Bumps In The Night 13


The following is a complete work of fiction.  Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental.  Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission.
The following story contains erotic homosexual situations.  If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now.

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Damn it is so strange to feel like you suddenly woke up from a dream and find yourself on a huge plane. All that went through my mind seemed to be my last night with Janush. He and I made love, real love, even though he fucked me until I went unconscious. 'So Dave, how the hell did you end up on this plane to who knows were?' was what I began thinking, feeling somewhat anxious and nervous. Little by little things were coming back to me, things Janush had to have been telling me.

'We will be very happy you and I.'

'Your home will become mine as well.'

'We will be mates forever.'

'I plan to make my sole goal making you safe and happy.'

Not that any of it sounded bad at all, and a part of my heart fluttered when I heard his voice in my head repeating these things again and again. Finally, I had to made a fool out of myself and ask where this plane was headed. As the steward came by I did just that.

Excuse me, but could you tell me just where we are headed?” I asked completely embarrassed.

Certainly sir, we are headed for Denver International. I'm sure its just a slight case of memory lapse, not to worry, happens quite often. Can I get you something?” the steward answered.

Denver huh?”, I said in deep thought. “Well, suppose that's as good as any place in the US. Could I have some coffee?”

I'll bring that right to you sir. Oh yes sir, quite lovely indeed. I hope you will enjoy the rest of the flight. Just push the attendant button should you require anything further,” the steward said patting me on my shoulder and giving me a wink.

I looked out the window, after looking around and realizing I was in 1st class. How the hell did I end up in 1st class? I don't normally buy the expensive tickets and certainly not on international flights. Just more to add to the whole weird experience. One thing for sure, I no longer was mourning Jake. A smile came across my face when his name popped into my head. I remember taking this trip in order to help me deal with loosing him. It must have worked thanks to Janush. Boy that was strange, as soon as I thought of Janush, I swear I could taste his skin, smell his scent and feel his kiss on my lips. Shit, why the hell wasn't I with him instead of heading to Denver? Did I do something to piss him off or turn him away from me? Yet, there were those soft recurring promises in his voice going on in my head. Could this be some sort of long distance relationship?

I drank my coffee and ate the sandwich the steward brought to me. I even went along with his suggestion of having some champagne and snacks. What the hell, I am sitting in 1st class. I finally noticed the large screen display of where the plane was located on a map. We were coming very close to Denver already, so I must have been out of it most of the flight. The stewards began the usual info session about customs and immigration with forms and all that. I reached into my pocket and was relieved to find my passport. That would be a bit awkward to say the least, not having any official id and all. We landed and I found my ticket with my baggage claim attached to it. I joined the herd and went through all the motions one has to go through in order to get out of the terminal. When I got out of the secured area I was completely stunned.

There, quickly walking towards me was Janush and this huge guy right on his heals.

There's my love,” Janush said as he scooped me up in his arms, kissing me as he spun us around. “Hope you have a good flight Dave my love?”

Uhhh yeah, what little I remember of it. Wait, how did you get here so fast and how did you know I'd be landing here?” I said a bit in a panic as I eyed up the big guy with Janush.

Oh you silly boy. You have been traveling for 4 days and must have that jet lag they talk about,” Janush said kissing my eyes. “I don't travel well on commercial carriers so I use my own methods. Its not important lover. Oh, this here is Yakov. He is your guardian, our chauffeur and all around doer I'd guess you could say. Yakov, meet Dave, the love of my life.”

Is most pleasure,” Yakov said as he bowed and kissed my hand which he swallowed up in his hand.

Same here, good to meet you too,” I stammered looking to make sure my hand was still intact.

Come, you must be tired from all this travel. Yakov, take his baggage and we will go home now,” Janush said very non-nonchalantly.

As you wish,” Yakov said as he piled my bags in his arms and headed towards the door.

When we got outside, there was this huge limo with blinking lights sitting right in front of the door. Yakov popped open the trunk and put my bags in it before scooting over to the passenger rear door and held it open while bowing.

Janush insisted I get in first and then once he was inside, Yakov closed the door and got in the drivers seat. Off we went to lord knows where.

Where are we going?” I had to ask Janush in between his kisses and hugs.

Why Dave, we are going to our new home,” Janush said like I should know.

What new home? My home is in New Mexico, not Colorado,” I said nervously.

Yes, your old home is there and we will arrange for selling it and making sure all of your belongings are packed up and sent to our new home. Its not much I'm afraid, but I think you will like it, especially the views. I didn't have much time at all to find a suitable home for us, but was quite pleased I found this one,” Janush explained.

You got a house in a matter of days?” I said in shock.

Yes, was really worried I would not be able to find one before you arrived, but thankfully, I did succeed,” Janush said happily before kissing me.

Where did you meet up with Yakov?” I asked very curious.

Well, I did need to have a protector and servant so I looked around and found Yakov merely by chance. He seemed to be what I wanted and became a willing servant. He is somewhat magnificent isn't he?” Janush bubbled and laughed.

Yeah, magnificent,” I said shaking my head.

Yakov had a big shiny bald head, shoulders impossibly wide, muscled arms that really stretched the fabric of his jacket and stood at least 6'8” tall. His face told of fights, hard fights, lots of stitches. I can just imagine what the other guy ended up looking like since I couldn't imagine Yakov being beaten by anybody. He kind of reminded me of some experimental soldier with super amazing strength and determination. His face always seemed to have this serious, threatening look even with his gorgeous brilliant blue eyes.

I didn't pay much attention to where we were going until there was a break in making out with Janush and he rested his head on my shoulder. It was completely black outside, no lights, nothing. We were at one point on an interstate, but not anymore it seemed. We drove for what had to be 2 hours at least before Yakov turned on to a side road. That lead to a huge gate with big pillars on each side. Yakov picked up an opener and pressed a button making the gates swing open and lights began to show along the road. I couldn't see any other buildings along the road but one that was lit up beautifully. It was large for sure, but not a castle. It was sprawled out pretty far and there was a 2nd story to it. It spoke of elegance, simple yet impressive with its etched windows and sculpted grounds from what I could make out. Yakov turned into the circular driveway, stopping under an awning. There were 2 huge carved wood doors with sidelights and long stained glass centers. Yakov got out, went to the doors and unlocked them before heading back to the car and getting my bags from the trunk.

Ah, we are here my love, come, lets get you settled and all,” Janush said as Yakov opened our door.

Wow, super impressive Janush,” I said once out of the limo and got a good look at the lit up house.

I'm happy you think so,” Janush said squeezing my shoulder into his body. “It is our castle my love, our sanctuary.”

I'll say it sure looks like that,” I said with a smile.

Come, Yakov will take your bags to our room and I will show you around quickly,” Janush said guiding me into the house.

It took my breath away when we entered and I saw the rich furnishings and art work all around. I almost felt like I was visiting a museum or some royals palace. This made the outside seem so simple and plain it was amazing. Janush guided me from room to room, one more impressive then the other.

We must get you refreshed and more comfortable before Yakov serves you a light meal,” Janush said as he scooped me up in his arms and carried me up the stairs to our bedroom.

