The Brown Unicorn

A Fantasy

Rocco Paperiello


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Rocco Paperiello

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Chapter 5 -- The Xum'tuk (the Bad Guys) Approach and the Brown Unicorn Acquires His Companion

At about the same time that Peter was finally falling asleep, (with the vision of Geral's naked body visiting his dreams), another individual, aboard a small starship almost two parsecs away, was contemplating something far different than an unsure immediate future.

Nt'ut uck Glamf't possessed a surety of purpose which, though common to his species, would be a rarity for a mere human except perhaps in the most fanatical of `religious believers'. (Using the term `religion' here in its broadest understanding). It would never have occurred to him to wonder about his future, let alone imagine one different from that already prepared for him by the Tlum'tuk, the priestly leader sect who guide the Xum'tuk -- loosely translated means `the chosen people' -- in their united goal of total dominion over all the universe. As it was their inherited right. As the Xum'tuk, they were merely fulfilling their rightful destiny.

And Nt'ut was, as he firmly believed, rightly proud of his special role in the ship's mission. A new source of Xi-power had been detected in an area of the galaxy heretofore unexplored. And he was one of the rare sensitives among his own people who were capable of directing his ship toward this source of power, so distant to have been undetectable to almost every one else, and definitely not to any of their Xi-sensors, even if they had advanced the manipulation of Xi-matter and Xi-power to a rigorous and exacting science. And although there was something quite strange about this newly discovered rift-zone (a place where the real universe made one of its extraordinarily rare contact points with the first q-alternate universe), Nt'ut had not the slightest doubt that his superiors would soon determine the source of this unfamiliar disturbance and decide best how to wrest control of this new source of power. And, though causing quite a serious source of a so far undiagnosed disquiet within his own psyche, he was quite proud of his current role in maintaining contact with this Xi-power. He was confident that when this new Xi-power was finally under full control of the Zi-reme (those individuals capable of actually manipulating the Xi-power), his disquiet will become a thing of the past and he will be back to his normal imperturbable self. He suspected a lesser individual would have evinced at least a small measure of concern, but one of Nt'ut's dedication and loyalty to the Xum'tuk, was totally unwavering in his surety of purpose and assumed superiority. They were the Xum'tuk after all.

So far, because of the vast distance involved, and because so far only the talent of the Nt'ut was being brought to bear, their attack had only progressed to a minimal level and on two fronts.

One involved the attempt to negate any perceived significant threat. The Xi-reme prognosticators having so far been able to locate only two possible biologicals that could pose any real opposition to their purpose, this `magician' was directed to do whatever he could to disrupt or contain them. When so directed, it was discovered by the `magician' that one was definitely a young member of a non-dominate species which he referred to as an `elf.' The second he had so far been unable to pin down, but its location was somewhere in or near a population locus given the designation of `Little Jump.' He was directed to investigate.

The second front involved their main focus, namely, to establish full control over this source of Xi-power. They were able so far to use this `magician,' through Nt'ut's link, to start the rerouting of this world's Xi-power to their own storage q-bubble*. [* The theoretical insight that led to the invention of the q-bubble was integral to the eventual serious manipulation and command of Xi-power. It is a sort of `bubble' of space-time that partly exits in the universe of the Xum'tuk and the q1-alternate universe.] As an incentive, this `magician' was allowed to tap into this same source of power as much as he wanted. Of course he was quite limited in this as his own abilities were so meager.

Interrupting his current musings, Nt'ut became suddenly aware of his superior's voice coming over the secure com. "Nt'ut, we need a new update of our position relative to the new Xi-power source. Our technicians are experiencing an unexpected difficulty in maintaining our skimming of the first alternate."

Skimming here was actually a technical term referring to the ships partial entry into the first q-alternate universe. A universe where the laws of physics happened to be subtly different from the real universe, allowing the laws of time and use of power to be altered for their benefit. Nt'ut had not the slightest idea of how the Xi-science allowed them to so manipulate their environment to accomplish this, but he was totally unconcerned or even curious. That was not within his province. What was his province was his ability to act as a guide in maintaining their correct direction, and to maintain contact, even if tenuous, with that one individual they had so far detected on their destination planet who could actually manipulate the Xi-power there. Years of training had honed his ability to detect the minutest disturbances which emanate in the real universe from distant Xi-sources. Xt'ut was able to `see' his ship's position relative to the new power source and determined that they were only 1.13756423109 katucks (1.6756640011 parsecs) away.

