The Boys of Kendra School of Magic

By Dream Janus

Disclaimer:  All rights are protected and the story cannot be reproduced without permission. This story is a work of fiction and contains scenes of gay sex between consenting individuals.  If you find this offensive, are under the age of 18, it is illegal wherever you are to read this, stop reading now. Leave this site. If you are offended by harsh language, please exit this page immediately.  You have been warned. This work of fiction is property of myself and may not be copied or used in any way without my express consent.

Chapter 3

The main Sir Clanks-a-lot began clanking and lit up as the evening progressed. The boys were all sitting in the Great Room on various sofas and chairs around the room. As Jaydon was the closest, he walked over to the rattling suit of armor and touched the plate mail. The Sir Clanks-a-lot stopped moving but continued to light up with alternating lights. Jaydon opened the plate mail chest piece and revealed the inside of the armor showing 20 small cubicles inside; some of the cubicles had letters and others mail, while the rest were empty.

Jaydon saw that Tyler, Tim & Tom, as well as he had mail. Tyler had a catalog and a letter, and Tim & Tom also had a catalog in addition to a postcard. There was a catalog in his own slot as well. Chris appeared to not have anything waiting. Jaydon then withdrew the mail and began to hand it out.

Tyler's mail was a letter from the Department of Magical Licenses and a catalog from `Barrot's Brooms and Boards'. The letter from the Department of Magical Licenses had Tyler's Class A flying license, allowing him to fly any level of broom, carpet, or buzz or bog boards. Tyler was happy to finally have his "A". He smiled as he walked over to his favorite over stuffed chair and began thumbing through the catalog.

The postcard and catalog were both from `Sugar-n-Sweets Candy Emporium'. The post card was a missing you card from the owners themselves. With a simple flick of his wrist Jaydon sent the mail directly to the twins at home. He made sure that it was to appear only when the twins were alone.

Jaydon's catalog was `Ms. Clair's Pre-Fall Fashion Catalog'. The catalog was divided into three sections: clothing for girls and women; which was the largest section, clothing for boys and men; the second largest section, and finally home supplies; like his `Ms. Clair's Wonder Widget' and his `Ms. Clair's Wonder Closest'. He sat down on the leather couch across from Tyler to read though his catalog.

Max and Terry appeared within the teleportation ring with Terry carrying the unconscious Timmy. Terry quickly took Timmy to his and Max's office. Max immediately raised his hand to his adopted children to stop them from asking any questions. He was still very angry and did not want to take it out on them.

Tyler and Jaydon both immediately knew that Max was protecting them and he was pissed about whatever the situation was that brought the new boy to the school. So instead of investigating, they both walked silently to the kitchen to start cooking dinner.

The kitchen was fully outfitted with `Nearly Norm' appliances. Jaydon started the oven and adjusted the timer for six dinners. Tyler went to the freezer and pulled out three `Nearly Norm' instant frozen dinners for two. Tyler handed two to Jaydon and took the other four to the oven. They placed the six dinners in the oven and shut the door. Less than 10 seconds later the oven timer dinged, and Jaydon opened the oven door and screamed.

The oven began ejecting dinner box after dinner box. At first the original six followed by six more and again six more; threatening to burry them alive in food. Tyler looked horrified that the unit not only was ejecting very hot meals, but also was replicating them; something for which it was not programmed to do. Concern continued to mount in Tyler since the replicating of the food seemed to have no end in sight.

"We are going to order delivery instead," Tyler said as he pulled the power plug on the stove. It immediately stopped replication.

Jaydon cracked his neck and then snapped his fingers causing the ejected food to disappear. He smiled broadly as Tyler caused his tool kit to appear just as he slid down to look inside the oven. Jaydon walked over to the `Nearly Norm' phone and dialed one of the magical restaurants for delivery.

Meanwhile upstairs Terry had placed Timmy in the guest bed and was examining him, making sure there wasn't any long term damage. Terry noticed that the boy's skin was now tanned a golden brown color and his irises were now surrounded by a thin fiery golden circle. The flame birth mark covered a quarter of his butt cheek and his hair had a large reddish streak flowing through the left side. Terry was surprise that Timmy's body temperature was now 100 F.

