Bumps In The Night


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There are just so many benefits to living away from the maddening pace of the city. The small country town I'm part of surrounded by thick gorgeous woods and mountains is the closest I've ever come to heaven.

Being 43, single and in love with the outdoors, I smiled every morning I left my house to go to my job with the sheriff's department and thought of the mad house I left years ago. I'm not really bad looking I suppose, well, I have been hit on a number of times, so I have to assume that, since I'm not my type! I'm 6'3” tall, weigh in at around 280, work out when I can and do what most might consider hard work around the property, 3 acres, to keep my body well muscled. While not in the class of a professional body builder, I have to admit I do rather well for myself in being in shape. I'm single only because I'm gay and very few chances exist out this way to find that one special guy I'd love to settle down with. I don't play around, never was into that, not even in college. Besides the worry about getting sick, I didn't like using anyone just for my fun or being used. Sure, it happened a few times, but I am a quick learner. My name is Jake by the way.

Since nothing much ever really happens here, I pretty much have as much free time as I want. The Sheriff doesn't mind if I need to leave early so I can handle something that needs doing on the homestead. There is a good size stream and a natural pond at the back of my property where I love to skinny dip in the summer and throw barbecues for my fellow workers. I still have to deal with fellow workers wives trying to set me up on a date. Nobody seems to get it that I'm gay, like it isn't something that could happen to a guy like me. Anyway.....

There have been a number of really nasty storms that have been hitting the area lately. When they were around, it was pretty hard to get a good nights sleep with all the thunder, lightening and wind. I'd always get out of bed to see if anything hit the house, especially since it sounded like it did most times. I was off this weekend and sure enough, as luck would have it, another mighty storm decided to pay a visit. I told myself that it was just goofy for me to keep checking around the house with all the noises the storm was making, but hey, its a habit I guess. The lights flickered and then were gone. I always kept lanterns and oil lamps all around based on lessons learned in the past. I lit a few and settled down on my favorite chair to continue reading the book I never seem to be able to finish. Suddenly, there was a loud noise but this was different then the usual. I picked up a lantern and went outside on the porch that wrapped around the house to see if a big branch hit the house. I did my full walk around and other then the driving rain, thunder and lightening, the only damage was to me from the wind deciding I needed a rain shower. I walked back around, concentrating on the spot I thought the sound came from. Suddenly, I noticed something moving, just slightly visible from the glow of my lantern. I walked off the porch into the wind and rain to see what it was. I ran faster once I realized it was a man, obviously in pain, slowly rolling back and forth giving off soft moans.

When I got right up to him I finally noticed he was completely naked. Not a stitch of clothing on him at all. He had some deep scratches on him or cuts as I could make out the blood being thinned out by the rain. I knelt down and asked him his name and if he could stand up. His eyes got wide as he heard my voice and he just starred at me, mumbling something. He was kind of big, taller then me and way meatier, plus super hairy to boot. It was pretty hard not to notice this guy was really hung too, with monster balls. It wasn't easy, but I managed to get him up off the ground and into a fireman carry. I slowly made my way back to the house, not wanting to slip and hurt us both.

I laid him down on the sofa, ran into the linen closet and brought back a bunch of bath sheets and a blanket. I rolled him on his side and shoved a few bath sheets under him so my sofa didn't get drenched and stained with blood. I brushed the hair from his face and told him I'd be right back with stuff to put on his cuts. With more light in the living room, I couldn't help but notice that he was indeed cut up pretty bad but he also had some really large bruises forming on his neck, shoulders, chest and thighs. Whatever got to this guy sure did one hell of a number on him. When I came back with gauze and antibacterial cream and stuff, I ran to the sofa as he was trying to sit up without much luck.

Hey, hey, just relax, you are okay now,” I said softly as I could. “Your inside, in my house and nobody is going to hurt you here.”