"Supreme Leader Ku'tk, the ship needs only a minor adjustment of its navigational parameters. I am sending them via computer right now. With these minor changes, I can determine that we will be only 17.7770 mounts (7.65219 days) away from our reentry into total real space. This will place us within 1.2 mounts of real space travel to arrive at the Xi-power source."

Ku'tk replied: "Adjustments received and implemented. Xout'nut* Nt'ut, you are to be commended as usual." But he deliberately used such a term to maintain total loyalty from his technician. And at the same time considered that Nt'ut's obliviousness to such an obvious manipulation, to be a major flaw in his personal makeup. Supreme Leader Ku'tk secretly harbored a perverse dislike for his Navigational Technician, especially as one of the most pampered individuals under his command. After all, the boy's talents were more a matter of genetics and inheritance than effort and training. Of course he would never allow even the slightest animosity to enter either his demeanor or his voice. The boy was indispensable to the success of their mission objectives. And, if nothing else, Ku'tk was an eminently successful and accomplished ship's captain.

[* Xout'nut was a term of endearment rarely uttered by the ship's captain to even members of his own extended family.]

Ku'tk then inquired: "And what of our newly discovered manipulator of Xi-power?" There had been quite a furious discussion among the leaders of this expedition concerning this extraordinary discovery. Only once before had the Xum'tuk, in their glorious 6,000 years of recorded history, come in contact with other biologicals who could wield Xi-power, even if in a very primitive and haphazard manner. Now here was a second instance. Nt'ut had only been able to meld with one such practitioner, even though, through this contact, it was now known that there were numerous such wielders of Xi-power on this planet's surface. It was soon learned, however, that their use of this power was even more primitive and chaotic then thought possible and still be able to actually function as `magicians' -- the word this primitive individual used in describing himself. Fortunately, but as surely expected, this individual soon became a pawn of the Xi-reme aboard his ship. Through the contact maintained by Nt`ut, they were able to gradually entice this practitioner with untold power. Of course, unknown to him was the fact that his will was easily being bent to the X-reme's own purposes.

Nt'ut, buoyed by the realization that not only was he permitted direct contact with his supreme leader, but was also held in his high regard, replied pridefully to his supreme leader: "Supreme Leader Ku'tk, this primitive Xi-manipulator, has finally determined the source of possible threat which the Xi-reme prognosticators had detected near this population locus of `Little Jump.' It again is a member of the planet's non-dominant species which he labeled a `unicorn.' This Xi-manipulator, or `magician' as he calls himself, has been given even greater power for his use and has been directed to eliminate this minor threat."

"Excellent Technician Nt'uk. Excellent. Contact me personally with any significant update."

Nt'uk felt great warmth seeping into his second stomach, feeding on the knowledge that he was so high in the esteem of his supreme leader.

The Xum'tuk ship made an almost imperceptible maneuver. But even so, it was detected by the intelligence that was at the core of `The World' -- as its new inhabitants were wont to call it. (Well, over 500 years -- or revolutions of this planet about its photonic energy source -- IS VERY new).

The planetary based sentience mused over the revolutionary changes these new arrivals had made in its own existence. Even its own methods of thinking had changed! Until their so precipitous arrival the idea had never even occurred to it that biological entities could possibly have such advanced evolution so as to exhibit their own sentience. And how they experienced such an amazing depth and breadth of emotion. Indeed, this sentience only became aware of the existence of some of these emotions during its preliminary observation of its new people. These apparently very fragile beings, had come a short distance through real space in extraordinarily fragile tubes of metal. It came as quite a surprise to it when these individuals did not have even the slightest capability of providing for themselves. And it was even more shocking to this sentience when the first of these new entities ceased to exist. Before this time, the concept of death was merely an idle speculation. And an even greater shock occurred when the sentience realized that it was lonely. So it did the only reasonable thing it could devise. It `adopted' these new entities and made them `its' responsibility. And it has not had a moment's peace since. But such an amazing and delightful lack of peace it has been. If it could only finally understand how such advanced intellects could sometimes have such base motivations.

It also maintained their individual existences upon their so-called `deaths' by depositing their essences within either newly conceived individuals of their own species, or into the newer ones which it itself had brought into existence. (It was more fun that way).

