Black Circle

By Gaki-kun & Anonyprince

Based on the Rejuve Universe setting of Lurking Dragon.

The Judicial Rejuve Technician looked up from her PADD as an orderly escorted her red-haired former colleague Charles into the chamber room. "Ah, thank you. If you would please make sure he is secure on the table..." she asked the security orderlies trying to show no recognition to their charge. She waited patiently as Charles was secured to the exam table portion of the judical rejuve chamber.

"C'mon, guys! It's just a job! I can pay you! Just get me out of here! Or at least give me silver P's?" Charles struggled with his voice—primarily. He couldn't restrain himself from resisting the last ankle strap—not that it did any good. "Come on!" he continued, "I probably prevented crime against kinderns!"

The Tech reached her limit in ignoreing his protests, "Really, that attitude is what's got you into this postion. You were trusted, you abused it, and unlike your victims you deserve the black-circle around your filled in 'P's. Though I read your transcripts, the price you would have charged for a male one—like yourself—was quite high as little boy black-circles are rare."

"They were Scum! You know it!"

The Tech removed Charles' medical gown leaving him naked save for the security straps. "Scum does not come out scum at the other end, but you prevented them coming out the other end at all. Do you know how many of them are now Innocentatas becuase what you did to them?"

"I only did it to the really bad ones!"

The Tech entered the correct bio reading into the chamber as he continued to rant.

"That one slicer was sentenced to over a hundred cycles for his spam! That's inhuman! I did him a favor!"

She turned and slowly began to diddle Charles flacid member.

"H-hey!" Charles squirmed what little he could in the restraints.

As she methodically worked her hand she said in a clinical tone, "We need to get you as hard as possble to forfill the special request in your file. Let's see how big your peter can get. For you'll soon to be a naughty little boy, with tackle to match.

Charles tried for a more personal tact, "Come on Sarah! Sometimes those cases don't work out! At least give me that much!"

"Well true repeat offenders do happen, but rarely..." Sarah admited but she refocused his attention on the inevible here and now, "One last look at it in full glory for a long time."

Charles was almost crying as his traitorous member responded to her ministrations. He had always thought she was hawt.

Sarah decided to keep going until a little moan escaped his mouth and the big vein was throbbing along it's lenght; to make sure it was big as possible. She then let go and picked up a holo-scanner, and began a maximum resolution scan of his tackle. "There now, I'm sure ever detail of it is now recorded in maximum defintion."

"Dammit! You just know that is gonna be made a dildo for my ass!" Charles cursed with tears of frustration. "Can't you use the recording of that japanese pedo's cock?"

"Yep, right on the reason for the scan. Your new mommy—little Charley—asked for it. Shall we now see now see it shrink down to a little 6-year-old's peter Charley? Unless you're unluckly..." she drawled off hinting at century problem—where 1 in a 100 male rejuvenations results in Y chromosome repression, easliy correctible with another rejuvenation but not a step taken with convicted Penitatas until their next cycle—as she stepped back and actived the machine, so that the gurney retracted into the chamber.

"Dammit! I never touched a kid!"

"I never touched a kid!"

"I never touched a kid!"

"I never touched a kid!"

Charles repeated this over and over, yelling as loud as he could. His last act before lost of consciousness was flipping Sarah the bird. Thinking, 'The self righteous bitch.'

Sarah tisked and thought to herself, 'That will not be a good idea in the near future.'

Charles murmured and stired toward consciousness when a female voice reached him, "Hello there, sleepy-head."

"5 more minutes..." he said as he tried to snuggle down back into sleep.

Then a male voice added, "What do you think Ma, watch our naked boy sleep for 5 more minutes?"

Charles rolled on his front. Thinking to himself 'There! nekkid problem solved!... wait... nekkid?' Outloud he went "muh?" as he raised muzzily onto his elbows.

"Cute derrière there Charlie," the feminine voice said.

"Ish Charles," Charles mumbed then he looked left then right as he took in the medical recovery room and the two large persons in it with him.

"You look more like a Charlie now dear," she said with a smile.

Charlie asked in a minor panic, "What the fuh'm I doin' here?"

While his court appointed mother got out a sailor suit that the right size for a 6 year-old, his new father answered him, "You have been rejuved son. Look at the back of your hands."

"Do you need to go potty before you get dressed?" his mother asked.

Charlie looked at the woman, "We didn't, you know..." he made the fucking gesture, beginning to note how big the room is... 'What the fuck is on my hands?!!??! oh...shit!' he thought to himself before saying out loud, "Look, this is all a mistake! I'm innocent!"

"Charlie that gesture is crude even for an adult. So you better not let me catch you ever making it again my penny boy," his mother scolded. While she noted his protest, and would as per form pass it on to his lawyer to do his job, but in the mean time she will continue to treat him as her new penny son. And as freshly rejuved she felt she could give him enough slack one warning, about something he should know better about, but then again he should have know better not to become a penny.

"Charlie you know your case was big news," he father added, "not many people will believe that innocent line."

Charlie scrambled towards what his panicked brain had thought was a corner, but was in fact empy space—and fell backwards off the bed. "Whooooaaaa!" he exclaimed

His mother ran over and picked Charlie up, "You ok there honey?" she asked in soothing tone. Charlie hugged her for dear life as she sat down on the bed while she hugged him and rubbed his back.

"Thanks!" Charlie said to her as he recoved his cool, "those metal floors have caused more than a few extra rejuves."

Seeing he had taken no harm she refocused his attention, "Well you seem, alright, what about an answer to my potty question?"

Charlie briefly considered it then asked, "How long is the car ride, ma'am? er, I mean, mom?"

She answered, "Well not long. We live very near the Assvile Rejuve Primary School."

And his father added, "A good neighborhood to raise a hard timer like yourself."

Charlie of course knew where that was in realtion to his former workplace and considered his response before replaying, "I can make that trip."

So his mother sat Charlie down next to her on the edge of bed, and picked up the Whacky Woodpecker underoos and declaired, "Let's get you dress then"

"I have a suit in my old locker—several, actually—just in case..." Charley hinted not liking the chosen clothes.

His father waved away that though with his hand saying, "I'll come back tomorrow to have a look over your locker and decide what should go into storage any what suitable for my boy."

Charlie groused, "Come on! Just have them sent for! They are 10,000 credit Armani suits for crying out loud! Please?" However Charlie obediently cooperated with being dressed.

As his mother smoothed the briefs into place and put on the blue sailor suit top, his father ignored the complaint and dismissed its importance with a simple, "The additional run is no big problem."

Charlie kept up his pleas with, "They're sized for me from ages 3 through 21. They set me back a freaking Mint. Please don't store them, or at least don't do it in less than sealed, climate controlled conditions? Please sir. " looking down at how his new mother who was dressing him added with a grimace, "The sailor suit? Really?"

"Don't worry all your property will be given properly conditioned storage, though they'll probably not still be in style by the time you get to be 14 again," his father added thinking back to the age when style of his close first started to matter to himself.

"Well it's very similar to what you need to wear to school," his Mother hinted for him to get use to it.

"At least it isn't the catboy outfit... nyo" Charly mumbled to himself with a boyish giggle.

"Well Ma? Does that sound a great Trickortreat outfit?"

Putting the socks onto his small feet agreed with, "Yes it does sound cute."

Charlie clenched his little butt visibly through his briefs, knowing where the tail might be stuck for a black-circle penny! "You weren't supposed to hear that, sir."

Pa enjoyed watching the scene of his little boy being dressed by his Ma as she held out the shorts for him slip off the bed and to step into, which he did ever so biddablely. Charlie knew the process, and how much worse it could get! Ma then put on his black leather shoes and tied his laces for him.

"I can—well, nevermind, I guess you got it, and my coordination is shot, huh?"

His Pa answered him with, "Well you can try latter, as you're the right age to relearn."

"Nah, I had it figured out before kindergarden before. Muscle memory should still be good."

Ma stood up and handed Charlie the sailor cap to go with the outfit. Charlie made a face reluctantly donned it as he thought to himself, 'It is so damn... Dorky!'

When suddenly Ma smacked the back of his bare thigh and scolded "Caps are not worn inside young man"

"OW!" Charlie doffed it fast! and quickly adds, "Sorry ma'am!"

"Better," Ma said with a smile.

