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The Catamyte Corps

by Hermes

Chapter 3

It's hard to believe... okay, difficult to believe that it's now been 2 weeks since I got my first shot of NeverSoft. I have to stop using the term 'hard', it's been getting a little pedantic (haha). Today I am supposed to go back to the clinic for my 3rdshot. Rex and I have been together, non-stop, since he came to become my roommate and lover. I am truly deeply in love with him, and he is with me, but, honestly, I need some time to myself. He was very understanding when I told him and he told me to go ahead and go get my shot on my own. He'd be waiting for me when I got back.

I left the home after signing myself out and was fortunate to catch the Maglev while it was waiting at the station. I boarded the train for the 45 minute ride to the Corporate Enclave. I disembarked and showed my identification to the security man who was stationed at the gate. He looked at me and licked his lips. He said under his breath, 'Kind of makes me want to reenlist into the Army if I could get a piece of that!' Inwardly I chuckled at his comment. I am sure that many thought the same thing.

As I sat in the waiting room at the clinic to be called, I was checking my PDA for things I needed while I was in the Enclave. I wanted to get some more of that 'Pepsi' stuff if I could find it. I had a fairly large credit balance since I almost never spent any of my weekly allotment except for lube, of course. All of my true needs were provided for me by the home so I really had nothing to spend my credits on. That reminded me, we were almost out of UltraLube. Hey, it's been a pretty busy couple of weeks.

Speaking of that, if someone would have told me two months ago that I would have had sex with no less than 100 different boys within the next 60 days I would have told them they were delusional. Just goes to show you that sometimes the impossible is way more possible than you might think.

After finishing reviewing my 'shopping list' I started looking around at some of the brochures in the clinic's waiting room. One in particular caught my eye. It read, "Tired of having to take the time out to properly prepare? Cost of a good quality lube eating into your finances? Ask your doctor if PermaLube is right for you!" I went on to read that it caused the natural juices to flow when you were sexually stimulated, this eliminating the need for expensive and artificial lubricants.

To be honest, I'm good at fucking, but if I had my preferences, I'd much rather take it than give it. I decided to ask the doctor about it. Just as I made my decision I heard my name being called. I was shown to an examination room. A nurse came by to ask if I was there just to get my shot or if I wanted to see a doctor. After telling her I'd like to see a doctor she told me to disrobe to my underwear, which, of course, was my micro-fiber Kevlar thong. A few minutes later a Doctor walked in and introduced himself as Dr. Greene.

He looked at my chart and said, "I'm glad you asked to see me or we would have had to call you to come back." This kind of got me concerned and I guess Dr. Greene noticed the expression on my face because he smiled then continued, "Oh, don't worry - Anthony, it's just that this is your third shot and we need to do an examination before giving it to you. Purely routine, I assure you." I smiled, feeling a ton better. He asked me to remove my thong which I did.

He measured my erect penis and announced that it had grown in 14 days slightly more than an inch to 5.6" and had nearly doubled in girth. He asked about my pubic hair development since there wasn't any notes in his chart to indicate where I was before I got my first shot. I told him that in the 14 days the quantity and thickness of my bush had nearly tripled. I actually told him I had planned on trimming it because I kind of preferred to have less hair.

He nodded and made some notes in the chart. He looked in one of the drawers and found a cream. He explained that once I got my hair to the shape I wanted it to rub this cream on my skin at the edges of where I wanted my bush. I looked at the tube and read the name of the product "HairBeGone PHSC". Doctor Greene then volunteered that "PHSC" stood for Pubic Hair Sculpting Cream". He told me that my progress was excellent and if I had nothing more he'd arrange for my shot and I could be on my way. I realized that Dr. Greene had been consulting his watch quite frequently during my examination.

I said, "Dr. Greene. While I was in the waiting room I saw a paper that told about PermaLube. Do you think that would be something I could get?" He looked at me then started referring to several of the tests I had been having done over the past few weeks. He said that unlike NeverSoft, Permalube wasn't a permanent treatment. He then also said that in actuality neither was NeverSoft. There is a compound that can be given that would counteract the effects of NeverSoft. He said, "There are those in the community who aren't 100% behind this whole sponsored prostitution of our youth and the scientists developed this new compound as a contingency."

