Bumps In The Night 6


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I had enough, had to get lost until I could clear my head and figure out just what the hell I wanted to do with my life. At 42, you'd think I would have gone way past that marker, but nope, not me, either having too much fun or drowning my misery or looking for a new kick or another. At 6'3" and a body pretty damn close to the professional guys, who I hung with for a time, you'd think I had it made. I had a good job, made lots of money, had fun doing some escort jobs when I got really bored and needed a boost by having some old guy drooling all over me without having to do a thing to him. Yeah, my ego got the better of me so many times I can't even count. When my long time play partner, lover I guess, decided I was a waste he said, like 8 months ago, the fun and thrills just went away. Wasn't fun anymore not to share things with somebody. I realized after awhile I liked being in bed with a guy, spooning, kissing, cuddling, but that realization didn't arrive until I was alone of course. Being in the city seemed to be closing in on me. I threw myself into work, working out, upping the steroid doses I was doing and knew I was going to push myself to an early death if I kept it up. What few friends I had I pushed away taking out my anger and frustrations on them. Can't say I blame them for putting more distance between them and me. So, it was time, had enough and needed to get my shit together for good.

I had plenty of time to take off so I figured 2 months should be enough to get done what I needed to. I wanted to be as far away from crowds and people as I could get. A guy at work gave me some information about this "wilderness retreat" place that was close to the Rocky Mountains, but not high enough in altitude to have freak snow storms. The place had a small cabin, buried in the woods off of a dirt road. You had to travel at least an hour to get into the closest small town for any supplies you needed. No telephone, electricity, cable or internet. Sounded just right to me so of course instead of doing some research on it, I just went ahead and booked myself for a month with the option of extending it for another month at a 30% discount. Sounded just perfect I thought. I over did the supplies I think since the SUV I had didn't have any room in it for anyone else if I had someone to go with me. That was okay with me since I wanted to stay away from people the whole time if I could, no distractions. I packed a shot gun and a glock I had, just in case some crazy ass rabbit or deer came after me. Didn't think about bears as I figured they are only in Alaska and upper Canada anyway. See, no research at all.

I picked the fall to go up, slow time for work and not hot, because the place had no electricity, I knew there would be no air conditioning and hell, some things you just have to have. Oh, and there was a clear stream a few feet away from the cabin so I'd have all the fresh water I wanted. They did have a solar setup on the roof to power the refrigerator and sanitary stuff. It was a bit crisp when I finished packing up and headed out to my discovery of my purpose in life or figuring out just what the hell I was to do. The drive was super long. It took me 2 days of hard driving to get there with one overnight stop so I could sleep a bit. I followed the directions and map I was sent, a bit worried I was going to get lost in the middle of nowhere with no way of being found. The map and instructions were right on and I found the dirt road I needed to go down. It went really far into the woods before I caught a glimpse of the cabin. It wasn't anything super special, just a cabin with a few windows, chimney, doors and chairs on a small front porch. I parked in front of the cabin and opened up the door to check it out. Exactly as advertised. There was a note on the refrigerator with instructions on how to start up the pump for the toilet and turn on the solar generator. It smelled a little musty so I opened up the windows and the back door to let the air move through a little more then just having the door open. I was somewhat tired when I finished unloading the SUV so I parked it on the side of the cabin, locked it up and went in to take a little nap. The bed was somewhat bumpy and the sheets were a bit stiff, but hey, it all fit together. I figured if the stuff got to me I could always buy my own in town if I had to. But, for now, it was just fine. Felt really good to strip down, stretch a number of times and spread my body out on the bed. The ride was getting to me even though my SUV was super comfortable, so laying down felt real good.

I must have fell sound asleep as when I woke up, it was getting dark and some animal was making a sound that startled me. I yawned, stretched again, smiling at my biceps as I flexed them for me, feeling good already. I found some lanterns and one light fixture which surprised me when it worked. I found some firewood in the back of the cabin and started a small fire in the old stove. It surprised me how fast and well the stove warmed up the cabin, not that it was cold, but just seemed like something I should do in a remote cabin in the woods. I figured out something to eat and then went outside to look at the stars. Damn I never realized how many of them were up there and how much of it we never got to see in the city. I was very impressed. I got the idea to head into town and buy a telescope so I could check out the sky super good. Never did that in my life and what the hell, part of getting close to nature and all right?

I could tell sitting outside how different the air was up there. Clean, real clean and starting to get a bit crisp as the sun sunk further down. The sounds all around me kind of amazed me. It let you know there were loads of critters all over the place, probably bitching that a human was screwing up their territory or something. I got tired again and decided it was time to call it a night and get caught up on my rest. I planned on getting up early and heading out to take a long run and maybe find some logs and big rocks to work out with before going into town and see if I could get a telescope and maybe some softer sheets. I closed up the cabin and went to bed, falling asleep kind of quick. I woke up a few times when I heard a sound that I hadn't heard before, some animal I suppose but I wasn't pissed or anything. Come morning, I did feel good. I pulled out some juice and instant coffee, an energy bar and splurged with a few cookies. I got dressed in my running shorts, sweat shirt and running shoes, my favorite cap and of course my shades. I almost started off then remembered I should at least bring along my glock just in case, so I put on my backpack and filled it up with some water, energy bars, my glock and my cell phone, just in case. I went back down the dirt road and then followed along the paved road for probably a few miles. I didn't see anybody else the whole time which brought a smile to my face for some reason. When I finally made it back to the cabin, I had worked up a good sweat. I dumped off the backpack and went outside to find just the perfect logs and rocks to work out with. I found them kind of quick. This big ass log caught my attention and I figured lifting it and carrying it around the cabin was a killer workout. Then I found a large rock that I thought would be good to lift and drop over and over until I felt the pain. I was rather pleased with myself when I finished my new workout routine. It was killer for sure, way more effort then weights and involved most if not all of my muscles and balance. I was pretty soaked when I finished. I realized I couldn't just pop into a hot shower so I grabbed a towel and some soap then headed down to the stream. It was the clearest water outside of a bottle I'd ever seen. It even sounded neat, the fast moving water making sounds as it rushed over and around some big rocks. It shocked me when I felt it. DAMN it was cold. But, man up was all I could think of doing so I did. I don't think my package shrank that much in my entire life. Sure made me move I'd tell yah, no dickering around for sure. I got back to the cabin, got changed into some sweats and got into the SUV to head into town. I didn't pay much attention to the town when I drove through it, but now I saw how old fashioned and magazine it looked to me. It wasn't crowded for sure. I found the general store and did manage to pick up some sheets. They told me I could order a telescope but they didn't have much call for them so they didn't stock them. I picked up a few other things and drove back to the cabin. One of the things I bought was a metal pail so I could heat up some water on the stove for washing. The stream was refreshing but a bit too outdoorsy for me. I made myself lunch and ate outside on the porch, checking out the scenery all around me.

I was just about finished eating when I got this strange feeling like somebody was watching me. I looked around and didn't notice anybody so I figured it was city paranoia kicking in. I found a hammock in a back closet in the cabin, set it up when I found the trees with the hangers for it and laid down with a book, a real different thing for me. I felt really good, except for that strange feeling now and again that someone was watching me even though I couldn't see anybody, didn't hear anyone drive up and didn't hear any snapping twigs on the ground either. I fell asleep from being so relaxed a few times. I got off the hammock and decided to take a walk around to see what was close by and maybe even spot who was watching me, if anybody. It was awfully nice every where I walked. I found this one clearing where I could stand and see the peaks of some mountains in the distance as clear as if they were right next door. I saw big hawks and other birds I thought just lived in zoos, even spotted some deer who were as curious about me as I was about them. I kept having that feeling about being watched but I finally chalked it up to an animal wondering what the hell I was doing there.