"A quick study. That will serve you well Son," Pa added with approval.

Charlie fidgeted with his cap in both hands... "Um, whose hand do I have to hold out to the car?"

Ma held out her hand saying, "Shall we head home now?" Charles smiled getting his answers and took her offered hand.

Pa also answered with, "You can hold both our hands once your other hand is not need to hold your cap."

"Yes, sir."

Ma lead the way with Charlie towards the car, Pa following behind until they had gotten outside. Charlie donned his cap and took hold of his new daddy's hand. he look up at both of them thinking 'time to start cutting my way into their hearts'. Besides, the nano-web made him want to! "Can I swing? Preeeeety please?" he entreated.

"Yes Honey," his mother answered with a smile, and his parents helped him swing as they walk to the car. They had parked on the far side of the lot. Ma settled Charlie into his 6 year-old model car seat while Pa programmed the autopilot for the home trip. Charlie knowing the law, didn't fuss about the car seat—he actually helps.

Once Ma joined Pa in the front of the car, Pa started the autopilot on its way home. Charlie watched the familiar sights flying by the window. 'The best thing about these seats is the elevated viewing position,' he thought to himself... Then he started to squirm a bit. 'I can hold it... I can hold it! Just don't think of waterfalls... Or the ocean... Or that river!!!!.'

"Charlie, the school year has already started. But it's early enough for you to start next week. So you don't have much time to think about your two electives," Pa started to inform Charlie.

Charlie whimpered a bit.

"Charlie, is there a problem?" Ma asked in a concerned tone.

"I'm sorry. I'm so Sorry. But, I gotta, um," Charlie said then dropped his voice to a whisper, "I gotta pee."

"I asked if you had to go before we left... Are you telling me you fibbed to me?"

Charlie blushed but answered, "I gave you an honest assessment to the best of my knowledge, ma'am! But I gotta Goooohoooo!"

"It would be a really shame if you get whacked wet so soon wearing a new pair of pants," Pa mussed in a way of warning.

"I think so too! Can we pull over? Is there a bottle I can use? Please Dad!" Charlie implored.

"Well let's see I'm telling the autopilot to let us pull over at the first place we allowed to."

"And we don't keep trash in the car Honey," Ma added.

"The 'pilot says there is a park we can stop at 2 minutes away."

Charlie couldn't help it due to the nanoweb. As he grabs his little willie he chants in a whisper "hurryhurryhurryhurry"

Pa accepted the option and 2 minutes later monitored as the autopilot parked a fair walk away from the public restrooms on the other side of the playground in the park. When parked Ma got out the car and got opened the kiddie locked door on Charlie's side. Charlie popped his child-seat-belt one-handed and waited to sprint, while his other hand held his boyhood closed!

"I'll take him," Pa said to Ma before saying while pointing, "Come on Charlie, the potty is over there"

Charlie sprinted urgently ahead of Pa, paying no attention to the kindergartener rejuves playing in the playground, though they noticed him. Pa let him sprint but doesn't let him get out of sight.

Charlie ran in and whiped it out... or tried to... 'Oh god, I'm already peeing!' He finally dug himself out of his fly and goes, and goes, and goooooooooooes.

"Charlie you might find it quicker in the future to pull them down rather than use you fly."

Charlie made a frightfully embarassed whine as he blushed out to his ear tips. Pa gave a friendly chuckle, and ruffled Charlie's hair.

"Um, Dad?"

"Yes Charlie?"

Charlie finally finished peeing with a sigh of relief after what seemed like forever. And Pa reminded him, "Don't forget to wash your hands."

"Can you maybe, um, carry me back to the car?" Charles asked before he continued in a small voice "I don't want the kids to see me..." Charlie finished with an adorable lip-wibble while he turned to wash his hands obediently.

"Well they're not much younger than you, and you need the practice walking, so I'm afraid not this time, but build up some good behavior and you can earn some modesty," said Pa while he held out his hand.

Charlie finished washing and turned, sniffling (damn nanoweb), "Please daddy, I'll be the best penny in the history of the commonwealth. Just don't let them see me like... like this?"

"Sorry, no credit, earn it, Sport."

"Okay! I'll... I'll give you a blowjob!... Right here!" Charlie assumed Pa was a pedo because of his own black circles.

Pa smiled, "Sorry. Ma is waiting for us, so no time for that now. Anyway why waste the first time in a public restroom. And as I said most of them are not much younger than you are."

"Please Daaaad!"" Charlie whined, drawing back towards the cubical.

Pa took Charlie's hand. "I said No, unless you want to walk out there bare and red, I recommend you drop it, your Ma will not cut your welcome any slack if that is what you choose."

Charlie let his hand be taken despite himself, pulling up his wet-crotched pants and shorts with his other, but still pleading, "Please daddy, I'll be good, I promise! I'll be the best boy since the cave men!"

Pa, with Charlie in hand, led him back to the car at walking pace, "That my penny boy is a good idea for your own sake, your seat his going to be warn enough without adding earned spankings into the mix."

Charlie tried to hide his pants behind his papa and his free hand... Only succeeding in drawing more attention to it. Some of the penny kindergarteners pointed and snickered, though others where being very carefull of 'glass houses'.

Charlie is all but in tears by the time they made it back to the car regardless.

"You boys ready to make it the rest of the way home?" Ma greeted them on their return.

Charlie sniffled and answered "Yes ma'am." Charlie held his arms out for a hug.

Ma bent down and picked him up in a big hug, before setting him down in his seat.

"Yep, though I think Charlie might be part camel, good thing he didn't let it all go in the car." Pa answered as she did so.

"I-I did my best!" Charlie added with a sniffle.

"And almost made it, he just fumbled on the last yard."

"I-I'm n-not in ex-extra troluble, am I?"

Ma considers it... "No not this time, I only asked you, not told you to go before we left. But until you get used to you new body, I recommend you consider recommendations effective orders, don't you agree?" she told him while she buckled him in.

"I-I woulda tried if you told me to! Honest! I'll go before every car trip!" Charlie crossed his heart.

"Smart move, Sport." Pa said elicited a smile from his son as he retook the pilot's seat. Ma got back into the car and the autopilot was reengaged.

Charlie sniffled his last... "Ma'am? Do you perhaps have some tissues I could use?"

Ma reached into her purse, and pushed aside he mother's helper and pulled out some tissues, and handed them back to Charlie. "Remember Charlie when you're finished with them, put them in you pocket not on the floor, you can put them in the trash when we get home."

Charlie initially rebelled at the thought... Then realized his pants already have pee on them. He slipped it into his pants pocket when he was finished with it.

Pa took manual control over the hover-car when they pulled down a residential street lined with hickery trees, and pulled into their drive.

"Well Honey we are home," Ma said to Charlie with a smile.

Charlie looked at the trees and winced, waited patiently for his door to be opened, despite a building need to go number 2. Pa got to Charlie's door first an opened it for him. while Ma palmed open the fount door to their two story home. Charlie undid his buckle and hopped out, "Sir, Ma'am? I know what's coming, but could I please go number 2 first?"

"Yes your official welcome can wait, I'll show you where the downstairs restroom is first" answered Ma.

"Thank you ma'am! I don't personally mind if I ruin the experience for you, you understand, but I really don't want to pi-er, Tick you off" Charlie responded with a puckish grin as he was led along to the bathroom.

"Well put this way, if you make me think it worth, I also have zero problems making sure there is a potty for you in the living room..."

Charlie was first confused by the warning the he clicked, "Eeeeeewwwww!"

Ma opened the bathroom door, "less eww than what you just suggested"

Charlie thought about it then said with a beaming, "You're right, like Moms always are." Then Charlie tried to close the door.

"Leave to door open, until we have a chance to enter you into the house computer Honey."

"You're gonna watch? I don't know if I can go if you watch..."

"I'm not going to stand over you this time, I'm assuming a big boy like you has sufficient potty training, but I'm also not going let you be behind a closed bathroom door until the computer knows you're a hard timer.

"Well, please go away and let me go? The computer will tell you if I try to run. Can we close the door till it is almost latched, please?" Charlie was close to his personal breaking point for humiliation, on the verge of a tantrum.

"It's not running away that has me conserned. So the door stays open and I'll be in the living room."

"All the way open??"


Charlie crossed his little arms in defiance! "That is not acceptable! Er... I mean..." He said lost steam and finished in a small voice, "Please?"

