Bumps In The Night 2


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Damn, its so great not to live in the crazy, crowded and screwed up city any more. I had the benefit of having an aunt that I made sure I kept in touch with and talked to as often as I could manage, not for any other reason other then she was someone great to me from the time I could remember. I could always talk to her about anything and never felt like I was being judged. She was the only one in the family who I ever told I was gay. Her reaction was a tight hug, a kiss and soft smile and a wish that I would be happy. Well, she died recently and after her funeral, I was contacted by an attorney and told she had left me a very sizable inheritance which meant my “have to” working days were now over. Had no real clue what the hell I was going to do to keep myself busy, but I figured that would come with time. I wanted to just enjoy the lack of stress and hassle for now and maybe even commune with nature. Yeah, I know, weird.

Being 45, single and now rich, I decided to leave the city and find my version of heaven out in the country. I wanted forests, lakes, rivers and all sorts of cute little critters to make me laugh with their antics. I had 2 somewhat serious relationships, well, I thought so until they left me hanging. One because I was too old it seemed and the other because he wanted someone to fully support him, and he couldn't even cook or do laundry! I'm not really bad looking I suppose, well, I have been hit on a number of times, so I have to assume that, since I'm not my type! I'm 5'11” tall, weigh in at around 225, work out fairly regular, as a stress reliever mostly. While not being a gym god or anything like that, I think I have a nicely muscled and defined body, noticeable muscle but not extreme. Guess I'd say to me I looked more like a construction type guy then an investment analyst. I'm single now only because I got tired of the “regular” scene and felt most of the guys I met were shallow and only interested in nothing other then me fucking them or them sucking me off before flying out the door and then not even remembering my name when we ran into each other afterwards. Nope, think I'm a bit too old for that game, even though a few of my friends my age are now trying to fit into that super young crowd, like being young is catchy and they want to catch it bad. Not me, I'm happy with who I am and how I am now, content and feeling super lucky and blessed that I'm completely free from the worry and stress of my former life. My name is Pete by the way.

I bought a 4x4 truck, since I figured it fit better in the country then a caddy would. Besides, I liked them more but never owned one, didn't seem to fit with what I was expected to own with my job. Investors didn't think much I guess of meeting with an analyst who drove one, well so was the rule of the company. Anyway, I had simple needs, no longer caught up in having to have the latest and greatest of everything. I had learned how it never made me happier or my life better, just something else to worry about and get on the competition band wagon. I went house hunting getting as far away from where I lived most of my life. I was in the Midwest and decided I wanted to check out the mountains of Colorado, in the western part away from the big cities. I met up with a really nice lady who asked me all sorts of questions about what I needed and what I had to have in a house, which stumped me at first since I never really thought that deep about it, a house is a house huh? She was super helpful and within a few days had a list put together of houses she thought I might like. We checked out almost every one on the list and I wasn't all that thrilled with most as they were just too close to the center of town and I felt it was just a smaller version of the big city life. Just when we got to the last one, I knew when we drove up the driveway, this was it.

It was sitting on a 5 acre lot, backed up by DNR land and wild forest ranges on both sides. The house was really huge, had like 5 bedrooms and 4 baths, a sauna, jacuzzi, a huge kitchen and family room, really rustic and kinda manly. Behind the property was a very nice creek. The property was fenced in with nice open wood fencing but not anything cheap by any means. She said the owner lived alone after his family moved away and just recently died. No one wanted the place and it sat empty for months. Well, not even checking out if it had running water or electricity, I said I wanted it and signed what she said was a good offer. Within 2 weeks, it was accepted and I closed on the house in another 3 weeks. That gave me time to do some serious shopping for stuff to kind of fill up the house. I lived in a one bedroom apartment in the city so I sure as heck didn't have enough “stuff” to come close to filling it up. She turned out to be super helpful, making sure I had all the necessary treasures of a kitchen, took me to a place that had super deals on bedroom sets and another that took care of all the linens. When I finally moved in, everything was there, ready for me to put away and arrange. She even had the furniture delivery guys put the stuff in the rooms her and I thought it would look best in. Wow, I finally had my very own “home” just like in the movies!

I went into town and introduced myself to the sheriff and fire guys, even though there was only 2 guys on duty at the firehouse, the rest were volunteers. I kept a thought in the back of my head that I might just join the volunteers at some point, getting me to feel more a part of the community and who knows, might actually make some good friends.

It didn't take very long at all for my new life to settle down. It was really weird at first but then slowly, it made me smile during the day when it really started to sink in that I was home and didn't have anything really to worry about. I had cable, internet and a stocked fridge and bar, what more does a guy need? I went exploring around the grounds and was really taken with the creek. It was close to being a river but wasn't wide enough I guess. It was super clear and I could see the occasional fish swimming by. Hell, there were even some ducks that seemed to like snacking on the algae on the rocks in the water. When summer came along, I made it a point to make it down to the creek during the heat of the mid-day and skinny dip. At the grocery store the clerk told me I probably should stock up on some goods and lots of wood for the winter as there were some big ass snow storms that came this way and I might be stuck at my house for a few days before any snow plows came down the main road in front of my lot. I went a bit crazy I guess because I bought the wood, boxes of canned goods and had to buy a big freezer to handle the meat I bought. Then I of course needed a tractor with a plow on it and a big ass snow blower just in case. I never really had to deal with all that once I went to college and as a kid, I thought shoveling was a blast. Yeah, I was ready for whatever mother nature threw at me and the best part was I wasn't worried about it all that much. I didn't have to drive to work or any other scheduled commitment so it really didn't matter all that much.