I made a fire in the stove, boiled some water in a pot to cook up some packaged dinner I bought and then put my full pail of water on the stove to heat up so I could take a nice warm wash before bed. I was really worn out after dinner so I cleaned up the dishes, took my bucket of really warm water off the stove and into the bathroom which luckily had a drain in the middle of the floor. I figured out the best way to wash and rinse. The warm water sure did feel nice. I dried off and stood by the stove for awhile as I got a chill coming out of the bathroom. I opened up the package with a new comforter I bought, shut things down and crawled into the bed, the fire still going strong, the warmth feeling super nice. I was out super quick.

I don't know how long I was sleeping when I was startled by a noise which woke me up. I sat up and listened but didn't hear anything. Then, as soon as I laid back down, there was that noise. It sounded to me like the chair on the porch was moved. I figured a deer was checking things out so laid back down again. There it was again. I got up out of bed thinking I'd scare the deer off so I grabbed a super bright flashlight, my glock and went outside, stark naked of course. Sure enough, the chair was moved but there was no sign that I could see of a deer. My eyes adjusted to the light the moon was giving off so I shut off the flashlight and looked up at the sky. That's when I saw lots of stars as something big hit me from the top back of my head to the middle of my upper back. I was out before I hit the floor of the porch.

I think I drifted in and out of consciousness as I heard some voices, felt someone push my head back, hold open my jaw and hold my tongue down as they tried to drown me with some sort of liquid then out I went. I started to somewhat wake up and felt these really large hands rubbing some slick stuff all over my body and head. I felt the goop being pushed and rubbed into my ass crack, my pits, my face, my hair, the bottom of my feet, my crotch, all over. It felt good and yet it seemed to burn a bit. The hands seemed to be having a good time as they rubbed and rubbed, playing with my balls, cock and ass a lot too. Then there was that hand holding open my jaw, my tongue down and trying to drown me in some liquid stuff. I was feeling quite a buzz by now and the pain from being smacked in the head was a distant memory.

I caught a glimpse of a really really big dude, with a mean, nasty looking rough face, bald, in my face, his breathing heavy and I swear he growled a few times. He had his arms I guess around me and was still rubbing that goop all over my back, spending a lot of time on my ass cheeks and ass crack. I moved my feet for some reason and realized I wasn't standing on the ground but up above it. I tried to move my hands but they were tied down really good to poles or something as were my ankles. The super big guy moved back some and moved his hand under my balls, loaded with that goop stuff and began to rub it in while squeezing his hand somehow to like suck in my balls and cock. I heard it making like a slurpy sound but hey, I felt really buzzed and damn it was feeling really good. I passed out again, woke up and he was slow gooping my thighs, calves and feet along with my cock and balls again then sliding his hands around my hips on to my ass cheeks and in my ass crack. I saw another face, not quite as large and tough looking as the big guy, but also bald. He was the one grabbing my jaw and tying to drown me with that liquid stuff.

I heard at one point what sounded like soft drums and some chanting or singing, I wasn't sure. My big brute of a sex fiend was still at it, gooping me up real good. My head was spinning and when I finally looked towards what I assume was a fire, it was like all rainbows and sparkles. The big guy lifted me up by my arm pits and moved me on to some flat surface that wasn't wide and wasn't long. My head and shoulders were hanging off and so were my thighs. My brute stood over my face with his thighs on each side of my head. I know that cause I felt his huge balls laying on my face and a leaking, fat cock sitting on my lips, precum slowly rolling across my lips and down my chin. His hands seemed to like massaging my pecs and abs cause he did it slow with lots of pressure. I felt 2 different pairs of hands grab hold of my ankles and pull them up and out. I couldn't move my upper body up since my brute was holding me hostage with his balls, cock and thighs, along with his monstrous hands working on my pecs and abs.

I felt another pair of hands that were powerful for sure, grab on to my ass cheeks and spread them apart. Then I felt what I thought was a log being pushed up inside of me, super slow matching the beat of the drums and chanting. Somebody had my cock in both their hands and was stroking me fully, slight bit of pressure but stroking me for sure. My whole body was tingling and had a slight burn going, my head was on another planet as I felt higher then a kite. The log slowly started to move faster and deeper as the drums and chanting moved faster and so did the stroking of my cock. My brutes cock was getting hard as I could feel it growing cause it was pushing against my face not just resting on it. His precum was pushing into my open lips which the head of his cock pushed open as it got harder. I could hear myself moaning. I eventually felt an orgasm coming on and just then, I felt something cold, like metal touching my abs and my cock touching it now and again with the stroking. I groaned and my muscles tightened as I started to have an orgasm. The hands on my cock were controlling it from shooting all over, just letting it spill into what I guess was a metal cup or something I felt on my abs. The tip of my brutes cock was pushed inside my mouth now and his precum was flowing like a little stream. My tongue seemed to like it as it was moving over as much of it as it could, lapping up as much precum as it went along. That damn log just kept up with the beat and pace, in and out. The hands on my cock didn't stop either as they just kept stroking, massaging my balls with more goop and then back to both hands stroking. My brute was getting more forceful in his handling of my pecs and abs and I could feel his hips moving so that his cock moved further inside of my mouth. I had to have filled up that cup to the brim by the time the hands let go of my cock. The log was still moving along and my brutes cock was pushing hard against my tongue, slowly sliding towards my throat. I felt a really tight lock on my pecs and his thighs try to crush my head as his cock pushed into my throat and began to flood me with cum, thick, hot, massive amounts of cum. I gagged, coughed, probably turned blue but no matter, the cum just kept on coming. I could feel it moving down my throat into my stomach, shooting up out of my mouth, down my cheeks, out my nose, all around that massive fat cock trying hard to impale me from the front. If I wasn't so damn high, I probably would have yelled from the amount of pressure he was putting in his squeezing and moving of my pecs around.

Then, the log seemed to get fatter and longer and throb deep inside of me. I felt a hot river of fluid coming out of it and at the same time, the chanting was loud and almost like they were in a wild frenzy of some sort. I can't say how long the log shot fluid into me and when my brute finished filling me up with protein as I must have blacked out. When I came back around for a bit, my brute was back at slow massaging me with goop and I was again tied upright to poles I think. Hands came and forced open my jaw and tried to drown me in liquid again but I didn't care anymore. I was flying high, my entire body felt drained and happy as can be, full of cum from both ends I suppose. I have no idea how I ended up back in my bed in the cabin, under the covers, laying on my side. I opened my eyes and knew I had a smile on my face. I shot up in bed and felt all over my body, no goop. I put my fingers by my ass crack, no oozing cum. What the hell, did I have one hell of a wet dream? Damn. My cock didn't even look like it was abused. I felt around my face and didn't feel any trace of having had a cum bath. I felt the back of my head and it was a little bit sore, but no big deal. I fell back down on the bed and wondered why my entire body felt so damn good like I had just been in the greatest orgy of my life. I finally got my ass out of bed, did my morning routine, even jogging, the log and rock workout, feeling super invigorated for some reason. I pushed it off as the clean air, water and stuff. I spent the afternoon in my new favorite spot, the hammock, with my book. I had that feeling of being watched again, but fluffed it off as just being city paranoid again. I really had to have been relaxed as it was almost completely dark when I woke up. Damn, probably won't be able to sleep tonight I thought. I went inside, made dinner, heated up my bucket of water and gave myself a nice long slow wash. I cleaned up, went outside on the porch to view the stars and when I felt sleepy, I went in, closed things down and got into my bed.