"Charlie, only question right now is if you're going to sit down on that toilet with or without a sore bottom. So I can step out and give you the privacy you asked for while you obey me about the door."

Charlie stomped out his impotent rage but turned to the unbelievably large—to his still adult perspective—toilet and unsnaped his pants, "fine...! I'm going, alright?"

"Yes." Ma stepped out of the room to where she can not been seen from the toilet. But only to where she could see if Charlie got off the toilet and started trying to explore the cabinets under the sink.

Charlie farted for a while, then went. Having wiped carefully, but not having flushed, he very carefully watched around himself to see there were no witnesses. He found himself guilty staring at mommy. "Hi?" he said trying innocent at her!

"Forgot something?" she asked him in a patient tone. Meanwhile Pa had gone and put on a pot of coffee.

"Oh, flushing, right," Charlie clicked and went back and flushed urgent to obey.

"Good, Want a hand reaching the sink? The upstairs bathroom has a stepstool for you."

"Um, yes please? And, um, thanks for not, you know, watching. I know I'm a circle-P, so, well, I didn't know what you guys would be like."

Ma lifted Charlie so he could reach the sink. Charlie washed thoroughly... And kept on washing... and washing... While Ma explained to him, "Well, as a circle-P don't expect much in the way of modesty, but we're not going to watch most of you batheroom habits, unless you give us—as parents—reason to. Ok your hands look plenty clean now. Rinse off and turn off the taps."

Charlie tried do push it futher and kept washing, "Speaking of that penny thing..."

Ma took to soap out of hands, "Yes first things first, as you put up such a sink over it, We'll do the computer first."

"Icanjustsayyouspankedme! YouDon'!" Charlie said very quickly in a panic then clicks that his impending Welcome was not that first thing. "Wait, huh?"

"First my naughty little penny, I do have to, becuase I told the court I would, And I happen to like being a mommy to hard timers. You will not have to wait long I promice," Ma said and took his hands and rinsed them off.

"Please, ma'am! I still have some money! I can make you rich!"

"Charlie, firstly you should know your accounts have been frozen until your sentence is over and you reach 21. And now that I have both you and Pa in my life, what more could I truely want?"

"Trust me! I can get it done! Really!"

Ma turned off the water and shifted Charlie to rest him on her hip before she grabbed a hand towel to dry his hands, "Are you telling me you're a slicer as well?"

Charlie issued a wordless whine "No! But the swiss are wierd! They always have been! I can do it!" Charlie believed his swiss and tibetan accounts are likely secure. 'Simply the way those people work.'

Ma carried Charlie over to the the main console.

"Computer! Access zurich mutual!" Charile said grabbing the initive.

"Unrecognized user," the console responded to the command.

Charlie had forgotten no computer recognizes kids' voices without specific rules. Then he whined. 'The courts never knew about the zurich mutual account.'

"Computer," Ma began a command of her own. "New household user entry for Charlie, Black Circle Penny, Hard Time, First Cycle. Age 6"

"I'm not a slicer! I don't need all the protections!" Charlie pouted.

"User Charlie please enter palm scan."

"Charlie, none of those commands specified slicer precautions."

Charlie reluctantly held out his palm to place it on the scanning plate, figuring the retainal records would come from central. and mutters "I still can't look at porn"

"Palm scan confirmed, please provide an updated voice sample."

"Bite me!"

"Larger sample required."

"Thou art an evil machine that exists to restrict my libido"

Ma's frown at his language changed to a grin at his humour.

"Print confermed, Welcome Young Master Charlie."

Ma carried Charlie over to the couch.

"Please mommy! we don't really have to do this!" said Charlie as he was becoming desperate!

Ma sat Charlie on her lap. Which surpized him and he though 'Victory??' and looked up at her.

"Charlie, your welcome home spanking was going to be hand warm up, and finished with my helper paddle."


Ma continued as if he had not intrupted, "But your tantrum changed that. Pa, can you please bring me the helper paddle, and my hairbrush, you know the one."

"Right away," Pa answered and quickly went off to fetched them.

"What tantrum? I didn't do that!!??" Charlie huggled her, "Please mama!"

"You very well did throw on in the bathroom."

Pa came back—followed by the Holo-cam—and put the implements on the coffee table in front of them.

Charlie continued "I didn't kick the floor! I-*hic* I did what you said!"

"You did what I said after your tantrum." Ma corrected as she unsnapped his shorts.

"Please, ma'am! Just tell me how to be better and I will! Please don't use the brush!"

"You don't not cross your arms and puff out your chest instead of doing what you're told. You do not talk back, you don't stomp your foot. You do not use language like 'bite me'," Ma gently tipped him over her lap."

Charlie was shocked by that turn of events, "That was to the computer! You laughed!"

Ma pulling down his shorts she said, "It doesn't matter to who. Little boys don't use that kind of language. And I laughed at your next line; which was witty."

"Little boys don't say 'thou' either! I'm sorry!"

Ma pulled down his undies, and made sure he had indeed wiped properly.

Charlie despite the embarrassment continued to protest, "You never said I couldn't say it!"

"Little boys can say thou if they wish. But Charlie I should not have to tell you. You worked in the penny system, Kindern are not allowed to used such crude language; pennies never."

Charlie rebutted, "I was!" but as Pa passed her the helper paddle, he renewed his pleas, "I'm sorry! I didn't know!"

"Then your parents did you no favors, and might be part of the reason you are now my penny boy," declared Ma while she lined up the paddle against his bare nates.

Charlie squirmed and begged, "Please don't spank me!"

"You're lucky I'm not planning to give you a tastes of penny soap for it, that as much of a concession that you will get this time. *whap* Charlie your lack in *whap* understanding of what you think *whap* you can get away with *whap* is why you are *whap* over my lap and a black *whap* circle *whap* penny."

"Owww OWWWIEEE MMMMMMNNNGG!!!! That Huuuuuuuruuuuuuuuuts!"

"This *whap* my little *whap* penny *whap* boy *whap* is just a *whap* warm up *whap*"

"Nooooooo! Please! I'll do anything! I don't wanna get spanked like this every daaaaaaay!"

"You will *whap* learn as a naughty *whap* little *whap* boy *whap* that not everything *whap* that can be done *whap* should be done *whap* for money. *whap* You abused *whap* the authority *whap* society had trusted *whap* you with. *whap*"

Charlie was having trouble adjusting to dealing with someone he couldn't bribe. Someone with the strength to hold him down as long as she wants to. Ma stopped spanking to feel the state of his bottom with her hand. Charlie turned his head around. 'is it over already' was something he didn't quite dare to ask, but he sure hoped it! But Ma reached forward and put down the helper paddle and picked up her flat back hairbrush. Ma rubbed the back of the of hairbrush over Charlie's warmed up bottom.

"And not *WHAP* to bend the *WHAP* rules so to abuse *WHAP*..."

Charlie's eyes shoot wide. He could not believe how much that burned! 'holy fucking hell!' He bucked like a landed trout. That did not bother Ma as she was used to controlling a much bigger and stronger bucker than little Charlie.

"...your authority *WHAP* to condemn *WHAP* people to sexual *WHAP* slavery. From which the *WHAP* only rescue was the discovery *WHAP* of your crimes *WHAP*"

Charlie found—in the back of his head—that is a much more horrible fate now than when he was just taking the money to do it. "Please! I'm sorry! I am!" he pleaded. and tried his best to wiggle free anyway.

"Oh Charlie I'm sure this *WHAP* is the closest you have ever *WHAP* come to meaning that. *WHAP* Probably for the first time you have even thought it *WHAP*, but you have many years *WHAP* to truly understand what you are meant *WHAP* to be sorry for. *WHAP* And my boy *WHAP* I intend to start you on you path *WHAP* with a good *WHAP* head start. *WHAP*"

Ma knew this was a big spanking for the little six year old, but the welcome home takes place on what will become his birthday special day.

Charlie began to cry, 'This is just never going to end!' At least, that was what the nanoweb was telling him. It hurt and it burned and the woman that is going to control his life and gonna do this every day is so damn pissed! Ma was pleased that Charlie was finally starting to cry.

"While I don't expect someone *WHAP* who managed to get *WHAP* 100 *WHAP* cycles *WHAP* to appreciate it, *WHAP* But I am going to do my best *WHAP* by you *WHAP* weither you like it *WHAP* or not."

