The Boys of Kendra School of Magic

By Dream Janus

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Chapter 4

         The sun came up too early for both Tyler and Jarrod. They each rolled out of their own beds within minutes of each other. Tyler left his bedroom just a moment before Jarrod left his own and they both blushed when they finally met in the sitting room of their suite. Each of the boys had been up late doing their own form of protection against the new boy, Paul. Tyler used his magic to add personal protection to each and every person in the castle and against Paul. Jarrod on the other hand prowled the grounds of the castle looking for areas that could be used for protection and attacking locations as well.

Both boys only had three hours of sleep, but they knew that the first Saturday was going to be very busy. They were going to the World Wide Wizarding Mall, The Crosswinds (`Norm') Mall, and Sky Hockey exposition; not to mention three very chaotic meals. Both Tyler and Jarrod shuffled downstairs to breakfast.

The informal dining room held a large light oak colored wooden table with comfortable extra padded chairs surrounding it. It was set so that salt, pepper, and other condiments were every four feet in the center of the table. Each setting was without a plate or glass and held only silver flatware. The only exception was the fourth place on the right of the table. It was set with stainless steel flatware instead.

The room was lit with electrical chandeliers above the table and electrical torches lining the walls as well. One set of double doors opened into the main hall for everyone to use when entering the room, and another slightly oversized single door lead to the kitchen itself.

Timmy and Jaydon were the first to arrive for breakfast. Jaydon went to his normal seat two spaces from Max's right side of the table and began to sit down when he noticed the confused look on Timmy's face. "We have assigned seats with Max on one end and Terry on the other." He explained softly to the confused Timmy.

Jaydon walked around the table quickly looking at the chairs for clues on which belonged to whom. He noticed that the seat two away from Terry's right hand side had a step added to one side and had a much higher cushion seat. Jaydon smiled and pulled Timmy over to the seat. He then patted the seat and Timmy quickly climbed up on to it with a smile.

Jaydon returned to the opposite end and opposite side of the table and sat down in his seat. The idea that Timmy had been placed on Terry's right side did not go unnoticed. Everyone that had been at the school for a year or more knew that the table was divided equally between Terry and Max. On each of their right sides seats were set aside for those considered family. Jaydon smiled at the idea that Timmy was possibly going to be his younger brother.

Just as Jaydon finally sat down; Tyler, Jarrod, and Chris arrived in the room. Tyler took his seat between Max and Jaydon. Chris took his seat between Terry and Timmy. A moment later, Tim and Tom arrived looking around half asleep. They took their seats on the left hand side of Terry's end of the table.

The twins looked at Jarrod and smiled pointing at the chair next to them. They then whispered: "The rest of the new guys sit on the opposite side by Max."

Just then Peter walked in the room rubbing his eyes. Jaydon pointed at the chair across from him and smiled welcomingly to Peter. A moment later Chance entered the room and arrogantly looked down his nose at everyone else. Jaydon looked at him with humor and pointed to the 3rd seat across from him in fake graciousness.


Max, Terry, and Paul walked in together. Neither Max nor Terry stood near the boy but were in front and behind him walking into the room. Max pointed at the chair closest to his left and then sat down. Terry walked quickly to his seat and sat down.


Terry cleared his throat and smiled. "Welcome again everyone. Unlike today, breakfast is usually a first come first served setup. We wanted everyone here at the same time today so we could explain what is going on later and what is expected."


Terry waved his hand around the table and in a flash each of the places was filled with a plate and two glasses. The plate was filled with Canadian omelets, bacon, sausage links, and hash browns. One of each of the glasses was filled with milk and the other filled with a different flavored juice for each boy. The only exceptions were Timmy and Paul. Timmy had two glasses of milk and Paul had two glasses of juice.


Max then spoke. "We usually have breakfast and lunch buffet style, but there was a problem in the kitchen," he explained. Tyler blushed at not being able to fix the problem himself. "Due to that problem we will be interviewing for a new cook and housekeeper, plus having workers on the property." He then waved his hand again over the table.


A minor flash filled the room and a small piece of paper appeared beside each new boy's place setting. The paper was a detailed list of what they were expected to get at each of the malls they would be visiting.

