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Blue-eyed Miracle

a Sci-fi tale For CJ


Chapter 4


Day 10

Waking up seems so different now.

Chris is still sleeping over my chest, and I'm not sure if we even moved during the night. My first instinct as I open my eyes is to kiss his forehead and I do so.

"So, you're awake, huh, Robbi?" he asks.

"I am, Chris," I tell him and kiss his forehead once again, "I didn't know you were..."

"I've been for a while, Sillyhead..."

"Why didn't you wake me up, then Chris?" I ask him and kiss his forehead once again.

"Cause I didn't want to let go of you, DUH!" he says and smiles what I gather must be the most beautiful smile in the universe.

"Well," I tell him, "I think we must get up now, or we won't have anything for breakfast, Chris..."

I move the bedspreads around and walk from the bed, unable to hide the boner under my boxer trunks, which Chris doesn't fail to notice. I see him giggle a little but he says nothing. Once I'm done dressing, I go back to where he's sitting.

"Now, what was all that giggling about?" I ask him.

"Um...nothing, really..." he says and blushes.

"Hey, Chris!" I tell him grabbing his chin, "There's no need to blush, I was just kidding ok?"

He nods.

I grab one of the last rations remaining and I give him a piece of dried meat. I hand him the canteen and he puts it aside as he munches on the meat. I bite at mine as I continue to look at him. At times he turns his sight up and looks at me as well.

"Robbi?" he says after having taken a long gulp of water from the canteen.

"Yes, Chris?"

"I kinda wanted to like...uh...ask you a favor?"

I nod for him to continue.

"You no, I haven't washed since, um, since I broke my ankle? And I was wondering, maybe you could...you no?"

I stand up from my place and go sit down next to him.

"Do you want me to take you to the lagoon so you can wash yourself?"

"I do...I mean, if you can..." he says looking down.

"Yes, I can. Actually, I think it's a great idea for me to wash myself too, even I've been doing it more often than you."

He nods and smiles. Then I ask him what he would like to wear and he picks a white linen shirt I brought from his ship and a pair of beige slackers. For underwear, the obvious, since he only has white briefs. I also take a pair of brown cargo pants and a cotton shirt.

"That yours?" he asks.

"Yes, beautiful boy. Why?"

"I dunno...I've only seen you in uniform and the sort..." he says and then smiles.

"I have mostly uniforms, but I had a couple of extra changes. They were meant for when I arrived in Space Station Solaris II, but..."

He notices how my face hardens and then tugs at the leg of my pants. I sit down on the bed and look at him.

"I'm sorry," he says, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to..."

"Hey," I tell him, "there's nothing to be sorry about..."

"No, Robbi, I..."

In a fast move I kiss him on the lips. It's a fast kiss, enough for him to not say anything anymore and for him to know he hasn't hurt me in any way.

"So, I didn't dream it, huh?" he asks blushing.

"No, baby boy," I tell him smiling, "do you regret what happened last night?"

He punches me in the arm and then he gives me a quick kiss.

"Now, why would I regret that, Sillyhead?"

I open my arms and he embraces me. I kiss his forehead once and again, and then he pulls his face up so we can kiss. We kiss, deeply, passionately, like none of us wants this to come to an end. I hold his face in my hands as we kiss, feeling his tongue exploring mine. He hugs me tighter and I caress his golden mane.

We finally break our kiss and then I look into his deep blue eyes.

"I think we'd better get going, huh? It's a two hour walk towards the lagoon."

He nods and I pack his and my clothes inside the plasleather briefcase. I then pull him up and he throws his arms around my neck as I step outside the shuttle.


Chris is the most beautiful sight anyone could ever witness.

He's removed every single piece of clothing save for his underwear, and is sitting on a rock. His skin is white as milk and looks so soft I don't even want to touch him. He's slim, but toned. I imagine he would be, after four years of being on his own on this planet. He has the sweetest nipples a man could wish, pink and small.

"So, Robbi?" he says.

"Yes, Chris?" I ask him.

"Are you gonna stare at me all day long or are you gonna help me out of my undies so I can go inside the lagoon?"

"I'm...I'm sorry, Chris. I didn't mean to stare, it's just...you're so...beautiful..." the words escape my mouth without me even thinking about it.

He smiles and blushes and says nothing.

I stand from my place, fully naked and approach him. I help him stand and help him remove his white briefs. Before me is the most beautiful vision, his smooth torso and abs, which end in his wonderful pubis, still uncovered by manly hair.

I stand up, trying to conceal the fact that I'm semi-hard at the vision.

"Come," I tell him and carry him in my arms.

We both enter the lagoon at the same time and the minute the cool water touches his body, I see his nipples harden, as mine do as well.