Charlie bawled! The sheer length of time in front of him simply smashing his last bit of resistance. Ma was pleased that his resistance was broken, she did not want him too sore for Pa's turn. She targeted his sitspots and thighs *WHAP* "This is just the first day of many, *WHAP* many *WHAP* lessons I will *WHAP* provided to fulfill *WHAP* that promise.

Charlie cried and laid limp, just as sad as could be about his sentence.

Ma lifted Charlie up off her lap and carried him to the stool in the corner, and sat him down facing the corner.

"YEOOOOWW!" Charlie howled anew, sitting upon a sore butt!

Ma left him there in the corner until he settled down to mere sniffling. When he had she went over to him and picked him up. Charlie looked like he was about to object but thought better of it. She removed his undies and shorts from his ankles and hip-sat him and carried him up to his new room. "I think you could do with a nap before dinner."

Charlie was being very quiet so not to get in trouble as Ma gently laid him down on his tummy, before she took his hands and gently put them in the bed's penny restraints.

Charlie respunds with a "Muh?" and tried to tug away a bit. "But wha—?"

"Well can't have you rubbing when you're meant to be napping can we?"

Charlie pouted. But Ma ignored that and got the plushie she had bought for Charlie and tucked it under one of his arms gently, then pulled up a light blanket.

"Now rest up, Charlie. I'll come and check on you later," said Ma and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

Charlie sorta hugged the plushie with his chin. thinking 'This officially sucks'

Ma left the room without turning on the delta-inducer. Because the nap was just an excuse to give him a more comfortable corner time until dinner and as she left the room, the holo-cam that had been following Charlie went into sleep mode. Charlie sniffled and rest; repeating the thought 'this sucks so hard!'


Ma's arrival back into the room was herald by the smells of dinner, and her mere entrance was enough to wake the holo-cam into hovering action. Charlie was actually glad to hear her. He had been so damn bored and brooding.

"Had a good nap Charlie? ready for dinner?"

"No, ma'am, I couldn't fall asleep, but yes, I sure am ready for dinner, please."

Ma walked over dresser and pulled out some clean undies (level 1 Bee-riefs) and shorts, before she brought them over and freed Charlie from his restriants "I hope you will not have trouble staying up until you're put to bed then, lets get you dressed, as good lil boys attend dinner dressed properly" she added with a smile.

Charlie smiled a little slyly, "Well, I sure don't want to head out naked..." He had noticed the distinctive patterns of the level one underbritches of biting, but he was frankly afraid she would bust out a higher level pair, all considered. He didn't put up any fuss as he was dressed. Charlie did, however, stretched out his arms and rub them. Sore lil arms are sore. When he was done Ma took Charlie's hand and lead him down to the dinning room where the table was set. Dinner was meatloaf with steamed baby carrots and brusssel sprounts, though Ma, and Pa's sprounts have a cheese sause, Charlie's only has butter. Charlie was quiet and careful throughout dinner, he knew better than to fuss about his veggies no matter how badly he wanted to. His still sore arms and the biter threads as he squirms keep reminding him it can be worse! Pa and Ma smiled at him for he was being good. Charlie was, however, trying to give them cancer—with his mind. and his tiny little balls. Ass Cancer.

"As you could not sleep, I suppose you had plenty of time to think Charlie. Did by any chance include what electives you want for you two class?"

Charlie shrugged his shoulders, "Not really, I was, well, mostly thinking about Mama's spanking... Papa's still coming..."

When dinner was finished Ma suggested, "Pa why don't you give Charlie his bath while I clean up?"

"Come on Charlie, lets get you cleaned up," said Pa.

Charlie started to complain that he could handle that, but shut himself down, "I don't need... Er, yes sir," he said with a sigh.

Pa lead Charlie back upstairs, and signaled the holo-cam to follow them when they passed Charlie's room and headed to the upstairs bathroom, a large tiled—and drained—full bathroom and took it all in: bath; sink top with mirror and stepstool, a toilet, a shower the formed a good open corner with a hook up on the wall well over Charlie's height. Charlie looked around, Pa started to draw a bath with rainbow coloured bubbles for Charlie. Charlie asked with a little burble of surprised delight in his voice whether he wanted to be excited or not. "A bubble bath, Daddy?"

"Why not Charlie, though no bath toys tonight, just a full cleaning." Pa said started to strip Charlie while the bath filled. He left the bee-riefs for last. Charlie didn't fuss at all, he is actually helpful about the stripping. He hasn't looked up and back to see the camera. Charlie looked from the great big bathtub to the separate shower stall, then his eyes snap up to Pa, "I get toys?"

"Some, Charile, not as many as a V, but it's not all punishment you know."

"No, I didn't know..."

Pa lifted the naked penny and gently and safetly puts him into the bath. Charlie wasn't finding this bad at all, really. It's like being at a spa. Staffed by giants. Pa rolled up his sleaves and collects the wash cloth and gently begins to make sure Charlie was propler 'pre-rinised'. Charlie was expecting a skin-flaying harsh scrubbing with a stiff brush! This was actually pretty nice! He shota-purrs. Pa smiled at the shota-pur and began to wash Charlie's hair. Charlie closed his eyes like a good boy while Pa massaged the children's shampoo into Charlie's scalp before he rinsed it out then procesed to wash him thoughly. Not a harsh scrubbing but with the soap and wash cloth to make sure he's free of any post-rejuve left overs. Charlie didn't notice the last little hairs being washed away. He wanted to thank Pa for being so nice about the bath, but didn't want to give the man any ideas about making it unfun.

"Ok Charlie stand, we are almost finished."

Charlie stood up without splashing, using his hands to cover up his little, inexplicable stiffy.

"Charlie, don't cover. Plus that's what I need to wash." Pa gently and slowly make sure Charlie was free of pee and skin flakes. Well the part of the why at least.

Charlie blushed but moved his hands to his sides. Then changed motion and hugged himself instead. He just had to do something with his hands, and he didn't want to cover again right after a warning! Charlie's lil soldier was staring right up at daddy and twitching, blood straining at the skin. Charlie was very pink of face.

Pa refrained from playing with it too much, and moved on to Charlies backside, but he only worked on the outer parts of his bubble butt before he left Charlie standing there while he went over to the sink and produced an enema kit from underneath and began to fill it, empting a pack of cleaning salts into the bag with the water

Charlie gave an surpized and non-understandaing "uhhhhhhhhhhhh Whazzat?" and rubbed at the tip of his penis like it was his own personal worrystone.

"It's an Enema, It will clean you where I can't get with the wash cloth," said Pa and he carried the bag over and hung it from the hook by the corner formed from the shower stall and the wall. He let its hose clamp — and nomal nozzle — hang down before he headed back over to Charlie.

"Guh?" Charlie didn't follow that at all, though his thumb was working even harder on the tip of his penis absently.

Pa lifted Charlie out of the bath and carried him dripping over to the corner, one of the reason the tile floor had a drain. Pa set him down carefuly to made sure he did not slip. "Ok Charlie, I want you to stand with your nose in the corner and your hands on head."

Charlie drew a breath to protest, and visibly swallowed it. Instead he Megapouts! But he didn't want to make Pa mad when he had been so nice so far. So into the corner he went, and his hands went up onto his head. He looked up and down, and just a bit side to side, looking at the strange contraption...

Pa with one hand spread Charlie's neither cheeks, noting the warm water had retuned a nice pink hue to them, and with the other hand gently inserted the dangling nozzle into his shota-pussy.

"Whawhawhaaaaaa?!?!?" exclaimed Charlie.

Pa releases the clamp ignoring the exclaimation. Charlie tried to spin around! His butt being too low for it to be Pa's big cock dd not occur to him in his shock. Pa turned Charlie back into the corner and planted a paternal palm firmly right on Charlie's sitspots being careful of the hose delivering the soapy water.

"Charlie, I said to stand in the corner, with you nose in it." Pa ignored the resounding of the slap that reverberated though the tiled bathroom from landing on Charlie's wet sitspots.

Charlie was getting full so fast! and that hurt! Daddy spanks always hurt more, even when they don't, and extra especially on a wet butt! "Owwwiiiieiee! Paaaa! This's weird! Stoppit Please!" He looked up at the ginormous bag in horror!

