I…uhh…I'm kinda busy today and won't… ahh… won't be able to meet you till nighttime."

Will nodded again, his head still bobbing along Aiden's shaft. Aiden was not telling him that he had free time today. But Will had long understood that this boy was a workaholic; he would never be happy if you gave him a 100 million dollars and nothing to do. Aiden liked to slog his ass all the time for he felt incomplete if he did not constantly work on something. Will knew that Aiden would spend all his free time catching up on his friends and work.


Aiden smashed the ball hard and out of Steve's reach which the latter did not even attempt to reach out to.

"Good shot!" Steve commended from the other side.

This was it, Aiden thought. A few more good shots like that and the set would be his. This was definitely going to be the best he had ever played. Now if only his serve would click in the next round.

Aiden was playing a vigorous game of tennis with Steve. And he was in the best form he had ever been. He positioned himself to serve as he bounced the fluorescent ball a couple of times on the ground; gauging the length and power he had to put in. A lob of the ball and wham!

"Fault." Steve called out from the other side.

Aiden cursed and took another ball out of his pocket and gauged the serve length and line again. One more lob and wham!

"Double Fault." Steve called out.

Aiden muttered angrily under his breath. Why the hell was the damn ball not falling into the correct area at least? Aiden cursed himself using his favorite mantra for tennis; 'I suck at this game.'

9 more minutes and Steve officially won the game. Aiden was still peeved and refused to quit playing. Steve was however enervated.

"Firstly I hear that you are so groggy nowadays that you sleep in your HOD's lecture," he shouted from his side of the court, "And now you possess so much energy that you literally bounce on an air cushion when we play tennis. What's going on?"

"What do you mean bounce?" Aiden shouted back.

"Well, by bounce I mean what you're doing right now; look at yourself!"

Aiden instantly stopped his prancing footwork and sheepishly realized what Steve was saying.

"So it's all because of that Will dude eh?" Aiden was glad that Steve at least remembered the name.

"Ok, just a few more shots and I'll call it quits," Steve called out tugging at the collar of his T-shirt. "I'm pooped! After's, you can play against the wall!"

Steve stretched out and served towards Aiden. But his opponent was no longer looking at the ball nor in it's general direction. Aiden was mesmerized by someone who had just entered the courts.

"You Nu.." but Aiden did not hear the rest. All he realized was sudden throbbing pain as the ball smacked his head and he slumped to the ground holding his head.

Steve ran over to Aiden's side and heard footsteps alongside as someone else rushed to the 'serve victim' who sat on the ground dazed, his spectacles resting on his nose at an odd angle.

"What the fuck were you zoning out for?" An agitated Steve shouted at Steve as he cradled his roommate in his arms. "Are you ok?"

"You ok buddy?" Another voice asked.

Aiden could barely process anything, He felt as if his skull had been split into two. The intense ache on the side of his head felt like a 100 bowling balls inside his skull banging the insides to get out. What had caused him to zone out? It was the vision of a God. A god wearing tennis togas and wielding a racket that had entered the courts. But Aiden realized through the pain that someone other than Steve was bending down next to him.

White had been the person Aiden had caught a glimpse of before the ball rocketed into his head. The human form of his. And unknown to the players, White leisurely hovered his hand over Aiden's head, healing him of his pain. Humans were easy to heal.

Aiden was confused; the pain in his head was dissipating, and fast. As it faded exponentially he could hear Steve continuously asking him whether he was all right.

Aiden finally lifted his head and was immediately captivated by the presence of this new comer. "I'm fine," he managed to squeak out.

Squatting down was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Or was it the second most beautiful? The first thing Aiden noticed were the deep sapphire eyes; a mesmerizing blue; eyes that belonged to another world. And then he noticed the strong noble face; a face that bespoke of divinity and warmth. A strong square jaw attributed to the most masculine roots one could possess. And lastly Aiden noticed the golden blonde hair, hair that reflected the sun and refracted its beams. Aiden could hardly move.

