Bumps in the Night 7

Gay Fiction for adults only.  Contains graphic sexual interaction between adult males.

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My name is Fred, I'm 46, 6'5”, 295 lbs of solid, thick muscle. One of those guys with a constant 5 o'clock shadow going on. My fur was kind of thick and made my body somewhat deceptive when I let it grow as it hid the heavy veins and ripped cuts of super defined muscle I worked my ass off and nearly died for. Yeah, steroids were and now in a very small way my friends. I wanted big and big I got. Anyway, I bounced from job to job, trying to stick to heavy construction jobs which forced me to actually use my body and not just sculpt it. I wasn't doing it for any other reason then my own turn on. Yeah, conceited maybe, but there was no denying it, my body made guys pale and left them with wet shorts when I came out of a shower in a gym. That was a real turn on to me, seeing other guys get hot just looking at me. I never really gloated or anything like that, just smiled letting them know it was cool and I wasn't put off or anything like some guys react. Kind of always seemed strange to me that you'd work your ass off to get a monster body and act pissed off if some guy gawked at you in a gym. Oh well, people are weird for sure.

So, who cares right? LOL... well, just thought a little extra about me might be a good thing, right? So, my dad owned a good sized farm close to a small town that often acted like a suburb of a city that compared to New York, LA or Chicago was a dinky town. My dad got really sick and asked me if I could come out and help him out at least until he was able to do stuff on his own again. I didn't mind at all. I was renting on a month to month basis so lease breaking wasn't an issue at all. Nothing except my clothes, computer and TV had any real value, it just served its purpose and came cheap. I had an old beat up truck that I liked for some damn reason and I guess it fit how I looked, or so I've been told.

I was a bit taken aback when I got to my dad's place. It was really in a bad state, all messed up and badly in need of cleaning. He looked like shit. He kept apologizing for how things looked and I kept telling him I'd take care of it and not to worry. Luckily, I remembered how to operate the tractors and other farm tools needed to tend the fields and harvest the crops. There wasn't much of anything to do now since the harvest was over with and fall was letting itself be known. I insisted we both visit his doctor in town, since I knew he missed lots of appointments because there was no way he could drive himself. All of his long time friends were gone, so it was just him. I found out from the doctor that he was really in bad shape, as bad as I thought he looked when I first got there. We got him the prescriptions he never was able to pick up and I got him to finally settle down and rest. Some of the pills had to be pretty potent as when he took them he mostly just nodded off into a sleep.

I cleaned up the house and got it looking like it used to when I lived there still. It wasn't hard, just lots of garbage and dishes and stuff like that since he couldn't really handle even that simple stuff. I would help him get into the kitchen to eat and he really thanked me for cleaning things up. The mail man stopped by with his mail which I thought was kind of nice. He was really shocked to see me open the door. I hadn't seen him since I left home years ago when I was 19. He remembered me and told me he was glad I came to help dad. He said he'd check in on him every day just to make sure he was not laying passed out or something. I thanked him and we talked a short time. I noticed he never stopped checking me out from head to toe. I know I had changed my body completely since the last time he saw me.

Before winter came on, I had to take dad to the hospital. He didn't last more then 3 days once there. I took care of all the funeral arrangements which were minimal since I was his only living relative now and all his friends except for the mail man were gone as well. At the cemetery, a local attorney came to me and handed me some papers. He said I needed to sign a bunch at his office since he had to notarized them. I owned the farm and all that was on it, had money coming from a trust dad set up which meant I would have plenty for living expenses. I was really surprised with how much money dad had in the bank and in the trust. I never bothered about all that stuff at all, it wasn't important to me.

Once everything was signed and filed, I now was a farmer with lots of land and a big empty house. I went into town to get reacquainted with what was there. The grocery store was new, part of a big chain which really surprised me. There were the usual stores you'd expect along with some smaller shops of things that didn't interest me. I found a fairly new gym in town too. That made me really happy.

I stopped in the gym and was given the tour. They had really great weight sets, machines, a sauna, an available massage area and tanning stuff. I was impressed and of course I signed up right then and there. I even bought workout clothes there, stopped at the Wall-Mart and picked up loads of socks, underwear and gym shoes. I stopped at a Farm and Fleet and got work boots, Carheart bib tops and jackets for winter while I was on a roll. The following day I hit the gym and began my usual workout, moving more towards power lifting then just body building. Some guy even approached me about buying steroids from him. I checked it out with the resident body builder who worked the desk and he said the guy had good quality stuff and was very discrete. So, I arranged for my small dose monthly allocation just like I had in the city I used to live in. I thought I'd end up breaking my face from the amount of smiling I was doing at the gym. Of course I was new there, but still, definitely the biggest and hottest stud ever to use that gym I bet. A few guys made me really laugh as they nearly killed themselves walking past me working out and smashing into machines or tripping over the legs of them.

I made a few general friends, no big deal stuff, just acquaintances I saw every day there. One older guy in particular turned into what I could only call a groopy. His name was Bob. He would strike up a conversation with me, ask me about lifting routines, diet, all that stuff just to stay close and be near me going through my paces. I liked it. Seemed to give me more incentive to push myself. When I would grunt and really push hard to get one more lift, my muscles popping and veins looking like I'd explode, his eyes were get so big I had to quit or have a weight crash into my chest or head, his look was so funny.

One day, it was really cold and a snow storm was about to roll in. The gym was empty except for the guy at the desk, myself and then Bob came in, obviously looking around to see if I was there. He smiled when he noticed me in the weight area which was segregated from the general machine and cardio areas, to make it easier for serious lifters to work out without loads of distractions.

Hey Bob, surprised you came in today,” I smiled and winked at him.

Hey Fred, glad you are here. Course I'd be more surprised if you weren't here!” Bob laughed. “Getting nastier by the minute out there. Hope you can make it home during the storm that's about to start up.”

Yeah, I'm sure my junk truck can handle it fine,” I smiled. “So you going to do some exercises now?”

Light stuff so I don't end up in pain all night,” Bob laughed.

Good idea, you should go easy. Small pushed are good, but if you aren't careful you could do some nasty muscle damage,” I said seriously. “Believe me, I've learned to listen to my body when it says 'enough already.”

Good advice Fred, thanks,” Bob laughed. “See, its true, never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.”

I laughed and got back into my workout. I knew Bob was watching every move I made, taking in every flex and pump of my muscles as I worked out. When I finished, for some reason I decided to give Bob a treat or sorts.

Bob, I know you watch me super intently when I'm pumping, which actually I like so don't get all nervous and scared on me. Would you like to feel what you have been watching? I kind of know some of the posing routines professionals use, so I will give you a private showing if you want one,” I said with a big smile.

Holy shit! You'd do that for me?” Bob gasped with bug out eyes.

Yep, interested?” I smiled even more as I did a quick pec bounce for him.

Oh shit yeah, that would be something for me to remember for a long long time Fred,” Bob said looking like he'd collapse.

I pulled off my work out shirt which came close to having Bob's eyes shoot out of his head. I moved us to the very back of the area with me facing the direction anyone would have to walk coming to the weight area so I could stop and pretend to be showing Bob different techniques. Bob was like a zombie as I got him into a position right up close to me by holding on to the edges of his shoulders. I smiled at him and leaned over as I bent my left arm and started flexing and popping my bicep, extending my arm, pumping up my forearm and then my triceps, right close to Bob's face.

Go ahead, touch it or whatever floats your boat Bob, this is all for you,” I smiled.

Bob slowly moved his hands to my arm and then he let them explore every vein that was popped, every muscle as it flexed. He was like in a trance. I helped him out a bit by taking the back of his head in my hand and moving it right up to my flexing bicep. His tongue came out and he licked, then kissed just about every inch of my bicep, forearm and triceps. He even went over my entire hand and every finger. It sure did feel good and I got into it completely, even getting a hard on. Bob gasped and groaned as I let him take his time moving down my body, turned around and gave him my back. Never had a guy feeling and kissing my bowling ball ass cheeks before. That got me super horny for sure. I thought it was all a good thing as I was enjoying it and I know Bob was in heaven.

Well, what did you think?” I asked Bob when I thought we were finished.