"Not till the bag fully empties into you Charlie, it's measured to your size."

Charlie resolve broke and his hands swang down and back! A boy can only be so good in the face of so much weirdness!

"Charlie, if that hand touches the hose, and is not back on your head, I'll give you a earned spanking, and start again."

Charlie didn't hear till too late, the hand has reached for it to yank it out! Pa turned off the clamp, then pulled Charlie by the wrist of the wayward hand having not stopped him from actully pulling out the hose, over to the toilet where the seat was already down.

Charlie tried racing ahead, tring to reach the potty before he cuts loose. Pa hesitated long enough that he decided to go with Charlie idea of letting it out first. Charlie groaned with relief, but once it is out, Pa lifted the boy and Charlie let out an disorented "Ack!", give him a quick wiping clean-up and closed the lid, still holding him, and flushed before closing the lid and sitting down to put Charlie over his lap.

'Wait, oh shit?!' though Charlie before he said, "No daddy! I'm sorry! I couldn't take it! I was gonna 'splode!"

"You can *SPANK* and will *SPANK* learn the self *SPANK* control to hold *SPANK* an enema."

"ow Ow OW OWWWIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!" Charlie squirms and kicked and twisted as that horrid paternal hand punished his posterior!

"In not doing so *SPANK* will earn *SPANK* you a spanking *SPANK* before we start over *SPANK* from the beginning *SPANK*"

"NooooNOoooooooooohoooo!!!! Nodda 'nother one! Please daddy!"

"*SPANK* Yes another one, *SPANK* and a spanking *SPANK* each time *SPANK* we start all over *SPANK*"

"WAAAAAAAAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! No daddy! Please! I'm sorry! I-It surprised me! I'll do better!"

"And remember, *SPANK* I still have to give *SPANK* you your *SPANK* welcoming *SPANK* spanking *SPANK* so I would not *SPANK* take too long *SPANK* to choose *SPANK* to behave! *SPANK*"

Charlie bawled! "I 'ill! I 'e GooooooooooooohooooooD! Peese papa! Namo! Namo! I *hic* 'orrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy!"

Pa picked Charlie up and put him back onto his feet. "Then let's try again Charlie, back into the corner just like I told you the first time."

Charlie scurried to the corner, baboon butt clasped in both his soothing lil hands, doing a lil wardance there in the corner as he cried. Hand positioning was something that had seemed to escape him for the moment. Pa got up and followed Charlie back into the corner, and slapped his thighs, "I said as before, the means hands on head young man."

Charlie jumped with a yelp and renewed his sniffling, feeling very sorry for himself, his hands went up to his head, a stream of protests flying from his lips hoping to forstall another lapride! "No, please papa! No spank! I' sorry! I forgotted! *hic* I be good! See?" his lil butt clenches and jiggles nervously.

"Charlie this is the only warning you will get on this, Pennies do not rub in corner time."

Charlie sniffling nodded his understanding, anything to avoid more spanking! "Yesh papa! *hic* 'orry papa!"

Pa took the enema bag off the hook an walked it back to the sink. He added a second cleaning salts package to the enema and topped the bag back up. Charlie sniffled through his time in the corner, only peeking once... well, twice. Pa brought the bag back to Charlie and hung it up. Taking a momment Pa rubbed the warmed bottom before spreading it to reinsert the hose. Charlie whined wordlessly as the now understood procedure started again. Pa undid the clasp and the let the extra soapy enema flow freely.

"ohhhh, Ohhhh, OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Charlie moaned and bent forward slightly, feet slid back as he tried to take the pressure and... Weirdness of the sensation.

"You may waggle your bottom, and stamp you feet all you want Charlie, but the hose must stay in, your hands stay on head, and nose in the corner... Or we will start all over.

Charlie took him up on stamping his feet... At first, but as he filled up with the soapy, soapy solution, he slid to his knees (thankfully, the hose was long enough!) and his nose got closer and closer to the floor, though his hands stay where they belong! Pa decided that was within his orders, plus it showed off his toasted buns ever so better. Charlie MOOOOOOOOOANS! It Huuuuuuuuuuurts! He had to go so BAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!

Pa took an encouraging tone, "Almost all in Charlie. Keep it up Charlie, you can do it."

Charlie just moaned as it all flowed into him, and the filling sensation stopped... But not the cramps or spasms.

"All in Charlie, all you need to do is hold it in for 1 minute, then you can sit back on the potty." Pa watched the clock with one eye and his new son with the other.

Charlie groaned and moaned, in too much misery to form coherent words. Without the nozzle acting as a plug, there would have been no way he would make it, but he desperately wanted to avoid another spanking or starting over! So fierce was his concentration on the task at hand, in fact, that he forgot to keep his hands on his head, and they flew back, this time squeezing his buttcheeks together in an all out effort to hold it in!

Pa noted Charlie's disobedience to one order to help comply with another, unfortunately pennies are not allowed to make such choices for themselves and today was a 'Special Day' for his penny son. So with a tone denotng displeasure he retoricaly asked, "just where are you putting those hands my naughty little boy?"

Charlie wailed as another spasm hit him, being bent over just aint working for him, he can't clench tight enough! he started to stand, running his face along the corner, still pressing his bottom together with both hands as he straightens up haltingly, "I-I godda hold it! I dun wanna notha, or a 'pankin!"

"Well you have made it full the minute, but you don't to choose which parental instructions to follow. The mere fact you are a bad penny shows you don't have the judgment to make those calls. You will ask."

Pa went over and lifed the empty bag off the hook and commanded, "Over to the toilet young man"

"H-help, papa? I'mma 'fraid t' move *ugh!*" The miserable lil lad was really trying — even if he was trying in the way he thought was best. "An... And I'm sorry, Papa! May I *ugh* keep using my hands to avoid spraying shit all over the room!?" Given the level of duress, and his newness to his status, losing his temper a bit is, perhaps, understandable. Oddly, he still expects Pa to help him over to the toilet.

"Better Charlie," said Pa in a tone the convenyed that he still saw room for improvement. "You may, I'm even leaving the nozzle in until you are ready to plop your sore bottom down on the seat, but the longer you dally the long you have to hold it."

Pa gave Charlie a supporting hand, but he planned on having the boy walk with this one.

"C-carry me? Please?" Charlie tried this last, explicit request followed by a pained groan.

"Do you need your Pa, to carry you else you can not do the task without his help Charlie?" asked Pa willing to give him the help if Charlie gave an acknowledgment of his now depended state.

Charlie blushed, groaned, took two steps and quivered as he lost the fight; a little a bit of soapy water escapes.

"No, I can't fucking do it on my own, alright?! I need your help! Please! I can't do it without making a mess!" Charlie's pain and effort strained voice had a note of tears to it, as his eyes started leaking again. As full as he felt, some distant corner of his mind thought even the tears might be from the enema overflowing his little body.

Pa scooped up the boy gently though he does frown at the unacceptable language, but there something that needed to be handed first, and carred the boy the toilet having raised the lid back up, and just before he placed his son—with his sore bottom—down onto the seat, he pulled out the nozzle. Charlie yelped a bit, after all, his tushie is tender, but he groaned with the releasing pressure, which felt oddly good and painful at the same time, his hands cupping his tummy and pressing in as he bent forward. Charlie was, needless to say, imitating a firehose in back Pa did not rush Charlie and patiently waited. For it will do neither of them any good to rush.

But once Pa was sure Charlie was done he spared the boy no dignaty and wiped him clean before flushing. Charile thought to himself, "Wha- oh man! He can't even wipe himself?!"

But before he can protest, however, Pa lifted him off the toilet and closed the lid so he could sit down and place Charlie face down over his lap.

Charlie found himself staring at an all too familiar bit of floor! "No Papa! I'm sorry! I tried my best! I did! Please don't spank me!!!!"

Charlie's lil hole was quivering and spasming a bit between his cheeks, a very clean 'brown eye' winking at Papa. Pa reached over and took the bath brush from where it hung over the bath and applied the back of it's round and flat head Charlie's upturned nether cheeks *WHAP*. "While we will not *WHAP* be starting all over *WHAP* because you did hold it like I said. *WHAP* but you did not keep your hands where I told you to *WHAP* you don't get to choose which rules to follow *WHAP* and which to break *WHAP* if you are in doubt *WHAP* you will ask someone responsible. *WHAP* Is a penny responsible?"

