Bumps In The Night 14


The following is a complete work of fiction.  Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental.  Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission.
The following story contains erotic homosexual situations.  If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now.

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'Well Shawn, now that you hit 45, 6'3", 215 lbs of solid rippling, veined hard core muscle and what the hell is it all for? Are you happy? Fuck no. Got anybody to share life with? Yeah, my clothes and car and money.' Kind of pathetic basically, great hot body, new paid for car, tons of money and completely empty inside. Guess that's what happens when you live for 'me' and ignore everyone else around you. This philosophical sob session was thanks to my latest mistake, David. Oh he loved me, needed me, couldn't live without me. Well yeah, until a richer daddy waved his wealth under his nose and offered him all he wanted. Did I see it coming? No of course not, I was mostly into ME. David knew how to stroke my ego and make me feel I was his entire world. Maybe I need to learn what life is all about other then me yah think? Duuhhhhh. Lot of good that frickin Masters Degree has done me. Time to get my shit together and really decide what kind of life I want and need where someone other then ME is the center. But then again, do I want to risk feeling rejected and used again. Shit, this gives me one big fuckin head ache.

Okay, while drinking to oblivion during my pity party, I need to plan on how the hell do I get my head on right once I sober up. Fly to some secluded European resort? Yeah, that would give me a chance to really think wouldn't it? Dumb ass. Get real already. Okay, rent a cabin at an exclusive hide away. Sure, get distracted by all the other rich ass holes trying to feel like they are communing with nature or some shit. Wonder if you get a free sweat shirt for staying there? Yeah, really need one for sure. Okay, lets get serious Einstein. Rent a boat and sail around until I get things set in my head. Okay, last drink now I'm getting a major stupid on. Do I know shit about sailing or boats? Hell no. Well they go in the water and the wind blows them around, but sure there is a lot more to it then that. Hmmm, maybe there is a possibility in that idea. What if I see if I can rent some place on a really secluded island, has to be nice weather of course fully stocked with supplies and all that basic stuff of course. Yeah, I'd be guaranteed to be alone and not have to get distracted by all the other humans, especially hot guys. Okay, that's a plan. Get on the horn with the travel geniuses and make it happen.

I surprised myself when I finally woke up after drinking myself into one hell of a stupor and sleeping on the floor right next to the lamp table I fell over, called my super service travel guy and got the ball rolling. He called me back a few times to get more detailed information and satisfy my demand for full supplies and some fail safe to get me off of the island just in case. He took a bit of time to finally call me back with all the arrangements and said I should have an email with the documents attached. If I liked what he arranged then all I had to do was sign it and fax it back to him.

I printed out the documents attached to the email and went over them several times before I felt all of my concerns were covered. The only thing he said they couldn't guarantee was the weather. That was a no brainer but I suppose failure to include that part would have gotten them in deep shit easily with most people. I signed the papers, forwarded a copy to my attorney just in case, and waited for the travel details.

Three days later, I got a large envelope in the mail with a full itinerary, reservations for the flights, the boats and the island getaway, including pictures no less. It looked simple but very comfortable and even came with a boat. I had use of it for a minimum of 3 months and could extend my stay at a discount should I choose to do so. First smile across my face in over a month. Deal done.

The flights were killers. I flew to Australia then to Fiji then to some island I never heard of on a plane I never thought could actually fly. I was way to dead to care by then. The boat that was taking me to the island looked more like some fishing thing rather then what I would consider a tourist boat, but again, I didn't care much then, I only wanted to shower and sleep for 2 days at least. The captain was a super pleasant older guy who kept a big smile on his face the whole time I was laying around in just my swim suit. Had to love the look on his face when I first came up top and stretched out my sore muscles. Good thing there wasn't some rocks ahead cause I'm sure we would have smashed into them. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he yelled out to me we were coming up to the island. I did a long look see and had to smile. It looked perfect to me, mountains, palm trees and bright white sand with tons of super bright blue water as far as the eye could see.

You like here. Big island, other maybe on different sides, far away, no bother you,” the captain said.

There are other people here?” I asked somewhat pissed.

Miles and miles away my friend, no close, far away,” the captain laughed. “You no see them, they no see you for sure.”

Well I sure as hell hope so for what I paid for all this crap,” I mumbled.

He dropped anchor and got us into a smaller boat along with some boxes. I had to admit, the place did look beautiful. I was amazed how clear the water was and that I could actually see fish and things swimming below.

Okay, we walk down trail to house,” the captain said after he loaded the boxes on to what looked like an old wooden wagon.

We walked towards this obvious opening in the palm trees and plants all over the place. The further we went, the thicker they got. I never saw so many gorgeous bushes covered in sweet smelling blossoms before. I could see all sorts of fruit on trees so I wouldn't starve for sure.

Have lots of visitors coming here?” I asked.

No, not here, you first one. Other sides yes, here, brand new,” the captain said.

Well, that brought a smile to my face for sure. I was going to christen the place. Nobody else ever stayed here. Super cool for sure.

The brush and palm trees seemed to thin out and there it was. It wasn't really a cabin but like a partially opened sided house. It looked kind of bigger then what I imagined or what the pictures showed. There was another building to the side connected to the house part with a covered walk.