The items listed were;


World Wide Wizarding Mall


(1)   "Nearly Norm" Cell-ea Phone with emergency Teleporter


(2)   "Nearly Norm" Laptop with World Wide Wizarding Web, Norm internet, and Spell-a-Storea add-on


(3)   Port-a-Portion portable potions lab with Spell-a-Storea interface


(4)   Software spell books for each Transfiguration, Charms, and individual studies


(5)   Select one of the following items; Wizarding Radio Unit, Magical dresser, or Magical item of your choice


(6)   Broom or Carpet (Buzz Board or Bog Board on approval only)


(7)   Working protective robes


(8)   Working protective gloves



The Crosswinds Mall


(1)   Norm clothing for a week and a half


(2)   A movie that is age appropriate


(3)   An hour and a half of group fun





(1)   NO MAGIC while around `Norms', unless lives are under attack.


(2)   No drawing attention to yourselves, including wearing magical clothing


(3)   Protect our secret and each other


(4)   Use teleporter if under attack



Max and Terry both looked at the boys. Terry was specifically looking at the new boys Chance and Paul. He then said: "We plan to go to Crosswinds mall first and being that the new boys are not from around here and some may not have had any real exposure to "Norms", everyone is going and each new boy will have a buddy to shop with them."

Chance and Paul both rolled their eyes at the idea of having a buddy. Chance felt everyone at the school except the co-headmasters were beneath him socially and magically. Paul felt like everyone already did not like him, but he had no proof, even though both Tyler and Jarrod were watching his every move with suspicion.

"The buddy pairs are Timmy and Jaydon, Chance and Chris, Peter and Tyler, Tim and Jarrod, and finally Paul and Tom," Terry explained. He then smiled, "We are going to take the Kendra land barge to the Crosswind Mall."

The remainder of the meal was silent except for a request from Jarrod, Tim, Tom, and Paul for seconds and a request from Timmy for more milk holding his glass up and out. Max refilled each of the older boys' plates with an almost bored wave of his hand. Terry smiled at Timmy and pointed his right index finger over the young boy's outstretched glass. A moment later to Timmy's delight milk appeared to pour out of Terry's index finger.

As each boy finished their breakfast they asked in their own way to be excused from the table, even though both Chance and Paul did it with a scowl on their faces. Once everyone had finished and the boys were milling around in the Great room, Max waved his hand over the table and the dishes and used linens disappeared. The dishes appeared in the "Nearly Norm" dish washer and the linens appeared in the Wiz-taskic Wonder Washer.

Terry observed from the hallway that most of the new boys had already begun talking to their shopping buddies; the exceptions were Chance, Paul, and Timmy. Chance and Paul stood alone on opposite sides of the large room. Timmy was perched and cuddling on Jaydon's lap while they both were talking with Chris, Tim, Tom, and Jarrod. Terry noticed that the older students had taken to Timmy, Jarrod, and Peter. What he did not notice was the occasional glances between Timmy and Peter.

After fifteen minutes for the boys to get to know one another, Terry and Max both entered the room. Max then spoke: "Time to get to the mall. Everyone buddy-up and head to the garage. I will be there in a moment to change the Land Barge."

Each of the boys attempted to buddy-up as instructed. Chance and Paul both hung back and both Tim and Chris only stood by them in a very loose fashion. They walked to the back of the castle and out onto the backyard. In the backyard was an outbuilding that resembled a small stone cottage made of the same stones as the castle. Max and Terry walked half way around the building revealing the large double doors of an old style garage.

Once everyone had joined them in front of the Garage, Terry opened the right door and ushered everyone inside. The insides of the garage were several times larger than the outsides. Inside the garage sat a small mini convertible car only large enough for two people. The shock on the new boys face was apparent to the Headmasters and the other boys.

Before anyone could ask a question or make a comment, Max held up his hand to silence anyone. Terry then waved his hand in the general direction of the tiny car and to the shock and amazement of Timmy and the other new boys, the car began to bubble and flex as it started to morph. A moment later the small car had reformed in to a large grey Hummer. It retained its basic form for a moment and then began morphing again. Once it completed its transformation this time, the Kendra Land Barge was reformed into what looked like a royal blue 16-passenger van with a sign on the side that read: "Kendra School for Boys".

"To the norms we are just an exclusive boy's school," Max explained.

"Sit with your buddies: Paul, Tom, Chance, and Chris in the front seat; Peter, Tyler, Tim, and Jarrod in the second seat; and finally Timmy and Jaydon in the third seat," Terry directed. As everyone loaded into the Land Barge, those who had never ridden in one before found that the insides were again larger than the outsides. Everyone was able to sit comfortably inside it.

Within ten minutes they were on their way to Crosswinds Mall, the local area mall. The mall itself was not anything special except that it lived up to its name. Unlike most malls, it had a section of the mall aimed in each of the cardinal directions: north, east, south, and west, with the food court and arcade being in the center connecting section. Other than that is was a typical two story mall with large named department stores at each end.