Timmy woke up and rolled over looking at Terry with a small smile. His hand extended out toward Terry and touched his face. "Am I in trouble?"

"No Timmy you were protecting yourself," Max whispered from the door.

"You are now safe," Terry agreed. "This is a very special school and you are welcome to stay here."

"Ok," Timmy said in a very tired voice. He then turned over and faded back to sleep.

Downstairs Jaydon had ordered a medium sized buffet style meal from `Buffets Are Us'. Once he hung up the phone he began watching the second hand on the clock. 35 seconds later a gong sounded and three buffet heating tables appeared. There were several different types of food on the buffet. Tyler and Jaydon rolled the buffet tables into the dining room.

Tyler then walked to a nearby painting of stairs and walked into it. He reappeared in the hallway down from the suite that he shared with Jarrod. Tyler walked into the room and knocked quietly on Jarrod's door. He waited until he heard Jarrod say: "Come in."

Tyler opened the door slightly and announced softly: "Dinner is here, downstairs in the dining room." He looked at the handsome teen in front of him and asked: "Do you want some help getting to the dining room."

Tyler admitted to himself that part of the reason he asked Jarrod if he wanted help was that he was attracted to Jarrod and wanted to spend more time around him. Tyler smiled shyly at Jarrod and was surprised when Jarrod nodded and got up off of his bed and followed him.

Both Tyler and Jarrod began to smell the distinctive odor of each other, not sweat but the distinctive odor that animals use to identify each other. Both boys felt their teenage manhood rise as they smelled each other. Tyler led them back to the stairway painting and teleported back to the dining room.

Tyler continued to lead Jarrod to the table. They drifted closer together as they walked without a conscious thought. Once they reached the buffet tables Tyler handed Jarrod a plate. They then began filling their plates, occasionally glancing at each other. Once they were done they walked to the table and sat down beside each other. Silently they enjoyed the meal together.

Jaydon asked Terry quietly if he could take a tray up to their newest boy. When he received permission, Jaydon waved his left hand and a silver tray appeared in his other one. Jaydon then prepared a plate of food for Timmy, but he regretted not knowing his name yet. Jaydon did not know what happened but his heart hurt for the small boy.

When Jaydon entered the Headmasters' suite he immediately went to the second bedroom. He knocked and then waited for a response. Not hearing one he knocked again. Finally Jaydon heard a small voice say: "Yeah". Jaydon then pushed the door open and walked into the room.

"Hi little guy," Jaydon began with a smile. "My name is Jaydon, are you hungry?"

Timmy blushed because he had no clothing on but said: "Hi. I'm Timmy and yes I'm starved."

Jaydon placed the tray on the bed beside Timmy. He then pointed at Timmy's bare chest and asked: "May I help with some clothes?"

Timmy blushed and nodded while reaching for the tray and began eating everything on it. The food tasted wonderful to him, and he hoped that he would be able to continue to eat so well.

Jaydon looked at the smaller boy and smiled saying: "With your skin color and that wild hair I think this would look good on you." He then flexed his index finger twice. Instantly Timmy was dressed in a flame red tee shirt and black jeans. A pair of white socks and black low heeled boots appeared on the floor beside the bed.

Jaydon smiled at the way the clothing fit the small boy and he beamed when Timmy returned the smile and excitedly asked: "How did you do that." Jaydon then sat down on a chair across from the bed and asked: "Do you know anything about this place?"

"It is a school of some kind, and I know I'm safe," Timmy answered.

"Yeah," Jaydon answered. "This school is for boys only; boys who are magical and gay."

"I'm not gay," Timmy said with a scared voice.

"Well baby, you may still be a bit young to know for sure, but the magic that selects new students would not have selected you if you weren't going to be gay in the future." Jaydon explained.

"So I'm magical?" Timmy asked with a curious look on his face; not having any memory of what happened earlier.

"Yes baby boy." Jaydon said with a smile. "It is another condition of the magic of this place."