The double doors were already wide open and my bags were neatly stacked outside what I assumed to be a closet. The bed was super huge and had very masculine linens on it. Janush walked me into the bathroom which was the size of my former living room. He lowered me with a kiss and began to undress me slowly, kissing each part of my body as the item of clothing came off. He undressed quickly and lifted me up in his arms again, walked to a shower room for lack of a better description. He turned on some dials and a waterfall of warm water came down from the top of one wall and soft showers were spraying from the other 2 walls. You felt like you were under some waterfall in a tropical rain forest. It felt wonderful. Janush slowly washed my body and then I washed his, loving the feel of his strong body in my hands. Once rinsed off, he led me to a rack with plush thick bath sheets, wrapped me up and dried me off before he dried himself off. We went back into the bedroom and he opened a draw of one of the dressers taking out long soft silk robes which we ended up wearing.

I am so thrilled to have you back in my arms my love,” Janush said as he guided me out of the bedroom. “I hope the house meets with your approval?”

Oh god yes, it is so beautiful,” I said touching his body with the side of my head. “It just amazes me you found this so quick and it had to have been already furnished no less.”

Yes, it was as you see it. A friend of mine actually gave it to me. I'll tell you about it later on, but for now, we must get you fed and all comfortable,” Janush said as he scooped me up in his arms again and took me downstairs.

Yakov already had things set up in the dinning room. He put out plates of small sandwiches, hordervs, wine and cheese. I was hungry and it was all delicious. We talked about all sorts of things, fond memories of being back in Romania and all. Janush was so animated and excited about America and how free and open things were as well as the wealth of the country compared to his home. I was so happy that the wine was his family's.

Come to me my love, I must have you completely,” Janush suddenly said seriously.

I got up and walked up to him, stood between his legs and put my hands on his shoulders.

I'm here for you, take me completely Janush, I am all yours,” I said softly.

Janush smiled at me as he opened my robe up and took it off of me before taking me by my hips and lifting me up on top of his lap, his rock hard cock sliding along my ass cheeks to my lower back. He began to softly kiss me and hug me, saying sweet loving things. I didn't even realize his cock had pushed fully inside of me until he gasped and I gasped. He kissed me so passionately as he held me tight in a hug against his body, slowly moving me up and down his huge cock. He did that for what seemed like an hour before his breathing got heavy and he began to lick and bite my neck. I felt his teeth dig into my neck and his lips held tight to my skin as he gave out a loud moan and I felt his cum shooting inside of me. I had one hell of an orgasm at the same time as Janush. I felt delirious from him taking my blood and filling me with his cum. My entire body felt like it was in an orgasm.

Take of me my love, feed on your lover,” Janush whispered in my ear as he licked it.

He guided my mouth to his chest and with one finger, sliced into his flesh, his blood slowly flowing. My mouth and tongue went to work on the cut and his blood like I knew what I was to do and was thrilled to no end to be able to taste of Janush. He took my blood and now I was taking his. We were sharing our life force with each other and that was so intimate and powerful. I can't describe the full feeling I had then. My mind was spinning and my senses were so heightened it was unreal. I have no idea when, but when I regained some of my mind, we were laying in our bed and Janush was deep inside of me, slowly fucking me again, kissing and nibbling all over, driving me insane. After having another super intense orgasm and him filling me again, I went unconscious.

I woke up and stretched out in bed, then felt around and no Janush. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, my entire body still feeling the thrill of pleasure. Before I could get out of bed, Yakov knocked on the door and I told him to enter.

I bring you breakfast is okay?” Yakov said with his best try yet at a smile.

Thank you, that's so kind of you Yakov,” I said with a smile as I pulled a sheet over my naked body.

Is okay, no need cover. Got real nice body me think,” Yakov said as he set up a table across my lap.

Thanks again Yakov, super nice of you to think so,” I said examining the food.

Welcome, but true. Yakov like much,” Yakov said again with his smile try.

Well, I bet you are something else yourself Yakov. Just from what I was able to see, you have one hell of a body there,” I said.

You think Yakov do?” Yakov asked.

Yeah, why don't you take off that shirt and let me see you,” I said with a partial mouthful.

Yakov stood there looking around with a serious look. He was deep in thought it seemed. Then, he unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off. I choked on my food when I took a look at this giant. Its so rare to see a man this tall packing such a thick body of muscle. You'd think his muscles had muscles. It was all covered by a thin layer of dark hair. Yakov's biceps were so big you'd swear he was in a permanent flex. An his pecs, my god I felt so small looking at him.

It is good, no?” Yakov said seriously as he looked at me.

Shit yeah its good. No better yet, its super good, unreal, magnificent,” I babbled as my eyes tried to take in every inch of him.

You like Yakov body?” Yakov asked.

Oh yeah, very much Yakov,” I said. “Thanks for showing me, its a real treat.”

You want feel?” Yakov asked.

Yeah, sure, that would be great,” I said.

I moved the table and slid out of bed, totally ignoring the fact I was naked and sporting a monster boner. Yakov saw my boner and smiled as he went into a slow posing routine as my hands felt his muscles. He kind of shocked me when he wrapped his arms around me pulling me into his body and his thighs holding my cock between them. He began flexing his thighs and body and I felt like I was inside some monster jerk off machine. I tried to say something but my mind just told me to shut up and enjoy it all. I suddenly was flexing my body muscles and we both were moaning and groaning. I felt his rock hard baseball bat cock pushing on me so I reached down and undid his belt and pants which dropped to the floor. His cock was leaking like crazy and it slid effortlessly up my abs till the head was just about at my pecs. We were both sweating and our shimmering muscles pulsing with flexes as we both moaned and groaned. We had to look like 2 pythons in a sexual session the way we were flexing and moving. I tensed and my cum began to coat Yakov's thighs and legs. He growled and his cum blasted my chin, face, neck and chest. I was shaking all over as his thighs just seemed to work overtime massaging my cock. Yakov squeezed me tighter and began so slide my entire body up and down his cock and body. He yelled out and had another massive orgasm. We were both covered in his cum. Finally he eased up and let me just stand with his arms holding me so I wouldn't collapse.

My god Yakov, that was unreal,” I gasped. “Thank you for that.”

Yakov feel good you like,” Yakov said actually kissing my forehead. “Yakov like much too. Do whenever you feel to do.”

Wow, thanks. How about you join me in the shower to clean up?” I asked.

You wish Yakov to do this?” Yakov asked with a slight look of shock.

Yeah, I sure do. Please, join me in the shower,” I said rubbing his pecs.

Yakov scooped me up in his arms and walked us into the shower. He knew how to turn the dials and we were soon bathed in that rain forest bliss. He began to wash me and I did my best to wash him. It was sort of hard to reach up to his head. He knelt down so I could wash his head and shoulders as he washed my lower body. Damn this guy was built, putting me to shame for sure.

Dave nice man, Yakov like,” Yakov said.

Thanks Yakov, you are too and I'm really glad we met,” I said holding his cheeks.

Don't know why but I leaned in and kissed him. His eyes were open super wide and a look of total shock on his face. I did it again and this time he squeezed me tight and kissed me passionately back.

Well, I guess you could say we are friends now for sure,” I laughed.