Steve wore a perplexed expression, confused why Aiden's face registered no signs of pain; instead he had a dorky look on it. He swung his head sideways to see why and himself paused at the sight of this new man. It was a few moments before he realized that the effect that this man had on him for just a few seconds, was the same Aiden was under, only more severe and prolonged.

Steve leaned over and whispered into Aiden's ear, "Get up you dork!"

"Uh, yeah." And then Aiden realized how foolish he must be looking. "Why the hell did you slam the ball into me?" he asked his face turning red as he raised himself with the help of the two people, immediately feeling where the new guy grabbed his arm to lift him up.

"What the fuck? I served only to find you suddenly zoned out in the middle of the tennis court."

"I was not zoned out!" Aiden stated indignantly. "I was just…"

Steve ran his hand over the side of Aiden's head, "You took it pretty hard, are you sure its not hurting?"

"It's not." Aiden said, running his own hand over where the ball had swacked him. "It really isn't."

Steve stared for a couple of seconds wondering whether to attribute Aiden's lack of pain to this new arrival, then finally decided that the pain would have been too intense for Aiden to hide if indeed the ball had hit him the way he thought it had.

Finally the new arrival spoke, "You guys still playing?"

Aiden was still entranced a little by this new angel. He noticed his tall built and obvious physique under the flimsy tennis wear and eyed his well-developed strapping legs. Immediately Aiden felt embarrassed of his own legs. 'Should have worn full length tracks' he thought to himself.

"No I'm pooped." Steve stated.

"I'm still playing!" Aiden hastily added with a goofy expression on his face.

"I'm sorry," the man stated as Aiden hung on to his every word staring at how his deep red lips moved, "I'm Scott, Scott White." Scott extended his hand.

Aiden quickly extended his hand and shook it before Steve could reach out his.

"I'm Aiden, and this is Steve." Aiden could feel the tingling warmth of Scott's hand.

"So, are we playing?" Scott questioned as Aiden continued smiling, showing no signs of leaving his hand. Suddenly images of Will came crashing through Aiden's mind. What was he doing; drooling over some stranger? He had his own hunk that was hotter than this guy, or maybe equally hot, but was there harm in looking? No, he could not make such an ass of himself after all Will did for him. Will was now the centre of his everything, and he would be the only eye-candy he ogled at.

Aiden averted his gaze from Scott as he spoke, "Yeah sure, I'll take that court." Aiden paced towards the other side of the net.

Steve shrugged once looking at the new guy and then headed towards the benches to assemble his gear. He was sure Aiden was going to make a dork of himself in front of someone who looked as hot as this guy. He collected his gear and headed out of the courts, whispering to Aiden as he passed him.

"I'm sure this one's hotter than your Will."

"No way, he's not." Aiden replied knitting his brow, but Steve had already passed by. Aiden looked at his new opponent, knowing he was going to make a mess of himself in front of this new guy. What had he gotten himself into?

Scott placed himself to serve as Aiden readied to face him. Wham! Aiden was not sure what had happened. Had the ball gone by?

"Err, I think that's an ace." Scott called out.

"It is?" an incredulous Aiden asked.

"Yup, you missed it."

A few more serves later Aiden realized Scott was brilliant at the game. And he understood that he was holding himself back. 'This guy's a real pro', he thought.

"You serve," Scott called out. Aiden was already worried that his adversary was out of his league, and now he would also get to witness his miserable serve. 'Great' he thought to himself.

Aiden readied himself and bounced the ball against the ground, praying the ball would at least land in the designated area. He smacked the ball hard as Scott called out 'Fault' from the other side even before the ball touched the ground anywhere. Aiden was nervous as hell in front of this new chap.

A few more serves later Aiden thought to call it quits, thinking he must be wasting such an ace player's time. "You know, you should find a better opponent, I'll be leaving now."

"No, no stay." Scott pleaded. "You ARE a good opponent."

Aiden walked towards the net and leaned against the pole on the side. "Yeah, tell me about it."

"Your serve is pretty good, a little timing will turn it into a juggernaut!"

