The Boys of Kendra School of Magic

By Dream Janus

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Warning: This chapter contains acts that may offend some readers, while this is a piece of fiction, these acts happen on a daily basis, but unlike in this story they do not always have a happy ending.

Chapter 2

            Jarrod reached the clearing that was the meeting place of his Loup Garoux pack. The clearing was full of twenty of his pack, some in the form of wolves, others as human and still others as hybrids. The moment Jarrod arrived, all eyes turned on him in anger. Narn, Jarrod's father, appeared from behind a tree with a smug look of victory on his face. Just behind Narn were three hybrid Loup Garoux holding Jarrod's mother Marna, who was sobbing.

            Narn jumped onto a nearby rock announced, "Jarrod (Jaroo) Timbra (Tim Braw), you have been found to be an illegal Magi-can and an abomination in that you refuse to breed to continue the bloodline of the Loup Garoux." He then paused for effect.

            The members of the pack began to mill around, some shifting to their wolf form others shifting to hybrid forms. All of them began to grumble or growl. Thera, Jarrod's uncle, tensed in anticipation of what was about to happen. Jarrod was not really surprised by his father's words, just by the number of the Loup Garoux that were present for the punishment.

            "The punishment for either is banishment," Narn said and then paused again for effect. "But for both it, is, DEATH!"

            "NO!!" screamed Marna as she struggled against the three hybrid men holding her, the men's strength being far too much for her though.

            Almost instantly Jarrod spun on his heels and began his transformation. He knew there was nothing he could do but run, the pack would kill him if he didn't. In that moment he was a black wolf with icy blue eyes. Jarrod ran as fast as he could away from the clearing in a zigzag formation, trying to make sure to avoid capture. He jumped over the fallen trees and under brush as they came up.

            The pack had totally changed into wolves, with the exception of those holding Marna and Narn who was walking toward her. The rest of the pack ran after Jarrod. Marna struggled against those restraining her. Suddenly she felt her left arm slip from one of the grip of one of the men, she used it to attack. In that moment she changed into a grey hybrid with icy blue eyes. Marna sliced the first man and then the other man holding her arm. She back flipped and sliced open the throat of man holding her waist. She watched as the blood flowed from his throat and puddle at his feet.

            Narn moved toward Marna to stop her but was swiftly side stepped by her. Marna threw her claws upward, surprising Narn and sliced his face and left arm. Narn's face showed four large claw marks that bled, temporarily blinding him. Marna ran in the direction of the pack. Her plan was to protect her son at all costs.

            The pack ran as a unit following Jarrod's scent with ease. They spread out and covered the forest efficiently. Their wolven forms easily were able to maneuver in the forest terrain, jumping over the undergrowth and vegetation. Within a half hour they had covered the distance that Jarrod was ahead of them and moved in for the kill.

            Jarrod felt the first wolf, a tan wolf male hit his shoulder and knock him into a tree; he fell to the ground, prepared to fight. He began to feel a knot in his stomach that felt as if it was going to suck him into himself and at the same time it felt as if his head was about to explode. The opposing sensations were distracting. Jarrod struck blindly at the first wolf, his attack hit the just below the wolf's throat cutting off most of the oxygen.

            The first wolf collapsed spewing foam coming its mouth and nose. The other wolves attacked Jarrod in such a way that he was unable to defend himself properly.  The knot in Jarrod's stomach increased in intensity as he swung wildly attempting to defend himself. His head continued to pound and exploded as it pulsed. He fought not only the wolves but his own body to retain control of himself.

            Finally the wolves drew enough of Jarrod's blood that he could no longer control himself and was on the verge of death, in that instant Jarrod's mind exploded in such a powerful explosive force that it killed all the wolves within fifteen yards of him and knocked everything else back for another thirty. In the brief instant later the pulling sensation in his stomach became so great that it caused a black space to envelop a five foot area around Jarrod, cutting into wolves, trees, plants and whatever else was in the way. As suddenly as it appeared it winked out of existence taking everything inside its space with it.