I eventually got friendly with a handy man in town by the name of Sam. He was in his late 50's and worked at all manner of odd jobs, a jack of all trades and he was pretty damn good at it too. I felt his fee's were way too low, but he seemed content and happy, making a simple living and getting what he needed to live the life he wanted. I found myself admiring him. He was around 6'2”, very hairy and solid from hard work. He had to weigh in at around 280 or so, a slight belly but you could see it was rock hard. Sam liked his beer and I guess that was the reason for the belly. I had him build me a covered porch across the back of the house so I could sit out there even in the rain and enjoy the scenery. He sometimes had a helper with him, a young guy who obviously was only doing it for money. Whenever Sam showed up alone, I volunteered to help him, a way of learning some things I told him. He was patient and funny to boot. His work impressed me and I made sure there were odd jobs that had to be done around the place. Sam was a widower, his wife died almost 10 years ago and he never wanted to remarry. They had no kids and as he put it, living alone got to be a good thing. I invited him over a number of times for a barbecue and to share the jacuzzi. He liked both and I think he enjoyed my company as much as I did his. When I had him over late in September before it started getting cold, he got a bit serious with me.

So Pete, you ain't married huh?” Sam asked.

Nope, never was and never will be,” I laughed.

You are a good looking guy, hard to imagine no filly roped yah,” Sam laughed.

Well, can't lie and say none every tried, just not for me,” I said.

You like men huh?” Sam just asked.

What? Where did that question come from?” I said somewhat taken off guard.

Well, I have noticed how you look at me when I'm working without my shirt on and when we are in the jacuzzi,” Sam said with a small smile. “Not that I mind so don't worry about that Pete.”

Yeah, I am gay and I do like men,” I said with a smile. “Not to worry though, I won't drug you up and rape you.”

Sam laughed and shook his head.

Its no big deal to me. Finally nothing to have to hide mostly, well except in super small towns with lots of do good-er church morons,” Sam laughed. “This town isn't all that bad since there aren't a lot of those churches around, but I'd still be a bit careful if I were you. Some people don't cater to all the modern beliefs about gay rights and such.”

Well, I don't intend to fly a gay flag for gay pride,” I said pretending to be serious, “ and I don't think I'll start a gay support group for teens either, so nobody has to worry about that.”

I didn't think you'd do anything like that Pete, just sayin how it is here,” Sam said seriously. “I like you and hate to see you bothered by idiots. You are from the city and life here and there just ain't the same when it comes to how people look at stuff like that.”

Well, I never was one to flaunt being gay, figured it was my business only and no one else's,” I said.

That's good, glad to hear you talk like that,” Sam said. “Just figured you don't need bullshit added to your life.”

Thanks, I appreciate that Sam,” I said with a smile. “So you want to hit the jacuzzi before it gets too cold?”

Yeah, but how's about we skinny dip in the creek first,” Sam said with a smile.

Hey, if you want to, its fine with me,” I said surprised. “All summer I've made sure I hit the creek for my skinny dippen treat.”

Sam laughed and suggested we do the creek first since it was cold and then get warmed up in the jacuzzi. I agreed, took out a few beers and a cooler and we headed out to the creek. I was somewhat surprised when Sam suggested skinny dipping, but thought it was probably a thing with country guys anyway. When we got to the creek, Sam cleared an area, put together twigs an broke up branches for a fire.

Don't want to get caught out here without some heat in case it gets cold,” Sam winked. “Besides, will keep the critters away from here.”

I kind of liked the glow and feel of warmth of the fire. I wondered why I never thought of doing that myself. Anyway, Sam took off his shirts, pants, shoes, socks and then his underwear. I couldn't help but to notice the size of his cock and super low hanging balls. I was really impressed. I did my best not to stare and undressed myself. I jumped into the creek and yelled out when my bare body hit the water. Damn it did feel refreshing but I could tell it was a bit colder then it had been so my daily ritual out here was pretty much over till summer. Sam jumped in and he yelled out too, swearing on top of it.

Shit, the damn water is cold,” Sam yelled. “My balls are gonna pull up into my chest from it.”

I laughed and shook my head, knowing I felt my package shrink up real quick. We talked and laughed and learned a lot more about each others lives before Sam said he was getting too cold to stay in the water and was going to lay on a blanket by the fire to warm up. I followed him out and pulled out 2 beers, handing him one. Sam smiled and thanked me but he kept looking at me with this weird ass smile.

Why don't you move over here so we can get each other warm,” Sam said finally.

Sure, good idea,” I said before thinking about it.

I moved on the blanket close to Sam. He had me lay facing the fire with my back towards his front. I wasn't sure at first when I felt his entire body push up against mine and his arm wrapped around my waist and his hand moved to one of my pecs.

There, we'll be warm real quick this way,” Sam said, his breath tickling my ear his face was so close.

Yeah, that's for sure,” I laughed still not sure what I should do, like some newbie.

We drank most of our beers while talking and laughing, the feel of Sam's hairy body up against mine and the movements while he talked and laughed started to feel good. So did the warmth from his body and the fire. I couldn't help it but all of a sudden, I had a boner. Somehow, Sam noticed it and before I could even try somehow to hide it, his hand went from my pec to my cock, pushing it up against my body and gently moving up and down.

Seems like you like this a lot huh Pete?” Sam whispered in my ear.

Well, it sure feels good,” I babbled still thinking too much.

Suddenly, I felt Sam's lips and tongue, gently kissing me on my neck and shoulder and his hand now not only moving up and down my cock but squeezing it now and again.

