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The Catamyte Corps

by Hermes

Chapter 4

Thinking back to that first night in the hotel I realize how blessed I have been to have someone like Rex in my life. Most people would think that two very much in love boys who had a hotel suite to themselves would be all over each other. I am reminded that there is far more to life than just sex.

Rex and I hopped into bed and cuddled. During those few quiet moments I was able to formulate my idea more fully. Looking back I figure Rex knew I had something on my mind and held back on his own desires to ravage my body to give me time to think. He held me and I gained strength by it.

About 5 minutes later I looked deeply into Rex's eyes. I leaned in and we shared a tender kiss. "Baby, I have an idea." He smiled and said, "You realize that's the first time you ever called me that? I like it." I smiled back.

"How do you feel about having sex with someone who's so much a boy like Jake? I mean; to look at him he's a little boy. Small, undeveloped, hard little nail, no hair. How do you feel making love to him?"

Rex appeared contemplative, but eventually answered, "Honestly, it's pretty hot. The idea is one that I have been drawn to for a long time."

"Me too, to he totally up-front with you. I bet that there are a lot of guys out there who would want a 'little' boy. I wonder if there is a way of getting some really young boys into the corps." I mused.

Rex, being the 'goody two shoes' he was told me that it would be illegal. Sex between anyone over 11 with anyone under 11 is against the law. It wouldn't be right for the Conglomerate to make a special law just for members of the military. I had to agree. Then a thought came to me.

"You know that with things like NeverSoft and PermaLube, there might be something to make a boys body stop developing. Maybe I'll ask the Doctor tomorrow when he comes to give me my PermaLube."

Rex nodded. That was the end of our mature discussion time. From that point, the rest of the night was spent with one of us having part of the others body inside us. Either mouth or ass. The morning came all too quickly (never a problem for Rex or I, haha). I had just ordered breakfast for the four of us when my comm rang. The Front Desk asked if we were expecting a Doctor for some reason. I told them to send him up after assuring them that nobody was sick.

I put my thong on and walked into the living room just as the elevator was opening. The Doctor who had given me my first injection entered. I invited him to sit for a few minutes before he gave me the PermaLube treatment as I wanted to ask him a few questions.

About that time Rex joined us as I began to discuss what I had told Rex the night before with the Doctor. When I mentioned about finding some treatment to stop a boy from developing he gave me a rather odd look.

"I guess the researchers weren't all that wrong. In fact we have been developing a new product. It's been through the initial testing and is now ready to begin test marketing. If I understand you correctly, the Corps would be the perfect place to test this product out. What it consists of is a drug that is injected in the same way that NeverSoft is. However, this one would not be a permanent treatment. Someone under this kind of treatment would need to renew his dosage every month. The compound stops the development process. The recipient would not grow physically, thus retaining his body exactly as it was on the day he received his first treatment. It would have to be administered prior to a boy starting puberty. If or when he decided he no longer wanted to be prepubescent, he would simply stop getting the treatments and about 60 days after his last treatment he would start to develop normally again. We're calling it PubeArrest."

Rex looked at me and both of us immediately said, "Jake." That's when we heard a sleepy voice say, "What?"

We turned and saw Jake, fully naked and rubbing his eyes walking into the living room from his bedroom. He was flaccid and his penis sat atop his leathery bag bouncing slightly as he walked toward us. I explained my idea and his eyes shot open as he was brought to a fully awake state. In his excitement he almost yelled, "When can I get it!"

This caused the three of us to burst out laughing. I told him I would discuss my idea with The Recruiter and we'd see. That done I turned to the Doctor and he explained about the PermaLube treatment. It consisted of two parts. First, an injection would be administered into the muscles of my butt. Second was a tube which looked very much like a tube of UltraLube which would be inserted into my anus and emptied. The tube would remain for about 10 minutes then it would be removed. The effect of the treatment would be apparent about an hour after the first injection and would continue as long as I kept up with the follow-up treatments. Those consisted of applying another tube anally each week and once every six months getting another 'booster' injection. The product worked by telling the body when I was sexually excited to begin producing a larger amount of the normal mucous that lined the interior of the anus as well as instructing my sphincter muscles to dilate somewhat. Both mucous production and sphincter dilation would reduce back to normal levels when the level of sexual excitement in my body diminished. Quite an ingenious product if you ask me.

I turned and he injected my right buttock and handed me a tube. I turned to Rex and handed the tube to him, "Might was well let you have some fun too." I said with a chuckle.