To think that these biological entities could not only advance to the level of sentience and civilization, but also to even circumnavigate space in such intricate mechanical constructions! It had never considered this possibility.

Upon the arrival of the first colony ship, this planetary sentience had taken an inordinate amount of time to decipher their method of information storage -- an entire 0.000012 revolutions of the planet in which it resided. This method had been so unpredictable! (And these mechanical computers were now so sophisticated and their speed and storage capacity so huge, that it finally had to wonder, if carried to the next level, would these `machines', or computers as they called them, be capable of sentience themselves? An intriguing notion to examine later). To bad that the mere proximity to this planet, with its tapping into the next alternate universe and thus so interfering with their laws of physics, disallowed most of their technology to work. It had been only matter of days -- this planetary `day' -- before all their mechanical systems started to fail. This it had not anticipated. It had only been able to retrieve less than 10% of the knowledge stored in the colonial ship's computer memories. And by the time it when had finally begun to understand their so-called `science' it was even more astounded. These were not only interesting beings, they were also an amazing mixture of knowledge and ignorance!

And now there was this newly arriving ship with its unique faster than light capability! To think that these `humans', as they call themselves, totally missed the possibility of utilizing the first alternate universe to provide faster than light travel, yet they had accomplished it nonetheless by actually manufacturing their own miniature singularity! (The very thought of trying to harness such an all destructive tool, gave even such a powerful being as this planetary entity a cringing vision of total annihilation). However, when the world sentience became aware of this new ship, and exactly how it was powered, it realized that it had also found a solution for combating the Xum'tuk. A tiny nudge here, and a small idea planted there, and a new plan was implemented. The sentience was again having fun.

An interesting fillip of understanding also was finally garnered from this new ship's computer memories. It now understood what a cosmic joke had been perpetrated upon it. Such a profound moment of misconstruction it had been led to! But how was it supposed to have know? These magical and mythological creatures that it had so diligently reconstructed on the planet's surface had never actually existed on their home planet! And for the first time in this entity's existence it laughed at itself!

When that first colony ship sent its people down to the surface of this planet, it knew that it had to help them to survive. Unfortunately there had been so very few of these creatures even with the minutest capability of utilizing the fabric of the first alternate universe that seeped through in this region of space. And with only one of these individuals had it been capable of only minimum communication. Before it could satisfactorily reconstruct a habitat upon the planet's surface in which they could not only exist but also flourish, it needed to understand better how they interacted with their environment and with each other. Thus it desperately needed even this very limited ability to communicate. It had taken this sentience almost a half generation to finally provide for what it then believed a suitable renewable world environment. And now it turns out that this one individual's understanding of its own reality encompassed FICTIONAL abstractions, and apparently constructs of its own imagination!

And to think it had been so smug it believing it had solved the conundrum that had been posed. How could magic and advanced science have existed on the same planet? It had reasoned that this peoples' ability to manipulate the physics of the first alternate universe, (and so `perform magic' as they conceived it), had disappeared with the disengagement of these two universes at the location of their planet some short distance in their own past. Thus only their `mythology' of magic and of `magical creatures' survived. And their ability to now develop the science involved in manipulating their own universe became possible since it now was not inhibited by the presence of the first alternate. The planetary sentience had come to the conclusion centuries before that this engagement and subsequent disengagement of universes was possible near strong sources of gravity. And so it seemed this theory had now been proven. This new understanding that it had made such a colossal mistake evinced a heretofore new experience -- the consciousness of humility.

The next morning Peter awoke feeling exited; his very first thoughts were of his upcoming visit with the Brown Unicorn. (OK, so his very first thought was of his morning erection -- but this was not germane to this unfolding story). He now realized that he thought of the young unicorn by that very name. And for some reason he could not fathom, he definitely felt a far greater camaraderie with the unicorn than awe. (Though there was still a bit of awe too). Uppermost though in young Peter's mind was that he so wanted the Brown Unicorn to be his special friend. He suddenly felt in such a need right now -- especially with his whole young life having come so unglued. But more than a slight uneasiness that comes with a so unsure future, the boy felt an extraordinary amount of optimism and hope. During that short time with his new friend -- he sure liked the feel of that phrase as in bounded back and forth in his mind -- he felt the definite beginnings of some strong bond forming that he couldn't quite define. How does one exactly describe a relationship between a boy person and a boy unicorn? Peter smiled at the idea itself. And he kept bringing back to mind all the things they had talked about.