I must admit, it felt really good. I hadn't been with another man in months and of course I missed it. But still, for some damn reason I wasn't sure how to go with things. I didn't want to give Sam the impression I was a sex fiend or anything which was rather stupid since he initiated it and we were 2 consenting adults.

Is that okay with you Pete?” Sam whispered again.

Yeah, it feels so damn good,” came out of my mouth.

Next thing I knew, Sam's other arm was snaked under my armpit and he had me in a tight, hug, his hands moving around my body and his breath at my ear was starting to get me crazy. I felt his cock pushing up against the top of my ass cheeks and small of my back. I wasn't sure if the liquid I felt running slowly down to the ground was precum or water from the creek. When Sam licked my ear and I moaned, he moved me so he could reach my face with his and pulled my head sideways towards him and gave me such a passionate, sexy kiss I actually moaned. It didn't take long for him to start a duel with tongues, damn this guy could kiss super good. Gentle yet powerful and forceful all at the same time. He moved and moved me on to my back and half of his hairy body was on top of my body, his hand feeling my body all up and down from my shoulder to my thigh and my head was just about locked in his other arm. There was no mistake about who was in control. Sam had a way of making that crystal clear from the start I felt. This was something new for me as I was always the top, aggressive one. Sam moved my hand to his cock and looked in my eyes as my hands explored his cock. It was big, fat and throbbing. I could feel the blood pumping hard through his thick veins up and down his cock.

You like that bad boy?” Sam asked between kisses.

Yeah, sure do,” I mumbled.

Well, how about you show me how much you do?” Sam said in a super deep sexy voice.

Before I knew it, I was turned around, my face aimed at his crotch, my one hand massaging his ass cheek and the other his thigh and calf. I slowly licked the head of his leaking cock and he hissed and moaned. I took it in my hand and slowly stroked up and down, my tongue exploring the head of his cock under his foreskin hood. That seemed to make Sam really happy as he jerked his hips up and yelled out “Oh FUCK!”

I massaged his balls while I teased his cock by taking in the whole head inside my mouth, putting a bit of pressure on and sucking gently as I pulled off of it. It wasn't long before Sam was pushing his hips up hard and then had a hand on the back of my head forcing me to let his cock get deep inside my mouth, hitting the back of my throat easily. Another “OH FUCK” from Sam and he was filling my mouth with a huge load of cum that seemed to be shooting out of a cannon. I didn't move off of it but sucked hard and moved my head up and down while I held on tighter to his cock with my hand and stroked it. Sam's upper body was flying up and back as each shot of cum came out of his cock. I didn't let up until nothing more seemed to be shooting out. I lifted myself on to my elbow and took a look at Sam. He was still jerking a bit and his head was rolling from one side to another as “holy fuck” “oh my god” and “damn” kept coming out of his mouth.

You okay Sam?” I asked as I never saw a reaction like this before.

Okay? Damn boy,” Sam panted finally. “Okay doesn't even come close to how I feel. You have no idea how long its been to be with someone. Don't think anyone sucked my cock since I was in high school either.”

Well, happy to be of service and glad you enjoyed it,” I said, not expecting anything in return.

I made a move to get up and open 2 more beers when all of a sudden, Sam's body was on top of mine, his hand was wrapped on my cock and his other hand was working on my ass cheeks. Without a word my cock was deep inside his mouth, his tongue was doing some miracle thing on it that I quickly loved. I couldn't believe how he was working on my cock, figuring he never really did this before. When one of his fingers which was wet slid inside my rosebud, I lost it and started filling his mouth with my cum. He did the same as I did, sucking and stroking to drain every drop of my cum from me. I went limp finally still with my fingers dug into his bowling ball hairy ass cheeks. I think I even bit his calves a few times.

Guess you like that too huh?” Sam laughed. “You taste really good too.”

Thanks, so do you,” I managed to pant out.

Come over here,” Sam said softly as he reached his hand down towards mine.

I moved around and was quickly wrapped inside his arms against his body and his mouth on mine, our tongues gently touching and rubbing. This was unreal I kept thinking. I liked the feeling I figured out of not being in charge and the aggressive one.

I pushed myself up and looked into Sam's eyes and I saw contentment and joy. I managed to slide down his body, kissing my way until I reached his crotch. I pushed up his thighs and looked at his face. He had a curious look like he didn't know what I was doing. When my mouth and tongue moved from his balls to his pernium and then his rosebud, I thought he was going to have a stroke. His upper body actually shot up and he grabbed his ankles while he had this look of shock and disbelief on his face and he was actually panting. When my tongue managed to push past his rosebud, his upper body slammed down to the ground, his hands grabbed on to his head and I couldn't quite make out what he was yelling other then the “oh my god” “holy shit” “oh fuck” litany that he seemed to favor. I did my best to give him a rimming treat as I was sure he never experienced that in his life. I didn't have to touch his now hard again throbbing cock. When I was going to take it into my mouth again, he started to shoot again, surprising me with the volume after his previous explosion. I finger fucked him while I devoured his cock again. I thought his strong hands would crush my skull he held on to it so damn hard. Suddenly, his hands flopped to his sides and his legs fell on top of me. I moved out from his legs and went back up to hold him and give him some kisses. Again, when he felt I was up by him, I was wrapped inside his strong arms and held super tight against his body while his tongue almost made me choke he was like fucking my mouth with it. He finally calmed down and did the gentle kisses and licks again.

Well, I guess that was a new experience for yah huh Sam?” I asked with a smile.

Oh man, boy, you just about killed me with that one,” Sam panted. “I would never imagine anything like that would feel so damn good.”

Glad you enjoyed it,” I said kissing Sam.