I wasn't quite sure, but I swear my brute was back with his monster hand over my face, holding my nose and mouth shut so I couldn't breath and my eyes covered so I couldn't see. I came too being rubbed down with that goop stuff by my brute, my mouth held open and filled with that liquid and getting higher by the minute. In and out of being conscious, each time feeling better then the last. I wanted to know who my brute was since I think I was falling for the guy. The feeling of his huge, powerful hands on my body were just so hot and sexy. That goop had to be the best damn lotion you could put on your body for damn sure. My brute added something different this time, wrapping his super huge arms around me, pulling my body tight into his and trying like hell to push his tongue into my stomach. He was gooping my ass with royal abandon and sliding his arms up and down with the goop. He'd move away, cover my front with goop and back he'd come, playing my body like it was his cock. He did his slurpy thing on my balls and cock along with my feet, calves, thighs and ass, really stronger then last time, but hey, it was something else to feel. I wasn't thrilled that much about the trying to drown me with that liquid, but I think that's what made me get higher and higher. I was still like before going in and out of consciousness, getting into that drum beat and the chanting for some reason. I partially woke up on that table thing, my brute holding my head tight in between his thighs, his cock already pushed partially inside my mouth and his bull balls pushed over my eyes. My legs were already held up and stretched apart. That log thing moved inside of my ass and started its thing. My mouth seemed to get into trying hard to suck off my brute which I think he liked as he growled kind of loud when my tongue moved around the bottom of his cock head. He not only worked on my abs and pecs again, but this time tweaked my nipples between what I guess was his index finger and thumbs. Yeah, I could really get into this guy for sure. Not often you feel small when you are my size and have the muscle build I have. Same thing with the metal cup thing, my cock being drained in a controlled manner, my mouth and stomach filled with brutes cum and then the log expanding, getting even longer and turning into a cum hose inside of me. The next thing I knew, I was sitting up in bed, it was a bright sunny morning and I felt super. I checked myself again, but no signs of anything happening. I couldn't believe I'd have the same wet dream 2 nights in a row, but hey, fresh air maybe.

Just for kicks, in the afternoon I drove into town, went into the local restaurant and started up a conversation with a waitress. I asked if there were people living around where my cabin was and she said she didn't think so and she's lived here most of her life. I took my time walking up and down the main street, picked up a newspaper which was 2 days old and went back to the cabin. I couldn't get over how great I was feeling. Not just my muscles but my whole insides which I couldn't remember feeling before. Same routine, without the hammock this time, taking a nice walk around and marveling at the scenery. Made dinner, washed up and went to bed soon after it was dark. I felt my brutes hand over my face again and then I was hanging from those poles again, my brute doing his thing with goop and my body. I didn't even mind the drowning from the liquid part anymore since I realized that was what got me so damn high. Man how I wished I could go wild on my brute's body. I just knew he was something else just from the feel of his thighs against my head and how his body felt when he held me tight as he fucked my mouth with his tongue and his body slid up and down mine. Yeah, this brute was a monster for sure, probably just what I needed in my life to keep me grounded. He really seemed to get into playing with my body as he changed just little bits of his routine. He added sliding his hands up and down my sides with pressure in between working on my pecs, nipples and abs. I tried as best I could to work more on his cock head, but his thighs held my head to tight for me to move it even a little. That log was having a good time for sure. I loved the feeling of how my cum was flowing into that metal cup and how I was having so many orgasms. Maybe 2 times in a night, 3 tops if I was really excited, but that didn't happen often. Now, it seemed like I was having 4 or 5 and all were huge loads. When I was back on the poles I happened to roll my head around and saw that it was a very bright full moon. I was mesmerized by it for some reason. My brute was working on me again and I moaned and groaned smiling as best I could to let him know I liked it, lots. He growled, tried to choke me to death with his tongue again and worked over my ass cheeks with royal abandon. He grabbed on to my cock and balls in one hand and drove me insane the way he did that slurpy thing like some super slimy machine was sucking them in and out. He slid a very huge finger in my ass and I was panting and my tongue was looking for any part of him it could reach. His growling set me off as my body jerked, shook and I shot another load of cum into his hand. I saw him move his hand to his mouth and his tongue lick my cum off of it. He moved super close up to me. I felt the head of his cock sliding up and down my ass crack and then he moved a certain way and my ass was swallowing his cock. Shit it felt huge and yet so fuckin good. I wanted it, wanted it all deep inside of me. I wanted to feel his cum make my abs blow up and almost explode. He had his arms wrapped around me and I managed to kiss him passionately with my tongue and lips. I think it startled him since he just froze. Then he growled and continued on making me his total bitch. When he started filling me up with his cum, I was out again. It was morning again and I was tucked into my bed all nice and cozy, feeling so damn good. I didn't even bother to sit up and check for signs of being fucked, I just laid there leisurely feeling around, moaning as my ass and cock reacted to my fingers slowly moving across and around them. I had it in my mind then that somehow, I had to find my brute and make him want me all the time. Screw the job, the apartment, the whole dumb bunch of crap. I wanted to spend most of my time impaled on his cock and wrapped up in his arms with his tongue choking me to death.

I did my usual routine and found myself all excited as it was getting dark. It seemed forever before it was dark enough for me to get into bed. I woke up in the morning without any memory of anything happening at all, no wet dream. Damn, I actually got pissed. Was this all just some wild ass dreaming? Shit, if it was, I am not a happy camper at all. I spent the day walking around, jogging, walking, somehow hoping I'd come across my brute out in the woods somewhere. Stupid I know, but hey, I felt desperate. By supper time I think it started to show that I was becoming very depressed. I sat for so damn long on the floor of the porch with my face in my hands staring at the dirt. I didn't even both to make dinner. I put my water on the stove and decided I needed to jerk off before I washed up and went to bed. My cock was driving me insane all day as I relived my special brutes control over my body. I stripped down out on the porch and spread out my legs, leaned back, put my head back and summoned up my best memory of my brute. I got hard super fast and wanted to make the session last as long as possible. I slow stroked myself for a surprising long time. I was moaning and my head was rolling around as I envisioned his hands on me, his tongue down my throat, his cock inside of me and my abs blowing up from him filling me with his cum. I had that weird feeling again of being watched but I didn't give a shit. When I finally came, I yelled out, swore and then my back fell backward smacking the wood floor of the porch. I felt good and yet incomplete. I groaned and just laid there, my legs and arms stretched out to the side. My eyes were closed and all I could see in my mind was my brute. Suddenly, I heard heavy breathing. I slowly opened my eyes and almost shit. There, towering over me was my brute. I just knew it was him even though my view of his face was pretty foggy. He had his legs spread over my body, his face looking down on me with this serious look on his face.

"I thought I'd never see you again," I said in a whisper.

"You want me huh?" my brute growled.

I put a smile on my face and before I knew it, he had me off the floor and wrapped up in his arms against his body. He had no shirt on only bib tops, no shoes. He was scary as shit looking but I didn't care. This was my brute, mine. I had my arms wrapped around his neck and was doing my best to make out with him, my body wiggling all around to feel as much of his massive body as I could. He was so damn tall and huge. He handled me like I was a rag doll and I am not a light weight, especially with my muscles. He easily held me against his body with one arm as he reached over and unsnapped his bib tops and they fell to the ground. He stepped out of them and walked inside the cabin. He slid me slowly down his body which was thick and hairy, something I didn't realize. His cock was magnificent as I remembered it. I latched on to his balls and cock licking, kissing and sucking for all I was worth. The more he growled the wilder I got, not able to get enough of him. He lifted me up, licked my body and then devoured my cock and balls all at once. I gasped and reached out to hold tight to his head. He was bald and I loved it. He was in some wild fights from the scares he had on his head and face but that just made my brute all the more powerful. He handled me like I was a 20 lbs weakling. He turned me around and still holding me up in the air, buried his face into my ass, his tongue going wild on my ass crack, finally pushing in deep past my rosebud. I had a massive orgasm right then and there. He growled and turned me around, slid me down on an angle and his cock head pushed tight against my ass crack. His precum was mixing with his saliva on my ass and that made it easy for his cock to slowly slide inside of me. I lost my breath. It was so much better then I remembered it being. I could feel every pulsing vein on his cock and how his fat cock head pulsed as it pushed deeper and deeper. My face was then even with his pecs and I went after his nipples. He gasped and growled even laughed, keeping one hand on the small of my back and putting the other on the back of my head moving me around his pecs and on his nipples. I bit a nipple and he yelled out like some wild animal and I felt his cock exploding inside of me. The force of his cum shooting out of his cock was unreal. He bent me backwards, bent down and fucked the shit out of my mouth with his tongue. I had shot a few loads on his abs. When he calmed down a bit, he looked down and then used a hand to scoop up my cum and lick it off his hand. I was exhausted, pleased as hell and happy as hell.