            Marna approached the devastation in the forest sadly. She knew the forest would heal in a few years, probably look better than it did before. The pack had suffered great losses in numbers, but most of them were difficult to deal with in general, but it would cause a great hardship on the pack. Marna was not sure if Jarrod was dead or just gone, but she mourned for him anyway.


            At that exact moment a Klaxon alarm sounded in the darkened halls of Castle Kendra and out of the cell phones owned by Max and Terry Kendra in the islands as they, Jaydon, Tyler and Chris set down to Lunch in the hotel restaurant. Everyone in the restaurant turned and stared as both of the men quickly turned the alarms on the phones to silent and sat down.

            "What the hell was that alarm?" Jaydon hissed under his breath, looking extremely embarrassed. He was in fact not embarrassed but concerned; he was ready to cast a spell to freeze the room if the need arose.

            "The phone says it's an emergency teleport stuck in transition." Max said in a calm tone that belayed the fact that he was in fact actually very upset. He knew that could only mean one of two things and both were really bad.

"Boys I am going to go back and check on it" Max began. "I want everyone to stay here until I say otherwise." He looked at Terry with a knowing eye. "I will send the all clear when it is safe to come home."

            Max then stood up and walked slowly out of the restaurant so as to not draw any more attention to himself. It felt as if he was taking a death march, each step was like walking in cement. Once he found an area where he was unobserved and alone, Max sighed, took another deep breath, and disappeared without a sound.

            In the restaurant the boys and Terry each ordered their meal in subdued voices. Terry had an idea what was going to be waiting Max when he arrived at the castle but only in the abstract sense, not in any real life experience. Each of the boys had enough time with their adopted fathers and teachers to know how to read their moods and knew that this was serious, all facades and pretenses were dropped. Each one was focused on what they could do to help their family at that exact moment be it a spell, a word or affection; they prepared themselves for that unknown worst situation happening.

            The meal itself was excellent as was expected from a four star hotel. The wait staff was equally great as well and if it had been any other time, the boys all would have each flirted with the waiter as he was very cute with dark wavy hair and smoldering dark eyes. His work pants looked as if they were painted on and his work shirt showed that he worked hard on his pecks. The boys and Terry ate in silence though and left him a forty dollar tip.

Castle Kendra was a four story stone structure in appearance with a total of six towers. The castle had a moat surrounding it on all sides, several out buildings scattered around the area, an area for being trained to fly on carpet, brooms, buzz boards (flying versions of skate boards) and bog boards (flying versions of surf boards), a small multipurpose athletic field which included a Wizarding Sky hockey arena and the castle was surrounded on the North, East and West sides by a dense and Magical forest. There was magical protection surrounding the area that made Norm's see nothing out of the ordinary and instead of castle they saw a four story manor house.

            Max arrived at the castle, appearing just off of the entry hall beside the main suit of Sir Clanks-a-lot armor and a bookcase. He noticed that the entry hall was lit by the teleport ring on the floor. Its ornate design pulsed red, green, and blue; showing that it indeed had a problem. The crystal control dais was also pulsing but it was pulsing green, blue, and red. The stone walls of the castle were almost eerie with the glow from the teleport ring and crystal dais.

            Max shook his head and sighed sadly as he walked slowly toward the dais. He knew that there would be one hell of a mess to clean up. Max waved his left hand over the dais from right to left, the ornate teleportation ring faded back to normal. He then waved his right hand over the dais and it return to its normal pale crystal color, except for the lit control panel. Max then pressed several of the arcane symbols on the control panel. A crystal cloud appeared in the air just in front of the dais becoming smooth and forming a floating see through monitor. It revealed a data stream of arcane symbols that were perfectly understood by Max. He shook his head sadly and tapped a few more symbols on the control panel.

            The transport ring began to glow green on the outer edge and then suddenly there was a flash of white light. When the light faded the ring was surrounded by charred and bloody Loup Garoux, hybrid and human looking body parts. Some of the body parts began to ooze blood and other fluids.    


            The smell of the carnage began to get to Max; He closed his eyes to attempt to stop his stomach from turning. Max focused for a second and then waved his hand blindly in the direction of the transport ring, almost immediately the smell began to fade. Max opened his eyes to find that his spell had successfully cleared the mess. He breathed a momentary sigh of relief.