Aiden raised his eyebrows at the comment. His serve and timing; he knew he could hardly use the two in the same sentence, but that was all that was wrong with his serve? Nah! His whole form sucked. But yet, Scott did not sound like he was making fun of him.

Scott walked towards Aiden's side, "Here, serve with me."


Aiden led Scott toward the sideshop to 'recharge on fluids' as Scott had put it. The latter had offered to help him improve his serve, and he actually had. He had prodded him to time his lobs and swing at the ball at the correct height. Had it been that simple? How come he had never seen it before? But Scott had also posed severe problems in his tennis shorts when he leaned against him to correct his stance. Aiden had cursed his hormones seeing how genuine and polite this man was. 'He actually did want to help me out and was not at all condescending,' he thought. Otherwise, most of the time whenever someone tried to correct his tennis, his ego would prevent him from learning.

White on the other hand was about to embark on another mental dive. He was curious to know the mental state of the alchemist and the import of things in his life. Only this time he would dive subtly, skim over cursorily; the Alchemist would not even realize that his mind had been perused. White caught his breath and dived in.

His consciousness raced through the insides, as a spectator and not as an active involved entity this time. And suddenly White realized a cornucopia of feelings that overwhelmed and saturated him.

The Alchemist was drugged on newly discovered love. And it felt exciting and satiating at the same time. The Alchemist was sharing his heart with someone, and White was left dizzied by the feelings that flooded him. Love that was solid and which felt oddly familiar. When had he ever experienced something like this before?

"Scott, what will you have?" Aiden questioned for the second time from the counter.

White blinked and his consciousness jumped back into his own mind. He had lost himself in the tender feelings of adoration and affection that beleaguered him inside the boy's mind.

"Uh, Yeah, just any Oj type of thing." He finally answered. He noticed the alchemist looking at him with an odd expression. He would have to be very cautious around this boy.

Aiden asked for two Gatorades which an eager girl behind the counter fetched, all the while smiling goofily at White. White immediately offered to pay the trivialities but Aiden refused to accept, paying on his own. The two settled down on a table with their drinks.

"So what do you do Scott?" Aiden asked. "As in, how come you get to play on the university courts?"

White sipped his drink before he answered. He never fancied human food. "I organize some courses outside campus, just behind your back entrance."

"And that allows you to play on campus?" Aiden had an incredulous expression on his face.

"Yeah they do. The coach is an old friend of mine."

"How come I've never seen you before?" Aiden asked before he could stop himself.

White was having a difficult time with this boy. The great Angel might be a God who performed Herculean tasks, but lying and deceiving this innocent boy was not one of them. "Don't know timings don't match I guess."

Aiden seemed content with the answer as he resumed sipping his drink. White wanted to try one more thing. He mentally projected the thought of his having sex with the boy into Aiden's mind, and waited to gauge his reflections.

The boy was initially excited by the thought, but the fluttering feeling lasted hardly a second. Instead he reacted violently by foisting the thought out of his head, clearly repulsed and accusing his own self of infidelity. His face had turned a little crimson in those few moments. White was impressed.

'Very Well', White thought to himself. 'If this boy is indeed so steady and noble, I shall never ever enter his mind again unless a dire situation comes along.' And with that White pledged never to read Aiden's thoughts, nor enter his mind again.


A human shape dashed across the irate walkers apologizing as it sped by.

"Sorry," Aiden called out as he raced towards his destination. He was heading over to collect his contact lenses though he hardly had 20 minutes before his next lecture commenced. He knew he was cutting it close, but he could delay this task any longer. He wanted to wear his lenses the next time he appeared before Will. He could hardly wait to see how Will and his friends would react.

He finally reached the alley panting for breath and looked up to where the shop was. He was hoping his order was ready and would be delivered promptly.

And then he saw it; immediately remembering as he noticed it; the shop below with a flashy sign in black and red that read 'Horuscopus'. This was the card that the old frantic Japanese lady had slipped into his pocket the other day when he was with Will. Well he didn't know where that card was any longer but the lady had sounded desperate. He had forgotten all about it till now. Hadn't she insisted he call him?