Yes, friends for sure,” Yakov laughed a deep burly laugh.

Well, I sure need to work out now after that. Care to join me?” I asked.

I show you gym, we work out,” Yakov said happily.

Yakov wasted no time in fancy prep work or warm up. He loaded barbells to the max and just had at it. The gym was better stocked with equipment then most gyms. Just about every sort of machine and free weight you could imagine, even kettle bells. I did my pretty standard warm up and then worked on chest, shoulders and biceps. Before I even broke a sweat, Yakov was drenched as he headed for the weight machine, of course set to the max. He didn't even have any sort of reaction breathing at all, no huffing, puffing. It was as if the weights weren't enough for him. I was completely blown away by how he just did his own circuit with minimal breaks, mostly just checking up on me to make sure I was doing okay.

Yakov, you don't have to worry about me so much you know,” I finally said.

Yes, Yakov worry much for you. Master say you to be protected and kept happy to Yakov and I swore oath to do so. So Yakov must worry so much for you,” Yakov said very seriously.

Wow, even an oath? That sounds a bit over the top nowadays,” I said. “By master did you mean Janush?”

You call him by name he like. Me, he is Master only,” Yakov said simply.

I'll have to talk with Janush about that. It doesn't seem right somehow,” I said thoughtfully.

No please, Yakov not mind. Yakov know from old ways how it is and must be. Master may not be pleased Yakov make you sad or worry, bad for Yakov,” Yakov said seriously.

Well, okay if you really think so,” I said a bit confused. “Anyway, what's your plans for the rest of the day?”

Guard Dave, keep safe and happy!” Yakov laughed.

Don't you need to do something else around here?” I asked with a laugh.

Only when Master say to do,” Yakov explained.

Hmmmm, so I have you completely to myself is that it?” I laughed.

Yakov is Dave's, yes,” Yakov smiled. “Maybe Yakov call you Master too.”

Oh hell no, please don't do that Yakov,” I pleaded. “I wouldn't like that much at all. Its so not me.”

As you wish. We go swim now?” Yakov said with a big smile, happy I didn't want to be called Master I think.

Be nice to get some juice in me first I think, but then, sure, a swim would be just perfect,” I smiled.

Juice at pool for you. Come, we go swim now,” Yakov said turning towards the door.

I had one hell of a time keeping up with Yakov's stride. At 6'4”, that was never a problem for me until now. I felt like I just did some intense cardio after trying to keep up with him. The pool took my breath away. It had a partial canopy over it so if you didn't want to be in the sun you just moved to the other half. It had a gorgeous stone waterfall in the center of one side and tile that looked like carved stones. A small building was on one side that had 2 large bathrooms with showers, a long bar in front of it and load of various chaise loungers with umbrellas no less. There was a multi tiered jacuzzi on the side which fed into the pool water. It was surrounded by gorgeous plants and flowers. Made me think I was at an island retreat. The background was a breathtaking scene of mountains and forests. I guessed right off that is why Janush like this place so much, the scenery was pretty close to his place in Romania.

Yakov went behind the bar, bent down and came back up holding 2 large gallons of fruit juice, apple and white cranberry peach. I went with the white cranberry which was soon handed to me in a huge glass or jug more like it, filled with crushed ice. The bar was fully stocked and had an ice maker and large fridge spread out under the bar itself. Yakov turned around and fiddled with something and music was being pipped in from speakers hidden around the area.

Is music okay?” Yakov asked.

Perfect thanks,” I smiled and tipped my jug at him.

Yakov laughed and quickly downed a large jug of juice, came back from behind the bar, looked right at me as he dropped his shorts and slowly headed towards the pool. Man what a sight that was to see, those huge beach ball ass cheeks flexing as he slowly walked. And did I mention his massive ripped thighs and calves? Shit, I had one hell of a boner right then and there. Yakov dove in and quickly came up way on the other side of the pool.

Dave swim or no?” Yakov said.

Yeah, Dave swim,” I laughed as I dropped my shorts, let my boner smack my abs and ran to jump in the pool.

The water was just perfect after the workout, but not chilly by any means. I was amazed at how much attention was put into insuring guests are always kept comfortable and well taken care of. Yakov did this super fast swim from one long end of the pool to the other a number of times before stopping to check on me. I was slowly dog paddling while taking in the magnificent view of the mountains.

Pretty picture no?” Yakov said coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

Yes, it sure is. Reminds me of Janush's house in Romania. Probably why he like this place,” I said thoughtfully wiggling my ass against Yakov.

He live big old castle no?” Yakov said.

Oh yeah, real big. Kind of falling apart, but still, real big. Had a pool underground with an open wall to the valley and mountains. It was just as beautiful as this,” I said.

People live close by?” Yakov asked.

Oh hell no. Nobody would even take me half way there. I was on my own when I went there to camp. The tour guide thought I was off my rocker but I'm super glad I did what my heart told me to do,” I said.

Good listen heart. Head not always good. To much think and regret later,” Yakov said.

You know, you are absolutely right. You sure know lots about human makeup don't you,” I said turning my head to look at his face.

Yakov see much, do much. Most life no good for Yakov, good now,” Yakov said as he squeezed me into his body.

All I could do was sigh as it felt so good to be in this giants arms, knowing nothing in this world was going to come near enough to hurt me. One of Yakov's hands moved on to my cock and began to gently stroke as his mouth and tongue began to gently work over my ear and neck. He had me moaning and groaning within minutes. I was even thrilled by his killer cock sliding up and down my ass cheeks and lower back. I turned my head and just had to make out with him. He picked up on it and sure enough, we were into a passionate make out session. Every once in awhile his hand on my cock would grip tighter on a stroke but then ease up the pressure again. I was soon moving my lower back and ass so it was stroking his cock which made him growl.

Fuck me Yakov, I need to feel you fill me up,” I whispered and moaned.

Yakov too big for Dave, cannot hurt you,” Yakov growled.

I can take Janush without any problem, so I'm willing to try to take you,” I moaned.

If Dave scream, Yakov stop quick,” Yakov said biting my neck.

I turned my head and his mouth covered my nose and mouth. He started breathing deeply and I got super dizzy and thought I'd pass out. Just as I was close to going out, I felt the tip of his cock head pushing at my rosebud, very slowly but with intent. I know if I wasn't about to pass out I would be screaming my head off as his monster moved inside of me. He didn't release my nose and moth until at least ¼ of his cock was inside of me. It already was pushing and rubbing on my prostrate so I was panting and gasping like a loony. He kept his cock right there and began a super slow deliberate fuck. Damn it was almost too much to handle. It was like surges of pleasure electricity was shooting all throughout my body as his cock did its thing to my insides. His one hand was still slow stroking my cock and when my body began to tense, his hand clamped tight and he stopped moving his cock until I calmed down. His hand then took my balls and my cock and worked those slowly and gently. His other hand moved up and down my body, gently playing with my pecs and nipples and abs. I had no control at all, Yakov was in charge and gently let me know he was. After he stopped 3 of my orgasm's I began to plead and beg him to let me cum.

Yakov not ready,” Yakov growled.

