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The Catamyte Corps

by Hermes

Chapter 2

As we were waiting for the maglev to take us back from the clinic to the home a man approached us. Our guard wasn't up all that high since we were inside the Corporate conclave so what happened was really odd. The man grabbed Rex by the shoulder with one hand and me with the other. I was about to call out for the security forces when he almost pleaded with us to be quiet and at least listen to him. I looked over at Rex and he nodded at me before saying to the man, "We'll listen, but get your fucking hands off us."

The man released us looked around to see if anyone was nearby who might hear what he had to say and, seeing nobody looked from Rex to me and said, "I am here to rescue you two, the Conglomerate is nothing but a bunch of immoral savages pimping you poor children into a life of sin and corruption! Poor, poor children who have no idea what you're getting yourselves into. Come with me, I'll take you to a place where you can be a kid. Have fun and you won't have to abuse your bodies with strangers who have no feelings other than a desire to pleasure themselves. There would be other children for you to play with. How does that sound?"

I looked at Rex and he looked back at me. Unspoken communication passed between us. I looked at the man and said, "Wow! That sounds COOL!" I reached for his hand which he took. While his attention was on me, Rex knelt behind him and as soon as Rex was in position I pushed the man in the chest. He stumbled backward tripping over Rex and falling onto his back on the tiled floor. Rex laid himself across the man's legs as I straddled his chest. As soon as we had him subdued we both started yelling our heads off for Security.

Moments later we were surrounded by security personnel. As they were taking the man into custody the Recruiter we saw the previous week stepped into the group. He showed his identification to the officers and said, "Gentlemen, please, release my colleague." Then, to us, "Rex, Anthony, you both performed excellently. We had to make sure of your loyalties so we set up this little meeting. There are different groups of rebels out there. Some have taken up the old ways and are trying to spread their own ideas of morality. Others are trying to subvert the financial side of things. Still others are doing it the old fashioned way by committing acts of terrorism. Now looking at Rex he continued, "like the group that bombed the home you were in Rex."

"The two of you passed this test with flying colors. Congratulations." He shook both of our hands then the man who had stopped us came up.

"You guys did that perfectly. I had absolutely no idea you guys were planning on that. It was really effective. I'm sorry I had to do this to you, but I think you realize how necessary it was."

We both shook his hand with Rex talking for both of us. "Both of us truly believe in what the Conglomerate is doing. I know from what I've learned that things are a whole lot better for everyone since they took over. I don't think either of us could do anything to hurt that. But, next time someone calls you a 'push-over' remember us." We all laughed at that.

We said goodbye to everyone just as our train arrived. We boarded it and made our way back to the home. As soon as we got onto our floor we found out that word had gotten out about us being in the Corps. At least 10 other boys were instantly surrounding us. Questions were being fired at both Rex and me nonstop, it was hard to hear what was being asked, let alone give any answers. Finally, Jack came to the rescue.

"Okay, okay, everybody shut up. You can all ask Rex or Anthony whatever you want, but do it somewhere else!" Jack said. He couldn't have this kind of ruckus taking place in the dayroom. It could make him look like he didn't have control of the boys he's responsible for. I told everyone, after turning to Rex and seeing him nod at me to meet us in our room in 10 minutes; that we could all sit and talk there and we'd answer any questions they wanted.

We went into our room and Rex closed the door before the others arrived so we could talk. Before Rex had a chance to say anything I said, "It's weird, Rex. All I need to do is look at you and I know what you would think about what's going on. I mean, back at the train station I was actually thinking something totally different but then the thought to have us trip him the way we did just popped in. Does this have anything to do with the NeverSoft?"

"I don't think so Andy." Rex replied, then he continued, "I truly feel as if you and I were meant to be together. It's like we're halves of a whole."

This made sense to me, so I didn't think anything more about it. About that time we heard knocking on our door. Rex opened the door and there must have been 20 boys there. They all piled into the room and there really wasn't room for everyone. Finally I got fed up.

"Look guys, we're not circus freaks. I don't mind answering any questions, but, shit... Let's do this in small groups. For now, the ten guys who were there when we first got back can stay. The others can talk to us tomorrow, okay?"

With that half of them left. Rex and I sat on my bed. Rex told a few of them they could sit on his bed and the rest sat of the floor. I knew all of these guys. They were friends, so I didn't have a problem at all with talking with these guys about all this stuff. Before we could say anything, one of the boys, Randy, a boy who just turned 10 asked, "Is it true that you guys are boned up all the time? That it never gets soft?"