Charlie howled!!!! Newpain! Every impact on his pretenderized tush drowned any forming thoughts under a wave of seared nerve endings. That last "no!" may have been either an answer or a continuation of the half-coherent pleas and semi-formed words. Charlie thrashed like a wild animal, Arms and legs flailing for purchase – but there is none to be had. Pa's other hand around Charlie's waist kept Charlie firmly in place.

"That's right," Pa coninued accepting it as answer, "and what do pennies *WHAP* do when they they not sure how to obey more than one instruction? *WHAP*

Charlie screeches, but failed to answer, he has a vague notion that a question might have been asked, but he cannot recall it. Escape is impossible, and curling forward into a ball is not only impossible, but would leave the source of all that pain uncovered. His right arm flies back, his left struggles to join it, and both his feet come up, toes pointed to cover the lower reaches of his poor bummy. His back arches sharply as he bends backwards in an all out instinctive effort to shield the part of his body under assault. Pa let go of Charlie's waist and grabed his wrist, and gently but firmly move it to the small of the boy's back.

"Charile, I don't mind you kicking, But you will lower your legs young man."

"Peese Papa! Namo! I can't ta' it! I can't!!!!!" Despite his words, Charlie's legs are very tired after a very, very long afternoon, and muscle fatigue will win out. Papa can actually see the muscles spasming with fatigue as the slowly, slowly lower despite everything charlie can do.

"Good Charlie," Pa said resting the brush on Charlie bottom, "Let's try again what do pennies do when they face with difficulties following one or more instructions?"

"I Dooon't *hic* knooooowwwww! If I knew, Idda done it! P'omise! Peese Papa! Namo 'pank! Peese!" the little criminal wasn't thinking any to clearly, especially> with the nanoweb acting to further cloud his mind. He can't figure out such a tough question, and he desperately hoped this ogre will be satisfied with his confession of ignorance.

*WHAP* They ask some responisble *WHAP* don't they? *WHAP*


"Yes you will Charile..."

Charlie has a small, cynical, detached part of his consciousness that hopes papa will repeat that rule when he can think and remember it clearly, but it is a very quiet part, drowned out by the far larger ball of screaming pain!

"You will also watch your lanuage *WHAP* at *WHAP* all *WHAP* times *WHAP* it is not tolerated from any child, lest of all a penny child" *WHAP* *WHAP*

Charlie was limp, beaten, even his cries became hoarse as he has all but screamed himself out. "Sorrysorrysor-*hic* sorrysorrysorry...."

Pa put aside the bathbrush and said to Charlie, "That will take of your earned spanking, Charlie."

Charlie had yet to realize it is over, he was still chanting his repentence between sobs and hiccups. "Sorrysorrysor-*hic* sorrysorrysorry...."

Pa let Charlie settle down, as he really didn't want to have to start all over, so he gently rubs Charlie's back so he can regain not only composure but some willpower before moving on. Charlie was there for a looooooooong time slowly recovering, he had never experienced anything even vaguely like that, and just when Pa started to think Charlie was getting it under control, at least a little, starting to move a bit, that sort of thing, he collapsed back down completely, the hopeless sobbing of a tiny, damned soul emerging from him in tones of gut-wrenching despair. Pa carried on the soothing rubbing Charlie's back, he hated having to added earned spanking into nights plans, but his new son was a hard timer and he was oblged not to let disobedience or foul language pass by, it will do Charlie no good, but it didn't mean he had to rush Charlie's recovery from it.

Charlie had been hit with the realization that this sort of thing will happen again and again and again, for a length of time that brang to mind the imaginings of Hell by medeval monks. In fact, that was exactly what this was to him – Hell. He resolved to escape, in any way possible, though his mind does skitter away from even thinking about what the ultimate escape would be. Oddly enough, this was a bit comforting, and he begins to calm down a bit. There was always, always a way out, after all, if you look hard enough, and will pay a high enough price. One thing was for certain, though, there is no way he will defend those sick fuckers he supplied with toys. What are they going to do to him, after all? That thought signals the end of the active tears, as he now has two options for salvation, and the one which was unthinkable this morning, namely informing on some very rich and powerful people, is suddenly very attractive. He even emits what might even be a grim giggle, if that description doesn't boggle the mind.

Pa noticed Charlie's change in emotional state, and decides he's ready for the next step. He leaned over to the sink and picked up the squeeze bulb full of pre-package mineral oil and removed the cap from it's nozzle and gently speads Charlie's cherry red bottom and inserted it into his shota-cherry.

Charlie's eyes go wide and he starts to struggle weakly, just a bit, "Please Pa! Not again! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeee!"

"Charlie, just this last enema to go—to rinse you all out—then your bathtime will be all over," said Pa. Soothingly he resumed rubbing Charlie's back with one hand while squeezing the oil in with his other. Charlie tried to turn to see it, then looks over in the mirror. Egad, he is so very, very tiny! and his butt is just – red? It isn't bleeding? What the hell? Well, at least the bulb-thingy isn't too big... though a dark thought occurs to him, "*Sniffle* Just one of 'ose?"

"Yes, just one, and you don't have have to hold it long, just rinse out. No more soap for you tonight, no even in your mouth for the language, unless you do swear again."

Charlie settled down. This is certainly the least unpleasant time he has spent OTK today, and he didn't want to ruin it. Pa rotated the bulb a little as he squeezed to make sure the oil got a good coating inside his lil boy. Pa finished crumpling the one shot applicatoer then pulled it out and threw it away. As the nozzle moves about, Charlie lil member comes to attention against Pa's leg. "Thank you, Papa. I'm sorry I said... What I said. I didn't mean to."

Pa gently picked Charlie up and stood himself and lifted the lid back up, and onces again sat Charlie down on the seat. "You've been spanked, and forgiving for it Charlie."

Charlie whined afresh as the hard seat makes a connection with his red rump. The oil exiting, on the other hand, is oddly soothing... and very disturbingly slippery. Charlie doesn't bother to bend his hard pecker down into the toilet until a little pee escapes it. Her fowned he didn't remember that little boys can pee with a boner.

"Oops, well 6 year-olds do still have some accdients, but you will need to remember to aim properly my lil boy," Pa said in reasuring chuckle.

Charlie's face blushed almost as red as his rump, eartips aflame! "yes, Pa. Sorry"

Pa wiped Charlie again when he done, then took the washcloth from the still full bath. The water been kept warm by the bath's built in heaters, and finally gave Charlie's bottom a proper cleaning.

"There Charlie finally all clean, from head to toe" Pa said with a smile.

Charlie smiled in a sorta sickly way, "Inside and out too."

"Eyup," Pa confirmed with humor.

Pa picked Charlie up and carried him to his new bedroom, there Ma had already laid out Charile's pajama on the bed, a baby blue set of Dr Dentons. Charlie figited a lil nervously, wondering what is next, not wanting to ask. Pa sat Charlie on the bed and give the boy a hand getting dressed for bed. Charlie looks at them, and around the room, taking in the relatively spartan lil boy furniture. He can't remember when he wore dropseats, if ever, so they don't really affect him in that 'I'm so little' way. What does that is how big Papa is! And how he maneuvers Charlie's limbs through and into the garment. yay! Clothes! Modesty Restored! Charlie does, however, think he notices a draft. For Pa had left the flap down.

Pa sat down on the edge of the bed, and then sits Charlie on his lap, and huggles him. "That was quite a bath time wasn't it. I hope very soon we will be able to get though it with only two enemas, and you bottom being no redder than it was at the begining, that would be good wouldn't it Charlie?"

Charlie was confused at first, thinking, 'what happened to the ogre that was pounding on his ass in the bathroom?' But after a few moments, he settles into it, snuggling in tight to his new 'dad' and just luxuriating in the holding... then Papa just had to go and remind him of all that. He squirms a bit, "Yes papa, I won't mess up next time."

Pa enjoys snuggling Charlie for a while, and waits for the little boy's 'batteries' to recharge for his earned spankings.

Charlie had the sneaking suspicion that he was forgetting something, something important, something about his sentence and leniency... Oh yeah! "Papa?"

"Yes Charlie? feelin recovered?"

"Nu uh. I remembered something important I gotta tell you," Charlie was speaking more and more quietly.