Oh man, you have no idea how many fantasies of mine you just took care of Fred. Thank you so darn much. It was so wonderful of you to do this for me. I really appreciate it,” Bob said holding my hand in both hands and squeezing.

My pleasure Bob, maybe we can do this again if you like,” I smiled.

Oh my god, you want to kill me don't you?” Bob laughed.

Nawh, not me Bob. Just something I never did before and I sure liked it to be honest. So why not?” I laughed holding on to his shoulder.

Well, at least now if I die I'll go with a huge smile on my face,” Bob laughed.

Thanks for that Bob, nice of you to say that,” I said with a serious look. “Hey, if you need some tips or help working out, just say so. I'd be more then happy to help you out.”

Wow, you are something else Fred, thank you,” Bob said holding and shaking my hand again.

No big deal Bob. Okay, have to finish up my workout and head home,” I said putting my workout shirt back on.

Fred, I want to give you something. Its not much, but it comes with a heartfelt bunch of thanks for you being so kind,” Bob said seriously.

Oh Bob, I can't take anything from you for just being friendly and all,” I said shaking my head and patting him on his bicep.

No, I insist, its important to me,” Bob said really serious. “Please, for me.”

Well, okay if its important to you, sure,” I said with a small smile feeling weird all of a sudden.

Here, its a simple neck charm I've had for a very long time and it brought me all sorts of pleasure over the years. Its about time I gave it to someone deserving,” Bob said taking off a really cool looking charm on a leather string from his neck.

The charm had some sort of figure woven into it what had two eyes that were some sort of stones that were purple in color and clear. I thought the design was so cool.

Bob, its gorgeous,” I bubbled. “I can't really take something so neat from you. You said you had it for years and it brought you pleasures, so that wouldn't be right for me to take it from you.”

Fred, please, I insist. I'd be highly insulted if you refused my gift to you,” Bob said very seriously.

Well, okay, but I just don't feel right about taking, but I sure don't want to offend you in any way, so okay, thanks,” I finally relented.

I give you Fred this charm for pleasures untold and protection from evil and harmful spirits, forever to bond with its new guardian,” Bob said kind of formally as he put it over my head and patted it when it rested on my chest.

Wow, that's super nice Bob, thanks so much again,” I said giving Bob a huge hug, swallowing him into my body.

I know I felt his lips kissing the charm on my chest but figured he had some attachment to it and was saying his goodbye.

Now, when you feel the need for pleasure and relief, just hold the charm in your hand and close your eyes. Its amazing how you will feel afterward,” Bob smiled rubbing his hand over the charm on my chest.

Bob patted me on my biceps, turned and walked out of the weight area and the gym. I actually followed him and noticed it was really snowing like crazy outside. I figured it was a good time to just pack up and get my butt home before things got really bad outside. I ran to my truck, even put the heat on and headed home. Half way home the roads were getting snow packed and slick. Luckily there was very little traffic out my way so as long as I took it slow and easy, I was fine. I parked the truck under an overhang attached on the side of the house and got inside the house. I put the heat up and went into the bathroom, stripped and took a long hot shower. As I was drying off, I turned to look into the mirror at the charm on my chest. I really liked how it looked. It seemed to stand out really good over my dark thick black hair on my chest. It made me smile thinking about how nice it was of Bob to give it to me.

I stayed naked making myself a big protein drink, some chicken and a large helping of potatoes. Satisfied, I went and hit the remote, plopped down on the couch and scanned the channels on the TV for something interesting. I watched some nature special of animals in the woods and mountains, stuff I always like watching. As I was full and my stomach felt content, my body began to really relax. I started to feel a bit sleepy and figured it was time to just go to bed. I looked through the window and it was a big time full fledged blizzard outside. Made me happy I headed for home when I did.

I got into bed and stretched out, thinking about how much I enjoyed Bob doing that worship thing on me. It was completely out of character for me, but somehow I knew he would really love it. What surprised me was how much I ended up liking it too. I got even more relaxed laying in bed and my eyes close easily.

Suddenly, I felt like I was spinning and floating down a deep cloudy tunnel of some sort. I wasn't afraid at all, just fascinated by the feeling and the look of the swirling clouds all around me. Then, I was stretched out, my wrists and ankles tied to something I couldn't see. I still wasn't nervous just curious. I was completely naked just like I was when I fell asleep. The sky or ceiling or whatever it was had a super neat shimmering, swirling look, like it was alive and moving all around. Then, I felt hands, gently and softly moving up and down my body, over my arms and legs. It felt so good, so sensuous and my cock loved it as it got hard and started to slap hard into my lower abs as I flexed the muscles that made it spring into action. Those hands, so gentle and soft, so passionate too, it was amazing. My head fell backwards and my mouth opened, my eyes closed and I let out one moan after another. Then I felt the lips and tongue lightly gliding over my ears, around my entire neck and then one shoulder and arm followed by the other. The hands were still going all over my back and arms. It just felt so wonderful, giving me chills with each touch of the tongue and lips. The hands went all the way down and across my back and sides with the lips and tongue to the top of my ass cheeks. Then all up and down my one thigh and calf then the other side was covered completely.

The fingers of the one hand moved in between my thighs and began to caress and massage so gently and lightly my balls, while the other hand ran all over my ass cheeks. It was so intense and sensuous, like nothing I'd ever felt before. When the finger tips slowly slid back and forth over my perineum, I gasped so loud and my hips shot forward until my arms and legs strained and flexed to reign me in. The lips and tongue then began to work over my entire ass, then spread down to lick and kiss my perineum and balls. Sucking in each ball into a warm and wet mouth, the tongue caressing each one as if they were precious treasures to be handled with great care. Wow, I found myself yelling out lord knows what, my body moving like it was matching the pace and rhythm of the hands and mouth and tongue, like doing a wave from my chest to my calves and back, over and over again. It was so wild. Then, the hands gently took hold of my ass cheeks, spread then to the sides and the lips and tongue began to slowly move up and down my ass crack. Holy shit it was like lightening was shooting all through my body from my ass. When the tongue concentrated on my rosebud, I panted and moaned. What an unbelievable sensation that was. My body shot forward when the tongue gently pushed past my rosebud, flicking and rubbing all around, the fingers moving to my balls and then a hand gently taking hold of my cock and slow stroking it with the lightest of touches. At that point, my mind was blown for sure as all the various pleasure sensations were firing off nerves and doing things to muscles I didn't even realize were there. Then the tongue moved to the small of my back and the hand released my balls. Two fingers at least slowly moved in and out of my wet ass, trying to duplicate the flicking of the tongue, but deeper. Turning and rubbing gently and then making my entire body flex and pump when they poked on what had to be my prostrate. God that was the strongest bolts of lightening I had shooting from my ass all the way to the hair on my head to the nails on my toes.

My head was totally wobbling all around and up and down like one of those funny wobbling dolls people have in their cars. Then, both hands were on my cock and I felt a cock sliding slowly inside of my ass, on a mission as it never changed speed or stopped until it pushed into my prostrate. I yelled, screamed and swore as it was like somebody plugged me into a socket. Both hands were slow stroking my cock and the lips and tongue were working on my upper back. Two legs gently wrapped around my thighs as were sliding up and down them, like a massage. Damn this was intense now and I found myself begging whoever it was to fuck me silly. I felt a super strong need and desire to be fucked, used, made to go insane with pleasure. The cock seemed to grow thicker and the skin felt rougher as the speed increased in the thrusts and pokes into my prostrate. Pokes and then long stroke rubs and then pokes. It was driving me crazy, I wanted to just explode my cum and feel the cock inside my ass fill me with hot, thick cum.

I got my wish as the pressure of the hands increased as did the power of the thrusts of the cock in my ass. I screamed, my entire body flexed and pumped as my cock fired blast after blast of cum which were covering my neck, chest and abs where the hands directed it to shoot. Then I felt the cock head inside thicken and balloon up as it fired round after round of hot, thick cum inside my ass. Damn it was unreal how all of it was feeling. It was like I just had the most fulfilling, complete orgasm of my life. My entire body went limp like a cooked noodle.

