The Brown Unicorn

A Fantasy

Rocco Paperiello


This story is intended to be just a fun story. But it will include some intimate relationships between young males. If you don't approve or are offended, then how come you're reading this? Go to some other Internet Site. (Of course some people actually cultivate being offended; if that's the case, read right on). As far as detailed descriptive sex acts, I think you may find some good ones in other stories right here on Nifty, but as of now I do not envision a lot of explicit detail in this one.

If, for some legal reason, you are not allowed to read this in your area of the world because of illogical laws, again I will not condone (publicly) anyone breaking the law, so either move or read sentence four. I definitely don't want the thought police after either of our callipygians.

Please, this story is the product of my immagination, so if you ever want to quote some of it, please e-mail me and also give proper attribution. As of now no one has permission to put this story on another Internet Site.

This story is entirely fictional, and no character is fashioned after any living being.

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This story is fiction and essentially a romp into the world of "what if." It is a story about relationships between and among teenagers and for four of the main characters, an exploration of their sexuality and in their delight in discovering new relationships under unusual circumstances and in new situations. Of course this story can also be a stage for an author to describe and explore various philosophical considerations -- and so it is. But it's primary intent is to provide a fun story for its readers. I hope that I succeed.

Rocco Paperiello

This is the second story I have posted on Nifty. The other story, "Two Boys," is in progress and can be found under Young Friends or Interracial.



March 29, 1962
The small boy sat disconsolately upon the front lawn of his modest home. Or more accurately we should probably say, his former home. For the boy no longer believed himself welcome. His life, which had seemed to hold so much promise just a short time ago, was in total disarray. Disconsolate seemed just then a so ineffectual word. It seemed not to convey even a small portion of the depths of this boy's despair. It was some time ago that the boy dropped into a heap on his own front lawn. No longer even able to cry, he just lay there with no apparent plan or even hope. Only after this length of time did he begin to try to figure out what he might possibly do. The idea of survival finally made its first entry into his consciousness. With a great mental struggle, the boy got to his feet and began pacing, struggling to make his mind bend to his will, now that he found he had one. He needed to come to some decision about his immediate future. It certainly no longer included going back into his house. Perhaps he could try to talk one of his older siblings into taking him in. Both his brother and sister had moved away several years ago. This particular boy's name was a much later entry in the family tree written at the beginning of the family bible. Or maybe his Uncle John, and Aunt Debbie. He always liked them and they were always sad that they couldn't have kids of their own. (And since his uncle and his own Dad never did get along too good, that might just be a plus).

To some outside observer, the boy's seemingly inexplicable collapse onto his front lawn might have brought concern, but his behavior, if he had been observed, a couple hours later would appear totally bizarre. Seemingly it consisted of some random movement with no purpose or plan; the boy would take several steps then turn and then several more. It seemed uncanny how, while directing his gaze only downward, he still avoided the large dense bushes interspersed along his path. And not too unlike the metal ball in a pin ball machine, the boundaries of his property seemed to bounce him in a new direction.

There was a combination of several factors which has lead to the boy's current predicament. The first was hinted at a couple years before when the boy started wondering how come, unlike all his current playmates, he could find no interest in, or attraction to, girls? Why was it that, a sudden realization a few short months before told him, that it was he that fate decreed should be one of "those" people? Those so despised, and so reviled? He had been holding out against mounting evidence, but he eventually could no longer deny what he was. Especially after the onset of puberty, when all his imaginings, and wet dreams, and attractions, centered around boys. How come no one else can understand?

The second factor leading to this moment in time was the total inability of the boy's father to reach beyond his many years of society's indoctrination concerning the "evil" of homosexuality. This proud man was apparently incapable of finding within himself a sufficient measure of fatherly love for his own son. At least sufficient enough to assuage his current anger and intolerance of what he regarded as a most crass and vile perversion, to at least allows his own son to stay under his the roof that the boy had known for 16 years.