"Oh I suppose now is as good time as any. What do you want to tell me?"

"I decided I'm gonna cooperate with the court; going to hand over everybody. I dunno if you're gonna need police protection or anything, but, well, I didn't get all those Armani suits you left in my locker by being bribed by people who weren't rich and powerful, you know?"

Pa stopped and weighted the remainder of tonight schedule against this turn of events He then said, "Charlie I'm very pleased to hear that, Shall we get your Lawyer on the HV? So you can get that in motion before bedtime?"

"Yes, please. I know it won't- won't" he choked back some sniffles, and focused on something other than the fact that it won't change his current cycle any "Soon please Papa? Before I chicken out?"

Pa stood up and carried his pajamaed boy downstairs and into the living room. Charlie knew much of his current determination has its origins in the region of his sit-upon, and he wants to get it out there before the pain and humiliation faded too much to be a goad. He knew the same pride that got him into this mess will keep him from backing down once he was comitted. Well, pride and... "Please don't let me back down, Papa. Help me get 'em all."

"Sure we will my lil boy," Pa said to Charlie then when they got into the living to his wife who was watching a news program on the Holovid he said, "Ma, our Charlie would like to call his lawyer to pass on some information."

Charlie had already developed an impression of Pa as an unstoppable juggernaut simply based on the events of the bathroom. He relaxed a bit, finding an odd comfort in the thought that this man will be pushing him along should he falter.

Ma looked at the pair briefly before she said, "Ok" and turned off the news program, and instruction the computer to connect to Charile's lawyer, which she already had on file. Pa sat on the couch and put Charlie's flap exposed bottom on his lap, as the HV connected. Charlie took a deep breath, part of him hoped that somehow his lawyer won't answer... Crap. He squirmed on Papa's lap in both discomfort and nervousness, his left hand slid down to sooth the edge of his red rump, at least.

Pa smiled as Elric Squire answered the phone, "Good Evening, Mr. Squire, I know Charlie had you busy today, but there is something he wants to tell you."

Charlie squirmed and slinked down in Pa's lap, second thoughts flooded his mind. Maybe there swa a middle ground that can be struck? He stammered out a greeting as his nerve began to fail, "G-good ev-evening, Mr. Squire"

"Evening Charles, I mean Charlie. I didn't expect a call form you tonight, I figured you would be otherwised engaged," his lawyer said in return greeting.

"Well, I decided to change my mind, I mean, I can give testimony about some people, and that ought to get me something, right?" No way he could give up the biggest names! His name was passed around in some powerful circles, and he took money from some very scary people. I mean, this was bad, but some of these guys might have him silenced!

"While a partial list of names will of cource help when it comes to your end of cycle hearing. But not as much if the judge thinks you are holding back. And keeping some names as a trump will not do you much good if the ones you give up cut a deal before you can use them," Mr. Squire informed his client. "So it my opinion that a full disclosure would be in your best intrest."

"But, but..." Charlie sniffled a bit, slinking further down on Papa's lap, feeling scared and helpless. After all, even Elric could be on some of their payrolls!

"Charlie, he is giving you some good advice," said Pa and gave Charlie's rouge bottom as small pinch as a reminder.

Charlie jumped and yelped out, "François Bérégovoy!" then hid his face. in his hands, he had stepped in the deep kaki now.

Ma asked, "as in Senator Bérégovoy?" refuring to a senior member of Earth's planetary goverment.

Charlie nodded, "I have the records and such scattered all over the place on the web. Lots of others too. I'll need access to my office and a computer to get everything and everyone." Charlie was listing his needs and expecting that they be met! He felt more grown up already!

Elric frowned, "I can not get you access to those Charlie, but I can on your behalf."

"It's... a long chain. I can stand over your shoulder and you can work the controls? And there are some bits that are physically hidden on PDAs I stashed here and there, generally burying them." Charles may have been arrogant, cowardly and the poster child of venal bureaucrats, but he was also very smart in paranoid ways. Putting everything together will be impossible without his active cooperation and involvement, even if he never gets to touch any of the evidence.

"If it is ok with your parents I will start making the calls, so that I can escort Charlie at the start of business tomorrow?"

Ma affirmed, "Sure for something this important our plans can be rescheduled."

"Um, I will be given immunity against further prosecution based on this uncovered evidence, right?" Charlie's eyes went a bit wide as he thought that through.

"I believe I could get you that, and it would deflty be covered by pre-convition, not post-convition acts," Erics said nodding.

Pa added, "But the main thing is, I think this might get you to Soft-Time quicker, your current recomendation on hard-time is based on the fact the judge though you were holding back."

Elric confermed, "That's right, and there is no Black-Circle vertion of Soft-time."

Charlie gulped at this reminder of things he has yet to experience as he continued to squirm over his Pa's clothed member with his rosy little rump. He gives a little nod acknowledging that he heard that this could help make things better for him.

"Well Charlie, is there any more you can tell Mr. Squire tonight?" asked Pa.

"No one worse than the senator that I'm gonna say anything about without the evidence all assembled."

"Thank you for your time, Mr. Squire. If to go further needs to wait for the morning for Charlie, it best if we let you go make your calls, so we can get Charlie properly to bed," said Ma.

"Ok then Charlie say ni ni, to the helpful Mr. Squire," instructed Pa.

Charlie managed—through supreme effort—not to roll his eyes at the thought of being put to bed. A little grown up interaction can go a long way. "Ni ni to the helpful Mr. Squire."

"Night Charlie, See you in the morning," Mr. Squire said moving to hang up.

Charlie gaves him a real parting, "Goodnight, sir."

Pa lifted Charlie after the HV disconected and hip carried him back up to his room. Charlie took the opportunity to soothe his bum with his right hand as his left hangs on. Pa placed Charlie on the floor next to the bed, and then sat on the bed so that Charlie was standing there facing him.

"Thanks for the pinch, I think," said Charlie in a small voice.

"Charlie, you're welcome. But it now time to go to bed. Your official bedtime is not for another hour, but hard-timers rarely get to stay up 'till their official bedtimes."

"Really?" Charlie was surprised about that.

"Yes really, but it going be a long while untill you get the point where you are setlled into things where you get to stay up to you offical bedtime, but being put to bed early is very normal for a penny, almost as common as what next. It's time for your first bedtime spanking."

Charlie had just put that all together, standing next to a sitting adult was starting to become a danger sign to him. At the audible confirmation of his impending doom, his face falls to begging, pleading lines and his hands cup themselves over his lil bummy as he instinctively started to back away, "No, please daddy, I was good, *sniffle* I'm gonna testify..."

"Yes, Yes you were, and we are going to change you schedual for tommorry so it not so new penny heavy as a preliminary reward, We are very proud of you for testifying Charlie. But you are still a new penny, And today is a special day for you. But as a Black-Crircle Penny, you do get some say in how bad your bedtime spanking is going to be."

Charlie looked up, freezing in his retreat, "I do?"

"Yes you do... Remember what you offered in the Public restroom? Depending how you do, will dictate what your bedtime spanking is like."

Pa undid his belt buckel so as not to force a freshly rejuvenated son to fumble with it.

"So, I, you want me to...?" asked Charle before giving an audible 'ulp'.

"Yes Charlie, do you think you're upto being a big boy, and getting it out yourself?"

Charlie strangles a half hysterical giggle at the thought of being a 'big boy' meaning that he gets his papa's cock out to suck on. "What happens if I do or don't? How good or bad will my spanking maybe be?"

"Well not doing it at all, means not only consider a terrible job, but also disobey one of your parents as well. And a Penny has two choice when they told to do something by their parents, Do it, or wait untill after their spanking to do it. Do a very good job and you will get a light spanking everything else falls somewhere between."

Charlie thought a light spanking sounded like something to shoot for! anything but a hard one for disobedience! He steeled himself and walked up to Pa. From between Pa's legs, tiny hands wrestle with, and seem to be losing out to, the button at the top of Pa's fly. "I'm trying, I am, but it ain't working!"

Pa gave Charlie a hand and reassured, "Fine dexterity is a skill learned late, so it not to big of a deal that you still to little to do this part, the you tired means a lot though."

Though Pa's bulge had being growing under Charlie's fumbling. Charlie was trying to focus on the task at hand. He found Papa's voice was being so gentle did take a bit of the edge of fear off as he then lowered the zipper with only a little help. Then he freezed again staring large eyed at the relative python that is coming to life before him.

