Bump in the Night 10


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The following story contains erotic homosexual situations.  If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now.

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Hopefully this weird ass trip will help to take away the pain I'm feeling and have been for the past month. I'm Dave and I buried my best friend and lover of 10 years last month. His name was Jake. He was 12 years older then me but I never cared about that since he was what I always dreamed my lover would be like. Probably seems kind of lame with me being 6'4" and 235 lbs or hard pumped up muscle from working my ass off for so many years in the gym, but it is the truth. Jake was 6'8", 285 lbs of huge, hard, hairy muscle with the most interesting tats I've ever seen on a guy. He loved his Harley probably a bit more then me, but I knew that from the beginning. Funny thing was that he was an investment broker and made a shit load of money which he only saw as a means to an end letting him have the life he always wanted since growing up as a poor kid in a bad neighborhood. He was everything to me and all I ever dreamed of since I figured out what my dick was for and that guys turned me on a hell of a lot more then any woman could. Its thanks to Jake paying and pushing me to graduate college and making me into a typical American dream success story with his pushing, mentoring and faith that I had it in me.

Anyway, he was heading back from a work related trip not too far away and since it was super beautiful weather, he decided to take his other love rather then his BMW. Big mistake it turned out as he never made it home alive. He was part of a super big pile up on the interstate and being on a bike was not something in his favor. He was killed instantly I was told and probably never knew what hit him it happened so fast according to the witnesses and survivors. I was the only family he had and his only heir, like that did anything for me. I wanted him and now he was was gone.

My entire life turned upside down and I even turned to hard drugs to make the pain go away. I think he started haunting me because I would have dreams of him being very disappointed in what I was doing. He always said we were both strong enough to deal with whatever kind of shit life threw at us and we would move on better then before. Those dreams finally got to me and I realized I wasn't doing his memory much good by trying to kill myself with stupid shit and letting everything we both worked for go down the drain. So, I got my shit together and decided to take the advice of a friend to get away, someplace far and off the beaten path for as long as I needed to get past my grief and feeling so sorry for myself. I knew I had to move on and getting away from all the immediate memories constantly in my face might just help. So, I booked a vacation to the goofiest place I could think of, Europe, Romania of all places.

I didn't book lots of tours or anything like normal, just figured I would get there, pick some far out place and experience some things I never had before or knew of. Yeah, I know, dumb, but it seemed like just what I needed to do to keep it a complete surprise and spontaneous. Besides, the last thing I was interested in was getting invovled with some guy on some sort of rebound thing. Romania seemed to me to be the most anti-gay place I could find outside of the Middle East so that's what I went for. I did manage to arrange for a guide of sorts to interpret and make sure I didn't end up on some crazy ass meat market or whatever. The flight has been super long it seemed and I finally was able to fall asleep. The flight attendant had to shake me so I would wake up and get my seat 'in the upright position' which always seemed so dumb to me, but rules are rules I guess. Besides, there were some forms I had to have filled out before departing the plane. Being the nice cooperative guy I am, I did what I was told and made sure I filled out the forms completely. Luckily I was sitting in first class so I was in the first group to exit the plane when we finally landed.

It was kind of funny to hear the strange music and languages in the terminal. Customs was funny as the agent kept staring at me until someone behind me started to bitch out loud in a language the agent understood after which he stamped the hell out of my passport and waved me through. When I came out of customs I looked around and just like in the movies, there was a guy holding up a card with my name on it. I walked over and introduced myself and he smiled, shook my hand like crazy and babbled on in Romanian I guess. When he saw my confused look, he apologized and welcomed me in broken English. He said it was the very first time he met an American and wondered if all Americans were so big and muscular. I laughed and did my best to explain that wasn't the case and that I just really loved working out and building up my body. He didn't believe me about not being in movies or competitions, but I finally gave up trying to convince him that was so very far from the truth. His name was Stefan and had to be in his late 20's. I was 42 and felt so ancient looking at him. He was somewhat good looking and had thick deep dark black hair, grey eyes and a warm smile. He was only 5'10" and had to weigh no more then 190. Man could Stefan talk. I don't think I answered as many questions in my life as I did with him heading to the hotel.

The hotel was rather old fashioned and made you feel like you were in the old days, like the 30's I think. It was very clean and neat but the decor was like something out of a movie set. The room made me feel like I was staying at my great grandmother's house. I never saw a bed like the one in my room and the bathroom I swear I remember from some old movie I saw at some time. Anyway, the staff seemed very friendly and kind, tolerating my lack of skill in speaking Romanian. Luckily I had a tablet with a translator program on it that did help me an awful lot. They always managed to somehow find someone who spoke English whenever things got a bit complicated for me. I must have had a very recognizable look of panic whenever there was a need for someone who spoke English. The food was super good and very home made. I did try a few things I never had before and they were super good I have to admit. They even found a gym for me to use, especially since I had this need to work out at least for an hour every day I had nothing scheduled. Stefan gave them my itinery and they got me set up on the off days which sure was nice.

Stefan took me to the neatest places in the city which were very interesting, especially with his historical dialogue. I mentioned to him that I really would like to spend some time away from any city or village just to work through my grief and get my head straight. Stefan had a hard time understanding that but said he would make some sort of arrangement for me, especially since I was willing to pay good money to have that happen. I was there a full week when Stefan told me he had found a place I might like but it was rather far out and I'd have to basically camp out with my own supplies. It sounded super to me and I gave him permission to set it all in motion. He said it was an abandoned castle that no one would go near, lots of superstition it seemed in the countyside. No one in the city it seemed paid any attention to old beliefs but villages and small hamlets were another story. Stefan went with me to purchase all I might need for a 2 week stay and even arranged for an SUV so I could drive myself to the spot as no one anywhere near there would be willing to take me and pick me up. I had a full GPS system, maps and of course my cell phone, which it turned out was useless without cell phone service, this was most certainly not the states or even major parts of western Europe for that matter. Stefan agreed or rather insisted he drive with me to the nearest town to my castle that was served by the train. I paid for his ticket of course and was actually glad he wanted to do that as it made me more comfortable having someone who knew where exactly I was headed and helped me get used to driving in his country. He left me with all sorts of advice and helpful tid bits that I just knew would come in handy. I was somewhat nervous that there was no cell phone service or electricity probably since that killed any hope of using my tablet for translations. Stefan solved that problem by having me buy a paper back translating book that not only had words but common sentances and the like. After I dropped him off at the train station, I had another 150 miles of rough country road driving to cover before I made it to the castle.