Once the Land Barge was parked, the boys exploded from it in a hurry to get inside the mall. Terry was able to stop the boys from herding in the mall by hold up a small stack of debit cards. He then handed them out to the boys whose names were on the debit cards except for Peter's and Timmy's cards; they were handed to their buddies instead.

"Everyone except these four is free to go. Meet in the food court as soon as you are done buying clothes or three hours, whichever comes first," Max announced.

The eight other boys left Peter, Tyler, Timmy, and Jaydon while they ran towards the mall. Terry smiled as the boys headed towards the nearest mall entrance; even Chance and Paul were running with the others. Terry thought that there may be hope for them yet.

Max looked at the remaining boys with a small smile on his face. Once the other boys were out of hearing range he looked at the younger boys and said, "We gave your debit cards to the older boys so they could help you keep track of them."

Terry then looked at the older boys and said, "Take both of them to the toy store and allow them to get up to $150 in toys." He then looked at Timmy and laughed. "Let our little volcano get twice as many clothes than is required." He then mussed Timmy's unique hair. "I am sure he will be burning through them in no time."

Max then spoke, "No clothes from Miss Clair's, Jaydon, or at the other mall. They are too expensive and will be burnt by next weekend."

Jaydon bowed his head and smiled as that was the first store he wanted to visit. He nodded in understanding though. If Timmy was a typical 9 year old and just hard on clothes it would be one thing, but as a Fire Elemental he would be accidentally burning all of his clothing off until he learned to control the fire.

Jaydon nodded his head and then looked Max in the eyes. The look in Max's eyes was that of the love a protective father has for his children, Jaydon knew it well. Max then asked Jaydon, "How's my heart?"

"Very loved," Jaydon answered with a grin.

A few moments later the six walked in to the mall together. During that walk Max noticed the glances between Timmy and Peter. He bumped gently against Terry and nodded in their direction. Terry smiled and silently nodded that he understood.

The headmasters left the four boys to do their shopping and lazily walk off into the northern section of the mall. Jaydon wanted to take Timmy clothes shopping first but Timmy and Peter had other ideas. They wanted to go to the toy store. No amount of explaining or cajoling would change the young boys' minds. Jaydon finally agreed and they went to the toy store.

Peter and Tyler immediately disappeared into the voluminous toy store. Timmy walked around the store for a few minutes and as he walked his face grew sadder and sadder. Finally Jaydon was about to cry himself because Timmy looked so sad and so he leaned down and asked, "What's wrong sweetie?"

Timmy actually began to cry and he sniffled that he didn't deserve any of these nice toys as he was a bad boy. Jaydon immediately understood that Timmy believed what was done to him was his fault. It pulled at Jaydon's heart and he said, "No, NO sweetie, you are not to blame for what those bad men did to you."

Timmy then burst out into loud sobs and actually began drawing attention to them. "But I burned them up too," he wailed.

Peter and Tyler arrived a moment later to see what was going on. Tyler caught Jaydon's eye and acknowledged that he had everything under control. With a bit of coaxing, Tyler was able to pull an upset Peter into a nearby isle so they could continue shopping and at the same time keep a protective eye on the situation.

Jaydon did not know what Timmy had done to get out of the situation until that point and he was momentarily mortified, not for those evil men but for poor Timmy having to live with all that. He quickly hugged Timmy closely to himself and picked him up.

Timmy was still crying softly but had quieted down to the point that those people who had been attracted by his wailing realized that he was being well taken care of by the older boy.. Jaydon then began walking around the toy store holding Timmy in his arms. When they reached the stuff toy section of the store, Jaydon noticed that Timmy's eyes lit up when he came across a simple teddy bear with button eyes.

"Do you want the Teddy bubby?" Jaydon asked softly.

Timmy hid his head in Jaydon's chest and nodded his head.

Jaydon picked up the bear and without even looking at the bears price, put it in Timmy's arms. Even if it was more than they were supposed to spend, Terry and Max would understand.

With a great big smile, Timmy tucked the teddy bear into his close cuddle with Jaydon. He now had a secret friend who he could tell everything to. Timmy silently named the stuffed animal "Eddy the Teddy". He quickly put his thumb in his mouth, something he had not done since he was little. Timmy was momentarily at peace.

The toy store lost its interest to Timmy and he no longer had any interest in looking a other toys. Jaydon tried to rekindle Timmy's interest but after walking a couple of the isles he asked: "Want to go get some clothes now buddy?"

Timmy silently nodded and they went to pay for the bear. The price of the bear was just $45 and when the clerk offered to put Eddy in a bag Timmy glared at the lady and shook his head violently and answered with a soft "no". Jaydon smiled and also shook his head saying, "I will carry it out."

