Bumps In The Night 3


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“Hello! I'm home!” I yelled my usual when coming home from work just so she wasn't startled.

Hello?” I yelled again expecting an answer even though I knew it was 50/50 I'd get one.

Jeanne? You out back?” I yelled again walking towards the kitchen as I slid off my tie and started to undo my shirt.

Huh, nobody around, no sounds, nothing. I tried to remember if she told me she was going shopping or out with the girls or something, but nothing came to me. I went looking around the downstairs and then just headed upstairs to the master bedroom to change. I didn't notice all of her stuff was gone from on top of the dresser and I didn't even glance at the slightly opened door to her closet either. I got out of my suite and grabbed a pair of junky shorts I liked to wear along with a beat up T that had some meaning to me, just couldn't tell you what it is. I headed back downstairs to pull out a beer and that's when I noticed this big envelope with my name on it sitting on the counter top.

I picked it up and took my beer and myself outside and plopped down on one of the very comfortable chairs we had on the deck. I drank some of my beer, eyes closed, trying to get the crap from the day out of my head. I put the beer down and examined the envelope like maybe it was a bomb or something. Finally I opened it and there was this folded up legal document with lots of pages to it with a hand written not around it held on by a rubber band. I thought oh boy, we're being sued by someone, just what I needed right about now.

I had to read the note at least 3 times before it sunk into my brain.

Josh, I'm moving on with my life and realize we don't have much of a future anymore. I've found someone else who will give me the life I want, sorry. All the divorce papers are included, I want nothing from you. I signed them and all you have to do is sign them and take them to the court house to be recorded. I left the rings, some jewelry and the spare set of car keys I had. Hope you have a good life, I really do, Jeanne.”

WHAT?” was the only thing that came out of my mouth. “Bitch, I'm a fuckin doctor and you found someone better? What, 3 cocks?”

I was at first extremely pissed. No conversation, no discussions, no hints or anything to prepare me for this. Now what the fuck was I going to do? I couldn't imagine at all where this came from. I re-read the note at least 10 times just to make sure I wasn't missing something. 10 years of marriage and we didn't have any sort of future? I thought possibly this was some sort of prank or joke. I went into the house and sure enough, on the dinning room table was her set of keys, wedding rings, and a few of her charge cards that I paid regularly. I just flopped down on the floor back against the wall staring out into space trying to wrap my mind around this. Okay, for the past 5 years or less, we weren't exactly newly weds and sex seemed like there was more distance from one time to the next. Yeah, I couldn't just take off and fly to Europe or Japan once a month, I had a practice and my partners depended on me. She knew all that and even though there was the occasional bitch session, no serious arguments ever popped up. I didn't screw around,

I was 45, kept myself in super physical shape and not being a self centered jerk, I have to say I'm not bad looking, sort of sexy. I was 6'3” tall, Mediterranean features and coloring, hairy but not to any extreme, a killer smile and all of that crap, looks were important as a doctor. I didn't even go along with all the flirting nurses threw my way, didn't have an interest, took being married seriously, how I was brought up.

I read the note again and quickly went through the papers. Sure enough, divorce, nothing she was to receive, no share in the house, savings, nothing, waived all rights and it was signed and witnessed even. I was just in shock and completely stunned. Screw the beer, this called for the heavy guns. I took out a bottle of expensive bourbon and didn't even bother with a glass. I went back outside, sat down on the grass with a porch support behind my back and began to get intimate with the bottle. The phone rang a few times but I didn't care and after awhile I wasn't able to get up off the ground so it didn't matter. I heard this sound and thought I'd go blind when I tried to open my eyes. I must have fell asleep on the grass. I slowly got up and had to hold on to the railing before I could even attempt to get back inside the house.

That was my first day of being single again. That was like 4 years ago and I still can't quite wrap my head around what the hell happened. Yeah, I had therapy, friends who tried their best to get me to move on and let it go, but I just couldn't. I never could deal with failing at anything and I felt like I failed this big time. The friends I had were all married couples Jeanne and I socialized with and when they finally got over trying to figure out how to approach dealing with me, I started to pull back, withdraw and start my roll of depression. Nipped that sucker in the bud kind of quickly, again, not my style and part of my character to let outside events get that much influence in your head.

Some of the friends, well, more like acquaintances I now think, dropped off the face of the earth and I never heard from them after a month or 2. A few of the wives drove their husbands nuts o trying to set me up with dates as I needed someone to take care of me. Oh sure, lets repeat another disaster scenario, that's a good thing. When I passed and finally told them to stop it, they went away too. I was left with a few friends, about 3 couples who got together at least once a month and the guys and I always met at the gym for work outs. I have to admit that after it sank in, I nearly killed myself by pushing way to hard into weights, machines and treadmills. It took awhile, but I did settle down and decided it was okay to once in awhile take out my frustrations in the gym, but it couldn't be an everyday thing. I did have a good side effect I have to say. I got I guess what would be considered buff. Veins stood out, muscles popped and were much more noticeable then they were before. I got lots of looks and stares in the gym, hell, even from guys. I didn't mind at all, it came across to me like a compliment.

I sure did miss sex though. Even though I only “got” it a few times a month, it was still good to me. Funny, I didn't think about how it felt sleeping with someone in the same bed all those years and now I do, think of how I sort of remembered it, having that once in awhile nice feeling when someone rolled into you and held on. Oh well, life goes on huh?

One night, a boys night out as their wives referred to it, the guys came over for drinks and maybe some cards. Jack, one of the wilder of the bunch brought over this Ouija board thing and wanted us to kick it around to see what happened. I never played with that stuff, didn't think it was serious and if it was, I wasn't really into talking to spirits and demons. It took a few more drinks and a lot more coaxing for me to finally agree. We set it up on a table on the deck, had some lanterns hanging from the ceiling that gave off a nice soft light and we played with the goofy thing. None of us had a clue what any rules were, just that you lightly put your fingers on this goofy rounded triangle thing and asked questions. The thing would move to either yes or no or spell out the answer. I was convinced that Jack was doing it all, but hey, it did end up being a lot of fun.

That night, after the guys left, I took a long hot shower, picked up a book and laid down on the bed, propped up with pillows, completely naked. I got to like doing that, sleeping in the raw. It felt like I was free for some reason, plus it did feel a bit naughty as I was never, ever allowed to do that growing up or even while married. I had a drink on the night stand, some bourbon on the rocks which I sipped now and again as I read. I must have fallen asleep reading as when my eyes opened after hearing a noise, the light was still on, the book was on my chest and my neck was starting to hurt a bit from the position I was in. I got up, finished my bourbon, went to the bathroom and took a stroll downstairs to check out the noise. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary so I just went back upstairs, got into bed and sprawled out after turning off the light.

Don't know how long after I fell back asleep, my eyes opened after I swear I heard the noise again. I was a bit pissed now since I really wanted to just sleep and not go creeping around the house with a flashlight. I knew if someone broke in, as long as they didn't shoot me, I could take care of myself pretty damn good. Well, I better after all those self defense classes and whatever you call some of those that Jack convinced me we needed to know. So, there I go, flashlight in hand, going from room to room upstairs even though I never used the other 3 bedrooms at all, even turned on the light in the 3 other bathrooms. Nothing at all wrong. Then the trek downstairs and every room got the inspection. The only thing I did notice that wasn't right was the bottle of bourbon was on the kitchen table and I never leave it there. Its on the bar or in the cabinet but never on the kitchen table. I figured I was preoccupied and just picked it up and put it back into the liquor cabinet behind the bar. I checked the doors and they were still locked and secure. As a joke I guess I just yelled out, “Okay, I'm going back to bed. Just make sure you clean up after yourself.” Dumb and who knows why I did that but I was laughing all the way back upstairs.

When I woke up and did my bathroom routine and showered, I remembered it was Saturday and I didn't have to get to work. I took my time, dressed in my comfy slop clothes and headed downstairs to get the newspaper, make my coffee and have breakfast while I read the paper. I stopped dead in my tracks when I looked in the kitchen as I was going into it. There, on the kitchen table was the bottle of bourbon. I stared at it and scratched my head, you are supposed to do that you know, trying to remember if I actually did put it back into the cabinet. I was sure I did. Odd but nothing to have a priest out to bless the house or anything. I put it back and did my thing.

I had a great day, bumming around, checking out tools at the depot with Jack and Bob, pretending that we knew what the hell a lot of those tools were for when we didn't have a clue. Hammer, drill, bits, pliers and ruler, that was it, all you needed to know. We had lunch, went for a fast walking walk and went our separate ways. I went upstairs, showered and changed and came down to the living room to watch some cable or maybe a movie. I did my usual just about in the middle of a movie, I fell asleep. The sofa was really comfortable and now I could stretch my legs out on to the coffee table with a fat pillow under them, slouched down and sprawled out. Some part of the movie seemed to be very suggestive and my cock picked up on it real quick. I did actually rub my crotch a bit but then figured I could mess around with my right hand lover Sue once in bed. I was a doctor and knew damn well I wouldn't go blind.

I woke up with the television still going, the lights were off since I had them on a timer, but what woke me was a noise. Kind of familiar noise I've heard before. I got up, stretched, turned the television off and walked my glass and bowl of popcorn to the kitchen. I stopped dead in my tracks, my mouth dropped down. The damn bottle of bourbon was on the kitchen table again and I didn't even have any. This was getting weird as hell. I grabbed the bottle, roughly placed it in the cabinet and I think if I slammed the door a bit harder I would have broken it. I cleaned up my glass and the popcorn bowl, shut off the lights and headed up to bed. In the back of my mind it started to bother me why that damn bottle of bourbon kept showing up on the kitchen table.

