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The Catamyte Corps

by Hermes

Prologue and Chapter 1



Date: 1OCT2153 Location: Western Conglomeration HQ, North American Continent

Subject: 10 year Review of Military Project: Catamyte Corps.

Executive Summary:

After the Conglomeration Wars of 2096 whereby the Corporations of the world proved that the existing system of governance of the world by different countries having separate governments had failed, and after the last ditch effort by the old world military to quell the Corporate ascension to power, peace was felt by all citizens of the planet. 7 Corporate Entities, one for each continent on the planet were formed. They had total control of the territories they represented. This worked well until 2 of those attempted to break away from the Conglomeration. This led to a war which lasted from 2118 until 2145 where the bulk of the forces of those trying to quit the Conglomeration were defeated. After that only small pockets of resistance were noted.

In 2149 the Board of Directors of the Conglomerate enacted a strictly volunteer military with the reward that after ten years of service citizens who finished their military careers would be fully vested into the Conglomeration with all the rights and privileges of Citizenship. This worked well, however due to the fact that these men and women were separated from the balance of society for security reasons, and due to the regulation prohibiting members of the active military from fraternizing with each other problems began to arise.

Scientific analysis determined that these problems were caused primarily by the fact that the men and women in the military had no outlet for their sexual needs. Without violating the Conglomerate ban on forced dosages of sex reducing drugs an alternative plan was developed. Conglomeration law set the age of consent and the age of majority at an equal level that level being the average age for a human born after 2145 to enter puberty at age 11. As such there was a fairly large number of now Adult members of the population who, due to the fact that they had not fully grown physically were unable to participate in the military, thus making them a class of individuals who were unable to begin the process of achieving citizenship upon reaching the age of majority.

General Adam Welsh proposed on January 9, 2142 the creation of a branch of military service consisting of Adults aged from 11 to 18, both Male and Female. These volunteers would be given a drug which had been created by the Conglomeration which would enhance their sexual abilities. These would be organized into two groups. Females of this group would be enlisted into an organization codenamed "Cock Crew" and the males would enlist into the "Catamyte Corps". Both names were trademarked by the Corporations of the Conglomeration.

The Cock Crew would be made available to any service member who had preference for females for sexual liason and the Catamyte Corps would be made available to those preferring the company of males.

During testimony which commenced on July 1, 2153 members and former members of both groups testified. In addition members of and former members of the military testified. Without exception this program received nothing but positive comments from all who had either participated in or utilized the services of either of these groups.

In the interest of completeness of documentation one such former member of the Catamyte Corps testimony (Citizen Anthony S. Smythe) is include here below. This individual's own diary provides for a nearly first-hand account of the program from the perspective of someone who participated in it. In addition, this citizen added in his own words additional testimony written subsequent to being asked to testify at these proceedings.

Subsequent to the story presented below there will be a "Findings and Recommendations" section for review and subsequent decision by the full board.

Respectfully Submitted:

John "Jack" Fitzgivens, Conglomerate Senior Staff Aide

Chapter 1

(Excerpt from the diary of Anthony S. Smythe)

June 3, 2143

Dear Diary:

The day has finally arrived, I am so excited! Today is the day I turn 11 and as such am old enough to leave the Conglomerate Boys Home to make my own way. I'm done with my required level of schooling. I'm done with having others make my decisions for me. According to our laws, I'm now of legal age to be my own person. I have been waiting for this day for a long time. Today is the day I go enlist in the Catamyte Corps. Next week I'll give you a full report on what happened after I left the home.

I am going to miss some of my buddies here though, but at least Rex is going with me. He waited a whole week after his birthday so we could go together and hopefully be stationed together. After all, he was the one who told me about the Corps and showed me what it was all about.

Since I just started writing this I guess I should go back and tell you about meeting Rex a year ago and what happened...

(End of Excerpt)

I was lonely. My roommate, Max, had just turned 11 and left the home. I still have a year before I can go. I was taking a nap in my bed when someone knocked on my door. Well, they wound up pounding on it because I am a very heavy sleeper. The rules of the home were simple. If a door is closed then nobody can enter, neither residents nor staff. The only way someone can enter a room with a closed door is if they live in it or the director gets the security forces involved, I sure as heck didn't want that to happen!