He sinks down completely and comes out, his golden hair sticking to his face and neck. I do the same and come out as well. My hair is very short though, military style. I give him a soap bar so he can wash himself and I just look at him as he does so.


"Yes, Chris?"

"Would you help me soap my back? I can never completely reach back there..."

"Sure thing, Chris," I say and start running the bar along his neck and the down his back.

As I wash him, I can't help the natural reaction of my body, cause my dick has gone rock hard. I'm sweating even though half my body is underwater, but I know it's not the heat, but what I'm feeling as I rub Chris' back. He then turns and throws his arms around my neck.

"Thank you, Robbi," he says.

I look at his bright blue eyes and smile at him, unable to say anything. His face approaches mine and then we start kissing once again. In an automatic motion, I pull his body towards me, and both our erections crash against each other.

"You're hard down there," he says and giggles.

"Well, beautiful boy," I tell him, "so are you."

He nods and then brings his lips to mine again. We deeply kiss and continue to do so. Chris moves his body slowly, in a way in which his cock is rubbing against mine. My hands run from his back and under and then start caressing his buttcheeks. He removes his mouth from mine and gasps.

"I'm...I'm sorry...I didn't...I..." I stutter.

"Shhhh..." he says bringing his right index to my mouth.

We look into each other's eyes and we kiss again. Then comes the realization that Chris has been alone on this planet since he was ten, and now that he's fourteen I doubt it he has had a chance to have any sexual experience to call his own. So my hands go up to his back again and his go around my waist and he pulls my body closer to his. Both our cocks are rubbing against each other again as we kiss. I feel like I'm going to lose it and then I break our kissing.

"We should finish washing ourselves so we can go back to the shuttle in time, baby boy."

He nods and then we realize we've lost the soap bar, so we end up laughing at ourselves. When he tells me he's done, I take him outside the water and we both sit on a rock to get dried. Both our cocks have now wilted and we just look at each other as our bodies dry.

"You have a big one," he says and giggles.

"No, I don't baby boy," I tell him, "It's just that you're still very young. Yours will be bigger than mine, I can tell. And you'll soon have your blonde fuzz there too."

"How old are you, Robbi?" he asks.

I look around not knowing if I should answer your question.

"You don't have to answer, you no? My dad is maxi old...he's 42 now..."

I smile nervously.

"Then I'm maxi old too, Chris. I just turned 39..."

"No way!" he says looking at me, "you don't look like my dad! He's got grey hair all over his head and you..."

"Well, I'm old enough to be your dad..." I tell him, feeling suddenly overwhelmed at the realization that I could totally be his father.

"Robbi, you don't look 39..." he says, "you look like thirty, and you're all so handsome and have that lovely smile of yours..."

I smile back at him, but I feel slightly uncomfortable at the fact that I'm falling for a boy who could very easily be my son.

"Robbi?" he says and I can read sadness in his face.

I turn to look at him and smile.

"I'm sorry if I've hurt you...I'm...I didn't mean..."

I capture him in my embrace and he hugs me back.

"There's nothing to be sorry about, beautiful boy," I tell him sincerely, "I just don't want to make you feel uncomfortable, you know? With us... doing...stuff?"

"You ARE a sillyhead!" he says and starts laughing as I hold him close to me, "Why would you make me uncomfortable, like, DUH! I tongue-kissed you first!"

"Shut up!" I tell him playfully and then wrap my lips around his.

Yes, I'm old enough to be his father, and we're both well aware of it now, but I don't think any of us care about it, at least not just now, as we playfully kiss again waiting for our bodies to go completely dry. I don't really know how it was, or by which forces of fate I've come to be on this planet. But I don't think it's a coincidence, I don't believe in coincidences, but in the Gods' will. So I know I must be here by some reason unknown to me, but not to the universe which has brought me into this blue-eyed beautiful boy's arms.


The trip back to the shuttle seemed shorter somehow.

We've just finished dinner and Chris is reading a bit as I try and work on the consoles of the shuttle. I can feel I'm getting closer to at least making the consoles power up, but I don't want to get over excited in case I'm just cheating on myself. I can't bring my hopes up until I've achieved something. After an hour of fighting with connections and cables, I decide to quit for the time being.

"No good?" he asks placing the holoreader on his lap.

"I think I'm getting closer. But I'm not there yet."

He pads the bed next to him and I sit on the spot.

"Wanna help me out of my shirt and pants?" he asks smiling.

"I can totally do that, Chris. May I ask the why?"

He smiles again and looks straight into my eyes.

"Cause I wanna feel your skin against mine as we sleep, you sillyhead!" he giggles again.

"You want me to sleep with you again?" I ask him.

"DUH! Of course I want you to sleep with me, Robbi!"