I started to feel a little odd about the fact that this doctor was telling me that I could reverse what had already been done. Through his body language and by the tone in his voice it seemed that he was trying to convince me of something, or at least put doubts in my mind. I decided to hold off on any treatments he recommended, at least for a while. "Thanks Dr. Greene. I will give it some thought and I will let you guys know about the PermaLube next week. That gives me a chance to talk about it with my mate."

He smiled and checked his watch again. I thought I saw 'alarm' flash across his face for a second, then he said, "Okay, a technician will be in shortly to administer your NeverSoft injection. If you will excuse me."

There was something wrong. I could sense it. Dr. Greene felt like he needed to leave... and leave quickly. I said, "Oh, Dr. Greene, before you go, I have a few more questions." The look I received confirmed my suspicions. He was scared of staying much longer. He sighed before saying, "What else do you need to know, Anthony?"

I maneuvered myself between him and the door by appearing deep in thought as I said, "I've been having some... I don't know... reservations..." Dr. Greene looked at his watch again as he asked, "What... what kind of reservations?"

I didn't get the opportunity to answer. We were both interrupted by the sound of a large explosion. Dr. Greene said, "Quick, let's get out of here! The rebels are attacking!"

Rebels? How would he know unless he was part of it. Alarms were going off. I could hear the sounds of gunfire. Instinct took over. I tackled Dr. Greene, if that was his real name, and sat on him. Literally. I then started yelling for Security.

Seconds after I started yelling, the door opened not by a Security officer but instead it was opened by two actual soldiers from our military. They held us at gunpoint, not knowing that we weren't part of the Rebels. I told them that my name was Anthony S. Smythe and that I was signed up for the Corps. I told him that my identification was in the pocket of my trousers on the chair. Before Dr. Greene could talk I said, "I suspect that this man who says his name is Dr. Greene, had knowledge of this attack before it happened."

The soldier in charge, a sergeant, told his partner that my identification checked out. He directed me to his side and told me to go ahead and get dressed, and that he'd be looking for me when he visits the Corps. I smiled as he turned his attention to ''Dr. Greene". He took the good Doctor's identification badge from his lab coat and ran it through his computer. It flashed red. He ordered his men to take 'that man' into custody and hold him for interrogation. They took the supposed "Dr Greene" away.

I turned to the Sergeant and said, "I'm not officially in the Corps yet. I am committed to it and will report on my birthday in about 8 months."

"Well, it'll probably be that long or longer before I can see you at the Corps base. I ship out tomorrow for the front. I am supposed to be there a year before I get back, so, the timing will be right. We can have some fun as a celebration for me living through actual combat."

He had my name already. He told me his name was Palmer. After a pause he added, "Nick Palmer".

I smiled at him. Then he said, "Stay here until you get the all clear. I will close and lock this door. If ANYONE other than me unlocks it, run!"

I thanked him then he left and locked the door. I was scared. I sat in the chair and waited. I looked at my comm unit (what used to be called a CellPhone or Mobile) and found that all circuits were jammed. I sat there for a long while before falling asleep. I'm not sure how long I slept but the sound of a key in the door lock woke me up instantly. I quickly looked around the room and found a spot I could hide in that could not be seen from the door. I crouched down into that spot as the door started to open. More than one person entered the room slightly before I heard the voice of Sgt. Nick Palmer calling my name.

When I stood I saw Sgt. Nick along with my Recruiter. The Recruiter looked at me and said, "That was a good call, Anthony. Detaining that fake doctor. Well, he is a real doctor, but he doesn't work for our side. It looks like you just earned another day of pampering."

I looked at him and he smiled then said, "We believe that our Corpsmen deserve the best. When they step above and beyond, like you have both on our little loyalty test and today, we give them a treat."