Rex inserted the tube into my anus and squeezed. The sensations I received, while they were quite pleasant, felt kind of odd as well. It was warm. I could feel my sphincter starting to relax around the tube. The slightest movement of the tube caused a sensation that was beyond being able to describe. Ten minutes later, Rex removed the tube and the sensations died down quickly.

"One hour from now, Rex, take him into your bed and insert your penis into him. I will want a report from you since you're the most experienced with what is his normal condition. I want to know how it's different." The Doctor said.

For an hour we sat and talked more about my idea for another part to the Catamyte Corps. The chef had arrived and prepared breakfast for all of us. Charlie, even though he was excited for Jake, mainly because Jake himself was excited at the prospect seemed a little reserved.

I pulled him away from the others and asked, "Is everything okay?"

"I'm not sure. Yeah, I want him to get whatever he wants to make him happy, but I was kinda looking forward to him growing up more. Sharing his first wet orgasm. I thought that would be really special."

I understood and it was quiet apparent to me that Charlie cared deeply for Jake. "You know, Charlie, you can still share that moment with him. When he's done with the corps, and stops taking the treatments he'll begin to develop again and a few months later you will have that moment, but instead of him being 10, he'll be 22 or so, but he'll appear as if he's 10."

Charlie thought about it and his expression changed. "I have no doubt that he and I will still be a couple then. You know, we love each other the same way you and Rex do."

I nodded. "It's time we get back to the table before someone thinks we're doing something we're not." We both chuckled (okay, okay, we giggled) and returned to the table.

After a few more minutes of talk, the Doctor looked at his watch and said, "It's time."

Rex and I got up but before we entered the bedroom we shared a thought, then turned and returned to the others. "We have nothing to hide from any of you. Doctor, we'll do this here so you can observe and Rex can give you a report as it's happening."

If he was shocked he hid it well. After all, this wasn't sexual to him, it was a simple procedure that needed to be completed that just so happened to involve sexual contact. Contact that he would merely be observing, not participating in.

Charlie and Jake got a blanket and spread it on the floor along with 2 pillows from the bedroom. Rex and I stripped off our thongs and Rex helped me to the makeshift bed. He kissed me deeply and I felt the changes in my rectum and anus beginning. Anytime Rex kissed me I felt a level of sexual stimulation and that is what it took for the PermaLube to begin to work.

Without preparing his penis with any sort of lube, and without attempting to prepare my back door in any way, he lifted my legs and placed a pillow under my hips. I felt the head of his penis contact my anus. He applied the slightest pressure and slipped right in. I felt absolutely no pain, only a huge surge of pleasure.

"There was absolutely no resistance, Doc." Rex reported. "I slipped in all the way without any problem."

I then added, "And this is the most intense pleasure I've ever felt while he fucked me."

"That's one of the other benefits of PermaLube, Anthony. It masks any pain with an equal amount of pleasure."

As Rex was fucking me, I tried to use my internal muscles to grip his penis and was amazed that they worked as well as they did. I would have thought that with everything so slick and my sphincter being told to relax that the other muscles involved would relax as well. This was not the case.

A few minutes later, I felt Rex bury himself deep into my love tunnel and felt the hot blasts of his seed deep inside me. He whispered, "I love you." which I instantly repeated back to him. It was one of the nicest sessions of lovemaking he and I had ever shared and we even had an audience.

We made a final report to the doctor who made notes, wished us well, and, after leaving enough of the tubes to last 6 months told us he'd see us at the home the following Monday to give me my fourth NeverSoft injection.

About an hour later I called my recruiter and asked if he could stop by so we could talk. He agreed.


In a warehouse somewhere in the hostile area 6 boys were sitting around talking. They ranged in age from 8 to 12. The oldest of the group, Larry, was saying: "I'm not sure, Timmy. I don't think it's fair that even though according to the law I'm an adult, our folks here treat me like a kid. They say they don't believe in the way the laws are now, that in their grandparents' time someone had to be 18 before they were considered an adult."

The second oldest, Jerry continued: "See, Timmy, when you have your next birthday you'll be 10 and according to everyone you'll still be a kid. My next birthday, I turn 11, so if we lived in the Enclave I'd be an adult and go to work and stuff."

The youngest member of their group, Eddie, had just turned 8. He summed it up better than anyone. "I heard my mommy and daddy yelling the other night. Mommy wanted us to stay here, but Daddy said it wasn't fair to us kids to have to live the way we are. We didn't choose it. Anyone with kids should let them choose how they wanted to live their lives and what they wanted to believe."