What's that?” I asked pointing to the other building.

Supply shed. Stuff you need there. I show you. Radio, satellite thing and stuff like that. I don't understand but you have books to tell you.”

Books? I have to read books to know how to use the stuff?” I said surprised.

Not books, uhhh, manuals, instruction manual things,” the captain laughed.

Oh, that's more like it,” I said with a laugh.

The inside of the house was really nice. A big kitchen, huge bedroom, a living room and super sized bathroom that could fit 6 guys bigger then me easily. The power was mainly supplied by solar panels and there was an emergency generator attached to the side of the supply shed. Things in the shed were organized like a big super store. Food stuff in one set of shelves, bottled water in another, wine and booze in another, dry good in another and so on. The one half was nothing but gadgets for the satellite and solar panels. From the look of it, I could stay there a year without running out of supplies. It even had a wash machine and detergents and softener. >From the clothes line gadget out back I picked up on the lack of a dryer.

Wow, nice soft breeze coming through the house,” I said.

Yes, always like this. You close off panels for storms since sometimes one come through fast but then gone. Mostly as sun go down,” the captain said. “There down that path is waterfall and fresh water pool to swim for you.”

Wow, now that's nice,” I laughed being very pleased.

Oh, now I show you emergency call,” the captain said walking back into the shed. “Here, this big red button you push and signal go to main office. They send me or navy guy to come here. Better be bad thing or boy navy guys get real mad.”

Yeah, I bet they do,” I laughed.

Okay, anything else you need to know?” the captain asked.

No, I think you covered it all, thanks very much,” I said shaking his hand.

Good, I go now before dark. Don't like being on ocean when dark,” the captain said.

I watched him walk back the way we came until he was out of sight. I slowly walked back around with a big smile on my face and decided I would take a fast shower and head over to see the waterfall and pool. It felt like an orgasm taking a shower under 5 shower heads. I didn't even towel dry figuring I was going to swim anyway so why bother. I found a large beach towel in one of the closets and headed down the path to the pool.

When I heard the sound of the waterfall I nearly ran to see it. I kind of expected some man made thing like the hotels have, but nope, this was for sure a creation of nature and had to be over 50 feet high. The pool was more like a lake and had a bunch of water lilies on one end. A third of the shore was bright white sand and the rest was more of the flowering bushes and palm trees. They even put a lounger, table and chairs on the side so I could have a meal there if I wanted or just lay on the lounger instead of the sand. I put my towel on the table and walked over to the pool to test out the water. Man it was nice. I just dove in and swam out towards where the waterfall was falling. I could feel the force of the water and decided to swim to the side as I was sure the waterfall would have smashed me to the bottom of the pool real quick and easy. It was so cool behind the waterfall. Looked like the water had dug out a cave like part of the rock so you could sit out of the pool and look through the falling water. It was just like in some Tarzan movie I saw when I was younger. I got back in the pool and did a number of laps to work my muscles before I got to tired again. I took my towel and laid it over the lounger and sprawled out. I was out cold.

When I woke up, I was looking at the clearest night sky I'd ever seen. Billions of stars that looked so close I could grab them. I was startled by some noises but figured they were from some kind of birds I saw all over as we walked to the house. Guess they were telling each other about this weird ass animal who was now in their domain. I headed back to the house and got something to eat. While eating I picked up some of the information bulletins laying around all about the island. I was relieved to read that there were no predators on the island, only birds and fruit bats. No large mammals other then the humans as far as they knew. The island itself was quite large with a huge volcano mountain in the center. Guests were guaranteed their privacy completely and were encouraged to not cross preset boundary fences set up to divide up the island. I did notice there wasn't a lot about my part of the island. I guess it was just that new. I could see how they might not have every bit of information on the place as each part was super large. I made a mental note to follow their suggestion to keep a log of sorts mentioning any and all things I came across or saw. Made sense to me, like who better to tell them about what was around then the people staying on the island. Made me laugh when I read a bold paragraph guaranteeing there were no pirates known in the area or had ever landed on the island.

I got tired and decided to test out the bed. All I remember was laying down and then I heard birds chirping and sunlight was hitting me in my face. I think that was the best nights sleep I ever had. I had a good boner going and just had to take my time jerking off to celebrate my new quest, me of course.

After showering, I finally unpacked and got some breakfast. I decided a good hike would do me good so I dressed in my hiking outfit and headed out. I made sure I took my GPS and compass with so I knew how to find my way back to the house. I decided to head towards the mountain and take advantage of the terrain to get a good workout. I started to sweat after awhile, but it wasn't uncomfortable because of the breeze. I made sure I paid attention to the different birds I saw. It was almost like walking through some bird sanctuary in a zoo. A few were so curious they kept up with me flying from tree or branch ahead of me taking in long looks before moving forward in front of me. It was kind of funny, like I was the animal on display for them. The landscape suddenly got steeper and rockier. I picked some fruit to snack on and took some sips of water from the bottles I had in my backpack. The rocks were lava, jet black and super shinny, ranging from small sand to huge boulders. I kept hiking while taking in the scenic vistas all around. Did I pay a lot of attention to where I was going? Hell no, I was a tourist after all. WHAM!!! I don't know how the hell I missed it but I was now tumbling down a deep canyon it seemed with a fast moving river at the bottom. I know I banged my body against the lava walls and got some good cuts on top of it all. I can't tell you how I hit the water as my head must have gotten intimate with the sidewall or a boulder and I was out cold. I think the backpack kept me from drowning as I woke up moving fast in the river backwards with a super killer ache in my head. I tried a number of times to get to the shoreline, but the river's current was way to strong. When I wiped my hand across my face I felt the blood on my face. My hand was covered in it when I looked at it before passing out again. I woke up when I felt a hard jerk and my body hit something. I was pushed up against a pile of palm tree and shrub trunks and sticks. I slowly pulled myself towards the shore and passed out again on the rocks.