And the final factor leading to this apparent impasse was the boy's own intractable will. Although he would barely admit this to himself, he knew deep down, that if he had allowed himself to live a lie, and had been able to reassure his father that he would give up this insistence of his sexual orientation, and promised to rid his soul of this most foul abomination (as his mother called it), his father would have relented. But it was not within the boy's character to choose such a path. Apparently, some measure of his father's own unyielding will, had been either inherited by, or instilled within the son.

So when those most terrible words "No faggot will ever live under this roof!" were directed at the somewhat sensitive, and considerably emotional boy, he could see no alternative than to abandon the home, and the family, and the life, that he had known for 16 years. Of course when the full implication of the boy's decision came to his realization, that all hope had seemingly vanished from his future, the boy had collapsed just outside his house crying, unable to find any reserves of strength to continue.

His parents, meanwhile, were in the midst of one of their own terrible "fights." Though not of a physical nature, none the less it was of fierce intensity. And as usual, neither was really listening to the other. Both of them of course had been present at their son's dénouement. And for the series of events that had lead up to it.

Hidden in a box spring coil of the boy's bed had been a small cloth pouch containing a plain gold ring of simple design holding a small stone of moderate value. Unknown to either parent, the boy had saved for months to buy what he believed would be an engagement ring for the person he loved. Unfortunately, where the boy had envisioned romance, the other boy only envisioned the satiety of sexual encounter. The boy's proposal of commitment was rebuffed. After suffering through a couple months of extreme disillusionment, the boy's mindset was considerably more vulnerable to seeming abandonment of him by his own parents. He had little reserve left for the current confrontation with his own parents.

In the course of her spring cleaning the boy's Mom had discovered the secreted ring. He was confronted by his Mom several hours later when he returned home for lunch early on a Saturday afternoon. He had been out playing ball with some neighbors on this warmer than average March day.

The boy went cold with dread when his Mom showed him the ring and asked where he had gotten it. His lie that it was a gift was too easily disposed of when his Mom called the jeweler. The jewelers name had been sewn into the cloth pouch. The next lie that it was a ring he'd purchased for his girlfriend was weakened when he refused to state just who this might be, and was further undermined when it was realized that the ring was a man's ring and far too large for a girl's hand.

When confronted with this last piece of information the boy suddenly admitted that the ring had been for his boyfriend. The extreme emotion of the situation was not conducive to a constructive conversation. The ill timed return of his father at just this minute dramatically exacerbated the situation. Recriminations escalated until the boy's father made his fateful diatribe. Culminating with the fateful words: "No faggot will ever live under this roof." The boy took it literally and at that moment assumed the finality of the edict. He exclaimed that he would certainly leave any home where he was not wanted. He fled in a turmoil of total despair.

Of course, his parents had not even the slightest inkling of the seriousness of the boy's apparent explosive outburst, and subsequent flight from the house. Each held the implicit belief of the son's awakening to reality and subsequent return. However, it was the necessary conditions for his return that sparked their current heated debate. The boy's Mom, who held a considerable love for her son, still considered homosexuality a mental illness, and argued that their son, instead of being abandoned, should be given help. It was their duty to get him the most competent medical help, and if necessary commit him to some institution for however long as necessary to cure him of his apparent mental illness. The boy's Dad, however, assumed that their son's homosexuality was a perverse choice, occasioned by a possible momentary flirtation of a forbidden life style by the lust of youth. Something to be dislodged, by coercion if necessary. But neither parent were either cognizant of their son's despair, or of his current behavior.

It was just about this time that a patrolman in a marked police car did happen by at this precise time. Apparently the yelling and loud recriminations of a couple hours before, coupled with the now weird behavior of the boy had indeed come to the attention of a concerned neighbor. But disdaining personal involvement, she had opted to call the police. She wondered just what could have brought the boy to this state? A boy she had known as a usually cheerful and outgoing.

At this same time the heat of the parent's argument wound down, and they both in their own way began to wonder how come their son had not yet come back. The boy's Mom decided to look for her youngest son, and went outside to look after not finding him in the house. But she only observed a policeman with the most astonished look on his face. Because of the oddity of seeing a police car at her curb, and a policeman staring behind one of her large azaleas, she quickly approached.