I smiled then turned to the Recruiter and said, "Thanks. But I was just doing what I thought was right. As Rex told you, we are both committed to the philosophies presented by our Conglomerate. I will do anything in my power both now and in the future to further those philosophies."

The recruiter shook my hand. He then asked if I got my third shot and I told him I had not. He poked his head out of the door and called one of the nurses, asking her to come in and administer the injection. As we were waiting someone popped their head in and told them that the area was now secure, and that they had apprehended 9 terrorists. The recruiter asked for a damage report and was told that a small storage room had been bombed and there was some collateral damage to a small area surrounding it. 3 of our men were wounded and in addition to the 9 they apprehended there were 8 more who were killed in the firefight.

The nurse came in and gave me my injection. As I was about to leave, the Recruiter asked if he could give me a lift back to the home. I told him I was going to try to find someplace that sold "Pepsi" as I wanted to get a case to take back with me. The recruiter laughed and said he'd take me to where I could get it and wouldn't have to pay what 'normal' folk paid.

We walked across the street into the main part of the military base. As we approached a checkpoint he told me that my ID would get me onto the base any time I wanted. After we passed the checkpoint and my ID came up 'green' on the sentry's computer, we walked over to a large building. Above the door it read, "Post Exchange".

Inside was like I'd never seen before. It was a large warehouse and looking down row after row of shelves they seemed to have absolutely everything. The Recruiter took me down one aisle and there were cans and cans of different drinks. I found the Pepsi and was surprised at the cost. It was less than half what I was told it cost 'off base'. I grabbed two cases and we went to check out.

The total, as I said, was less than one case would have cost me anywhere else. When I went to give him my ID and Credit Voucher, the Recruiter told me that this is the first part of my pampering. He paid for my purchase. We left the PX and walked over to the motor pool. He checked out an armored vehicle and we set off back toward the home.

This would be the first time I ever saw the area between where the home was and the Enclave. Before leaving the Enclave, the Maglev goes into a tube and remains there until arriving in the compound of the home.

Immediately after we left the Enclave a computerized voice warning came through the speakers in the vehicle: "WARNING: LEAVING PROTECTED ENCLAVE. ENTERING HOSTILE TERRITORY"

The Recruiter started telling me that there were areas that were not as well off. Some of the population did not like having to live under the rules of the Conglomerate. They still worked. They still got their allotments. But they chose to live outside an Enclave. The problem there was there wasn't any security forces available to them. He told me that the subversives who had attacked the clinic today lived in this community.

I was amazed at the sights before my eyes. First off, I noticed that it was filthy. Garbage piled up in the gutters. Windows broken. It just had a feeling of being harsh. I turned to the Recruiter and said, "I guess that's why you wanted an armored vehicle."

"Yes. Let me tell you, Anthony, I would never have in a million years taken you out here until I was certain of where you stood. There are those that feel that we aren't doing enough for these people. But, every time we try to help them they reject it." As if to prove his point, we passed by an obviously new info kiosk that had been placed for use by the population. It had been literally destroyed. He told me that it took less than an hour after it was set up to get demolished.

We passed by a group of boys who appeared to be playing in the street. They appeared to range in age between 8 or so and about 12. The Recruiter stopped and asked, "What do you see, Anthony?"

I thought this was something important, but I didn't know what. I answered, "Five boys appearing to be between 8 and 12, playing kickball."

"What ELSE?" he asked.

I looked and finally I noticed him. "I also see there is another boy about the same age as the oldest of the five. He seems to be watching us." After a few moments I saw the boy talk into a box he was holding. "He seems to have a communications device. Is he watching us?"

"Good. Yes. They always keep track of where we go. That kid, and probably the others, are most likely part of a cell of subverts. I made note of this location. Let's get moving before they decide I'm not armed heavily enough and decide to try to take us out." He gunned the motor and we sped away. As we were leaving I noticed that all of the boys who had been playing watched us leave then headed back to where the other boy was hiding.

