The Boys of Kendra School of Magic

By Dream Janus

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Chapter 1

Terry and Max Kendra, plus their adopted sons and students at their school for magical boys; Jaydon, Tyler, and Chris; were enjoying their summer vacation between school years. Their present location was the U.S Virgin Islands at a five star hotel and resort. Each of the men and boys had already developed a rich tan due to their stay and enjoyment of the tropical sun.

            Terry was sitting on the hotel room's veranda enjoying the island breeze on his toned skin. His life with Max and the boys was good to him but the nagging feeling in the back of his mind would not stop. He felt a familiar presence and opened his sea blue eyes, noticing that Max's smoky brown eyes were again staring at him.

            "I already told you," Terry began, "I will tell you what I can, when I can." He then leaned up from the chaise lounge and smiled. "All I know is that this year is going to be strange. I some times know we are getting two more boys and other times five; but then I feel pain around three of them." His smile started to fall.

            Max pushed stray hair out of his eyes and then touched Terry's face. "I know; but I worry when you push yourself so much." His British accent was obvious. He then smiled. "Besides, we are supposed to be on vacation." Max then touched his lips gently to Terry's forehead and said "How's my heart?"

            "More in love each and every day," Terry said with a smile. He then licked Max's chin stubble. "Where are the boys?"

            At that moment, a thin tanned boy in a lavender and teal Speedo, and an extremely wide brimmed lavender panama style hat that was the home of a large silver and paste diamond broach and matching lavender sandals walked by. Both Max and Terry noticed. Max closed his eyes and shook his head at the sight the boy made. "That boy is a walking and talking stereotype," he said with a sigh.

            Terry giggled, "Well that tells us where Jaydon is." He then stood up and put his arms around his slightly taller mate's waist. "I bet that Tyler is either sunning himself on the beach or he and Chris are fawning after one of the Cabana boys." Terry then snuggled into Max's chest. "If Chris isn't with Ty, then he is probably at the pool by himself, doing it anyway."

            "It's really too bad that we have to leave the islands tomorrow," Max said softly kneading Terry's muscular ass through his bathing suit. "We don't get enough alone time once school starts." He then looked at Terry with a gleam of want and desire in his eyes. Even after ten years of being together, he was still turned on by his mate's scent, touch, and very presence.

            Just then a very insistent knock was heard on the door. Terry and Max both groaned and stereo responded, "What is it!"

            "Dads, Sir Clanks-a-lot is in my room," responded Tyler's tenor voice through the door. "It won't give me the mail," he continued in a slightly frustrated voice. He paused and then said, "I'm sorry..."

            Terry broke his embrace with Max with a kiss and went to open the door. When the door opened Tyler stood there with his silver and brown hair hiding his grey eyes.

            "The damn thing is lit up like a Christmas tree," Tyler began. "But it will not cough up any of the mail, so I figured it must have been special delivery or something." He then blushed. "I am sorry to interrupt your private time." Tyler looked like he might begin to cry.

            Terry smiled and said, "We understand things like this happen." He looked back at Max who nodded with a slight grin. "It don't help the hornys, but we understand."

            Tyler burst out laughing at the fact that his father had been so open and had used such bad English in the same sentence. "I thought you were a good teacher," he jabbed at Terry.

            "I am," Terry responded "just not in manners or English." He then playfully swatted Tyler on the butt.

            "Let's go get that rusted old tin can out of your room," Max said with big grin as he adjusted the front of his swim suit boldly. He kissed Terry as he moved toward the door.

Moments later he and Tyler were opening the door to the room Tyler shared with Chris. There standing in the middle of the room glowing with a blue green light was a rusted suit of armor. The armor was partially blocking access to the room itself.


Max looked irritated as he walked up to the armor and said, "Sir Clanks-a-lot, I am Maxwell Kendra Co-Headmaster of Kendra School of Magic, if you have mail to deliver, deliver it now."


The armor began to clank very loudly and the glow began to alternate between blue, green, and red very quickly. Suddenly the clanking and glowing stopped and the breast plate opened revealing a package and an envelope inside. Max took the package and the envelope from their resting places and began to look at them.


The package was for Terry from the Department of Magical Research. The letter was from the office of Magical President of the United States, addressed to both of them and marked "Official". The package Max figured was just some research project they wanted Terry's opinion on; the letter however had him confused.


The Sir Clanks-a-lot was still standing there, so it apparently was told to expect a reply to one of the letters. Max assumed correctly that the presidential letter was the one expecting a response. "Damn," Max thought, "not enough time to think." He then opened the Presidential envelope.