            Max returned to scanning the monitor floating in front of him and tapped a few more symbols on the dais. This time when the transport ring began to glow it was the inner ring that began to glow green and again there was flash of white light. Max again was faced with the gore of charred body parts, but this time he also found full bodies that were charred and the form of a boy who looked as if he was near death, but otherwise unharmed or charred. A partially charred body was lying across the boy's body.

            Max repeated the spell to clear away the extra bodies. He left the body that covered the boy's body. Max checked the body and made sure that he was dead, he clapped his hands and the corpse disappeared with a crack. Max then checked the boy for a pulse and found a very weak one.

            Max used his limited understanding of first-aid spells and regular first-aid to stabilize the boy and levitated his body. He then had it follow him into and down the archway hallway and on to the twenty foot high thirty foot square great room. The room walls were rough rock and timber wood construction with several sofas, love seats, chairs and settees. A stereo and a 56" flat screen TV were against one wall. Another suit of Sir Clanks-a-lot armor stood against the opposite wall. Max gently lowered the boy onto the largest of the sofas and then turned to the wall of pictures.

            Max walked toward the picture of a set of ascending ornate stairs and then stepped into it. The next moment he stepped out of its descending twin in his cluttered office. Max walked to his even more cluttered desk and sat down in his black high back executive office chair. He then pinched the bridge of his nose as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Max focused his mind and attempted to calm himself down without having to take a flight. Max shook his head finally and reached for the phone. The phone was the `Nearly Norm' office model which looked like the standard `Norm' phone except for the additional three buttons at the bottom which were @, ~ and &.

            Max dialed five digits and then held down the @ and &. He waited until he heard a tone and then spoke. "It is safe to return, we have a new boy. He is unconscious and very hurt, he needs lots of help." Max then released the buttons and hung up the phone. He then walked to the office door and opened it.

            Outside the office was the private living room that linked Max and Terry's offices to their bedroom. The room was decorated in French provincial furniture and fine art. There were bookcases filled with ancient books on each wall, but Max's focus was the empty antique brass bird stand in the far corner near the open window. He walked to the stand and began to stroke its smooth surface with finger tips.

            "The family won't be back for at least half an hour so..." Max thought to himself as he stroked the bird stand. He took a deep breath and then closed his eyes. Max's body began to shrink and reform, within moments he became a white and red falcon. He sat on the stand for a moment and preened his feathers. He then flapped his wings, looked out the window and then flew gracefully out the window and into the sky. Max loved to exercise his wings, to feel the wind in his feathers, and to glide the zephyrs.


            The warm bath water felt so good to Timmy; he leaned back so that his tiny back touched the sauna bath tub's surface. He enjoyed the feeling of being able to lay back and just soak. Timmy had not had a bath in several weeks, so the dirt began to make a film of muck around the edge of the tub. He drained the tub and refilled it with even hotter water. Timmy's tiny muscles relaxed in the hotter water, his dirt darkened skin slowly began to pale to its true sickly color, except for the single mark on Timmy's left butt cheek in the shape of a small flame. Its color was very pale and muted in colors to the point that it was not noticeable most of the time.

            John walked into the bathroom without knocking on the door and smiled looking down on the prone Timmy. His eyes did not show the smile as before, now a hunger was there instead. John noted that the boy was paler than he expected, that would cut into the expected price, but not too bad for the party price he expected the participants to pay to use the boy. He would just have to increase the number of `invitations' sent out. John walked slowly toward Timmy but stopped when Timmy flinched at his approach.

            Timmy tried not to respond to John's approach but he did anyway. He flinched and at the same time he felt the need to protect himself. As if it was responding to his need the water around him immediately began to rise in temperature, until it was actually a few degrees above the boiling point. Timmy did not notice the water change temperature at all. John noticed the change in the water but was not sure what to think as Timmy was doing fine in the water.


When Timmy finally was out of the bath tub and dressed in an oversized body towel, John led him into his expensively appointed dinning room and showed him to a chair at the dining room table. Timmy was scared to see what was next in his new life, but hunger for real food overrode his natural and understandable fear.