When I woke up, I felt weird. I was moving while looking down at the ground. I moved my head and noticed a big meaty ass, flexing huge glutes as they moved. Obviously someone got me out of the river and was carrying me over their shoulder. I then felt a big hand on my ass cheek and then passed out again. I woke up again after who knows how long and felt cold water being wiped all over my head and face. I couldn't see who was doing it but knew a very large hand was holding the whole back of my head and the other must be what was washing my head and face. Every time I tried to talk, the rag or whatever it was went into my mouth and I started to choke. I heard some grunts and heavy breathing and then blackness again.

When I finally woke up, I felt something around my head and over part of my face. I blinked and tried to sit up but my head wouldn't allow that to happen. For some reason I felt down my body and discovered I was completely naked. I moved my feet to touch myself and sure enough, even my hiking boots were gone. I heard some noise and turned my head so I could see what it was out of the one eye that wasn't covered up. Holy shit, it was a giant. A really huge, meaty, muscled, hairy guy who had to be at least 8 feet tall. My mouth opened and just stayed that way I was so shocked. He must have heard me gasp or something as he came up to me and bent down to look at me, his legs on each side of my legs.

Hey, you live, good,” the giant said in a loud deep, very deep voice. “Thought you might die.”

Who are you?” I managed to cough out terrified to move.

Stubs I am. Got you out of the river. Fixed you head up best I knew how. What you doing here?” Stubs said.

I'm Shawn. Thanks for saving me. I'm staying here for a few months, like a vacation,” I said nervously.

Vacation? You come here?” Stubs said surprised.

Yeah, needed to get my head together,” I said trying to smile.

Nearly lost most of it I think,” Stubs laughed.

What are you doing here?” I asked.

Live here, always. All I know,” Stubs said with a sad look on his face. “Just me, nobody else.”

There are other people on the other sides of the island you know,” I said.

Never go any other side, no need. See big machines long time ago and they put wire all over, never asked why,” Stubs said.

They are the company that set up the vacation places on the island. The wire is probably fencing to keep the parts private,” I explained.

Why?” Stubs asked.

People want to be left alone and not bothered by other people,” I said.

Silly to me,” Stubs snickered. “Alone is lonely. Not talk anyone for very long time after Billy man. He teaches me to talk and show me how to live. He died.”

Oh, I'm sorry he died. So you have been living here alone all your life?” I asked.

Think so, not sure. Only remember here,” Stubs said. “You hurting?”

Yeah, feels like my head is going to explode or something,” I said.

Explode? What is that?” Stubs asked.

Uh, well go boom, parts flying all over the place,” I said trying to think through the growing pain.

Go boom?” Stubs asked really confused.

Never mind, just hurts lots and lots,” I moaned.

Here, you drink this. Taste bad but hurts not so bad maybe,” Stubs said taking the back of my head in his hand and lifting it up as he put something hard against my lips.

I took small sips and tasting bad didn't really cover the taste at all. It was putrid. But, the more I sipped the less pain I felt. Soon, I'd swear he gave me the best drugs ever. I felt like I could do anything I wanted, well except sit up. Everything started spinning and there were at least 4 Stubs looking at me before I was out cold.

I woke up feeling like I was in a bathtub. I turned my head and was staring at Stubs massive pecs. My arm fell off of my body and splashed into very warm water.

Hey, good, Shawn didn't boom,” Stubs said with a happy tone.

No, I sure didn't boom,” I tried to laugh.

Think a hot bath be good for you,” Stubs said as his hand gently moved warm water over my body.

Mmmmm, that sure does feel nice,” I mumbled. “Sure liked what you gave me to make the pain go away.”

Everything spin but pain better. Bill man show me. Works good huh?” Stubs said as he continued washing my body.

Oh yeah, that it did for sure,” I laughed.

Maybe good you sit up against Stubs for time,” Stubs said as he slowly moved my entire body around so my back was up against his body.

I felt something like a big branch my ass was resting on and then when it twitched, I realized it was Stub's cock. That was as huge as the rest of him. It did feel good to be sitting up for a change. My back liked the feel of his body much better then the pile of leaves over the rock floor I was laying on.

You got big muscles Shawn. Not like Billy man,” Stubs said.

Thanks Stubs. I worked out a lot,” I said with a smile.

Oh, you work outside huh?” Stubs said.

No, I mean I lift weights a lot to build up my muscles, make them bigger,” I said.

Oh, lift weights makes them bigger huh?” Stubs asked still washing my body in the very relaxing warm almost hot water.