I didn't want to dwell on it so I took another hot shower, a sleeping aide pill and got into bed. My cock reminded me that it wanted some play time, but I just wasn't much in the mood as my mind kept going back to that bottle. It didn't take very long for me to fall asleep at all. I partially woke up and heard myself moaning as it felt like someone with very large hands was massaging my body and tweaking my cock. I went back to sleep after rolling over on my stomach figuring I was messing around with my cock during some dream. Then I partially woke up again with this feeling like someone again with the large hands was massaging my ass cheeks and back. I smiled as I fell back asleep thinking I was really into some sexy dream. When I woke up the next morning, I noticed that I had no covers on at all. The sheet and comforter were pulled back to the foot of the bed and mostly laying on the floor, still tucked in at the foot of the bed. That was weird, I never remember doing that before. I didn't give it much thought as I went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. The water felt so good for some reason and my cock still wanted attention so I leaned up against the shower stall wall, let the warm water hit my body in the massage setting and slowing jerked off, my eyes closed and my mind going all over the place with sexual fantasy. I had one hell of an orgasm and tried like hell to make it last as long as I could. Damn it really felt good. I finished up, got dressed in grungy clothes, went downstairs, got the paper and made my coffee. As I sat at the kitchen table drinking and reading for some reason the thought of being massaged and felt up by large hands hit me. I sat up straight and tried to reason out what that was all about. The only people I knew of with large hands were men, big men. I saw them regularly at the gym and even at the practice. I knew no one was in the house, even though I did do the inspection again, sat back down and went into deep thought as I drank my coffee. Was some sort of gay long dark deep buried thoughts coming up now? Why would I imagine or dream of being handled by a big guy? Where did this come from and what the hell did it mean. Not that I had anything against gay guys, just it was never my thing. Besides, just with how I am physically and how my mind works, I'd be the one manhandling someone, not the other way around. Weird how that popped in my mind but it did, it just made sense to me. I decided to just move past this and go on with my day like I normally did. Bob called and invited me to go out with he and his wife to dinner at this nice Italian restaurant, which I did. The company, food and wine were really nice, I had a good time. I came home and felt a bit tired from the meal and the wine but didn't want to go to bed on a still full stomach. I went upstairs, changed out of my nice casual clothes and came back down in my boxers. The cable was on again and I decided a bourbon would be a nice cap off to a nice evening. I got the bourbon and a glass, put in some ice and took both to the sofa, sprawled out and played channel surfing until something caught my eye. A few sips of the bourbon and a dumb ass movie were all I needed to doze off. Luckily I did put my drink down before rubbing my crotch and snuggling into the sofa. I was half dreaming I think as all of a sudden, I felt this big body up against me, moving up and down slowly and a hard, fat cock pushing my chin up and then letting it fall down. A big hand was also massaging my crotch and all of it was feeling really good. I woke up after some time and the lights were already off, the cable was still on and I felt like I had one hell of sex romp. As I sat up I realized I had cum all over my abs and my boxers were soaked with it all over the front. That's when I sat up straight real fast and looked around quickly like I was going to catch someone in the room. It was really weird to say the least. Then the memory of that big body, cock and hand came back into my mind and I had to rub my hands over my face real hard to make it go away or something. I put the bourbon bottle away, the glass in the kitchen sink and quickly headed upstairs, stopping now and again on the stairs to make sure I didn't see anyone there.

I showered, got into bed and wrapped myself tight in the sheet and comforter. I kept going over it all in my head and decided that I was not going insane and I know damn well when I have cum all over me that I didn't do anything with anybody. I was alone in the house, it was locked up, no doors open and no windows either. This was starting to get to me. I have no idea how long I was sleeping but woke in a partial daze, moaning. I felt this really big guy on top of me, sliding his body up and down slowly, gliding like, his monstrous cock rock hard and moving along my abs and lower chest, big long legs on the sides of my legs, his chest way wider then mine and his head above the top of my head. Damn it felt so good and then I was back asleep again. When I woke up in the morning, I felt pretty damn good again like I had one hell of a sexual romp. As I got out of bed I felt the hairs on my abs, crotch and chest pulling. I looked down and I again was covered in a big mess of cum, my cum. I know because I tasted it, it was definitely mine. Not that I knew what anyone else's cum tasted like, but I was fairly certain no 2 tasted alike. I freaked to say the least. I even looked under the bed for some stupid reason. I talked myself back to calm and reason, showered, dressed for work and went down to have my coffee and some toast. Again damn it, the bourbon bottle was on the kitchen table. I left it there this time as I stared at it while drinking my coffee.

When I got to work it was all that filled my mind which I knew could not happen since I was dealing with patients and had to concentrate on them and their needs. After my third patient, my nurse stopped in front of me and asked if I was alright.

You really seem tense and that's not your normal,” she said with a very concerned look. “Is everything okay?”

Yes, I'm fine, just had a bad night is all,” I said. “Thanks for the concern.”

That did it, I put on a happy face, faked bubbly and made it through the day all smiles and nicey nicey. My mind wanted to explode. I had to talk to someone about this and I decided it was going to be Jack. I called Jack and asked him to stop over after work because I needed to talk to him. He wanted to know about what and if I was okay, but I said I'd tell him once he came over. Jack did as I expected, making it to my house from his office in record time. I opened the door before he broke my doorbell. He took me by the shoulders and kept asking me what's wrong. I got him inside and poured him and I a drink, took him outside and sat him down.

Jack you know me, I'm not unstable, prone to imaginations or anything like that,” I said seriously.

Yeah, of course I do and you are most certainly not,” Jack said leaning forward with a worried look on his face.

Well, what I'm going to tell you might just change your mind about all that,” I said also very seriously.

Jacks eyes went big. He knew me and knew I was private, sensible and rarely shared anything emotional in my life. I started from the beginning with the bourbon episodes and then the big hands and then the body and then the bed scene. Jack sat back slowly, his eyes getting bigger and bigger, his gulping of the drink emptied his glass in 3 gulps. Without asking he grabbed the bottle and poured himself a good one, right to the top and began to empty that in a few gulps.

Now wait, let me get this straight,” Jack stammered, obviously unsure of what he thought he heard. “You say you felt some big guys hands on you, pretty much felt you up and then used you to get off?”

I didn't say anything about getting off Jack,” I corrected him. “The only cum on me was my own and I verified that completely. I never had any sort of gay sex in my life and I never even thought of that as a possibility, the idea just didn't appeal to me, ever. So what the hell is this about and what is going on?”

Damn, the hell if I know,” Jack said off into space shaking his head while pouring another bourbon. “Tell me again just what happened.”

So I did, slowly, with as much detail as I could remember. Jack just stared at me completely blown away.

Are you sure that's what you felt?” Jack asked.

Jack, I a f'n doctor, for cripes sake,” I yelled. “Like I don't know what a cock feels like?”

Okay, Okay, I'm sorry,” Jack stammered still confused obviously. “Its just it all sounds so damn weird and creepy like you have a ghost or something that has the hots for you.”

When Jack said that it was like I was hit with a ton of bricks. The idea never even entered into my mind. I didn't believe in all of that stuff.

I don't believe in ghosts Jack,” I said with a very serious look.

So what the hell does that mean, just because you don't believe in them they don't exist?” Jack said angrily.

I don't know, just never even thought about that,” I said thoughtfully. “I suppose with all the people that believe they do maybe there is some truth in it, I just don't know and I don't believe in it all.”

Like I said, that don't make it not real,” Jack said with confidence. “I don't have a clue what to tell you. Maybe you can buy one of those special cameras that pick up on stuff like that, you know catch it on disk or something. Maybe call one of those psychic people at the university or something. There has to be someone out there that knows about this shit.”

Yeah, your right. I need to find someone who knows about things like this and who won't report me to the medical certification board as a loony,” I said in thought.

Well, I'll tell you what,” Jack said leaning in towards me. “I won't breath a word of this to anyone, that's for sure. I'll use the web to find anything I can on stuff like this and send it to you. Who knows, might help.”

Thanks Jack, I appreciate it,” I said standing up, taking the bottle of bourbon away from him. “Want some coffee or anything?”

No, I'm good, not even buzzed,” Jack said standing up and then hugging me. “I'm here for you, you know that right?”

Yeah Jack, I know that and thanks,” I smiled walking back into the house.

Okay, look for those camera things and I'll research the web. You check out professionals who deal with this stuff and between us I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of it all,” Jack said shaking my hand and then hugging me again.

I could tell Jack was shook up and worried about me. I didn't waste time just worrying about me going bonkers, I fired up the pc and began a hunt on the web. It took awhile for me to find anything on “ghost buster” camera's but sure enough, I found some. I read reviews on all of them and went searching for articles and bio's on people in academia who had this as their specialty. Found a number of those and luckily, one had a paper on an investigation recently done that itemized the equipment used. I took all that down and went back to my bookmarked page on camera's. Sure enough, there was one of the camera's I was interested in. I just went to the site and put in an order, even paying lots extra for speedy shipping, 2 days max. I felt like I was on the road to solving this problem calmly and professionally. If nothing else, I would have something concrete to show Jack to prove I wasn't on some new drug, plus if it got that bad, I'd have something to show a professional that I might call from the university, the one that published the paper. Yep, plan was moving forward and put into action. I felt proud and accomplished.

I went about my usual routine, changing, going for a jog, some calisthenics and then a shower and dinner. My mood was decidedly upbeat. Bob called and after a short conversation we made arrangements to have dinner after working out at the gym. I put a bit more effort into the workout and jog then I thought as after the shower and dinner I felt a bit sleepy. It was way too early for bed, only 8:30 p.m., so I picked up a book I was reading, got a glass of ice tea, plopped down on a comfy living room chair I liked and put my feet up on the ottoman. I was comfy, snuggled in the oversized chair, warm and toasty with my robe on and a pair of slip on foot covers, that's it. I felt relaxed and still proud of myself for what I accomplished today. I read the book and refilled my ice tea once before going back to reading.

These big hands were rubbing up and down my pecs, down my thighs and massaging my shoulders. It felt so good, relaxing and sensual at the same time. Then I was on top of a really big body that somehow came up from the chair underneath me, my arms were moved outwards to my sides and the big hands were roaming all up and down my entire body. A very long and thick cock was pushed up in between my legs, pushing against my ball sack, slowly moving up and down, giving them a massage. I felt lips and a tongue playing with my ear and then the fingers on those very large hands were tweaking my nipples and massaging my pecs. Then one hand moved to my cock which was rock hard and leaking precum, gently enveloped it and slow stroked me. I know besides moaning I gasped when the stroking of my cock started. It felt so good, gentle and yet enough force to cause it to be stimulated. I could feel my ass and back squirming against the very large muscled body underneath me. The super big legs wrapped on my legs pulling them wide apart, holding them firmly, the pressure of the hand on my cock got stronger and the hand on my pecs and nipples became more forceful. I was gasping, moaning, begging to let me cum. The giant who had me responded to my repeated pleas by increasing the pressure on my cock. I felt my body being pushed upward, my legs held tight and then only my waist and crotch were up in the air as I sucked in a huge breath and screamed as the most intense orgasm I could remember began. I was held tight in the giants grip making the orgasm seem more intense. Then my body slowly was lowered and the hand on my cock was rubbing my load of cum around my abs and then against my mouth. My mouth opened and I licked and licked as I panted, savoring the taste of my cum. Suddenly, my eyes shot open and I felt a chill as the robe I had on was almost pushed under my body and I could feel a cool breeze of air moving on top of my abs. I looked down and my abs were smeared with cum, my cock was still hard and throbbing. I reached my hand up to my face and felt the wet cum around my mouth. The taste, yes the taste of my cum was on my tongue. I jumped out of the chair expecting to see some giant partially lying there with a big smile on his face.