John went to the refrigerator and began removing leftovers from yesterday's dinner; roasted chicken breast and mixed vegetables. He then removed a half gallon of milk as well. He retrieved two glasses from a nearby cabinet and poured the milk into both, ne was regular milk, the other John dosed with a heavy dose of GHB, liquid cocaine, and heroin. The combination was intended to make Timmy compliant and then when they were done with him, he would die of an overdose. John placed the leftovers in the microwave and turned it on. He then headed toward the computer to advertize the party for that night.     

            Timmy ate the meal and drank the milk without a word. He took the time to look around the room and found everything in the room interesting. If Timmy had been older he would have noticed that the room was obviously filled with rented furniture and did not have any personal items that were John's. An adult would have noticed several other things were wrong about the room and John's actions, but none of it was noticed by Timmy.       

John checked the computer every few minutes until he saw that the requested number of partiers had RSVP'ed and deposited the required amount of money. An hour before the party was scheduled to begin John gave Timmy the drug filled milk and had him drink it. With in minutes Timmy faded into a drug induced stupor as the GHB took affect.



            Max returned from his flight entering his office gracefully through the open window and landed on the bird stand. He had just completed the transformation back to his human form when the gong that announced an incoming teleportation went off. Max snapped his fingers and instantly appeared in the entry hall as the teleportation ring came to life with a bright blue flash.

            Jaydon was dressed in Lavender shoes, a lavender and teal dress and a matching pillbox hat, he stood with his arms crossed and was staring daggers at Chris and Tyler. Chris and Tyler were holding on to each other laughing at Jaydon. Terry was standing behind them shaking his head. Max immediately knew what the cause of the uproar was about; apparently Jaydon's "Ms. Clair's Wonder Widget" must have malfunctioned again, dressing him in a woman's dress and hat.

            "I see it is time for a Wonder Widget upgrade," Max said in a very matter of fact tone, hiding his amusement extremely well from everyone except Terry. He then snapped his fingers and Jaydon's clothes were replaced by a shirt, pants and baseball cap all in the same Lavender color.

            Max then looked at the group in a way that they immediately knew it was time for silence. "The teleporter stopped an emergency teleport of a boy who apparently was being attacked by a large group of Loup Garoux." He began to explain.

"They are all dead and the boy is resting in the family room." Max then turned towards Terry and said "I need you to check my work on the boy and see if we need to take him to WWWM medical center."

            "I want to help," demanded Jaydon.

            "Fine, you are now, nurse Jaydon," Terry responded with a slight smile.

Terry then turned to Max and handed him a black and red fanny pack. "Please unpack for us." He smiled and then said, "I bought you a gift before we came back; it is in the left zipper compartment, all the way at the bottom.

Max put the bags on a nearby ornate Henry the 8th table and began to unzip the red fanny pack that belonged to Terry and thrust his hand into the bag. He smiled when Terry shook his head. Max then pushed further into the bag, all the way up to his elbow. He looked surprised at shape and feel of what was in the bag. Max immediately began pulling his arm out of the bag pulling the surprise with him.

The opening of the bag magically expanded as Max began to pull out an ornate brass bird cage from the cavernous space hidden in the bag. Max looked at Terry suspiciously as he continued to pull out the birdcage until all of its 4 feet tall form was complete.

"You always said you wanted more toys for your office." Terry said innocently, but his eyes gleamed with mischievousness. Terry knew that he would have to pay for his inside joke in bed later that night.

Jaydon grew tired of watching the adults with their gift giving and slipped silently out of the room and walked down the castle's inner hall into the family room. He paused at the immense stone archway of the family room and looked into the room shyly until he found the prone body of Jarrod. Jaydon was overcome with sadness and compassion as he walked slowly toward Jarrod's body on the Elizabethan style sofa.

Jarrod was awake but kept his eyes closed as the strange boy that was Jaydon approached him quietly. He was not sure if the boy was a treat or not. Jarrod was not sure where he was or even how he came to be here, but he realized that he was not being chased and was not dead. That was always a plus in his mind.