I go and close the shuttle's hatch and then return to Chris. He raises his arms and I pull his shirt off. Then he undoes the buttons of his slackers and lies back so I can pull them off too. Then I carry him up and move the spreads aside before placing Chris back on the bed.

Without waiting for him to say anything, I start undressing myself. I can feel his eyes all over my body as I do so and I can't help blushing. My boner is already straining against my trunks.

I hurry under the covers and as soon as I'm there, Chris throws his right arm over me and leans his head against my chest. He looks me in the eye and I smile as I throw my right arm over his shoulder. For some minutes, the only noise we hear are the noises of the night. A little wind and the sound of the vegetation make a lullaby song as we lie there, looking at each other as we hug.


"Yes, Chris?"

"I'm...I'm glad you came to me..."

I kiss his forehead briefly and exhale.

"I'm glad I came too, you know? When I crashed, I cursed my luck so badly... and when you got hurt and I brought you here... then I realized... I realize how lucky I am to have crashed on this planet..."

"There's no coincidence in life, you no?" he says, "I think...I think there's like a cosmic thread that brought you to me, Robbi..."

I kiss him on the forehead once again and then he kisses me on the lips. The passion within me takes over as we start kissing again, dawning on me the realization that his lips are the sweetest of lips I have ever kissed. I've had my share of lovers in the past, but what Chris makes me feel inside as we kiss can be compared to nothing I've ever experienced in my life. Like nothing before him ever existed and I am new to the sensations that burn my body from within.

I feel his boner against my waist as he kisses me and keeps pushing his body against mine, as if he can't get enough of it. I hold him closer, my arm against his back bringing him to me so I can feel the heat of his body against mine. His hand rests on my chest and he starts moving it, running it all over my chest and causing my nipples to harden at his simple touch. My hand goes down and rests on his butt once again, but this time he doesn't buckle. I bring my hand up again, but he takes it in his own hand and brings it back to his butt.

"Chris?" I ask in-between kisses.

"It's k," he says, "You can touch my butt if you want... your hand feels good in there..."

We kiss again and as my hand runs through his buttocks, his starts going south until it stops over my dick. It's my turn to gasp this time and his hand retreats. But I take it in my hand and bring it back to my now painfully hardened organ.

"Your hand feels good in there too..." I tell him.

"Robbi?" he says.

"Yes, baby boy?"

"You no, I've never... you no...like..."

I move so I can be face to face with him and smile at him.

"We don't have to rush things, Chris, I'm sorry if I've..."

"You haven't, Robbi," he says looking at me.

"You know I'd never do anything to hurt you..."

"I know, Robbi..."

We kiss again, our hands flying over our bodies as we can't seem to get enough of each other. Chris' hand slides under the waistband of my underwear and I moan deeply as his hand rubs again my dick, which is now leaking precum as if there was no tomorrow. My moaning doesn't seem to stop as my mouth is captured by his. My right hand is running down his butt and I bring my left one inside his underwear as well.

"Oh, Robbi...!" he says and goes back to kissing me.

I turn him so he's with his back to the mattress and I start kissing his neck. I can't get enough of his smooth white skin and keep on kissing his chest until my mouth finds his right nipple. I kiss it and then extend my tongue so I can lick it. I hear him gasp as I do so, licking and sucking on his hardened pink sweet virgin nipple. I move to his left nipple and start the same set of motions. I feel Chris' body tremble in my arms as my mouth keeps busy on his lovely boy nipples.

I start going south once more until my mouth is kissing his pubic mound. His hands automatically go to my head and he starts caressing my hair. I run my tongue through his cock shaft and go still under, so I can lick at his smooth lovely balls. He gasps as I do it, and I look up to meet his eyes.

"Are you alright, Chris?" I ask

"I am, sillyhead," he says, "please don't stop..."

I go back to licking his young balls and I feel him tremble once again. I go further south and I kiss his nether region coming close to his virgin asshole. I lick a couple of times and feel his button twitch as I do so. I go back up and lick on his shaft all the way up, until my tongue finds the head of his beautiful cut virgin cock. I lick it around and then finally bring the whole of it inside my mouth. Chris gasps again and his hands tighten their grip on my head as I do so. My tongue plays around his cockhead as I suck him, and when the tip of my tongue rubs against his pee slit he moans deeply, letting me know I've found a sensitive spot.

I don't have to work for long, for I feel his young cock throb repeatedly in my mouth and I know he's close now. I keep on sucking him as I caress his balls with my right hand. His hands hold tight to my head as he instinctively starts thrusting his hips, pushing his cock deeper inside, until it starts spurting jet after jet of his teen cum inside my mouth. I am now savagely jerking my cock as I swallow his young load inside my mouth.