Well he was going to have to do it later, if he did it at all, he had no time right now.

Aiden dashed up the spiral staircase cursing the fact he could not climb them any faster. Huffing for breath he entered the shop fishing a receipt out of his pocket, towards the immaculately dressed woman with her hair in a bun that sat at the counter.

"Hi, I'm here to collect an order," Aiden stated collecting his breath. "I was here on Sunday for some contact lenses."

The lady took the proffered card and put on a pair of reading glasses, reading it carefully. "Ah, yes of course. Have a seat, I'll just get your stuff."

Aiden was in no mood to take a seat, he frantically looked at his watch. 17 minutes left. It would take him about 10 minutes if he ran all the way back to university. He could make it to his lecture in time." He calmed himself and took a seat.

13 minutes of impatient waiting later, an irate Aiden asked the preened lady for the fourth time where his order was.

"It's just coming," she answered reassuring him and then called out to someone in a louder voice, "Charles! Get this young man's order pronto!"

Aiden was peeved to the core. He would never get to his lecture on time now. He might as well forget about it. He huffed and went back to sit on the uncomfortable waiting chairs. As soon as he sat down the lady called out, "Ah it's here!"

Aiden thanked the lady in a mordant tone and collected the goods. He had missed a lecture on account of their inefficiency. He walked leisurely out of the shop knowing there was no rush to go anywhere now.

As he descended the spiral stair case he noticed the sign for the Horoscope shop again. Well he could go there now, since he had the free time. Or should he?

After contemplating for half a minute whether he should enter a place with a banner like that, Aiden finally decided he would; he had glanced around and made sure no one who could recognize him would see him entering the store.

He pushed the black glass door open as wind chimes above the door jingled signaling his entry. Aiden found himself in the most colorful room he had seen in his entire life, filled with ominous masks and ornamental bands hanging across the walls. A Japanese girl, who Aiden estimated to be his own age, watching television turned to see who had entered.

"Can I help you?" Aiden noticed her white milky complexion and was reminded of the lady he had encountered having the same complexion.

"Uhh, I'm looking for a lady." Aiden stated unsure of what to ask for.

"The shop's closed, we don't cater to any customers any more."

"The sign outside…"

"We closed shop 3 days ago," the girl interrupted sharply as she muted the television and Aiden realized she had no accent. "The sign outside will be hammered out in a day or two."

"But I'm not here to get my fortune, uhh, future predicted…" The girl pursed her lips and waited for Aiden to continue.

"I'm here to meet an old lady who I met a few days back." Aiden finally managed to say. "Look, this old lady gave me a card to this place and asked for me to call her. I think she runs this place or something" Aiden regretted calling the lady old in front of her probable relative.

The girl's face went blank. "When did you meet her?"

Aiden recalled the day he had come for his lenses earlier, the day he had gone with Will to the retirement home. "On Sunday."

The girl bit her lower lip. "That's the day she died."

Aiden was taken aback. He had hardly dealt with death in his life before and was not sure how to react. "I'm sorry, I'll leave if you want me to."

"No wait, that old lady was my mother. Tell me where you met her." Aiden looked at the girl unsure of what to say. This girl had lost her mother 2 days ago and was talking about it so normally. She registered no signs of shock on her face, only one of determination.

"I met her near my friend's retirement home. She came after me and told me about some danger sort of thing."

"She told you of the devil that was after you," the girl stated flatly.

"Excuse me?"

The girl swiftly got up, switched off the television and turned towards Aiden. "My mom went nuts on Sunday. That was the day she died. In fact she was murdered. Killed by a demonic force."

Aiden was trying to follow what the girl was saying, but made little sense of it. The girl noticed Aiden's expression and stepped closer to him.