The scenery was so beautiful. It was so odd not to have all sorts of traffic on the roads but to see horse drawn carts instead. The last village I stopped in had a gas station of all things and I filled up the tank plus the extra spare tanks Stefan insisted I buy just in case. Luckily there were a few people who did speak broken English and insisted I have lunch with them at the local restraunt. It seemed so odd to me how shocked and aghast they got when I told them where I was headed. One guy actually tried super hard to convince me I didn't want to go there as it was cursed and very dangerous for me. At first I laughed but realized he was not goofing off but was deadly serious. Once I left the village it started to bother me how worried they all were for my safety. One woman even gave me several religious articles for protection which I took pretending I was so grateful, but couldn't get what good they might do me if there was some wild beast that might attack me. Then I remembered Stefan telling me how I was going to hear all sorts of stories and legends that the locals believed but not to be too worried about. I wanted to hurry up and get to the castle before it was dark just so I wouldn't get lost in the dark missing a turn or something. There were no lights on the roads so once it got dark, it would be super slow going especially not having any clue what the roads were like. I was traveling in a very mountainous area so there was nothing to be careless about. I knew if I wiped out I would be left on my own for a long time, especially if I was anywhere near the castle area.

When I found the road I had to take to get to the castle, I suddenly noticed it was really in bad shape and obviously not well traveled at all. There was a super old falling apart wooden sign with the name of the castle on it, but it was very obvious no one did any sort of maintenance here. This was definitely not a normal tourist location for sure.

I drove around this steep curve in the road going up a mountain and stopped when the castle came into view. It was like a painting to me as the sun was just beginning to set and was shinning behind the castle itself. The place was really big and seemed to be somewhat intact, just the roof of the biggest building that was part of it was gone and some of the tops of the guard towers were missing, but the rest seemed to be okay. I slowly drove up to the main gate which was somewhat demolished, but good enough for me to drive through and let me park inside the castle walls. The main courtyard looked untouched for years and unless you looked straight up, you'd never know it was falling apart. I didn't want to explore the inside until daylight so I set up a tent and made a campfire just in case some big ass animal came to check me out. I made myself a quick dinner and got undressed inside the tent, curled up in a thick sleeping bag and fell asleep super quick.

Something woke me up from a sound sleep. I got up and went outside of the tent to see what woke me. When I got outside, I stood there with my mouth wide open, staring at the sky. It was super bright all around me from the brightest moon light I'd ever seen. The moon seemed so huge and bright, there was no need for a flashlight for sure. It was simply the most beautiful night sky I ever saw. The stars were like almost in your face and there were so so many of them. I finally realized I was standing out completely naked and headed back inside the tent when I felt a chill from the night air and a slight breeze. As I laid back in the sleeping bag, I laughed out loud realizing how silly I was being worried about being naked since I was the only one there. I woke up to the sounds of the birds and the rustle of the leaves in the trees as a wind blew softly. I left the tent, stretched out and looked around. Damn it was so beautiful. I got dressed, made a fire and had a small breakfast, even tried making myself coffee and it didn't turn out all that bad either. I put on my binoculars, took my camera and put on my hiking boots before going on my exploration of the castle. I walked around the entire outside walls and the courtyard before trying to open some of the huge doors to peak inside. One door did open and as I walked in, I startled some birds who probably never saw a human in their castle. It was a doorway to a huge room with a fireplace I could stand inside of. There were some faded and ragged decaying banners of some sort on some of the walls, broken tables and chairs and a few more doors that wouldn't open for me. Looking up it was weird to see the clouds in the bright sky. I felt like I was in some sort of atrium. Vines and even a few small trees were growing near the walls. I heard a sound like rushing water and followed the sound to a set of stone steps leading down. I slowly went down the stairs and came across what looked like some big ass pool that had water leaking into it from above which caused the pool to overflow on one side, making a water fall that fell far down the mountain side. I was surprised I hadn't noticed it when I walked around the outside walls, but I did and it sure as hell didn't just pop up overnight. All I could think of was the ceiling of the pool area was still intact and I walked over it without noticing the waterfall. The ceiling probably jutted out far enough to shelter it from above somehow. No matter, it was there and it was really neat. I was amazed how crystal clear the water in the pool was and had to feel it to see how cold it might be. If nothing else, I was no longer worried about not having enough water. I was surprised when I knelt down and put my hand in the pool water and it was pretty comfortable. Not ice cold like I imagined it would be, but almost on the warm side. Great, I could swim in it for sure. Well, it didn't take me long at all to strip and dive into the pool. It was pretty deep as I had to hold on to the sides if I wanted to stand up. I could feel a current move towards the overflow but that was about the only thing I felt other then great as I swam around the pool. When I got up out of the pool, I decided to just lay out in the sunlight to dry off back in the courtyard. I spread out a blanket and stretched out, taking in the neat bright white clouds and brilliant blue sky. It was kind of funny how the birds seemed to think I was something to check out and I'm sure all the noise they made was on my behalf. I fell asleep for a bit and when I woke, decided to go for a small hike down the road and into the woods all around the mountain road. I came across a few artifacts here and there like someone was trying to take stuff from the castle but just dropped it all and ran or something. Even the woods were beautiful, full of wild flowers and berry bushes. I even found a few fruit trees which surprised the heck out of me.

By the time I headed back to the tent, I was feeling pretty tired so I decided to just skip eating dinner and get to bed. It seemed nuts to try and take it all in so quickly as I was going to be here for at least 2 weeks hopefully, so I needed to slow down and keep my exploration to little bits every day and not all at once.

I stripped down and got into the sleeping bag. I dozed off for awhile but just like it was at home, I was suddenly fully awake. I decided to go out of the tent, light up a fire and lay outside the tent in a blanket to look at the stars again. I laid down and had my hands behind my head with a big smile as I took in the millions of bright stars in the sky.

