The Brown Unicorn

A Fantasy

Rocco Paperiello


This story is intended to be just a fun story. But it will include some intimate relationships between young males. If you don't approve or are offended, then how come you're reading this? Go to some other Internet Site. (Of course some people actually cultivate being offended; if that's the case, read right on). As far as detailed descriptive sex acts, I think you may find some good ones in other stories right here on Nifty, but as of now I do not envision a lot of explicit detail in this one.

If, for some legal reason, you are not allowed to read this in your area of the world because of illogical laws, again I will not condone (publicly) anyone breaking the law, so either move or read sentence four. I definitely don't want the thought police after either of our callipygians.

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Rocco Paperiello

This is the second story I have posted on Nifty. The other story, "Two Boys," is in progress and can be found under Young Friends or Interracial.


Chapter 2 -- Surprises Abound

The new arrival looked back and forth from one to the other as they spoke back and forth. Why the elaborate clothing on one, and the near nudity of the other he could not begin to fathom. Then he saw the older man start a series of hand movements and difficult to hear words (yes that`s exactly what I intended to say), and suddenly he could understand him perfectly. He wondered just why the guy decided to speak in English. Then he realized it wasn't quite English. It was like someone started off with English, but then couldn't pronounce it correctly and maybe threw in some new words too. Yet he could easily understand. Wow! What is going on?

And so he then asked: "Mister, what's going on? What happened to me? How did I get here?"

But it was the black youth who answered. "This is Master Cenderen. He is a magician of great repute. He has just brought you here at great danger and effort. You should be delighted at such a great summoning. And please speak to him with greater respect."

The boy seemed even more confounded. "Magic? Summoning? How about making sense. Who are you and how did I get here?"

Fortunately the magician was not unintelligent. He quickly realized that something was greatly amiss. Why the necessity to provide the boy a language spell to be understood? Something was VERY wrong indeed! And he just realized that the boy conjured here wasn`t even a slave! He was as white as he was. "Young man, if you will please allow me to explain."

The boy swiveled his attention back to the man. "Please! Where am I?"

"You are in my chamber of conjuration, in the small town of Little Jump. In the country of New Merica." And the magician suddenly realized another real possibility. "And I am beginning to suspect that you are no longer on your planet of birth."

At this he looked toward his at-this-moment-not-quite-esteemed slave boy. He roared: "BOY! Just what have you done?!" Looking around he then reached down and picked up a parchment from the floor. After a few moments he looked up with a visage of shock. "Boy, you failed to limit the scope of summoning! You almost got us both killed!" At this he made a movement with his hand toward the black youth, who immediately stiffened into complete rigidity. "And you can stay that way forever!"

The new boy was totally amazed as he saw the black boy rise several inches off the floor and although as rigid as a statue, he could see tears dripping down his face. He was crying! But more astonishing, he realized the man did something that defied all logic. He looked back to the man and asked in a nearly shocked voice: "What did you do? How did you do that?"

"I told you. I am a magician. That young fool almost got both of us killed! But of more immediate import, just who are you? And where are you from?"

The boy was amazed, confused, dazed, and surprised, and a whole lot of other things. But gaining uppermost focus was his sudden concern for the poor black boy in front of him still crying. "How can you do that to him? Stop it! He's crying!"

The older man seemed only now to see the tears; and he seemed to deflate right in front of him. As if all the energy, or at least a good portion of it leaked away from him. Again a small hand movement and the youth settled to the floor and he immediately knelt on the floor and made obeisance to his master. "Please Master, I am sincerely sorry. Please forgive me. I simply don't understand. I am always careful not to allow ANY mistake in preparations. You know full well that is true." In fact the slave boy was wondering if perhaps some outside agency had somehow, though with total perplexity, could have caused him to forget such an important detail.

"Geral, please stand up. (Cenderen usually only used the boy's name in moments of affection). Please! You have no need to abase yourself. It certainly is not part of your normal demeanor. And I am realizing now that I should be held more at fault than you. After all, I made the conjuration without paying close enough attention myself. I am the magician; therefore I am ultimately responsible. And truth be told, I have never known you to have erred to this extent before." And then turning toward the other boy. "And of more import now is just what are we to do with this young lad? Again I ask. Who are you and where are you from?"

Something in the nature of the man`s manner fairly compelled an immediate answer. "My name is Peter. I'm from Philadelphia."

It was Geral who then asked: "Where is this Philadelphia?"