I go up and kiss him, but he pushes me so I can be face up on the bed and goes down to my cock without previous notice. He starts sucking as if his life depended on it. I don't want to thrust, because I know he's never done this, so I keep still as he sucks. His tongue runs around my cockhead and he licks at my pee slit, imitating what I did before. It's a total turn on and I start moaning repeatedly. He knows he's doing it right, so he licks and sucks and licks and sucks, taking my cock inside and outside his mouth, caressing my balls with his left hand.

My hands find his head and I caress his golden mane which flows around as he sucks me. It doesn't take long before I'm shooting my cumload inside his mouth. He stays there until he know he's sucked everything there was to suck, and comes up to kiss me. We kiss for a while, not wanting to finish the magic.

"Where...where did you learn to do that?" I ask him still heavily breathing.

"You want in on a little secret?" he says smiling and I nod.

Before I can react he pulls his legs up and brings the tip of his cock, which is still hard, to his mouth. I gasp at the sight, the most erotic sight I've ever seen. And as he sucks on his cockhead, I go down and kiss his butthole. He doesn't move this time. He lets me lick on his pucker as his mouth licks and sucks on his own young cock. My tongue bathes his hole as he plays with his pee slit, my cock rock hard between my legs once again. I lick and suck on his hole until his body starts jerking, letting me know he's getting close once again. I intensify my licking of his young butthole, pushing my tongue a little deep inside him. The minute I do it, his body convulses in orgasm and he starts shooting his load in his own mouth.

As soon as his orgasm fades, I go up again and kiss him on the lips, his sweet young cum still in his mouth. We tongue kiss as his own juices swap from his mouth to mine and back again. I hold him close to me, his sweet rod rubbing against mine which once again is leaking precum.

"You're hard down there, Robbi," he says smiling.

"I am indeed, baby boy," I tell him in-between kisses.

We continue to kiss and his right hands starts jerking my cock. I gasp and moan as we kiss, and his hand speeds its movements, bringing me close to orgasm once more time.

"I'm...I'm gonna cum!" I announce.

Faster than a man could move, Chris' lips wrap around my cockhead as my first stream of hot cum is shot directly into his mouth. And then a second, and a third. And Chris just stays between my legs until he's received everything I have to give. When he knows I'm done, he comes up and kisses me once again.

He then rests his head against my chest as we both come down from the paradise we've been to as we discovered each other's body.

"Thank you, Chris..." I say softly.

"No, Robbi," he says, "thank you...for loving me so much..."

He doesn't have to say it. Inside me, I know I love Chris so much and I have to wonder how it is possible that just after a few days I can feel as deeply as I feel for him. But I do know it's love, the deepest and sweetest love I could've ever felt in my heart.

We remain in silence for some time, Chris playing with my chest and belly button, me caressing his golden mane and kissing his forehead as I repeat to him that I love him.

"You no?" he says.

"Yes, beautiful boy?"

He remains silent for some time and then he speaks.

"If I could always be in your arms, that would be all I would ever ask for..."

As the words leave his lips, I feel my eyes watering up and I also feel a knot tightening around my throat. The tears of happiness are now rolling down my cheeks. He looks up and realizes I'm crying.

"Robbi, did I do something wrong? What..."

"You did not, Chris," I tell him, "What you've just said...it...it made my heart explode from within..."

He kisses me and I kiss him back.

"I'm happy I made your heart explode..." he says and giggles, "not that I meant to, you no...?"

I bring him tighter to me and we kiss again.

"I think we should go on to sleep, sweetie pie..." I tell him.

He nods. He snuggles in my arms and I hold him tight.

"Sweetie pie..." he says.

"What's that?"

"I like sweetie pie... I even like like it..."

I pat his head and place my left hand over his right, which is resting on my chest.

"Sweetie pie! Sweetie pie! I'm Robbi´s sweetie pie!!"

I turn so we're facing each other.

"Yes you are, Chris. You're my sweetie pie, my beautiful boy, my everything..."

He then turns serious as we look into each other's eyes.

"Will you always be my Robbi?" he asks.

"I will always be your Robbi..."

"I want you to hold me, to love me, and to be my Robbi forever..."

I kiss him on the lips.

"I am your Robbi forever, Chris. What about you? Will you always be my baby boy?"

"I will, Robbi. I want to make you the happiest Robbi to have ever existed..."

I hold him against me and he buries his head in my chest as he tells me he loves me. As I tell him I love him I feel the universe inside me, knowing this is a love no one will ever break. I know that, no matter what happens from here, Chris and I will always belong to each other.

I don't know what will become of us in this planet, I don't know if we'll ever be able to go back to civilization, but in the meantime, I'm happy knowing the universe is this, Chris and I, holding each other as we fall asleep in each other's arms. Right now, I know I feel exactly as he does, if I could always be in his arms, that would be all I would ever ask for...




To be continued...



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