We arrived at the home about an hour later. The entire drive through the 'hostile area' really opened my eyes. On some level I felt like I should do something to try to help them. The Recruiter dropped me and my Pepsi off and headed back to his office in our Enclave. As I got to the dayroom (after signing in, of course) I was greeted by a group of boys. They wondered what I was carrying. I told them it was just something I needed for the Corps. Rex then walked up, saw the Pepsi, grinned, grabbed the two cases and we walked back to our room, entering, and closing the door.

The moment the door closed and Rex had set down the Pepsi I was in his arms. I buried my face into his shoulder and sobbed. This day had scared me far more than I had let on. I needed the strength of my Rex to make it all better.

Rex sensed my fears. He held me until my sobbing ebbed then led me to our bed. Jack had arranged to have the two single beds removed and a larger bed brought in so we would have 'OUR' bed instead of 'mine' and 'his'. We didn't remove our clothing. We reclined, wrapped our arms around each other and kissed. I needed to feel his lips and tongue. I needed his arms around me. After all, I may seem very mature and well put together, but I'm only a 10 year old boy even if I have a confirmed IQ of over 170.

Rex allowed me to gain some strength from his grasp. Finally I was able to tell him of everything that happened that day. To his credit, he said nothing during my retelling, allowing me to purge the memories, or at least share them, thus lessening their power over me. When I had finished my retelling Rex looked deeply into my eyes. I could feel his love for me. What he said came at me from some galaxy far, far, away.

"PermaLube? Sounds COOL!"

There it was. The ice had broken. All my fears vanished in the peals of laughter he elicited from me with that totally off the wall comment. That is when we got 'busy'. Suffice it to say that we didn't sleep much that night.

The next morning Rex and I had a long conversation. I told him that in our relationship I wanted us to move to a different level. I wanted him to become the dominant one, I would submit to him. Not in a mean or domineering way. But the usual would be that he would pitch, I would catch. We would switch on 'special' occasions, even if that special occasion was just the fact that his prostate itched.

We talked about PermaLube and it was decided that I would get it and he would not. I picked up my comm device and called our Recruiter. I explained that I would like for him to arrange for me the PermaLube treatment at the earliest possible time. He told me he would look into it and contact me within the hour.

I looked back at Rex and he knew what I was thinking, as he always does. "I think it's a great idea, Anthony." Then he grabbed the in-house communications unit, something that the 'archaic fanatics' call a 'telephone' and dialed the extension for Jake and Charlie. His conversation with them consisted of six words: Jake. Rex. Our Room. 5 minutes.

2 minutes and twelve seconds. That's how long it took before there was a knock on our door. They must have sprinted the entire way since their room was about as far from ours as you could get on our floor. When I saw them standing there I had to laugh. Jake was wearing nothing more than his briefs and Charlie had a towel wrapped around his waist. He'd just returned from the shower when Rex had called and Jake didn't even give him time to put on his underwear.

As we had discussed, Rex and I switched partners. He was with Jake and I had the privilege of entertaining Charlie. Charlie dropped his towel and slid into bed. When he lifted the covers he noticed that I was already 'au naturale'. The grin on his face was what some might call 'lecherous', but I call it, a typical horny 9, almost 10 year old.

We were in the middle of making out when my comm let me know I had a call. I grabbed it from the nightstand next to the bed and saw it was the Recruiter. I answered. I began listening to what he had to say and I guess Charlie got bored with waiting. He slid under the covers and as I was talking to the Recruiter, Charlie decided to practice his music lessons. He started playing my flute. My Skin Flute.

Do you know how difficult it is (see I didn't say how hard it is) to hold an intelligent conversation when a cute 9, almost 10 year old, is trying to swallow your 5.6 inch erection down into his throat? Well, if you haven't tried it, I pity you. Anyway, the Recruiter told me he'd arranged for me to receive my PermaLube treatment the following day. The problem was that the time of my appointment was so early that I would not be able to take a Maglev and arrive on time.