He looked at me sort of strange and then seemed to relax as he laid back down, moaning more then before. I wasn't sure what I could do to help ease whatever pain he obviously was in so I relied on my old western movie lessons and went for a bottle of bourbon. I decided to go back to the bar and bring along some vodka just in case he didn't drink bourbon, I know, goofy. I have to admit, I winced more then he did as I cleaned off his cuts and as gently as I could put on the ointment and gauze. As I worked my way down his body from his head, I gently patted dry his skin, not wanting to cause him pain. I had no idea how badly he was beaten or whatever the hell did this to him. Found it a bit strange that a guy this size was taken down by anyone. Shit, I'd have one hell of a time fighting this guy. From how he covered the length of my sofa and his calves and feet were over the edge, I figured this guy was at least 6'8” or better, yeah, he was a bigun. I couldn't help myself from getting hard as I moved down his body. He was thickly muscled, way better then me, hairy as a bear and did I mention hung? Damn he'd be the star at any gay bar for sure. Well, if the guys there liked massive guys!

My name is Jake,” I said figuring I should at least tell the guy the name of the guy working on his naked body. “You are at my house. I can't wait to hear how the hell this happened to you. Do you want me to call for an ambulance? Might take awhile out this way.”

No, no ambulance,” the guys said like he was worried or something. “Thank you, I'm Ted.”

No problem Ted,” I said with a smile. “I hope you don't mind but I'm gonna be messing with your private parts so you get all cleaned up and I can make sure you aren't bleeding down there.”

No problem, its all good,” Ted said trying a smile.

Well, okay then,” I said. “Oh, I brought back some bourbon or vodka to help you with pain. Sorry, I don't have any pain meds here other then over the counter stuff and I don't think they'll help all that much right now.”

Vodka fine,” Ted said with a few winces.

Here, lets put these pillows behind your shoulders so you can sit up a tiny bit, make it easier to take a swig or two or five,” I said jokingly. “Here, grab on to my arm and I'll pull you up as I move in the pillow if that's okay.”

As I put the pillows behind his upper back and head, it dawned on me that here I was a cop, helping this monster of a guy who is all cut and beat up, not knowing a damn thing about him other then his name and the fact he has kept me hard since I picked him up outside. Well, what the hell, it was the right thing to do, not like he was hiding a weapon other then his cock. Course a guy this big could really do a number on ya if you didn't have a weapon or held some super duper belt in one of those Asian fighting skills. At least my medic training in the Marines was paying off now.

Man, was I mesmerized by his monster cock and massive balls. I'd never seen any like that before. I wouldn't even guess at how big it got when hard and how powerful of a blast those balls produced when he came. His cock was thick and long. No way you could get the head into your mouth without lots of effort for sure. He was uncut but the very end of his cock head poked through the foreskin. It looked big and I could see the rim which told me it was really a big one. Nice thinking Jake, just get er done and move on. I managed to lift his leg up on the back of the sofa so I could clean and check for cuts. I kept looking back at his face just to see if he was hurting and more importantly if I was doing something wrong as far as he was concerned. I know how paranoid some straight butch guys get about another guy messing with their package. He was watching me intently even as he chugged on the bottle of Vodka.

Okay Ted, all finished with that part,” I said as I scooted over on my knees so I was close to his head. “I'm going to push a bit on your chest and abs, and move your arms, hands and legs around just to be sure there aren't any broken bones, okay?”

Sure,” Ted said in this deep, burly voice.

I began to inspect his entire body, really getting an appreciation for his muscles and fitness. I couldn't wait to hear how this happened to him. I found myself thinking I pitty the bear who went at him. When I moved his leg, he winced and jerked when I moved his foot from left to right, up and down.

Can you wiggle your toes for me?” I asked thinking maybe a broken ankle or foot maybe.

Ted began to wiggle his toes, so didn't seem like anything there was broken. When he tried to move his foot up and down, left and right, it was obvious that hurt, hurt a lot.

Well, don't think anything is broken, but I'm no doctor or nurse,” I said with a smile. “My best guess is you have a bad sprain either of your ankle, calf or foot. Think its best you stay off of it as much as you can. I'll wrap it with athletic wrap and we'll see if that helps you any, okay?”

Yes, thanks,” Ted said, obviously a man of few words.

Here, let me cover you up so you don't get a chill,” I said opening up the blanket.