Then I felt those wonderful hands, softly spreading my cum all over my face, neck, arms, pecs, abs, thighs and even my calves and feet. A mouth swallowed my entire cock and those hands began to work my pecs over, massaging in the cum, kneaded so gently and playing with my nipples, giving them a slight twist and tug. My cock sprang back to life and it was soon deep down a pulsing and moving throat, all hot and slick. The body working me over began like a humming and gurgling sound from his throat which shot more bolts of electricity through my body from my cock. My pecs were getting super sensitive to the slightest touch of those hands and fingers. I was again a wobbly head, moaning and groaning for all I was worth. The hands would move to my outstretched arms and glide back and forth over them, gently squeezing my biceps and forearms then return to my pecs. Back and forth, making all of it so sensitive that eventually just the slightest brush of the fingers made me gasp and moan out in pure pleasure. That throat was working so much on my cock. When the head moved back and then forward after the throat did its magical act, my body was totally captive to whoever it was doing this to me. Any thought of fear was wiped away long ago, all that lingered was super strong desires and pleasure, so much pleasure.

The body finally released my cock from its throat, slid up my body, the arms gliding around my shoulders and neck, the fingers gliding all across my upper back. Then a movement and my cock was going into a heavenly tunnel of hot, wet flesh. My cock was moving into the bodies ass. Lips and a tongue worked on my mouth and I opened willingly, returning soft licks with my tongue. That ass was holding my cock so tight and flexing up and down the length of my cock, my pubes pushing down as the ass moved all the way down to suck in my entire cock. The body was sliding up and down my body, my pecs firing with sensations being so sensitive to touch. Then the lips were on my neck and then on my pecs, nibbling and sucking gently all over them and working gently on my nipples. Damn I was going insane again. The body moved up and we kisses passionately and then it moved back down to my pecs and nipples as the body kept riding up and down my cock. My entire body was jerking and shaking from the pleasures I was receiving. Then I felt a hot liquid shooting all over my abs, the ass clenched and seemed to spasm which set my cock off, shooting hot cum inside the body. The body moved hard up and down my cock to try and take out every drop of my cum, not stopping until I had nothing left to give. I was definitely a wet, limp noodle now. The body moved all over my body so the lips and tongue could taste every inch of me. My eyes opened and I was laying in bed, slightly wet and still tingling with excitement.

Holy shit what a dream that was. Then I grabbed my cock and it was really wet, slight dribbles of cum oozing onto my hand. Damn, I did have a wet dream, unreal. I had to get to the bathroom to take a super hard leak. While doing my thing there, I just brushed my hand over my pecs and jumped from how sensitive they were. I lightly brushed my nipple and I gasped. Wow, talk about a super duper wet dream. I noticed a quick flash of light in the eyes of the charm and when I lifted it to look closer, it was gone. I figured it was a reflection from the light coming in through the bathroom window. Damn, my entire body felt so good I had to feel all of it myself, shivering from how sensitive every inch of it was. It was wet all over so I decided I needed to take a shower. Even the damn water falling on my skin felt like those wonderful fingers. I had a really hard time getting out of the shower. Drying off, well that was another story for sure, same thing, tingles and pleasure everywhere the towel touch my skin. Damn, even putting on underwear, pants, socks and a shirt felt like sex. Why the hell was my entire body so sensitive all of a sudden. That wet dream sure did a big time number on my body for sure.

I made breakfast, looked outside and it was still a blizzard. Parts of the driveway had to be buried in 5 feet of snow at least. Nothing I could do outside for sure and heading into town was not going to happen. I couldn't just sit around and play on the computer so I did a bunch of pull ups, sit ups, push ups and whatever else I could think of doing. I went into the basement and found a few super heavy steel anvils that I tied some rope to and used as modified kettle balls. I played with that until I couldn't even swing them anymore. I was drenched in sweat and sore. Great Fred, so now what do you do for the rest of the day? I went upstairs and took another shower, this time I only put on some underwear. Kind of pointless to get dress when it was just me in the house and nobody else was going to pop over. I got so damn bored I put on my bib tops and coat, boots and gloves and headed outside to start to shovel some snow from the house porch and to my truck, clean off my truck just in case things began to freeze once this storm stopped. I realized quickly that I was still hurting from playing with the anvils, but pushed myself, thinking tomorrow I attack the driveway which would be one hell of a workout for sure. I had lots of places to shovel to keep me busy for a number of days. Hell, if I had a mind to, I'd play snowblower and start on the road.

Just getting to the truck was super hard, my sore muscles telling me I was a real idiot. I barely finished cleaning off the truck when I had to stop. I went back into the house, stripped and just sat down, panting and trying to cool off before making dinner and passing out. It took awhile to cool down and I took my time making dinner. Even holding the spatula seemed to be an effort. I ate, didn't even bother with TV, just slowly headed to the bathroom, showered again, and then fell on to the bed, completely spent and hurting.

I was floating in that cloud swirling tunnel again. When I blinked I wasn't tied spread eagle this time, just laying on my stomach, stretched out over some sort of thick gooey liquid that felt so nice on my skin. Then, those magical hands were scooping up the goop, slowly and gently spreading it over my legs, then my ass, my lower back. I felt thighs straddling my ass as those hands spread more of the goop over my back, my sides. Then the thighs moved up and the goop was slowly moving all over my arms, shoulders and neck. It felt so good, slick and cool, making my skin feel all tingly. I noticed I wasn't hurting at all like when I fell in bed. I was feeling strong, good and relaxed. The hands gently pushed on my hip and ribs, so I turned over on to my back and the hands then repeated the spreading of the goop from my legs on up. The thighs were straddling abs and those hands were moving all up and down my arm and pecs, then down over my abs, across them and then across my pecs again, over and over again. I felt 2 fingers gently close my eye lids and then the fingers were spreading the goop all over my face, neck and ears. My entire body was covered, even the hair on my head, every tiny bit tingling and feeling cool and wonderful. The fingers continued to work over my body and then the body was laying down on top of me, slowly sliding up and down my body holding on to my biceps. I got the feeling I should be flexing and pumping so I began to do so very slowly. My cock was on top of my abs, hard as ever, under the body sliding. Lips met mine and tongues started a gentle duel, giving me such shivers of pleasure.

The body turned around slowly while still on top of me, began to massage and caress my balls ad my cock was taken down that magical throat. I felt a pushing at my lips, opened my mouth and the body's cock was moved slowly into my mouth. How wonderful it all felt. I moved my hands on top of the body and was slowly rubbing the goop all over the body that I could reach, which was most of it since I was bigger then the body. That all seemed to go on for ever. The cock in my mouth began to hard thrust deep inside my throat and then the body stiffened, jerked and I felt the expanded cock firing rounds of hot thick cum down my throat. I sucked gently to help every drop of it to go down my throat, I wanted all of it. The cock shrunk in my mouth and the body turned slowly around on top of me. I felt a hand take hold of my cock and then my cock was sliding deep inside the ass of the body. When it was completely swallowed, the body bent its legs so the feet were on the insides of my thighs and the knees slightly on the outsides. Its hands took hold of my pecs and body began to slide up and down my entire body, my cock nearly pulling out of the ass but then pushed fully in again. Slowly, painfully it seemed as I wanted body to fuck me hard, make me scream and swear. Body ignored my wishes and just kept the slow easy movements, working my pecs and nipples, sliding sensuously over my body and controlling my cock completely. My head was wobbly again, my arms wanting to latch on tight to body and slide him fast and hard on my body and cock, but I couldn't. All my arms could do was move my hands slowly and gently up and down all of the body on top of me as it slid up and back.