Where the hell did that dream come from? Okay, so I might some how have jerked off while dozing off and even smeared my cum on my abs and licked it off my hand, sure, that could happen. BUT the hands? The cock? The legs? The lips and tongue? That couldn't be me. I even felt the tingle of feeling on my ear, pecs and nipples. I ran to the bathroom, got as close to the mirror as I could and examined myself. My nipples were stiff and slightly irritated. My outer ear showed signs of some irritation like from rubbing. I backed up and just stared into the mirror leaning against the wall. What the hell, I know something or someone had me, used me or rather got me off and during the obvious dream he was gentle, firm and interested in my pleasure, or at least I got that impression mentally. Wait, what the hell am I saying? I had a vivid dream about being controlled by a giant of a man and loved every minute of it. Was I somehow turning gay? Where the hell did this come from. Time for a few good gulps of bourbon and some deep thinking.

The bourbon did help calm me down. I started to relax and kept trying to go over it all reasonably, making up explanations that seemed reasonable and logical. I failed on most, except for the rubbing cum on my abs and licking it off my hand. I could not have done any of the other things to myself, no way, no how. I needed more bourbon as I started to actually shake as thoughts raced through my mind. It was around 11 p.m., so I must have been out for almost 3 hours give or take. Shit, a really long jerk off session for me, don't think on my own I could hold off that long before an orgasm. I must have since when I woke up less then 10 minutes ago, the cum was still wet. Another gulp of bourbon should help. I felt somewhat sleepy, surprise surprise, so I made my way upstairs after making sure the doors were locked, even moving chairs in front of the doors so I'd know if someone was somehow coming in. I took a long hot shower, dried off and went into the bed, pulled up the covers and I was out.

The giant body was on top of me again, slowly moving across me, the monster cock pushing along my abs. My face was being rubbed by large, hard pecs, the nipples stiff, pushing open my lips as it went up and down my face. My tongue started to lick at the nipple as it moved along my mouth, making the giant lift up at first, giving out a very loud groan. This went on for some time. The giant moved down and I felt myself wrapped tight in huge muscled arms holding me tight against this massive body. Lips and a tongue brushed my face and then concentrated on my lips. I opened my mouth and a very large tounge brushed my upper and lower lip, gently, softly and then my tongue. It made me groan and moan. The tongue pushed in and took up more of the inside of my mouth, moving sensuously over my tongue, side to side, up and down. I felt the giant's lower body move up and that massive cock was under my balls, moving the head up and down the crack of my ass. The giant's legs moved inward, pushing my legs tight against the monster cock. I was being body fucked. No penetration, just the cock sliding between my thighs, under my balls and along the crack of my ass. The embrace got tighter and tighter to the point I thought I'd be crushed. The giant suddenly stopped, yelled out a window shaking sound and I felt his entire body tremble. It felt like super huge wads of cum were moving up my ass to my lower back, then covering my entire ass and lower back. When the giant was finally finished, I was being kissed deeply and passionately. Then, a tongue was moving up and down my body, around my cock and then my balls. A mouth enveloped my cock and I felt the pressure and movement of a tongue and lips moving up and down my cock. Then a finger, slimey it felt from the giants cum, massaged my rosebud and slowly pushed its way inside of me. The finger was really big, like a cock was pushing its way inside of me. It seemed to know exactly where my prostrate was and went to work massaging and poking it. The sucking of my cock got more forceful as did the finger fucking. My body jerked upwards, I gasped and had another orgasm. I was shaking really bad as this one seemed to surpass the earlier one. I was in an embrace of the giant against the side of my body as his lips found mine and he tongue fucked me although very gentle.

Again, my eyes shot wide open and I looked down at my crotch. The covers were pulled completely off of me, not rumpled up as if I kicked them off, nice and neat like someone pulled them down before going to bed. My ass and lower back felt really wet as did the bottom sheet. My cock looked like it was definitely sucked and I was dribbling some precum. I grabbed my cock and did a slow jerk, I jerked. It was definitely sensitive just like after an orgasm. I felt my abs and legs, no cum, nothing. I looked to the sides of my hips and no cum. I felt in between my legs and it did feel wet but no cum. I flopped back down and stared at the ceiling trying to rehash what the hell I just had happen to me. I sat up, pulled up the covers and just laid there, trying again to view this logically. I fell asleep still perplexed but feeling pretty damn good, just like I did after great sex. I must be turning gay was my last remembered thought.

Come morning, after a shower while reading the paper and having my coffee, I decided I needed to take a leave of absence from my practice until I figured this out. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the needs of my patients and that was not good. When I got to work, I asked the other doctors, my partners in the practice to come into the conference room. I told them I was having a problem that was making me loose my ability to concentrate on the patients needs and didn't want to have anyone come to harm as a result, therefore, I needed to take a leave of absence effective immediately. They were as expected stunned. Lots of offers of help and attempts to change my mind, but I was insistent and adamant. I told my nurse to call scheduled patients and have them either change appointments or see one of the other doctors as I was not going to be available for some time. She looked at me like I was an alien, so I told her I was taking a leave of absence and the other doctors knew about it. She could coordinate schedule changes for the patients already booked with the other doctors nurses. I thanked her, picked up my brief case and left. I somehow felt better now, one less worry during all this goofy stuff. I could afford it anyway, I had a good stash put away since I wasn't really spending much after the divorce.

I got home, changed into comfy clothes, got some juice and went on the pc and began my further research. I read more and more articles, surprised at how many cases were actually studied and documented. I thought it was just movie hype, but turns out it was real. That made me feel a bit better knowing I wasn't alone having this issue, it was comforting I have to say, a relief in a way. The phone rang and it was Bob, wondering why I was at home since he called the office and was told I was on leave of absence. My nurse knew Bob and Jack as my close friends and regularly took messages from them.

Well, I am going through some crazy shit right now and didn't want to put any of my patients in jeopardy by me not giving them my full attention,” I said honestly.

Crazy shit? Like what Josh?” Bob asked very concerned.

Pretty hard to go over on the phone. Maybe I'll fill you in at the gym, I'll see what I think by then,” I said. “Its kind of just what I said, crazy, but yet serious.”

Shit, if you think its serious then I know it has to be,” Bob said nervously.

Okay, we're still on for the gym and dinner, we'll talk then,” I said ending the conversation.

I picked up my cell phone, set the alarm so I knew it was time to get ready for the gym and went back to my research. When the alarm went off, I was glad I set it as I had lost all track of time. I changed, picked up my gym bag and headed to the gym. Bob was already in the parking lot, waiting for me. As I got out of my car, Bob was right there, holding my door open and asking if I was okay, what was wrong, what kind of crazy stuff.

Bob, calm down,” I said with a laugh. “We'll talk some while working out.”

Bob gave me a look like I was giving him a line but shook his head and we headed into the gym. During working out I gave him bits and pieces of what was happening, causing him to crash weights to the floor a number of times. At one point I thought he would break the machine he was using. As I expected, Bob was having a real hard time understanding what I was talking about. I was surprised to find out Bob knew more about occult's and ghosts then I ever did. His wife was into Tarot and that stuff and he was dragged a number of times to go with her. He's the one who brought up the possibility that using the Ouija brought some ghost or demon into our world. I laughed but he didn't. He said it was known to happen and that's why he really didn't want to mess with it the night Jack brought one over. I never even tied the 2 together before now. I still wasn't convinced, but figured I could do more research and look at that angle of it as well. We showered and had dinner, Bob making me go over every detail I could remember. He made me feel somewhat good as he was convinced I wasn't gay since I didn't even check out some of the hot guys while we were working out. I was surprised he said that and wanted to know if he did and why. He said that was a discussion for another time, his past that he may or may not talk about. I let it go.

When I got home I thought about Bob and wondered what he meant by his past. Oh well, had my own problems. I got naked with a robe on, went downstairs, got a glass of ice and filled it up with bourbon. I wanted to stay calm and relaxed for whatever was probably going to happen at some point tonight. Why I just knew that was beyond me, but I did. I went through all sorts of papers written about visits by spirits and even demons, realizing this couldn't be a demon as nothing violent occurred. I laughed when I thought maybe I have a pervert demon of some sort. The articles about tie ins with Ouija boards startled me. I never paid any attention to that stuff, kind of surprised me finding out that Bob knew so much about those things. I figured paying attention to the time didn't matter since I wasn't going to work in the morning. It was almost midnight when I gave up, my eyes had enough and my body did as well. I closed everything down, checked the doors and went upstairs. I thought I'd try something and put on some pajamas just to see if anything would happen to them or if it didn't matter at all.

I got really comfortable and was soon sound asleep. I felt the covers slowly being pulled down, then the pajama pants followed by the top being unbuttoned, my upper body lifted and the pajama slipped off. While still lifted up by that really big hand, lips kissed and nibbled on my pecs, neck and nipples. I was gently lowered and pulled into the giants arms, and then the kissing started, passionate, sexy, insistent. That huge cock was hard, pushing and rubbing along my abs and lower chest. A huge hand was moving up and down my back and massaging my ass cheeks. I could feel my body shiver with anticipation. A hand took my whole head and I felt my face pushed into an armpit. My tongue worked feverishly on it, making the giant moan. Then, I was lifted up, turned around and laid back down. I felt that huge cock against my lips and my cock devoured by a very huge mouth. The cock pushed insistently against my mouth and my mouth opened, my tongue came out and rubbed and licked the tip of the cock. I tasted a thick precum that had a taste of nuts of some sort, not strong, just a hint. The cock pushed itself further into my mouth, stretching it open wider and wider until I felt it would dislocate my jaw. It seems just by that worry, the cock lessened in size somehow and I was able to take in almost half of its length. The giant moaned and groaned in pleasure as did I. The giant hands grabbed my ass cheeks and were massaging and moving them around. It was stimulating for sure. Then a finger was playing at my rosebud and then inside of me, working directly on my prostate. I was now going wild on the cock I had filling my entire mouth and hitting the back of my throat. My body jerked up and I felt my cum shooting out and being sucked out all at the same time. Then my mouth flooded with cum, shooting down my throat, filling my entire mouth and running out all around the cock, over my cheeks, covering my chin and neck. I felt my body go limp from the intense orgasm. The giant turned around and had me again in his arms, tight against his huge body, licking his cum from my face and neck while giving me gentle sensuous kisses. I didn't feel worried, threatened or any other negative thought, just well satisfied, safe and full of pleasure.

This time I slept until morning. I rolled over and felt like the bed was so extra comfy. I felt a slight chill and reached my arm down to pull up the covers but they weren't there. I sat up and saw they were again neatly pulled back. My pajamas were there as well, nice and neat. I checked my body and again, no cum even though I knew I did have one hell of an orgasm. I didn't panic for some reason, almost took it as normal. I got out of bed, showered and shaved, went downstairs, got the newspaper, made my coffee and had breakfast, calmly, not worried, not upset, just feeling really good.