Both Rex and I knew this would be asked, we also knew what would come next... they would want to see. To avoid that we just decided, wordlessly, to 'cut to the chase'. Rex and I both stood and right there, dropped our shorts and undies. We stood there with both of our hard dicks sticking out and up. There was a collective "OH!" from the boys in the room. Nobody said anything for about a minute until Rex and I sat back down. We didn't bother to pull up our pants.

As soon as we sat down, a boy who I had seen before and kew somewhat, but we really weren't what you could call friends spoke up. He was a 9 year old named Jake. "My boyfriend, Charlie, and I wanna know if we can touch 'em."

Again, I looked at Rex and knew his answer. I turned back to Jake and said, "Sure." The two 9 year olds got up and came over. Jake sat next to me, while Charlie sat next to Rex. Jake took his small hand and wrapped it around my bone. It really felt good. At the same time, Charlie did the same to Rex. As if they had choreographed it, they both started stroking us.

"Whoa, this is cool." Jake said.

After a minute of this, I had enough. "Okay, you touched it. You can stop now."

Jake looked into my eyes and said, "But how do we know it stays that way after you cum? You gotta cum and then we wanna see if it goes down after or stays hard! Am I doing it wrong? Would you rather I suck you off?"

Our society didn't have problems with boys expressing their sexuality after they'd come to the home. But now wasn't the time for this. "Look Guys, we'll answer your questions, but I don't feel right doing sex stuff in front of all of you guys. If you want to do that, I don't have a problem with it and neither does Rex, but it's going to be one-on-one. So, over the next few days you can all come in, two at a time and Rex and I will show you personally. Otherwise, if you just want to watch, keep your eyes on us in the shower, you never know what might happen. What else do you guys want to know?"

One of the boys who everyone knew and liked, Luke, who would turn 11 in about a month asked, "Can anyone join?" This question was echoed by a couple "Yeah" comments from the older boys.

Rex answered this one. "It depends on when your birthday is. They only allow so many guys to be in the Corps. So you have to go see the Recruiter, tell him when your birthday is and he will tell you if they have an opening at that time."

Another one of the older boys, Travis, who was 10 asked, "How do they make it stay hard?"

That was a good question. Both Rex and I lifted our arms and showed everyone our tattoos. "They injected us with NeverSoft. It changes something in our bodies that keeps our penises full of blood all the time. After we've had 5 treatments, like Rex has, and I will in about a month, it's permanent."

Travis then followed up, mainly to Rex, "Does it feel different when you have sex? And besides keeping you hard, does it do anything else to you?"

Rex answered, "I'm gonna answer those in reverse. First off, you see how much hair I have now? 5 weeks ago I had the same amount that Tony has, and my dick was a little smaller than his is now. About 4 inches. The NeverSoft causes it to grow faster and fatter. So each week I added about half an inch. It stopped when I got to 6-and-a-half inches. Also my pubic hair has been growing like grass on the ground. Really fast. They told me it would slow down after I got my 5th shot, so I guess we'll see since I got it today. And to answer the first question you asked: it really feels a lot more intense for me. I never fucked anyone before I had the NeverSoft so I can't compare, but when I get a blowjob now it's way more intense than when I got one before."

I then added, "Some of you know I have fucked a few guys before I got the NeverSoft, and then after I got my shot, Rex and I did it. It's WAY more intense for me now."

That answered everyone's questions. 6 of the guys told us they'd be taking us up on our one-on-one sessions and they all started to leave. All except for the two 9 year olds, Jake and Charlie.

This time it was Charlie who spoke up. "Can we stay and have our one-on-one now?"

Rex looked over at me and almost immediately the 'NO' in my mind changed to a 'Yes'. Rex spoke saying, "I just convinced Tony, so yeah. Who wants to be with who?"

Charlie stepped over to Rex and kissed the head of Rex's dick. Jake did the same to me.