"I don't even know your name," I said as I kissed his pecs and shoulders.

"Boe, name Boe," he said in his super deep baritone voice.

"I'm Tim," I said looking up at him, running my hands along side his face.

"Tim like Boe huh?" Boe said with a smile.

"Tim like Boe so very very much," I said kissing his chest.

"Boe like Tim too," Boe said pulling me into a tight hug.

"So can you tell me what was happening at night with you, your friends and me?" I finally had to ask.

"Special ritual, powerful magic," Boe said seriously. "You sacrifice, please much. Good result."

"A sacrifice? Like what some sort of cult thing?" I asked.

"Warlock say we do, have good winter and spring. You great body and good sacrifice, spirit like much," Boe said.

"So a Warlock ran the ritual huh?" I said curious.

"Yes, powerful. Spirit come, take Tim many times. Spirit like much," Boe said.

"Wait, a spirit actually came and fucked me?" I asked in shock.

"Yes, big spirit. Long time take Tim, fill Tim many times," Boe said proudly like I should be very proud of myself.

"What was that goop you rubbed all over me," I had to ask.

"Special potion Warlock make, spirit tell and show. Make Tim body feel good and help keep spirit from doing bad to Tim," Boe said.

"Wow, I sure like that stuff," I laughed. "And what was that liquid I was made to drink?"

"Warlock make, so Tim be happy and not scared. No feel pain so is good," Boe said as he rubbed my back and arms.

"Wow, wish there was a way to get our hands on some of that, just for special occasions of course," I laughed.

"Boe get for Tim, is okay," Boe said hugging me. "Boe want Tim happy feel good like Tim make Boe feel. Tim no scared of Boe like others. Boe feel Tim wants and needs Boe, not run away."

"Oh man, do I ever want and need Boe. I was so sad and down when nothing happened last night. I wanted to have you so bad and still do Boe," I said holding on to him tight.

"Good, Tim keep Boe, Boe keep Tim then," Boe said almost crushing me.

"So where do you live and what do you do to make money?" I asked.

"Live shack, woods. Cut wood, carry heavy for others, live okay," Boe said as a matter of fact.

"Well, I don't want you to have to do anything like that again," I said seriously. "My Boe has a job now to keep Tim happy. Tim has a job to keep Boe happy. No time for others."

Boe pushed me backwards and looked at me very seriously. He then lifted me and kissed me, the most gentle kiss I got. He surprised me as I was expecting him to push his tongue deep into my throat.

"That was nice, Tim likes that lots," I said.

"Tim like, Boe do much," Boe said kissing me again.

"Well Boe, looks like I'm going to have to buy a house for us to live in and get you some stuff," I said.

"Boe live with Tim?" Boe asked surprised.

"Hell yeah, Boe lives with Tim," I said sternly. "I don't want to loose you ever again Mr. Boe. You got me started in this and I'm not letting you off the hook that easy."

Boe laughed and squeezed me tight. "Maybe Tim come back with Boe for ritual?"

"Well, if it makes you happy then we'll have to make coming out here a yearly thing I guess," I said.

"Warlock like and not be mad at Boe," Boe said.

"Well then its a good thing huh?" I laughed.

"Yes, good thing," Boe laughed with me.

I can't even say how many times Boe made love to me. Yeah, love. It wasn't just fucking and getting off. He was tender, careful to be gentle and yet in charge, making sure I was feeling good about whatever he did to me. I had what I was missing all my life. My brute. In the back of my mind I was a bit freaked out by what he said about a Warlock and a Spirit fucking me. That didn't make any sense at all. Maybe just Boe's bigger brother or cousin playing the part and some nut case into witchcraft movies acting the part. Those things couldn't be real at all. But, who the hell gives a shit, I got Boe.

I made all sorts of arrangements to transfer my money to accounts that I could tap into freely, sold some good stocks which paid off handsomely. I figured I could live real nice for oh say 50 years at least our here in the boondocks and still look for things to spend money on. Boe was nervous when I wanted him to go with me looking for a house. Seems he mostly stayed in the woods away from town and the people there. When he said 'NO GO', well, that was that, my brute has spoken. Like I was going to argue with the guy? Shit no, a few poundings of his fist on the top of my head and most of me would be pushed straight down into the ground for sure I figured, so okay, I'll shop around on my lonesome. I was kind of disappointed that most of the houses available were in town and I already knew, Boe would not move in with me if that's where I decided to live. With some luck, the realestate guy reluctently told me about a property right next to the cabin I was renting that had over 6 acres of land, one sort of out building or barn maybe, had a house bigger then the cabin but was basically a larger version of the cabin I was in. This one had the same hook ups with solar but did have lines running to connect it to the main electrical lines, it had a pump house that pulled water into the house from the underground aquifar that fed the stream, AND even had an electric hot water heater. That last part is what sold me for sure, damn, hot water IN the house, how modern could you get!

He insisted we go look at the whole place since I was ready to pay cash and get moved in. We drove down the road I was familiar with, but instead of the dirt road I turned on for the cabin, we went a bit further and turned on to a gravel road that then turned into a rutted dirt nightmare. When he drove a bit and then the road turned hard to the right, there it was, like some big scary monster with 2 big eyes and a small mouth staring right at you. It was only the 2 front windows on either side of the entry door, but still, was kind of neatly spooky. The windows sure were dirty and I noticed it had a 2nd floor of sorts since there was a window up there. He unlocked the door and man did the dust fly. Tons of cobwebs and dust. On one side when you came in was a kitchen with cabinets and counter all around shaped like a big 'U'. There were 2 empty spaces with outlets in the walls, one for an electric stove and the other for a refrigerator. Besides the window facing the front of the house, there was one over the sink which was part of the counter. Seemed so funny since the walls were exactly like the cabin, a cabin! Logs with cement or something in between which I thought fit how brutish Boe was nicely. On the other side as you walked in was what had to be the living room. There was a very large fireplace covering one entire wall facing the kitchen area, outlets here and there for electrical stuff, even a trap door that he pulled open to show me it was an escape hatch that opened up to the lifted underbelly of the house. I laughed, remembering I saw that in a few creepy movies.

A short hallway with a closet, then the magical little room with the hot water heater and right next to that a nice sized bathroom with a huge old fashioned bathtub, sink and medicine cabinet. The floor was sloped to the middle where a drain was and somebody rigged up a ceiling shower right in a corner. Across from that was a stairway going upstairs which could be a master bedroom loft as it was nearly the entire size of the house with a small bathroom right over the large one downstairs. There was a bedroom downstairs past the stairs and another next to the bathroom. There was a funny kind of room which he said was like a cellar but up top, a big storage room, no windows at all just a wide door. Out the back door there was a large porch that ran just about the width of the house, elevated nicely from the ground. The view from the porch took my breath away. I didn't realize there was a large mini-mountain like thing behind here that you couldn't see from the main road or the entrance road. There it was, rough, rugged and poking up through the thick forest. The stream was only a few feet away from the house which was even better. I have no idea why, but that's what I thought. It was sold, period, papers, check, whatever else was needed, I wanted done before the end of the week. I wanted to know who I could hire to clean it all up, where I could get new appliances and first things first, a big bed and linens. I told him once the place was cleaned up and appliances in place, my furniture form the city would arrive via a moving company already hired in the city.