That said, he increased his rhythm of fuck but not the stroking of my cock and balls. He slowly worked his way up in speed and began to really stroke my cock. My body went completely stiff, every muscle flexed and pumped as my orgasm began. I could see the jets of cum clouding the pool water a bit away from us. Nobody needed to tell me I was having a super intense, long lasting orgasm for sure. Yakov's cock was firing off loads of cum in me like a cannon. His cock seemed to retract and expand before going back to its extended length as volley after volley of cum shot inside me. That alone seemed to heighten my orgasm as if that was even possible. When I finally was finished, my entire body went limp as a wet noodle in his arms. His mouth was going wild on my neck and ear and his arms were squeezing me so tight it was almost hard to breath. Damn this giant knew how to fuck. I had a quick wonder of what it would be like to have his entire cock deep inside me, but that thought was just pushed away by my pleasure feelings.

Dave like?” Yakov finally asked.

Holy shit Yakov, you sure as hell know how to fuck. I don't think I've ever been taken to that height of pleasure before,” I groaned wiggling my body into his more.

So Dave like then no?” Yakov laughed.

Oh man, Dave like very, very, very much,” I said with a long breath.

Dave no hurting?” Yakov asked.

Yeah, Dave hurting for more,” I laughed.

Dave funny,” Yakov laughed. “Yakov like keeping Dave happy.”

Good, good for me,” I said. “Damn I just won the sex lottery for sure.”

Oh, there is such a lottery?” Yakov asked confused.

No, just a saying I came up with,” I laughed.

Oh good, Yakov never buy tickets,” Yakov said.

You don't have to Yakov, you are the prize for sure,” I laughed squeezing his arms around me.

Dave funny. Yakov lottery prize. Is new thing for Yakov,” Yakov laughed.

Believe you me Yakov, anyone fortunate enough to have you fuck them is a winner for sure,” I said.

You make compliment for Yakov no?” Yakov asked.

Yeah, that I did my big sexy friend,” I said.

Yakov Dave friend?” Yakov asked surprised.

Yeah, don't you want to be my friend?” I asked.

Yakov feel honored Dave want Yakov friend. Yakov very happy,” Yakov said squeezing me and sucking in my neck.

Yakov leaned backwards taking me with him, his cock still inside of me. I was laying on the front of his body like he was a float. He gently moved us around the pool. I felt so relaxed and definitely full with his massive load of cum and his monster cock inside of me. I was anchored good for sure. I must have fallen sound asleep as when I woke up, I was laying on top of Yakov still but he was laying on a big double chaise lounger.

Dave have good nap?” Yakov asked.

Oh yeah I did. A really great nap thank you,” I said softly.

Yakov make Dave lunch soon,” Yakov said.

Only if you eat lunch with me Yakov,” I said seriously.

If Dave want then Yakov eat with Dave,” Yakov said with conviction.

Good. I hate eating alone and I really like your company Yakov,” I said wiggling on top of him.

We laid like that for over an hour before Yakov easily lifted me up off of him and his cock made a 'plop' sound as it pulled out of my ass. Amazingly he held me up as he got up and stood me up feet on the ground. I turned around, reached up to his neck and pulled him down so I could give him a passionate kiss. I was soon wrapped up in his arms off the ground being kissed so gently and sweetly.

Okay, no sex, just make lunch,” Yakov laughed as he smacked my ass cheeks.

Damn, and here I was hoping we could do both,” I pretended to pout.

No, just lunch now. Dave behave himself,” Yakov laughed.

We ate in the super big kitchen. Yakov made a super salad and of course served Janush's wine. We talked all about our lives and I was really amazed to hear what Yakov's life was like before he met Janush. I helped him clean up in spite of his objections and asked if we could take a walk around the property. He took my hand and led me outside. It was a gorgeous sunny day and not super hot either. The scenery was to die for all around. I really felt I was back in Romania at Janush's lands. We had to walk for hours, myself loosing track of time. Not that I had anything pressing to do.

Yakov go get dinner ready for Master and Dave. Dave do things on computer in office while Yakov fix,” Yakov said setting a task for me.

Oh, there's even an office and computer for me to use?” I asked surprised.

Yes, Master say Dave needs to arrange old life from computer,” Yakov said obviously not sure what all that meant.

Damn, of course. I need to make all sorts of arrangement and notifications. I have a house to pack and sell and accounts to change and quit my job I suppose,” I said finally getting it.

Good, Dave do arrangements and Yakov do dinner,” Yakov said giving me a hug and lifting me up in his arms for one last long kiss.

He took me to the office and sure enough, there was the biggest, fastest computer you could ever dream of. It even had a huge monitor. I dove right into making as many of the arrangements as I could. A few friends were shocked I wasn't coming back home and I had a hell of a time assuring them I was perfectly fine, happy and where I wanted to be. Course I had no real idea just where I was, but thanks to google and gps, I soon found out. The house was miles from Denver, towards the middle of the state smack dab in mountainville as it were. They were all over the place. Nothing 'civilized' was within 10 miles of here, much like Janush's Romanian home. The sun was setting as I finished up what I could and signed off. The sunset caught my eye and I had to go outside to watch it as it was breathtaking. I figured Janush would soon be up and so I went to our bedroom to freshen up and get dressed. I took my time and enjoyed the wonderful shower. I went through the dressers and huge closet, picking out a very silky nearly see through shirt, some loose baggy soft linen shorts and sandals. I had to admit I looked pretty hot, especially after getting some good sun today. On one of the dressers was a gorgeous gold chain with a large bright red ruby I think. I put it on figuring Janush left it for me to wear and I kind of thought he'd be happy to see me wearing it. The sun had already set when I came downstairs.

Ah, there is my gorgeous lover,” Janush said with arms wide open.

I hurried down the stairs and was soon swept up off the ground into his arms and being passionately kissed.

I see you are wearing my gift my love,” Janush said.

Its just stunning, thank you. I wasn't sure if you left it for me or if it was something you just forgot to take with you,” I said.

So thoughtful and caring. No, I left it for you my lover, a gift to show you the depth of my affection. It looks so good around your neck and laying on your chest,” Janush said kissing my neck and upper chest.

Yakov has made an excellent dinner for us. Come let us enjoy it as you tell me of your day,” Janush said lowering me down and putting his arm across my shoulders.

I panicked just then, not knowing how Janush might react to Yakov and me having sex.

What is it my love? I sense you have suddenly gotten all tense and worried,” Janush asked.

Well, please don't be angry with Yakov or me, but we had sex a few times today,” I said sheepishly.

Is that all?” Janush began a super hardy laugh. “My sweet boy, it is fine. Yakov was told to keep you safe AND happy, no matter what that took. I even told him it was good to have sex with you. Now don't worry another minute about that,” Janush laughed and hugged me. “You are so sweet to think it would bother me you had sex with Yakov. That shows me how much you do care for me.”

I'm really sorry I didn't even think much of it before. It just sort of happened. I mean he is so damn impressive, its hard not to get all horny around him. I should have controlled myself better,” I said sadly feeling all guilty.