I asked if he could change it to a later appointment. He said he would try, but, since I was due one of his 'pampering' sessions, he said he had another idea. The Enclave has a hotel for people traveling from other Enclaves to stay while conducting business in ours. It was very posh (fancy), and very, very exclusive. Typically you had to be vested to even consider being allowed to stay there. The cost of a room for a night was more than my allotment for nearly a year. The Recruiter told me that he had secured a room for me and that I should head down to the Maglev and he would meet me at the station once I arrived. He then said that I was expected to bring Rex. What I failed to realize was that he knew me far too well somehow. His next words shocked even me. "Also, Anthony, in addition to Rex, why not bring the two boys you guys have in your bed right now?"

"How do you know we have company?" I asked.

He laughed and said, "Remember, I know you, and I know what I would be doing if I were you. Besides, you moan far too often when someone is sucking your dick for me not to know. So, who do you have so I can set up their entry credentials?"

I told him. He whistled and told me that Rex and I had good taste. Both Charlie and Jake had gone to see him. However they were still only 9 and would not be able to even commit to the Corps until 10 months prior to their 11th birthdays. He told me he'd have everything set up and that he would call Jack immediately to let him know to release us for a 2 night stay at the Corporate Enclave Hotel.

When I told them about it, Jake and Charlie could barely contain themselves. I told everyone we had to get a move on it so Jake grabbed Charlie, barely giving himself enough time to wrap his towel back around himself and dragged him to their room to put on some clothes and to pack an overnight bag.

Rex and I proceeded to dress and 6 minutes and 18 seconds later Jake and Charlie reentered our room through the open door. Charlie was carrying two overnight bags, one on each shoulder. About that time Jack arrived with our authorizations to leave the home for a couple days. Under the reason it said, "Conglomerate Business (Confidential)".

We left and when we arrived at the Maglev terminal there was a soldier there. I recognized him instantly as Sgt. Nick. Nick came over and told me that the Recruiter had arranged alternate transportation for us. I worried about all of us driving through the 'hostile' area. Nick asked us to follow him. Instead of heading down to ground level we went up. To say I was puzzled would have been an understatement.

We arrived at the roof level and there, in all it's glory, was a helicopter. Nick got us on-board then hopped in himself. He signaled the pilot who switched on the engine. Nick put earmuffs on each of us. Well, we found out a moment later they were headphones, not earmuffs. When Nick started talking I heard him like he was whispering in my ear. (A thought that was actually quite appealing to me, he was kind of hunky).

We were fascinated by the sights during the 23 minute flight. The pilot had obviously been instructed not to fly over the hostile area, instead he flew over the pristine beach along the coast. It was quite a site for 4 boys.

We landed on the roof of the Hotel, 93 floors above the ground. We each had to go through what Nick called a 'man trap' (a term I grew to be fond of; a couple years later, due to the way I acted they actually gave me the nickname of 'Man Trap'.) After passing through the 'man trap', using our ID cards, we gained entry to a small station where we boarded an elevator that took us to the main hotel lobby.

The trip on that elevator was an experience in itself. Inside, there were no buttons. The elevator was operated by the Hotel's security. We began our decent from the roof at nearly free fall speed and about 40 seconds later the elevator came to a gradual stop at the lobby level. The doors opened side to side and our mouths opened top to bottom. The lobby was so elegant, so fancy, it was something none of us had even dreamed about.

We stepped inside and were escorted to the registration desk. I gave the clerk my identification and she scanned it. The look on her face was priceless. She told us that the 'Senior Executive Suite' had been reserved for us. She called a bellman (I was later told that was what his title was) who took our bags and placed them on a cart, he then asked us to follow him to our room. Sgt. Nick told us that this was where he would leave us. We thanked him for the awesome flight and bade him farewell.

The Bellman took us to a private elevator. He slid a card through the slot then asked each of us, in turn, to touch a small pad under the card reader with our right thumb. He explained that the access to this elevator for anyone other than certain members of the staff used a biometric access system and now that we had all been identified we would be able to come and go at our leisure.

We entered the private elevator, which was on the outer corner of the hotel and was made of glass. Again, no buttons inside, it only went one place; our room. We began our ascent this time, back up 92 stories to our penthouse suite. When we arrived the elevator door opened directly into our suite.