I began to pant and hiss as a massive orgasm was about to explode in body's ass. Body took hold of my biceps and pumped his ass hard on my cock and that sent me way over the edge. I thought half of my insides would shoot inside of the wonderful pulsing ass, holding on so tight to my cock. The orgasm seemed to not want to stop. Finally my body relaxed and I was able to breath normally. Body slid off of me, put hands on my hips and ribs and I turned over on to my back. Body covered me with more goop and began the sliding up and down slowly on my body. I felt the cock coming closer and closer to the opening of my ass. I was waiting in anticipation for the cock to take me, fuck me, make me scream and beg. Only the tip pushed in at first then pulled out, over and over I was being tortured. Slowly more and more of the cock was inside and then pulled all the way out. I was now begging and pleading to be fucked, taken and made to scream just like I wished. I was left to do just that for what seemed like hours, more and move of the cock in and then all the way out. Finally, the cock head seemed stalled just inside my ass, waiting for something. Hands pulled at my arms and my wrists were put together on my back held tight by the hands. Then, without any warning, the body pushed up, sending my wrists high up my back and ramming the cock deep inside of me. I lost my breath completely. Cock was now hard ram fucking my ass, putting loads of rubbing pressure on my prostrate and even poking it hard as it railroaded up my ass. I bent my head down so hard I actually lifted my shoulders from the goop, panting, gasping, swearing and yelling. Hands released my wrists, body stretched out and hands pulled my hair to pull my head far back. I had to bend my upper body up and back to be able to ease up on the pressure of the pulling. Then hands latched across my throat and cock really began to pound in and out of me. Hands squeezed my throat as body jerked, stiffened and shook. Hot thick cum began filling my insides. I began my orgasm at the same time. Hands slid from my throat to my shoulder and continued to hard pound my ass as it was filling me with cum. It finally finished and released my shoulder. My face and shoulders just crashed down into the goop, my entire body exhausted and I was a limp noodle again with a very large smile on my face. Hands did a hard massage on my entire back side, got me to turn over and then did the same to my entire front, even sucking my cock deep inside the throat, giving it a massage as well. I thought for sure I would just melt away completely I was so relaxed and feeling nothing but complete pleasure. Body slid up and took my head in its hands, pulled me into a passionate kiss, then a very gentle, sensuous kiss, gently laying my head back.

I stretched hard and wide, opened my eyes and was staring at my ceiling in the bedroom. I instinctively reached for my cock and sure enough, dribbles of cum were on my hand. I reached in between my legs to my ass and a slow stream of cum was coming from my ass. I shot up in bed and looked around the room. I got up, check the windows and they were locked. I ran downstairs and saw all the doors were locked as well as all the windows. I even flew down to the basement just to be sure nothing was open down there. Shit, if anyone was in the house and fucked me, they had to be still here. I went through the entire house, every closet, under every bed, even moved dressers from the wall. Nothing, nobody anywhere around. I quickly ran to the front door and threw open the door to see if there were any footprints in the snow. Nothing, just my own partially covered with fresh snow. I closed the door shaking. How could this be happening? I know I was fucked otherwise how could the cum be coming out of my ass? No way my cock could bend all the way over and inside my ass. Besides, I tasted it and it sure was not my cum.

I hadn't done it in ages, but this was just too damn freaky. I opened up the liquor cabinet, pulled out a full bottle of whiskey, plopped my leaking ass on the couch and took the cap off the bottle. A few good chugs of whiskey seemed to start calming me down. Well hello Fred, like you hadn't drank any liquor for what 10 years? Yah think you'd get calm? It did dawn on me that the whiskey was not going to make the problem go away and certainly not keep my mind clear to try and figure it all out. That's when I seemed to relax completely, the tingling all over my body was back and it felt oh so good. My mind kept telling me to chill out and just go with the flow. I wasn't hurt, I had no ghosts flying out of my ears and there was no blood on the sheets either. So what was I all freaked out about? Okay, so it is super weird to have cum flowing from your ass when you are completely alone in the house. It was a bit freaking when you realized you obviously had an orgasm and the only evidence of your cum was on your hand in a few dribbles from when you grabbed it. No evidence of it anywhere in the bedroom or on the bed. Okay, that meant it went inside either a mouth or an ass and both were part of my wet dream. Oh yeah, my skin was all slick and felt like I was sprayed with WD40. It didn't smell bad at all, actually a bit spicy, masculine and clean. Okay, had to be that super cool goop stuff. None of it on the sheet, none on the floor, zip, nadda, zilch. Take another gulp of bourbon, now.

I passed out on the couch, drunk as a skunk. When I woke up, it was dark and my head was killing me from the alcohol. I put the bottle away, made something to eat and plopped my ass back down on the couch with a tray table in front of me with dinner on it. I turned on the TV but didn't really pay any attention to whatever was on. All of what I thought before was going over and over in my mind. Funny thing was that each time seemed to make me less uncomfortable and freaked out until finally I just shrugged my shoulders and let it all go. How bad was it to have such intense sexual dream and feel so damn good every morning. Hey, admit it, it was better then winning the lottery. So how to deal with it? Well, just accept it for what it is and live life like you always do, no big deal. Yeah, that was my final thought on it all. I was not going to freak out because I was having the most sexually intense experiences of my life when I slept. A gift from the gods, period.

Things kept up like that, night after nigh. No matter how tired or sore I was, I was made to feel complete total pleasure and wake up so refreshed and content. Finally the snow was pushed around and I was able to make it into town for supplies and get some gas for the truck. I took it home and then decided to head back to the gym and get back into my workouts. There were a few people in the gym who smiled and said hello but no Bob. I thought it was a bit strange but figured he had other things going on in his life except me. I let it go for about 4 days when I got concerned something may have happened to Bob so I talked to the bodybuilder manning the front desk.

Hey, have you seen or heard from that older guy Bob?” I asked Tim the desk guy.

Bob? What Bob you mean?” Tim asked.

You know the older guy who seemed to always show up when I came into the gym. Last time I saw him was the night the blizzard started,” I said to Tim.

Hmm, let me think. Well, I only remember you being the last one and only one who was in the gym when the blizzard started, don't recall anyone else, especially some older guy. Like how old are you talking?” Tim asked.

Oh ghee, lets seem maybe in his late 50's or mid 50's?” I said after thinking about it.

Let me check the member roster info,” Tim said as he pulled up a screen on the PC. “Well, the only registered 'Bob' we have is around 26 years old. Let me search by age. Nope, only have 5 guys in their 50's and 2 guys in their 60's, but that's it.”

That can't be right, I talked with him for days. He was here every day I came in. Just between you and me, I did a special posing show for him since he was almost a groopy of mine,” I said all embarrassed.

No shit, wow, wish I saw you do that, sounds real hot,” Tim smiled with his eyebrows lifted. “Well, sorry, doesn't look like I can help you any. I pretty much know every single member and I know there isn't anyone named Bob that is in that age group.”

I gave Tim a look like a deer in headlights. I heard him say something and just turned and walked back to the weight area and plowed into a hard workout. How could that be possible? There was no way Bob could sneak past Tim to get in. Tim was always at the desk. He worked out before opening and sometimes after closing so he always manned the desk well except when he hit the toilet and that wasn't that often. Besides, even if Bob managed to sneak in when Tim wasn't at the desk, Tim would certainly catch him on the way out. This was just too damn strange for sure. Bob was a figment of my imagination? Some pulled up memory that came to the front after dad died? I'll have to look it up on the net to see if grief could do that to you.

When I got home, I showered, put on some shorts and headed downstairs. I made a big smoothie and plopped my ass down in front of the computer. I searched the net and found every damn article I think was ever written on the effect grief and the loss of a loved one can have on a person. The only thing that came even close was people who held conversations they swear with the person who died, not some stranger. None of it touched on sex at all, even with married couples, or long term lovers. Well, so much for that angle.

So, what do I have? Wet dreams that aren't really dreams, a man who gave me a gift that I put on a show for, felt his hands and lips on me, who I squeezed in a tight long hug, didn't exist at all. Yep, perfectly normal shit for sure. Wait a minute, if Bob wasn't real then who gave me this charm I'm wearing around my neck? That sure as hell was real. I have my hand around it now. Okay, I poked my chest with it to see if hurt, yeah, it did alright. So, THAT was real. If that was real then Bob had to be real, right? SHIT, this is giving me another head ache.

I decided to just stop dwelling on it all and move on with my life such as it was. Hey, I was happy as a lark doing odd jobs, no responsibilities except for taking good care of my body and having a place to sleep. Now look. I own a farm, house, equipment, barn, garage, furniture, appliances, and have super hot wet dreams that are real. What's bad about that, right? SHIT.

Okay, so one night I decided to see what happened if I took the charm off of my neck. I felt stupid for not thinking about that before. I did my usual nightly routine, took a shower, pulled off the charm and set it on the dresser. I flopped into bed and fell asleep staring at the damn charm on the dresser like it was going to fly over to me and get around my neck on its own.