Nonsense love, it is as I said, perfectly fine. I am not angry or hurt at all. I am pleased Yakov made you happy and feeling good. That makes me happy and very glad you and he are fast becoming friends. I sensed your desires back home. I know what you find attractive and as you say sexy. I am pleased my sense was correct and I was able to find Yakov for you. He would gladly give up his life for you now, you know that don't you? He has more then fulfilled his oath to keep you safe and happy. It pleases me greatly. Now, lets get you dinner and you can tell me all about it,” Janush said hugging me.

Complete relief and back to being relaxed. I felt Janush was just amazing and so understanding. It was a bit freaky that he somehow sensed my preferences and sexual likes, but hey, more power to him. Yakov served us or rather me dinner with that wine of course and Janush just had some fruit, cheese and wine. I babbled on to Janush's laughs about my day and he was really pleased I liked the grounds and house. I told him all that I was able to do on the computer and that pleased him as well. I suggested we go for a walk outside to take in the millions of stars in the sky. He made it a point to wrap me in his arms again and smother me with sweet kisses before we headed outside.

The night was stunning. I had never seen as many stars in the sky in the USA. This was truly much like Romania.

So how exactly were you able to find this place and get it so quickly?” I had to ask.

Well, to begin with, you must understand I am considered royalty of sorts. More like an Emperor then a King. You see I have turned a number of humans into vampires over the centuries. I am the original and first making me the most powerful and all others are beneath me, owing loyalty and respect to me completely,” Janush explained. “Darling, you should close your mouth before some nasty bug flies in it! So my offspring as it were settled all over the world becoming very rich and blending into high societies and having large portions of stock in all major companies. The offspring who owned this house was very willing to give it to me once he heard I intended to move to the United States with my love. It is how things are Dave. You my lover once joined with me forever will be royalty as well. All will give you their fealty and pledge loyalty and all honors to you. That is if you choose to accept my bonding proposal.”

I was really in shock at what Janush just told me. Was this all part of some Hollywood movie? My mind was having a real hard time making sense of all of this.

Have I said something wrong love?” Janush said holding me by my shoulders facing him.

Oh no, its just so much to take in all at once. It doesn't register in my mind as something that is real. I'm sorry to be so dense Janush,” I said sadly.

Now I will not hear you say you are dense or anything similar again. You most certainly are not. It is understandable you must have time to realize what is happening and that I and others like me do exist and are in the midst of humanity. We ARE real Dave my love. You should know that at least from the time we have spent with each other. We have shared our blood and have made most passionate love you and I,” Janush said holding my chin.

Yes, I know Janush. But I never imagined vampires were real. I always felt it was nothing more then a movie writers fantasy. I'm not afraid at all for some reason even though I think normally I might be, but I'm not. I feel so deeply already for you that nothing could be more normal then you and I being together and sharing our love,” I said with tears.

There, you see sweet love of my existence,” Janush said licking my tears. “You are far from dense or stupid. You give yourself to me freely I can tell and willingly as well. Your feeling of love comes through very loud and clear to my senses. We will be fine Dave, you need not concern yourself with that at all. Now come, let us let our animal side take over and have passionate love on the earth.”

I was putty for sure. He made me feel so calm and relaxed, sure I was safe and nothing evil was happening to me. He was right, I was in love with him and wanted to be with him always. Royalty, good lord how did I end up in this. I wasn't complaining, just trying hard to readjust my thinking to the reality of my life now.

Janush scooped me up in his arms and walked us away from the house into the woods. He laid me down in a small meadow with the stars seeming to push each other to get into the space of open sky above us. Holy shit did Janush take me to a new level of pleasure. By the time we both had orgasms, I felt myself a complete part of him and he of me. I even went unconscious a couple of times as the pleasuring was so intense. Janush then carried me into our bedroom and laid me down on the bed with him spooning behind me, giving my face and neck sweet kisses.

Sleep well my love. I will return to you tomorrow. Have wonderful dreams of my love for you,” Janush said as I drifted off to a very deep sleep.

The next day, Yakov and I took a drive into the nearest town for groceries. I thought it best to use a Jeep that was in the garage rather then the limo. It was bad enough the look the locals had on their face when they spotted Yakov and then muscle head me besides him. I guess I must have looked like a 'mini-me' to them which cracked me up. I tried my best to explain my laughing to Yakov but he just didn't seem to get it. I suggested we take the long way home and he agreed, knowing I wanted to take in as much of the surrounding scenery as possible. It was breathtaking for sure. I couldn't help but wonder what winter will be like here. Has to be gorgeous but a bit treacherous at the same time. Yakov said we had vehicles designed to deal with deep snow and ice so it wouldn't be much of a big deal to get around. Of course, I should have known Janush would make sure nothing put me in danger, especially starving as we couldn't get supplies after a major snow storm.

That evening during dinner, Janush laid a bombshell on me.

Love, it is nearly time for you and I to become as one. If you do not wish it to be then you must say so. Once the ritual begins, it will be too late to stop things. You will become as I am completely. We will be bonded for eternity and that bond cannot be broken. I have never bonded with anyone before so you will be my first and last. I have lived centuries alone, never feeling a deep love for another as I feel for you. It is something I truly wish and hope you desire as well. I will not force you into this nor do anything to make you want it. It must be of your own free will. It will be for all eternity Dave. You will stop aging and no longer have to deal with illness or death. If you have family, they will no longer be a part of your life like before. You can see them from a distance and not directly as they will probably not understand when they get older and you do not. I have found it best to avoid those kind of situations so others are not hurt or unnecessarily worried. Take all the time you need to make your decision. Nothing will change until then,” Janush said seriously.

I couldn't say anything. My mind was in a state of confusion and panic. My heart was screaming YES and my mind was screaming NO. I couldn't just blurt out an answer right then and there. Janush hugged and kissed me and told me he didn't expect me to answer immediately as it was a super major change in my life, more serious and permanent then any other. He lifted me up and carried me into our bedroom and made slow passionate love to me, reassuring me constantly that all was as it should be and it was much too important a decision for me to make without great thought. That night I had the most vivid and terrifying dreams ever. I woke up in a sweat and shaking. Janush was there, holding me tight and watching me, knowing what I was going through.

This will pass my love, fear not, you are safe in my arms,” Janush whispered gently kissing me.

I snuggled tight into his body before falling back asleep. The dreams changed completely and were no longer terrifying. I woke up feeling much more refreshed and calm. At breakfast, Yakov asked me what I was all worried about. I told him what Janush said and he was quiet for a time.

Do you love the Master?” Yakov finally asked.

Yes, I have to be honest and say I definitely love him,” I said.

Enough to spend eternity with him?” Yakov asked.

I think the answer to that would be yes. Even though my mind can't get around the meaning of eternity,” I said.

Yes, it is hard to imagine for us, but not for Master,” Yakov said.

I suppose you are right. He's lived centuries already. That is hard to imagine too, but here he is, right now so it must be a reality,” I said thoughtfully.

I think big honor for you he want you. Hard living alone for so long. Longer then we can think,” Yakov said.

Yeah, you are right Yakov. Me of all people he had to have been with over the centuries. I had a partner who died on me so I know loneliness. It was there before I met him and then more so after he died. Never feeling the joy of being with someone you love with all your being for centuries is super sad and hard to imagine,” I said.

You had man who died?” Yakov said.