The phone rang and it was Jack.

So, did anything happen last night?” Jack asked.

Oh yeah, sure did,” I said with a smile.

You sound awfully calm about it all,” Jack said somewhat confused.

Yeah, I know, I am,” I laughed.

I relayed to him all that I could remember including the pajamas. He let out a string of expletives which I never heard Jack do before. I told him I was expecting the delivery of the cameras I bought and would share any results they picked up with him. We talked about what we found on the web and I told him what Bob said about the Ouija board. Jack snickered and tried to brush it off, but I stayed serious and told him he had to do some research on the web before dismissing it as crap. I think the sound of my voice made him think again, he definitely knew I was serious. When I got off the phone with Jack, I cleaned up the dishes, went around the house straightening up and even cleaning and vacuuming, something I rarely did. Well, I was alone and never left any sort of mess so there was rarely anything to clean up, except when I had Bob and Jack over. I thought about what I was doing and kept telling myself I should be worried, checking out more and playing detective or something. All that did is give me some shoulder exercise from shrugging.

I finally did get more coffee and sat back down at the PC to continue my study of ghosts and the like. The cameras were delivered and I spent some time reading the instructions so they would work properly. I connected them to my home network and set up the software on my PC so that they would automatically record to it. I had more then enough disk space as I had added a few terabyte external drives. I set one up in my bedroom and the other in the corner of the living room facing the sofa and my comfy chair. I did a few tests to make sure they were aimed right and had the right sensitivity to motion to switch on with the slightest motion. Felt kind of goofy to watch myself scratch my balls or nose like a movie on the PC, but it worked and now I'd have something to reassure me I wasn't going nuts.

I found an interesting paper that was published by a professor at the local university. I seemed to recall the name and finally remembered that I met him at a holiday party Bob and his wife had at their house. I immediately called Bob to see if he could arrange for the professor to meet me and discuss my problem. Bob said he would get in touch with the professor, Timothy Harber, and give him my telephone number. Boy, I was batting a thousand today, the cameras and now the professor. That afternoon the phone rang and it was Timothy Harber. I briefly told him what was happening to me and he seemed really interested in what I had to say. He suggested he come to the house and we could discuss it in detail. I was a bit surprised but glad he wanted to get deeper into it. I invited him over for dinner and he quickly accepted.

Timothy was a stately looking may, early 50's, white short hair, chiseled features, standing around 6' tall and weighing around 195 lbs. He had a great smile and firm handshake. We talked about our backgrounds during dinner and then sat in the living room. I slowly went over each thing that has happened up to last night. His eyebrows were pulled tight, he was listening intently, full attention, not interrupting me at any point. I kind of expected him to laugh when I finished but he didn't. In fact he faced his head down holding his chin in his fingers, obviously deep in thought.

So this giant man or whatever it is hasn't harmed you in any way,” Tim asked.

No, not the slightest bruise or scratch,” I answered.

Do you feel threatened at all by him,” Tim asked seriously.

Actually, I don't anymore. I did at first since I didn't think I was gay and what was happening wasn't normal for my life, but now, I have to say no, I'm not,” I explained.

Tim smiled at me shaking his head and went back into deep thought.

Did you do anything at all that involved contact with the spirit world?” Tim asked.

I thought about it and then it hit me about the Ouija board.

Now that I think about it, I guess I did,” I said. “My friend brought over a Ouija board one night for kicks and he, my friend Bob and I messed around for a bit and then stopped since I wasn't convinced Jack wasn't directing that sliding thing. Bob wasn't thrilled I remember now and I wasn't aware that he and his wife got into stuff like that.”

Did anything strange happen while using the board or right after that?” Tim asked.

Well, it started off with incidents of a bourbon bottle appearing on the kitchen table in the morning when I came down,” I said. “Now you have to realize I am almost anal about putting everything in its place and not leaving anything for the next day. I always put the bourbon bottle back in the liquor cabinet by the bar over there so I knew something was happening.”

No crashed dishes or broken glasses or moved furniture?” Tim asked.

No, nothing at all like that, just that damn bourbon bottle on the kitchen table,” I answered.

That's really strange, almost like whatever this giant is, was trying to see if it could get your attention,” Tim suggested. “My guess is it picked up on you getting aggravated with that and stopped doing it. It did stop didn't it?”

Yes it did, eventually. I think after I slammed the cabinet door and almost broke the door” I laughed.

Well, without any doubt I can say you don't have a demon or poltergeist here Josh,” Tim said seriously, “but I'm concerned that it happened after you and your friends used a Ouija board. Doesn't matter whether you believe in it or not.”

Never even thought of that,” I said curiously. “I thought only bad spirits use it to enter this world.”

So you have done some research on it,” Tim said with a smile. “Good then we can skip all the explanation information. Let me tell you from my study and experience, the Ouija is nothing to play with by any means. I believe it has some sort of power to open a portal to another dimension for lack of another word that allows non physical beings to come into this dimension. Even individuals who dabble in the occult on a regular basis are very cautious and selective when using them.”

So maybe we let this giant come into our dimension?” I questioned.

Could be, we'd have no real way to prove or disprove that,” Tim said. “I'd be very interested in viewing any recording you may get from those cameras you bought.”

Oh sure, at this point I won't mind being a lab experiment,” I laughed.

You do realize this is serious don't you?” Tim said sternly.

I'm trying to but its not easy,” I said nervously.

I can well imagine. One personal question if I may?” Tim said.

Sure, anything,” I said curious.

You aren't gay and haven't been dabbling so to speak in being gay have you?” Tim said seriously.

No, not at all. I respect a man or woman's decision to love or have sex with the same sex. It just never was a thing in my life at all. I had no older brothers or cousins living close. Nothing happened in high school or college. Never as far as I know. I can't recall ever having a fantasy about that either. I don't think I'd be a bottom in any gay relationship Tim, just not my make-up so to speak. I think I'd have a hard time letting some guy be in total control.”

I see, sorry, but I did have to ask as this giant as you call him is obviously male and seems to have this attraction to you sexually. The sexual, physical part is something rarely, maybe here or there a women raped by a spirit or things like that, but never a heterosexual man being sexually used by one. Don't think I've ever heard or read about any gay man either. So this is really unique I must say,” Tim said seriously.

In a way I'm really glad I contacted you. I don't feel so confused or frightened anymore. I am a bit concerned about my reaction waking up this morning. Almost like I wanted to yell out 'that was so awesome' to whoever is responsible,” I said with my head down.

It's understandable, believe me. I don't think there is anything immediate we need to worry about since there's no indication of harm or threat,” Tim said with a smile. “One step at a time and I'm certain we will have an explanation when finished.”

Good to hear,” I said standing and shaking Tim's hand. “I'll be sure to be in touch whether or not the camera's pick up anything if that's okay.”

Oh certainly, I am glad to hear you would consider doing that,” Tim bubbled almost.

Well, Tim, its been a pleasure and I'm sure we'll be getting together soon,” I said as he walked through the door.

Likewise, thank you again for dinner and a most informative evening,” Tim laughed.

When I closed the door, I had a feeling of relief, totally convinced now that I wasn't going insane or delving into some super fantasy for whatever reason. I went upstairs, took a nice relaxing hot shower and got into my robe, went downstairs and picked up my book again. I set the chair up got a nice tall glass with ice and filled it halfway up with bourbon. I settled into my comfy chair and read. I didn't plan on when I'd doze off, I just kept things natural, as they always were. Oh, before I got settled I did make certain the cameras were turned on and functioning.

I felt my body lifted up off the chair, being held in those really big arms. I felt a kiss on my forehead and then on my lips. The giant sat down and I was snuggled on his lap, my head resting just below his thick hard pec. His big hands gently moved through my hair and then outlined my entire body. My left arm moved and I was holding on to the giants shoulder. Somehow I could sense this made him very happy. He played with outlining my entire body for some time before moving me around so that my back was up against the front of his body, his monster cock up against my ball sack in between my thighs. His fingers played with my pecs and nipples, getting me to moan in pleasure. He placed his thighs on the outside of mine and closed my legs together tight. He slowly moved his hips up and down and the feeling of that thick cock moving alone my balls and parts of my perineum were breathtaking. I looked down towards my cock, saw his monster cock, moving up and down, the veins pulsing, precum flowing and I had to hold it, move my hands up and down it, feel its power. I did and the giant gasped, moaned and groaned. From the sounds and movement of his body I knew it pleased him a lot. I was completely mesmerized by the sight of that phallus of a god responding to my touch. His hand moved over the tip of his cock, coating his palm and fingers in his precum. He then took my cock in that hand, as before, gentle, slow stroking with just enough pressure to stimulate my cock. My head flew back the gasp of pleasure escaped from my mouth as my body was filled with an electric shock of pleasure, nothing I'd experienced before. The sensations became so intense, my hands released the top of his cock, flew back and up, I had to hold on to his face or neck or anything of his I could hold. I had his neck at first but then somehow he moved and my hands were on both sides of his jaw. It was definitely the jaw of a giant, big, solid muscle on top and rough skin. His face turned and he kissed and licked first one hand of mine then the other. My body told me it had reached the point of no return. I screamed out and my chest flew up as my cock released load after load of cum. The orgasm seemed as if it would never stop. When I finally calmed down, his hand was wiping the cum from my body and taking it to his tongue. The thought came into my head that I wanted to suck him to orgasm, feel his cum filling me up, his cock keeping my entire mouth and throat captive until it was satisfied. I was moved slowly down his body, between his legs, turned around and his knees were holding me up off the floor so my mouth could easily reach his cock. I grabbed the middle of his cock with both hands, worked on the tip and rim of his cock head, sucking in his precum and fucking his piss slit with my tongue. He moaned, groaned and yelled out, guiding my head with his one hand. He gently pushed on my head so that his cock began to push into my mouth. As before, it somehow shrank down just enough so that I could manage to take it into my mouth, still completely filling it. It hit the back of my throat and he began a gentle movement of his hips moving his cock in and out of my mouth, very slowly. My hands were pumping up and down his shaft, amazed at the length and width of it and yet it managed to fit inside my mouth. After some time, both of his hands had my head in a tight grip, his hips sped up their motion and then I felt it, the flood of his cum, down my throat, fill my mouth, shoot out around his cock down my chin, neck, cheeks and even my nose. It came in rivers, giving me a fear of drowning. The minute the fear came into my mind, the flood stopped. He lifted me up and licked all of his come from my body and face, held me tight and kissed me passionately and for a very long time.