So it is very beautiful is it not?” a deep voice suddenly startled me.

I sat up quickly and looked around to see who was talking to me.

I am sorry I startled you, do not be worried,” the deep voice said softly.

I had to stand up and look behind me to see who it was. As I turned around after standing up, there was the shape of a very tall and large man a slight distance from me.

I'm sorry if I'm intruding,” I said for some reason.

Not at all young man, I apologize for startling you,” the voice said. “I am Janush and you are?”

Oh, sorry Janush, pleased to meet you. I'm Dave and I was just camping here,” I said a bit nervous for some goofy reason.

Ah, camping, that is something I have not seen for years,” Janush said as he slowly walked closer.

Well, I needed to get away from it all and be alone with my thoughts and this seemed to fit the bill for me,” I said.

You have a very pleasing body Dave, I hope you feel proud for it,” Janush said as he came closer.

I realized then I was stark naked and wasn't sure just what to do.

It is fine do not be so worried Dave. You should not be afraid to show off your body at all. I admire you for it,” Janush said

As he got closer, I realized he was indeed big, almost the size of Jake, but bigger. He had a very chisled look to his face, deep set eyes and it was easy to see how developed he was under his silk shirt as it hung over every muscle it seemed. He was clean shaven but had a hairy body from the fur that was sticking up out of his open shirt top.

I do not think you are from Europe am I right?” Janush said as he held out his hand.

No, I'm American,” I said as I let my hand be swallowed in his thick strong hand.

You are my first I have to say,” Janush said with a bright smile. “I have never met an American before you. I have always wished to do so and hoped to some day visit your country.”

Oh really? Well, not so sure you'd like it much after living around here. Its not as beautiful as it is here or peaceful for that matter,” I said trying to pull my hand from his.

So it would seem you like it here,” Janush said finally releasing my hand. “Yes, I've heard America is different, but yet vibrant, full of life and activity, not like here for sure.”

Yep, that's for sure,” I said shaking my head.

So why here? What made you flee America Dave?” Janush suddenly asked standing right in front of me.

I didn't really flee. Well, in a way I suppose I did, but only to get my grief worked out and my mind cleared up,” I said putting my head down thinking about Jake suddenly.

You having grief?” Janush asked as his finger went under my chin and lifted my head up.

Yeah me and grief. I lost the love of my life and partner in a horrible accident and I needed to deal with it,” I said honestly.

Oh my. So sad for you. I offer you my deepest sympathy Dave,” Janush said as he pulled me into his arms for a hug.

Uh, thank you I appreciate that,” I stammered feeling the hidden power in his hug. “Let me get dressed, I feel like a nut standing here naked.”

Nonesense, do not feel so,” Janush laughed. “You are most pleasing to look at Dave, so just be at ease and relax. Have you had dinner yet? You are very welcome to join me if you'd like.”

That's very kind of you. I didn't notice any other campers around here,” I said feeling how much I was blushing for some reason.

Oh, I am not camping Dave. This is my home,” Janush said.

Oh gosh, I'm so sorry!” I said all nervous. “I didn't know anyone lived here. Stefan my tour guy said it was deserted. If I'd have known you lived here I would never have trespassed.”

It is fine Dave, not to worry about it. People think it is abandoned and forgotten, but since they all fear this place, no one actually would know I live here,” Janush said laughing. “I actually prefer it that way. I am glad you chose to stay here.”

Well, I can pack up and leave first thing in the morning,” I said.

No that is silly Dave. Why would you do such a thing. I have told you that you are welcome here so do not alter your plans in any way,” Janush said. “I'm not around during the day so you will not be bothered by me in any way. I love to be out and around at night to enjoy the stars as you have been doing. Please, do not worry about trespass at all. It is gratifying to hear how much you enjoy it here and how beautiful you think it is. It is rare for anyone to appreciate all of this.”

Well, all the same, I feel just awful about it,” I said.

I insist you not feel that way. So, would you like to join me for dinner?” Janush asked again with his hand on my shoulder.

Well, I guess it would be awfully rude to refuse your invitation,” I said. “Let me get dressed and I'll take you up on your kind offer.”

Splendid Dave. I'll just wait for you here until you are dressed and we will go inside,” Janush said.

Inside? I didn't know there was anyplace open other then the pool and great hall,” I said surprised.

Ah, so you found the pool. That is wonderful is it not?” Janush said.

Yeah, it was most wonderful indeed,” I said feeling bad I used it without his permission.

Good, I'm very glad you did,” Janush laughed. “Now come, get dressed, dinner is waiting.”

I quickly got inside the tent, pulled on my pants, a shirt, socks and my hiking boots. When I came out of the tent, Janush was standing by the SUV looking it over.

Kind of a nice car isn't it?” I said.

Yes, it most certainly is. I have never seen one like this,” Janush said.

Oh? What kind of car do you have?” I asked.

Oh, I do not own a car. Have little need for one,” Janush said.

He turned around and put his arm over my shoulder as he turned me towards one of the doors on the courtyard that I couldn't open before.

Come, welcome to my home. It is good to have someone to talk with,” Janush said as his hand squeezed me into the side of his hard body.

When we walked inside the big door, we were in a large room lit up with candles that had a long table, chairs and a fireplace as big as the one in the great hall. I could feel the warmth of the heat from the fire in it.

Come, sit, would you care for some wine?” Janush asked.

If you are having some, sure, that would be nice,” I said with a smile as I looked around and noticed all sorts of really old looking things on the walls and all around the room.

Splendid. Just sit and relax while I get us wine,” Janush said moving me to a chair facing the fireplace.

Before I could take in more of the room, Janush was back with some very ornate crystal glasses and a decanter of wine.

I hope you like the wine, it has been made in my family's tradition,” Janush said as he handed me a glass and poured the wine.

Smells delightful,” I said. “Cheers. I think that's the right thing to say here?”

Yes, cheers,” Janush laughed.

The wine had a very different flavor but was very good for sure. I have had some of the best wines but nothing like this. I liked it very much.

The wine is excellant Janush. I wish we could buy this in the states,” I said.

Very good. I am pleased you like it,” Janush said pouring me more of it.