Yeah, we were together for 10 wonderful years. He was older then me and the kind of man I always hoped for. Big, strong, hairy and smart,” I said sadly.

Sorry for you loss,” Yakov said hugging me.

Thanks Yakov. It was sudden too. He died in an accident. No warning or thought it could happen, but then it did and my whole world crashed in a million pieces,” I said with tears.

Yakov think you have nother chance,” Yakov said kissing my forehead.

Thanks Yakov, that's true for sure. Pretty hard to pass it up,” I said.

Dave make good choice I think. Need time,” Yakov said.

He was dead on for sure. Here I was being offered another chance at being with someone I loved and there was no expiration date on it either. No worry about dying or leaving if what Janush said was true. Bonding had a sound of permanence to it for sure. It was something no one else could offer to me. Okay, I had to find some things out. Like would I have to stalk people at night and drink their blood? Was I going to become a real murderer and horror giver? Would it all seem so boring after centuries? I made up my mind I would have to ask Janush these questions before I could give him my answer.

That night, after dinner, I asked Janush to sit with me in the meadow. He willingly agreed and knew I had some things on my mind.

Janush, I need to ask you some questions that I have to have answered,” I began.

Yes, I know you do so please love, just take your time and ask,” Janush said laying down with me wrapped in his arms.

I proceeded to lay out my questions. Janush listened carefully and did not interrupt me until I said I was finished.

My sweet love Dave. You will not become a murderer or a horror at all. Yes, of course you can if you choose to be, but knowing you, that will never happen. It is only in the movies that vampires drain their host to death. In reality, only those vampires with little or no character to begin with ever do such a thing. Respecting life is one of our creeds. Yes, one must take from a human in order to survive, but only enough not to put the host in danger in any way. If taking anothers blood for nourishment is distasteful, there are other things available to insure one doesn't have to seek out humans like pre-bottled blood from blood banks controlled by vampires. The children on Halloween place more effort into scaring others then normal vampires ever will,” Janush slowly explained. “As far as being boring after centuries, it can be if you allow it to be. It is much easier when you have someone to share it with rather then being a loner as I was all these centuries. Think of the thrill of new technologies, advances in human engineering and medicine and the like. Just like your life now, it is what you make of it. You will be able to spend as much or little time as you desire in any place around the world and not worry about how you will live or how comfortable you will be. There are vampires all over the world and being a royal bonded to me and with me, you will want for nothing, ever.”

He moved me to see my face and looked deep into my eyes.

Does that answer all of your questions my love?” Janush asked.

I had to digest what all he said.

Yes, Janush, all my questions are now answered,” I said giving him a kiss. “I think I am ready to give you my answer. I say yes, I wish to be bonded to you for eternity and spend it all whatever it is with you if you'll still have me.”

I thought Janush was going to crush me he hugged me so hard and jumped up with me in his arms, actually flying into the air spinning us around as he laughed and kissed and laughed. I was getting dizzy from spinning around up in the air.

Janush, can we please stop spinning, I'm getting dizzy!” I shouted in between his kisses.

Oh, I'm so sorry Dave,” Janush said as he stopped spinning but we were still up in the air.

Thank you. Are we flying?” I asked looking down.

Yes, we are flying my sweet love,” Janush laughed. “It is a skill you too will learn to do and comes in very handy for traveling.”

I bet it does just that!” I laughed.

Once on the ground, and after a super sex session, I had to ask more.

So what happens now?” I asked.

Well, an announcement of our bonding will be sent to all the known vampires. I'm certain all of the oldest will join us in the ritual and will be most anxious to meet you. They will all pledge their loyalty and fealty to you after our bonding and we will have a large banquet of celebration. The ritual of our bonding includes you becoming one of us, a vampire. You will be ill for a number of days until you feed, but I will be with you the entire time. You are strong and I have no doubts will come through it just fine. If you wish, we can have a long honeymoon as your custom is or not, it'll be fully up to you my love,” Janush bubbled.

So how exactly do I become a vampire?” I asked.

I will drain you completely and you will fill on my blood. Technically you will die, but only for a few seconds. The illness feeling won't begin for a few days time. Once it does, you will have to join me at night in our crypt as the sun light can hurt you. It does take a long time to recover from serious sun exposure, but it will not kill you unless you are unable to seek shelter. It is unfortunate, but necessary for you to turn,” Janush said.

So I'll die huh?” I said thoughtfully.

Don't be afraid my love. It is normal for a human to fear death even if it is a few seconds. It is no more then a transition to a new life as a vampire,” Janush said.

So I'll never see another sunny day then huh?” I asked.

Silly love, of course you will. There's video, cameras, and you can view it within the confines of the house, just not in its direct rays,” Janush explained.

Doesn't sound so bad after all,” I said relieved somehow.

It isn't really, just a big change in how you live and for how long you live,” Janush said with a kiss. “And, we will be together my love.”

Yes, together,” I said with a deep sigh.

So that'll be the end of messing around with Yakov I suppose,” I had to ask.

No, not at all. You can enjoy the company of anyone that strikes your fancy my love. I know you love me and are mine so there is no reason for jealousy. We might actually share pleasures with others like an orgy if you wish,” Janush laughed.

Wow, I'm not so sure I won't feel jealous if I see you with another man,” I said.

Such a lover I have. You will learn over time that all that matters is we are one and for each other. No one can break that bond or enter into it with either of us. As I said it is for all eternity my love, so jealousy has no real meaning,” Janush said seriously. “There is no divorce for us once bonded.”

Maybe still being human makes me feel like I do,” I said.

Yes, and all that will change, over time. Its not instantaneous, since it is new and you have learned the feelings you now have as you grew up. I promise, nothing will happen with me until I know you can deal with it without feeling hurt or slighted,” Janush said with a deep kiss.

Guess I can't argue with that at all,” I said with a smile.

Good, I will make arrangements and let you know when it will happen. You must finalize your arrangements of your former life before then,” Janush said.

We went to our bedroom for another intimate love making session.

When I went down for breakfast, I had to tell Yakov what happened. He listened and smiled then came across the room and spun me around while in his arms and he laughed.

It is good, you are happy no?” Yakov said.

Yes, I am very happy and it is very good,” I laughed.

Good, we do gym and then swim yes?” Yakov said with a slight smile.

Sounds like a great plan Yakov,” I laughed.