I guess he never dealt with anyone that insistent and with the 'getter done' attitude when it came to buying property out there. He insisted on going through the taxes and other silly stuff and all I kept pushing on was when would it be mine, period. Seems a local bank had title to it as it was abandoned by the owner who still owed money on the mortgage. Since it wasn't in town, no body even wanted to look at it. Well, being the pushy prick I was used to being, things definitely went on a fast track. I even pushed the banking people to move things along quickly, which they were actually very willing to do since the land and house were nothing more then a liability to them. I didn't tell Boe yet that we would be living there. I wanted to have it all fixed up and ready to live in before I did. Don't know why but it seemed like it would be a super nice surprise to Boe. I knew he was really worried about where I'd buy a house around there, probably figuring I'd want to be closer to town since I was living in a big city before.

It was like Boe didn't really care. The only thing that mattered to him was holding me, playing around flipping my body around like a doll and fucking my ass and mouth as often as he could which damn that boy could often. I never knew a man could regenerate that quick like Boe did. There was no way I could keep up with him, so I just eventually went along for the ride until he was satisfied and I was completely exhausted and had a smile locked on my face. I couldn't wait to have the bed put up and we would be able to finally sleep comfortably together. Since I was in the cabin, well, that's where Boe slept. Me fully up against the wall and enveloped by his whole body or just laying on top of him. Sure saved on heating I can say for sure.

Well, the day finally came when the moving truck and movers were pulling away, all the furniture I had in my apartment was in place, looking totally lost I might add, but the best was the over sized king bed up in the loft which I viewed as the master bedroom. I also had another small fireplace installed in the loft so there would be no issue with it getting super cold in the winter. I told Boe we needed to go for a walk. He liked that and off we went down the dirt road from the cabin to the next road to our new house. Before we got to the bend in the road where the house came into view, I made him cover his eyes and told him not to peak at all. It was funny as hell I'm sure me guiding this monster of a brute with his hands over his eyes shuffling not walking like a little kid. When I opened up the door and got him inside I told him he could look now.

Oh Tim, we not to be here, owner shoot,” Boe said all worried like we broke into somebody's house.

Honest Boe, I won't shoot you and I don't think you'll shoot me either,” I laughed wrapping my arms around his body and squeezing.

No Tim, owner not you,” Boe said holding me away from him, his hands smothering my shoulders.

Yeah Boe, just like I said,” I laughed trying hard to get back to squeezing him. “We own it, its our house.”

Tim buy? We live here?” Boe said with big open eyes looking around and seeming like a kid Christmas morning.

Yep, come on, let me show you around,” I laughed snatching his hand and pulling him behind me.

I told him that I had all the stuff cleaned up for us and all the furniture except for our big bed upstairs was from my apartment in the city. I told him to pick me up in his arms and walk me upstairs to our bedroom. Boe was so funny the way he just kept turning his head taking everything in. When we got to the top of the stairs he stopped dead in his tracks, his mouth dropped down and he was staring at the bed.

Okay, we have to try it out and make sure its a good one,” I laughed jumping down from his arms and running to the bed.

Boe just didn't move. He looked at me like I was going to be shot for stealing or something.

Boe, I'm waiting for you to love me in our bed, so hurry up,” I laughed, as I stripped naked.

Boe slowly walked towards the bed, looking all around, slowly taking off his bib tops and the hiking boots I bought for him. He came up to the edge of the bed and gently touched the thick puffy comforter I had on the bed. I reached out and grabbed on to his wrist and started to tug and pull to get him into the damn bed.

He finally got on the bed and I attacked him like a sex crazed pervert. He'd growl then look around, moan then look around, hold on to my head and look around.

Boe, what is the matter?” I finally yelled since he wasn't paying any attention to me, just me.

Boe no see like this ever. Nice, Boe like more and more, but not sure. Hard to see Boe living here. For Tim yes, for Boe, no maybe,” Boe said finally puling me into his arms and kissing me softly.

Boe, don't say things like that. I bought this for US, Tim and Boe. WE live here now. It is OURS Boe, not mine, OURS. You need to understand that lover, none of this no Boe maybe shit. Its is OUR home,” I said seriously holding his head in my hands tight.

Boe looked at me for awhile, tears formed in his eyes and then he smiled, squeezed me tight and kissed me as he rolled over on me and started to work me over real good. I took that as a sign Boe did like the house. After his usual lets kill Tim romp on my body, he wanted to see how the shower and bath stuff worked. So, what was I to do but take his hand, go downstairs and into the bathroom.

Bathtub or shower?” I asked pointing to each.

Boe looked confused but finally pointed to the shower part. I turned on the shower making sure the hot water was working, took him by the hand and pulled him under it. He gasped, kept feeling the shower head with his hands and then looked down at me.

Water no cold!” Boe said all excited.

Yep, nice hot water from now on,” I squeezed my brute.

I was thrilled to see the look of complete awe and happiness on his face.

Okay, now the tub,” I said as I went to the tub which was huge, perfect size for Boe, filled it up with very warm water and pulled him out of the shower, shut that off and pushed him towards the tub.

Okay, get in and lay down,” I said.

Boe drown,” Boe said nervously which seeing his nervous look always cracked me up as it just didn't fit with his brutish hard look.

No silly, honest. Just get in and sit down first, then you can stretch out and rest your head right here,” I said patting the back of the tub.

Boe looked at me like I was nuts, but did what I said, carefully stepping over the tub wall, his eyes really big as I made sure the water was really warm, slowly sat down, gasped and then let his body slide down almost into a laying position but he was a bit big for the length of the tub.

Nice huh?” I laughed as he had that little kid at Christmas morning look.

Water hot!” Boe gasped. “Nice! Boe like!” Boe said all excited as he reach over, pulled me into the bath and had me locked in over his body and in his arms. “Boe like much.”

Uh, me or the bath?” I asked seriously.

Both,” Boe laughed as he squeezed me so very tight.

For sure with Boe, I felt small, weak and protected for sure. It was such a wild feeling I don't ever remember having. I loved how just about everything I took for granted was Christmas morning for Boe, making me appreciate simple things for a change. Finally I managed to drag him out of the tub, get us both dried off with my thick bath sheets that fascinated him also. I made us a light dinner and it was nice just sitting all naked, eating and talking. He actually helped me wash dishes after I showed him how I do them. I took a nice wine from the fridge, got 2 glasses and pulled him into the living room, sat him down on a chair, pushed the ottoman under his legs, put on some lights and then stared at him as I picked up a remote and hit the button turning on the 52 inch LED screen on the wall. Yeah, I had to have SOME news to watch and stuff. Boe's mouth dropped open, he looked at me then the TV then at me. I poured us both some wine and handed him his glass.

I went and sat on the love seat, sipped my wine and just watched him. He really liked when he found out about flipping the channels for some reason. The satellite reception was actually good which really surprised me. Boe finally put the remote down and looked at me with his eyebrows scrunched. I smiled at him and he patted his lap and raised his eyebrows. So, I can take a hint. I got up, walked over and climbed up on his lap. His arm went around me and held me against his body tight, he kissed my head and picked up his glass of wine and took a sip. He wasn't sure at first but then he had a nice smile and the wine was all gone. I laughed and told him no, he was supposed to sip it, take small amounts at a time. He looked at me like I was from Mars, pushed the ottoman away, kept his arm around me, sliding his hand under my ass, got up, walked to the kitchen, picked up the bottle of wine and went back to the chair. He handed me my glass and poured me wine then poured more into his glass and did the funniest baby sip I've ever seen.

Boe, you make me so happy, you know that?” I said snuggling my head into his body.

Boe happy, Tim make Boe happy,” Boe said kissing my head.

So you like the TV?” I asked.

TV? What is it?” Boe asked confused looking side to side to see what he missed.

That” I said as I picked up the remote and flipped channels. “Its called a TV, short for television.”

Boe like TV,” he smiled kissing my head again.

I flipped until I think we hit animal planet or some such thing. Boy did that get his attention seeing the landscapes and different animals. I sort of figured that would interest Boe for now.