The suite was absolutely breathtaking. It had a living room that was larger than our dayroom at the home. It consisted of 2 bedrooms, a full kitchen, a sunken jacuzzi tub, a bathroom that was larger than the room Rex and I lived in, heck, the shower alone with it's 17 shower heads up and down the wall, one above and one that shot upward from the floor was bigger than the room Rex and I shared. In addition there was a patio which was accessible through two sliding glass doors. Jake went out onto the patio then seconds later came in screaming, "There's a pool out there on the patio!"

The Bellman was having a blast watching Jake flit here and there; his excitement being worn on his sleeve as he took in the breathtaking beauty of our suite. He broke away from his amusement long enough to tell me that should we get hungry, just use the in-house comm unit to call down to the kitchen and order whatever we wanted, emphasizing that WHATEVER food we wanted would be sent up with a chef who would prepare it in our kitchen. He told us that the cost of the entire stay was 'taken care of'.

We thanked him. I went to give him some Credit Vouchers as a gratuity and he told me that he was not allowed to accept tips, that his job was to serve the guests and that he was paid adequately. After saying that, he left. Jake was seated on the oversized leather couch watching the video system. He was watching, surprisingly for a 9 year old, the news. A minute later he yelled out, "Anthony, come here, QUICK!"

I ran over to see my face on the screen with the caption, "Future Catamyte Corpsman declared HERO in capturing subversives during terrorist attack". The newscaster then told all about the attack on the clinic and how I had been instrumental in the capture of one of the 4 leaders of the largest resistance group in the world. "Dr. Greene" was, in all actuality, the Second in Command of the Rebel Forces on our continent. His name was Dr. Richard Marcamp.

The comm indicated an incoming call which I answered. It was the front desk informing us that our Recruiter was en route to our suite. I thanked her then disconnected just as the elevator door opened. The Recruiter along with another man entered the room telling us that we were invited to a gala that was being held in my honor. The man he brought with him was a tailor who would prepare clothing appropriate to the event for us in time that we could dress and head to the gala which would be in about 3 hours. "In the meantime, why don't you guys get back to what you were doing before I interrupted you." The Recruiter said with a wink and a smile. Then he and the tailor left saying they'd be back in about 2 hours.

Rex, Jake, Charlie, and I sat for a minute. It was agreed that for tonight we'd keep the partners we had this morning, but tomorrow night would be with our usual partner. That way we could share this opulence with the one we truly loved.

Rex took Jake by the hand into one of the bedrooms while I led Charlie to the second best place to have sex in the world. The jacuzzi. We stripped and hopped into the extremely warm water. I flipped on the switch which started the jets and moved toward Charlie. I enveloped him in my arms and we brought our lips together for a deep penetrative kiss. I don't know if it was the temperature of the water, or the depth of the feelings we were developing in our hearts (not to mention other parts of our anatomy) but Charlie almost literally melted into my arms.

I sat sort of sideways on one of the benches which brought the water level nearly up to my chin. Charlie straddled my midsection then brought his legs out which perfectly set him up to be impaled by my everhard prong. And impale himself he did, without hesitation. The combination of the warm water, the warm sheath surrounding my warm cock, and the warm feelings Charlie evoked in my heart (not to mention my balls) didn't take long with the 9, nearly 10 year old riding on my cock for me to experience one of the strongest ejaculations of my young life. In retrospect, writing this nearly 12 years after that event, it was probably one of the strongest ejaculations of my entire life after that point as well.

After allowing me a few minutes to bask in the afterglow of that amazing cum, I lifted Charlie up to a standing position on the bench, which put his penis at just about the right level for me to take into my mouth. He stood there with my hands clutching the twin melons of his gluteus maximus, pulling and pushing him in and out of my moist (and warm) oral cavity. At times I'd impede his undulation long enough to take my mouth off his pretty peener and attempt to swallow his ample testes. Doing this elicited a moan which told me he truly enjoyed my ministrations on his sperm makers.