No, its good, don't want hot,” Ted said so I just rolled up the blanket and used it as a pillow under his calves.

I went and got the athletic bandages and wrapped his foot, ankle and calf up, since I didn't know for sure which one was hurt. He winced a bit but seemed to relax when I finished.

Hope that's not too tight for you,” I asked, a bit late huh Jake?

Ted just shook his head and finished the Vodka. I handed him the bottle of Bourbon and he began to down that too. What the heck I thought, I think I'd do the same if I was as beat up and cut as he was.

Can I get you something to eat?” I asked. “Nothing fancy, but I do have some chicken I made earlier or bread or cereal if you'd like.”

Ted just shook his head no, so I figured he wasn't hungry.

I was just kneeling there looking at him for some reason, like maybe he'd explode or something. Ted turned his head towards me and stared at me for a bit and a little smile came on his face which made me feel good. Hey, it was some recognition that he appreciated what I just did. Without saying a word, Ted reached down, took my forearm in his meaty palm and slowly moved it up and down his chest and abs. I wasn't quite sure what to do right then so I figured he wanted me to massage his chest and abs. Must be from the way I wiped his body down. My eyes I know were really big but there was that small smile on his lips that told me it was okay. I gently massaged his pecs and abs, really getting into how thick and hard they were. I swore he flexed his pecs a few times as my hands were on them, but I couldn't be sure. For some reason I was a happy camper.

I was just about to stop when he pointed to his thighs. I figured he wanted me to massage those monsters so what the heck. I did notice some shiny stuff coming from the tip of his cock which seemed to be throbbing slowly, half hard. I was really in a trance seeing that, but figured it was a natural reaction to having your body massaged. I worked on the right thigh since it was right in front of me. I not only did his thigh, but his shin and calf as well then his toes. I wasn't quite sure how I could do his other leg when he lifted it up and made it clear I could sit in between his legs. I sat on my legs like I was going to pray so I could easily work on his other leg. He put his right leg back down, basically holding me in place in between his legs. I figured I best talk to him, maybe it'll keep him from seeing my wet spot on my shorts from my hard on.

So you feel like telling me how this happened and who did it?” I asked.

You make me feel good,” Ted said. “No stop okay?”

Okay, fine, but tell me what happened?” I insisted.

By this time I couldn't help but notice his monster cock was at full staff now, a true weapon if I'd ever seen one before. It was so impressive to say the least. Before I could react, Ted used his leg to force me down against his cock which moved against his abs and my face was right at the bottom of the head.

Likes you,” Ted the talker said.

I felt like such a jerk, not really sure what to do. Do I jump up and give the guy a piece of my mind or just go with it. I was horny as hell and being alone so much it is super nice to have a real body there to mess with. I went with what the hell. I used my hands to inspect and play with his weapon which would throb with my touches. His balls I could only deal with one at a time in my hand. I went for broke for some reason and kissed and licked the bottom of his cock head. His precum was pretty tasty I have to say. I actually heard Ted growl when I licked his cock head. I felt his hand take the top of my head in it and direct me where he wanted me to lick and kiss. I swear, my face was coated with a thick layer of his precum before he let go of my head. I looked up at him and he had a serious yet happy look, this was now business, no turning back, not that I wanted to, but still, this guy was obviously in charge and I let it turn that way. I really seemed to get into licking, sucking and kissing his cock head and even his balls. I was taken by surprise when I felt him move and his hands grab me under my armpits and I was pulled up along his body so my face was right on top of his. He actually kissed me, gently at first, I think wanting to see how I'd react. Well, it was like lightening shot through my body, in a super good way. Before I knew it, my tongue was all over his lips and then his tongue and mine were dueling and he was almost fucking my mouth with his tongue. He pulled off my shirt and shorts somewhere in there and I must admit, it felt really great being naked against his hairy, muscled body. I almost felt like I was some super young guy being trained by a burly coach or something.