"What all can I do?" Timmy asked in an excited voice.

"I am not sure sweetie." Jaydon responded. He thought for a second and smiled. "I want you to close your eyes and open one of your hands. Think about your favorite sweet; see it appear in your hand."

Timmy did as he had been directed and after a moment in which the corners of his eyes flared with fire, a red jawbreaker appeared in his open left hand. Timmy was surprised when the jawbreaker appeared, but it did not stop him from immediately popping the candy into his mouth. He was again surprised that it tasted just like he thought it would.

"Well, Well, Well" Jaydon said with surprise: "Timmy it looks like you are special. Fire magic backing general magic means you are probably an Elemental if not an Elemental. I will inform the Heads on what we found out."

Jaydon noticed that Timmy's tray was empty and asked: "Are you still hungry baby?"

Timmy was full and shook his head no. He handed the tray to Jaydon and then decided to undress and go back to sleep for the night. Within moments he had returned to the state that Jaydon found him in, after he had carefully folded and placed his new clothes on the nightstand.

The next morning the castle was chaos central. The oven that Tyler attempted to fix was acting out again. This time it was belching out massive amounts of cottage cheese, even though the settings were all turned off. Tyler was beside himself trying to figure out what had gone wrong with it while he was magically disposing of the cottage cheese. The remaining students were due today and everyone else was nervous as there were three new students expected as well as the twins: Tim and Tom.

Just after 10:00 am the school gong sounded announcing the impending arrival of the new students. The teleportation ring had previously been set to accept arrivals so no one was required to operate the dais. Terry and Max planned on alternating greeting the new students and their parents. The boys came and went: excited to see the new boys' arrivals.

The teleportation ring lit up announcing the arrival of the first student. The first boy to arrive did so with his mother. His small features were smooth and he had dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. The boy was amazed by everything that appeared around him. He was still examining his surroundings when his mother introduced herself and him to Terry.

"My name is Crystal Nance." his mother said introducing herself. She then made a motion toward the boy and said: "This is my son, Peter."

"Hello and welcome." Terry said with a big smile. "I am Terry Kendra, co-Headmaster."

Crystal shook Terry's hand and then reached into her purse withdrawing Peter's school records and a note she had written. "The letter describes what abilities I have noticed with Petey." she explained.

Terry opened the school records and smiled as he noticed that Pete's `Norm' school had fulfilled his needs for Math, English and all but one of his History requirements. "Good, very good, he is a few credits ahead of most of our 1st years."

Terry then opened the letter and noticed that Pete seemed to have a natural ability for Charms and Clairvoyance. He smirked when he read that Pete held the rank of brown belt in Karate. Just to show the 11 year old Pete what magic could do, Terry flourished his hands and sent the records to his office with a shower of purple and red sparks.

Pete was amazed by Terry's show of magic and did not notice that a sleepy Timmy had entered the room. Timmy was immediately intrigued by what was going on that he just walked up to Pete and introduced himself, "Hi I'm Timmy; are you a new student too?"

Terry smirked at the youngster's fearlessness around people and he introduced Pete to Timmy, "Timmy this is Pete, you are both in the same year."

Even though Pete was two years older than Timmy they stood at the same height. Timmy and Pete immediately bonded as friends and they both felt the connection immediately.

Terry smiled at the strange look that both boys were giving the adults. "Timmy, why don't you take Pete into the Great room? Wait for us to go on a tour of the school." Terry said pointing in the direction of the room.

Terry watched the boys run off in the direction of the Great room with a smile on his face. He then turned to Crystal and explained "Timmy came to us last night as an emergency addition. He is 9 and already showing talent equal to a 1st year in the 4th month."

They then walked toward his office to have a talk about what Crystal should expect and how to send Pete's belongings to the castle. Terry took the time to explain that all the boys would be going shopping the next day for the supplies that they would need.

Thirty minutes later, Max was standing beside the teleportation ring waiting for the 2nd student to arrive. He had already read the report on this student and was not sure if he would be able to blend in with the rest of the school's students. It had been his idea to take charge of this student, personally.