This time, I don't know how but I seemed to loose consciousness. When I thought I woke, I was in my bed, covers pulled up on my body. I sat up, looked around and just had to go back to sleep, I was so exhausted and yet felt so damn good, the feeling of a mighty orgasm still flowing up and down my entire body. I drifted off to sleep thinking how wonderful it would be to cuddle in his powerful arms against his powerful mighty body, feel safe and secure. I felt myself moved up and then sideways, the feeling of his arms enveloping me and my body being pressed into his. I fell sound asleep.

I woke with the sunshine coming in through the window. I sat up, stretched and felt really good. A tiny shiver of pleasure still was busy inside my body which was quite nice. I took my time in the shower, shaving, brushing my teeth, noticing a really nice glow almost to my skin and the look on my face was sheer content and happiness. I headed downstairs, made my coffee and got the newspaper, sat at the table and slowly sipped coffee and tried to read the newspaper but my mind kept wandering. Then I stopped, sat up straight and went over and over in my mind what I was doing, feeling and thinking. This was insane, I felt like I was some sort of virgin bride pleased almost to death by her magnificent powerful hero god. I put myself into shock. I couldn't believe I was thinking and acting the way I was so far this morning. Then it hit me, check out the PC to see if the camera's recorded anything. I flew from the kitchen into the study, got into the software of the cameras and did a rewind on both feeds. I then selected the living room camera and hit the play symbol. Sure enough, something turned it on, some movement but I couldn't see what it was since I was not moving but my chin was resting on my chest, obviously sleeping. Then I gasped as I saw my book moving on its own, my robe coming off somehow, then I was actually floating in the air being turned around and then down like I was sitting on a very large persons lap. “SHIT! NO WAY!” Was all the intelligent comment I could manage, through out the entire capture. All the movements I remembered I saw. Then I saw my body lifted and like cradled in someones arms, moved from the chair towards the stairs and out of the view of the camera. The living room camera shut off. I hurried up and selected the bedroom camera which also did turn on just like the living room except I was floating towards the bed, the covers pulled down, I was put down, stretched out and the covers pulled up on me. Then, my body moved all on its own up and sideways I rolled to my side and I could tell my face was snuggling into something. The camera shut off until I sat up in bed in the morning and stretched.

Damn, this was almost way too much. I must have watched it all 20 times, hitting pause, rewind, play and back again over and over again. As I watched I knew what was happening, my mind recalling every detail. Now I was seeing it but it was just me. Nothing under me was visible at all. Then the light bulb went on. I couldn't make out the chair covering material on a good portion of the chair, then it would come into view and then be hidden again. SHIT! It had to be the giant blocking the light passing through to the chair. I nearly pissed myself. I got on the phone, called Tim and left a message that the camera's caught the action and he had to come over as soon as he could to view them. I felt there was some urgency for some reason, like they'd disappear by midnight or something. The telephone rang which made me jump. I picked up the phone and saw it was Jack.

Hey Jack, how are you this morning?” I asked.

The hell with me, did the cameras work?” Jack almost shouted.

Well, nice greeting I have to say Jack, very original,” I teased. “Yes, before you melt the damn phone or have a heart attack, the cameras did indeed work. I left a message for Tim to come over and view them so I can tell him what happened.”

Can I come over too?” Jack whined.

After Tim is gone, okay Jack,” I said wanting to keep Tim and my conversations private for now. “I promise to call you as soon as Tim leaves.”

Promise now, remember Josh, you promised,” Jack said with some disappointment.

Jack, we're not little kids and certainly not dating,” I laughed. “I said I would and you should know by now I'm a man of my word.”

Yeah, sorry, just so excited you have something showing you aren't cracking up,” Jack said. “Okay, I'll wait for your call. Bye.”

I laughed and then thought it a good idea to get dressed before Tim popped over. I thought the best thing to do would be to have Tim watch the video while I was sitting turned away from the PC and telling what I remembered happening.

My doorbell went nuts. I ran to the door, opened it and there was Tim with this super excited look on his face.

They worked? My god I can't believe it,” Tim said almost jumping up and down.

Yeah, boy did they work,” I laughed directing him inside. “Would you like some coffee or anything before we check the videos out?”

Scotch would be much better I think,” Tim said with raised eyebrows. “Don't think I should push things with a stimulant. Best get something to mellow my blood pressure out some.”

I laughed, got a glass filled with ice and poured him a scotch. I stuck with coffee, a bit early for me to reach for the bourbon. Besides, it dawned on me I wasn't upset really, just thrilled the cameras caught something and I felt vindicated for some reason. I wasn't really freaked out about it all anymore. I told Tim my suggestion which he liked, opened up the living room video and told him to wait until I was sitting so I was looking away from the PC. I said okay and he said he hit play. I started to slowly start telling all I could remember happening and feeling. I had to keep asking him if it was okay for me to continue as he kept saying “My god” “What is this” “I'd never believe it possible” sort of like a litany. When I stopped and turned towards Tim, he was looking right at me, eyes wide open, mouth dropped open and a look of total shock and disbelief.

I thought you studied this stuff,” I asked surprised at his reaction.

I have, for years, but never in my entire career and research have I seen anything like this. Floating dishes and chairs across a room is one thing. A human being moving like magic, obviously under someone's control is quite another,” Tim gasped before taking down a very healthy gulp of scotch. “What startled me even more was how your narrative fit what I was seeing perfectly, not missing one movement, exactly in the same order and pace as you were describing.”

So its a good thing then?” I asked not sure now whether I was going to be taken to some secret laboratory of the government and made into a guinea pig.

Good? My god its superb, stupendous, mind blowing,” Tim gasped before another big gulp of scotch.

Okay, now for the bedroom,” I said closing the living room video and setting up the bedroom.

The bedroom camera captured more?” Tim said completely surprised for some reason.

Yeah, okay, same deal, I'll tell you when to hit the play button and I'll tell you what I remember,” I said.

I turned around and told him to hit the play symbol. I slowly began my narrative and when I finished, I turned and there was Tim with that completely blown mind look, eyes wide, mouth dropped, looking at me like I was an newly arrived space visitor come to play with him.

Tim, you have to find another look other then the one you are giving me right now,” I said seriously. “It is starting to freak me out I have to tell you. I feel like you are going to have me locked up and used in some bad science experiment sponsored by Uncle Sam.”

Oh gosh, I'm so so sorry,” Tim even blushed grabbing for my hand. “Its just so mind blowing. Completely past what I was hoping for or imagined. I have to tell you honestly, watching the living room scenes and listening to your narrative, I myself got a hard on.”

Wow, I'm impressed,” I laughed.

Why? You don't think men in their 50's get hard ons” Tim said somewhat aggravated.

No no, its just I never thought anyone else would get aroused by all this that's all,” I said quickly. “I'm a doctor, of course I know about hard ons and age. Please, don't take it that way by any means.”

I'm sorry, jumped to conclusions which is something I always have to guard against,” Tim said with his head down. “Think I got that from my mother's side of the family.”

We both laughed and went through the videos a few more times together. Tim was absolutely fascinated with it all.

So tell me Josh, how do you feel about what happened last night,” Tim asked seriously after we went and sat at the kitchen table.

To be honest, I felt great. I startled myself back into reality when I realized since I woke up and showered and stuff, even when I went downstairs to have my coffee and read the morning newspaper, all I was doing was smiling, sighing, reveling in the super pleasure feeling going through my body, like a virgin who just had the best sex ever.”

That's interesting. Sounds as if you are relaxing and enjoying these sessions with your giant much more then at first. You even have a different look about you now that I think about it,” Tim said with a slight smile.

Yeah, I guess you could say that,” I thought out loud.

I have gone over some of my notes several times, read a good number of papers and investigation summaries since we met. I believe the next step would be for you to attempt to converse with your giant. Find out his name, where he was from, why he is doing things with you and what is his game plan.”

Oh, like when we're finished and we both light up a cigarette, just open up with some casual inquisition questions?” I said somewhat defensively.

No, now come on, you know that's not what I mean,” Tim said with raised eyebrows.

There is some sort of bond developing between the 2 of you and you need to ask those questions. You have no idea who he is, what he wants and why he picked you. Those are important things to know. From your description of how he handles you I'd say he is showing signs of deep affection regardless of the reasons originally. He obviously has developed stronger feelings then he had before. You have too I might add.”

That stunned me for some reason. I had to really think about it and I did come to the same conclusion. Whoever or whatever this giant was, I now had feelings for him, wanted him and would definitely miss him if he suddenly vanished from my life.

You're right, I definitely have Tim,” I admitted. “So how do you suggest I get all these questions in?”

Josh, you are a very intelligent and stable individual. You deal with different people, strangers on just about a daily basis, getting from them sometimes very personal information that you need in order to help them, am I right?” Tim said with his hand on top of my arm

Yes, you're right Tim, I just sometimes feel like a teenager on his very first date,” I laughed.

That's understandable, don't worry about it,” Tim said patting my arm. “Who knows, once you get your giant to talk to you, if that's even possible, you both may learn a lot about each other neither of you know right now. Wait a minute, you did say you heard him on several occasions groaning, moaning and even yelling didn't you?”

Yeah, I have and did,” I said not following his line of thinking just yet.

Well that means there is no reason I can think of for him not to talk with you,” Tim said with a beaming smile. “I wasn't sure if he was capable of sound but he obviously is most capable. Problem solved.”

Problem solved huh?” I said giving Tim as look of total disbelief.

Josh, the problem about communicating,” Tim said seriously.

Oh, right, dummy me,” I said with a goofy face.

Well, I would suggest to you that you keep some sort of journal of what has happened and any and all incidents from now on. I have known of incidents where after a time all memory of the happenings vanished for no reason and yet with some, the happenings continued. Science hasn't a clue at this point,” Tim said seriously.

Good idea Tim, I'll be sure to do just that,” I said. “Who knows, maybe good material for a movie or book or something!”

Indeed it would be Josh. Well I've taken up enough of your time. Please keep me informed and know I'm available for you anytime even if you just need to talk to someone,” Tim said before giving me a hug.

Thanks Tim, I really do appreciate that,” I said wondering why everyone was into hugging me all of a sudden.

Oh, and one more thing if I may,” Tim said before leaving. “Would you be willing to run a small experiment to get a good feel for the degree of affection the giant has for you?”

Yeah, I guess so, what do you have in mind,” I asked curious.

Well, at some point soon, I'd like to arrange for a student of mine to seem to break into your house and threaten you,” Tim said. “It may tell us a lot about your giant's feelings toward you based on what he does or doesn't do.”

Tim, I think I'm willing to do that, but I have to be honest, for some reason I feel some guilt inside for testing the giants intentions,” I said seriously.

Interesting Josh. Well, nothing bad should happen other then the student being flung across a room. He's an ex footballer and weightlifter by the way, most capable of dealing with force,” Tim laughed. “He's a grad student and would be willing to keep this under tight security. I trust him completely.”