"Dear Mr. Maxwell Kendra and Mr. Terrance Kendra,

                 I am sure that you do not remember our meeting seven years ago as I began my fourth term in office. I do and was very impressed with your school and grounds. I realized at that time that my son was a very gifted boy and may have been in need of your school.

When I came to your school it was to see if your school would fit his needs, if and when he would have need of them. Your school met and exceeded my expectations in that regard. My son thankfully did not feel the need for your school and will be graduating from Suffuronn Academy at the end of this year with honors and plans on becoming a teacher.

My reason for this correspondence is that at my son's request, I wish to create a national diversification committee, whose job it will be to assist needy individuals to find schools such as yours where they can thrive and learn, not be mistreated and abused for being different.

Would you be willing to act as the flagship school in this endeavor? If so, would one or both of you be willing to work with the committee on locating those who are in need? 





Theodore William Boxington III   

Magical President United States of America"



"Sir Clanks-a-lot, this is my response" Max began. "To the Magical President of the United States of America, from Maxwell Kendra Co-Headmaster Kendra School of Magic..." Max paused. "Dear Sir, Of course we remember you and your visit. We would be proud to be your flagship school in such an endeavor. Please let us know what is expected. As for working with the committee, we will need to discuss this further between ourselves and with you at a future date to say one way or other." Max paused again with a bit of a puzzled look on his face then said, "Sincerely Max."

            The Sir Clanks-a-lot suit of armor shut its own breast plate and then began to glow in a yellow light and suddenly disappeared. The room felt so much bigger to both Max and Tyler.

            "Why does that damn thing zone in on me and not you and pop Terry?" Tyler asked in mild frustration.

            Max laughed and ruffled Tyler's hair. "We brought magical dampeners, so it locked on to the most powerful magical Kendra it could find," He then winked. "You..."

"You still can't access private or school related mail, because you are student, so you are basically damned either way." Max then laughed. "I will bring a magical dampener down tonight so you don't get any more surprises."

            Outside beside the pool Chris was carefully watching Miguel the pool boy through his tinted glasses. "Enjoy the scenery but don't get too excited." Chris kept repeating to himself in his thoughts as he watched the very muscular Miguel's arms reach into the pool with one of the poles to clean it slowly. Miguel's muscle movements were like a dance to Chris. Miguel's ass was perfect; round and smooth.

            Chris' mind had wandered and he had become hormonally excited. The air around him began to crackle with electricity and the small popping sounds as bubbles began to appear in large numbers. These bubbles were the size of baseballs and softballs and did not pop when they came in contact with a solid surface; they bounced. Chris slowly began to realize what was going on and that only made matters worse as it made him nervous and scared. As he grew more nervous and scared the electricity grew in intensity and the bubbles grew in number and size.

            Jaydon was walking quietly on the beach enjoying the surf when he felt the unmistakable tingle of ozone cross his skin. The only time he felt that was when Chris was loosing control. Jaydon ran toward the pool; Chris' home away from home, and there big as life was a freaked out Chris churning out bubbles the size of furniture and enough electricity to power a house.

            "TEMPORA," screamed Jaydon with out stretched hands. Immediately a wave of energy left Jaydon traveling in all directions. Everything that the wave touched froze in time. Once the wave included all the bubbles, Jaydon walked over to Chris and lightly touched him on the shoulder.

            "You made a mess again," Jaydon said softly as Chris began to move normally.

            "Yeah, I know..."Chris began to cry. "I can't help it," little bubbles began to appear around his head, this time with micro fireworks.

            "Calm down and help me clean up this mess," Jaydon said putting his arm around Chris' shoulder. "Besides we don't need you adding to the mess."

            The boys took a few moments standing beside each other with their hands outstretched saying "Destructo" to the assorted bubbles destroying them. They then ran to the beach and Jaydon countered his spell "Retero." Those at the pool looked as if they had just woken from a momentary bad dream and since no one would admit that anyone had seen what they had all seen, it quickly was dropped.

            Chris' ponytail still had the fall out from all of the electricity showing and it was annoying Jaydon to no end. Finally Jaydon snapped his fingers and a brush appeared in his hand. Chris silently allowed Jaydon to undo his long ponytail from its tie. Jaydon loved to brush Chris's hair. It was the color of dark honey and always looked great even tied up. Chris loved Jaydon spending time with him. And even though they loved each unconditionally, they looked at each other as brothers and would never think of each other as more. They were very protective of each other and pity the person dumb enough to hurt one of them.