Though his own dam provided for the Brown Unicorn's care and upbringing for his first few years, it became the responsibility of the entire herd as he came closer to maturity. And although he was generally shunned by many of his own herd, fortunately there were a couple of the other young unicorns close to his own age, than couldn't care less about his size or color. All they thought about (well not all but sure a lot), was having fun and exploring further and further from their normal territory to see the fantastic natural sights that the planet had to offer. And he LIKED being a unicorn. Along with the amazing freedom it gave him and of course the magic. Even at an early age of eight or nine he started realizing that his magic was something special. At the cusp of physical maturity he was already able to affect his own body and his immediate surroundings almost at will. And in spite of his low status, it was still deemed important by the more nurturing members of the herd, mostly those few males who failed to have much interest in gaining ascendancy and compete for enough status to gather together their own harem, that provided the Brown Unicorn -- a name he contrarily insisted on being called -- with the necessary education befitting a male unicorn. Though having little formality, it did provide the maturing members of the herd quite an extensive knowledge of their world and its inhabitants.

When the Brown Unicorn was just reaching physical maturity, he discovered an awesome power never before attained by any of the herd. It happened almost by accident while he was on one of his journey's of discovery with two of his companions, two fillies about his own age. They were more than 100 miles from the rest of the herd -- an unusual situation already. It was at the continuing urging, however, of the Brown Unicorn, that had brought the three to investigate the far overlooks of the Baby Grand Canyon as it was known to them. At the approach of the farthest overlook, they were suddenly startled by the appearance of a rare basilisk, one of the few creatures able to overcome the magic of the unicorn and immobilize them with its steely gaze. At the very moment that the basilisk started to turn toward them, the Brown Unicorn trumpeted a single pure note from his magical horn and it was as if the entire tableau in front of them froze. Although he could not dispatch this magical creature directly, nor transport this creature away from them, he was able to remove the very rock ledge on which it stood. And in a eerie silence he watched as the basilisk began its drop into the chasm below, as if falling through a viscous medium. But he did not wait for the creature to turn its gaze toward them. The three unicorns fled to safety.

But the Brown Unicorn was not quite able to explain exactly what he had done. But somehow he had been able to either slow down time in the vicinity of the basilisk, or speed up time in their own locus. He decided to investigate this new found magic immediately upon their return to the main herd.

Peter was very eager to meet up with the unicorn but the magician, along with his slave boy, must have taken half the morning doing `magician-stuff.' Cenderen explained that there was some powerful magic afoot, and, although he still could not discern the object of so much expenditure of so much magic, he at least was able to determine that some of it at least seemed to want to concern itself with the goings-on in Little Jump, if not specifically himself and his current charge. But cautious by nature, Cenderen decided to make their business as low key as possible. Perhaps it was merely because of the presence of the unicorn, but perhaps not. . . In any event, he decided that Peter and Geral would have nothing about them that `smode'* of magic.

[* smode = a word denoting that a person or object had something joined to its existence that had anything at all to do with magic. Hence, instead of Geral magically wearing a semblance of clothing, he was wearing the real thing].

Of course there was one secondary yet not insignificant reason for a clothed Geral. It was quite evident to Cenderen that Peter could not keep his eyes from Geral. Especially from the more interesting parts of him. And this had been causing all kinds of embarrassing moments for poor Peter, who simply could not keep his young hormones in check. Nor one other specific piece of his anatomy. And for some unknown reason Cenderen realized that this strange new boy from earth's past could `see` right through Geral's semblance of clothing no matter how much power Cenderen gave to this simple spell. This was one more indication to the magician that this boy possessed magic even if so strange in nature that he could not yet fathom its full nature.