I really started to relax after the 3rd glass of wine. Janush got me to tell him him all about Jake and our relationship. He was a bit surprised how open I was about it as any gay relationship in his country was always kept secret and never openly discussed. He thought it was very refreshing to hear how things were in the states and even in the rest of Europe for that matter.

I could not but help to notice how you looked at my body Dave, does it please you?” Janush asked after pouring my 5th glass of wine.

Well from what I could see, I think you have one great body Janush,” I said.

Would you care to see all of it?” Janush asked with a grin.

Yeah, I sure wouldn't mind at all,” I said with a smile.

Before I knew it, Janush was standing in front of me, his shirt off, his arms slightly spread out and his fingers squeezed making his forearms and biceps flare out big time. His pecs slowly flexed and his abs as well. He was indeed very big and his muscles were obviously not just for show either.

Come Dave, take a closer look if you'd like,” Janush said in a deep sexy voice.

I felt I had to feel his body for some reason. I stood up and he stretched out his arms and his face looked down into mine, his eyes almost seemed to be glowing, a reflection of the fire I guessed. I started at his neck and worked my hands slowly down his arms and over his pecs and abs.

Does it please you Dave?” Janush asked in that almost whispered sexy deep voice.

Yes, very much so Janush,” I said softly as my hands kept moving slowly over his body.

I didn't even realize Janush had moved his arms and his hands were on my shoulders and my body was held tight up against his body. I felt his pecs flexing slowly. When I looked up into his face, his face lowered slowly and he gave me such a soft kiss. I felt goose bumps all over my body, almost like electricity ran through me. Before I knew it, my lips and tongue were working on his pecs and nipples and his hands were moving all up and down my back and the back of my head. I didn't pay attention to the fact that his body seemed so very cool, almost cold to the touch. I would have thought his body would almost burn from the muscle mass he had, but it didn't. I didn't care as I was somehow in his spell. I quickly thought it was the wine, but it still seemed like I really wanted him all over me.

Do you wish to give yourself to me?” Janush said softly but in a deep, sexy, demanding tone.

Yes, I wish to give myself to you,” came out of my mouth before my brain could stop me.

Janush had me completely stripped and naked in a flash. He was also naked and I was completely in awe when I saw his cock and balls. Talk about huge and low hangers. This man had a super weapon in between his legs for sure. His pubes were more like a thick bush. It was strange how even though his body was really hairy, you could still see clearly his muscle definition and thickness. I felt like I was floating in the air, but it was just Janush slowly lifting me up by my hips. Our lips met and we kissed passionately. He worked on my pecs and nipples and then he moved me so my face was at his pecs. I did my best to worship them and it must have pleased him based on the growls and groans that came out of him. Before I realized it, he had me up high and his mouth devoured my cock and balls. That was a first for me as having a thick and 9 inch hard cock, fairly large balls, even Jake never managed to get them all inside his mouth. My upper body jerked hard backwards and Janush held me tight in his grip as his tongue and mouth did things I never felt before. I was soon gasping and yelling, my entire body feeling like it was going to flow no shoot into his mouth. I started to cum and it seemed like I saw stars all around, my entire body pumped and hard flexed as load after load of cum shot into Janush's mouth. He didn't miss a beat or drop, sucking every drop of my cum from me. I was like a wet noodle when he finally released my cock and balls from his mouth. He lowered me and ravaged my mouth with his tongue and lips, then lowered me to the ground on my knees. His cock was so massive and it almost seemed like it commanded me to worship it fully. I worked slowly up and down his shaft, running my tongue over every thick vein and then did my best to get the head of his cock into my mouth after my tongue worked on every inch of it. The feeling of his huge balls in my hands was so thrilling for some reason. He let me have my way completely with his cock and balls. Finally, his hands held my head tight and his cock was pushed deep inside of my throat. I felt his cum blasting into my throat. It wasn't hot like I expected but thick and loads of it, a super volume to be sure.

I must have you Dave, I must make you all mine,” Janush said once his cum stopped filling me.

Take me, make me all yours,” I said as I looked up at him, looking to me like some mythical giant.

He reached down and took hold of my hips, lifting me as he flipped me upside down without even a grunt or any sign of effort at all. Next thing I felt was his tongue forcing itself deep inside of my ass, pushing past my rosebud as if it wasn't even there. I swear his tongue grew fatter and longer as it worked inside of me. I could feel my ass stretching out and the sensations were driving me insane. I was begging him to fuck me but he just kept working more and more with his tongue deep inside of me. Then just as easily as he lifted and flipped me, he flipped me again and I was up against his body, his tongue ravaging my mouth and throat. I felt the head of his cock push in between my ass cheeks and then it seemed like he sucked the air from me as his cock pushed fulling inside of me. I felt his thick bush pubes against my ass cheeks and would have gasped and screamed at the full intrusion of his monstrous cock up my ass but I couldn't. He moved my entire body up and down his cock as his mouth worked on mine. Then, he took hold of my neck in one hand and stretched out his arm so I was parallell to the ground being held up by his cock and his hand around my throat. The feeling was so intense and powerful. I was a play thing in his hands and felt so small and powerless. I never felt that way even when Jake did his dominant thing every now and again. No, this was true dominance, Janush was in charge without a doubt and I was to please him any way he desired.

I felt his thrusts getting faster and harder and then I could feel his entire body tightening, his muscles bulging and flexing as his cock got fatter and I felt blasts of his cum shooting inside of me. When that started, I was back up against his body, his mouth at my neck and I felt sharp teeth tearing into my skin followed by hot liquid running down my neck and chest. I heard slerping sounds and felt him sucking and licking on my neck. I slowly became dizzy and had another wild, intense orgasm, my cum covering his abs. When he stopped filling me with his cum, he moved his face from my neck and I saw his mouth and chin covered in blood, my blood. He began to fuck my mouth with his tongue, breathing super heavey and growling a deep growl. I passed out, totally spent. When I finally woke up, we were laying in a large bed, Janush's cock still very deep inside of me and I was laying on top of his body. His hands were deep hard massaging my ass cheeks and my back muscles. I moaned and squirmed. Janush lifted my upper body from his body, smiled at me and partially sat up, moved me up and down his cock hard and then after awhile, when his body stiffened and pumped again, he bit hard into my pec and was sucking and licking really hard. I was panting and gasping, my entire body shaking and flexing. It felt so wild as he sucked my blood. I wasn't afraid and was feeling so much pleasure shooting all through my entire body. I passed out again. When I woke up, Janush was on top of me, his upper body perched on his forearms. He was smiling at me, his eyes seemed to be burning into my mind somehow.