Yeah, if you work all of them the right way,” I said realizing he had no clue as to what I was talking about.

Maybe you show Stubs when better. Don't understand,” Stubs finally admitted.

Sure, when I'm better I'd be happy to show you Stubs,” I said.

I didn't realize it but his big hand moving over my body with the warm water gave me a raging hard on.

Your pointy got big,” Stubs said as his hand moved over my cock and balls.

Uh, yeah, it did cause your hand feels nice over my body,” I said a bit nervous not knowing how Stubs felt about gay men.

Here, Stubs empty it for you,” Stubs said as his 2 of his fingers wrapped around my cock and began stroking me.

You don't have to do that Stubs, even though it feels so real real good,” I moaned.

Shawn likes that huh?” Stubs said.

Oh yeah, Shawn likes that a lot,” I moaned and groaned.

Okay, Shawn, Stubs likes you like it,” Stubs said as he continued to stroke my cock.

My body started to wiggle as I moaned and groaned as his thick long fingers moved up and down my cock slowly with just enough pressure to get me going. It didn't take long at all for me to stiffen up and yell out as my cum started shooting out of me.

Shawn squirts lots of cream from his pointy huh?” Stubs laughed.

Oh man Stubs, that was so good,” I moaned and my body just snuggled back further into his body.

Next thing I knew, I was being held tighter against his body and his tongue was licking my neck and ear. Holy shit that was erotic. I got shivers up and down my spine real fast and couldn't stop my moaning.

Shawn likes licking and squeezing huh?” Stubs said.

Oh yeah, Shawn likes that lots and lots,” I moaned.

Billy man liked it too, lots and lots,” Stubs said. “I liked it lots and lots when Billy man did to me.”

Lucky for me,” I moaned.

I don't think Stubs got that but I didn't care all that much right then. All I knew was it felt so damn good and obviously Billy man got to teach Stubs about man sex which meant he was okay with it and I wasn't going to get killed.

My head slowly started that throbbing pain thing, probably from having an intense orgasm and now the building sensations of needing another one soon.

Stubs, my head is starting to hurt lots again,” I moaned.

I take you back and give you good bad stuff again, okay?” Stubs said as he stood up holding me against him with one arm and then scooping my legs up in his other arm once he was standing.

It felt weird as hell resting my head against that thick hard pec of his, but somehow it was comforting and his thick soft hair made it even better. We got back into his cave and he gave me another bowl I guess of that stuff and it seemed to work even faster then before. He was still holding me in his arm like I was a baby. I smiled up at him before passing out.

When I woke up, I was laying on my stomach, Stubs pec as my pillow and my hand latched on to his other pec. He had one arm over me, holding me to his body. It felt so nice as my body moved slowly up and down as he was breathing and the heat from his body kept me super warm. I found myself massaging his pec with my hand and kissing and licking his nipple which was right close to my mouth. He let out a long slow moan when I started doing that and I felt his cock growing alongside the side of my calf. I closed my legs so his cock was in between them and began to put some pressure on as I moved my legs slowly up and down, stroking his cock with my calves. His arm moved and his hand was now deep massaging my back and ass and his moans got louder and louder. I intensified my massage of his pec and put more pressure into working his nipple with my teeth, lips and tongue. Stubs breathing got faster and harder and then I felt his muscles flex as he sucked in a large breath. Then I felt a flood of hot cum splashing down over my entire back and ass as his entire body shook. His grip on my ass tightened and I was being squeezed tight into his body. Slowly, his cum was just running down his cock over my calves and he was now panting and jerking. He eventually moved his other hand over my thighs to spread them apart as I guess the sensation was getting too intense on his cock.

I guess Stubs like that lots and lots huh?” I laughed.

Shawn makes Stubs feel all good. Stubs liked lots and lots and lots,” Stubs growled.

Good, Shawn likes to make Stubs feel all good then,” I laughed.

Stubs like when you play with chesty. Feels nice,” Stubs said grabbing his pec.

Yeah, I know, I like when someone does that to me too,” I said.

Maybe when Shawn is good, I do for you too then,” Stubs said.

I was relieved he had enough sense to let me heal more before getting us into a heated sex session which I was sure he could easily do. I stretched out my arms and did my best to hug him tight. He flopped his arms around me and gave me a gentle but firm squeeze as well. I'd hate to be stuck in one of his bear hugs for sure just from the power I felt in his arms.

Shawn needs to eat I think,” Stubs suddenly said as he held me against him and stood up then had me held like his baby.

Maybe that's a good thing,” I said.

He took me outside and pulled down some bananas, picked fruit and berries which he put on my abs so I could easily reach them. I peeled a banana and took a few bites then held it up to his mouth. He smiled at me and sucked the rest of it into his mouth super fast. We shared the rest of the fruit like that which seemed to really make him happy. He took me back to that warm pool of water and slowly washed me. He washed and put me up against a big boulder as he went off to do his morning dump. I felt I needed to go as well so I asked him to take me somewhere to take care of that. He did and then washed me up again. He then moved his legs over me like he was sitting like an Indian brave and leaned back bringing me down with him. It was like laying on a super big comfy lounger that had a super long thick cock.