Max had asked Tyler to join him in the wait for the new student; he smiled when Ty joined him to wait. While Tyler was not actually a bully, he had the ability to put a proper amount of fear into other troublesome students: at least until they got to know him. Max also had Tyler there to show what could be done with perseverance.

Tyler had completed almost half of his 7th year course work last year and was only carrying half a load of classes this year. Self study in Charms, Self study in Herbology, 7th year in Care of Magical creatures and animals, 7th year in Divination and 7th year Self study, self chosen field.

Max was proud of his adopted son so much that he had applied for early approval of Tyler's spell casting permit and was attempting to get him approved to teach 1st through 5th year Transfigurations as soon as he graduated. Max knew that the early approval was in the bag, but was concerned that the Department of Magical Education might not approve him to teach, even though he proved to be beyond proficient in Transfigurations all the way to 6th year.

A moment after Max had mentally returned from his musings and thought about the student's situation, the gong went off again. In that brief second Mr. & Mrs. Throckmarten appeared in the ring with their son Chance standing between them. All three of the Throckmarten's had the same general appearance, they all were black haired with steel blue eyes and very fine features.

Mr. Throckmarten wore a Fletchman-Gar suit which was the magical equivalent of an Armani. Its surface shimmered between blue, turquoise, and green as if it were alive. Mrs. Throckmarten was wearing a Dame Lizan original, which was the magical equivalent of Diane von Furstenberg that was a floor length teal dress with moving diamonds creating various designs on its surface. Chance was the least flashy of the three of them and he was just as spectacular in his choice of clothing. He was wearing black leather pants and an ivory ruffled shirt. He was a 3rd year transfer student and very obviously NOT happy about it.

Mrs. Throckmarten walked quickly up to Max and without a word handed him Chance's school record packet. Mr. Throckmarten then stepped forward and handed Max a check drawn on the 1st United States National Magical Savings and Loan, it was for 120,000 Magical Marks; the equivalent of $175,000 `Norm' American dollars. Max screwed up his face as it was too much money for tuition and even too much for the school required maximum allowable weekly allowances. It took him only a brief second to realize that the remaining 53,000 Magic Marcs were `hush money' for taking their embarrassment of a son off of their hands. It took most of his self control to hold his temper and his biting words that threaten to escape.

Just as Max was about to open the school records, Mr. and Mrs. Throckmarten returned to the teleportation ring and teleported away. Max looked at Chance for an idea on how to proceed, when he saw Chance shrug and continue to watch him, He choose to finish opening up the record instead of fussing over the rudeness of the parents.

"Superior grades in Divination and Potions, Excellent grades in History, Satisfactory grades in Charms and Transfiguration." Max read and then paused when he read the next section. "Only Passable grade in Care of Magical creatures and animals and no self study programs at all."

"Yeah, I am not interested in taking care of magical beasts," Chance said in a haughty sounding voice.

"Well don't worry about that, you have completed the minimum requirements for that class, so you are not going to be taking it this year," Max said with cold voice, barely keeping his dislike of the boy in check.

Max then smiled in an almost evil way. "You will have to select another class and of course you will have a self study class as well."

Max directed Chance into the Great room to join the others. The new students and their families were being shown a magically generated presentation about the school. Chance smirked and walked slowly toward the Great room.

The next arrival was not a new student through the teleportation ring, but Tim & Tom with their mother and father in an older model blue F-150 truck. The truck slowed as it reached the front of the castle and stopped at the large draw bridge door. The twins had a very disgruntled look on their faces from the bed of the truck. Sheldon North, the twins' father held his face as neutral as possible, as he did not like having to make the trip each year. Pam North on the other hand was enjoying the environment and trees that the School grounds possessed.

Sheldon hopped out of the truck with a weary look on his face. After all the years the twins had been coming to this school he knew that what he was able to see was not everything that was around him. Tim and Tom had explained that `Norms' could not always see everything related to magical beings, creatures, and other things. He would not allow his sons or anyone for that matter to see that it made him scared.