I heard a car pulling up the driveway, so I ran up and got Boe his bib tops and I grabbed a T and shorts. Just in time as there was a solid knock on the door. I opened the door and there was this tall older man with white long hair standing there with a nice smile.

I just wanted to welcome you to our little piece of heaven,” the man said. “Hope I'm not disturbing you?”

No, we were just finished with dinner and watching a bit of TV having some wine. Come on in,” I said ushering the man in.

I closed the door and then turned to see him frozen with his jaw dropped and eyes really big and Boe doing the exact same thing.

What you doing here Boe?” the man asked.

Boe live here now,” Boe said proudly.

What?” the man turned and really looked at me. “Oh god, you are the sacrifice!”

Yep, guess I was wasn't I!” I laughed. “Would you like some wine?”

Uhhhhhh, yes please, maybe a big glass?” the man said still in shock.

Come on on and have a seat and I'll get your glass,” I said with a smile loving the look of shock on this guys face at seeing Boe.

I got him a good sized glass, poured some wine and handed him the glass and said, “I'm sorry, didn't catch your name, I'm Tim.”

Oh, so sorry, I'm Nathan,” Nathan said not taking his eyes off of Boe. “Excuse me but I just have to know, why is Boe here and saying he lives here?”

Well, because he does Nathan, that simple,” I said with a big smile and wink at Boe.

That can't be, I mean Boe has always lived in the woods away from people. Why would he now be living here with you?” Nathan said smugly.

Well Nathan, I guess we have you to thank for that don't we? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you are the Warlock who had me used for some sort of sacrifice. Well, thanks to you, Boe and I got to really, really like each other a lot. That's why I bought this house so he could stay living in the woods where he is happy it seems,” I said plainly.

That hasn't ever happened before. Most sacrifises just go on their way and no memory of their offering lingers,” Nathan said confused.

Well, guess I'm the Murphy's law with that rule huh?” I laughed. “Got to tell you Nathan, I got into that whole sacrifice thing, big time. Yeah I was drugged up and all, but I clearly saw Boe and loved what he was doing for me. Not that the guy with the log cock was bad or anything, but I couldn't see him, just my Boe. Boe saw me all frustrated and depressed and came to me to see if I was doing okay. That's when I knew I wasn't having real hot dreams but that Boe was real and I couldn't let him go from my life for any reason,” I said seriously.

But you seem so sophisticated and educated, definitely not poor from the looks of things, how could you get so taken with Boe here?” Nathan said pointing at Boe without looking at him.

Just how it is I guess Nathan? Just a casualty of war I guess. Why? You have something against Boe living with me?” I said with a very serious look.

No, no of course not, its just so out of the ordinary is all,” Nathan quickly said obviously still working it all out in his head.

Well from what little Boe told me, this spirit guy really liked me and was super pleased to have me, so I guess that's a good thing huh?” I said sarcastically.

Nathan just looked at me very intently and then said, “Yes, as a matter of fact the spirit of the woods liked having you very much indeed. That bodes well for us for the year and for that I must say I'm very grateful Tim. And just so you do understand, that 'spirit guy' as you called him, is indeed a god of the woods who likes us to bring him a sacrifice in the fall at the long full moons. He isn't really a 'guy' but a god who appears when we have the ceremony in the open field in the woods. We take it very seriously, just so you know. Very serious indeed.”

Well, whatever floats your boat I guess. I sure didn't really mind and didn't get hurt by any of it, so I'm cool with it. Besides, it got me Boe and that makes all of whatever it was worth every second to me,” I said smiling at Boe.

I see. You do know I am a real Warlock I assume?” Nathan said with a slight smile.

Boe said something about a warlock, but I'm not all up on that hokus pokus stuff, you know supernatural and all that. If you say you are, then more power to you I say,” I smiled at Nathan.

Well, in that case, I wish you happiness and hope you fully enjoy your living here. I do have to warn you of something though,” Nathan said.

Really, what is that?” I said a bit cocky.

I'll have to do some research, but I believe that at one time, someone who did live here was part of the sacrifice and the god liked having him. Problem was, the god took the man a number of times outside of the sacrifice ceremony and the man went mad I guess, I'm not sure since it was before my time. So, I will research that and let you know what I find. I'd be careful if I were you. No telling when or where the god will come to play with you again. I'm afraid there is nothing you can do to stop it as long as you live here. There does seem to be something different about this local. Seems the power of the god does not extend more then 100 miles from the grove,” Nathan said seriously.

So what does that all mean Nathan?” I asked a bit unsure.

Just what I said Tim. You in particular pleased the god very, very much. The most I've ever witnessed. You can't hide from him or get away from him unless you are more then 100 miles away from here, period. Like I said, I'll research the records and then let you know for sure. Believe in it or not, it is what it is. There are many things in this world that most people choose not to see or believe in, but they are still here regardless, always have and will be. Some, like me and my other brother warlocks work with these gods to insure our benefit rather then incur their wrath, simple as that, very primal and basic survival learned over the eons,” Nathan said seriously.

Well, I've taken up enough of your time I think. Boe, take care and guard over this one,” Nathan said patting Boe on his arm. “I'll let you know for sure when I find anything Tim. Thanks for the wine and hospitality. Have a good night.”

I walked Nathan to the door kind of in shock as the possible reality of what kind of deep shit I was now in started to slowly sink in. Not saying I believed all he said, but I do know something awfully huge fucked me a number of times and just about made my body explode from the amount of cum it filled me with. If I didn't dream Boe, then I didn't dream the log guy. Boe came up to me, wrapped his arms around me lifting me up and holding me in a deep hug.

Boe put Tim in danger huh?” Boe said very sadly.

What? No Boe did not,” I said taking his face in my hands. “Tim wanted you and to be here, with you period. If this god guy wants to party, then I suppose it is what it is and there isn't a whole hell of a lot to be done about it is there?”

No, Nathan worried I think,” Boe said sadly.

Well, I guess that's what warlocks do Boe?” I laughed pinching his cheeks and jiggling them. “One thing though now that I'm thinking about it. Might be a good idea to have a good supply of that drink Nathan kept making me swallow, just in case I mean. Sure without it, the god guy's cock would not be very pleasant at all.”

Boe looked at me with a very worried face and said, “Boe get from Nathan for Tim. Boe fight god for Tim.”

Hey hold on their my knight in shiny armor. Don't say things like that. Look, if this god guy is a god the you won't stand a chance against him. Didn't bother you before when he was fucking me, so what's the difference now? Stay loose and calm my big brute of a lover. We'll get through this just fine,” I said kissing Boe.

Boe looked down at me and kissed my nose, told me to shut off the TV and lights as he walked me by the switches, holding me in his arms, one arm across my back and the other under my thighs so I was like sitting down. Damn that made me feel like some little kid. He then took me upstairs, laid me down on the bed, slowly took my T and shorts off, dropped his bib tops and held my chest down as he devoured my cock and balls, pushed my ass up and fucked me with his tongue and didn't ease up until I was like jelly on the bed. He straddled me, slid his cock inside of me and scooped me up with his arms under my back and held me tight to him as he slowly moved his hips forward and back, driving me insane with a super slow long fuck. After he filled my up 3 times, he rolled over to his side holding me tight to him and I was not allowed to move away at all. I was locked in his tight grip and that was that. I know Boe was protecting me from that god guy just in case.

A few days went by during which time what little Boe had we moved from his tiny shack to our house. I told him we could use his shack as a get away place. Boe just looked confused wanting to know who or what we were going to get away from! He already knew that nowhere around would I be safe from that god guy. Nathan finally came back over and looked rather glum.

Well, what did you dig up Nathan,” I asked still thinking all this was like Hollywood hype.