One day led to the next and I slowly began to feel strength coming back. I could sit up on my own and with Stubs' help, walk more and more.

So you don't know how you got here and stuff huh?” I asked one morning really curious about how this giant managed to come to this far out of the way island and not be noticed.

Don't know. Just here long time,” Stubs answered his usual answer.

How about when I am much better we head back to where I was staying and maybe I can find out something about your past for you?” I asked.

Why I should know?” Stubs asked.

Well, it might help to remember stuff or at least give you some idea about your past and stuff,” I said.

Stubs don't care past, only now,” Stubs said.

How the hell was I going to argue with that? It was his choice not to care about his past. Who knows, if he found out, maybe it would sadden him. Shit, look at my past. Was I thrilled about it? Shit no. I was here to start my life anew wasn't I? So why do I want to push the past on to Stubs? The more I thought about it, the more I realized it was my curiosity that wanted to know.

Okay, that's fair enough. I understand. Guess I'm just a bit nosy,” I laughed.

Stubs bent down and turned my face as he touched my nose with a finger.

Nose same I think,” Stubs said seriously.

Its just a saying Stubs. I meant I just wanted to know myself about your past which makes me nosy,” I laughed.

Oh, Shawn nosy lots then,” Stubs laughed.

Yeah, most people are I'm afraid, especially when they first meet other people,” I said thoughtfully. “Be nice if that Billy man left some kind of journal or something I could read.”

Shawn read? Stubs no read,” Stubs said with a grunt. “Don't know journal but maybe something I know.”

With that Stubs latched an arm around my body, stood up and cradled me in his arms again as he headed off toward the cave. Once in the cave, he gently placed me down and went in further. He returned with a big chest which he put down near the fire and sat down, motioning for me to sit in his lap. When we sat, that was my usual position, back against his body and one of his hands massaging me. Stubs opened up the chest and it was filled with all sorts of journals, medical looking equipment and even racks of test tubes.

Is it okay if I look at this stuff?” I asked.

Shawn look and read maybe,” Stubs said pulling the chest closer so I could reach into it.

These are what journals are Stubs. Billy man wrote down lots of stuff in here. Lets see if I can find the first one and put them all in order,” I said all curious like a scientist or something.

Journal go in order? How Shawn know?” Stubs asked with a curious look.

Well, see every writing entry starts with a date here. Find the oldest date and then its easy to put the other journals in order from oldest to the newest,” I explained while opening each of the journals to the first page.

What is date?” Stubs asked.

I went into this long explanation of the days of the week, months of the year and all that until I thought Stubs got it. I asked him how long I was out of it and based on that gave him the approximate date including day of the week. Stubs thought the whole thing was silly and useless, which in his situation did make sense. Today was all he knew and that was that.

I didn't like what I read as the opening entry in what I found as the first journal. Billy man was actually a scientist working for a big power government, modifying genes and attempting to change the basic human genetics to produce giants. Their main purpose would be for the military and also for population order. Seems his teams experiments ended up with some pretty awful monsters and eventually the military lost interest and cut his funding. He wasn't satisfied as he believed he was on to finding the right modification. He stole all the lab stuff he could, took all the left over money from the labs bank accounts and ended up on this island. Stubs it turned out was the new born baby of one of his assistants who died after child birth on the island. Stubs became the test subject for Billy man's experiments.

Stubs got bored with me reading out loud all of this stuff and didn't see what good it did for him to know he was born on the island as a baby. He never saw another baby so that whole concept was kind of lost on him.

I guess in frustration, he scooped me up under my armpits, turned me around and laid down bringing my cock and balls over his mouth. He then slowly started to lick them. No amount of hollering or kicking was going to stop Stubs as he began to find it fun to watch my body jerk with each lick. When I started to get hard and moan, well, now it was really good fun for him. The sensation of his hot wet tongue moving over my balls and cock was driving me insane with lust. We're not talking a regular mans tongue here. Stubs' was more like a monster bulls, super long and thick and very much fully covered in saliva. I must have shot my hips forward at just the right time as my cock slid over his tongue into his mouth and I gave out a super loud gasp. Stubs moved me down to look at me and make sure I wasn't hurting. By the look on my face and my tongue licking my lips he knew he was really on to something fun here.

He got me back into position and moved my body more forward so my cock slid fully into his mouth. He kept his tongue moving and I spread my legs wide so the tip of his tongue was moving over my ass. For some reason Stubs growled and I went bonkers. The feel of the sound vibrations from his deep deep bass growl along with the tongue and mouth massage put me over the edge. My arms stretched down and my hands took in as much of his hair as I could grab and I started to pull hard to help my hips fuck his mouth as I was shooting my load. My body was going nuts from the wild sensations. I finally had to release my grip on his hair and scream out begging him to stop so I didn't end up pissing in his mouth. As Stubs lowered me back down, he used his tongue to lick my whole body from my crotch to my face. I opened my eyes and he was smiling big time watching the changing expressions on my face. I reached out and pulled myself closer toward him and began to lick his lips and kiss him. When he lips parted I managed to flick my tongue on his tongue. Stubs caught on quick and gently used the tip of his tongue on my mouth and tongue. We were actually making out.

Stubs finally lifted me higher and smiled at me.