"Officer, what brings you here?"

Wrenching his gaze from behind the bush he finally made sense of the woman's words and answered, explaining the call from a concerned neighbor. "Was that your boy walking about your lawn?" (One must make allowances for what the officer had just witnessed. To see someone disappear right before you).

"I can't say. I didn't know just where he has gotten to. I am looking for him myself. Did you happen to see him?"

Getting himself more under control, he answered: "About five foot, maybe five one, quite slender, perhaps 80 pounds, dirty blond hair cut short, brown polo and corduroys?"

"You saw him? Where did he go?" Asked the now anxious Mom.

"Now that is exactly what I would like to know. I was about ten feet away when his apparently meanderings momentarily took him out of my view behind this bush. But when I looked he was not there. Nor could he have headed back to your house. I would have seen him." He didn't mention that, after the boy disappeared behind the bush, he didn't see him anywhere.

"Then where did he go?"

The patrolman wished he could answer. How could he ever write up a report that could be believed. The only things he did notice was a strange dark shadow that seemed to locate itself between himself and the boy`s house. And even more strange, this shadow seemed to have some depth to it. This observation never did make itself into any written report. He then said: "Maybe we'd better go inside. We need to talk."

Others eventually searched. But the boy was no longer in the vicinity of his house. Or in the neighborhood. Or anywhere.

Even after months of searching, the boy was never found.

January 2, 2256
With much heraldry and speechifying, the world's second huge colonization ship finally left earth orbit. It had been 12 years in construction, and held the hopes of a good number of people. Especially of those 1200 aboard the ship, most of whom were in cryogenic "sleep." Its eventual destruction in an unknown planetary system had been transmitted back to mother earth 89 years later. Fortunately, the message of its unsuccessful mission, was assuaged by the very recent successes of newer colonizations, concomitant with the recent discovery of faster than light travel.

September 21, 2508
The proud stallion was watching intently as the mare was giving foal. The green tinted sun was just setting -- thought by some to be propitious omen for a good birth. It was determined by some sense that the birth of a colt was to take place, an event rare enough to insure the attention of the entire herd. Among the present herd of magical unicorns the expectation of this uncommon event spurred numerous conversations about the prospects of their newest male member. It had been argued by some that over the recent decades, not only has the occasional colt born with their own magical ability been occurring with greater frequency, but that this ability has been of an even greater degree. Just 11 seasons ago was born a colt, the one who had taken the name Warnger, who was just recently showing the possession of unheralded magical ability. Rumors abound that if his abilities continued to strengthen, that by the time he came into full stallion-hood, he might possibly be the first unicorn with class three abilities. Able to even effect the very environment in which they lived. Of course, with the immediate anticipation of a new colt, the current debate mostly concerned just exactly what factors might possibly presage just such an occurrence now. Some argued that the colts future ability could be determined by the intricacy of design on the colts button which would eventually grow into his remarkable horn as he approached puberty in 10 or 11 years. Others were just as adamant that the colt's future abilities could be predicted by the depth of color exhibited by the colts coat, especially that of its main and tail. Of course this lead into heated debate over just which combination of colors depicted the most magical. The consensus of course always included some combination of blue and green, considered the most magical of all colors. However, some argued that shades of red, orange, or yellow were also harbingers of future abilities so long as they were vibrant enough. The debate continued up until the very moment of birth.

The mare giving birth was placed under a spell of relaxation and freedom of pain by Oborlorn, the herds most accomplished practitioner of the healing arts. And perhaps what some said was indeed true, for in the entire memory of the herd, the unicorn Oborlorn was more accomplished at such arts than any of her predecessors. Thus it was with an astounding gasp of disbelief and profound dismay (and not a little disgust) that greeted the new arrival. Many even turned away from the awful sight before them. Such high expectations gave way to murmurs not only of opprobrium but down right repugnance at the sight. Some even expressed the view that the unfortunate colt should be cast out of their midst. Fortunately for the newborn colt, it mother rejected out of hand such a proposal. But nothing would stop the growing colt from eventually discovering its status of outcast as it grew old enough to understand such things. All because it was born with a coat of a such mundane color. For it was born the brown unicorn.