Finally, the magician and Geral emerged from their mysterious endeavors and joined Peter in the lounge/solarium. Or as Peter thought of the place, the dining/observation/vista room. It was where they usually ate and from where a 360 degree panorama of the surrounding area could be observed. Peter had spent a significant amount of time investigating the `windows', which evidently, on closer inspection were not windows at all. They were more like fantastically detailed flat TV screens of monstrous proportion and superb detail. (And even that was not quite a correct assessment). Geral assured Peter, that although these portals usually just showed what indeed was on their other side, they could be made to look out at many other areas of the continent at the magician's behest. And as a measure of privacy, no one else could `look in' at them. And the only reason it was not called a tower room, it was only on what could be thought of as the third floor. Peter soon realized there simply was no kitchen. Again, with magic at ones' disposal, who needed it? Of course right now, all that engaged his attention, (now that Geral was unfortunately `really' clothed), was his upcoming meeting with his Brown Unicorn.

"Please, when are we going to go back to the Big Woods?" Peter couldn't keep the plaint from his voice. He believed that he should have been outside a couple hours ago.

"Peter," Cenderen held the boy's attention, and magically attempted to imbue the boy with a bit more patience. "The moment of full eclipse is not for another two hours. Please be patient. You have plenty of time. Although why the unicorn specified this moment of your reappearance is still not apparent to me. But without sufficient cause, even a magician does not discomfort a unicorn."

So it was almost two hours later when Peter and Geral finally made their way to the plateau of the Big Woods. So intent on his upcoming meeting with his brown Unicorn, Peter gave only passing notice to the startled merle-goats, with their pitch black fur, tiny hooves, and black feathered wings -- wings simply too small to provide any appreciable lift, let alone flight. Of course, these merle-goats obtained flight anyway as they took off (literally) down the cliff face. Nor did Peter spend more than a few minutes looking up in awe at the majestic sequoia. For in the distance was the Brown Unicorn. And a hauntingly beautiful music filled their minds. The boy was lured onward with both memory, delight, and the magical lure of his Brown Unicorn.

Suddenly it became very dark, with just enough light to be able to navigate through the dense forest. At its edge Geral looked upward, well above the tall peaks of the majestic Needle Mountains, and beheld something he had only seen once before, a total eclipse of the sun. But this time, not only was the sun totally obscured by the larger cerulean moon, the much smaller moon could be seen occluding over half the larger moon's surface. This smaller, normally glistening white orb, sometimes called Loveglow by the Elves, was now barely visible.

Suddenly a powerful beam of black lightening came from a totally cloudless sky, directly at the Brown Unicorn. The unicorn became aware of this menace at the same time, but even before he could fully turn to defend himself from this obviously magical weapon, the bolt seemed to bend and coruscated into a rainbow of fractured colors, totally engulfing the small boy as he ran toward the unicorn. Geral gasped at such an unlikely and abrupt demise of a boy of whom he had become so fond. The Brown Unicorn likewise was filled with surprise, but because the bolt, so obviously intended for him, had been bent at the last second. Concern over the boy's condition was not a matter of concern since he was instantly aware that it was the boy who had drawn the power of the bolt towards himself, and had survived totally unscathed. The Brown Unicorn was now even surer that it was this boy with whom he was to join in life partnership. Even if not so obviously a slave. His magical sense bringing him to this place at this time had not been in error. And his feelings for this boy, which had begun its germination the day before, he knew without doubt would expand into full love. Of course he would have to determine not only how the boy had redirected the evil magical thrust, but how he was so easily able to dissipate its energy.

Peter looked up in wonder as the brilliant display suddenly faded. It was so utterly strange. At the barest emergence of the bolt he had been instantly aware of its aim for his precious Brown Unicorn. And in a purely unselfish moment of thought he had drawn the bolt toward himself. That he could actually do this, he now realized, was pure instinct. And then, with a wordless command he had redirected the energy beam, and with pure will, he had made it harmless. He looked up and smiled at the Brown Unicorn who now stood before him.

"Was that magic I performed?" Peter naively asked.

The Brown Unicorn's reply appeared in his mind. "Not only magic, boy, but of a type I was `til now unaware. We have much to discuss. Please come with me." The thoughts of the Brown Unicorn, Peter could see, were tinged with an inner smile, an aura of affection, and a glow of hope.

Geral looked in awe and wonder, as the boy, apparently not the slightest bit harmed, jumped onto the back of the Brown Unicorn, and along with him, simply vanished. A few moments later, the sun made its first emergence from a darkened sky. As Geral retraced his steps back to his master he was already trying to decide how best to explain everything he saw, heard, and felt. He mused: "I have lost Peter. And now I will have to convince my master that I had not also lost my mind. Well, at least I will get out of these ridiculous clothes."

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