I took him back into my mouth moving one of my hands back to his slightly abused anus and slipping two fingers inside him to massage his prostate as I went back to trying to mimic a sword swallower using his love tool as a sword. With a minimum of effort I was able to coax his prostate enough with some assistance from my tongue and throat muscles on that which makes him male to convince his body to release it's pent up juices.

Charlie went weak in the knees after sending 6 very nice vollies of what had to be the sweetest cum I'd tasted until that point in my life. When Jake called Charlie "Honey" after that, I knew it was his nickname because of the taste of his ejaculate.

Having thoroughly enjoyed our 30 minutes in the jacuzzi I helped Charlie on his weak legs as he and I half stumbled, half floated to the bedroom. I needed him to scratch my prostate itch in the worst way. The benefit of his age (or lack thereof) was that he recharged and reinvigorated his love muscle within the time it took to walk from the jacuzzi to the bedroom. When I got myself into a prone position, Charlie was standing there with all five inches standing proud. Charlie was truly a gifted boy for 9, almost 10 years old.

As a sidelight, you may notice that when I refer to Charlie I refer to him as 9, almost 10 years old. That is simple to explain. Whereas today Charlie is 9, tomorrow he will be 10 as it's his birthday. I also know that Jake's 10th birthday is in about 2 months. I need to remember to talk to the Recruiter about an idea I have.

So, that out of the way, back to the bedroom. On my way to the bed, I had grabbed the tube of UltraLube and, handing it to Charlie I then lifted my legs up, holding them back against my chest. I looked between my legs at him and said, "I need you inside me before I can count to ten."

"One." The tube of UltraLube was inserted into my anus.

"Two." He squeezed the tube, turning it to spread the lube around.

"Three." He pulled the tube out of me.

"Four." He inserted one of his fingers.

"Five." He added a second finger.

"Six." He added yet a third finger.

"Seven." He found my prostate and nearly scratched the itch.

"Eight." He removed his fingers.

"Nine." I felt the crown of his scepter at my entrance.

"Ten." Ahhhhh.....

Charlie fucked me. He didn't make love. He didn't take it slow. He fucked me hard. He fucked me silly. He scratched my itch better than anyone other than Rex had been able to do. And, surprisingly for a 9, almost 10 year old, he had staying power.

He fucked two geyser eruptions out of my old faithful before finally sucCUMming to his own need and filling my love tunnel with his boy honeybutter. I was well and truly fucked, in a good way.

What he did next surprised me. Yes, I think you guessed it. He held my legs up as he plopped himself onto the bed and proceeded to felch his boy honey out of my now gaping hole. And to think that I thought it was like totally gross to think of doing that a few weeks ago. Yes, I know that some people would still think it gross, but I ask them if they've ever tried it, and if not, don't knock what you don't know.

Charlie dined on my backside for a few minutes until I told him my legs were starting to cramp. He stood and helped me up, then Charlie took the lead and led me into the bathroom and the cavernous shower. I was so exhausted after cumming no less than 4 times in the previous 90 minutes that there wasn't a chance he could coax more cum out of my balls, not that he didn't try. I was able to jack him off to a very respectable cum as he was making an effort to rinse his hair after I had rubbed shampoo into his head and left it there so he had to keep his eyes closed. I am a sadistic person at times don't you think?

But the time when the Tailor and our Recruiter was to return was upon us. We gathered in the living room not bothering to get dressed. Rex told me (non-verbally) that he would tell me later all about his playtime with Jake as we heard the bells telling us that the elevator was on it's way up.

The doors opened and the Tailor rolled a rack covered in black plastic. He stood there staring at us and in my estimation enjoying the view while the elevator went back to the lobby to pick up the Recruiter who obviously could not fit in with the rack of clothing. Once the Recruiter was there he told us to get underwear on, but only underwear. As Jake and Charlie turned he called them. When they turned back he tossed two of the thongs that both Rex and I were. They slipped them on where they stood.