The swirling clouds and that sparkling moving sky, so beautiful and restful. Total tranquility for sure. I blinked and my head was in bodies lap, his fingers gently and sensuously running through my hair and over my face. Thoughts were flooding my mind about relaxing, be at peace, enjoy the pleasures, don't fight what you cannot win, all kinds of stuff like that which made my mind become very much at ease, like everything that was troubling me just flew away with the gentle strokes of the fingers in my hair and on my face. Hands moved down to my pecs and very quickly my pecs and nipples were super sensitive again, sending shivers up my spine as the fingers moved over them. Hands pulled my arms up below my elbows and somehow I knew I should flex my biceps for body as he liked that very much. That I did with a big smile on my face knowing I was giving body pleasure so easily. Hands moved over my biceps and forearms, pecs and nipples, all of it getting so sensuously sensitive. My head pushed back against body's chest, slowly turning from side to side like I was snuggling in him. Body very easily had me melting under his attention to my body and arms. His lips joined the fun by licking and kissing super soft and gentle on my ears, first one then the other. I moaned in pleasure as my entire body responded to the wonderful feelings.

Body slowly moved and guided my upper body down to the ground which was very soft and billowy hugging the contours of my muscles and head. It felt so wonderful and relaxing. Body moved in between my legs and lips and tongue began to enter into an intimate conversation with the insides of my thighs and under my knees. Body then pushed my legs gently up towards my head and I knew to take hold of them spread apart grasped by my hands on my ankles. Lips and tongue went straight for my ass as hands were gently busy with my cock and balls. Lips and tongue would move to the tip of my cock, tongue would gently flick and push into my piss slit as lips slowly moved from the middle of my cock head to the tip with sucking provided by mouth. Then back to a conversation with my puckering wildly ass. I gasped, moaned and groaned, with great anticipation of what was going to come, me being fucked by body's cock. I wanted it and needed it. Body moved up between my legs standing and stooped down, pushing his rock hard cock deep into my throat. I did all I could with my throat, mouth and tongue to give it pleasure. Body then stood up, moved back between my legs, took hold of the bottom of my ass cheeks and pulled my ass up into the air. I pulled my legs harder and they ended up with my knees alongside my face. Body just slightly bent his knees and pushed cock fully inside of me in one movement. My head flew back, my mouth flew open and I let out the loudest scream I could. It wasn't from pain at all, but from the most intense feeling of pleasure and being taken how I wanted so badly to be taken. It was so so good. Body leaned down, took hold of my head in hands and began to ram cock hard in and out of me. Holy shit this was intense. Body was totally controlling me, all my movements, forcing me to take all of his pleasure as he gave it to me. He fucked me hard like that for a very long time. My cock couldn't handle any more pokes and rubs on my prostrate so it covered my chest and face in cum as cock exploded inside of me and began filling me with thick hot cum. I felt cock removed from my ass and I knew to let go of my legs and let them down. I did just that and as soon as they were on the floor, body stepped over me, reached down, lifted my head and upper body up and pushed his slimy, hard cock deep into my throat and continued to spit out hot cum down my throat. It felt like a gift to me, something so very special indeed.

Body pulled cock from my mouth finally, kept moving backwards getting me to sit up with my upper body slightly backward, hand reached behind him, held the bottom of my rock hard cock and in one movement, slide body down completely swallowing my cock. Body slid down my body and had legs out next to my sides, was sitting on my lap with my cock buried deep in his ass. My arms wrapped tight around body and he began to work on my sensitive pecs and nipples as well as pull my face down for wonderful kisses. Back and forth, body moving slowly up and down my cock, squeezing fully on the way down. Feelings of pleasure shooting more and more from my cock all through my body, my pecs and nipples reacting to the slightest movement of fingers or tongue or lips. I wanted to crush body into me completely, make us one. I didn't want to end this way of fucking, I loved it and hoped it would always be there for me. Body sensed my cock fattening and my body jerking. Body squeezed my entire cock so hard inside of him, my whole body jerked hard, shook, pumped every muscle and I screamed as I filled body with my cum. Body wanted every last possible drop it seemed as the grip and movement didn't stop until my balls were empty. Wobbly and noodle all over again, my head resting gently on body's shoulder, lips and tongue at my neck and other shoulder, hands hugging my neck tightly.

Something was shining in my eyes. I put my hand up to shield my eyes and slowly opened them. I was sitting in bed, looking out towards the windows, the sun hitting my face full on. I didn't want to move and began to feel a bit empty without having body in my lap against my body in my arms. I lightly brushed my fingers over my pecs and felt the charm, back on my chest, the leather back around my neck. Okay, so taking off the charm was not the answer obviously as it did manage to get right back where it wanted to be, around my neck and resting on my chest. I fell back down on the bed, grabbed a pillow and hugged it tight to my body and buried my face into it, eyes closed pretending it was body. As usual, I felt super. Strong, relaxed, all around super, ready to fight evil and save the planet. Yeah, that's how I felt completely, plus, so damn content and satisfied sexually like at no other time in my life before body.

I went out and did some chores that needed to be done around the farm. Cleaned and took care of engines on the equipment, worked on cleaning the barn and sheds. I went for a long walk completely around the farm, hitting places I never remember walking past. I spotted a big guy on a tractor doing something on the other side of my fence. I figured it was my neighbor and it would be a good idea to introduce myself.

Hey neighbor, I'm Fred,” I said with a big smile.

The big guy turned around real fast, I obviously scared the crap out of him as he didn't hear me coming up towards him.

Holy shit you nearly gave me a heart attack! I'm Bob, own the farm this side of you,” Bob said shutting down his tractor, came towards the fence with a smile and his hand ready to be shook.

Pleasure to meet you. Haven't met anyone else around me, you are the first!” I laughed.

Hey, guess I'm lucky then!” Bob laughed.

He asked about my dad and was sorry to hear he was sick and died. He was surprised that I actually lived on the farm until I was 19. He said he lived on his farm with his folks his whole life and he was born there. We both tried to remember when and if we saw each other in school, as we had to have met at some point in our younger days. He turned out to be around 52, so he was older then me and it just is possible our paths just never crossed. He commented on my build and stuff and I on his size. He was pretty darn close to 7' tall and had to weigh in somewhere in the 300 lbs range. His arms were huge from years of hard work on the farm and his hands tough a leather and steel. He had broad shoulders he said from wrestling cattle down. I was surprised anyone had cattle around here, but he said it helped to pay the bills and was starting to bring in more money then the rest of the farm. He didn't need any super expensive equipment other then a semi and a trailer. That alone saved him tons of money, I know from what it costs to just fix one of those monsters. When he took his hat off to wipe the sweat from his forehead, I saw he had a neat shiny head, totally shaved with just a walrus type mustache on his face. He looked super tough which I have no doubt he was. Just from his hand shake, you sure as hell didn't want to be on the receiving end of any punch he threw out. He invited me over for a cook out, nothing fancy, just us to get better acquainted.

Oh, and feel free to bring the misses,” Bob laughed pointing at me.

If I had one, I would,” I laughed.

Oh, just you by you lonesome huh?” Bob said kind of serious.

Yeah, never bothered. This body was my lover and probably still is,” I laughed. “I spent way too much time living to do what I had to do to get it to look like this. Not any way for a marriage to work.”

Oh hell you say. Surprised for sure. But, from what I can see, you sure dove into it with both feet for sure,” Bob laughed. “Okay then, how about around 7 then. I should be finished doing what I have to get done with the cattle and all. How's that sound to you?”

Great, you want I should bring anything?” I asked.

Nope, just you is all,” Bob smiled and waved as he took off on his tractor.

What are the odds I thought watching him ride off that the only neighbor I meet is single it seems and is named Bob? That is almost spooky. I didn't think he was body as I'd sure remember his hands and arms around me and that barrel chest and hard looking beer belly too. I had no doubt that if he got your head inside his thighs and squeezed, the top of you head would just pop off easy. That thought made me crack up as I walked the rest of the fence around the property before going home to freshen up for dinner.