"Listen, you may think I'm out of whack, but my mom was psychic. And on that bastard day," she clenched her teeth, "My mom saw some sort of a vision and went nuts. She kept saying something like 'a boy would be consumed by a devil' and drove everyone else in the house mad. Finally she left the house to seek the boy or whatever."

Aiden scrunched his face and creased his brow. He had no idea what to make of this girl or her story.

"She returned later in the evening but was still inconsolable; she said she had not been able to warn the boy even though she had met him. We managed to get her to go to sleep after a big ruckus." The girl paused to add the next bit, "And then she was murdered by the devil."

"She was?" Aiden asked not at all believing what was being said but having no inkling on how to react to a girl who spoke of a dead mother and supernatural phenomenon with such a straight face.

"Yes, she was. When we found her, her eyes had popped out of her head and blood was seeping out through her nose, through her ears, even through the sockets in her eyes." The girl's tone was getting louder and louder and she was almost screaming as she said the last bits.

"Uhh, I …"

The girl lashed out at Aiden, "You don't believe me do you? But you would believe the forensic reports that showed that her brain had exploded inside her skull, turned to mushy pulp, and all while she lay on her bed alone."

Aiden was having a hard time processing the situation. This girl was getting angry as her entire face had turned from white to red. Suddenly the rage on her face disappeared and tears streamed out form the corners of her eyes as she tried to wipe them with the back of her hand. Aiden stepped away from the girl as if she was an explosive ticking to go off.

"I'm sorry… it's just…" the rest of her words faded in the sobs.

"It's ok, I'll just leave." Aiden was feeling miserable.

"No, no, forgive me for all that anger."

"No, no it's ok."

"No dammit! Listen to what I have to say!" the girl burst out again. Aiden flinched ready to run off if she took the slightest step toward him. He was terrified of this girl now.

"You are the boy mama was trying to protect. You are the one the devil is after."

Aiden chewed at his lips.

"You are the one mama gave her life for."


A confused boy left the Horoscope shop. Aiden's head was spinning. What did the girl mean by insisting for him to believe in the devil? Why was she so adamant? And there was one thing that she said just before he left her that made him queasy; be careful of new people in your life.

Aiden was terrified. Did she mean to refer to Will? No, that was impossible! Will was the kindest person he had ever met in his entire life. Will was a new person in his life after all. And then he had met another person lately; Scott. These were the only two significant recent additions in his life lately. Or the girl might have been referring to scores of lesser important people that he encountered everyday.

Finally Aiden felt sick at himself for thinking about such things. Finally he came to a conclusion; he had been a fool who felt for a girl that was so traumatized at her mother's death. For all he knew, the girl would scream and cry at anyone who entered the shop since her mother died. There was no reason to believe this obviously disturbed girl.

Then how did the lady who came after him in the first place fit into all this?


Dominic was tapping his fingers against the table waiting impatiently. He was a prompt person and disliked having to wait for anyone. And right now he was waiting for the most punctual person he knew.

Dominic looked up as he heard footsteps, his face registering surprise at seeing Aiden.

"Dude, where are your glasses?"

Aiden smiled feebly though he hardly felt like it at that time. "Oh, I switched to lenses."

Dominic raised his eyebrows and tried to say something but no words left his mouth. He started again, "What the hell do you mean lenses?"

Aiden's smile accumulated some joy. "Contact Lenses."

"Shit!" Dominic exclaimed. "First you change your hair, and now you dumped your glasses? I mean look at you! Who the fuck are you? I can barely recognize you!"

"So how does it look?" Aiden asked hesitatingly.

"It looks nice." Dominic thought for a couple of seconds before he added, "In fact it suits you pretty well."

Aiden was happy. Dominic had said he was looking good. He had been distressed throughout the afternoon, immersed in anxious thoughts, and had forgotten about the lenses till Dominic pointed it out.

"So what are all these changes for?"

"Uhh, just like that."

"Are you hiding something from me?"

The two were interrupted as a new person entered the room. Aiden stared wide eyed; it was Scott.

"So should we begin?" Scott asked smiling at the pair.