Well, maybe you think you know him, but you never know,” I said.

Believe me I really do know him intimately. He is my lover, boyfriend and soon to be husband,” Tim said with a big smile. “I think that qualifies as intimately knowing someone. We have been together for more then 10 years.”

Okay then, I believe you,” I laughed, somewhat now totally surprised.

Well, I'll be in touch and we can work out the details of our little test then, maybe best away from here over dinner?” Tim said cocking his head to the right.

Sounds like a plan, I'm in,” I laughed, shook his hand and watched him walk to his car.

Before I could fully close the door the phone rang, it was Jack.

So, is he gone yet?” Jack said like almost in a whisper.

Yes Jack he just left,” I laughed. “You can come over if you pick up some subs for lunch. I'm starving.”

Deal, already on my way,” Jack said hurriedly before hanging up.

I just laughed looking at the phone. I can't remember when I saw Jack this excited. The more I thought about it, the more I realized the answer was simply never.

Jack was over in a flash with some super great deli sandwiches and those great big garlic pickles that I really love. We sat in the kitchen and talked while eating. I had to make Jack slow down before he choked to death eating his sandwich. Finally when finished and of course I had to clean up, we moved into the study and I moved a chair next to my chair so Jack had a good view of the videos.

Okay, now here we go,” I said looking at Jack. “I'm going to narrate what was happening as you watch the video. We'll go through the living room first and then the bedroom.”

Shit, both of them? Oh My GOD!, I'm gonna pass out,” Jack said.

I looked at him and got him to calm down, breath deep and slow. He was actually hyperventilating. This was going to be a real show I could tell.

Right from the start, all I heard while I talked was “holy shit” “no f'n way” “you are shittin me” and “WHAT!!!”. I should have expected that. I had to rewind a few times because Jack said he missed something. Finally I told him if he wanted to see and hear the whole thing he had to just sit still, behave and listen and watch. It was like I was with a 13 year old watching his first porn movie. I finally insisted that the fourth time was the absolute last viewing of the videos. Jack insisted he needed a drink, a big drink. I assured him that after talking with Tim, there was nothing to worry about as far as my safety as no harm not even the slightest bruise came to me, which when I really think about it is in itself amazing. From what I could tell of the physical makeup of this giant, he could rip my arms off and legs without breaking a sweat.

Well, if you are sure your not in danger, then I guess its okay,” Jack said gulping down his 2nd drink.

Jack, its not like I can call over a priest for an exorcism or anything,” I said seriously. “Besides, to be honest, I'm into it right now.”

Jack spit out his drink and I had to get him to breath and stop choking.

What the hell, you're into it now?” Jack yelled.

Jack, its hard to explain but I'm feeling things in my entire body I never have experienced in my entire life. They're all good and make me feel alive and wonderful,” I tried to explain. “Why wouldn't I enjoy this?”

Well for one, its a f'n ghost and another, its a f'n giant for cripes sake,” Jack yelled all excited again. “Oh and another, YOU ARE NOT GAY JOSH!”

I can hear you very well thank you, stop yelling will you?” I yelled back. “Now, calmly, I know all of that but it doesn't balance with the rest, I'm sorry, just how I feel.”

Jack sat there, eyes wide, obviously trying to come to grips with what I said in light of how well he knew me.

Okay, I'll buy that I think, but Josh, its pretty hard to get straight in my mind,” he said shoulders drooping down.

We talked a bit more over some more drinking and I insisted Jack eat something and prove to me he was okay to drive home. That was a mistake as it took over 3 hours to feel he was indeed okay to drive. Note to self, Jack limited to 1 drink.

I did some running around and some cleaning up here and there, puttered around in the neglected yard and then decided on a light salad and grilled chicken on it for dinner. I grilled the chicken, made the salad and pulled out a bottle of wine. I went upstairs and showered, coming down in just my boxers. It was only me and maybe the giant in the house and the way the walls in the yard were set, none of my neighbors could see inside my yard. I know for sure as I got myself invited over each of their houses and got the grand tour so I could check out the views for myself.

I sat outside as it was a truly wonderful evening, slight cool breeze, clear sky and comfortable temperature. The calm and quiet gave me time to think about all that was happening and how I really did feel about it. I came to the conclusion that I liked what the giant was doing with me. Weird as it may be, I did, no questions asked. The fear and shock were long gone, only the superb continuing orgasm feeling that linger into the next day had my full attention. Plus I had to admit I really like the feeling of security, safety, and warmth in addition to feeling wanted and needed and desired. Something in the back of my mind told me I'd really be freaked if it was a female ghost instead of my giant. I still couldn't believe how much I liked being handled by a much more powerful man but so gently, more so then I ever was to be sure. Yes, I liked it very much and suddenly hoped it would not just go away or be forgotten like Tim said sometimes happens.

I finished my dinner, cleaned up the dishes and took the bottle of wine and the glass into the living room and turned on the television, playing the channel scan game. I watched some series on trying to find spirits that were haunting places. It seemed funny to me, like completely fake and made up. I figured if I were a ghost and these clowns came around my digs, I'd die again laughing. A few more clicks of the remote and there was a documentary on the Middle East. I settled on that and sort of got into what was being said and shown. The 3rd glass of wine went down so easy and smooth. I stretched out and got really comfy sprawled out on the sofa, propped up with the pillows.

A tongue moved from my feet all the way slowly up to my forehead and then back down, making certain to cover every exposed part of my body. The huge hand went behind my lower back, a finger was in the waist band of my boxers and they were slowly slid down my legs and off my feet. The tongue bath started again, this time taking in all the missed spots that were covered by my boxers. I moaned, squirmed and sighed. I moved my hand to gently stroke the head of my giant who took my hand in his and licked it and kissed it gently. This guy had one hell of a technique for turning me into slush. I opened my eyes and I still felt the attention being paid to my body.

What is your name?” I asked softly.

There was no movement and complete silence all of a sudden. I got a thought of sadness that I made my giant go away and I wanted him with me so bad.

In your tongue I be called Cytis,” a deep sounding voice said.

Cytis, I like that name, I'm Josh,” I whispered with a smile.

You not frightened?” Cytis asked.

For how gentle and loving you have been to me what reason could I possibly have to be frightened of you?” I said softly, brushing my knuckles against what I imagined was his cheek.

I felt his hand move mine to his cheek.

I glad you feel so,” Cytis said giving me a kiss on my forehead.

Cytis, why me? Why have you decided to show me all this affection?” I asked, brushing my hand up and down what sure felt like his chest.

Have connection to you,” Cytis said. “Long long ago I had lover much like you. Was killed because he loved me. I search for him through eons and find you.”

How horrible,” I said and tried to find his neck so I could pull him down and kiss him.

Suddenly my hands were around his neck and I felt his lips touch mine ever so gently.

How do you know my language so well? I have to assume you don't speak the same one as I do,” I asked.

Learn long time, listen, watch learn,” Cytis said.

How is it you are so big?” I asked.

My race, old time, long time gone,” Cytis said. “Feared and fight race like you for long time. Both gone, long time.”

I'm so sorry to hear that,” I said sincerely. I tried to imagine what it would be like to have your entire race wiped out.

How did you find me?” I asked.

Portal open, bad spirits try come. I see you, keep them away and come to you. Keep you safe from bad ones,” Cytis said.

It dawned on me that the Ouija board did indeed open a portal and I was blessed to have Cytis protecting me from what were obviously evil ghosts or spirits.

Do I make you happy?” I had to ask.

Cytis no happy long long time. Lonely, sad. No with you. Happy, feel love again, miss so much,” Cytis said picking me up off the sofa into his arms and hugging me tight into his body.

I'm glad. Me too I guess. I was very lonely and missed love very much,” I admitted. “How is it you seem to know when I am frightened and when I wish for you to do something or let me do something to please you?”

Cytis hear you feeling, wants,” Cytis said. “No want frighten, only love, good feeling.”

Well let me tell you, that you have done beyond anything I could have imagined,” I said laughing.

It good?” Cytis asked.

More then good, Cytis. Way way more then good,” I said with a big smile.

Cytis happy Josh like,” Cytis said.

Will I ever be able to see you?” I had to ask.

Not know, maybe,” Cytis said. “Never your time so long.”

Well it doesn't matter really, I can close my eyes and feel you so well,” I sighed.

Cytis make John smile,” Cytis said as he scooped me up off the sofa and headed up the stairs to my bedroom.

I laughed like an idiot, a virgin being taken to the love nest. I didn't care how that seemed, I wanted him to love me and I wanted to feel him all around me. I realized I needed Cytis more then ever now for some reason. He had a name, was now a person regardless of his size or looks. He was kind, gentle, protective, soothing and caring. What more could anyone hope for in this life.

I was placed gently on the bed, his fingers exploring my entire body as his lips and tongue became passionate with mine. His entire body went over mine and I loved that feeling as he slowly moved up and down my body, his monster cock moving against my whole lower and partial upper body, sliding easily on the trail of his precum. I wanted to have his cock in my mouth again. Instantly he moved his body up and had my head below his cock, his balls resting on my neck like some huge baubles on an obscene necklaces. My mind and body reacted with thrills as his cock moved inside my mouth, his precum sliding easily from my tongue down my throat. He groaned and moaned as I did my best to make love to his cock which I had come to love. It didn't bother me for some reason that I thought that way now, I couldn't explain it no matter how hard I might try. The thought struck me about how it might feel having his cock deep inside of me and eventually feel his cum filling my insides.

You let Cytis?” Cytis whispered.

I remembered him telling me he could sense my feelings and wants.

Yes, but I've never done that and hope you would be easy on me,” I said somewhat afraid.

Cytis no hurt Josh,” Cytis said gently.

He moved down the bed, grabbed my legs and pulled them up as he had to bend himself partially down because all of a sudden, his tongue was working overtime on my ass. It startled me at first but then I seemed to really get into it. When his tongue pushed past my rosebud, I gasped. It was the wildest feeling to have this big, thick veined thing pushing and moving around inside your ass. It was huge. It started very quickly to drive me insane. Then without any warning, Cytis had my entire cock and my balls in his mouth, working his tongue like mad. I had a hard time catching a breath. He went from that back to fucking my ass with his tongue to sucking in my cock and balls. Finally, when I was like a mad man flailing around on the bed, he lowered my body down on to the bed, moved my ankles to the side of my head and I felt his cock moving up and down my ass crack, stopping at my rosebud and shooting in thick amounts of his precum. Then, just like he managed to do in my mouth, his cock changed shape to easily moved past my rosebud, into my ass and then grow big again, although not its normal massive size. He could do the smoothest, slowest slide of his cock deep into me and then out just so the big head of his cock was inside my rosebud. I growled and grunted, even tried to force my body down his cock but his huge body prevented a lot of movement on my part. Cytis was in control and it was just fine with me. I'd swear he fucked me for 3 days the way it felt. I had already had 3 orgasms and Cytis was still slowly fucking me. Suddenly, I felt his entire body jerk, stiffen and he pushed his cock really deep inside of me, I felt his cock grow, his cock head puff up and then the force of his cum hitting inside of me set me off again. I was expecting his cum to shoot out of my throat there was so much of it coming out of him. He was yelling, panting and making all sorts of noises I can't even describe. I was totally spent and wiped out. There was so much pleasure lightening shooting up and down my entire body I bet I could have lit up a sky search lamp.