Jaydon walked to the Gap Kids and began looking at the clothes. He found several outfits that would look good on Timmy and were his colors. Being that Timmy was an elemental, Jaydon picked out vibrant clothing with reds, oranges, or light browns. Timmy had fun modeling all the clothes for the older boy and the sales lady. Finally they had selected twenty one outfits, three packages of socks and underwear, and four pairs of shoes. Jaydon went well over Timmy's expected amount of clothing but he divided the cost between Timmy's card and his own. They left the store loaded down with sacks.

Jaydon then led Timmy into a nearby bathroom, checked to make sure it was empty and then sat the bags down. Timmy watched as Jaydon made a series of complicated gestures over the bags and he gasped when the bags all disappeared and were replaced on the floor by a cube.

The cube looked like a clear Rubix cube and instead of colors; each of the squares held the bags or remained empty. Jaydon smiled at Timmy and then put his finger to his lips telling Timmy to not say a word. Timmy nodded and cuddled a bit with Eddy. Jaydon nodded and then said: "Let's go meet everyone else."

Ten minutes later Jaydon and Timmy met everyone else at the food court on the first floor and in the center of the mall. It looked as if everyone had made it and were waiting on Jaydon, Timmy, and the headmasters. He breathed a sigh of relief as he had been late last year and was glad to not have repeated it this year.

Paul and Tom were glaring at each other; apparently Paul did not take the "No magic" rule seriously and had gotten himself and Tom both in trouble. Chance was sitting near Chris and was also glaring at everyone else. Peter and Tyler were talking animatedly until Timmy and Jaydon arrived and then Peter immediately joined Timmy. Tyler quietly joined Tim and Jarrod in their conversation. Within moments Jarrod and Tyler were talking, Tim moved over to his brother and they both began ignoring Paul.

When Terry and Max arrived it was about five minutes before the appointed time, they were smiling and talking wildly. When they arrived, two things became apparent, first their buddy system had failed and second, Jaydon did not have any visible packages for either himself or Timmy.

Terry immediately went to Jaydon and Max watched the other boys.

"What did you do?" Terry asked Jaydon. His face was neutral.

"I used the shopping cube," he said in a normal voice and then continued "spell" in a softer voice. "I did it in a vacant bathroom. Timmy never left my side."

"Well it is good that you were using your head, but you still need to be careful," Terry responded softly.

"I was looking at protecting Timmy," Jaydon responded. "I can't if my arms are loaded down with stuff."

At the same time Max had re-assigned buddies in preparation for the next session in that mall. Jarrod and Tyler, Paul and Chance, Tim and Tom, and Chris and Peter were the new buddy pairs. Jarrod was assigned with Tyler and Chris with Peter because they were near the same ages. Paul and Chance were paired up because the twins; Tim and Tom refused to be buddies with Paul and vice versa.

After everyone decide what to eat and had enjoyed their meal, Max announced that the second portion of their Crosswinds Mall experience was to enjoy an age appropriate movie in groups or at least with a buddy. Jaydon, Timmy, Chris, and Peter decided between the only two G rated movies. Paul and Chance as well as Tim and Tom each decided to see separate PG-13 movies. Jarrod, Tyler, Terry and Max decided to see a R rated movie named: "The Breed Birth of a Legend" as a group.

By the end of the movie, Timmy and Peter had touched arms and legs, and almost held hands. This was not missed by either Jaydon or Chris who both were smiling at the younger ones tentative steps toward infatuation. Paul and Chance decided to sit three rolls apart and ignore each other. Tim and Tom had spotted the same cute guy that kept staring at them individually but also equally. Max and Terry held hands while noticing that their oldest two students had developed an infatuation. As they watched Tyler innocently leaned on Jarrod's arm slightly and without a second thought Jarrod put his arm around Tyler in a protective manner. It was not removed until they opened the theatre doors.

Outside the G rated movie doors, stood a small gang of High School bullies. They were looking for younger children to hassle and hopefully get some money out of, when they saw Jaydon and Timmy exit. They were immediately marked as targets. The gang's plans were immediately squashed when Jaydon and Timmy were met almost immediately by Tyler, Jarrod, Max, and Terry.

When everyone was finally out of the movies Terry announced it was time for them to get to the "other mall". En masse they entered into the Crosswinds Mall elevator and allowed the doors to shut. Terry then typed in a strange code of "2, stop, basement, fire, open, open, close, start" on the control panel. Immediately the light in the elevator dimmed. The elevator began to move but instead of it moving up or down, it went backwards and then dropped.