Here my Dave, drink of me and be mine,” Janush said as he moved his one hand and a fingernail cut into his pec.

His hand pushed my head up into his pec and my mouth just latched on to the bleeding cut and I was sucking his blood in. I should have been terrified and sick to my stomach, but I wasn't. The more I tasted, the more I had to have. I felt it pushing power and strength along with pleasure all through my body, getting more intense the more I took in. His hand pulled my head away from his pec and his body slid down a bit so his face and mine were at each other. He began to kiss me so passionately I became delirious. I was then completely spent, my entire body just went limp. I felt his tongue working on my neck where he bit into it and I swear I could feel it healing somehow.

When I finally woke up, I was back in my tent, inside my sleeping bag still feeling the rush of pleasure from Janush's having me and making me his. I moaned and hugged myself as the feelings rushed all through my body. Then my mind kicked in. What the hell did I do? Did I just get fucked and drained by a vampire? No, it had to be some effect from the wine. I sat up and felt as much of my body as I could. I was warm, didn't feel weak or ill at all. It had to have been some sort of wild ass dream, suggestions from the legends of the villagers and even Stefan. That had to be it. I saw vampire movies and knew if that was the case, I'd be dead and the sunlight would burn me up in a flash. As that thought finished, I was out of the tent and standing naked in the sunlight. No burning, no flames, just the warmth from the bright sun. I walked around just to be sure I wasn't weak or damaged in any way. Nope, just fine, nothing other then the feeling of intense pleasure still. I decided to hit the pool for a long hard swim to get me back into my normal. The pool felt even more relaxing and satisfying then before. The more I paid attention to things, the more intense everything seemed. I could smell, feel and see things better then before which was weird. I wasn't afraid or nervous, just dealing with disbelief mostly. I got out of the pool thinking that the wine was sure kick ass shit and I'd have to go easy if Janush invited me to dinner again. Then I noticed my veins were more popped out then normal and I know I didn't work that hard in the pool. I did feel stronger and harder then before which made absolutely no sense since I hadn't had a heavy work out since I left the city. Had to be just my imagination.

I decided to take a walk to see if the door to Janush's place was open. Nope, just like before, locked solid. Well, that got me going for sure with all the energy I seemed to have gathered, so I decided to go for a run. I ran for what turned out to be quite awhile as when I stopped to look at some hawk circling in the sky, I turned back to the castle and it was really far. I wasn't exhausted, winded, nothing I'd expect after that far of a run. I decided I had to head back before the sun set so I had time to cool off in the pool and wash up just in case Janush wanted to have me again. I found myself somewhat excited at the thought that he might. Why that got me all excited and even got me to have a hard on is beyond me. I figured it was because of the novelty and his way of having sex to justify it in my mind.

I lost track of time once I got back, headed to the pool, stripped and dove in. It felt so refreshing and good that I sort of got lost mentally. When I finally snapped out of it, it was nearly dark and I figured I didn't want to trip and kill myself by tripping and falling down the mountain in the darkness. I made a mental note to have a lantern or 2 with me or at least in the pool area just in case. I had plenty of them in the SUV thanks to Stefan's insistance. By the time I made it back up to the courtyard and my tent, it was indeed pitch black, the only light came from the stars. I pulled out a few camping lanterns and fired them up before I got a fire going. All of that combined gave off a good amount of light and that made me feel somewhat more comfortable.

I turned away from the fire to go into the tent to get dressed when I suddenly felt 2 very powerful arms around my body and a face alongside my neck with a tongue licking my neck. I jumped a bit as the powerful arms held me tight in place.

I frightened you didn't I,” I heard Janush's deep voice say. “I apologize, it was not my intention to do so.”

I just didn't hear you approaching so it really took me by surprise,” I laughed as I tried to catch my breath. “For a guy as big as you are, you sure can sneak up pretty easily it seems.”

Yes, forgive me, I forget sometimes,” Janush said as he nibbled and kissed me on my neck. “Will you join me again tonight?”

Yes, I was looking forward to it all day actually,” I said moaning a bit since his lips and nibbling teeth sent super chills up and down my spine. “Oh please by the way, know there is nothing to forgive you for Janush. Just jumpy me reacting to strange things in a strange land.”

Fortune indeed smiles upon me for sending you here to me,” Janush said as he turned me around in his arms and lifted me up so we were face to face.

Before I could say anything, we were involved in some super passionate kissing. Man could he drive me insane with his tongue inside my mouth. How he held me made me feel like a young kid, not the big ass strapping muscle guy I was all this time. Jake came close but not nearly like Janush. Jake could make me feel dominated but I never really felt like a small kid in his arms like I did with Janush. The man was truly huge and knew exactly how to use every muscle of his body that touched mine to full advantage. I didn't even realize he had taken me into his quarters again and we were in the room with the large fireplace, table and chairs. There was fruit, cheeses and bread on the table along with a large carafe of his wine plus 2 glasses already full of the wine. Janush gently lowered me into a chair and handed me a glass. I smiled at him like some sick school girl with a crush or something as I took the glass, clanged it to his and drank half of it down. I loved the taste and how it made me feel, especially since my senses seemed to be heightened. I meant to ask him about that but just never seemed to get around to it as I was too busy trying to please him and deal with how much he gave pleasure to me.

Come, eat, you must be very hungry,” Janush said as he pushed the food towards me.

Well you must eat as well,” I said.

No, I do not have much of an appetite for this food, especially with you as my guest,” Janush smiled. “Eat and you must tell me all about where you live in America. The customs and country facinate me.”