Shawn give Stubs good cream. Stubs likes what Shawn just did to Stubs,” Stubs said.

We were just kissing Stubs. My way of thanking you for making me feel so so so good,” I said.

Kissing good, I like,” Stubs smiled. “We do more maybe?”

I stretched out my arms and he lowered me so we were back into a good make out session.

I want to take Stubs cream too,” I finally moaned.

How Shawn can do that?” Stubs asked a bit concerned.

Not to worry, I'll work it out,” I said confidently.

I got Stubs to lay me back down on top of his body. I told him to lay back down and just relax while I have some fun. I slid down and began to work over his pecs and nipples first. I knew he liked that and boy was I ever right. I then made my way down and played around with his belly button and the tops of his pubes. I got him to spread his legs further apart so I could nibble, kiss and lick between his top thighs and crotch. Then I began to use my hands to hard massage his balls. His cock was starting to really leak out precum and I scooped a bunch up in my hands to lube up his balls while I worked on them. I was completely taken by the size of his cock. It was not only long but wide and vein covered. I could see his blood pulsing through his veins and his cock throbbing with his heart beat. I moved myself around to sit on his pubes, wrapped my legs around the base of his cock and smeared huge amounts of precum on my body and arms. Then I wrapped my arms tight around his cock one up and one down, squeezing my arms and flexing my pecs as I began to stroke his cock. Stubs was growling, yelling, panting and gasping. I guess he liked what I was doing for sure. Then an idea hit me. I decided to give myself a bit of a rest but yet keep him totally excited. I got off of his pubes and knelt down close to his ass cheeks. I began to hard massage them, kiss and nibble on them getting closer and closer to his slit. I told Stubs to grab his legs under his knees and lift them up for me which he did even though he was obviously confused. His confusion ended when I pushed his cheeks apart and began to move my face gently up and down his rosebud and inner cheeks. I used my hands as well and even my tongue and spit. I had him push his cock down towards me so I could squeeze out lots of his flowing precum. That made it much easier for my hands to work around his rosebud and even slowly work their way inside of him. I thought the roof of the cave was going to fall down when my fingers began to make their way inside of him he screamed and yelled so loud. I kept it up while asking him if he was okay and all I got was his shaking head 'yes' and lots of 'ooooh oooooh oooooh's out of him. I laughed and kept at it. I could look up and see his cock flopping hard up and down against his lower abs in sync with the movements of my hands. I had them past his rosebud and was like sawing them adding in a few twists here and there. Yeah, Stubs loved his ass played for sure.

It took some doing but I did finally manage to get him to push his cock down so I could used one hand to work over his cock head and piss slit while my other arm began fucking him. It worked out great that way as his precum was flowing like a faucet down on my arm. I moved my arm around and let my hand rub along the side walls of his insides. Well, all that worked until Stubs upper body shot up and the blast of his cum out of his cock knocked me on my ass. I got back up and used both hands to work over his cock head until his jets of cum became a flow. Stubs reached down and pulled me up on top of him right into a heavy make out session until he finally calmed down.

Shawn sure made Stubs feel lots and lots of good for sure oh boy,” Stubs panted catching his breath. “Stubs shoot out lots of cream for sure!”

Yeah big guy, you sure did,” I laughed as I began to wipe it off my face and chest.

Stubs interrupted that by using his tongue to lick it off of me, all of me. He then laid me down on top of him and flopped his arm over me before going sound asleep as did I. I had a wild dream about sitting on his cock head being filled to exploding with his cum. I just couldn't imagine where that thought came from but it sure seemed to stick.

After that night, Stubs was way open to trying anything I came up with for pleasures. When he decided he wanted to rim me, that topped the cake for sure. The feeling of being fucked with that big, fat, slimy tongue was like being fucked silly by a huge cock, only better I think. I quickly got better after all that became our regular daily routine. It was the wildest in the warm springs.

I felt strong enough to get back to working out to keep up my muscle development. I started to use large boulders and got Stubs to let me lift his legs and arms. He thought it was all funny and even he began to lift boulders and big fallen palm trunks. Life was certainly different and yet I was content and for once felt happy. I felt I needed to get back to my house on the island so in case they were trying to get in touch, no big search and rescue thing happened. It took some convincing, but I managed to get Stubs to come with me. I had help from the GPS and compass that was still with my backpack and stuff. Of course not one day went by without our sexual pleasuring took place since both of us really loved it lots and lots.

It took a few days but we made it back to the house. Stubs was like a little kid at Christmas with all the neat stuff he'd never seen before. He especially liked the big shower since I would get him to sit down on the floor and I'd wash him up with good smelling soaps which he developed a fondness for. He didn't care much at all for the food stuff so we stayed with fruits and berries from the jungle. When we went to the waterfall and pool, he couldn't wait to stand under the waterfall and feel it giving him a shower. I was afraid it would do a bad number on him but he knew somehow just how far under it he could manage without getting slammed down to the bottom of the pool. He spent a lot of time sitting on the living room floor in front of the TV watching movies and cartoons. Took some convincing to get him to understand those weren't real people inside the box. While he kept himself entertained with that, I poured over the journals from Billy man. Stubs carried the chest all the way to the house since he knew I liked reading them so much and he felt no need to keep them for any reason.