I thought about it after I showered and was dressed. Just where the hell did Bob live anyway? How was I going to get to his house? Well I figured, I'd take the road from my driveway to the left and see what I could find. If not, I'd double back, go right and make a loop if I could. If that failed, shit, I'd just park the truck by the fence, hop over and walk until I spotted a house. Lucky for me, my first route proved to be the right one. It sure was a way down the road as just about every farm around here was 60 to 100 acres so neighbors weren't close at all unless they lived across the road from you. As I pulled down his driveway, I saw a good sized herd of good looking healthy cattle chewing away and watching me. I laughed at the way they just kept chewing and kept an eye on me the whole time. Some walked along to keep up with me, giving me like the evil eye or something. Bob came out on his porch, waving and sporting a super wide smile.

Glad you found me Fred. Dawned on me after I left that you had no clue how to get to my house. I turned around to tell you but you were gone already,” Bob laughed.

I had a plan which ended in me finally driving to the fence, hoping over and walking till I found the house,” I laughed.

Good thing you didn't do that. My herd is a bit touchy for some reason about strangers. If the bull was out, you'd be in deep shit for sure my friend,” Bob said seriously.

Well, now I know,” I laughed turning and sticking out my tongue at the cattle.

Bob laughed, patted me on my back and ushered me inside the house. He offered a drink but I just settled on ice tea or juice. He pulled out a beer for himself and we went and sat in the kitchen so he could keep an eye on the cooking food.

Nothing fancy like I said. Steaks on the grill, potatoes, veggies and some canned fruit for dessert. How's that sound to you?” Bob asked looking intently at me.

Excellent Bob, you shouldn't have gone through all this trouble,” I said with a smile.

No trouble at all. Hey, I have to eat whether you are here or not, so all the better for me to actually have a live body to interact with,” Bob laughed.

Yeah, boy do I know what you mean,” I said sadly. “Kind of gets to you every now and then. Course I hit the gym in town regular, so there's people there I've gotten to talk with regular now that they know I was born and raised here, not some outsider guy.”

We both laughed at that since we both knew the mentality of the locals when it came to strangers.

Bob asked me all about dad and what I was doing for a living before I came home. I told him just heavy construction since it fit into maintaining my body.

He laughed and said “you sure as hell are serious about it ain't no doubt.”

We joked around and he told me about him taking care of his parents, being married for about 3 months before she took off hating life on a farm, when he was 22 years old. His parents died within a year of each other around 10 years ago and he started up raising cattle around 5 years ago. He sold off the big harvesters and stuff just keeping the tractors and some farming stuff to keep his grazing fields in good shape.

Wow, I should look into cattle myself,” I said out loud.

Don't let me fool you, its lots of hard work, but the payoff is pretty nice,” Bob said seriously. “Okay, come on out back so I can do up the steaks. Don't want the cattle to see me grilling a relative.”

We laughed and laughed as we walked to his back porch. He had a nice set up with a big table, comfy looking chairs and a super big grill. He said he loved to grill, even in the winter time. I decided then I was going to get myself a nice grill as well. It was just a bit nippy out yet to eat outside so we ended up in the kitchen which was fine with me, more homey like. I liked Bob. He was funny, seemed honest and very down to earth. Seemed to me he was loaded with common sense which I could learn to develop myself. He asked how I felt about jacuzzi. I laughed and said I always wanted one, great to relax in after a hard workout or hard day at work.

Bob smiled, held out his arm and wagged his finger at me as he headed out the back door. I had no clue what he wanted to show me until we walked into the barn and an entire area was closed off for some reason. He flipped some switches on then opened up the door. I was floored. There was a huge jacuzzi, with really cool lights all around the room on dimmers, a sink, a bar and a few wide loungers.

Holy shit Bob, you got a damn spa here,” I laughed in shock.

Figured I could spoil myself a little bit so I had it delivered, built the room and set up the electrical stuff all on my own,” Bob said proudly.

Holy shit, I'm really wowed by this. You should do this as a side job,” I said with a big smile.

Shit no, doing for myself is one thing. Putting up with other people, hell no thank you. Besides, when the hell would I have time to fit in customers?” Bob laughed.

Yeah, see your point,” I laughed really taking in how cool the room was.

Wanna go for a spin?” Bob said with a devilish look.

If you say its okay, yeah, sure do,” I laughed.

Great, I was hoping you'd say that,” Bob laughed. “Now hope you ain't bashful being naked cause I don't have any swim trunks you would fit into and I hate wearing anything in it anyway.”

Shit no, no bashful here. Walk around the locker room the way nature made me and do the same at home,” I laughed.

Great, lets get to it!” Bob said all excited.

He flipped a few switches and the jacuzzi came to life big time. I bet you could fit 8 people or more easily in it. Jets were all over the place along with lights under the water on the sides and bottom. It truly was a work or art to me. Bob wasted no time. He pulled out a few towels from a cabinet, laid them on the loungers and then stripped completely. Had to be the fastest strip I'd seen. It made me laugh. He was a little bit hairy, mostly on his legs, crotch ass and lower back with just some stretched out on his beer belly and shoulders. His arms were indeed big and solid and so were his legs, shoulders and back. You could tell he would be able to wrestle down a grown steer without much effort at all. He had bull balls and a beer can fat cock with an over sized angry head it seemed. I stripped and did notice he took my entire body in as I did his. He was in the jacuzzi in a flash and I carefully stepped in not sure if I was going in it right or what.

Don't worry, no special entry way or anything like that. Any place you hop over the wall is good,” Bob laughed watching me be very careful.

I laughed and just got in, sat down across from him and by my smile and my head tilted back and my eyes closed he knew I loved it big time.

Running a special offer this week by the way, free membership to my first customer,” Bob said somewhat serious.

Damn, wish I made it here sooner,” I said sadly.

Why? You ARE my first customer,” Bob laughed and laughed.

He had one of those deep barrel type laughs that seemed to be contagious. He just had to laugh to make me laugh as well. He was really fun to be around and so down to earth it was almost scary. He looked at me with his head to his side.

Come on over here Fred, sit between my legs. Sure as hell looks like you are tense my friend,” Bob said waving to him.

Wow, I look tense?” I said surprised not sure where this might go.

Yep, just come on over. I was told I'm pretty good at that massagy thing,” Bob smiled.

What the hell, what's the worse that could happen right? So, I scooted through the water, turned around in front of him and backed into his spread open legs. He pulled me back so the small of my back was resting on his beer belly which was indeed like a rock, super solid, no give.

Okay, just try to relax and think of Disney Land or something,” Bob laughed.

His thick fingers latched on to my shoulders and he pulled me slightly further back. Then he went to work. At first I thought he'd rip my shoulder muscles off, but then he eased off and began moving his fingers every which way and indeed, it began to feel super. It almost made me feel like he was tenderizing my shoulder muscles. He moved his fingers on to my back and did a number on those muscles. Then he worked on one arm then the other. When he was finished, I felt like a wet noodle and hadn't had any decent sex either.

Holy shit Bob, you just collapsed all my muscles. Turned them into wet noodles,” I said in amazement.

See, told you. Hope you like it Fred and I didn't hurt you any,” Bob said holding on to the edges of my shoulders.

Oh man, it feels so good, like I”m totally relaxed,” I said as I leaned back with my head back and turned to see his face.

Here, lets finish what we started huh?” Bob said as he put pushed me down a little and had his forearms over my shoulders and his hands on my pecs.

Now that really started to hurt when he started working on my pecs but those relaxed and turned completely into mush. It did feel super good I have to say. Then he put my one arm over his one shoulder behind his neck, grabbed my upper chest and arm and snapped it hard to the side. I heard a crack and it scared me. When he let go, my side felt so good as did my arm. He asked if I was okay and when I said hell yeah, he did the other side like that. I”m amazed my arms didn't just fall off of my shoulders and my ribs didn't fully collapse.

Okay, this next one is a bit tricky so bare with me okay?” Bob said softly.

After I shook my head 'yes' he maneuvered me around so my side was up against his body, my back resting on his bent leg. He moved one hand in the middle of the small of my back, seemed to feel around for just the right spot, put his other hand on my abs and suddenly as he pushed hard on the small of my back he dug his fingers deep into my abs and began moving them around. I gasped, tried to catch a breath and work through the pain that shot all throughout my abs.