Jaydon was mesmerized by the handsome face that was in front of him, but he felt most likely the new boy would not want him that way so he set his mind to just be friends. Jaydon had been hurt before and was not going to allow that to happen again. It was always better to have good friends anyways.

Terry walked into the room and smiled at the scene in front of him. He knew that many things were changing this year and not all of them were for the best. Terry became aware of Jarrod's trick the moment he entered the room fully. He shook his head and planned to make it easier on the boy.

"Jay, please go get `Handy's Handbook on Magical Maladies' out of the library for me," Terry asked.

Jaydon obeyed and quickly left the room and headed down the side hall toward the library. He really did not like the idea of being sent on an errand that both he and Terry knew was only to get him out of the room, but he would never argue with one of his adopted fathers.

"Hello, my name is Terry and that was Jaydon," Terry said softly. "I know you are awake, you are safe here," he revealed.

Jarrod opened his eyes and looked around quickly. He was not sure where he was but he was sure that he was not in Montana any more. Jarrod was not sure if he should be scared or not.

"You are at the Kendra School of Magic; I am one of the Headmasters of the school." Terry explained. "You are safe here. No one can enter unless we give them permission."

"I am Jarrod" Jarrod said softly.

"You are a Loup Garoux," Max said entering the room. "I am Max, I am the other Headmaster and the one who found you," he explained. "We need to talk."

Jarrod nodded slowly. He hurt and felt very weak and realized that he did not have the energy to run, even if he needed to do so. Jarrod did feel that he was at least partially safe at the castle.

"Let me explain to you what happened." Max explained.

"You were brought here by a combination of spells." Max continued. "It also revealed a few things to us by you being here."

"There were three conditions that had to be met for you to be drawn here." Terry interjected hiding the fact that in reality there were actually four conditions fulfilled.

"1st condition was that you were a magical male," Max began to number off. "2nd condition was that you had to be in trouble due to magic. The 3rd condition was that you had to be gay."

Jarrod who had been in agreement with each statement that the darker of the two headmasters was saying balked when Max told him the 3rd condition. "I don't think I am gay," Jarrod said with an attitude that told both the men that they had hit the condition that sat off the 4th condition.

The hidden fourth condition was that they had a problem relating to either being magical or being gay or both being a problem. Max and Terry smile serenely and changed the subject. "This is a school to learn magic and find out more about yourself," Max said.

"You are protected from most if not all forms of attack while inside the school itself and even the grounds have a lot of protection," Max continued.

"You are welcome to stay here and study finding out about your personal magic," Terry said with a smile.

Jarrod knew that he was a `magic-can', a Loup Garoux with magical talent, so he honestly considered it for a moment. He knew that he was no longer accepted as a Loup Garoux and had no where else to go. Maybe this would be a good place to find his place in the world. "What do I need to do to stay here?"

Terry smiled and Max moved behind his mate. "Good," Max said. "Tomorrow we will fill out a bit of paperwork to enroll you at the school and Terry will need to take you to the WWWM tomorrow to get you some clothes and personal items."

"Do you feel up to doing some walking?" Terry asked. "I would like to show you around the castle so you don't get lost."

Jarrod's inhuman healing factor had already healed most of his wounds. He began to feel safer here than before. "This is a big place," Jarrod said in wonder.

"Bigger than it looks I can promise you," Terry quipped with a smile.

"This is the Great Room," Terry explained with his hand sweeping the large room. "It is used to relax, watch the `Nearly Norm' Big screen Television, listen to the `Nearly Norm' radio, greet expected guest, and do homework occasionally."

Over the next hour Terry showed him the castle, the four floors above ground and the two below ground. He explained that certain pictures were actually magical doorways and shortcuts to other areas of the castle. Terry explained that some of them were also magically protected from being used by anyone other than the headmasters; others were only active during class time for quick travel to classes across the vast space of the castle.

Terry explained that the potion classes, the Norm related classes, and Charms classes were all held in the first level basement. He then showed Jarrod the classes down on that level. Jarrod noticed that some of the classrooms had nothing in them except for a painting of a hallway. "What is this for?"