The boy was puzzled at the question. Everyone knew where Philadelphia was. It was a city of almost four million. "In the United States. Everyone knows that."

The magician was now realizing that something was extraordinarily amiss; and he was starting to realize just what must have happened. He asked: "What is the name of your planet?"

The boy started to get scared. Maybe what he heard was true. He was on an entirely different planet. "Earth."

Both the magician and the youth groaned. It was the man who replied: "Of course. It had to be something like that. And that had to be class five magic. It is a miracle that we survived. And Geral, please, no more such mistakes please. This has aged me at least ten years."

Geral was concerned. His master never sounded so vulnerable. He used my actual name twice in ten minutes. Even when making intimate love he never did that. But Geral was also not unintelligent. "But Master, I am not sure how far this Earth is from here, but even if many light years, that would still not require level five magic. Would it?" Geral looked at the small boy. Who he finally realized was definitely not a slave as the summoning should have acquired. With sudden inspiration Geral asked: "Peter, WHEN are you from?"

"When? I don't understand your question."

At this the magician sighed. "Of course. What he is asking lad is this. What is, or was the calendar year where you lived?"

The boy appeared even more frightened. "1962."

Geral groaned: "Peter, not only have you been brought many light years distant, you have also been brought more than 500 years into the future. This is why level five magic was so necessary. And we know of your Earth because all the people on this planet are descendants of people originally from Earth. And before you ask, I doubt greatly if there is anyone on this planet who can send you back. We certainly would never attempt such a powerful magic again. It almost killed us to get you here to begin with. And the few people even capable of level five magic by themselves would not do it unless the seriousness of the situation demanded such a terrible risk. We are sorry." He then looked at his master. "Master, is there anything we CAN do? This poor boy does not deserve to have been wrenched from his home and his family. Especially since he is so obviously not a slave?"

Before Cenderen could answer, Peter asked (with total perplexity). "Slave? Why would I be a slave? That's illegal."

Geral smiled as he answered: "Not here it isn't. I am a slave. And Cenderen here is my Master."

Peter started to reply a few times and finally settled with: "But that's so wrong!"

Geral again replied: "Maybe from your perspective. But on this planet it is the normal and natural occurrence in the ebb and flow of life. And it suits our society."

Peter, it could be seen was getting quite excited and not a little upset: "How can a slave say that? It's so unfair. You must be brainwashed or something." He turned to the magician. "How can you do that to him?"

Cenderen smiled for the first time since that evening's debacle. "I think you just may have that backwards. Here I was quite content for quite a number of years and along came this boy. He entered my castle with not the slightest reservation and boldly announced to me that he was to be my slave. His own magic allowed him to get beyond my wards. Why anyone with their own considerable magic would choose not to use it was beyond me, but nonetheless there he was. And he melted a man's heart. So you see; it is my slave that has imposed his slavery on me! Or at least that what if feels like at times."

Peter could not figure right away how to reply. Geral filled in the pause: "Please Peter, our society is so vastly different from yours that you may have trouble understanding. And for myself, I don't seem to understand just what you are trying to get at. Just why should anyone think my enslavement to be unfair?"

Peter couldn't figure how Geral could say such a thing. Definitely brainwashed! "But how can anyone believe that condemning anyone to a life of slavery to be fair or just? How can you say that a life without freedom is OK?"

It was Cenderen who answered: "I think I understand the problem here. No one here is forced into a life of a slave. It is a choice like many others life decisions. All the slaves on this planet chose such a life by the time they reached their early teens."

Geral too finally understood. "Peter, I was actually 13 when I became a slave. Later than most. But I chose that role. And I found just the right person for me, and a master whom I could love with my whole being. It is a relationship that is wonderful for both of us. And we have been together for more than 40 years!"

"But that's impossible! You can't be more than a few years older than me! And I'm just 16!"

"Peter, you are forgetting something. My master is a magician. He can make me appear almost any age he wants. He likes me this way." And looking back at his Master with a small leer, Geral added: "And he also likes me naked. And I'm more than happy to accommodate him." And with a touch of mischief in his voice, he added: "And if I am good enough in bed with him, I have a better chance of wheedling favors out of him, . . . and being forgiven when I do something not exactly ordered."

Peter's mouth fell open as he was starting to understand something he was afraid to actually believe despite mounting evidence. "You . . . you are . . . in bed?"