The whole time we were working out, I couldn't help but notice Yakov never took his eyes off of me. It was pretty hard not to see they were filled with desire. This giant wanted me big time and I felt thrilled by his desire. I raced Yakov to the pool area and I know he stayed behind me just to take in my ass cheeks flexing as I ran. He got us juice from the bar and after taking a few swigs of it he starred at me intensely as he slowly took off his shorts, exposing his rock hard weapon of a cock. He slowly pulled at his plum sized balls and gave me a smile as he turned and dove into the pool. I of course was having a really hard time keeping my hard cock inside of my shorts after his show. What the hell, I stood up, lost my shorts and jumped into the pool. As I came up to the surface, Yakov's arms wrapped around me tight and I was being crushed against his body as he began to passionately kiss me until I could hardly breath. He then lifted me slightly in his hands and began to seriously work on my pecs and neck getting my nipples super sensitive in the process. I was really moaning and gasping as he nibbled hard down to my pubes and then all at once took in my cock and balls. His tongue and lips were going wild driving me crazy. I was wiggling like a caught fish out of water in minutes. Then, easy as can be, I was spun around and his hands bent my upper body down and his mouth and tongue were doing a serious number on my rosebud and ass cheeks. I though for sure I'd have an orgasm the minute his long, fat tongue rammed deep inside of my ass. Yakov sure as hell knew where my pleasure bump was and wasted no time working that over. Just like before, I was spun around and lowered, his mouth taking in my nose and mouth as he began to heavy breath, making my mind spin. Right before I was sure I'd pass out, his cock head did its march past my rosebud and inside of me. I saw stars and just let my body collapse against his upper body until he stopped moving more of his cock inside of me. Again, couldn't have been more then ¼ of his cock but then again I had no way of really being certain. No matter, it was way more then enough for me. He began to nibble and kiss and lick so softly all over my neck, shoulders and upper chest as his hands moved me slowly up and down his cock. My inner ass was going bonkers, flexing and squeezing from the unbelievable sensations his cock was causing. His growls became so erotic to me, sending shivers of pleasure up and down my body.

Oh Yakov, you make me feel so good,” I moaned and gasped.

Good, Yakov like that. Dave make Yakov feel special,” Yakov responded with his growl.

His arms wrapped tight around me and began to slide me up and down against his body, my cock pressed firmly against his abs and mine. He was not only fucking me but jerking me off with our bodies. So slow, so intimate, so hot. I climaxed 3 times before I was crushed and my mouth ravaged by his tongue as he began to fill me with his massive amount of cum. It was so unreal how sexy and powerful it was and yet I came out of it without one cracked rib. It would be horrifying to be caught up in a real bear hug from Yakov. This was definitely well worth experiencing. I passed out before he even finished filling me.

I woke up laying face down on top of his body with his one hand slowly and gently moving up and down my back and the other through the hair on my head.

Wow Yakov, you sure as shit know how to take me to another world,” I sighed as my hands squeezed his shoulders.

You like Yakov please you no?” Yakov laughed.

Shit yeah, so damn much. I see you and that's all I can think of, being taken by your for your pleasure,” I said.

Ah so Dave have crush for Yakov,” Yakov laughed.

You can say that again hot guy,” I laughed.

Well, soon Dave probably no want be with Yakov,” Yakov said softly.

Like that's gonna happen. You seriously think I'd stay away from you once I'm turned?” I asked seriously raising my upper body to look into his face.

Maybe so. Yakov not vampire so why Dave bother with?” Yakov said with a sad expression.

Yakov, that's not who I am. Yeah, maybe being a vampire might change some things but I promise, I will not forget or ignore you. I feel this is something special between the 2 of us and Janush knows how how feel. Don't worry about that at all. Unless of course you don't want to pleasure with a vampire?” I asked.

Dave silly. Yakov pleasure with Dave anytime even if Dave become monkey,” Yakov smiled.

Oh god, could that happen?” I pretended to be serious and worried.

No, Dave no become monkey,” Yakov laughed as he swatted my ass cheeks and hugged me tight.

Janush true to his word quickly made arrangement for our bonding. From what he talked about, I would be meeting all the ones he turned that lived in the America's and those in Europe. Some from Africa and Asia will attempt to attend but the political climate of the world might make that difficult. As the night I was to be turned and become bonded to Janush came near, Janush spent his entire nights with me, telling me stories of those I will meet and reassuring me about the ritual.

My working out and playing with Yakov became a daily event that I truly looked forward to having. It was like I was on a sex vacation having Yakov during the day and Janush at night. It kept me calm and happy for sure.

So it was here, the day of the night of the ritual. I have to admit I was nervous as all hell, but that was to be expected I'm sure. Its not everyday one choose to voluntarily change his existence and life like I was about to do. The entire lower floor of the house was a sea of various colored roses. I woke up to a massive bouquet of white and red roses next to the bed. Goofy me, I expected to see a flood of staff scurrying around getting all set to cater a big banquet, but instead, loads of gorgeous cut crystal goblets were covering the sidewalls of the dinning room on top of gold trays. That's when it finally dawned on me that vampires were coming and didn't eat normal food. Oh there were trays of fresh fruit that Yakov was arranging and placing all throughout the house that afternoon, but nothing else really. I was really relieved not to see young men tied to stakes all drugged up like they were for dinner, that thought thanks to Hollywood.

Yakov came for me before sunset and said I was to go to the bedroom and dress in the outfit placed on the bed. I was not to come out of the bedroom until Janush came for me. I of course wasn't going to argue with the giant so that's just what I did. I looked at the garment laying on the bed. It was made of fine gauze and linen, outlined in embroidered white silk. It had a loose fitting shirt, long pants and a cloak made of the fine gauze and silk boarder. I laughed when I thought of it as my wedding dress. There were even silk slippers for my feet. I decided to take a long relaxing shower and make sure my skin was soft and buffed. After all, I was being bonded to royalty. It was past sunset when I finished in the bathroom and finally got dressed. I checked myself out in the mirror for awhile, amazed at how sexy and elegant the outfit looked on me. It was obviously made exactly for me, my muscles being shown off under the material. It looked stunning against my tan skin. The last thing I put on was the necklace Janush gave to me. That really stood out, especially the large red ruby. As I did another partial turn to check myself out, there was a knock on the door and there was Janush dressed just like me.

Ah, my lover is ready. I see you were admiring how handsome and glorious you look,” Janush said as he made his way across the room and scooped me up into his arms.

It is all so rich and extravagant, but makes me feel so appreciated by you,” I said kissing and hugging Janush.

Good, that pleases me you like it. Now, I will take you down to introduce you to our guests. Have no fear my love, you are safe and no one would dare to harm you in any way. One look of displeasure from you and they will be removed,” Janush said with authority.

Kind of harsh isn't it?” I said surprised.

Harsh yes, but it is the way it has to be,” Janush said kissing my nose. “Any indication of disloyalty or deceit cannot be tolerated. I demand and will receive full loyalty, respect and fealty, accepting nothing less. That demand is our way and since you and I are to be bonded, goes toward you as well.”

Well that's pretty serious stuff, but I'm sure there are good reasons for it being that way,” I said.

There are indeed. I am the Alpha, the prime father of living vampires now. I retain the most power and ability over the others. We live and like an ordered, safe lifestyle which would be impossible if order was not maintained,” Janush explained. “But enough of that, our guests are anxious to meet you. Come my love, let us begin the ritual.”

It was a bit bizarre walking down the stairway with my hand on Janush's arm, like in those royalty movies. I was completely taken off guard when I saw how many vampires were starring at us. It kind of freaked me out that it looked like no more then 10 were in their 50's. Everyone was in their 20's and up. There were a few females in the crowd, but not many. It seemed most of the vampires preferred to be with males. Gay vampires, who'd of thought. I freaked again when just before stepping off the final step, every bowed down. Like an idiot, I looked at the floor to see what they were looking at down there.

My children, I introduce to you Dave, my love and my soon to be bonded mate. Thank you for coming to share in this ritual of love between us,” Janush said.