Terry smiled and walked Jarrod over to the painting of a hallway and said "This is one of those that are usually active only during class time." He then tapped the left side of the tin plated frame three times. The frame changed and became wooden. Terry then grasped Jarrod's hand and stepped into the painting itself.

Just like in the painting Jarrod found himself standing in a hallway with seven doors. Three of the doors were marked with a number and the rest were not. Terry pointed to each marked door 1, 2, and 3. "These are the Potions classrooms for levels one, two, and three; they are the only doors that can be opened. I usually teach levels four through seven myself, but if I am needed elsewhere, I can open the other classrooms and have the hall's magically created teachers teach those levels as well."

Moments later they were back outside of the painting and continued on. Terry pointed out the next room with a painted hallway in it and said "that is the Norm & magical history, Ancient history, English, and Math hall room. Each class subject had its own magical painting of other hallways and classes. They passed several numbered classrooms but none were for any classes that were even remotely "Norm".

Terry showed Jarrod that the second level of the basement was also set-up for classrooms but was presently used as storage. "We just aren't big enough to use this area yet for anything other than storage." He explained.

Back on the 1st floor Terry led Jarrod to the entryway that housed the teleportation ring and explained what happened to him. "This is how you got here." He pointed at the rings that appeared to only be ornate tiles set in the floor. He then pointed at a large set of oaken double doors and further explained "That is the main door for the castle, it is one way to get outside, but remember it is magically active."

Terry then turned Jarrod around and pointed at a hallway to their left and said "That hallway is the Charms and Transformation hallway" He then pointed at the identical hall on the right "That hallway is the Enchantments and Self Studies hall." Terry then showed Jarrod the remaining hallways, pointing out the School library, and the cafeteria in another left hallway. He also pointed out the Elemental and Herbology hall on the right.

Terry showed Jarrod the 12 different ways to get above the 1st floor and led him to the 2nd floor. The first thing that he showed Jarrod was that the 2nd floor was divided in three main areas, the offices of each of the Head Masters and other teachers, The protected library and a dozen bedroom suites for the students. Terry further explained that the 4th floor held 48 more bedroom suites. He lastly explained that the tower on the left front of the castle was used for Astronomy classes, the back right tower was used for Psychic Studies classes and the other towers were presently not used.

Terry then took Jarrod back to the 3rd floor and led him to the area with the student bedroom suites. "All these rooms are two bedroom suites" Terry explained. "So you have a roommate and his name is Tyler."

Terry then opened the door revealing a common area between the two bedrooms. The common room had a large modern overstuffed sofa, a coffee table and two matching overstuffed recliners. There was no Television or Stereo in the room, but plenty of space for both of them. The common room also held a desk with a black computer monitor, keyboard and mouse on it.

"The computer is attached to the `Norm' internet, school reference system, as well as the Wizarding World Wide Web." Terry explained. "It is only used for research, so each room only needs one."

"Does that mean regular computers are not allowed?"Jarrod asked with a bit of a frown.

"No, not at all" Terry explained with a comforting smile. "Every student is given a study laptop computer but it does not have access to the school's network or the reference system." He then sat down on the suite's sofa and patted it to encourage Jarrod to sit with him. "Each computer has a program called `Spell-storea through the ages', it is setup my Max or myself to match the students magical talents."

"Each student also gets a `Nearly Norm' cell phone with group messaging" Terry continued. He then pointed Jarrod to the bedroom and said "Dinner will be in a few hours, why don't you rest and I will have one of the boys come and get you when it is time to eat."               


John's pedophile party had begun. Drinks and assorted drug party favorites had been handed out when John brought out the limp form of Timmy and laid him on the sheet and plastic draped floor. He then rolled the dice to see which partier was going to be the first one to fuck the tiny body of Timmy. The first man appeared to be a professional type with salt and pepper hair even around his short stubby dick. He fucked Timmy's tiny ass. It did not take long and he pulled out of Timmy more often than he was actually inside the poor boy.