Anyway, I finally got up then opened my door. Standing there was Jack, the floor supervisor for my floor and he was standing with a boy who appeared to be my age. A boy I'd never seen before. He was darker skinned than I was, but, everyone it seemed was darker skinned than I was. He had black curly hair on his head and brown eyes. As is the case with all of the boys he was wearing our uniform. White T-Shirt and tan shorts with white socks and tennis shoes. His smile and his eyes are what I noticed most. His eyes seemed to penetrate deep into my soul and his smile lit up the room.

I guess I was just standing there staring at this totally cute boy when Jack asked if I was going to invite them in. Duh! I invited them in and Jack introduced the boy to me. Rex Adams. I liked that name, it fit him. We shook hands and Jack told me that Rex was my new roommate. I was like over the moon happy. Not only did I get a new roomy, but he was CUTE! I felt a stirring in my shorts.

Rex sat on the open bed. I guess he could tell it was open because mine was still unmade. I figured I'd get hell from Jack for that. Thankfully all he said was, "I'm sorry we woke you up. Please remember to make your bed back up after your nap, you know the rules." I smiled and promised to do that. Jack then told us he'd leave us to get acquainted and he'd see us at dinner in a couple hours.

I stood in front of Rex and I guess we just stared at each other for a few minutes. He then looked directly into my eyes and in a soft but melodic voice said, "How lucky could I get to get a roomie who's as cute as you!" I almost fell over. I giggled (yes, I'm still 10 so I'm allowed to giggle instead of laugh or chuckle) and told Rex that I was just thinking the exact same words. This caused him to giggle too. I was now definitely feeling a stirring in my shorts.

We talked a lot from that time with me finding out that Rex's birthday was exactly 7 days prior to mine on May 27th. He had been at another boy's home until a few days ago when that home was damaged by an accident. That could have meant anything from a tree falling in a wind storm to an attack by the rebel forces. Yes, they told everyone that there were no rebels, but everyone knew there were. Almost half of the jobs available to people in our Conglomeration were military in nature. We continued talking until we heard the 10 minute warning telling us that we should start making our way to the dining room. I was about to walk out the door when Rex said, "Don't you think we should make your bed, I wouldn't want my roomie to get into trouble." I blushed having forgotten all about my promise to Jack. Rex and I made my bed together then left and walked shoulder to shoulder to the dining room.

Our dining room is like most school cafeterias. Three rows of long tables with bench seats on either side. After going through the line and getting our food, I sat down on one of the benches, Rex sat right next to me so close that his left leg was touching my right one. To hell with a 'stirring' with that contact I now felt like I had a bit of steel in my shorts. We ate our dinner and I introduced Rex to the other guys at the table. When he told the others which home he was in Mikey, one of my better friends said he'd heard that the home Rex was in was bombed. Rex said he didn't know. He had actually been in the infirmary having had his appendix taken out and they kept him asleep. When he woke up he was in our infirmary instead of the one at his hold home. He related that when he asked about it the nurse told him there had been an accident and his old home was now closed so he'd be living here from now on.

I asked him if they used any ScarBeGone on him. In my mind I would have hated to think his perfect body had an unnatural blemish on it. He smiled, stood, and pulled up his shirt, pulling the waistband of his shorts down slightly to show that he indeed had no scar. His doing that caused me to wonder what I now had in my shorts that was definitely more solid than steel.

We finished our dinner and returned to our room. We had left the door open, as is the rule. When we returned I saw a note on my bed. I picked it up and read:


Thanks for making your bed. I was afraid that in your excitement of getting a new roomie you would forget. Not that it took anything like getting a new roomie to make you forget (haha).

I knew that there was going to be an inspection while you guys were in the dining room but as you know I couldn't tell you that. Thanks again for not letting me down and making me look bad to the bosses.

I want you to make sure Rex feels welcome, but I have no doubt you already want to do that.