Do you like that?” Sam asked.

Oh hell yeah,” I said happily. “Kind of rare though to find someone who is willing to do it though I found.”

Before I knew it, Sam had me on my back, my legs pushed up against my chest and ass up to the sky. He dove into my ass like it had the meal a starving man found. It was rough, animal like and I loved it. His tongue felt like a wild cock pushing and rubbing, licking while his lips kissed and sucked. He even bit my ass cheeks a few times. When his fat tongue pushed inside me, I yelled out and tried to push up my ass which was impossible with his arms holding my the way he was. My ass wasn't going anywhere soon unless he wanted it to, that was for sure. It was so unreal how his tongue felt like a fat thick cock fucking me silly. I didn't care as I was now in my own pleasure high. My eyes shot wide open when all of a sudden I felt something way bigger then his tongue slide deep inside of my ass. Sam was fucking me now. I gasped and then my head hit the ground as his thick, veined cock and fat cock head started to work on my prostrate. It was unreal how that felt, something I hadn't really felt before. I was soon moaning and grunting and pleading like a girl for him to fuck the shit out of me and take me. He fucked like a demon. He moved his hands to my pecs and kept my legs locked against his shoulders. Damn this guy could fuck. He slowed down and even stopped a few times just before his cock head was going to plop out, then wham, it was rammed in deep and the wild fucking began all over again. I came 2 times before he yelled and screamed as he began to fill my insides with his cum. When he finally finished, he moved my legs apart and basically flopped down on top of me, moving his arms under me and squeezing me tight as his tongue raped my mouth. It was passionate and so damn sexy to me. My hands were moving around his back and his ass like I couldn't get enough of him, my fingers flexing in and squeezing as they wildly moved.

Both of us finally just collapsed from exhaustion. He rolled partially off of me but didn't let me free from his arms. It felt damn good for sure.

Thanks Sam,” I said as I kissed him. “That was the best. I never expected this to happen.”

Me neither Pete,” Sam said with a smile. “But I sure as hell am glad it did, that's for sure. Best damn sex I've ever had in my life.”

Well, I'm very glad you feel that way,” I smiled. “Never would have imagined you would get into man sex like that.”

Neither did I but damn it was so good,” Sam laughed. “I feel like an idiot for not even trying it for all these years.”

Well, like they say, better late then never!” I laughed.

Thank you Pete, I really mean that,” Sam said seriously. “I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed pleasing you and you pleasing me. You are what I though, a hot, sexy man who likes man sex.”

Well, thanks I think,” I said with a funny look.

No, don't take that wrong,” Sam said quickly. “I mean it as a compliment. I really do Pete.”

Well okay then, that's how I'll take it then,” I laughed. “How about we put out the fire, go back to the house, take a shower and have a sleep over.”

That would be so nice Pete,” Sam said with a big smile.

So the 2 of us cleaned up the area, made sure the fire was out completely and walked back to the house. Neither one of us got dressed and I got to see the ripples of his back and ass as he walked in front of me to the house. There was just something about his hairy body that turned me on. He was rugged and all man that was for sure, not that I was like nelly or anything, but still. I guess being dominated like he did me made me feel damn good. I liked it for sure. When we got back to the house, we went upstairs to the master bath and both of us stepped into the very large shower when the water was running warm. He started to soap up my body and I then did his. It felt great to feel his muscles which had a nice layer of fat on them but not in a gross way. And the hair on his body was really a turn on too. He surprised me again when he all of a sudden pulled me into his body tight and started to make out. Man this man was strong and knew how to take charge for sure. We got out of the shower and I handed him a bath sheet. We dried off and headed to my king sized bed. I pulled the sheet and comforter down and got on the bed.

Which side you prefer,” I asked.

The one that's right next to you,” Sam said with a wicked smile.

I laughed and flopped down on the bed. Sam came in on the other side, moved over and pulled me again into his body, his leg covering my legs.

You know, I would have never thought I'd feel like this or do this in my life,” Sam said softly. “You sure as hell make me feel needed, wanted and sexy.”

I blushed and then kissed him. “Thank you, that was nice of you to say Sam.”

He squeezed me tight again and then flopped down, one arm across my chest and the other behind my neck. I moved over and cuddled into his armpit and chest. It felt really great. I was thrilled that Sam liked having sex and hoped he would want to visit often.

The next morning I made us breakfast and Sam wanted to make out some more, which of course we did. He had a few jobs to do at some other houses and asked if he could come back over tonight and make dinner for me. Of course I agreed. That became a just about nightly scene for awhile and then nightly, even if it was just to make out and cuddle to sleep.

The house really looked wonderful to me when the snows started. It reminded me of a Christmas scene in a movie. The only thing was it wasn't stopping and the flakes were getting bigger and bigger. I watched out of the bay windows in the living room as the snow just kept piling up and covering everything. I heard the sound of a truck coming down my driveway and when it was just even with the front door, recognized it as Sam's truck. I went to the front door and held it open as he fought his way through the snow and wind towards me.

Thought I'd come over and see if you needed help moving the snow around,” Sam said as he grabbed me in a bear hug and kissed me.

Wow, that was nice of you,” I laughed. “But I don't see the point of doing anything until it stops. Looks like we are in for a really big storm.”

Yeah, I watched the weather and its a blizzard,” Sam said as he took off his hat and coat. “Supposed to be a bad one. Kind of unexpected this early in the season.”

Well, I'm stocked up and have lots of fire wood, so we're good to go,” I laughed.

Sam sat on the entry bench, pulled off his shoes and a sweater he had on. He had a tee under the sweater and from his sweating it was sticking to his body. It was sexy as hell seeing his hair through the wet shirt.