"It looks like we have a lot to teach you about our society. Peter, something you must understand. My Master and I are much more than just Master and slave. We are also lovers. When a master chooses a slave it is for life. We believe that we are specifically meant for each other. It is somehow ordained. It strangely happens that with only an extremely rare exception, all those of us who feel drawn to the life of a slave are male and also sexually attracted to our own sex. Why, we do not know. It's just the way it is."

Peter started to cry. Somehow he just realized that what had so destroyed his life where he grew up was apparently considered normal here. Of course he wasn't so sure he wanted to be a slave. Although now that he though about it, and how he perceived what it meant to be a slave on this world, maybe there was something attractive about the idea after all. He could feel such security in such a relationship. And of course the masters were also likewise homosexual. He decided he needed to learn more. But he couldn't stop the tears. It was a combination of everything suddenly bursting. "Sorry. I don't mean to cry. But where I come from, to be attracted to your same sex is considered by most people to be a serious sickness. And is something that needed to be cured. You are hated and despised."

Geral looked at Peter with great concern: "But how come the tears?"

Peter still found it amazingly difficult to admit that he was gay. But if not here to these two people, then to whom? "Well, in fact it was I suppose just several hours ago, that my parents found out that I am gay, and threw me out of my home because of it. They didn't want me anymore. In fact, right before I got brought here I was walking around in front of my house trying to figure out what to do. Trying to figure where I could go. I'm only 16 after all."

Surprisingly it was Cenderen, who walked over to the small boy and held him tightly. Well surprising to someone who thought they knew his character. Of course Geral knew better. Although he frequently acted the part of a somewhat arrogant magician, and demanding master, he was at his depth a caring individual. Why else would a magician of his standing be so relatively poor? Unknown to most, his services were frequently given with little or no recompense.

"Why can't my own father care about me?" More tears were forthcoming.

After a short period of such questions by Peter and calming words from Cenderen, Peter suddenly pulled away from him and asked: "You said a while back that I was not a slave. What was that all about? And I was just wondering why you went through so much trouble to get me here?"

It was Cenderen who replied (while Geral started cleaning up the chamber). "As soon as we saw you we realized you weren't a slave."

Before he could continue Peter asked: "How could you know that?'

"Because you were not black."


"Of course. All slaves are Negroes. So you can't be one."

Peter had trouble figuring out just why that had to be true. "So all Negroes are slaves?"

"Well yes. I guess it turns out that way. If you see a Negro you know he is a slave. And if he isn't a Negro, then he isn't a slave. Quite simple."

Peter was now more confused than ever. "That doesn't make sense. You just said that people choose to become slaves. Yet now you say that all those born black will be those who will just happen to choose to become slaves. Almost sounds like predestination. And I just realized something else that doesn't make sense. You said that just about all slaves are male. Then what about all the Negroes who are female? And if there are no female Negroes, then where do all the Negro boys come from?"

Geral stopped his work and started to laugh. "I think I realize just what is causing your misunderstanding. I was not born black. No slave is. We don't turn black until we decide to become slaves. Actually it almost seems to work both ways. Some boys don't realize that they were thinking about wanting to become slaves until they start turning black. And at the same time their features become Negroid. It usually coincides with the realization that they are also just attracted to other boys. Although there are a lot of homosexuals out there who do not become slaves."

Peter thought for a while and realized that something still was wacky. "That's still crazy. How can someone change into a Negro out of the clear blue?"

It was Geral who answered: "The people in our world were just as mystified about it as you are. Especially since there was apparently no one of even close to pure Negro descent among the original colonist. But a lot of crazy things have happened over the several hundred years we have been here. According to the oldest records, when the original colonist arrived here, the planet was totally barren. When the first ships landed, there was no choice. It was an emergency that forced the landing. It looks like you will need a crash course on our history and our society here. For example, while we do have magic here, we have almost no technology. And in some ways some people even like it that way. For example nobody has ever been able to make a gun work here. Even a simple musket. So except for someone capable of performing magic, about the most dangerous weapon here is the bow and arrow. We also have steam engines but so far the planet is so metal poor, we have almost no rail service. And while we have simple liquid batteries, no one has been able to get a generator to work. Besides wire is so expensive anyway to make a lot of use of electricity."

Geral was about to continue when his Master interrupted. "Geral, Peter will have to satisfy his curiosity tomorrow. I am going to retire now. You know what needs to be done. Do it."