Sorry to say Tim, its what I thought. Seems it has happened a few times before, but not in recent times. From what I found written about it, the sacrifice victims that didn't leave were visited frequently by the god of the woods and became his pleasures until they either went insane and killed themselves or died of heart attacks. From what I also gathered, it didn't see any of them were openly gay. In fact, one was a preacher who stayed on to 'convert' us heathens and save our souls. Poor guy, he's the one who committed suicide,” Nathan said sadly.

Okay, so first of all, what's the name of this spirit god guy?” I asked still thinking this was way over the top now.

He is called Ramdor, Imistar, Jalitor, and Ximna. All different names for the same god. He's been worshiped by various native American tribes, Central and South American peoples also. He's been around longer then humans for sure. We know this from what he shared with other warlocks. I myself have only been in his presence 3 times outside of the sacrifices and that was so I knew exactly how to mix the liquid I forced inside of you and the slimy substance Boe kept soaking your body with. The liquid kept you higher then a kite, forcing your mind to zero in on nothing but feelings of pleasure and not able to discern pain at all. The slimy substance was absorbed into your skin slowly, increasing the nerve pleasure stimulation and quickly healing any bruises or cuts you might inadvertently receive during the sacrifice,” Nathan explained seriously. “What I don't understand is how you could have recognized Boe after the sacrifice. Even if meeting him later, none of the others knew him or thought they knew him. It is very unusual to say the least. That's why I was so shocked to see Boe here and you remembering things from the sacrifice itself.”

Okay, I'll go along with all that I guess. I can't say how I was able to remember Boe, but I can tell you that after the first night, I held a picture of him in my mind and remembered all he did for the times I wasn't passed out. I do remember wondering also, why someone was pushing a log inside of me and fucking me, also being filled so much with cum that I thought I would explode. Didn't seem to phase me but I did remember it and not as a nightmare either.” I said still unsure, somehow in my mind I kept thinking Nathan wanted me to leave Boe and get out of Dodge.

That doesn't make any sense to me at all. I wish I could find out how that was even possible,” Nathan said in deep thought. “Well, in spite of all that, I feel it was and is my responsibility to warn you and help you any way I can.”

Really big of you Nathan,” I said sarcastically. “I tell you what, how about you make up a good supply of both those things you used on me and give it to us. If nothing else at least if Ramadam or whatever he goes by shows up, I won't feel anything else but pleasure. I mean, I think its the least you could do for me,” I said seriously expecting Nathan to either laugh or get pissed off and leave.

I can do that most certainly. I have no record at all of the spirit god hurting or punishing any human he has come into contact with, with the exception of the few hunters who ignored our warnings about hunting anywhere near the grove which he feels is sacred and not to be defiled with the blood of creatures of the woods. And even those, he did nothing directly to them, only causing some very unexplained accidents to befall them. Please while I think of it, do not make fun or take lightly saying his name. For your safety and well being you should only refer to him as the spirit of the woods or the god of the woods, nothing else. We never use any of his names, ever,” Nathan said very seriously.

Well, okay, I'll be sure not to use any of those names again,” I said figuring its safer to play along and not piss off the god guy. “So when do you figure you could drop off a supply of the stuff?”

If I leave now, probably before sunset today. I'll try to make a good amount of it now and stock up on more over the next few days just to insure you don't run out of it,” Nathan said standing up to leave.

Great, sure feel better we have some safety valve going just in case,” I said just to make him feel like he was doing us a favor.

Nathan left in a hurry and when I turned to Boe, he looked scared out of his wits.

Boe, what's the matter?” I said all concerned as I walked over to him sitting in the chair and got on his lap holding my arms around his neck.

You not believe and Boe not want your hurt,” Boe said really serious.

Well, I have to admit, I am having a hard time taking all this stuff in, but if it will make you feel better, I won't make any more fun of this stuff. Besides, we're getting a supply of that good stuff, right?” I said kissing his nose.

In sacrifice, you be prepared, how know now?” Boe said with his very scared look.

Well, I guess we're going to have to find out from Nathan, won't we?” I said squeezing his neck.

Boe squeezed me so tight with his arms. I loved it but sometimes he did get a bit carried away with that and it did hurt a bit. I made us something to eat and got him to take me for a walk around to see the sites I missed completely. I was really happy I did as it seemed to take Boe's mind off of all that scary stuff. Right after we got back home and I started to make some dinner, Nathan pulled up to the house. He yelled for Boe to help him bring in some very large jars. One was kind of short but really fat around, the other was tall and not as fat.

Here is what I believe you will need. Hopefully it will help when the times comes,” Nathan said telling us the drink was in the tall jar and the slimy stuff was in the fat one.

Oh yeah, I was wondering, how would I know when to take the drink or have Boe do the slimy stuff on me?” I asked.

First off, it would happen during the night from what I discovered. Secondly, you will get a feeling that seems strange and you become sexually aroused for no apparent reason. There will be a wind that seems to move around you, almost like fingers lightly running all over your body. When that happens you best use the drink and if possible, have Boe use the salve on you quickly,” Nathan said very seriously.

You have to joking right? Are you serious about all that stuff happening?” I laughed.

Tim, please, this is serious. Please do as I ask. I have no desire to see you harmed in any way and without knowing how the spirit would act with you, I think its best for you to at least have the protection of these items,” Nathan said holding on to my shoulders.

Wait, what do you mean you have no way of knowing how the spirit would act with me? What's that supposed to mean?” I asked.

Just what I said. No one has recorded any specifics about the encounters, only that they occurred and the aftermath. I would hope that since the spirit was so pleased with you that he would make certain you are in a state to not feel any discomfort or pain, possibly lessening the pleasures he seeks. I don't really know Tim,” Nathan said very seriously.

Oh, so its possible the spirit has a thing for me huh?” I said stupidly.

Tim, please stop taking this so lightly. I'd hate to see you go into shock when it does indeed occur which I have no doubts about,” Nathan said.

Okay, fine. As long as you are here, would you like to stay for dinner? I'm grilling some burgers,” I said with a smile.

No thank you, very nice of you to offer though. I have things waiting for me. Please, be careful,” Nathan said giving me a hug.

When Nathan left I finished making dinner and then we ate. After dinner I couldn't help myself, so I opened the jars dipped in my finger and had a taste. WOW did that stuff hit fast and good. I never felt my finger have sensations like it started to have. We cuddled on the chair and watched a few programs that Boe liked, got into the shower and went to bed. I have no idea how long we were sleeping when something woke me up, a really weird feeling.

I didn't realize it at first, but all the stuff Nathan mention. I was suddenly horny as hell even though Boe got me to turn into jelly as he always did right before falling asleep. I looked to see if a window was open because my skin felt a soft breeze that did feel like fingers gently going over my entire body. I then noticed a strange light green tinge all over the bedroom. I felt a sudden super strong urge to go downstairs which I did. Downstairs, I noticed the back door was wide open. I didn't think about it first, but just walked to it to look outside. My eyes went wide as the most handsome, manly, macho, huge guy was standing there, smiling at me with his arms open towards me inviting me to come to him. I briefly had a thought that maybe I should be worried about this since this guy was so damn big. It seemed like there was a shiny fog swirling all around him but not so thick you couldn't see him clearly through it. I walked towards him and then I felt myself lifted up into the air, floating right into his arms.

Be not afraid. You and I will share much pleasures and I will insure you are well satisfied and receive my blessings for all time Tim,” the spirit said as it enveloped me in his arms.

I felt like I was a 2 year old in his massive arms. I couldn't get over how manly, macho and chiseled his face was, not to mention his massively muscled body. His cock did look like it was cut from a birch tree, that size I mean. Feelings like I was cumming over and over again rushed all though my body. I was held up with his massive hands on my hips as he lifted me up and began licking and kissing my entire body. When he kissed my lips and had his tongue exploring my mouth and tongue, somehow, it wasn't like this overwhelming monster tongue and lips were on my mouth, no, they were big yes, but just like Boe's size. He moved his hand in between my legs and I was sitting on his hand facing sideways. Then I heard loud footsteps coming towards us so I looked. There was Boe, carrying the jars towards us with a very pleasing smile on his face.