"Begin what?" Aiden asked confused. "Scott what are you doing here?" He was immediately aware of his contact lenses again but reckoned that Scott had met him just once before when he had been wearing spectacles. Scott would not know of the switch he had made; the switch that for Aiden had been so dramatic.

"I'm your guide for robot assembling. Didn't I tell you that I take some courses behind college?"

Aiden stared dumbfounded. Scott was wearing a half sleeved striped shirt and black jeans. And he looked seriously hot! Aiden was watching Scott's lips move as he spoke and was having a hard time concentrating on what he was saying. 'Shit' Aiden thought to himself. 'If this hunk is gonna be my teacher here, I can safely say buh-bye to robotics with the amount I'll be able to concentrate with him around'.

"So shall we begin with our Micromouse?" Scott asked.

Scott disappeared into the adjoining room as the budding engineers followed. "You know him?" Dominic asked as they followed Scott.

"Yeah, sorta. Just met him today and played some tennis with him." Aiden entered a larger room where he found Storm already waiting, sitting on a tiny stool that threatened to give away any moment.

"Okay everyone." Scott clasped his hands as he waited for the trio to settle down. He took a deep breath before he started. "You all have the university TechFest coming up in 4 weeks time and are wanting to submit an entry for the Micromouse contest."

"We want to win it." Dominic interrupted.

"Yes definitely." Scott continued. "Your contest rules are here with me. The maze design and dimensions are categorically defined. What we will need is knowledge in microcontrollers, knowledge of basic assembly language, knowledge of a few electronic devices and a little knowledge of design dynamics."

Aiden was impressed through the little he heard when he was not distracted by Scott's looks. This guy was hot, hunky, smart, and polite. Weren't drop dead gorgeous people supposed to be snobbish and dumb? He now knew of two people who could shatter that theory now.

"What I require from you guys is your dedication and hard work. We don't have much time before the contest and we will have to make the most of the time we do have. I will be starting off with some basic circuits that are not actual components of the Micromouse robot. However these circuits will help you understand what you're doing and impart you important knowledge that could otherwise be left untouched even after completion of the robot."

Aiden stole a glance at his engineer buddies. They were looking up at Scott with respect and awe. Scott's dynamic personality had clearly swept them off their feet. 'He probably has this effect on everyone' Aiden realized.

The group split up into different tasks; Aiden was handed a bunch of circuitry material to complete a PCB and interpret what it did. Aiden started his work, surprised that a simple circuit could be so challenging when you had to work backwards with it. After some fiddling he called for Scott to find out why it was not working.

Scott lifted the board on which the circuit was mounted and glanced at the components.

"There's a tiny problem here." Scott finally stated. "Observe your green LED."

Aiden narrowed his eyes to observe and then cursed himself. He had soldered the LED in reverse polarity.

"Shit! what a dork!" Aiden muttered cursing himself as he slapped his forehead.

Scott smiled at Aiden. "Happens to the best of us."

Aiden was smitten. This man was so polite. He loved the manner in which Scott made you realize your mistakes and was not at all patronizing. This man was actually making him understand all the heavy circuitry he had been involved in for the first time. Otherwise Aiden's knowledge was bookish and pedantic. He could feel his heart warming next to Scott. This man exuded comfort and also some sort of intoxication.

Aiden watched as Scott went over to Storm who was busy fiddling with tiny electronic components with his large bulky fingers, a sight to behold. The two laughed at Storm's attempts to insert a thin wire into the breadboard grooves. Aiden noticed as Storm got up that Scott was nearly the same height as him. But whereas Storm possessed a lot of bulk and looked generally large, Scott was in perfect shape; perfect arms, broad back and shoulders, and the most perfect butt. Aiden scolded himself, 'Ok, finish your work first!' and forced himself to look down at the circuit.

"He's probably straight anyway!" He reasoned to himself. "Plus I have Will now."


It was later in the evening when the trio left Scott and his gadgets. Aiden was feeling much better than he had been all afternoon. But as soon as Dominic and Storm left him he got lost in his own thoughts as he walked towards Will's apartment.