February 29, 2520
The UPF (United Planetary Federation) ship Vanguard VI, with a crew of 560, was commissioned and deployed in a promise of a new age of scientific discovery. It's mission was the exploration of the outer Sagittarian arm of the galaxy with the main purpose to seek out any evidence of alien civilization, none of which had yet to be discovered, in spite of the almost 300 years of faster than light exploration.

Its secondary mission was to seek out the presence of possible habitable planets. Recent successes in this specific area was the reason for this task to now be a secondary mission objective. Fortunately, due to the revolutionary technology employed by the ships propulsion system, this ship was now capable of nearly twice the range of previous exploration ships.

Captain Lim Kuan Yew was in charge, at least as shown on the hierarchical chart of the ship. Unprecedented in such ships, until now, since the mission could conceivable keep it away from planet earth for periods of more than 3 to 4 years, the crew were allowed to have their children accompany them aboard ship. (Unfortunately, at least to the mind set of some of the children involved, school was always in session).

The Captain's precocious son, Chong, age 15, was one of the children being raised on this ship. Though barely 80 pounds at four foot eleven, Chong single handedly caused more disruption than all the other kids combined. Apparently he felt it his duty to invent new ways of getting himself, and his confreres, into trouble. He also must have acquired a substantial amount of leadership ability from his father, either by genetics or by example. Most of the other teens aboard seemed quite willing to be led where he would lead. (One had to keep stimulating one's mind after all).

However, unknown to any one else, he did have one small problem. (Although he considered it more of a distraction and annoyance, than something of significance -- at least for the time being). His striking good looks (complements of his Singaporean heritage), friendly manner, genuine caring nature, coupled with his moderate athletic ability and strong intelligence made him the heartthrob of a sizable proportion of the female teen population aboard ship. His own longings, however, were directed elsewhere. For example the 14 year old son of the ship's executive officer. With his slender physique, just showing a hint of possible future muscle, his dark tawny skin, and bright friendly features, the result of several different heritages in his ancestry which no one could now decipher or remember, Baual was definitely someone who stirred the full complement of Chong's not insubstantial hormonal load. It didn't hurt that Baual was also almost Chong's match in intelligence. Though the boys naturally gravitated toward each other, seeking out the other's company when not otherwise engaged, Chong was still hesitant to make his feelings known to Baual. First there was Baual's apparent attraction to girls rather than boys. But even more important was the strong bias of Chong's family's heritage, disdaining such a relationship. Though not overt, considering society's modern understanding of sexual orientation, none the less, Chong felt he would certainly loose some significant portion of the esteem which he now enjoyed. (Well, he would deal with this problem when it became necessary. But for now, he was simply having too much fun being a teenager).

February 12, 2521
The august Queen Audriene Roberta Maginde, ruler of the five clans, protector of the six forests, unrivaled wielder of the seventh magic, was starting to wonder if she would ever be able to instill in her own son the maturity to take his proper role among the talented. There were so few among the elven clans with abilities such as his yet he did not seem at times to fully understand that effective defense comes from cooperation. With studying and joining with the others like him who can wield proper magic. Especially now that the threat has been determined. That the full extent of the clan's danger has been discovered. How proud she had been of her own son's abilities as they became apparent during his brief but tumultuous ride through puberty. But inexplicably, the more his true abilities were revealed the more her son seemed to prefer his own solitude. And lately, his long trips to the Forest of Knor seemed to be more important than his duties to his own clan. In light of the current threat, as much as she was loath to do it, she would wield the seventh magic if necessary. The situation was now too grave. The clan's need of her son's abilities all that more pressing. Already the sensitives among them could feel the change of the life force of the forrest of Pan. She would send Merrick. The close bond those two boys had in the past would easily enable him to find her son. And if necessary.she would force him to return. Drastic situations demanded drastic measures.

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