If there is anything you need let me know.


I showed the note to Rex and we both laughed. I guess I should tell you that Jack, even though he's a supervisor is only 12. He had lived at the home and when he turned 11 he asked if he could stay and work here. He and I had been roomies before and we were actually really good friends. You know what I mean by "REALLY GOOD" friends. (haha)

Rex and I talked some more and before we knew it the time had come for us to get ready for bed. I told Rex that I needed a shower before bed and he said he thought he needed one too. We both grabbed our shower stuff and a towel and walked together to the communal shower room. We got there and there were about 10 other guys already in the shower. Two of the boys, Travis and Peter were busy 'washing' each other. Mostly their dicks. This wasn't uncommon. I remembered reading about the days before the Conglomeration wars when people had prejudices about people for all sorts of reasons. The color of their skin, the way they talked, how they practiced that old religion thing, and who they loved.

Today it's okay to love another guy or a girl, or both for that matter. If two guys wanted to live together that was fine. If they wanted kids, they simply went to the breeding center, gave a sample of their DNA and a week later they got their baby, and the baby was BOTH of theirs genetically. Procreation through heterosexual sex was now only done in cases of those who wanted to be nostalgic. I can't imagine why a girl would want to have to endure pain to have a baby. It just made no sense. Plus it took so damn long... 9 months, when all you really needed was a week for the lab to grow your baby. Some people are so behind the times. But anyway, back to the shower.

I watched as Rex started taking off his clothes and was relieved actually when I saw he was as hard as I was. I've seen many boys with boners over the years and many had seen me with one but for some reason I was a little self-conscious of having Rex see me boned up the first time he saw me without clothes. Now, having seen him boned up I stripped. We did the usual stare. Up and down, but mostly in the middle. Rex then took my hand. He actually held my hand and led me to one of the showerheads. Without prompting or a single word, he took some of the soap from the dispenser on the wall and started washing my body. That did absolutely nothing for me. Yeah, right, and if you believe that I have some oceanfront property on Mercury to sell you.

We washed each other thoroughly then dried each other. At one point I had noticed that just about every boy in the shower were watching us. Some with smiles on their faces, others with their hands on the dick of the boy next to them. I hope they enjoyed the show as much as I enjoyed giving it with Rex.

Finally we were dry. We both pulled on a pair of very brief underwear and without adding more clothing walked back to our room. Once inside Rex turned and closed the door. Next he surprised me. He walked up to me and wrapped his arms around me. He hugged me to his body and started kissing my neck. This caused the titanium to return to my underwear. I swear I got so hard I was afraid that it would tear through the tight fabric. Rex then answered my prayers.

He started kissing down my neck, sucking on my nipples, licking and kissing his way down my chest. It was then I realized that somehow he'd pulled my undies down and they were now on the floor with my feet in the holes.

Rex got to my raging dick and in one quick move swallowed all 4 and a half inches of it. I knew I was going to cum in seconds. He fondled my balls which took my mind to another planet briefly. This boy definitely knew how to suck a dick. He was WAY better at it than my last roomie, Max. Heck, he was even better than Jack! Oh, did I tell you that Jack and I were more than friends and roomies? He was the first boy I honestly considered getting married to. He was also the first, and only boy, to ever join with me physically. You know, in archaic terms he was the only person to ever have fucked me.

Rex seemed to know when I was about to pop and he backed off allowing me to cool down and make this last. He did this three or four times before I finally found my voice and asked if we could move to one of our beds. The next thing I knew we were laying down on my bed and Rex was again sucking on me. This time my moans I guess told him that stopping would be cruel so he let me cum. I had been 'wet cumming' for a couple months and I warned him that he'd get a mouthful before I shot, just in case he wasn't into swallowing. He never even slowed, actually I think he worked harder to get me off. He swallowed my offering and kept sucking until I told him to stop because it was way too sensitive.

He pulled off me and moved up to lay next to me. We kissed and I tasted my cum in his mouth. All of this was making me absolutely lust nuts. After a totally passionate kiss, breathlessly, I heard my own words. "Rex, will you please, please, please fuck me already!"