Well, I did as I was asked. I ate, drank much more wine then I should have probably, but it was so so good. I babbled on all about where I lived, what life was like, what people were like and how shallow and materialistic we all were. Janush asked a number of questions about different areas of the country he obviously heard about from someone or somewhere. We got on the subject of movies and he laughed when I told him how growing up the monster movies kept my full attention, especially werewolves and vampires.

Yeah, I have to admit I found them rather sexy. Well, not what they showed in the films but just the idea of them. I always would think of them having their way with me and me ending up worshiping them so they wouldn't kill me,” I laughed.

Who knows, you just may get what you always hoped for,” Janush said with a smile. “Tell me how life with your partner Jake was. I'm sure it will help with your grief if you talk about that.”

Well, I did my best to avoid thinking and talking about that. Its the reason I'm here just to be away from the friends Jake and I knew. I had to get away from all the haunting memories all around our house that made me think of him,” I said as tears came to my eyes.

It is good to let your tears flow from your eyes, taking the sadness with them drop by drop. Soon, the tears are gone and a smile crosses your lips as you suddenly remember something wonderful you both shared,” Janush said softly.

I didn't even realize he had lifted me up in his arms and was carrying me through another doorway into a large room with lots of tapestries and a very ornate huge bed right in the middle of the floor. As he kissed and talked to me softly, he undressed himself and me without me paying any attention. Before I knew it, I was laying alongside his naked body, held in his one arm as his other arm moved across my body and his hand was stroking my hair and face so gently.

Let me take away your pain and sorrow Dave,” Janush whispered as he gently kissed my face, ears and neck. “Let me make you mine completely.”

Yes, please take me, make me yours,” I said before he scooped me into his arms and began a very sensuous kissing of my entire body.

When Janush was finished doing that I was like putty in his hands for real. I wasn't afraid or weak but so fully relaxed and calm. He easily lifted me up by my hips and tortured me with his lips and tongue before devouring my cock and balls again. I gasped, moaned and held tight to his head, my lips wanting so bad to taste his. He kept me on the edge for what seemed like hours. When I finally started to have a major orgasm, I swear he would suck my balls up through my cock and then all my insides would follow along. I can't explain how it all felt except to say it was fully mind blowing.

He lowered me down so he could passionately kiss me and then he slowly moved me down his body so I could kiss, lick, suck and nibble on every inch of his torso. He was leaning back against the huge headboard of the bed as I did my best to make love to his cock and balls. I loved the feel of the fur covering his body and his pubic bush facinated me for some reason. It was so thick and yet soft. I looked up at his face every so often to see him with a big smile, watching me so intensly. Just his look told me I was indeed pleasing him. He suddenly pulled me up and flipped over me so I was on my back as he began to really kiss me hard and wet, making me pant and gasp from how easily he took my breath away. He sat up on his calves and pulled my lower body up by my ankles. He gave me a serious look before he dove his face hard into my ass cheeks and his tongue invaded my insides. I was like thrashing around on the bed, his grip on my ankles holding my lower body and legs in place as he worked his special magic in my ass with his tongue. Then, he lowered my legs so my now very slick and stretched ass was right over the head of his cock. He just stared at me as he used my legs held tight in his hands to push my ass down over his cock. He didn't stop until I felt his thick pubic bush against my ass. My eyes were super wide open and my mouth was as well. I had to try really hard to breath between the gasps, moans, yells and shouts. It felt so wild when he lifted my legs up and down so my ass was sliding up and down his cock. He was doing it so slow I was pleading with him to take me, fuck me, use me.

Before I knew it, his body was holding my body down and his mouth was buried in the crook of my neck, his tongue rubbing and licking hard as his hips began a pounding of his cock inside me. I felt the entire length of his cock moving in and out of me like a well oiled piston. Then I felt a slight pinch as he bit into my neck and I felt the warmth of my blood slowly moving in a trickle down my neck and onto my chest. He sucked, bit and licked slowly, sensuously. The feeling was so intense and intimate, heightened by the feel of his huge cock moving inside of me. He did that thing again where he ran a fingernail across the upper part of his pec and moved my mouth on top of it. I knew somehow to lick and suck. He growled and moaned which made me suck and lick harder. It seemed to send him into a real frenzy as his hips were moving so fast and hard. I thought for sure he would crush my body when he tightened his grip and slammed his mouth back on my neck, his cock pushed in as deep as it could go. I felt the blasts of his cum shooting hard inside of me and then one rush after another of wild pleasure began to flood my body with each burst of his cum. That set me off again which added to the intense sensations I was having. My entire body was slick with sweat but Janush's wasn't at all. When he calmed down, he kissed me passionately and I know I tasted my own blood which mixed with his in my mouth from me sucking his pec cut. Funny, it didn't bother me at all. I was too overwhelmed by the intense pleasure I was feeling. Janush's tongue was working on my neck and I guess healing it some how. He moved just enough to lick all the blood off of me that came from his bite on my neck.

You give me such pleasure Dave,” Janush whispered in my ear while licking it getnly. “I will keep you healthy and young my sweet Dave. We will spend lifetimes together. Our pleasure will only grow more in pleasure and we will become as one. You will be mine completely and willingly.”

That sounds so wonderful Janush,” I moaned, not realizing what he was saying.

I didn't even realize he was a vampire for some dumb ass reason. Didn't matter now as all I wanted was to have him take me and lift me to heights of pleasure I have never felt before in my life. When he would bite me and take my blood and when I would taste his, my mind went into a frenzy of activity, all sorts of things swirling around at the same time, flashing and sparkling lights where ever I looked, I swore my entire being would lift up out of my body and shoot up into the stars. Yeah, it was that wild and intense. It took me a long time to come back down to earth, Janush working over my entire body with his mouth, tongue, lips and fingers. His touch was electrifying. When I calmed down and began to breath somewhat normal, Janush got upright kneeling on top of me, well, his knees by my sides, not ON me. He slowly raked my skin with his fingernails as he moved closer and closer to my head, his cock pointing at me like some monstrous weapon about to blast me to pieces. My tongue just started licking my lips in anticipation of me taking his cock into my mouth.