It was realized that all three of them needed some sleep. Peter was shown to a comfortable room, that came complete with a soft bed and a real down mattress and comforter. And an entire four course meal. Until he saw the food he didn't fully realize just how hungry he was.

It was Geral who showed Peter his room. "Geral, where did all this food come from?"

"You keep forgetting that my master is a magician."

"Well, I think it will take me a while to get used to that. And that's another thing. How can magic actually exist?"

"Nobody is completely sure. But a lot of people speculate that somehow it is the planet itself that allows it to happen. And no one knows how come some people can do magic, while most people can't. There are a lot of really strange things about this planet as we tried to explain. But we are all pretty tired right now, so if you can save all your questions till tomorrow. And while we are at it, maybe tomorrow I can take you around our small town. The area around here is quite beautiful. And I will show you a few other mysteries. There is a grove of trees just outside town that are at least a thousand years old."

"Wow. But what's so mysterious about that?"

"Well, remember when we said that the entire planet was totally barren when we arrived a couple hundred years ago? Well then how can we now have thousand year old trees?"

Peter looked up and with a small frown said "magic!"

They both laughed. And Peter realized it was the first time he laughed for quite some time. And even more surprisingly, he was starting to feel pretty good about things. Almost like he actually belonged here. That somehow he didn't travel across a huge expanse of space and even time, but more simply had just come home.

"Geral. . ." Peter couldn't figure how to ask what he wanted to. He felt too embarrassed. But he had trouble taking his eyes from Geral's naked body. And especially his penis and testicles entrapped so to speak within that strange arrangement of intertwined bands.

Geral saw Peter staring and where his gaze was directed. He laughed. "Sorry Peter, I forgot how horny and inquisitive I was at your age. It's been so long. Please feel free to ask anything."

Peter still needed more encouragement before he finally asked: "How does that thing come off? And how come you have it on to begin with?"

Peter laughed again. "Well, there is actually no way it can be taken off except by magic, since it was put on by magic. Not even with a file or saw. My master has long ago decided that I was not allowed to get a full erection without his permission."

"Wow. But doesn't that hurt? And isn't that a mean thing to do?"

"First of all I sort of LIKE having this thing on me. It sort of gets me all aroused and awaiting my master's attention. And second, I am a slave. So my master orders and I obey. It's just how things are. And some how I just like it that way. I feel so safe and secure. But it's even much more than that. I simply LIKE being a slave. And it's certainly not anything like the slavery you used to have on your world. We learn a lot about our Earth history in school. And that doesn't make it any easier to explain. Part of it of course is sexual. It is a sexual turn on for me to experience being a slave. But that can only explain part of it. It also has to do with our entire relationship. Here on our world it's almost always one Master and one slave. And it is based on so much more than sex. For one thing we are both confident in the love we have for each other. But as much as I'd like to be able to explain, I suspect only another slave can totally understand."

"Thanks. I think." Peter smiled.

"There is also one more thing to consider. There are a lot of people who are convinced that the very world we live on is helping to direct things. Sort of like some of us are nudged in the direction we choose by some much greater and implacable intelligence, and perhaps some cosmic plan. My master is one who is convinced of that."

"What do you think?"

"Well, I think that I just enjoy being me. I am very content. And who knows, when I am reborn, maybe I'll be someone or even something very different. Heck, maybe even a unicorn. Yeah. I think maybe I'd like that."

Peter started laughing. "You're funny."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you can make up such wild stories."

Geral looked at Peter a moment and asked: "You don't have unicorns where you come from do you? I seem to remember that from my Earth history classes."

"Only in story books. They're not real."

"Oh boy Peter. I think you are in for a really big surprise. Now how about going to bed. I am exhausted myself and I need to be cute for my master tomorrow."

"OK. I guess I'm pretty tired myself. And it's mighty strange. But I'm starting to feel real good. I don't even feel too homesick." Peter looked up at Geral and smiled, and with not a little yearning. . . He did not know where he got the nerve to ask -- it was so totally unlike him -- but he did none the less. "Geral. Would you sleep with me? At least for just this night?"

"Exactly what my master ordered me to do."

In very short order both Geral and Peter were deeply asleep. Peter's much smaller body seemed entirely wrapped within the comforting enfoldment of Geral's body and limbs. It was Peter's most comfortable and untroubled sleep in several months. His last thoughts before entering the land of Morpheus was one of the curious things Geral had last mentioned. Peter thought it very odd that, Geral, apparently, seemed to believe in reincarnation.

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