Hey, you should get a shower in while I make us something to eat,” I said with a smile.

Trying to get me naked already?” Sam said sarcastically.

No, just want you to be comfy is all,” I said with a laugh. “Although that's not a bad idea now that I think of it. Seeing you walking around here butt naked would be nice.”

Your wish is my command he said as he pulled down his pants, pulled off his shirt and gave me a kiss before heading upstairs to take a shower.

This guy has become someone important in my life now and I think he knows it. He didn't have to come here for an overnight as often as he has, most weeks just staying here to sleep rather then going to his house.

Tonight turned out to be another special sexual session with this very sexy man I am now friends with. Sex was never rushed, always considerate and passionate as all hell. I decided to take a shower after things calmed down. When I came out of the shower, I couldn't help but to smile as Sam was already sound asleep, turned on his side waiting for me to snuggle up against his body, my new position whenever Sam stayed over. I shut off the lights and tried to crawl into bed as quietly as I could, but Sam just pulled me up against him, moved his arm over me and one leg over my legs. Always seemed to amaze me how somehow he seemed to sense me close and without seeming to actually wake up, pulled me into him and held me tight.

The feel of his warmth and his breathing was very comforting to me. The storm was raging outside, a full fledged blizzard. When I looked out the window of the bedroom, I could barely make out the line of trees not far from the house since the snow was coming down so hard and fast and the wind was brutal on top of it. I quickly fell asleep and then not knowing how long I slept, a noise woke me. Sam had rolled over when I moved on to his back and I pulled up a comforter on top of him before I slowly left the bed to see what the noise was. Before I got to the end of the hallway, there was that damn noise again. Maybe a deer was seeking shelter from the blizzard on my porch or something. Didn't have a clue. When I got downstairs, the first place I checked was out front through the windows of course. The house lights were pretty bright and managed to somewhat shine down towards the main road through the heavy snow which was still falling like before, seemed like the wind picked up some. Then I did the trek around the house, looking out the windows to see if I could spot anything out of the ordinary. When I went to the back of the house through the kitchen, it seemed really bright to me out back. I shook my head thinking I forgot to shut off the back yard floods but when I flipped the switch, it was still super bright. I flipped it again and did notice I could tell the lights were off, but damn it was still almost like daylight out there. That made no sense to me at all but I figured there wasn't anything I could do about it, besides, Sam was here and he could look into it in the morning or as soon as the blizzard stopped. As I made my way to go back upstairs, there was that noise again, even louder now. It bothered me especially since I couldn't figure out what it was. Didn't think it was a deer anymore since it wasn't a constant sound like hoofs on the wood deck or a sliding animal hitting the house, not that I'd know what the hell that sounded like, but just didn't fit to me. I went back to look out back since that is where it seemed the sound came from and all of a sudden the light got even brighter. Then, it seemed like the whole back of the house was shaking, windows rattling like we were having a quake or something. Then I paid attention to the fact that the floor wasn't moving around like I heard it does in a quake. I wanted to hurry up and get back upstairs and have Sam with me to check out what the hell was going on. Do they have tornadoes in a blizzard? Hell if I knew, but was pretty damn sure Sam would know.

I didn't make it halfway through the kitchen when all of sudden the back door slammed open and I was hit by the wind and snow coming in. Without thinking, I swore at myself for not making sure the doors were locked and hurried towards the door to close it before the kitchen was filled with a foot or more of snow. As I headed back there with my face down to protect my eyes from the hard hitting snow, I noticed this very long shadow on the floor which stopped me dead in my tracks. I slowly looked up and there was the outline of a very, very tall man with long blowing hair standing just outside the doorway. He'd have to really bend down to make it in past the doorway. He had to be at least 7 ft tall or more. Funny, for some reason I felt relieved it wasn't the outline of a grizzly bear. Sure Pete, kind of normal to have some 7ft tall guy in your doorway in the middle of a blizzard. The tall guy did bend down and came inside the doorway and moved half way towards where I was frozen in place. The door slammed shut just as loud and hard as it had blown open. I was amazed none of the glass shattered or the wood didn't snap into pieces. I was sort of expecting Sam to come barreling down the stairs butt naked screaming all sorts of questions about what the hell was going on, but no, not a sound from upstairs.

The bright light in the yard suddenly began to get dimmer bit by bit. I slowly moved towards the wall to turn on the light in the kitchen. I didn't want to startle whoever it was in my house, maybe someone in shock after wandering around outside caught in the blizzard and needed help. Before I could reach the switch on the wall a voice that sounded like it was all around me told me to wait. I saw an arm lift up and make some movement and then the kitchen lights came on, but not their normal brightness. They seemed to be on some sort of dimmer which I know I didn't have. I stood in complete shock as I looked at the 7ft tall, red-blond haired guy, broad shouldered, no way skinny, very pale with almost a blueish cast to his skin staring at me. I then realized I was naked and felt he was checking me out. Thinking along the lines of this poor guy had to be wondering out there for hours to have turned so pale and blueish, but yet he didn't really look like he was shivering or anything. What he had on didn't even seem to be wet.

Did you get stuck out there by surprise with the blizzard?” I asked.

The tall guy just cocked his head to the side and wrinkled his eyebrows which were very thick too I noticed.

Would you like for me to make you some coffee or tea to warm up?” I asked again. “I can go upstairs and come down with some blankets to help warm you up.”

Finally a sound came out of the guy, just a deep, gravely “No.”

Well then, how about you come with me into the living room and I can get the fireplace going to make it a bit warmer in here,” I said trying to be helpful.