"You're doing good so far Charlie," said Pa.

Charlie leansed forward and licked Pa's cock like a lolipop or an ice cream cone, from just below the head to the tip. He looked up for an indication of how he is doing.

"Go on Charlie, you can lick it for a little bit before continuing if you want," said Pa to encurouge Charlie.

Charlie gave it another lick, closed his eyes, opened his mouth as wide as he could, and lowered his mouth onto Pa's cock. He began sucking without much sharp scratching of baby teeth.

"Careful there Charlie, cover your teeth with you lips, else you will have a hard time finishing properly which is key in being considered doing a good job."

Charlie opened a bit wider, covering those sharp teeth with his tender lips, and he continued to inexpertly bob up and down for a few minutes...

Pa liked the pressure put on his head by Charlie's small mouth, though most of his shaft was being igonred by the fact Charlie was only going so deep. Charlie was resting his hands on Pa's thighs, using his shoulders to try and keep going until he finally has to give up with heavy panting. As he was coming off, one of his little incisors scrapes hard along the head of Pa's member. Pa cringed at the sharp pain after doing a passable attempt and having some of stiffness shocked out of him.

"I take it that you're finished 'making your case'?"

"But, I, I did my best!" pleaded Charlie as he looked up at Pa pitifully, a little drool or precum on his chin.

"Yes, but that will be taking into cosideration, along with it being only your first time. So we will go with using only your hairbrush instead of Ma's," Pa informed him.

Pa lifted Charlie up and over his lap and position his still exposed bottom. Charlie was still catching his breath, and the sudden change in position startled struggle right out of him! Pa reached over to the night stand and picked up Charlie's new hairbrush. Charlie scrambled his hardest to get away, thrashing all over Papa's lap, trying to gain purchase with his grasping fingers or slippery bootied feet.

"No papa! Please! No more spanking!" pleaded Charlie.

Pa hadn't put away his daddy cock before putting his naughty penny over his lap, so struggling was have some effect on him, but he tempers his decision by the fact Charlie did try. Pa brought down the flat of the boy's hairbrush down soildly on Charlie's still recovering bottom. Trying make the spanking quick which mean some what hard, he warned "Charlie, squirming is not helping you too much right now"

Charlie thrashed anew at the new assault on his tender little hiney! He is learning as countless boys have before that the spanking you are getting is always worse than the ones before it! "Owwwwiiiieeeee!!! Please papa! I'll do better! I will! Lemme try again!"

"You will *whap* have many *whap* more chances *whap* to improve your technique *whap* my lil boy. *whap*"

Charlie yowled his appreciation of daddy's technique as he braced his feet and hands for an all out, futile, thrust forward.

Pa made he holdin his squairming boy aring his wait with his other arm as he coninuted, "I'm sure you will *whap* get better *whap*"

Charlie had been defeated on that front, so now he tried his hardest to roll off the lap. His bummy had had so many spanks today! That not answering or promising Papa could look like he was ignoring the man spanking him didn't occur to him.

Pa put preassure on Charlie's back to keep him from rocking his trapdoor framed bottom too much out of the way of the brush, *whap* *whap* *whap* as lil papa came back to life more.

Charlie seemed to have proven to himself that escape is impossible, so all that was left to him was trying for defense. His right hand flew back towards his butt as his feet and pointed toes came up to cover his lower cheeks, "No more! I spanked 'nuff!"

Pa lightly *whap*s Charlie's hand before taking hold of it and put it firmly in the small of Charlie's back, but put down the hairbrush long enough to force Charlie to lower his legs... Then he pin them with his own leg, before he pick the brush back up *WHAP* "Charile you do not put you hand in the way of a spanking. and you don't say when a spanking is over you get told" *WHAP*

Charlie bawled harder, "I'm sorry! Plese daddy! Please be done soon! It huuuuuurts!" Why this last should be reported as news was anybody's guess, given the circumstances.

Pa returned to the pre-blocking attempt levels with a *whap* "At least you're learning *whap* that you're not the one who says when a spanking *whap* is over *whap* my *whap* little *whap* naughty *whap* black-circle *whap* penny *whap* boy. But you did decide that this spanking would start you know. The moment you decided to start *WHAP* taking *WHAP* bribes *WHAP* to turn *WHAP* normal pennies *WHAP* into *WHAP* Black-Cricle *WHAP* Pennies *WHAP* and making sure *WHAP* their sentences *WHAP* never *WHAP* ended until you got caught." *WHAP*

Charlie simply bawled. His face was a bright red, his lower legs thrashed ineffectively, his torso twisted about a bit, but he is just about all tuckered out. While he wasn't one to take a spanking with grace or submission, yet, he'd had a looooooooong day and there had been a lot of aerobics for the lad today. And while he might have liked to argue about that he chose the spanking, well, he is at least Charlie was feeling bad about what he put those people through.

Charlie finally lid limp, defeated, just hoping it will end, coherent protests long behind him. So Pa put down the hairbrush and moved Charile's pillow down the bed a little before he lifted his bawling boy off his lap to laid him face down, hips over the pillow, and gentle put Charlie's hands into the bed's penny restraints. Charlie sobbed somewhat interrogatively, not talking back—for once—or protesting, just wondered what Pa is doing.

Pa then stood and used his thumbprint to unlock a small draw next to main draw in Charle's bedside table and removed the first of two tubes kept in there, and applied the lubricant to his throbbing daddy-cock.

Charlie sniffled and cried into the bed, not yet noticing what Pa is doing, just glad his poor bummy is no longer being smacked.

Pa placed the tube back into the draw; but left the draw open for now. He got up and knelled on the bed straddling Charlie's legs. Then with one hand he parted Charlie's well framed reddened shota bottom and used his other to guide his stiff daddy-cock into Charlie's unprepaired shota-pussy. As he did that Pa told charlie, "This is what you had chosen for your victims."

Charlie inhaled sharply, his pained noises cut off as his eyes go wide in horror. His head whipping back over his shoulder. 'More? There is more tonight? It's, it's not fair! I, I didn't know! Not really, I didn't understand what they were in for!' he though franticaly.

Pa started pound his rod up and down into Charlie's raised bottom, continued to scold, "They were not even treated as objects of misguided adoration, but simply as objects of lust to be used as the 'owners' will."

Charlie buried his face into the bed, he would've scream but he had already yelled himself hoarse. It was horrible, terrible, and perhaps worst of all his lil prostate was sending pleasure signals into his brain, confusing the horror with pleasure. His bunghole quivered and spasmed around Pa's pole as he tried alternately to push Papa out and clench tight to close the avenue of assault.

Pa didn't last long between Charlie's abortive blow job, his wriggling over his lap during the spanking and now the spasming of his shota-pussy. Pa soon deposited his seed deep into the boy. Not that Pa minded, he didn't really preffer these rough fucks but it was important to show Charlie just what he done tho all those people.

Charlie just cried and cried, the slimy feel of his buttcrack alien and disturbing, feeling stretched in all new ways.

Pa pulled out then reached over and removed the second tube from the open draw. He started to apply the soothing lotion to Charlie's spanked bottom, even fingering it to his shota-pussy. He explaied, "This is nano-lotion, Charlie, to most Pennies it's a pure blessing. For when I activate it, it will heal your bottom so that it will not hurt anymore, and be as if you had not just had a day full of big spankings."

"Urah?" said Charlie. He couldn't quite get out his question. 'But what does he mean "to most pennies"? Is it going to suck for him somehow? That sounds good, but...'

Pa conintued and conicently answered the unasked question, "But for Black-Circle pennies it is a mixed blessing. It will also heal your shota-pussy to as if it had never been penetrated. It will never get use to being entered as long as nano-lotion keeps being applied."

Charlie whined anew, 'That... That sucks!' he thought. Which was an expression that was likely to take on all new meaning to him once he had time to think.

Pa finished applying the nano-lotion and returned the tube to the draw; which he then closed and locked.

"Now it's time for you to get some sleep, you have a big day tomorrow too," declaried Pa.

Charlie's lil body shook with sobs as he contemplated "another big day". Then Pa activated the delta-inducer to send charlie quickly to sleep before actaved the nano-lotion so it could do it's ichy job while the boy slept. Charlie was out like a light.