Cytis finally began to calm down. He held on to me, moved to sit on the bed with his back against the headboard with me still impaled on his cock, my legs spread wide towards his sides. He held me against his body for a time, then took me by my shoulders, moved me backwards and kissed me so passionately it took my breath away.

Josh happy,good?” Cytis asked softly in his deep booming voice.

John very happy, good,” I barely managed to get out as breathing and talking were difficult at the moment.

Cytis pulled me against his body, wrapped his massive arms around me and hugged me, kissing my head over and over again. I did manage to finally ask him if he was happy and good and he let out this loud booming laugh as his entire body shook up and down. I took that as a definite yes to my question. I know I fell asleep on his body with his cock still buried deep inside of me. When I woke in the morning I felt like a wet noodle who just had the best fuck in the world. The orgasm feelings were there stronger then ever. I expect my ass to be hurting some but it didn't seem to be any worse for the ware. I did check the sheets for any signs of blood, but there weren't any, not one drop. Cytis lived up to his word about never hurting me. I swear I bounced into the shower, even sang while showering and I think I might have danced down the stairs into the kitchen. I told myself that I had to get a grip and stop acting like a new bride, it wasn't part of my normal. Part of me said to shut up and just go with it, enjoy the feelings and quit bitchin. I voted for the 2nd opinion. I had my coffee and even read the paper then tried to decide what I would do for the rest of the day. I wondered if I was ready to go back to work and decided I wasn't quite there yet. Now I would just be day dreaming about Cytis' prowess at making me happy and feeling unbelievable to listen to patients. No, not just yet. I found an empty journal book in the study and wrote down all that had happened so far just like Tim suggested. It wasn't all that easy since I would stop and day dream all over again about what we did and how I felt. Finally I finished and went to the PC and checked out the videos from the night. As I watched I could feel Cytis, his lips, his fingers, his cock, his balls. My insides trembled at the though of him filling me with his giant cock and then flooding me with his cum. I knew if someone would have told me a few months ago I would be stuck on a giant man, I'd have decked them and thrown in a few kicks to boot.

The phone rang and it was of course Jack.

Hey Jack, how's your day so far?” I asked all bubbly.

Holy shit Josh, you side all gooshy and dreamy,” Jack yelled into the phone.

Oh do I, ghee, I'm sorry,” I smiled.

Josh, what the hell is with you?” Jack asked nervously.

Oh nothing really, just woke up feeling super great and like everything is right with the world,” I swooned.

Shit Josh, are you drunk already?” Jack asked.

Nope, not one drop of booze has touched my lips all day,” I smiled.

So did anything happen last night?” Jack finally asked not sure how to respond to my attitude.

Oh yeah, it was so great,” I bubbled.

Oh shit, you are possessed by some demon I just know it,” Jack said worried.

No Jack, not at all, everything is great,” I said happily.

Okay, that's it, I'm getting Bob and we are coming over like right away,” Jack said.

No Jack, really, all is well,” I said calmly.

See you real soon,” Jack said and hung up.

I put the phone down and just thought about Cytis fucking me. How could I be so into it? Why did it feel so damn good? Oh well, not like I'd be able to answer any of those questions any time soon. I figured I best get dressed and straighten up before Jack and Bob came storming into my house.

Sure enough, by the sound of the exploding door bell I knew it had to be Jack and Bob. I opened the door with a great big smile on my face and both of them stood there staring at me like my face was gonna explode.

Come on in guys, what can I get yah?” I said happily.

See, I told you, he is definitely possessed,” Jack said hitting Bob's arm.

I'm not possessed for cripes sake. Man can't you deal with someone feeling good or does everyone have to be jumpy and crabby?” I said seriously.

Jack, shut up,” Bob finally said. “Okay Josh, talk to me, what's been happening.”

I told him about my conversations with Tim, his impression of the video and how we should proceed. He wanted to watch the videos so I sat him down at the PC, started up the first living room video and as usual, narrated what he was seeing. Bob kept looking at the screen then me then the screen looking more worried each time.

If I didn't watch the videos I'd swear you were having big time mental issues or maybe a brain tumor,” Bob finally said slumped in his chair. “Shit Josh, this is for real isn't it.”

Yeah, its certainly for real Bob. Like Tim said, nothing to be afraid of since no harm has come to me and I know none will,” I said calmly.

Josh, this ain't natural,” Jack said nervously.

Well, it is what it is Jack and there's no way to get around that,” I said seriously.

Damn, I wish I knew how to help,” Jack finally said sadly.

Jack, Bob, first off, there is nothing you can do, I want you to do at all, honestly. I'm not being hurt, tortured or thrown up to the ceiling and then spitting out split pea soup. Honest its fine, I'm good with it now,” I said seriously. “If you can't handle that, fine, don't. I understand, believe me. I'm good with it right now and that's the end of it okay?”

Both Bob and Jack sat there in deep thought looking at me very deeply.

Okay, I hear you and promise, I won't push you any more about it,” Bob finally said. “As long as you are okay, not hurt or having a spit pea episode, I guess its fine.”

Jack kept looking then at me then Bob then me again.

You are going to have a stiff neck if you keep doing that Jack!” I said.

Oh yeah, sorry, just doing my best to digest all this,” Jack said confused. “So, you are okay, nothing bad happening and there is no need at all for an intervention.”

No, no need at all thank you,” I said giving him my best I'll slap you look.

Well, okay, I get it I think. I'll try my best to not bug you about you and your jolly green giant,” Jack said forcing a smile.

He's not a jolly green giant and his name is Cytis,” I said smugly.

You know his name?” both Bob and Jack said loudly.

Yeah, I asked. He and I talked, it was nice,” I said calmly.

Wow, that sure is one for the books,” Bob said with a laugh. “Cytis huh? Where is he from?”

Way, way, way back in time. His race died off and was always at war it seems with another race very much like us. His lover was from that race and I remind him of his lover. He has been searching for him for eons and when he saw me through a portal, he came to me,” I explained. “Oh, and he stopped evil ones as he called them from coming through the portal and has a need to protect me from then.”

Shit, I knew that Ouija board was the cause of all this,” Bob yelled and jumped up, giving Jack a threatening look.

Hey, how the hell was I to know that shit was real?” Jack said all excited. “You think I would have put you guys in danger like that if I knew what could happen?”

Bob, calm down, you too Jack. It happened, there isn't any way to undo it,” I said calmly. “Let it go already. Lesson learned I hope, don't fuck with Ouija boards.”

Damn right lesson learned,” Bob chimed in. “Do some f'n research on that shit before you do anything else stupid.”

Bob, chill. Jack had no idea something like this could happen, so like I said, just let it go,” I said taking Bob by his shoulders.

Okay, I'm sorry Jack, just how worried I was about Josh is all,” Bob said putting out his hand to shake Jack's hand.

Yeah, I understand and you have to know I feel so damn bad about it all,” Jack said shaking Bob's hand.

Okay, now that we are all hugy and kissey again, how about doing lunch?” I said with a smile. “Oh, and who's buying?”

Jack, he owes us,” Bob laughed.

Okay, fine, lets go,” Jack said shaking his head.

When we got back from lunch I called Tim and told him we needed to talk. An hour later Tim called and asked if we could meet at a restaurant nearby. I told him my preference and we set the time. He asked if it was okay if he brought along his partner and I said it was just fine. I wanted to see this guy for myself. At the restaurant I got there first, got us a table in the back and waited with a glass of wine. A really big guy was walking towards me with a smile on his face and then I noticed the white haired head of Tim behind him.

Josh, this is Dave, my partner, Dave this is Josh,” Tim said making the introductions.

Dave was so easy to like and talk to, like I knew him for a lifetime. We went over all of the incidents again and Dave was never distracted and listened carefully before asking any questions. Tim was all excited when I told him about the conversation I had last night with Cytis. It took a while before Tim could speak he was so shocked and couldn't believe I learned all that from one conversation, let alone had one. I even told him I asked Cytis if I could ever see him. Dave got a concerned look on his face and asked if I thought that was a wise thing to want. I thought about it and said I did indeed based on my feelings for Cytis so far. I was a doctor, used to seeing some very frightening things and I was fairly confident that nothing I would see would horrify me. Tim thought that was sound reasoning and just urged caution. I agreed to Tim's test with Dave breaking into the house sort of since I”d leave the door unlocked, to see what Cytis would do if anything. I wanted assurances and asked for a written waiver of liability in case Dave was hurt severely showing it wasn't my idea and Tim took full responsibility along with Dave. I insisted, trained well in insurance claims as a doctor.

Tim said he'd draw up the papers, sign and have them notarized for me by tomorrow. He'd leave them in my mail box and if I found them to be sufficient, Dave would come visiting that night. True to his word, the papers were in my mail box, I reviewed them carefully, was satisfied with it and left a message for Tim. I took a shower because I suddenly had this need to be really clean for Cytis. I actually felt myself getting all excited and full of anticipation of Cytis coming to me. I thought about it and decided that I'd have to find out if he was here all the time or just at night since I didn't have any idea how all this worked.

After taking a shower and having a snack in the kitchen, I settled in with my book on my favorite chair. I did remember to leave the front door unlocked for Dave. I had the stereo turned on with some soft classical music. I felt however goofy it was that it helped set a romantic mood. My mind flashed a message that I was truly bonkers and shouldn't think as I was, but I ignored it. I sipped my bourbon and began reading. This time, I didn't even dose off and I felt Cytis' body coming up from the chair underneath me and his huge hands move my robe apart. I stood up and let the robe fall to the ground and was lifted up and placed back on top of Cytis in what I felt was our normal position, my legs inside his thighs and his cock between my legs against my ball sack and crack of my ass.

Hi Cytis, I'm so so glad you came to me,” I said softly.

Yes, have to come to you,” Cytis said with that deep sexy voice. “Not easy stay away.”

I know, I missed you,” I said surprising myself.