No” was my only response.

Well, can we at least come out of the kitchen?” I said, “I'm getting a bit cold standing here with all the snow and water.”

The guy lifted his arm and indicated I think that I should move towards the living room. I did just that, taking a blanket off of one of the side chairs and wrapped myself up before turning on the lights. I was somewhat startled when I turned around and the guy was standing right there behind me.

Okay, you should know my friend is sleeping upstairs and he's a tough guy by the way, so if you were thinking of robbing me, there isn't much here cash wise,” I said hurriedly, not knowing what was going on here.

The guy looked at me seriously, lifted an arm and suddenly I was sitting on the sofa without remembering that I moved there. The guy moved right in front of me as I sat on the sofa, now able to see him more clearly in the light. He was indeed very built, solid with reddish blond long hair, thick eyebrows, almost gray eyes, and a bluish cast to his skin and lips. He just looked down at me and stared, making me feel like I was being checked out big time. I started to almost feel as if I was a piece of meet at a butcher shop being studied by some lady before buying. It was becoming very uncomfortable. Obviously this guy wasn't freezing like I thought, his very light and loose fitting clothes, well, coverings really, were not wet at all. His hair wasn't even wet now that I thought about it.

Okay, I'm starting to get freaked out now,” I stammered, suddenly very uncomfortable and wondering why Sam hadn't come charging down the stairs yet. “Who are you and what do you want and why are you in my house?”

The guy cocked his head to the other side, reached his arm out and his very long fingers took the top of my head and suddenly I felt a rush of calm and peace flow all through me.

Do not be afraid Pete,” the guy said with this very baritone voice but yet almost soft. “I do not wish to harm you in any way. Your friend Sam will not be coming down here as I have insured he is in a very deep sleep. My name is Golas and I am not from your earth. I have been watching you and Sam for some time now, after I first picked up the strong burst of energy you both put out during your mating.”

Wait, you are telling me that you are an alien, have been spying on me and Sam and just popped in for a visit?” I said knowing I should be excited, angry and nervous but I didn't feel that way at all.

Yes, as you say and alien to your world. I have not been spying as you said but studying you and Sam,” Golas said calmly. “You see in my world we have lost the desire for sexual pleasuring a very long time ago and we wish to be able to get that pleasuring experience back again.”

Oh great,” I said, “so we are some sort of science project now.”

Golas looked at me with a funny look and then bellowed out a laugh.

Good feeling this expression of happiness I believe, you call laughter,” Golas said with what I think was his best try so far at a smile.

You don't even express your feelings?” I asked curiously.

Most if not all of what you would call emotion has been lost,” Golas said. “Survival and progress was much more valuable to us and when we finally reached a level of intelligence we felt satisfied with achieving, we discovered what we gave up in the process. A certain level of intelligence is required in what you call the universe before other more advanced species will welcome a race into the group I think you would call it. Once that happens, knowledge, intelligence and longevity happen at a much quicker pace then previously possible.”

Strange, I actually think I feel sorry for you and your people,” I said thoughtfully.

Ah, yes, another emotion, empathy and sadness at ones plight I believe,” Golas said.

Yeah, kind of I guess, more like a tug at my heart like a feeling of loss for what you have lost,” I tried my best to explain. “So Golas, why are you here in my house with me.”

As I said previously, I have been monitoring your energy level bursts when you and Sam share bodily pleasures, all part of my task to bring back as much knowledge as I can find about these emotions,” Golas said. “I felt the best way to complete the task now since collecting all the data I have, would be to experience it for myself.”

So you want to have sex with me and Sam?” I asked somewhat confused now.

Not with both of you, just you,” Golas said matter of factually.

That has to be the wildest pick up line I've ever heard in my life,” I laughed.

You wish me to pick you up?” Golas said and then without much warning had me up in his arms, the blanket slipped off of course.

No, that wasn't a literal request Golas,” I said laughing. “It was just a phrase, a misuse of language which we are famous for in America.”

Oh, I see, yes I believe I have studied that previously,” Golas said. “However, unless it is unpleasant for you, I do seem to feel it is something nice.”

I had to admit to myself that yes indeed it did feel nice being held in the arms of this super tall hot guy, able to feel his body muscles at least his arms and chest against my body. Without thinking I put my arms around his neck and gently moved his head down towards my face and gave him a kiss. He froze, like he wasn't sure what to make of it.'

Oh, I'm sorry, did I scare you?” I asked.

No, not scared, more like taken by surprise,” Golas said. “I did not expect you to do that to me without being asked to.”

So it wasn't something bad then?” I asked curiously, because I did like the feel of his lips.

It was not a bad thing,” Golas answered. “May we do more of that?”

Its called a kiss and yes we can,” I said with a smile.

Golas was a truly quick learner. I think within 5 minutes he was into making out with me like a young buck. I got him to sit down on the sofa and I stayed held in his arms, my knees resting on the sofa to his sides. He kept checking my face after every few minutes of making out which made me laugh. He noticed very quickly that my cock had gotten hard and I was even leaking some precum.

Would you want to taste it?” I asked.

May I?” Golas asked politely.

I figured what the hell, I can do my part in the name of science. I stood up on the sofa and guided my cock towards the lips of Golas. He actually studied my cock which seemed weird at first but then felt kind of cute. He looked up at me and I smiled, stuck out my tongue and moved it like I was licking. He started to mimic my action and was soon licking at my cock. I took his hand and moved his fingers so that only the index was straight out, slowly put it in my mouth and began to suck and move my tongue on it like if it was a cock. He looked surprised, then confused and then finally the light bulb went on. He had my entire cock inside his heavenly mouth just that quick. When I started moaning, he put one hand on the top of my head and the other, fingers spread wide on my back. After a short time he let loose of my cock and moved me a bit away from him.