He smiled and raised my legs. Once I was open and exposed in my most private and cherished of places he dove in and was licking me there something fierce. It was like he was totally addicted to my asshole. When I could take no more delay I fumbled in my nightstand drawer for my ever present bottle of UltraLube. I tossed it to him, hitting him on top of he head as he was orally assaulting my anus. He looked up, saw the lube and smiled.

Grabbing the bottle and opening it with his teeth while he held my legs up with his arms he squeezed healthy amount onto his dick and onto my hole using the applicator to spread it around so he didn't need to move his hands. Once we were both lubed up he got to both knees and moved his cock to my waiting hole. Slowly and surprisingly painlessly he became the second person to ever invade my inner sanctum. Feeling him slide his length into me felt so absolutely right.

I guess I never described Rex. Well, here goes. His dick was a little longer than mine at almost 6 inches but his was far thicker than mine. Looking at it it almost looked like Jacks did now. I had a few hairs starting above my dick but Rex had a bit more than I did. Anyway, back to the matter of him taking me. With constant pressure Rex slowly inserted 'Tab -- A' into 'Slot -- B' and to say it was a perfect fit would not do it justice. It was like it was supposed to be there.

Rex slowly pulled back and reinserted himself over, and over, and over. He never increased tempo or force. It was just a slow, tender, and absolutely stunningly fantastic fuck. I don't exactly know how long it went on, honestly, I didn't care. Even though I had cum already I got hard again almost as soon as he was inside me. Eventually, all good (okay fantastic) things must come (or is it cum) to an end.

Rex was stabbing at my prostate repeatedly which caused my second orgasm of the night. I started cumming having never touched my own appendage and I guess the contractions of my anus as I shot one of the biggest loads of my young cumming career caused him to slip off the edge of the abyss.

I felt hot molten boy butter shooting out of him into my insides. The look on his face was purely angelic. He actually loved doing what he was doing and it was more than apparent. Once the fireworks had subsided Rex remained inside me, lowered his body on top of me and we kissed. Deep and passionate. Almost as if we'd been lovers for years, not having just met a few hours prior.

We rolled and repositioned so he was spooning me never once having to extract that piece of him that felt as if it belonged right where it was. He pulled a sheet over us and we both drifted off into a deep and contented sleep, still connected.

We woke up the next morning and I was amazed that he was still hard and still inside me. It was the first time I had ever slept with someone connected and I will tell you right now it won't be the last. I hope.

I used my sphincter muscles to milk Rex's hard cock a little, enjoying the feeling of him filling me up and making me feel complete. I guess that woke up my sleeping angel because I heard him say, "Oh, I love you doing that. Good Morning Roomie."

"Good Morning yourself. I can't believe you are still inside me. Did you stay hard all night?"

That was when Rex explained it to me.

"Didn't they tell you? I guess not. One of the reasons they guaranteed me the ScarBeGone was because I had already told them I was going to go into the Catamyte Corps when I turned 11 and left the home. They also gave me a treatment of Neversoft. My dick is hard all the time. ALWAYS. I can do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and never get soft. Another benefit of Neversoft is that it makes your dick grow fatter and longer faster than normal. It increases my sex drive and even makes my balls put out more sperm. The best part is it makes it way more enjoyable for me to fuck and get fucked. I'm like a total sex machine and I love it."

"Catamyte Corps? I've never heard of it." I replied.

"Well, our military men and women do their best for the Conglomerate often giving all of their time to it. It was discovered that a sexually satisfied army was significantly more effective than one that was frustrated that they couldn't get off if they wanted to. One of the Generals suggested that they put together a group of boys and girls who were willing to serve the Conglomerate by offering sex to the soldiers. So they created a group of girls called the "Cock Crew". The problem there was many of the soldiers were what they used to call 'gay' and the females didn't want girls so they also created a group of boys called the 'Catamite Corps'. They changed the spelling of Catamite to C-A-T-A-M-Y-T-E using a Y instead of an I so that the Conglomerate could trademark the name. Whatever. It was figured that the boys could do either the 'gay' men or the women. That way everyone would be happy. It was also a way for the younger guys and girls who weren't physically developed enough to become soldiers to help the war effort. So it was a win, win situation."