Rex took Charlie over to his bed as I led Jake to mine. Now it was Rex and my turn to appear choreographed. Almost at the same moment we both reached for the boy's t-shirts and pulled them off. Then we took off our own. Then the boy's shoes, socks, and finally their pants and underwear. We were now standing naked. I looked over and saw that Charlie was a healthy looking boy. A deep tan of his skin, curly black hair, hazel eyes, nipples on his chest about the size of dimes. His belly was flat, but still had a little bit of 'baby fat', his hairless groin showed balls that were respectable sized for a boy of 9, and his penis, 3.5" of uncircumcised boy. His foreskin still fully covering the head even though he was hard as a nail.

I looked back to Jake. Jake was a red-head (did I tell you I have a thing for redheads?). His skin was pale, like mine, he had freckles all over his face. His pug nose was really cute, it fit him well. His nipples were almost unnoticeable. They were so small, and the aureola was so close in color to his skin, you really had to look hard to find them. He had a bit more 'baby fat' than Charlie did. His penis was cut and about 3 inches long fully hard. His balls were held in a very tight wrinkled leathery bag. Of course, he had no hair anywhere except on his head.

I moved to the bed and Jake plopped himself right on top of me, laying on my chest. His little spike coming to about where my innie belly button was. He leaned down and gave me a kiss. I felt his tongue probing me. This boy had done this before, he was a great kisser. When we broke the kiss I asked him what he wanted. His answer was instantaneous. "I want you to fuck me. I want you to squirt inside me. Then I want to suck you off. Are you sure it don't go down?"

I laughed. This boy HAD to join the Corps when he was old enough. He was truly a sex maniac. "It doesn't go down, Jake." I looked at the clock, we had almost 4 hours until dinner. I heard Rex asking Charlie the same thing and he got exactly the same answer.

I rolled to my side, moving Jake to the bed as I reached in my nightstand and grabbed my UltraLube, at the same time I grabbed a spare tube which I tossed over to Rex. I lifted his legs up as I got on my knees between his legs. With my other hand I took the applicator of the UltraLube (it looked like the head of a penis only it was really small) and pushed it into Jake, giving it a little squeeze and turning it in him. Once he was loosened a little and lubed up I pulled it out and squirted some on my hand and lubed up my dick. I moved it down and put it against his tight wrinkled bulls-eye and pushed ever so slightly. With almost no resistance I entered him. He took in a sharp breath and I stopped. I asked him if he was okay and he replied that I should wait a second so he could get used to me. I was bigger than anyone who had fucked him so far. After less than a minute, he told me to go ahead. I pushed into him until my sparse pubic hair touched his ass then I stopped.

"Oh my GOD! It feels so good in there. I can almost feel it in my belly! Jake yelled out. I laughed. "I'm not THAT big, dude. Anyway, how do you like it?"

"I love it!" he replied. Again I guess I laughed. "That's not what I meant. Slow, fast, hard, not so hard, tender... how do you want me to fuck you?"

He blushed a little and said, "Hard as you can. I like it that way best."

This boy was a definite sex maniac. I pulled almost all the way out and slammed back into him. I heard the sounds of my balls slap against his ass, then I pulled out again. I went to town fucking him as hard as I could. I was sweating like crazy. In the meantime he was jacking his own little nail as fast as he could. He was moaning (yeah, so was I to be honest, it really felt good in his hot, tight backside) and saying things like, "Oh Yeah... that's it... fuck me harder! Harder! HARDER!" then "OH. MY. GOD! That is so good. I am gonna cum! I am! I feel it already!"

With that he screamed, sounding almost like a little girl it was so high in pitch, "OH YES! I'm CUMMING!" He then had one of the most violent and intense dry orgasms I have ever seen. As he was thrashing, his sphincter was clamping down on my dick so hard it almost hurt, but it triggered my release. I started cumming hard. The sensations I had been having while fucking him were intense, but the feeling I got when I was cumming was literally mind-blowing!

"GOD! I can feel him cumming inside me! Charlie!! He's shooting his hot stuff inside me!" Finally my orgasm ended. I slowed my assault down on his ass and he pulled me down and planted a huge kiss on me, shoving his tongue almost literally down my throat. When we broke the kiss he said, "Thanks! That was the best fuck I ever had. Now, pull that thing out so I can suck it!"

Meanwhile Rex had finished his nearly duplicate performance on Charlie. Once he was done, he kept Charlie's legs up and plopped down with his head at Charlie's backdoor. He then proceeded to lick and suck on Charlie's ass, effectively sucking his own cum out of the boy. Okay, to some people that sounds like totally gross, and to be honest, a week ago I would have been one of them, but for some reason I felt as if I wanted to do the same. I pulled my dick out of Jake and copied Rex. Jake obviously had never even thought of it because he yelled, "Ohmygod! What are you doing? That's... That's... That's WONDERFUL! DON'T STOP!"

