"No my mighty ruler. You have to take care of them yourself!" Frigeria stated with an annoyed look on her face.

"Frigeria, you must attend to them. Please."

The raven haired female angel grumble under her breath. It had been over a week since the Empress of the Kingdom of Void had been annihilated and the mighty White angel was still not attending to matters of the Kingdom. He had been diligently preoccupied by a certain dark Seraph. And now, there were troglodyte merchants that were visiting the capital city of Immaculata, and important matters would be discussed but the mighty white angel would simply not attend to them, saying he had other matters to attend to.

"I will not attend troglodyte merchants while you booger your lover on the bed. For heaven's sake, you've spent almost all of last week conquering him and being conquered. To think that you bed the devil himself!"

"Frigeria. Please." The white angel pleaded softly with large beseeching eyes.

The black haired angel sighed. "All right." She was hugged tightly by the larger angel before she could put any more words in. "But you have to promise you will resume your duties tomorrow!"

But white was out of earshot. Warped and teleported to his bedroom chamber, where a certain dark Seraph waited for him.

Frigeria sighed deeply. "To think that the fiercest two warriors in the two Kingdoms would be reduced to this. A couple of mooney eyed lovers!"

The air deformed as White teleported stealthily into his own chamber, where Black stood with his back to him, staring out of the window as his gossamer silver wings draped down on the floor beneath.

White quietly stole behind his lover and enveloped him in his arms, wings, solid muscles and all as he kissed along the back of his shoulders, making his lover sigh.

"So it was true", The dark angel stated suddenly. "The Alchemist did put an end to the war between the kingdoms of Light and Void."

White smiled sadly at his lover. The boy had been discussed a hundred times before.

"And his powers were indeed beyond the Perpetuals." White stated. "It was a sight to witness. The way he waved one hand and the evil Empress just blew up and vanished."

"Indeed." Black stated sadly and silence descended as the two lovers once again got lost in thought about the courageous boy.

"So the matter with the 'Hourglass of Retrogression' has been dealt with?" Black inquired.

The 'Hourglass of Retrogression' was a powerful artifact. It was a simple delicate glass flask, emblazoned with golden filigree that was owned neither by the Kingdom of Light nor by the Kingdom of Void - it was owned by both, conjointly. It was a superdominant artifact that could be used to turn back time on the material plane, but one that required both the kingdoms to assent to its use. Its activation required a drop of blood from both the Kingdom's guardians; Black and White.

"Yes it has." White stated whispering.

The time on the material plane for the day when the two angels had clashed had been turned back. Everything had been turned back and re-achieved - the collapsed buildings, the lost lives, the peace of mind and ignorance of people on the material plane. Everything, except a young boy called Aiden.

"And who keeps what memories?" Black asked once again.

White looked deep into the intense green eyes of his lover as he replied, "Tinka, the Alchemist's friend will remember and know everything. The rest of the world will bathe in ignorance while the Alchemist's friend will know that Aiden died in a car accident."

"So the memories have been modified so huh?" Black stated sadly.

"Yes." White whispered back and once again there was silence in the chamber as the two tightly embraced figures said nothing.

"Aiden was beyond philanthropic." Black stated out of the blue. "He was in fact, self-effacing."

"Yes. And he gave up the Alchemist's life and power to reunite us."

Black smiled at the beautiful angel that was his now. He turned around slowly and kissed his soft lips as he ran his hands along the firm muscles on his arms. White guided them to the marble bed where he laid down Black, draping the hard texture by his silky grey wings as he joined him.

"And you're mine now." White stated as thoughts of how he had pounded his lover all throughout the previous night came breezing back into his head. Black had stated that he would take his revenge on him. And White could hardly wait.

And he inhabitants of both the Kingdoms would stare with awe in the skies when both their rulers soared together, cutting across the clouds, the two great angels - Black and White.


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