The Recruiter nodded at the Tailor who then pulled the plastic off the rack. There we saw four custom tailored uniforms. They bore the insignia of the Catamyte Corps which was a military green shield with the silhouette of a male member of the species, nude from mid-stomach to knees, and proudly displaying his everhard penis at a 45 degree angle.

We all donned our uniforms and as I looked at the others I was duly impressed. They looked fantastic. The Recruiter told us that it was honorary that we were wearing the uniform as we still weren't officially members of the Corps, but the use of them had been authorized at the highest levels.

We all piled into the elevator and headed for the lobby. Once there we went to a banquet hall. As we entered members of the press were snapping pictures, shouting questions at me. We were escorted to the head table and took our seats. After a few minutes the announcer said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, The Chairman of the Board of the North American Conglomerate, Mr. Benjamin Cooper."

I couldn't believe I was going to meet, let alone share a dinner with and receive a commendation from the Chairman of the Board. It was beyond my wildest expectations.

Mr. Cooper came directly to me and took my hand. We shook hands as flash bulbs to take pictures snapped, partially blinding me for a second. He turned to the crowd and began to speak. Silence ensued within a microsecond.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, citizens of the North American Conglomeration, I stand before you in honored company. The young man standing beside me, this very day, single handedly captured someone we have been unable to capture for nearly 5 years. And this young man isn't yet even 11 years old. When he was asked WHY he did it he said... wait..." He turned to me, "Anthony, tell them what you told your Recruiter when he asked you about it."

I turned and said, "I told him that I believe in the philosophies of our Conglomerate and I would do and will do everything in my power to further and protect those philosophies."

When I had finished speaking there was uproarious applause. Mr. Cooper raised his hands and again it was instantly silent. "Today I am given the distinct honor to present to this young man the highest award given to a person not in our military service. I give him this award because even though he appears to us in uniform, he has not yet reached the age to be able to be an official member of our Catamyte Corps, although he has signed the necessary documents committing himself upon his 11th birthday to join that proud group of young men. I hereby award the Conglomerate Medal of Valor with Golden Clusters to Anthony S. Smythe, soon to be of the Catamyte Corps!"

Again the room broke into applause.

With that we all sat and enjoyed a fantastic meal. Mr. Cooper was jovial and quite fun to talk with actually. I never expected him to be so down to earth. At the end of the evening he handed me a card. On that card was his personal comm number. He instructed me that if I needed ANYTHING at ANY TIME to call him and he would arrange for it.

I was in a fog after that. The banquet broke up and we all, including the Recruiter went up to our suite.

Once we were there, we took our uniforms off and put them back on the rack. The Tailor took them and left. Charlie and Jake were talking quietly, looking so cute in their thongs. The Recruiter told me that we could sleep in. They would be arriving back the next day around noon to give my my PermaLube treatment. He obviously saw my confusion and said that from that point forward my PermaLube and NeverSoft treatments would be done at my premises, I would no longer have to go to the clinic to have them done.

He shook Rex's hand and as he went to shake mine I grabbed him and gave him a hug. He hugged me back, smiled, and left.

Charlie and Jake then came over and told Rex and I that in light of the importance of this day they wanted Rex to share this night with me. Charlie then said, "I would actually like to spend tomorrow night, my birthday night with you. I will be able to celebrate my birthday with Jake tonight since it's almost midnight.

Charlie took Jake by the hand and disappeared into one of the bedrooms. Rex took mine and led me to ours.

To be Continued....

(Author's Note: Yes, I am a cruel person. To find out what happened behind those closed doors, you'll have to wait until Chapter 4. I will call the 'cliffhanger police' on myself. Also, there are two things any writer needs. Okay three things. 1. A decent storyline. 2. A good 'test reader'. and 3rd and most importantly a good editor. Item one is for you, the reader to determine, but I wanted to send my thanks to both of the others. Max-The Cat, author of the popular BTW stories has kindly agreed to be my test reader for this story, my heartfelt thanks go to him, along with the characters of Jake and Charlie. And most importantly my editor. I know I plugged his stories in my last chapter, but, this chapter, being in it's current form is due in large part to Joe's expert editing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Joe. You're a good friend.)