This was pleasure you were feeling from my mouth massage of your penis is it not?” Golas asked.

Yeah, it sure was,” I said wanting him to continue sucking my cock.

If I continue doing this will you reach climax and ejaculate your sperm and semen?” Golas asked.

Wow, that sure as hell sounds clinical,” I said seriously. “Golas, if you wish to get a full experience of sexual pleasure, you can't talk so clinical. Nothing more of a turn off then being talked to like some lab experiment.”

I see, thank you for the added information Pete,” Golas said seriously. “I will do my best not to turn off your stimulation.”

With that, Golas wasted no more time. He was working on my cock as I guess my nerve reactions were being taken by his fingers on my head and back. It was a bit weird, but I've had EKG's so no biggy there I thought. He sure knew how to work my cock after a bit, taking me to just about exploding to starting the ride all over again. I couldn't stand it anymore and I began to move my hips forward and back, fucking his mouth. He went along with it, not even gagging as I know I felt the tip of my cock hitting the back of his throat. Suddenly, my whole body shook, stiffened and I latched on to his head as I began shooting loads of cum into his mouth and throat. Didn't seem to bother him at all as he just went along with it, sucking and massaging my cock even more with his tongue. I had to pull my cock out of his mouth as it was way to sensitive for what he was doing to me.

Golas, you need to stop,” I panted.

Very well, I will stop for now if you wish,” Golas said.

I slid back down onto his lap and pulled his head down towards my face and began to softly kiss him. I now knew he really liked making out because he sure became a pro at it rather quick.

That was very nice,” I said with a deep sigh. “Now, can I do the same for you?”

Golas made a funny face, his eyebrows went up and his eyes seemed to get bigger.

You would wish to do that?” Golas asked surprised.

Yeah, sure I would,” I said. “Its only fair for me to give you pleasure as you gave to me isn't it? It is supposed to be a mutual thing Golas. One flaw a lot of humans have is just being concerned about their pleasure and ignoring the one that just pleasured them.”

I see,” Golas said thoughtfully. “That would seem to be fair and logical. I would think both parties would be in agreement before exchanging pleasures.”

See, there you go again, clinical,” I said with a laugh. “Fair and logical don't always play into things Golas. Yeah they should, but often they don't. Most times its just an instantaneous event between 2 people that are horny. I'm sorry, horny, in need of sexual relief.”

So a number of times it is just the need for relief that initiates pleasuring,” Golas asked.

Yep, that's for sure. Like with Sam and I, neither one of us planned it to happen but both of us were in desperate need for sexual relief. I was surprised Sam was willing to have gay sex, what we call male and male or female and female sex. The majority of humans have what's known as heterosexual sex, between a male and female, for pleasure but also for procreation.”

Yes, I have studied all of that and was somewhat confused by it I must tell you,” Golas said.

Sexual relations have changed a lot in the past number of years, like all things with humans, change takes a long time to make minds think differently about things,” I lectured.

Yes, your species certainly does have extremes of cultural norms,” Golas said.

That is putting it mildly I'd say,” I laughed.

So, are you ready for me to pleasure your penis,” I said, “you do have one right?”

Yes, I have mostly the exact same physiology you have with some internal differences. I would be most pleased if you would Pete,” Golas said with a much better smile.

For some reason, I kissed his nose before moving off of his lap and kneeling down between his legs. I wasn't quite sure how to take down his pants or whatever they were. Golas sensed my dilemma and reached down, undoing something I didn't even notice and moved his lower garment away from his crotch. His cock was long, a bit heavy on the vein side and the head of his cock had a deeper blue tint to it. He had a foreskin but it wasn't like thick and didn't cover his entire cock head, just up to the middle of his cock head. His balls were large, low hangers we'd say and seemed over-sized for some reason, maybe it was because they were long and thick. I studied them while I gently began stroking his cock and licking around the head of his cock gently. His cock did indeed react just like ours with the attention, getting stiffer and moving upward, somehow also getting thicker besides longer. I could feel the strong throbbing of his veins or something as he became more stimulated. I did my best to keep him on edge, riding the roller coaster of build up to orgasm. He started getting loud with his breathing, panting and even groaning. I think it scared him a bit when his body stiffened and his hips shot towards my mouth and he started having an orgasm. I had his cock and balls in my hands and began to stroke his cock as my mouth sucked and licked his cock head. It was really something how fat and pulsing his cock and especially his cock head got as he had his release. For a bit there I didn't think he was going to stop filling my mouth with cum. I couldn't swallow enough and it shot out the sides of my mouth, over my hands and coated his balls, a really neat mess to be sure. Finally, I felt his body relaxing and the flow of his cum slowed down. I released his cock from my mouth and looked up at him. The expression was priceless. He had this look of super pleasure, super fear and total confusion.

Was that bad?” I had to ask.

No, by no means bad,” Golas said with pants of breath. “I had no idea it would be so intense and powerful. It took over all my senses and thinking, I think it would be safe to say it was stunning in intensity.”

So I take it you liked it then?” I laughed.

Yes Pete, very much so,” Golas said as he easily lifted me up against his body and began a make out session again.

There's more if you feel up to it,” I volunteered, now curious what that cock would be like inside of my ass.

You are willing to share more?” Golas asked somewhat surprised again.

I am for sure,” I laughed. “I have this curiosity about what your penis would feel like inside of me.”