Stay with me here,” Bob said softly as he moved his fingers into another spot on my abs and kept moving and digging until he had covered every inch of my abs minus the part just above my pubes.

He did something to the sides and then his hand on my lower back did something with lots of pressure. Suddenly, no pain, my abs joined the rest of my muscles he worked on in becoming mush. Then without any warning, his hands attacked my thighs with a vengeance. I thought for sure if his knee wasn't behind my back I'd fall backwards in agony and drown. It was pointless to try and pull his hands off since I had just about no strength in any of the major muscles. Maybe Bob was some sort of sadistic bastard who loved crushing muscled studs for fun. Then, just like the rest, the pain was gone, my thighs were much but felt so light and relaxed.

So, how's that feeling for you?” Bob asked with a smile.

Holy shit Bob, I thought for sure you were trying to kill me for some reason. The pain was unreal especially in my abs and thighs. But now, damn, I'm all mush. I just hope my hard muscle tone comes back,” I laughed.

Don't worry, it will but probably a bit better since lots of arteries and veins were moved around and nerves were spread out more. Sorry I hurt you but the first time seems to be a real killer. After that, not as bad,” Bob said rubbing his hand over my mushed pecs.

Where did you learn that?” I asked enjoying the wet noodle feeling for some reason.

Well, I did a stint in the Navy and was shipped out to Japan and Korea. I met a few of their sailors and they took me to a special teacher who took the time to show us all how to completely relax all the major muscles in a body for better health and stamina,” Bob explained.

Wow, and you kept it up?” I asked amazed.

Well, it isn't something like riding a bike. Seems once you get it down, it does stay with you,” Bob said to explain.

I'm impressed for sure. Only thing is, I'm not so sure I can get out of here and drive home. I'd be afraid of melting off the seat of the truck if I could even get into it,” I laughed.

No problem, got lots of beds and room for you if you have any issues,” Bob smiled.

So, any other secrets you learned?” I had to ask.

Now that you bring it up, yeah, a few. Care to explore them?” Bob asked seriously.

Sure, why not,” I said without thinking it through.

Okay, just tell me to stop whenever you feel like it, okay?” Bob said seriously again.

Okay, got it,” I said with a sort of smile as my brain was saying it wasn't a good idea.

Okay, just relax and don't be afraid Fred,” Bob said softly.

Then, his hand on the small of my back moved down on to my ass cheek, he turned me back around so my back was against him. He moved his other hand onto the other ass cheek. Then he pulled me into him with his chin locked on my shoulder. Suddenly, his hands were ripping my bowling ball ass cheeks to shreds. I now see why he held me tight with his chin. I couldn't really move off of him, not to mention he so out powered me now that my muscles were mush. He worked on my ass cheeks and then the tops of the back of my thighs then both. Like the rest, the pain went away and a different strange feeling began. He reached his hands up and around my hips and both hands latched on to my cock. It got super hard real fast from the way his fingers moved on it. Then, he cupped one hand around the top of my cock and the other below it and began to twist super fast, changing the pressures on his fingers somehow. Holy shit it got super intense super fast. My mushy body shook and I shot a load of cum all the way across the jacuzzi. He released my cock and went back to my ass cheeks which somehow seemed to blend in with my cock feelings. Then he moved his hands to cup each of my pecs and worked on those which made shivers run all through my insides.

Like that Fred, want to feel more?” Bob whispered in my ear with his lips moving softly over it.

Yeah, please do,” I mumbled.

Okay, hope you do like this,” Bob whispered and licked my ear, then kissed my neck.

His hands went back to my ass cheeks and really went to work. Suddenly I became aware of a beer can inside of my ass, growing longer. I knew it was his cock for sure. I gasped, my head flew backwards to his chest. His hands moved back to my pecs and I was completely his right then and there. The feelings were so wild and unexpected. He reached on hand to my chin, turned my head and his lips and tongue ravaged my mouth completely. He had this growling going on as his breathing was heavy which in itself was a super turn on. He wanted more making out because he spun me around on his cock which was such a wild feeling. My shins were against the back wall and against his sides. He moved his arms so my knees were held inside his armpits. He wrapped me up so tight in his arms and let me feel all of his power, knowing I had none anymore. He turned every major muscle of mine into mush probably as a prelude to this. I could have given him a good run for the money if my muscles were as they normally were and how they were when I got to his house. Now, forget it, I was completely in his power and he subtly let me know it how he easily manhandled me around how he wanted me. He got us into a very hot and heavy make out session, his hands locked behind me, easily lifting my body up and down on his cock. Shit it was huge and fat, giving my prostrate a super massage close to what body did for me. His tongue was even wide and fat to match the rest of him. I didn't and wouldn't complain at all since I was really into what he was doing to me for some reason. It was hot as hell and felt so damn good. This was no dream for sure. I was being taken by a bull of a man who was in charge and took what he wanted once you opened the door for him.

Feeling good Fred?” Bob whispered as he licked and kissed my ear.

Oh yeah, real good Bob,” I said with my head flying backwards as his cock really pushed on my prostrate and gave it a super long rub almost the full length of his cock.

His cock head felt like some kind of plunger pushing things aside and completely rubbing the lining of my colon. He moved me away from him and his mouth and tongue attacked my pecs with a vengeance. I felt my entire nipple being sucked away from my pec and rubbed hard by his tongue. Shit that was wild. Then he shocked me as he turned us around, knelt down and then stood up with me still impaled on his cock. He bent forward slightly and began to shoot his hips up hard, forcing my body to move hard and fast almost off of his cock and then hard back down on it. Damn I lost my breath. His mouth was all over my neck and he also started to bite and bite my shoulders as well. Damn he was brutal and ruler of the fuck for sure. This guy was good, damn good. I think I was really lucky I was a big and muscled as I am, otherwise I'm sure I'd be a goner.

He growled, swore and I was sure he'd crack my ribs and back as he screamed out and I felt a torrent of his hot cum filling me up. It shot out of my ass all around his cock like a garden hose sprayer turned on full blast. It was amazing to feel. When he finally started to calm down, he pulled me into his body and began to really gently kiss me. What a contrast it was. He went from brute to lover in a flash. My guess is it was so long since he's had sex that he was overpowered by the sensations. He moved his face from mine and smiled such a gentle smile. I smiled back at him, melting completely. He sat me on the edge of the jacuzzi, moved my legs far apart, wrapped his arms behind my lower back and pushed my upper body back with his head. Before I could regain my balance, he devoured my entire cock, deep into his throat and growled and moaned as he sucked me dry. I came so fast and so long I thought maybe he was bleeding me or something.

You taste super good Fred baby, I like how you taste,” Bob smiled as I got more gentle lip kisses. “That felt super, how about for you, did you like it?”

Yeah I did. You kind of scared the crap out of me at first, but then I got into it. Never really had anyone dominate me like that,” I said before kissing him.

Oh shit, I'm sorry. I just thought with how big you are and tough looking that you'd love having sex like that. Oh shit Freddy, I'm so sorry,” Bob said almost in tears.

Bob, its fine, really, I said I liked it and I meant it. Just wasn't ready for that kind of dessert I guess,” I laughed.

Bob laughed and hugged me tight.

How about we relax in here a little bit, then I'll take you upstairs to my bed and we can have a real nice easy soft gentle session. Sound okay to you?” Bob said with a not so sure smile.

Sounds like a really good plan,” I smiled and hugged him.