"Wow, that's cool. So all they do is have sex all the time?" I asked.

"Pretty much. They are also paid really well. After serving in the Corps from age 11 to age 21, 10 years, you are fully vested into the Conglomerate. You get out of the Corps and move into one of the Conglomerate Cities."

"Cool. Maybe I could join too!" I said enthusiastically.

Rex smiled and said he'd get me the information. I was thinking about it and got a little nervous. "Rex, if we were both in the Corps could we still be, you know, like together?"

"I knew the minute I saw you that I wanted to be with you forever, Tony. I even thought at one point last night that it would be cool for us to get married at some point. Maybe after we finish in the Corps. We will find an answer, but I think it'll work out." Rex said with way more confidence than I expected.

Later that day we went to see the Catamyte Corps recruiter. He explained the whole thing to me and even said that if Rex and I reported at the same time we'd be guaranteed to be stationed together, even share a room if we wanted. The recruiter told us that since my birthday was only a week after Rex's they would simply change Rex's report date to 7 days later and we'd both show up at the induction center on my 11th birthday.

I signed up without a worry. I was scheduled to report the following Monday morning for my first treatment of Neversoft. Rex had an appointment for the same day for his 5th and final treatment. It was explained that I would get my injections every Monday for 5 weeks. Hearing the word 'Injection' caused me to worry a bit thinking that since they were trying to make sure my dick didn't get soft that it would be injected there. I guess the recruiter had heard that before and smile. He turned to Rex and said, "Where did you get your injections, Rex? What part of your body?"

Rex lifted his arm and in the fleshy part of his arm on the bottom of the muscle was a small circular tattoo with the letters 'NS' inside it. The recruiter explained that they injected into the muscle of the arm in the center of that circle. The tattoo was there primarily for medical personnel so they wouldn't think it was a problem if one of the Corps members were ever sick or injured and they had a persistent erection. The doctor or medic would look for the tattoo and know.

This mollified my fears. We thanked the Recruiter and I was given my identification card showing I was to be conscripted into the Corps upon my 11th birthday.

Rex and I returned to the home, signed ourselves back in and went to find Jack. I told him that I'd signed up for the Corps and he told me he was happy. He had actually changed Rex's room assignment because he knew I would have been perfect for the corps. Rex had been assigned a single room and Jack actually got in trouble for changing it. But now that I was officially committed to the Corps, Jack would no longer be in trouble. That made me happy. To think that Jack would risk his career because he still cared about me made me feel really good. I vowed then to make sure to so everything I could to make him look better, even if it meant remembering to make my bed.

Rex and I had a sex filled weekend. Any time we weren't eating or bathing we were in our room having sex of some kind. Finally Monday came and we went to get our Neversoft treatments. They injected Rex and then had a guy come in who gave me my injection then after about 30 minutes another guy came in and put my tattoo on. The new laser tattoo system is so much better and way less painful than the old needle and ink method.

It was kind of odd though. About an hour after I got my injection and in the middle of my tattooing I started to go harder than I have ever been. Rex noticed it and so did the tattoo guy. Rex said, "Get used to that thing being hard, Tony. It's that way from now on. Oh, also, before we leave you have to fuck something. It's part of the treatment. That's why I was allowed to stay." Rex looked at me and winked.

The tattoo guy finished up smiled at Rex and me and as he left said, "Have fun, guys. I'll put the 'busy' sign on the door."

This caused both Rex and I to laugh, but before long we were definitely 'busy'. It was weird, the sensations in my dick were so much more intense. I pushed into Rex slowly and made love to him. Yes, I honestly made true love to my boy with my own everhard penis. We went at it for about 2 hours until one of the doctors came in and asked us to finish up so they could use the room for another boy to get his treatment. Embarrassed we got up, dressed and left to return to the home.

Coming Soon -- Chapter 2



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