Ted's hands did magic on my body for sure. I never had my ass cheeks massaged, pulled and squeezed quite like that before. Damn it was erotic. Every time I began to think I was being stupid, he'd do something or another that made my mind give up on that thought and tell me how great it was feeling. When Ted started to nibble, kiss and suck on my neck, I was nothing but butter in his hands. I could feel his monster cock bouncing and throbbing under my abs, my cock along side of it, lost in the shear size of his. Ted sure knew how to get a guy to be like putty in his hands for sure. It wasn't like he was in a hurry or anything, he was methodical and taking his sweet time. Ted then sat up more, moved me down towards his cock and held on to the base of it as he directed my head down towards the head. My mouth enveloped the head as best I could and he began to slow stroke his cock, forcing huge amounts of his precum into my mouth. It was really odd how much it seemed to stimulate my body, making my cock begin to throb and my ass to pulsate. Hard to explain but that's what it seemed to be doing, my rosebud like opening and closing. Never felt that before and without him really touching my rosebud at all.

When I stuck my tongue into his piss slit, he actually did growl, not a soft pleasure growl, but an almost animal like growl. That in itself sent shivers down my spine for some odd reason. This had to be some weird ass dream I was having, it couldn't be anything for real. Then without a word, Ted easily moved my entire body around so that my ass was towards his face. I felt his mouth gently biting, sucking and licking my ass cheeks, balls and then my entire cock was in his mouth, his tongue slowly rubbing up and down the length of it. I gasped at the sensation. Then Ted used one hand to move my head back down on the head of his cock. I used my hands to slow stroke it now and suck in all the precum that was flowing out. I felt his tongue working on my rosebud and it made me shiver. When he pushed it way inside, my head shot up and I yelled out. I was not going anywhere, anytime soon it seemed. Ted was in charge like it or not. Then I felt that special feeling deep inside that told me I was about to explode. I tried to warn Ted but it was too late. My body jerked and stiffened as I started to shoot my cum inside of Ted's mouth. He actually began to put lots of pressure on my cock, and started sucking hard, pulling my cum out of me. I yelled and screamed and panted for all I was worth, the best explosion of climax I'd ever had. But it wasn't the end of things, not by a long shot.

Before I could recover, I felt Teds face pushed into my ass cheeks and then his tongue pushed in and began to fuck my ass. I wasn't sure how to react as it felt hot as hell and yet scary at the same time. His tongue felt like some cock going wild inside of me. He hit something in there that made me gasp and pant and moan out like a girl. It had to be my prostate. I know now why that's a big deal. Before I knew it, my body jerked and I stiffened and I started shooting another load of cum, which except for the first blast, Ted's mouth sucked in my cock and pulled all of that load out. The way his tongue pushed and rubbed up and down my cock made me shiver and jerk. It almost got painful at times, but somehow he knew when to stop. Ted turned my body around again and we were making out hot and heavy again. This time, I felt his cock head in between my ass cheeks and pushing ever so slowly against my rosebud. It felt like his precum from the pressure of my ass cheeks and his slow pushing was being shot inside of me. I know my rosebud like it, liked it a lot. The entire inside of my ass was still tingling from the tongue fucking he did and his precum just seemed to make all that more intense. I didn't even realize it at first but I knew for some reason, definitely by the feel of it, that he had gotten that monster cock head inside of me. I should have been screaming out in unbelievable pain as that pipe was inserted, but I wasn't. I could feel it inside and my insides almost welcomed it. Maybe I died and this was just me having my last feelings or something.

I know that it took a bit but Ted did manage to get at least a half of his weapon inside of me. My insides were massaging it, clamping down on it as it slid in and out, the cock head never leaving the inside of my ass. That magical spot his tongue found was going totally nuts from the feel of his thick throbbing veins on his cock and the rim of his cock head rubbing over it. I was delirious to say the least. Did this guy have some weird disease? Who gives a crap, not me for sure. Ted lifted my upper body up and his mouth and tongue went to work on my pecs. My nipples were hard and got really sensitive. His tongue was magical as it stimulated me beyond my wildest dreams. The more his mouth worked on my pecs, the wilder my insides got on his cock. I was ramming my ass up and down that monster for all I was worth, completely mad. I thought Ted was going to rip my pec off when he began filling me with his cum. I felt his muscles tighten and his breathing nearly stopped. His cock acted like a wild cannon or something, firing off one massive load after another, pulsing like a fire hose gone wild or something. I was screaming while covering Ted's upper abs with my cum, just from his fucking me. He finally let go of my pec and started breathing super heavy, growling and yelling out a deep, loud, scary animal sound. Even that felt wild and sexy not bothering me at all, almost like I felt great I made him do that. Ted pulled me down tight into his body. I could feel his tongue and lips working my head over as his body still convulsed, muscles flexing like mad. I swear his cock swelled up, well at least the cock head. It wasn't coming out of me just yet, I knew that just by the feel of it and I didn't really care. I wanted it inside me, it felt good, no it felt great.