I gave him about 5 minutes of this as he moaned and kept commenting about how great it felt. For my part, it wasn't gross at all and I really loved doing it. I then lowered Jake's legs and noticed that his dick, which had gone soft after he came had reinflated while I was felching him.

I moved up toward Jake's face and he looked into my eyes. "Man, that was great. I gotta try that. Well, as soon as I start squirting. Then when I fuck Charlie in the backside I can suck it back out, kinda like recycling!" he laughed heartily. "But, now, since it's still hard, I guess I can do this!"

Jake, faster than you might think flipped himself so his head was right next to my dick. In one movement he'd taken all of me in his mouth and into the beginnings of his throat. He was a very accomplished cocksucker. But, I wasn't to be denied. The position he moved into was such that, with a little bending of my back I was inline with his own 3" which was now about 2/3 of the way hard again. I took the head into my mouth and ran my tongue around the corona causing him to moan around my cock. The vibration of his vocal chords vibrated my penis quite exquisitely. He was quickly bringing me closer so I redoubled my efforts on the boy. I opened my mouth a bit wider and dove down taking all of him and his little sperm producers into my mouth simultaneously. With my tongue I laved both of his small, marble sized eggs, then wrapped it around the shaft of his penis. I released his sack from my mouth and went to town on his spike. For his part, he was doing a spectacular job. As he was bobbing up and down on my entire length he was expertly tugging, squeezing, caressing, and juggling my balls. I wish I'd met him sooner!

A few minutes later I was there. I released him from my mouth and told him I was about to shoot. He pulled his head back wrapping his lips tightly around my cockhead as his hand started on my shaft. His other hand redoubled their efforts trying to coax more out of my cum reservoir. It took about 10 seconds. I felt myself stiffening. I got the usual butterflies in my stomach. My balls felt as if they were on fire. I shot. And shot. And shot. Six healthy injections of my cum entered his mouth only to wind up in his gullet. Once I had stopped cumming, he removed his mouth and licked up the remaining dribbles as they came out. He took his hand and squeezed my everhard cock at the base and like a tube of toothpaste squeezed the last of my load from me and licked that up as well.

He sat up, almost glowing. We looked over at the other bed to see Charlie and Rex watching us. Rex smiled. Charlie finally was able to close his mouth which had been hanging open from the awe of watching his boyfriend going to town on me. His hand was still wrapped around his own dick, a little pearl of cum drooling down his fingers.

We all sat up. I turned to Jake and asked, "Was it all you expected it to be?"

He was unable to speak. He had that 'freshly fucked' look on his face and a grin a mile wide. He merely nodded his head. We stood and got our undies on. We needed a shower, but that was not to be. We heard the warning for dinner. I was amazed that we'd been at it nearly 4 hours. Hurriedly we finished dressing and walked together to the dining room. Jake couldn't stop looking at me as if I were some sort of sex god.

We sat together for dinner. The other guys at the table knew what had happened. Nobody had to tell them. Jake's look did that quite well without a word having been spoken. Travis finally looked over at me and said, "Can I have my one-on-one after dinner?"

I looked at Rex who laughed. "Get used to it, once we're in the corps it'll be like this 6 days a week."

"And on the 7th day we rest?" I asked.

He smiled, "No, on the 7th day we make mad and passionate love. We fuck and suck for work. But when it's just us, it's love."


Three days. Yes, for the three days following my first injection and the meeting with the boys Rex and I 'entertained' no less than 60 boys. Hell, there were only 30 on our floor so I guess the word got out. We always made sure we had time each day for each other though. Usually after lights out. One night I would insert myself into Rex and that's how we'd sleep, and the next night the tables were reversed.

Rex wanted to get an idea on how the NeverSoft transformation of my dick was progressing so each morning we'd measure it. 1/16th of an inch a day. At that rate, if it remained constant, I'd grow from the 4.5 inches I was before my first injection to about 6.5 inches on the day of my 5th. On the 4th day, Friday morning I awoke, pulled myself out of my roomie's butt and rolled onto my back. I reached down to scratch my sparse pubes and realized they weren't so sparse. New hairs had sprouted in areas where there was nothing but peach fuzz a few days before. I scratched my balls and they felt bigger as well. Not to mention the fact that any time I touched myself it was amazingly pleasurable. Matter of fact any time anyone touched me it was amazingly pleasurable.