With the advent of the robotics project, he would now be meeting Scott on a regular basis. 'Scott White', he voiced to himself. He chuckled thinking there were two handsome men in his life who had last names of colors. 'Black and White'.

Scott was immensely likeable, other than the fact that he could almost make Aiden cum in his underwear. He was attracting Aiden like a moth to a flame. And Aiden was having a hard time stopping himself from being lured. But why did he even have to think about anyone else now?

Now there was Will in his life. A person who seemed to desire him as much as he did. And he was absolutely fantastic. Then what was bothering him. Wasn't all the things the Japanese girl and lady said crap? 'What devil drivel!' He suddenly remembered Tinka's question. 'Wasn't Will too perfect?' Why had his best friend said something like that? Aiden knew it was a harmless question, asked in care, but something like that from Tinka really affected him. Was Tinka feeling there was something wrong behind Will's façade? Why the hell did she have to feel that way? Just when he was so happy.

So now there were two alpha males in his life. Two men that both looked that they just stepped out from the cover of a romance novel. Men so handsome that they were difficult to fathom. So why was he so distressed?

Aiden reached Will's building, surprised he had not realized where the journey started and where it got over. He was way too washed out mentally. He was crestfallen and insecure. And he did not know a proper reason to assign for his worries.


Black opened the swung the door open knowing it was Aiden who had arrived. He was immediately flooded by Aiden's thoughts.

Aiden stood there in the hallway, trying to smile at him. But Black knew otherwise. He felt the pathos of unanswered questions overwhelming him. Black stepped forward and hugged Aiden, enfolding him within his arms. Aiden immediately closed his eyes and rested his head on his lover's strong shoulder.

Black gently stroked Aiden's back, swaying gently, purring sweet nothings in his ear. The boy was insecure and had only him to hold onto. He started analyzing Aiden's thoughts.

There was the worry of a fortune telling lady's daughter that had distressed his lover by telling him of a devil. So killing the old lady had not been good enough? There was nothing more that could be done about it now. If he tried to wipe out this daughter now, and Aiden found out, the consequences could be cataclysmic.

Then there was the matter of doubt and uncertainty expressed by a friend. The same girl he had met earlier. There was certainly no manner in which he could intervene there.

And then there was the matter of a new man that confused his lover's senses. Black decided to root out this man if he posed a problem again.

Black was till swaying with Aiden, still out in the hallway. He gauged Aiden's worries, fears, anxieties and doubts and felt melancholic himself. He would do anything in his powers to make Aiden feel better. All he wanted was to see this boy smile. No one would be allowed to harm his lover.

Black gently rubbed his cheeks against Aiden's, still purring soothingly as the boy stood still, holding onto, fearing to let go. Black knew what the boy wanted.

He gently lifted the boy in his arms and carried him inside, ever so slightly shutting the door. Reaching the bedroom he placed him on the bed softly and carefully removed their clothes before joining his lover.

Back made soft and tender love to Aiden, long and slow, completely losing himself in the tender passion and feelings of affection that inundated him. He wanted nothing more than to please this boy. To fill joy in his heart and rid him of his anxieties. To make him understand that everything would be ok. He climaxed the lovemaking, for the first time feeling sated himself.

He lightly ran his hair through Aiden's hair. He knew his next words should never have been uttered.

"Don't worry about anything. I'll always be with you."

And with that he quietly dozed of with his lover, knowing that the human feelings he was experiencing were going to land him in trouble.


Fifteen minutes later Aiden groggily got out of the bed. He stepped over to where his jeans lay and fished out a tiny double sectioned box. Stretching the skin below his eyes he popped the contact lenses out and placed each one of them in the small compartments marked L and R. Having finished the task, he moved back into the arms of his lover, cursing the fact that lenses needed to be removed before sleeping.




Ok, so lots of events in Aiden's life. A lot of things he's going through. Black and White are now both key people in his life. We'll see how he deals with things as they come. There's still a lot of things left to happen.

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