Janush got just close enough so my lips and tongue could only take in half of his cock head. He had his hands on the sides of my head, stroking my hair and face, every once in awhile holding it tight in his hands and forcing more of his cock deep inside my mouth and then my throat. He moved himself further up so more of his cock could push in and out of my mouth. From his growls, moans and groans, I knew I was pleasing him very much. I wasn't prepared for him to hold tight and hard to my head and his hips forcing his cock deep down my throat and then back into my mouth. I had to learn very quickly when to take a deep breath. It became so sensual, sexy and powerful. Janush was fucking my mouth and throat powerfully and I loved every thrust. I sucked and licked for all I was worth, even humming and growling and deep swallowing so my throat muscles latched on to his cock and massaged it even more. I thought Janush's hands were going to crush my skull when he screamed and yelled out, his upper body moving down towards the bed and his hips rammed hard several times before I felt a huge load of cum blasting into my throat. I felt it rush down into my stomach and it tingled and gave me wild chills deep inside my abdomen. My muscles were flexing and pumping like I just was fed some powerful stimulant. I didn't even realize that while all this was happening, I had another orgasm.

Janush was panting and gasping, his body pumped and super tight, all of his muscles bulging, his veins looked like they would explode out from under his skin. Without any effort, I was held up, in his arms and he and I were into a very hot make out session. I was having a super hard time catching my breath. I felt my cock hard again, pushing up and down his abs. He put a hand on my ass cheeks and then 3 fingers pushed inside of me, going straight for my prostrate. As he moved his arm up and down making his fingers fuck me, he held me super tight to his body so my cock was rubing up and down his flexed and pulsing abs. How he managed that I can't figure out but like I gave a shit. His mouth made it to the other side of my neck and he turned his head to the side and down before doing a hard dive into my neck with his open mouth and fang teeth. It hurt a bit as the fangs ripped into my neck but then as his tongue licked and he sucked my blood, it became unreal how much pleasure rushed all through my body. He moved his head back, looked at me and ravaged my mouth with his tongue. Again, I tasted my own blood. It didn't bother me or make me gag at all. He was sharing something important to him with me. He removed his fingers from my ass and replaced them with his cock. I gasped and held my breath as it felt like it was pushing into me for the first time. Janush moved further down the bed, gently laid me down and then somehow bent his body till he was able to devour my cock and balls. Holy shit what a rush of feelings. His mouth and tongue were working hard on my cock and balls, none of this gentle nice stuff this time. I even felt his fangs bite into me right in the center of my pubes. I could feel my blood flowing into his mouth as he sucked and worked my cock and balls over big time.

I suddenly felt very weak and my body went totally limp, all my muscles completely relaxed. Janush came inside of me and I filled his mouth not only with my blood but with my cum. I saw those flashes of light and then nothing. I passed out. I woke up to Janush's tongue cleaning my face. He had already did my neck and crotch. His cock was still buried deep inside of me and his body was pressed on top of mine. My breathing made me feel every muscle in his abs and chest. Janush smiled at me and kissed me gently. Then, while looking intensely at me, he lifted his forearm to his mouth, bit and ripped into it and put it over my mouth. Why I started to suck in his blood like I was starving or desperate for water I have no idea, all I know is I had to have it and wanted as much as he would give me.

Yes my lover, drink. This will make you recover very soon and you will not only have your strength back completely, but feel even more powerful and strong,” Janush whispered.

He took his forearm away from my mouth, licked it with his and I watched as the skin healed itself. There was no evidence at all that he ripped his skin open and I was sucking his blood. I watched totally facinated and enthralled. The words 'yes my lover' kept echoing in my head. I felt proud and super happy Janush felt I was his lover for some reason.

Rest now my love, regain your strength. You have given me so much pleasure. You are going to be fully mine, a part of me forever Dave. Would this please you? Do you wish for it to be so?” Janush said as he kissed my forehead and eye lids.

Yes Janush, that is what I wish. I am yours forever and ever. Promise you will never leave me like Jake did,” I said with a tear rolling down my cheek.

Never like Jake my love. Soon the memory of Jake will fade and you will only have very pleasant thoughts of him, no painful memories at all. Soon you will have a new life with me and be mine completely,” Janush said softly. “Sleep now lover, rest.”

I had such a deep, restful sleep filled with wild dreams. I was reliving all I had done to me by Janush and I even was feeling the sensations all over again. I rolled over and reached out expecting to feel Janush laying next to me. He wasn't there but I was still in the bed he took me too, not in my tent like before. I felt sad and lonely all of a sudden like I really needed and wanted to be with him. Again, like an idiot, no thoughts of vampire at all. Like duhh, they sleep during the day and only roam at night? Damn I was so taken by him it nearly scared me.

I sat up in bed and there on a table was a bowl filled with fruit and a carraffe of that wine. I guess this was breakfast in Romania I thought. I smiled at how thoughtful and kind Janush was being as I scooted off the bed and pulled the table closer to me as I sat on the bed. Of course the first thing I reached for was the wine. Damn it tasted even better then before. I was becoming hooked on this stuff. I ate the fruit, stood up and stretched and decided I needed to piss like really bad. I looked around quickly to try and find a toilet, but gave up as the urge was getting so super strong. I went for the door and pulled it open, ran to a partially broken wall and sighed as I pissed and pissed while viewing the most gorgeous forest covered mountains decending into long, lush valleys and canyons. Everything again was so vibrant and vivid. The colors so intense. It was such a pleasure to take it all in. When I finally finished pissing, I walked over to the pool to wash and take a long swim and then just float relaxing, not that I was in anyway tense. Like Janush said, I felt my full strength back even more. I did feel powerful. I would have expected me to be like a wet noodle, even sore from the super marathon sex he and I had, but nope, not at all. I have no idea how many hours I spent in the pool before getting out and heading to my tent. I grabbed some fresh clothes and toiletries, did my usual morning routine and then took another slow walk all around to see what I might have missed before. I felt so good, so strong, powerful, I decided I needed another hard run. Off I went, again going so far without realizing it that I almost lost sight of the castle completely. I took my time running back to the castle as I was so into the colors and sounds, things I didn't even notice before. When I finally got back to the castle, I was super sweaty but not tired or sore at all. I stripped, went off to the pool and dove in. I didn't pay attention to the fact that it was nearly dark. I got out of the pool, put on the lanterns and dove right back into the pool. The water felt so damn good against my skin. I swam over to the edge where the water was flowing over the side of the pool. I could see the water foam and bubble and making its mighty roars, all lit up by the moonlight and stars. It was so beautiful. I heard a slash but ignored it as I didn't want to take my eyes off the sight.