Rex woke up and I told him of my discoveries. He confirmed that I had significantly more hair than even two days prior. And he said that my dick was not only longer, but fatter than it had been.

You know, before NeverSoft when I had a boner that was this hard it hurt. But there was none of that now. My penis, balls, butt, tits, any of my 'spots' gave me nothing but pleasure. I was also amazed at how it wasn't difficult at all to piss through my hardon. Before, peeing with a boner was difficult at best, but now it was like it was not an issue. I'm liking this more and more every day.

There was a knock at the door. I turned to Rex. "Day Four?"

He shrugged his shoulders and got out of bed, walking naked to the door and opened it fully expecting to find two boys from... somewhere... wanting to play. I'd be happy in a couple weeks when school started back up. Instead of two boys wanting sex, Rex found Jack standing there with our Recruiter.

He invited them in. The recruiter turned and closed the door. "Jack here tells me you guys have been a bit busy the last few days. Don't worry, you're not in trouble. I have had visits from at least 20 boys from this facility, so many that I had to turn many of them away since we'd filled most of our quotas. I see by the looks of things that everything is working out."

Rex looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. The recruiter was holding a box in his hands. "Several members of the Corps have complained that they are rubbing a bit when they walk. We have designed some special underwear for you guys." He opened the box. He pulled out two thongs. They were black and looked like leather. The pouch was lined with what appeared to be sheepskin. He handed us each one. The waistband was elastic and looked like it was pretty much one size fits all. The odd part was the pouch. It was hard. But it also felt flexible like cloth. We both looked at the Recruiter.

"Micro-Fiber Kevlar" he stated. "Try them on."

I slipped it up my legs and it fit perfectly. My cock slid up the pouch and was held in a soft bed of sheepskin. I tried walking and it was very comfortable. I looked at Rex and heard his voice in my head, "Cool."

We thanked the Recruiter. Just as they were about to leave I asked Jack to stay for a few minutes. The Recruiter (funny, I never did learn his name) said he'd see us again soon, turned, opened the door and left, closing the door behind him.

"I hope we haven't gotten you in any trouble Jack." I said sincerely.

"Oh, on the contrary. The fact that you guys have been doing the recruiter's job has looked to my bosses like I was promoting the Conglomerate so it actually got me a promotion."

I congratulated Jack and so did Rex. I started thinking back. "Jack. I really wish we could have sex again. I miss it. Before you left we used to do it all the time."

"You know the rules, Tony. I'm over 11 so I'm an adult. You're not. I miss what we used to do too. I will let you in on a little secret. My promotion. The reason the recruiter came here today, in addition to delivering your new underwear was to ask me if I wanted a job as a trainer at the Corps training center. So, I am scheduled to leave about 2 weeks before your birthday in about 9 months. I leave the home to start my new career. I will only be there for seven years then I will move on to become one of the Conglomerate's Administrative Assistants. So, Thank You guys for making me look so good. I have arranged the day so you two will have total privacy. I've even arranged for your meals to be delivered. If you want to take a shower, you can use the private one reserved for staff. This day belongs to the two of you."

I hugged Jack for all I was worth. That was the best thing he could have done for me and for Rex. At that moment, while I was hugging my former lover/roomie supervisor I realized; "You are going to be a trainer for the Corps?"

"I never could hide anything from you, Tony." Jack said. He lifted his arm and showed us his fresh tattoo. He then knocked on his package. He was wearing the same undies we were.

"That means that after we go to the training facility, you and I can... you and Rex can..."

"I will definitely enjoy having you two as students." Jack winked then walked out the door.

Rex turned to me and I jumped him. I hugged him so tightly. Our kevlar encased packages smacked together and it sounded like maracas clapping together. This elicited chuckles (which still sounded like giggles) from both of us. Another knock on the door was answered, this time by me. Outside was one of the kitchen boys pushing a cart covered by a white tablecloth. On it were two silver dome covered plates and a pitcher of my favorite juice blend. (Author's Note: For those of you who have never been to Hawaii, they have a blend of juice which combines Passion Fruit, Orange juice, and Guava Nectar called 'POG'. Try it, I am sure you'll love it.) He pushed the cart into our room, wished us a good breakfast and told us to just push the cart outside our door when we were done. He then turned and left closing the door behind him.