            "Jay, do you think I will ever find a boyfriend?" Chris asked as Jaydon slowly brushed out his hair.

            "Sure hon," Jaydon said in all honesty. "He won't have to worry about those bubbles, electricity, or even the fireworks," he continued with a slight smile. "Your man is going to have to worry about all of us and pass our bother-in-love tests,"

            Chris giggled. "Don't you and Ty go chasing off all the good men, now." He then sighed. "Damn we are screwed up...I can't get excited or all hell breaks loose, you steal your boyfriend's sister's clothes and Tyler gives them fleas."

            Jaydon playfully smacked Chris on the arm like a girl. "I do not steal their clothes, even if I look better in them."

            "I noticed that you didn't say anything about Ty giving anyone fleas," Chris said and then playfully began to scratch like he had fleas.

            "Nope, because we need to get our resident puppy brother a flea and tick collar," Jaydon laughed as he began to also scratch but not really knowing why.

            Meanwhile back in the hotel room, Tyler stretched and twisted his taut frame from side to side. His muscles rippled as his moved. Tyler hated being on an island that had no dogs as natural inhabitants or even allowed as guests. It meant he had to hide when he got comfortable. Tyler made sure the door was locked and then jumped toward the bed. In the instant between the jump and landing on the bed, Tyler became a dark grey wolf. It was an instant wink and the boy Tyler was replaced by the wolf Tyler. He landed on the bed gently, circled twice, flopped down and closed his eyes. He let out a great sigh.

"Much better," Tyler thought.





          Timmy's filthy blond head popped out of the trash dumpster in triumph. He was going to eat tonight. The burger place had thrown away three wrapped burgers, and they were still warm, sort of. His rail thin 9 year old body quickly scaled the side of the dumpster and slid down the other side. The burger felt like heaven as he tore into it hungrily. He walked down the alley slowly, without any real hurry to get back to the place that he was forced to call home.

            Timmy climbed the stairs of the run down apartment building, avoided the bum on the 2nd floor landing, skipped the 3rd step that was broken, and avoided the congealed blood on the banister rail. When he reached the 4th floor, he nodded to the needle freaks that always had their door open in the first apartment; they at least knew he existed. Timmy walked to the forth apartment on the right and just opened the door, it was never locked.

            "It is about time you get your ass back here," roared the voice of Vic, Timmy's step dad. His dark hair looked like it had never been washed. His wife-beater tee shirt was stained with vomit and assorted other stains including splatters of his own blood. Timmy could tell that Vic had just awakened from another night of being high, drunk or both.

            "We got to go see a man about something," Vic mumbled almost to himself. He then grabbed Timmy by the arm and began dragging him out of the apartment and out of the building.


            Minutes later, they arrived at a slightly nicer house. Vic knocked on the door, two knocks, pause, three knocks, pause, two knocks, pause, two knocks, and then waited.


"Whose there?" came a rough voice from inside.

            "It's Vic," He responded. "I brought the kid."

            The sounds of several locks being unlocked were followed by the door being opened slightly. A thin man looked out, first at Vic and then at Timmy. "Get in here."

            Vic pushed Timmy into the house. The front room only had a lumpy blue couch and a metal folding chair in it, with a lamp on the floor. The man looked at Timmy and then said. "He is 9," then he swallowed. "The man said "He has to be 9, he looks younger than that!"

            Vic slapped Timmy on the head. "Tell him how old you are kid"

            "I am 9," Timmy said softly, "My birthday was last week," almost in a whisper. He then rubbed his head.

            "Good; the man said 3g's and 1 of them is mine and the rest you can have in cash or in product man," the thin man said to Vic.

            "Sheila and I want it all in product man," Vic responded looking like he was about to cum all over himself.

            The thin man pulled out a cell phone and dialed a number. "Yeah man, it's me." He listened for a moment. "The kid is here." Listened again, "All in product, yeah." He listened again, "Fifteen minutes," he then hung the phone up.

            Fifteen minutes later a knock was heard on the door.  A man in a business suit carrying a briefcase came into the house. Vic and the thin man did business with him and then the thin man left. Vic told Timmy to stay and talk with the man and then he also left.

            The man turned towards Timmy and smiled "My name is John; you are to come live with me now," He said softly. "I bet you are hungry."

            Timmy didn't know if he should cry and scream or just go with the flow and see if this man was better to live with than Vic and his mother. "What about Vic and my Mom?" He asked instead.

            John bent down to Timmy and lightly touched his shoulder. "Sorry son, they sold you to me for drugs, but I promise you that you will never go hungry or be without nice clothes again."