This is what you refer to as fucking isn't it?” Golas said proudly.

Yep, that's it for sure,” I laughed.

Well, if you don't mind, I would certainly like to experience all I can,” Golas said.

Well then, I think it would be easier if we moved the cushions off the sofa on to the floor and moved down there, since you are so big,” I instructed.

Golas even helped me moved the cushions to the floor and waited for more instructions from me. I told him to get naked just like I was and he did just that. I had him lay down on his back and began to slowly explore his body with my hands, lips and tongue. I paid some attention to his cock and balls but I really wanted to see how he would react to being rimmed. I pushed up his thighs and told him to hold on to the back of his knees with his hands. He seemed curious but didn't object at all. I began working from just below his balls to around his ass opening, gently kissing, licking and biting gently, slowly spreading apart his hard ass cheeks and then headed to his rosebud. When I began to pay attention to that, he groaned loudly, gasped and when I looked up real quick to be sure he was okay, he had pulled his upper body up so his head was looking down at what I was doing to him. Being super tall has its advantages for sure. When my tongue pushed inside his rosebud, I actually heard the thud of his upper body slamming hard down to the cushions. That made me smile for some reason, sort of like getting an “atta boy.” His breathing was more panting and his cock was bouncing up and down, precum flowing like made. I decided to take full advantage and moved myself up scooped up a bunch of his precum on my fingers, reached around and lubed my ass, positioned myself over his cock head with my ass and slowly began to moved my body downward. His cock was really putting out a ton of precum and as soon as the very tip of his cock head began pushing against my rosebud, I could feel my ass being flooded with his precum. It seemed to stimulate the inside of my ass and rosebud as all of a sudden, the head of his cock slid in without even a twinge of pain. I slowly kept moving myself further and further down until I felt his pubes rubbing on my ass cheeks. It amazed me how I was able to get that monster fully inside of me. It felt like it was going to push up through my stomach and out of my mouth, but it was all in there. Then it started. His cock began to get fatter and fatter until I could feel every pulse of his throbbing veins. My prostrate went absolutely bonkers when I slowly moved myself up and down. Golas had his hands behind his head watching like in total amazement as I slowly rode his cock. He reached out and started to make out which felt oh so good. My hands played with his pecs and arms, giving me a chance to really appreciate his development. He was by no means a gym office type. More like a melding of body builder and construction guy and there was lots of him to go around due to his 7 ft plus height. He surprised me when his hands grabbed my ass cheeks and he began to move me up and down his cock, letting me enjoy the ride as it were. This was 180 degrees different then sex with Sam, but still very sexy, pleasurable and hot. Golas sat up and had me on his lap, my legs straddling his hips as we made out and he and I took turns biting and licking and kissing each others nipples. He bent his knees and had me lay back against his legs and then he took my hips and started to slow move my body up and down his cock which was throbbing like crazy inside of me. He got this look of super surprise on his face and I felt his fingers tighten on my hips. Then I felt his cock somehow get fatter and throb even stronger. His body jerked and he gasped as I felt his cum hitting my insides, hot and thick. I could feel it slowly moving down along his cock. I think I was surprised it didn't shoot up out of my mouth his cock seemed so far deep inside of me. That set me off again and I covered his abs and chest with my cum, becoming a wet noodle in his hands way before he finally stopped filling me up.

Thank you Pete, that was more then I had hoped for,” Golas said softly. “I felt the immense pleasure and energy burst from both of us. I envy you and Sam very much now.”

Well, you'll just have to come back for visits I guess,” I laughed hugging him tight.

I was for some reason thrilled when I felt him kiss the top of my head and his arms wrapped tight around me into a great hug.

Would you like to take a shower and clean up Golas?” I asked feeling a bit dreamy.

Is that a pleasure experience also?” Golas asked.

It can be. I feel there is something sensual about 2 men washing each others bodies after a perfect sexual experience,” I said.

Then yes I would like that,” Golas said.

I stood up, reached out my hand and he took it, but he didn't need any of my help getting up off of the cushions. I held on to his hand for some reason and headed towards the stairs. Without thinking I took him into the master bathroom right past a soundly sleeping Sam in my bed. Golas was a bit curious about the plumbing and did like the feel of the warm water against his skin, since I had of course the dual sided shower jets that ran up and down from just about my neck to my feet. Didn't quite get up that high on Golas, but he said he liked how it felt. I washed him and then he washed me, both slowly and paying close attention to every inch of our bodies. It was indeed very sensual. He lifted me up and made out for some time, thanking me again for pleasuring so much with him.

We went back downstairs after drying off and he quickly put his garments back on.

So are you planning to return for another science experiment?” I laughed.

I do indeed wish to pleasure more with you Pete, maybe even if you are willing, taking you into my craft and letting you experience our comforts,” Golas said softly.

I think I'd like that very much,” I smiled and then pulled him down into a kiss and hug.

Golas lifted me up again and we made out a bit again, seemed he really likes making out. He put me down gently, brushed his fingers along the side of my face and turned towards the back door. I followed him, kind of sad he was going really. I thought Sam would have fun with Golas once he got over being scared shit less I'm sure. As we got close to the back door, the bright light came back into the yard and one last time, Golas turned around, held me by my shoulders and kissed me passionately. He turned with a smile and then bent down to make it out of the doorway. I watched him take a few steps and then he was gone, the light dimmed and all that was there was the blizzard and wind. I closed the door, turned off the lights and went back upstairs to my Sam. I snuggled in against him and as usual his arm pulled me in tight and held me right up against him, his leg covered mine and he even kissed the top of my head. I smiled as I slowly drifted off to sleep.