Big strong arms wrapped around me and I was pulled tight against Janush's body. He kissed me gently and his hand took my cock and balls and began to massage them.

Did you have a nice day my love?” Janush asked.

Yes thank you so much Janush. I am so taken by how I now see the colors all around me so vibrant, hear sounds I never paid attention to before. Most of all, how strong and powerful I feel. After the last few nights I expected to be weak and like a wet noodle, completely exhausted,” I laughed.

No my lover, never again. It will become even better I promise you,” Janush said.

I don't know how that could be possible, but I sure won't doubt your word,” I said leaning my head back and snuggled into his body while taking a deep breath.

I felt him licking my neck and he used his face to push my neck to the side and down towards my shoulder. Then I felt his fangs cutting into me, his lips moving to form a tight suction and his tongue licking and swirling around as he drank my blood. He didn't do it for a long time at all, just like a snack I guess. Like always, when he finished, he licked the wound which stopped bleeding and then healed without even a scar.

This pool pleases you I see,” Janush said.

Yes, I love the water and swimming. Its a good workout and so relaxing. Course lately all I need to relax is some little time with you,” I said with a smile as I turned my head to the side and kissed him.

Janush took hold of my jaw in his hand and dove his face down, ravaging my mouth and going into a super sexy hard wet, sloppy kiss. My body began to squirm and try to push away from his grasp when I couldn't catch my breath. Like all living creatures, my mind forced me into a panic.

Your struggle for life is intoxicating to me,” Janush said finally pulling my face from his face. “Do not fear, I will not harm you or take you from your world of the living just yet. Have faith in me David.”

I do and will,” I gasped and panted trying super hard to breath in enough air to stop the feeling I was going to pass out.

I was quickly turned around in Janush's arms and held tight against his body. I felt his montrous cock weapon pushing inside of me. Before I could scream, yell or gasp, my mouth was against Janush's and my throat was taken completely up by his tongue. Before his cock was fully inside of me, I had one hell of an orgasm which made him growl and squeeze me tighter. He moved me down a bit so my face was at his pecs.

Take from me David, bite and drink from me,” Janush growled, his one hand at the back of my head pushing into his left pec and nipple.

Why I haven't a clue, but I did. I bit hard and ground my teeth a bit until I felt his blood going into my mouth and on my tongue. It was a bit strange that it wasn't warm or hot at all like my blood. Almost like room temperature. The taste was super pleasing to me and my body went into 'gotta get more' mode.

Yes my love, drink, take from me,” Janush growled again as I was sucking and licking hard.

He moved my head to his other pec and nipple and I did the same thing. Then, my body was pulled back held super tight by his one arm, his other hand reached out and took in the entire top of my head, pushed hard back and to the side. His face smashed hard into my stretched out neck and I felt his fangs rip in hard, his sucking more intense and wild then ever before. At the same time, I felt his cum filling my insides and my body was taken to another world of pleasure. Its hard to try and describe the feeling of being completely taken, at the mercy of the giver of immense pleasure and how it feels to be squeezed against his strong, powerful body, held so tight it was hard to breath and feel the totally unreal electrical shots of pleasure from his blood inside of me as well. I had 2 orgasms and I didn't care. It was all part of the whole pleasure world he took me to. My eyes began to see flashes of colored light almost like watching fireworks exploding all over the place. I could feel my body going limp and my breathing slowing down tremendously. I began to hear my heart pounding, slowing down little by little. Janush released his fangs from my neck, kissed me passionately and did that thing where he slit his upper pec with a sharp nail and put my face up to it. My mouth knew just what to do as I needed no instruction from him. I was licking and sucking for all I was worth. Deep down I knew somehow my life depended on me being nurished by Janush's blood.

I passed out. When I woke, we were in his bed with him fully on top of me, kissing my body gently and his one hand slowly moving up and down me. When my eyes opened, he was smiling at me. I was hypnotized by the look of his brilliant grey eyes and how shinny and white his teeth were. His face was indeed rugged and yet had a look of gentleness to it. He slowly began to move his hips so his cock was moving almost completely out of my ass and then all the way in, his pubes tickling the skin on my ass cheeks.

Do I please you enough?” Janush asked.

More then I could ever hope for,” I replied with a sign and moan.

Have I succeeded in making you mine?” Janush whispered as he nibbled on my ear.

Oh man, you sure have without any doubt,” I said squeezing my arms tight around his neck. “I don't think I could leave you now for any reason. I belong to you Janush, forever I hope. I've never felt so complete, so loved, so protected before. I never knew what it felt like to be dominated by anyone and you have taught me how much I love it with you.”

That pleases me more then you could ever know David my love,” Janush said before giving me a super long passionate kiss.

I want to stay here with you from now on my lover,” I said.

No, not here, my love. We shall return to your country and have our life there. It is much to backward here and I truly have grown so tired of it here. It is time I tasted of the modern world you live in. We will return to your home,” Janush said holding his upper body up and holding my jaw in his hand.

Where ever you wish to take me doesn't matter to me as long as I am with you,” I said with several kisses.

David, how much you please me and give happiness to me that I have longed for so so long,” Janush said.

His lips were on mine and his tongue was fucking my throat like crazy as his hips suddenly began a hard piston pounding of my ass. It was hard and his cock was pulled all the way out and rammed hard all the way in. I had another 2 orgasm before he finally lifted his upper body up, looked towards the ceiling and screamed out a sound I never heard before. It seemed to reverberate throughout the entire room. My body shook from the vibrations. He kept ramming his cock in and out of me until he finished his orgasm, holding his body up over me while he stared so intensely at me. I was mezmerized and every time I opened my eyes, I was drawn to his. When he finished his orgasm, he lowered his upper body partly and rested his forehead on mine, his tongue flicking over my lips so softly and gentle. I belonged to Janush without a doubt. I was completely his now.