I lifted the dome on my plate and found a small steak, eggs Benedict, hash brown potatoes, and fresh strawberries. I can't remember the last time I saw a real steak. If someone wanted this they'd usually have to go to one of the Corporate Enclaves as the guest of an executive. Rex had the same meal. He looked at me and said, "I could get used to this."

We thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast. Especially when we decided to sit next to each other, pulling the cart right up to the edge of the bed and we fed each other. I guess I should mention that almost as soon as the Kitchen boy left our new undies were on the floor, not to be picked up until the next morning.

Believe it or not Rex and I did not have any kind of sex that day. We spent the day just being together.

And if you believe that you are in serious need of counseling.

Once breakfast was over I called Jack and asked him to open up the private shower for us. We tossed towels over our shoulders and walked naked out of our room and down the hall to the shower. Jack was waiting there shaking his head from side to side as we approached. "I am glad I decided to have the surveillance system overhaul done today." He opened the door for us and once we were inside he went about his business.

Let me tell you one thing right here and now. The absolute best place for romantic sex in the entire world is in a shower with a ten year old boy. If you haven't tried it, well, nevermind. Rex and I stood there, the water cascading over our bodies as we shared a prolonged kiss. Deep and satisfying. After a few minutes had passed and the kiss hadn't I lost patience. I hopped up, wrapping my legs around Rex's waist which put my love canal in perfect alignment. I slid down and was able to get him where his little head was on target. Again, without any words being passed, especially since we were still lip locked, I lowered and he thrust his hips up and in; and in no time at all he was fully imbedded, right were he belonged. We continued to kiss as I slowly, using my legs as leverage, undulated up and down his PermaRod. We continued this until it was just to uncomfortable on my thigh muscles to keep this going. Rex slowly lowered us both to the tile floor and made love to me.

Twenty-Five minutes. We kissed for twenty-five consecutive minutes while he tenderly assaulted my prostate with his Tony-Prod. Without having touched myself I came twice while he used his love muscle to massage my inner sanctum. Finally he rewarded me with his batter coating my insides. We broke the kiss. He grabbed hold of me on my back, behind my shoulders and pulled me up at the same time as he laid back onto the tile behind him. Somehow he had gotten my legs from around his waist, or possibly I did it on my own without realizing it since I was so 'wrapped up' in what was happening. That and his legs were on my shoulders. In an uncharacteristic way, at least for the past few days, he actually vocalized his desires. "Remember when you fucked Jake? I want you to do me just as hard as you did him. Tender and loving is great. But every once in a while I want SEX. And who better to get it from than the boy I am totally in love with. Fuck me silly, Tony."

And that is exactly what I did. The water from the shower made it so much easier. I would work up a sweat and it washed it away. That's another reason that sex in a shower is a great thing. It didn't take as long for both of us to cum. About 10 minutes. After we'd finished we washed each other from the bottoms of our feet to the top of our heads, missing nothing. We'd been in the shower over an hour so we decided it was time to go back to our room. We dried each other, tossed our towels into the bin beside the door and strode out, heading back for our room. Wolf whistles, cat calls, and applause could be heard by the boys who saw us. We really didn't care.

When we got back to our room, our beds were both made. A note was found on my pillow:

We saw that your beds weren't made so we decided it was one way to say Thanks for everything you did for us a few days ago. We both hope we can do it again.

Jake and Charlie

After showing Rex the note he smiled. "We should invite them for another play session. This time we'll switch. Charlie gives an amazing blowjob and his cum is sweet like honey."

"Sure, Rex. But not today. Today is ours and ours ALONE."

He led me to his bed. Funny, every time we'd ever done anything it was always on my bed. Makes you wonder.

He got me comfortable, laying on my side and said, "I want us to do a 69, but I want it to last. When you're about to cum tug on my balls a little, I'll back off and let you cool down. I will do the same. Also..." he reached into his nightstand and brought out two butt plugs, "I want us to put these in. They're the perfect length to put constant pressure on our prostates."