They all straightened up and applauded. I did a quick scan and didn't see one nasty look coming my way, just wide eyes and some licked tongues. I was introduced to the oldest to the newest in just that order. Small conversations with the oldest with lots of congratulations and compliments about my physique.

Janush and I were handed a golden goblet filled with his family's wine. All of the guests had their crystal goblets in hand before the oldest of Janush's children got everyone's attention and gave a very warm wishes toast. I didn't realize it at first, but their goblets were thick red, while mine was like regular wine. There had to be something in the wine I drank as I became super relaxed and calm in a flash. It didn't scare me but I did take notice. In a way it was a good thing as I was indeed very nervous.

Janush took me by the hand and led me to the living room, packed with guests and roses. In the center was a large lounge like sofa, the kind you can easily lay on. It was covered in a white satin. Janush directed me to sit on one side of the front and he walked around behind me and sat so his front was up against my back.

Breath deeply my love and be calm,” Janush whispered in my ear before kissing it.

The oldest vampire began a chant of something which the others joined in on. It had a strange melody to it I thought. Then I felt I was getting dizzy and if it wasn't for Janush holding me, I would have hit the floor.

Do you of your own free will, choose to become bonded to me for all eternity as your sole mate, lover and companion?” Janush asked out loud in a very serious voice.

Yes, I choose to do so of my own free will,” I said looking into his eyes.

Then we will now be bonded and joined as one for all eternity,” Janush said.

He then leaned me towards my side and began kissing and licking my neck. I felt his fangs go in and him beginning to drain me. I could hear my heart pounding louder and louder as more and more of my blood was being taken from me. Darkness began to creep in all around me. I heard Janush say 'drink my love' as he put his wrist to my mouth. I began to lick and suck his blood and he returned to draining me. The darkness closed in quicker and I could hear my heart getting weaker by the second. Then nothing. No dream, no light, nothing. Slowly I think, my eyes began to open and the colors of the room nearly shocked me. My ears heard the sounds of breathing and giggles, the distinct tinkling of glasses and felt more and more strongly Janush at my neck and his wrist in my mouth. When Janush saw my eyes open, he took his wrist away and began to passionately kiss me.

You have become my bonded mate and lover. Welcome to your new world as one of us my love. Our lives are now joined as one life and will be for all eternity,” Janush said kissing and hugging me.

He helped me to sit up and I looked around, seeing everyone in a different way now. I could see their bright red eyes, their fangs as they smiled and even picked up each one's scent. The strongest scent came from Janush. Then I picked up another different scent and looked around. It was the scent of Yakov who was far from me at the back of the guests, starring intently at me. I just smiled and winked at him which make him return a smile. The guests all came to me, kissed my hand and offered up their pledge of fealty and devotion followed by me giving them a hug. After the last one was finished, Janush announced that entertainment was in the garden and all should go there.

Janush walked around in front of me and helped me stand up, hugged me tight and kissed me before holding his arm across my shoulder and guiding me to the garden. It was all lit up and something like a sand pit was in the center of where everyone was standing. Janush and I sat at a thickly padded love seat. Suddenly, 2 very buff, huge men came out of no where and bowed to us. The guests oooed and gasped as they ripped off their loincloths and faced each other. The monsters began to fight each other. I have to say it was most erotic to be sure. I looked around as the match intensified and vampires were making out, feeling each other up and rubbing their crotches. Then, on the side of them, lights came on and 4 girls began a sexy sensual dance with 4 unnaturally handsome men. The action in the guests got more intense and soon, it was like there was this massive orgy going on. Janush picked me up and put me on his lap facing the performers as his hands played with my entire body.

Are you enjoying yourself my love?” Janush whispered in my ear as he nibbled on it.

Yes, I am. Those wrestlers are very big and tough looking,” I commented.

They will willingly give themselves to you once their contest is finished if you like,” Janush said. “Consider it a wedding gift.”

Are you serious? I'm not so sure I could handle that just now,” I said really getting into what these 2 guys were doing to each other.

I will be with you my love so fear not,” Janush said as he bit my shoulder.

The entertainment went on for a bit and then when one of the wrestlers was the winner, they both acknowledged the applause of the crowd and myself before coming up to Janush and I and kneeling down with their heads lowered.

Excellent match,” Janush said. “Now, are you ready to give pleasure to my mate and I?”

It would be a great honor for us my lord,” they both said in deep gravely voices.

Good, then let us retire to our chamber and enjoy the night,” Janush said.

With that, they came to me, one on each side and lifted me up like their arms were a chair. I liked the feeling of their muscled sweaty shoulders as they walked me towards the house. I looked around and everybody was naked, biting, sucking, kissing, like a huge mating ritual covering the garden. The men and women dancers were being passed around like a maash pit thing.

Janush was right behind the men carrying me up the stairs and opened up the bedroom door. Once inside, Janush gently undressed me with his hands and kisses. The 2 men took my arms and lifted me off the ground, gently placing me in the center of the bed. They laid next to me and began to lick and nibble on my body as Janush laid down on top of me and began to passionately kiss me. Things just progressed from there as my hands were busy feeling and squeezing the muscled bodies on my sides. Janush laid on the bed with his back against the headboard and the 2 men moved me on top of him, his front to my back. They then began to work over my body with their mouths and tongue, keeping their bodies close to mine as they flexed. One then concentrated on my pecs, armpits and neck as the other worked on my thigh, balls and cock. I kept turning my head to make out with Janush. Janush got his cock inside of me and one of the men stood on the bed and moved his super thick fat cock on my face until I lunged for it. The other ingested my cock and balls and I was in a super sex sandwich, moaning and groaning but feel things even more intensely then before. Janush had one of his monster orgasms. Then I was passed from one guy to the other, as their cocks fucked me and I sucked the others cock. It became so intense I could hardly stand it. After the 2nd man fucked me and filled me, they lifted me up by my arms and legs and offered Janush my hard dripping cock. He ingested it and worked it over until I was screaming with what felt like the most intense orgasm I'd ever had.

I lost all track of time, of everything really. Janush announced that it was nearly dawn and we were to retire to our crypt. He had to carry me as there was just no way I was going to be able to walk on my own. In spite of all the intense sex, I was still amazed at how things looked now and the smells I never picked up on before. Janush went downstairs to a door that was being held open by Yakov.

Sleep well my lords,” Yakov said with a smile and wink at me.

Thank you loyal Yakov,” Janush said as he headed down the stairs.

We ended up in a large ornate room lit by torches. There was an oversized coffin in the center. Janush laid me down on one side and got into it on the other, pulling into his body with his arms.

Are you happy my love?” Janush asked.

Most happy my love. Thank you for the wonderful evening,” I said with a kiss. “Those 2 wrestlers were really something special, thank you for that.”

You are most welcome. They belong to you now Dave. They are your personal servants and protectors. I'm sure between them, Yakov and myself, you will be kept very happy,” Janush laughed.

Really? Wow, talk about dreams coming true. Four sexy, hot, beasty men just for me,” I said in awe.

Janush laughed, kissed me and got comfy as did I.

That was my first night as a vampire and it was to die for!!!