When Ted's body calmed down he lifted me with his hands under my armpits and smiled at me before kissing me deeply and passionately.

Wow, that was something to remember for a lifetime,” I said between his kisses.

We do more soon, have to rest now,” Ted said before he actually licked the sweat from my face.

He put me down against his body, flopped his arms on top of me and I could tell he was fast asleep, either that or passed out. I felt like napping myself so I got comfy and must have fallen fast asleep. I woke up with Ted's hands rubbing up and down my body.

Okay, this is really unreal now,” I said. “I want to know what the hell happened to you, what you are doing out here and if you like eggs and bacon for breakfast.”

Ted bellowed out a long hard laugh.

So, Jake like Ted huh?” Ted said with a big smile.

Yeah, Jake really like Ted, but, I don't do one night stands and I don't like just being a play thing for somebody,” I said seriously. “Now, answer my questions.”

Jake not like answers,” Ted said with a sad look on his face.

Ted, I'm a cop so there's nothing I haven't heard before,” I said sternly. “Please, I have to know what happened to you and what you are doing out here, where are you from, what do you do and the rest.”

Ted looked into my eyes, kissed my nose and easily moved into a sitting position with me on his lap facing him, his arms around my waist holding me secure.

Ted live in woods, past stream, many years,” Ted started, looking into my eyes the entire time so I knew he'd catch any weird reaction I was having. “Another pack came into my territory and we fight many days fight. They big, many of them, I alone. I got to here and they caught up to me and almost killed me. My pack away, looking for new territory to expand. I alone. They run when you come out, save me.”

Wait, pack? What kind of pack?” I asked confused.

Wolf,” Ted said with a serious look.

What like some biker gang called Wolf?” I said thinking this was some biker bid for territory.

No biker, wolf,” Ted said obviously having a hard time making me understand.

Wolf, huh? Well, that makes no sense, what would you have to do with a pack of wolves? How could you be a part of some pack?” I asked being dumb, not getting it just yet.

Jake, look at cuts, bruises of Ted, gone huh?” Ted said leaning me back so I could take in the whole top of his body.

Son of a bitch, they are all gone, how the hell can that happen,” I asked dumbfounded.

Wolf, heal quick, just how is,” Ted said matter of factly.

The light bulb finally went on. My mind was quickly processing all that Ted was telling me. Yeah, this was a wild dream for sure.

Wait, so you are telling me you are a werewolf? I said with a goofy look on my face.

Yes, but called wolf,” Ted said with a worried look.

I had to quickly think about all this. Here was this guy that took me to heights I never even imagined one could reach. He seemed to be kind, gentle and caring. He could have just ripped my throat open or worst yet eaten me or killed me with his monster cock, but he didn't. He did nothing at all to harm me. In fact, thinking about it, he was extremely careful and gentle. What was I going to do now?

How long have you been part of the pack you belong to?” I asked stalling for thinking time.

Don't know, all I ever knew,” Ted said thoughtfully. “Ted go now, not scare Jake, won't bother again.”

Ted stood up with me still against his body, my legs against his waist, his arms holding me tight.

What? Wait, no, you can't do that,” I stammered. “Look, this is all a lot to take in and try to understand. Please, don't just run off. I really want to get to know you better, not just for sex either. I want to know all about you, what you think, what you experienced, all of that. Please, don't run from me.”

Ted looked deeply into my face and then smiled as he kissed my nose.