Your earthly love will prepare you for our pleasures Tim, just as you like,” the spirit said in his soft yet powerful deep deep voice.

The spirit lowered his arm down so Boe could reach all of me. He lifted the tall jar and I drank large gulps of the liquid, immediately beginning to feel the super high as before. Then, he opened up the fat jar and covered his hands in a thick coating of the slimy stuff and began to massage every inch of my body with it, kissing me passionately as he did so, even wrapping his arms around me and using his body to rub in the wonder stuff.

Yes Boe, please our love, he must be well satisfied and content,” the spirit said.

All I could do was moan and groan as the pleasures just were building so wildly. Boe gave me 2 more helpings of the liquid and covered all of me at least 3 times or more with the slimy wonder stuff.

There my love, you are ready for us to share pleasures,” the spirit said as it lifted me up, turned me around and moved me all along his body.

My hands went wild all over him, feeling his flexing muscles, tasting and biting, all the things I ever wanted to be able to do but held back from doing. He held me right in front of that unbelievably huge cock which my hands darted out for, I wanted all of it. My mouth zeroed in on his piss slit and was rewarded with the most powerful and tasty precum ever. I couldn't seem to get enough of it. The spirit growled and laughed, lifted me up to kiss me passionately again, suck in my cock and balls and play with them in his mouth, then flip me slowly over to fuck my ass with his huge tongue, stretching me out so very very wide, making sure my hands were holding his cock head tight and my mouth was sucking precum from his piss slit. He turned me around, sat on the ground it seemed and then I felt his cock pushing inside of me somehow and Boe was right there, his cock pushing deep into my mouth. It was pure ecstasy for sure.

That log was slow fucking me, Boe was fucking my mouth and working over my pecs and nipples and the spirit had his hand envelope my cock and balls and was doing something to them I could never describe other then to say 'HOLY SHIT', and a super amount of 'OH MY GOD'. Not once did I feel even the slightest twinge of pain or discomfort which with the size of the cock fucking me was a true miracle. It was just so unreal how my whole organ mess inside of me seemed to be caressing and making love to the spirit's cock some how. The spirits hands began to move all over my body, in between Boe somehow, his fingers working over every single inch of me, gently yet forcefully, slowly. I swear I now knew what a cock felt like being worked on by a lover. It was so over the top. I can't say how many times I had orgasms, but who wanted to keep track. I know I passed out several times but when I woke, all the feelings and sensations were still there, more potent then before.

I give you my essence my love,” the spirit said loudly with a super loud growl and grunts as he began to fill me with super loads of cum, giving me that feeling again like I would explode.

It wasn't at all painful, just like it was non stop and being absorbed by every cell in my whole body. I felt myself drifting off into a heaven of pleasure, not being aware of anything else around me. I was gently lifted off his cock and licked and kissed before being gently placed in Boe's waiting arms.

The next thing I knew, the sun was shining through the windows and I could feel Boe watching me. I turned my head slowly as the sensations were so very strong, every move I made screamed out 'PLEASURE.' Boe was indeed watching me, laying on his side, his head held up by his bent arm, his hand holding on to the side of his head with a beautiful loving smile. I smiled at him and he came down to me, gently kissing me and rubbing so softly over my body.

Tim good?” Boe asked softly.

Oh Boe, Tim is so so good,” I moaned. “If the spirit did come to me last night, I know there is nothing to fear from him Boe. Both of us are really safe and even protected by him. I have a sense of his power and know deep down without a doubt, he loves me and will make things very good for both of us.”

Spirit like Tim much,” Boe smiled. “That good and you happy I think.”

Yes Boe, I'm happy and know you have nothing to fear concerning my safety,” I smiled holding on tight to his neck and kissing him.

I know I should get up and shower before making us breakfast and doing my exercise routine, but honestly, I don't want to right now,” I laughed, stretching out and taking in the amazing feelings as I moved and stretched.

Tim just rest, Boe do breakfast,” Boe said with a big smile.

Want me to help?” I asked.

No, Tim rest,” Boe smiled and kissed me before leaving the bed and heading downstairs.

I was in bliss for sure. For some reason, I ran my hands down my abs and had to sit up and look at them. They were ripped like never before and thicker. My thighs were bigger and more developed as were my forearms and biceps. I felt my pecs and was astonished. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom to look me over. Sure enough, my hot body just went into sizzle mode. To me it looked like I was using steroids big time and working my ass off, which wasn't the case at all. The exercising I was doing kept my muscles tight, large and hard, but I didn't do it so hard to exhaust myself either. There was no way I could pump up this much without drugs. Then the spirits booming voice went through my head, 'I give you my essence' shouted super loud. That had to be it! His cum was having a super effect on my body. I knew I felt like every cell of mine was sucking it in as he was filling me to the point of exploding, but I never imagined it would have this effect.

I couldn't help myself but smile, look up and say, “Thank you spirit.”

Nathan came over that afternoon and stood there with his mouth dropped wide open and his eyes super huge.

He came to you didn't he!” Nathan gasped looking over me from head to toe as I only had on skimpy speedos and a see through barely covering tank.

Yeah, boy did he ever,” I bubbled inviting Nathan inside.

You okay? My god the glow you have all over and how your body had gotten even more developed then before, hell since yesterday!” Nathan said excitedly.

Yeah, isn't that amazing? The spirit sure takes care of guys he digs for sure,” I laughed. “Nathan, it was so beautiful and wonderful. No pain, no feelings of fear or dread, just love, pleasure and safety, that's all.”

I am so happy for you and jealous I must say,” Nathan said holding me by my biceps which I knew he had to touch.

Thanks, I wouldn't be going through any of this without you and your sacrifice, and Boe of course. He got Boe into it too by the way,” I laughed. “Spirit sure as hell knows how to throw a party for sure!”

Well, I have a whole truck bed full of the liquid and gel if Boe would be so kind as to bring it in?” Nathan said.

I called for Boe who came running and smiled and shook Nathan's hand. He quickly went out to the pickup and brought in all the pitchers and fat jars which surprised the hell out of me how Nathan could make all that overnight.

Nathan, how the hell did you manage to make all this?” I had to ask.

Magic Tim, pure magic,” Nathan said with a snicker and smile.

Okay, I got it, none of my business, just take the gift and shut up,” I laughed.

Exactly Tim, now, what's for dinner?” Nathan laughed looking towards the kitchen.

Meat loaf, potatoes and peas,” I beamed.

Sounds great, I'll stay,” Nathan said patting my arm and moving into the living room and sitting down on the love seat.

Anything to drink?” I shouted from the kitchen.

Ice tea if you have it or wine or water, whatever you have is just fine,” Nathan shouted back as he flipped through channels on the TV.

Dinner was fun I have to say with even Boe getting into the kidding and laughing which pleased me so much. The more I thought about it, the more I realize Boe's grammar and vocabulary were much improved. I smiled, knowing it was a gift of the spirit to make a small wish I had in my head to get Boe to read and speak much better then he was.

Months went by with my nightly visits from the spirit. Boe was reading and speaking like anyone else now and had much more confidence then he ever had before. Nathan kept coming by with stories of how great harvests were, how business was suddenly booming in town and how healthy people seemed to be as noted by the local doctor. Things were truly wonderful all around us and in our house. The time came for the special sacrifice and I was the sacrifice again, very much willingly I have to say. The spirit was even more pleased that I desired him so much and wanted him to love me a long time which he granted to me. The sacrifice didn't end until nearly dawn and I did sleep for 2 days afterwards.

Life with Boe and my spirit of the woods couldn't have gotten any better as far as I was concerned. Both Boe and I were very much in real love and cared so deeply for each other. Nathan treated me as royalty and I suppose the others who were part of the sacrifice did too as we wanted for nothing and didn't know what sadness or loneliness was anymore.