I knew for sure now that Stubs was the result of genetic manipulation. It was lucky for him he was born here rather then in a lab environment. He would have been nothing more then a lab animal to them for more experimentation. At least here, he was free, never knew emotional pain from what I could tell and certainly not about hatred and violence. He could really do some damage to any man alive until they used some firearm on him and he'd go down just like we all would. He had no weapons of any kind and didn't understand why you would need any. He never met a predator other then Billy man, which was my peg on the guy not Stubs'. It made sense he never came across anyone else as where he was living it wasn't financially attractive enough to develop. Plenty of money was being made from the exterior of the island to keep the investors satisfied. Besides, insurance companies wouldn't insure anything built up close to the volcano.

Its wasn't fun trying to get Stubs to let me lay on the bed snuggled up to him or let him spoon me. He wanted me held on top of his body. Finally he let me show him that he could still hold me with his arms but that I would be more comfortable laying on the bed itself. He got used to it after a few days, but I don't think he liked it much.

Thanks to the computer and satellite, I got caught up with the world and my old day to day things. I began to think what I'd do once my time on the island was at an end. When I tried to talk to Stubs about it, he just didn't understand why I'd have to leave and leave without him. I was now his and he was mine, end of story in his mind. The more I thought about it, the more I realized my time with him was my happiest time yet. None of the modern toys or crap like that changed that. I was with him without radio, satellite, solar energy, boxed and canned food, all that crap. From what I got from the journals, Stubs was about 5 years older then me even though you'd never in a million years guess that was the case. I felt healthier then ever and he obviously was super healthy. Maybe with him it was a side effect of his modified DNA, I don't really know, nor do I care actually. It made no difference to me anymore. I began to realize I needed Stubs as much as he seemed to want and need me.

Fate has a way of moving things in the right direction at times. I was torn as to what I should do. I began to fear what might happen if I left and some assholes came here and Stubs tried to welcome them. He had no reason to not trust another human and I just made all that worse. All he knew of other people was from his interaction with me. Not all guys would want to share sexual pleasures with a giant of a man, that's for sure. Word would get out and the island owners would certainly send a bunch of bad asses to take Stubs out as he would be bad for business. Shit, what was I going to do about all this.

Enter fate. A few weeks back at the house, Stubs went off to gather more fruit and frolic in the waterfall. I stayed at the house to set up my financial holdings and property so they would be available should I ever need them. I already made up my mind not to leave Stubs as any way I looked at it, it would be a disaster for him and eventually me. I was so preoccupied with working on the PC I didn't even hear footsteps coming towards me. I just happened to look up and 3 big, nasty looking guys were headed my way.

Can I help you?” I asked calmly not thinking anything was wrong.

Yeah you rich prick, you can feed us, show us where all the expensive shit is and hand over the keys to the boat out there,” one thug growled.

Hey, no need to be all nasty and stuff,” I said a bit nervous. “Food is in the kitchen and the keys are hanging over there.”

You just don't get it pretty boy do you?” the thug laughed. “When I say you can feed us, I mean just that. Get your tight ass away from that PC and make us something to eat.”

I didn't move fast enough I guess cause one of the other thugs came at me and punched me along side my head knocking me to the ground.

Now move it muscle boy,” he yelled.

I got up and quickly went to the kitchen and began to throw some things together to feed them. They began to rummage through all of the stuff, not caring if they broke it or not. I don't know what they were looking for but I was sure they would take whatever they wanted. I quickly thought about Stubs and what he might do if he came back and saw the blood falling from the side of my head. Not good for sure.

So where is the lady of the house at?” the leader thug asked.

No lady of the house, just me,” I said.

What? No lady? I think we got one of them gay boys here fellas,” the thug laughed as did the others.

I hear you gay boys can show a real man a good time,” the thug laughed.

Now look, you take what you want and leave me alone,” I said pissed off.

Oh yeah? What you gonna do about it muscle gay boy?” the thug laughed. “Tie him up to that post there and strip him. I wanna see just how pretty this one is.”

Before I could make any move a thug slammed me at the base of my neck knocking me to the ground, took hold of my wrist and dragged me to the post outside the living room. He ripped off my pants and grabbed me by my throat to lift me up and slam me hard against the post. He used a rope he pulled off of the draperies to tie me to the post around my neck and then my ankles so they were spread apart.

Those muscles for real or just for show pretty boy?” the leader asked as he came up to me and began to rough massage my arms, shoulders, pecs and abs. “Kind of hard I see. Good, probably means you'll last a lot longer. Nice package too. Shame its wasted on you.”

I had no idea what the hell he was talking about and all I could think of was Stubs. They ate all the food I made and began drinking wine right from the bottles, making comments about how rich bastards didn't appreciate what they stole from the poor people.

Hey pretty muscle boy, you got any money here?” a thug asked.

No. I have no need for money here as you can see. No stores or anywhere to spend it,” I said a bit pissy.

Oh, attitude now. Okay, we'll soon get that out of you,” the leader laughed.