The second man looked like a teacher and had a normal sized dick. The third man was Nigerian and hugely endowed. He was the first to cause Timmy to bleed. The fourth man had the look of a long shore man or other type of rough blue collar type. He was of normal width but longer than average; around 10 inches. His fucking style was rough enough that it brought Timmy back to a form of consciousness. The fifth and sixth men were twins and took their turn together. By now Timmy was aware enough that his young mind was horrified by what was happening to him, but unable to do anything about it. Half way though the punishment the twins were doing to his frail body; Timmy's mind snapped and he retreated into himself. The small flame shaped birthmark began to flicker like a real flame, the deeper his mind crumbled the more the flame danced.

When it was the seventh man's turn, he mounted Timmy with a rough slam. Timmy's eyes jerked open with pain and fury. They were filled with the dancing reds, oranges, yellows, and whites of elemental fire. He was beyond what his young mind could endure. Within moments of the seventh man penetrating Timmy, the man screamed in agony.

The man's body was burning from the inside out. He attempted to push himself out and away from Timmy but was locked in position by Timmy's fury and hatred. The room full of men began yell and attempt to dress themselves as the seventh man withered and thrashed. They soon forgot their clothing as the man's body began to show smoke and burn outwardly.

Within a moment of the seventh man's body showing smoke and fire from within, it was nothing but a broiled husk and fell away from Timmy dead. Timmy's eye locked onto the nearest men. The third and fourth men both burst into flames with so much heat that the fire was white instead of red or orange; the men died before they could even scream.

The remaining men were screaming and attempting to run. The burning bodies caught surrounding pillows, sheets, and even the paint on the wall on fire. Each of the door handles in the room seemed to have melted and fused to the frame, welding themselves sealed. Each time a man attempted to open the different doors in the room, they burned their hands with an immediate third degree burn.

Timmy stood and his hair was now glowing a red, orange, yellow, and brown color; a living flame. His eyes were filled with fire. Every step Timmy took started a foot shaped fire burning. His skin was the same color as white fire and the small flame shaped birthmark was twice its size and now had a small flame licking his own ass check. None of the fire affected Timmy as it burned.

Timmy focused his eyes on the man who created his pain and within a single moment John was engulfed in fire, within a brief second his hair had burned from his body and his skin began to blister. John screamed in pure agony as the fire burned all the oxygen out of his lungs and began to cook that fragile tissue inside the body itself. A moment before he would have succumbed to the burns and fire, John succumbed to the lack of oxygen and died, crumbling at Timmy's tiny bare feet.

A bright light swelled in the room and the men grew even more terrified. The fear was so great one of the men who had not yet had Timmy died of a massive heart attack. The light faded and was replaced with Max and Terry Kendra. Both Max and Terry wore light protective armor, Terry's was white and gold with a short cape, Max's was gold and red without a cape.

Terry focused on Timmy, immediately he realized that Timmy was not controlling the magic that flowed through him except on a purely instinctual level. He walked slowly toward the small boy drawing cold air into the room and surrounded himself in a bubble that lowered the temperature by 75. The cooler temperatures began to absorb the heat in the room lowering it and weakening the flames. The change in the air became noticeable by Timmy who turned toward Terry in confusion.

"Hello, young one, my name is Terry," Terry stated without noticeable fear, even though he was terrified inside, both for and of the young child. "What is your name?"

Timmy's face showed shock in that these men had just appeared and seemed to not want to hurt him. "I am Timmy," answered Timmy's voice both in his normal high pitch and with a bass pitch as well. His eyes continued to burn as he observed Terry.

The remainder of the room forgotten allowed Max time to weave a spell to dissipate the continually burning fires. He then restrained the remaining men with magical handcuffs. Max was furious and wanted destroy these men, but he felt `Norm" law would be sufficient.

As Max bound the remaining men Terry noticed that the flames coming from Timmy were slowly reducing in strength. He smiled at the young boy and suggested softly, "Timmy would you like to live in safe place where you have other boys for friends and can learn to control the fire within you?"

Timmy began walking towards Terry as a typical scared child would do towards an adult that they feel can protect them. His fire began to grow weaker and weaker. "Yes, please." Timmy then passed out from exhaustion. His tiny frame was just in reach of Terry so he could be grabbed before he hit the charred floor as he passed out.