Ted no go if Jake want me stay,” Ted said sitting back down. “Bacon yes, how eggs?”

I didn't get it at first. Bacon yes how eggs? What the hell did that, shit, I did ask him that didn't I.

Any way you'd like them big guy,” I said with a smile, moving into him, pulling his head down and giving him a wet sloppy kiss.

Will you stay with me and sleep with me?” I asked really hoping the answer would be yes.

Ted stay if Jake want,” Ted said. “Ted need relief now, I be back.”

Relief? Oh, you mean you have to use the toilet huh?” I said profoundly.

Relief, don't know toilet,” Ted said confused.

Right, why would you, you've been living in the woods, not at a camp ground,” I said out loud feeling really stupid.

No camp ground, just woods,” Ted said as he put me down after he stood up and walked out the front door.

The rain had stopped and it was a few hours from sunrise. I had no idea how long we had sex but it had to be for hours since it wasn't all that late when I heard the noise after the power went out. I wasn't sure why I felt the way I was feeling and hoped it wasn't because I had the fuck of my life. No, I loved his tenderness, his obvious desire to please me and how in control he was but so gently and without any force at all.

Damn I hope he comes back after relief. I so want to cuddle up into his body in my bed. What if he won't sleep in the bed? Well, guess I could get used to sleeping on the grass if that's what he really wanted. What if his pack comes back and I become dinner? Shit, what if that other pack come back and they overwhelm him again and then eat me? Shit, why was I thinking such dumb thoughts. Just then, I heard heavy foot steps and my front door opened. There was Ted, with a very big smile on his face.

Relief good, now all better,” Ted said proudly.

That's good, I'm happy,” I said all bubbly, after all he did come back. “Would you like to shower and then go into my bed for the rest of the night?”

Shower? Where is shower, no rain now,” Ted said looking confused.

Follow me big guy,” I said holding out my hand like he was some little kid.

Ted smiled, reached out his hand and let me pull him into the bathroom. Luckily, I had the place remodeled and had a very large walk in shower along with an 8 person Jacuzzi-hot tub that seemed to be able to turn my body into mush without a problem. I turned on the shower, made sure the water was nice and warm and then pulled Ted into it with me. He was amazed at how nice and warm the water was and that it was coming out of a wall of a house. I moved him with some effort so that the water rushed over his body, took a bottle of liquid soap and started slowly washing him. He let me take charge of this with some delight I think. He even spread out his arms and legs to give me an easy shot at washing him up. I turned him around and got to marvel at the shape of this guy. Broad thick shoulders, muscles and hair on his back and that magnificent ass of his. I figured I best get this over with before round 3 or whatever it would be started. Ted picked me up and kissed me after I made sure he was all rinsed off.

Jake turn now,” Ted said with a smile as he moved my arms out and made me spread my legs. He had a different take on it though by pouring the soap on his body and then lifting me up against his and sliding me up and down, turning me around and doing it again.

Okay, lets get into bed,” I said with a raging hard on again.

Ted smiled, his fingers wrapping around my cock and doing this magical motion that felt like snakes wriggling all around my cock. I tried to push his hand off but he just latched on to my ass cheeks with his other hand and had me tight against the side of his body and leg. When his finger moved inside my ass, I lost it and started shooting load of cum out. Ted lifted me and licked my cock clean, sucking whatever might have been left out.

Jake sleep good now,” Ted said with a smile and a kiss.

I somehow managed to direct him into my bedroom, pulled down the top sheet and blanket and crawled in patting the mattress where I wanted Ted to lay down.

Jake sleep here?” Ted said looking the bed over.

Yes, I sleep here, please try it and hold me close?” I said almost pleading. What the hell was with me?

Ted smiled, pushed down a few times on the mattress, sat down on the bed, pushed on it again and then laid down right up against me. Luckily I had a super king bed so he just barely fit in it. I hurried up and snuggled tight into his body and looked up at his face to see if it was all okay. My heart felt warmed when I saw the look of comfort and pleasure on his face. He moved one arm under me and pulled me tight up against him, his other arm over me, hand holding on to my ass cheek. Damn it felt so good.