He shouted a 'woo hooo' and spun me around as he took me off of the ledge and he fell down into the jacuzzi like a kid jumping in a pool on a super hot summer day. He was funny. We talked while we relaxed him holding me gently on his lap by a bunch of jets. I was right, he hadn't had any real sex with anyone else for over 15 years or more. His wife hated it and he never went out looking for it after that. It was strictly him and his right hand. He was surprised I lived alone and that somebody hadn't snatched me up to be theirs. I was a hot number in his eyes and I liked that. He asked me if I would put on a muscle posing show for him as he always heard about that and saw a few videos on the net. He thought it was hot. I told him as soon as my mushed muscles go away, I'd do a special one for him for sure. That got me a tight, excited hug and kiss. He decided we were about to get turned into prunes and lifted me up into his arms, holding me gentle, got over the wall of the jacuzzi and walked to the lounges, picking up the towels and handing one to me. I wiped off his head, face, shoulders and arms and he wiped just about all of me off. I made him put me down so I could wipe his back down. He wasn't so sure, afraid I'd loose my balance and hurt myself. He relented finally. Then he finished wiping me off, wrapped a towel around his waist, then around mine and picked me back up in his arms, walked toward the door telling me which switches to flip off and the same thing outside. He carried me into the house, up the stairs into a huge master bedroom that looked like he opened up another bedroom that was adjoining the master and make it one huge bedroom. I liked that a lot. His bathroom was also huge with a shower 5 people could easily use at the same time with all those fancy water jets all over the place. He stood behind me while I pissed and then held one hand on my chest as he had me against the wall while he pissed. He was not about to take a chance on me falling at all. He scooped me up then kissed me as we went up to his king sized bed. He gently placed me in the center of it, spread my body out and began to kiss so gently every inch of it. That was a sweet gesture after how brutal sex was. He was making up for it as best he knew how. He laid next to me, scooped my shoulder against his and held me tight to him with his arm behind my full back. I reached across and held on to his chest, kissing and nibbling on his pec and nipple while my hand was gently going over his belly and other pec.

I really am so sorry Fred. Please forgive me for being such a brute to you,” Bob said with tears forming in his eyes. “I wanted to make it special for you and all I did was fuck it up big time.”

Bob, look at me, do I seem traumatized at all? You don't know me well enough to know I do not lie, ever. If the truth hurts then it hurts. Its a principle I won't give up for anybody. SO know I ended up loving every minute of it, honest,” I said holding his chin in my fingers.

He pulled me tight into him and I could tell he was crying as I felt the tears on my head. I squeezed him tight and wrapped my leg around his then reached down and played gently with his cock and balls. He relaxed and began to moan and groan. We did have a super sweet, gentle sex session which was passionate to be sure. I knew I'd want to do this often with Bob without a doubt. Then panic struck me. What happens when I fall asleep and my wet dream starts up with Bob holding me? Oh shit, maybe I could just stay awake and not fall asleep without him knowing it. Damn, why didn't I think of that in the jacuzzi.

I was so worn out from the wild sex session with Bob, no matter how hard I tried, I just could not stay awake.

The swirling clouds, the liquid shiny ceiling. I blinked and I was stretched out like the very first time. Hands were running up and down the front of my body, slowly, softly. I went through the entire repeat of the very first dream I had of body. I felt myself being shaken and when I opened my eyes, Bob was on top of me with a panicked look all over his face. I slowly began to hear his voice shouting out my name over and over.

I smiled at him, feeling the full wonderfulness of body's using me, taking me to super heights of passion. I wasn't weak at all, felt stronger then ever and all of my body tingled from the massive heights of pleasure I had in my dream with body.

Fred, Fred, for gods sake, please talk to me, you hear me Fred,” Bob kept yelling with tears falling from his eyes, shaking me while still yelling.

Bob? What's wrong? Why are you yelling like that?” I finally said to him with a soft smile.

He stopped shaking me and looked at me with a completely dumbfounded look on his face.

Bob? What's wrong, why are you all upset?” I asked smoothing his face gently with my hand.

Oh fuck Fred, what happened to you? All night you were gasping, moaning and groaning, your body moving in strange ways. I saw you go through an orgasm but no cum shot anywhere. I knew from how you were moving your body you were being fucked and nobody was behind you. Then the cum flowed out of your ass and you just smiled and moaned and licked your lips. It was like you were possessed or something,” Bob said with tears falling down his cheeks. “I knew I screwed you up being too rough! Oh god Fred, I am so sorry.”

Suddenly the realization hit me that he witnessed me going through the throws of pleasure and passion I was having with body. Somebody actually saw me going through it. I wasn't nuts or anything like that. It was all real just like the charm the other Bob gave me even though nobody ever saw him or heard of him at the gym.

Bob, calm down and listen to me. Lets go down and get lots of coffee and you have to carefully listen to what I am going to tell you. I'm not crazy and neither are you. So lets go downstairs and try to figure this whole thing out. You did NOT hurt me in any way so get that out of your head completely. Please. You have to get past that before you even come close to understanding what I'm going to tell you about. Bob calmed down and was going to scoop me up in his arms. I stopped him, jumped out of bed as if he never touched me. All of my muscles were fully back and pumped big time, veins a popping. He stared at me like I was a ghost or something really weird. I took his head in my hands and kissed him, grabbed his hand and dragged him downstairs to the kitchen. He finally seemed to snap out of it and made a big pot of coffee. We sat down at the kitchen table next to each other and I took hold of his hand before beginning.

Okay, now what I'm going to tell you sounds completely bonkers I know. Believe me I have been down the road on this so damn many times I can't even count them. Here's when it all started...”

I went through the whole thing slowly like I was reading from a diary, leaving no tiny detail out at all. His eyes got wide when I got to the part about Tim trying to find any sort of Bob coming into the gym and then telling me I was the only one in the gym when the blizzard started to come in. I let him examine the charm and then told him what happened when I took it off and put it on my dresser. He looked at the charm then at me then back at the charm. I told him of the different things body did to me and I had absolutely no clue who body belonged to since I could never clearly see or remember a face, only that I had small dribbles of cum coming out of my cock and cum that was not mine coming slowly from my ass. He himself saw that and knows he did not fuck me again during the whole time we were in bed together. He told me I started making sounds like I was being sexually worked over and from how my body and the sounds coming from me he knew it was slow, gentle, mind blowing kind of sexual stuff.

He made me describe Bob again to him a few times. He decided to help me run another test, this time while in his house, in his bedroom with the charm left downstairs on the kitchen table. He would even film me with his camera if anything started happening. I agreed and felt so relieved that somebody might actually believe me even though I never said a word to anyone else about it.

Sure enough, that night, he took the charm from my neck and we went up to his bedroom as planned. He set up his motion sensor activated camera, a toy he always thought was so cool. We messed around a bit but not much as I think both of us were kind of spooked and nervous. I'm not sure who fell asleep first, but it seemed like seconds after I fell asleep, I was in the swirling clouds and body was rubbing me down with that wonderful goop. A full repeat again with minor variations. I opened my eyes having that glorious feeling all through my body and my skin felt so tingly and cool. There at the corner of the bed was Bob, eyes super wide, staring at me like I was in the exorcist movie.

Well, did you see anything?” I asked all nervous.

Babe, touch your chest,” Bob said softly.

I reached up and there it was, the charm around my neck resting on my chest like always. Bob said that he woke up when I started like moving around, turning while sitting up and stuff. I told him the entire dream sequence and he kept shaking his head that what I was telling him matched the movements he saw me going through. He reached down between my legs and put his fingers on my ass. He lifted them slowly and they were covered in cum. It wasn't mine and sure wasn't his. We ran down to his office and hooked up the camera to his PC and watched with out mouths wide open as there I was going through the motions like I was with body all over again.

Bob now took me very seriously. He helped me to research stuff like the charm and dreams happening. He did manage to find a picture of something that looked sort of like the charm. It was an ancient god of passion and pleasure said to stay with someone charmed until the charm and spell were passed to another after the death of the original barer of the charm.

Bob actually did have a great sense of humor I had come to learn.

Well, so that's easy, I kill you and viola, you're free from the charm,” he said with a straight face.

I stared at him like he was stealing my money from my most favorite piggy bank.

Fred, hello? I was joking?” he said squeezing me into one of his wonderful crushing bear hugs. “Besides, where could I find someone to have such hot sex with for free?”

I punched him in his arm as he fell over laughing his ass off.

We had come to a compromise of sorts. We messed around during the day or afternoon or early evening since it had no effect on what body and I did during the night. Seemed my time was split between Bob during the hours I'm awake and body during the hours I slept. We adapted fairly well I think, except Bob did feel left out when he couldn't mess around during the night if I woke up but yet wasn't up, you know what I mean? Okay, so it was weird, but it worked and actually, I had the best of all worlds I think. More sex and love then a body has any right too.

Thanks Bob the first for the gift of love and pleasure. Your charm saying has indeed lived up to its promise, just as you said, whoever you really are.