He got up and walked in front of me, slowly taking off his clothes and rubbing his crotch with a sick smile on his face. He came close to me and rubbed his hands hard from my shoulders to my abs. Then he started to squeeze my pecs in both hands really hard and rough. He pinched and twisted my nipples hard and started to squeeze my thighs roughly. I was so pissed off and worried about Stubs, my cock didn't react at all. He didn't like that and began to slap at it up and down, side to side until I had a hard on and a very red, sore cock. He pressed his body up against me while his hands latched on to my ass cheeks and he began using them to slide my cock up and down his abs while smashing and squeezing hard on my ass cheeks. It hurt really bad.

Hey, untie his ankles for me. I wanna open him up good before fucking his muscley body up good,” the thug yelled.

One of them came over and untied my ankles. As soon as they were untied, the tug abusing me moved his hand in between my thighs and began to finger fuck me while asking me if I liked that. The other thug decided he wanted in on it and stripped down. He got behind the pillar and reached around latching on to my pecs which he then began to roughly squeeze and pull. He did that pinch hard and roll thing on my nipples while the other guy was enjoying my face as he fucked his fingers in more and more. They worked me over for some time before the finger fucker grabbed hold of my legs and put them on his shoulders while sliding me down the pillar some until his cock head was pushing at my sore ass. Without any warning, he slid me down hard as he jerked his hips up and his cock rammed deep inside my ass. I screamed and screamed in pain. The more I screamed and cried the harder they worked me over. The 3rd guy wanted a piece of the action and they slid me down so the guy fucking me was kneeling with his ass on his heels so the new guy could ram his cock into my mouth and fuck my throat. I was sure I was going to be ripped to shreds and choke to death real quick.

Hey, not nice!” a big loud booming voice sounded, it was Stubs. “What you do to Shawn?”

I could see through my teary eyes the look of complete shock and panic on the face of the guy fucking me as the guy fucking my throat went soft and was backing away from me. Stubs stomped over so he could see me and got this really bad look on his face. He swung his arm fast and the guy fucking me went flying across the room. He already took the guy behind the post by the head and smacked his face into the post knocking him out cold. Stubs got the rope off around my neck and lifted me up gently under my armpits so he could look me over good.

Shawn hurting?” Stubs asked with a sad look on his face.

Yeah, Shawn hurting lots,” I sobbed.

The leader thug got up and made a dash for Stubs. He tried to tackle him but just got stuck it seemed. Stubs lifted his arm and crashed his fist on the top of the head of the thug and he was now out cold on the ground.

We're sorry mister, didn't really mean no harm,” the last thug started yelling.

No, you not nice, make Shawn hurt lots,” Stubs yelled.

Stubs, just let them go to the boat and leave here. Please for me,” I sobbed holding his jaw in my hands.

Stubs looked at the thug and then at me a few times before he agreed to what I wanted. Stubs picked up the 2 thugs out cold and threw them over his shoulder, the other thug just running out towards the boat in front of him. Stubs held me up with his free hand and I walked with him towards the boat, after getting the key first of course. Stubs actually threw the 2 thugs into the boat, both of them landing hard with loud thuds. I threw the keys to the terrified thug and he fiddled with the key trying hard to quickly get it going. It would have been funny watching his head snap around from looking at Stubs to looking at the dash of the boat as he kept having trouble getting it started, but I was really hurting. Finally he got the engines started and that boat nearly flew towards open water. Satisfied they were gone, Stubs scooped me up like a baby and carried me into the house. He went right to the shower and gently washed me up.

You see Stubs, some people are bad,” I said after finally calming down.

Why they bad like that?” Stubs asked.

Just how some men are I think. Wish I could tell you why, but I don't even know,” I said trying to smile.

Where is bad stuff so you stop hurting?” Stubs finally asked.

It took me awhile to get what he meant. I didn't know what that magic stuff was made from and knew I didn't have any at the house.

Not here, don't have it here,” I said. “Maybe some other stuff might help.”

I got him to help me dry off so I could look around for any kind of pain medicine. Luckily, there were some various pain killers in the first aide kit. I took a few and got Stubs to take me to the kitchen so I could have some juice and water. The pain killers were starting to work, though not as good as Stubs' brew. I made a mental note to find out how he made it. Stubs took me to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed, spooning behind me.

I'll be okay Stubs, don't worry. Thanks for saving me from the bad guys,” I said hugging his arm.

Shawn stay with Stubs. No more bad guys for Shawn,” Stubs said as I drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up it dawned on me that those guys would be caught with the stolen boat and the authorities would know it came from here. If they came here and saw Stubs, we were in for even bigger troubles. Then the idea hit me. I had Stubs help me actually wreck the whole place including the shed, making it look like the guys trashed it all. I even made sure food was emptied from boxes and cans, having Stubs dig deep holes to bury it in. I emptied all the wine and booze bottles, throwing them all around the place. I packed up some stuff, especially the medical stuff and collected all the journals and got it all organized so we could take it with us. We were heading back to Stubs home for good. I was sure the authorities would suspect the thugs of murdering me and hiding my body. Nobody would listen to their crazy giant story and assume they were naked on the boat drugged up from the pain killers they stole and used all up.

Stubs and I headed back up to his home and I knew I didn't want anything more to do with my old life or any of that stuff. Stubs was now my life and I was not sad at all.