Pam opened her door and slid out of the truck. Her eyes bounced around the beautiful grounds while she maintained a neutral face so she would not upset her husband, who she knew was nervous around magical people and things. Plus Pam always enjoyed scenery that was more than the farm where they lived. She herself was divided between being interested in seeing what her sons had already learned and honoring her husband's restriction against Magic.

Tim's and Tom's faces were bright red with a sun burn and very greasy with the cold cream Pam had smeared on them before they left home. The twins hated having to use `Norm' treatments for the sunburn when with a snap of their fingers; it would be healed and gone.

When they reached the door the twins were met by Jaydon, Chris, and little Timmy. Jaydon bumped fists with the twins and then hugged them both as his silent welcome. Chris on the other hand just handed the twins a small globe each; they both held a scene with a tractor, Tim's globe was red and Tom's was blue.

Timmy looked up at the twins and extended his hand toward them. Introducing himself he said: "Hi, I'm Timmy."

Tom lowered himself so he was eye level with Timmy and introduced both himself and Tim: "Hi Timmy, my name is Tom and that is Tim."

"Hey he has my name!" Timmy said pointing an accusing finger at the much larger Tim.

"No," Jayden interjected: "he is Tim and you are Timmy."

Jayden's explanation seemed to placate Timmy, who then reached out to Tom hoping to be picked up: "Are you magical too?"

The older boys all burst out in laughter as Tom picked up Timmy. "Everybody that goes to school here is magical in one way or another," Tom explained.

Tom then waved his hand with a lot of flourish causing Timmy and himself to be covered by a fountain of blue sparkles. At the same time both twins' skin cleared up and were clean of the annoying sun burn. The fountain of sparks continued after the healing and then erupted in a Technicolor display of fireworks fading into nothingness.

Timmy clapped his hands enjoying the light tickle that the sparks gave him as the spell went off. Timmy scrunched up his face in concentration, visualizing a situation like he had just been though and released the energy without the needed control. Immediately fireworks began to explode from almost every corner of the first floor. Blue streaming showers flew out of the Sir Clanks-a-lot set of armor red streamers flew out of every book shelve, and rainbow colored bottle rockets exploded from the non-magical paintings.

The roaring voice of Max could be heard all the way from the Great room. "TIM AND TOM! What the HELL have you done now?"

A moment later the twins' father's voice echoed "Stop this shit right now!"

Soon the entry hall was filled with angry parents; all of them looking between Tim and Tom. An embarrassed Timmy was still being held by Tom and hid his face in the older teen's chest.

"I think you both need a good switchen for making all this ruckus and using magic without permission." A pissed Sheldon threatened.

Timmy's embarrassment turned to rage as he lowered himself from Tom's grasp. He turned toward the twins' father, his eyes smoldering with internal fire. "DON'T YOU TOUCH MY FRIENDS!" a tripled tone voice echoed from Timmy's mouth.

The upset nine year olds hands began to flame with bluish white fire as he looked at the man who threatened to abuse his new friends for something he did. Timmy's hair also became as living fire as he walked stiff legged toward the now terrified `Norm'.

"Timmy, stop it this instant!" Jaydon yelled so he could get though to the boy who was allowing himself to be lost to the flames.

Timmy stopped his approach on Sheldon and looked at Jaydon with confusion and a bit of anger. "This man is about to abuse my friends for something I did! I will not allow him to touch them!" the voice said in a commanding tone.

Sheldon recognized that he was the cause of the situation and stepped away from all the boys with his hands up and said softly: "They are my sons and I would never abuse them; I love them."

Tim and Tom were both surprised at their father's reaction and then as a unit stepped in front of him in order to protect him if need be from Timmy's attack. "That's enough buddy." Tim began. "He is not going to hurt us; any of us." Tom finished.

Timmy looked between Jaydon, the twins, and a very concerned Terry and Max. His hands slowly returned to normal and his hair faded. Timmy's eyes began to droop as he became very drained and tired. As the small boy began to pass out Tim and Max both jumped to his side to catch his impending fall.

The brief smell of burning cloth could be smelt by all present as both Tim's and Max's clothes were burnt slightly by the fading flames of Timmy's fire. Both Tim and Max were fire elementalists so the fire itself did not hurt them at all.