            Timmy didn't like the idea that he was sold for drugs, but he realized that his mother and Vic hadn't been taking care of him for as long as he could remember. Maybe this man could take care of him instead. Timmy didn't know, but if this man didn't, he could just run away and go somewhere else.


"Ok," Timmy said softly and put his hand in John's much bigger hand.

            John smiled a soft smile but in his mind there was nothing soft or fuzzy. He was making cold and calculated plans for little Timmy; first a bath, a hair cut, feeding him up and then training him. John just knew that Timmy would make a fine little "Party Favor" at his next party.

            "Let's go get you something to eat and then show you your new home," John said as he ushered Timmy out of the house and out of town.



            Timmy's mother and Vic had injected themselves with massive amounts of the drugs they obtained selling Timmy. Both of their faces showed the pleasure of the start of a new high. Moments later they realized that they had overdosed on poisoned drugs. It was too late for Vic and Timmy's mother to do anything to help themselves. They both writhed and screamed in pain on the floor as their brains and stomachs hemorrhaged. A small amount of blood leaked from their ears and eyes. They finally died of internal bleeding and drug overdose. When they were found three days later their nearly emaciated bodies had been ravaged by animals and exposure.




            In the old cracker box style house in the corner bedroom were Tim and Tom North. They sat on their twin beds studying large leather books with arcane symbols on the cover. The room was silent except for the electrical fan blowing from the desk and the occasional sound of pages turning. The interesting thing was that the boys turned the pages on their books at the same time.

            There blonde hair was cut short and parted to the side, Tim's to the left and Tom's to right, other than that they were exactly identical twins, from their crystal blue eyes, the number of freckles on their nose and the size, shape and length of their cocks.

            Right now they were not focused on their cocks like normal teen boys would be. They were focused instead on the spell in the book they were studying.

{That hand gesture is going to be a pain for me,} Tom telepathically sent to Tim.


{That gesture is easy,} Tim telepathically responded. He then stood and moved over to Tom's bed and took his hand. {Move it like this,} Tim then moved Tom's hand by overlaying his fingers on his brothers. The boys repeated the gesture several times until Tim felt Tom had it down.


{Now I am having problems with the pronunciation of the next command,} Tim telepathically sent pointing at the book. Tom smiled and then spoke, "Ančala...Ann...Ee...ala."


Tim smiled and put this finger to his mouth, {Thanks, but we need to make sure they don't think we are doing spell work, or they will flip.}


Tim and Tom parents knew they were wizards in training, but they did not understand that they enjoyed studying spells, even during summer break. They really didn't understand how they could be wizards just that they were. Their parents made them act as if they weren't when they were home, or around relatives.


The boys knew that there was going to be a time in the near future when they couldn't be normal ever again. Tim and Tom were 15 and only had two more years of school before they graduated and became full wizards. By the end of this year their powers would be too strong to just hide and act like normal teenagers and they knew how to hide that fact better than their parents. The problem was that they could not get their parents to understand that fact.


There was a knock on the door that surprised the boys. Almost instantly they both waved their hands and the books disappeared. The boys bodies flickered from the locations they were at and reappeared instantly separately on their own beds with `Norm' comic books in their hands. They both knew it was their mother checking on them.


"Yes, Mom," Tim and Tom said in stereo.


Pam North poked her head in the door. She knew the boys were doing magic in secret and they were hiding it from both her and her husband Sheldon. It really didn't bother her, as long as they were safe. Sheldon was a different story though. Magic scared him, and the boys even kept it from him that they did some minor spells to help out at their grandparent's farm. If she remembered correctly, she overheard the boys call it Agro-Wizardry.


Pam smiled at the boys. "Boys put everything up and get washed up" She said with a wink. "Daddy wants to go to town to eat." She was fully aware that they most likely would change clothes and clean up by the use of magic as soon as she left the room. Pam smiled and then said, "Don't let yourselves get caught." And then she walked out of the room.






            The forest smelt of pine needles and was rich with life. Jarrod Timbra walked slowly through the underbrush. His 16 year old tanned chest rippled with muscles as it easily flex and moved as he made his way through the forest that was as much his home as any human made house.


            Being the heir apparent of the Loup Garoux King held no attraction for Jarrod. His father Narn made it impossible for him to have even the appearance of a normal life. First, Narn expected Jarrod to father an heir with one or more of the five highest ranking females of the pack, by the winter. Second, his father had said that if he had not at least had sex by the full moon he was going to be expelled from the pack. The problem was it was the night of the full moon.