Cytis' hands tightened their grip on me and moved me up so that my face could be by his and he turned my head to the right and began kissing me. My cock sprang to life and was jerking enough to smack against my abs. One of Cytis' hands took hold of my cock in that very special way he did and began to slow stroke it. Between that and Cytis fucking my mouth gently with his tongue, my pleasure sensors went into overdrive. I suddenly heard a noise and realized it was my front door nob being turned back and forth, something I meant to take care of but just never got around to doing it. Cytis obviously heard it too as he stopped kissing and slid my body down. I heard the door creak open and from the creaks of the floor knew Dave was coming in. The front entry of the house was dark as was most of the living room minus the one reading light I had on which concentrated the light on my chair. I turned my head and caught a glimps of Dave with a face mask hat on, all dark clothing, even gloves. Cytis seemed to freeze, I'm guessing he was watching every move Dave made. I made myself feel fear and nervousness thinking someone was breaking into my house and maybe harm me. Suddenly, I wasn't on Cytis anymore but just in the chair. I looked where I thought Dave was and saw a very dark shadow up in the air, the front door fly open and watched Dave's body sail out the door and on to the front lawn. The door slammed shut and I was back on top of Cytis.

Who or what was that?” I asked.

Bad man, maybe harm you,” Cytis said in what I assumed was his angry voice. “No harm Josh, Cytis protect.”

Wow, thank you so much Cytis, now I truly feel I'm safe and protected,” I said with a smile.

I was moved up again and the make out session continued. When we seemed to take a breather, I started to ask Cytis questions.

Are you here with me all the time?” I asked.

Yes, Cytis protect,” he answered as his fingers played with my pecs and nipples.

Why don't you let me know you are here, only coming at night?” I asked.

You all attention night, other things day,” Cytis said as a matter of fact.

Thinking about it, he was right. During the day I was involved in other things and nothing would get accomplished in my life if he and I had sex all day.

Can you leave here and go with me?” I asked wondering if he might got to work with me or even on a trip maybe.

Cytis no go, portal open, bad must stay out,” Cytis said seriously.

Then the portal is still open?” I questioned.

Yes, open, bad try sometime come in, Cytis stop,” Cytis said.

I decided I had to do some more research on Ouija boards.

If the portal is closed will Cytis still be here with me?” I asked nervously not wanting him to leave me.

Cytis stay if Josh want,” Cytis said hugging me tight again.

I want Cytis to stay with me forever,” came right out of my mouth.

Josh belong Cytis, Cytis belong Josh,” Cytis said.

His hands moved me so I was against him, my thighs tight on his cock and my right hand was on his cock. He moved his other hand to my pecs and began to tease, massage and squeeze them, then run his fingers all over my chest and abs. I was already moaning and groaning from the sensations his stroking me. My hand was moving all over the head of his cock, smearing his precum all around, my fingers doing a gentle massage. It didn't take very long for me to get into the throws of an orgasm. Instead of using his hand to scoop up my cum from my body, he lifted me up and turned me around and used his tongue to clean my entire body of my cum. Then he lowered me down, his cock head pushed inside my ass cheeks just against my rosebud. Like before, just he tip of his cock pushed in and I was being filled with his precum. He lowered me further and the head of his cock pushed all the way in making me gasp. Damn it felt so good, like a piece of me that was missing suddenly came back. My entire body reacted to the slow movement of his cock deep inside me. His slow pace and rhythm drove me into such a high pleasure state that I didn't want to end. With his cock fully inside of me, Cytis stood up and took up up the stairs into the bedroom. He gently got on the bed, holding me tight to his body. When my back touched the mattress he began to slow fuck me, his cock moving almost all the way out and then all the way back in. My body was moving side to side, up and down, my breathing was just panting and even growling. It was so intense. My entire body felt full and excited. That went on through 2 orgasms and finally Cytis yelled out, his body stiffened, lowered on top of me and he began to pump his cock like a piston while he fired off super loads of his cum inside me. I loved that feeling of his cum forcing its way into my insides, his cock growing thick and me feeling his throbbing veins on my intestines.

When Cytis calmed down, he pulled slowly out of me and moved his boy up towards my head, rubbed the tip of his cock against my mouth and my mouth just opened. I wanted that cock inside my mouth and he granted my wish. It was filling my entire mouth and pushing into my throat, cum started running out of his cock. It was thrilling as hell knowing he not only filled my insides but now was filling my mouth and throat with his cum. I sucked, did my best with my tongue to rub and massage. Cytis held my head still and really started filling my mouth and throat with his cum. He had another orgasm was all I could think and I was thrilled I pleased him that much. Cytis moved down towards my hips then turned me on my side. I felt his body spoon behind me as he pushed his still hard cock back deep inside of me. His hands pulled me tight into him, one arm below my head and the other over my ribs. I was being fucked again. There w as a god and this had to be heaven I thought. That thought should have startled me but it didn't. Whether I wanted it or not, I was definitely hooked on Cytis.

When the morning sun coming into the bedroom woke me, I was thrilled that Cytis was still inside me. We were in the same position and he had me held tight. I moved some so I could get out of bed and hit the bathroom.

Josh sleep good?” Cytis asked gently.

Josh sleep oh so very good,” I said with a smile. “Now I have to use the bathroom so I need to get up.”

Cytis' hands released me and I had to slowly pull myself off of his cock. The feel of that monster moving out of me gave me one hard boner. It was nearly impossible to urinate while the boner was raging. Suddenly I felt Cytis behind me, his one hand pulled me backwards and his other hand gently wrapped around my cock. He started the magical stroking he did and very quickly I covered the toilet and wall with my cum. The boner did go down and I urinated while Cytis was still holding me and my cock. I pushed my head back and thanked him. I turned on the shower and stepped in, Cytis still holding on to me. I began to soap up and I could feel his hands moving all around my body, spreading the soap. I looked down and sure enough, the soap was being spread all over me. I caught a glimpse of his hand as the soap bubbles rolled over it. It was indeed huge. I just stood there and let Cytis wash all of me. That was so sensual. I turned off the shower and picked up a bath sheet to dry off and Cytis took it from me and started to dry me off.

You don't have to do that Cytis,” I said.

Cytis like, do,” he said and that was that.

I got dressed and went downstairs for my usual morning routine. I got the paper, poured a cup of coffee and sat down at the table. I was surprised when I looked at the clock and it showed 9 a.m.. I never sleep that long. I felt rested and had that wonderful mini orgasm feeling flowing all through my body. It was all good I thought. The phone rang and I saw it was Tim calling.

Hey Tim, good morning,” I said happily.

Morning Josh, hope all is well?” Tim asked.

Wonderful actually, thanks,” I said. “Oh, how is Dave?”

That's why I called first thing. He is a bit shaken after last night, but no damage done, no injury to report,” Tim laughed. “He was really impressed with how high he was lifted and how far he was thrown by Cytis. He said he felt the huge hands grab him.”

I'm glad he is okay. That's kind of neat that he did feel his hands isn't it?” I asked.

Indeed it is. I'm convinced without a doubt that Cytis will make certain nothing harms you in any way. Only thing is, I'd be very aware of any heated discussions that may happen at your home. Cytis may think its a threat and take matters in his hands so to speak,” Tim explained.

I didn't think of that. Jack and Bob are lucky then since we did have a somewhat heated discussion yesterday in my house,” I recalled.

Well yes, they are lucky and for some reason Cytis didn't think you were threatened in any way,” Tim said. “He probably picked up on your feelings for Jack and Bob.”

That makes sense,” I said.

Well, I don't wish to disturb you any further,” Tim said happily. “If something comes up and you need to talk, give me a call, I'd love to hear from you. Oh and by the way, Dave like you.”

I laughed, thanked him and hug up. I remembered that I wanted to do more research on the Ouija board, so I went into the study and fired up the PC. I found out that there is a protocol to using one. The users must say goodbye on it to close any opened portal and insure no other spirits come through. I got on the phone, called Jack and Bob. Jack answered his phone and I told him what I found. We agreed to use it again tonight if Bob was able to make it. I left a message for Bob and within an hour he returned my call. I explained it all to Bob and he said he would be over around 7. I called Jack back and he agreed. I told him to come over earlier for a simple dinner, I'd grill pork chops and have some sort of veggie.

Jack came over before 6 and we sat outside having a beer while talking over recent events. He asked me how things were going with Cytis and I carefully said, knowing Jack might get all nutso on me, things were very well and I was happy. Jack seemed a bit dubious, but accepted what I said. I made dinner and we ate outside, it was another beautiful evening. Bob came promptly at 7 and Jack set up the Ouija board. I did print out the protocol I found on the web and we followed it exactly.

There, that should end it,” Jack said proudly.

Well, all we can do is hope,” Bob said sadly.

No, we can be certain. Cytis, is the gateway closed?” I asked loudly.

Close, no bad spirits come,” Cytis voice seemed to boom.

Jack and Bob looked like they were about to be eaten by a lion or something.

Hey guys, breath okay, that was Cytis,” I laughed.

Holy shit, I heard him, did you hear him,” Jack said excitedly to Bob and I.

Damn right I heard him,” Bob said still in shock.

There, case closed, we are all safe from evil things now,” I said happily. “Thank you Cytis.”

I felt a very big hand on my shoulder squeeze me. It felt good. I wanted to kiss his hand but thought not with Jack and Bod there, especially in their panic state. It took awhile for them to calm down. Of course the conversations became very animated and at a very high pitch for a bit, but then things settled down.

Wait, if the portal was closed then why is Cytis still here?” Bob suddenly asked.

Simple Bob, I told him I wanted him to stay with me,” I said happily.

You did WHAT?” Jack yelled. “Josh, are you nuts? Now he's going to be here all the time playing with you!”

And the downside of that is?” I said with a smile.

Well, ummmmmm, its not normal that's what,” Jack stammered.

For me now, it is normal Jack, just how things are now. You need to get used to that fact,” I said sternly.

As long as you are sure and there was no force used against your will, then I guess its a good thing,” Bob said with a partial smile. “You do seem very content and happier then I've ever saw you before.”

Thanks Bob, nothing bad used, completely my idea and desire,” I said with a big smile. “I am very happy and content. Life now seems so much brighter. Yeah, I know having a spirit lover isn't normal, and a man on top of it all, but it works for me and I am indeed very, very happy.”

So does this mean you are gay now?” Jack said with a funny look.

No Jack, it doesn't mean I'm gay. Well, come to think about it, I guess it does, I'm not sure,” I said. “Anyway, I don't care Jack, it is what it is. I have Cytis now, so nothing else matters as far as relationships. I'm no longer lonely. What will happen down the road? I have no idea but I'm not worried about that now. I'm living in the now.”

Jack and Bob looked at me for a long time. Bob gave me a hug first and then Jack did. Both said they were happy for me and wished me well. The funny thing was that as they were leaving the house, they both said “Bye Cytis!”