When Timmy passed out due to the strain and anxiety; all the fireworks ceased to exist. Sheldon, concerned for the boy that he could see was actually very fragile moved forward to check on him himself. When he reached the two holding the small boy, Sheldon noticed that Timmy's appearance had changed.

Timmy's hair had added shades of red, orange, and yellow to the streak in it and that the streak had expanded in size as well. The remainder of his previously blonde hair had taken on the slight tint of burnt orange. Timmy's temperature had again gone up and was now 102.5 F. Timmy's closed eyes now fluctuated between the previously ringed appearance and a new totally burnt umber color. The color change happened with each beat of Timmy's small heart.

"I would like to apologize for Timmy," Terry began to explain. "He is our youngest student and was very recently sexually abused by several men before we were able to rescue him. And because of that, he has some major issues that we are going to have to work through." Terry paused for a moment to make sure everyone there understood. "He just found out about magic yesterday and we know that he is a natural fire elemental."

Pam raised her hand and then blushed with embarrassment for reverting to an old school habit. "What is an elemental? Are they different from an elementalist?"

Terry smiled broadly. "Elementals and Elementalist are very similar but they get and use that power differently." He then went into teacher mode and explained, "There are 5 magical elements, Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit or Ether. An Elementalist generally has access to 1-4 elemental energies, while Elementals are limited to only one."

Terry then turned to Tom and Tim and continued, "Tim and Tom here have access to 3 elements each, Tim is fire and Earth while Tom is Water and Air, and they both have access to Spirit."

Terry smiled and looked at Pam. "So you can understand better, Elementalist start out with a very basic understanding of their elements and can learn to a level of Bachelors or Masters at best. Elementals start out with an Associates level and can progress to the point of a Doctorate or to becoming living elements themselves."

Terry then patted Timmy's warm forehead. "Timmy is definitely on his way to being living fire."

Max then stood holding the unconscious body of Timmy. He smiled and said: "I think he has had a big day today and overdid himself. I am going to take him to his bed."

Terry smiled and nodded at his mate's idea. "I would like everyone else to return to the Great room so we can continue our presentation."

"What about the other student?" Jarrod asked.

"Do to the reasons he is being transferred here, he is not arriving until this evening after dark." Terry explained.

Over the next hour and a half the small group of students and parents learned about the classes and then toured the school and grounds. The parents stayed for the welcoming dinner and the `Norms' enjoyed the new flavors of Witchery cooking. The meal had been called in and appeared by magic.

After all the parents had left and the new students were given their rooms, Max stood waiting at the teleportation ring for the last student to arrive. He was not happy to have this student arriving at all, but they were forced by the laws and treaties of the school to take this new student, even though he had been removed from another school for the protection of the other students.

The gong sounded and the teleportation ring began to glow. When it stopped glowing a man and a boy both stood in the center of the rings. The boy had a surly almost feral look about him and the man gave off a haughty attitude. They both did not care for their surroundings.

"Paul Masten, may I see your previous school records?" Max said in a powerful voice.

The boy handed the sealed letter to Max without a word. His given name was Paul but he now hated it as much as he hated being away from his former roommates. They had named him `Fangston' and he now recognized it as his TRUE name.

Upstairs both Tyler and Jarrod were woken up by something new being in the Castle. Both boys separately exited their rooms and went separate directions toward the same goal. Tyler took a stair painting downstairs to an alcove just outside of the entry hall and Jarrod took the actual stairs. They both ended up on opposite sides of the entry hall and were watching the new arrival.

Both boys watched as Max spoke to the boy and the man in the teleportation ring. Tyler and Jarrod both could tell by sight that Max was not happy at all. Both boys could also tell by smell that something was wrong with the boy. Tyler's untrained nose just knew the new boy was going to be trouble. Jarrod's very well trained nose identified the boy immediately.

The boy was a recently bit werewolf; the mortal enemies of the Loup Garoux. Jarrod growled in anger. Nothing would ever make him like or even accept the new boy.