I nodded. He took out the UltraLube and lubed up both plugs. He deftly and tenderly inserted one into my love canal. The little ball holding it in place was actually quite stimulating. He handed the other to me and turned around and grabbed his ankles. I know he likes things rough so I plunged it in hard and fast. Twisting it as I did. I heard him gasp and then it sounded like he purred like a cat. He turned back toward me, climbed onto the bed facing the opposite direction and took me into his mouth. I didn't have to have an engraved invitation and did the same to him. We slowly made oral love to each others' ultra-sensitive ultra-excited ultra-hard cocks. We kept at it. When I was about to cum I would tug on his balls and he'd do something to bring me back from the precipice. One time he gently scraped his teeth across my dickhead. That caused me to cool off pretty quickly. One time he actually bit me. It didn't hurt... much. He warned me as well. One time I returned the favor and bit down on his shaft. One time I squeezed his testicles to cause a sharp pleasure-pain.

Have any of you ever had the distinct pleasure to give a blow-job to someone who's uncut? That foreskin is wonderful. Even in his perpetually hard condition, his foreskin still covers about a third of his head, unless I consciously skin it back. I love taking my tongue and running it under his foreskin and around his head. This drives him crazy.

I was surprised when we heard the warning for lunch. Had we been doing this for that long? I was surprised my jaw wasn't aching. We took that as a signal to finish each other off. In about a minute after the warning we both got a very high in protein shake as an appetizer before lunch. We had just finished that when there was a knock on the door.

Lunch had arrived. It consisted of two of the largest salads I had ever seen. Rex looked at me and said, "I think Jack is trying to tell us we need to toss each others' salad after lunch." We both laughed and enjoyed the crisp lettuce, slices of meat and cheese and the creamy dressings. For drinks we got something that neither of us had ever had. It was in a can that was white and blue. Neither of us had ever heard of something called 'Pepsi'. When we opened the cans gas escaped. We both thought that was weird. We poured some into a glass and it had bubbles. I took a small sip. It was cold, and sweet. The bubbles tickled my tongue as the liquid passed over it. I had to know. I picked up my phone and called Jack.

He explained that it was a drink that could only be gotten in an Enclave. Back before the wars it was common for anyone to get it but it was now reserved for the privileged few. I thanked him and hung up then explained it all to Rex. I looked at him and said, "I think I could get used to this!"

Lunch out of the way, we decided to just relax a bit. That lasted about ten minutes.

I had an itch. One that could only be scratched by rubbing it on Rex's prostate. Right on the tip of my dick. I reached around him, grabbing hold of the butt plug and yanked it out of him. That caused a moan that would have woken the dead. I hopped onto my knees as he pulled his legs back and held them against his developing chest. In moments I was scratching my itch in the most exquisite of ways. There was no need to prolong it. I got myself worked up and unloaded my... I'd lost count... load of the day inside my boyfriend. After I was done I decided to do some salad tossing of my own and get a protein shake, slightly thinned, at the same time. I dropped down so my tongue could get to his slightly stretched cavern of love and lapped up what I could from my own donation. Rex wasn't complaining one bit. Once I was done, Rex deftly returned the favor. We must have fallen asleep after all our exercise so far that day because we were awakened by a knock/pound on the door. The kitchen boy was back with our Dinner.

We thanked him as he was closing the door. I lifted the domed lid and my jaw dropped. Lobster. Real Lobster. Two of them. There was a small dish of melted butter with a candle under it to keep it warm. Rex lifted the other domed lid and there was the most amazing piece of prime rib. Rex looked at me, I looked back and we gorged ourselves on a feast that we'd probably not see again for a decade or more.

We were absolutely stuffed after that meal. The problem with being absolutely stuffed is for some reason it makes you REALLY tired. We pushed the cart out into the hallway, closed the door and cuddled in my bed. Rex inserted himself into it's rightful place - A warm moist cavern to keep his sausage warm. His arm came over my hip and my own pride and joy was ensconced in his palm.

Rex pulled the blanket over us and we fell into a deep coma... sleep... only to be awakened by the sunlight shining into our window the following morning.

I kissed Rex, he kissed back. Simultaneously we spoke. Then laughed because we'd both spoken the exact same words, with the exact same inflection, at the exact same instant. "Good Morning, my love."

It was the first time either of us had referred to the other using that particular 'term-of-endearment', but it wasn't to be the last.

Coming Soon -- Chapter 3 -- Time flies and then it's time to go.

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