Eddie continued, "Every time I see one of them out here they are either trying to help us in some way or they are chasing after someone who did bad things to them. I know if someone came to my house and blew something up I'd want to chase him too."

Collectively the 6 boys came to an accord. They agreed that they would figure out a way to run away from where they lived and make their way to one of the Enclaves and ask to be allowed to move in. What the leaders of the band of boys didn't know was that one of them had another idea.


"You never cease to amaze me, Anthony. It's an excellent idea. You and Jake find 9 other boys who are not in puberty yet at the home who want to try this. We will form a special division of the Corps for them. We will open new slots after 6 months to increase the overall size of the corps by 25% to accommodate enough of this group to satisfy what I anticipate will be a pretty big demand."

"There is one thing though. I think that guys who want a pre-adolescent boy would not want that boy to be hard all the time. Part of the attraction is a small flaccid penis with no hair. So, those boys will get PermaLube and PubeArrest only." The Recruiter concluded.

The Recruiter left and the 4 of us enjoyed the rest of our day of pampering. The next morning we returned to the home by Maglev. Jake immediately went to talk to his friends to see if any of them wanted to join this new group. I had admonished him to not try to convince them since it had to be their decision alone.

Over the next 2 weeks I received my fourth and fifth injections of NeverSoft thus completing my treatments other than my normal weekly PermaLube treatment. Jake had recruited 9 other boys and all had begun the PubeArrest and PermaLube treatments. All ten of them also signed papers committing to joining the Corps on their eleventh birthday.

Life continued for us over the next several months. Nothing really exciting happened. The love that Rex and I shared grew. The worst day of that period came about two weeks before my birthday when Jack was scheduled to leave us to get ready for his new job as a trainer at the Corps training center. I was happy for him, but I would miss him. Even though I would see him again at the training center in a couple weeks.

A week later was Rex's eleventh birthday. It was very important that he and I made sure to make love for the 24 hours prior to his birthday because for the week from his birthday to mine he'd be an adult and I wouldn't be. Even though we could most definitely get away with it, neither of us wanted to feel like we were above the law so we agreed to not sleep together for that week.

Jack made arrangements with his replacement, Miles (a 30 year old man) for Rex to bunk with him for a week. I knew I'd miss Rex in our bed, but also knew it was the way it had to be.

Years later, Rex told me that the first night he stayed with Miles the man wanted him to have sex. It would be the first time Rex would have sex as an adult. To this day I think he made the wrong decision by telling Miles that he couldn't. He wanted his first 'Adult' encounter to be with me. I may think it was the wrong decision, but I loved him more for making that choice.

The day finally came. My own eleventh birthday. I had decided to start a diary on my birthday and sat to write the first entry. (I understand that entry was made part of my testimony to this committee.) Once I was done Rex and I packed our gear and went into the dayroom. We said goodbye to all our friends. Jake hugged me and started to cry. I told him I'd see him again in a few months when he got to the Corps.

Rex and I left the home for the last time as residents at about 11:00 in the morning. We made our way down to the Maglev station and saw our Recruiter waiting for us. He asked if we wanted to ride there with him in his armored car. Rex had still never seen the areas outside the Enclave. I hadn't been back. We agreed.

We were led to his car and we started on our way to the Corporate Enclave. The trip was uneventful, at least until we got to the gates to our new home, the Corporate Enclave. There was some commotion. The Recruiter handed both Rex and I a handgun and the three of us stepped out of the vehicle. We approached the gate and saw 6 boys being detained. The Recruiter went to the sentry on duty and was told that these boys were requesting asylum but he had no authorization to allow it.

The Recruiter then returned to Rex and I and explained what was happening. I asked, "What's going to happen to them?"

"They will be told to use an info kiosk and request that they be allowed to move into the Enclave. They will be given instructions if their request is approved."

"But, won't they be in danger from the Subverts thinking the boys are abandoning them?" I asked.

The Recruiter then said that no boy had ever been admitted from the outside. Each time it happened where they asked for asylum they'd be told to make the proper application then they were never heard from again.

I knew what I had to do. I hadn't once asked for any special dispensation using my very powerful contact in the Conglomerate, but this was the time. I just knew if these boys were let go they'd be killed, maybe by their own parents. I grabbed my comm and dialed the private number.

When he answered I said, "Hello Mr. Cooper. It's Anthony Smythe. Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir. I've been doing very well, thank you. Sir, the reason I am calling is there are currently 6 boys at the entry gate requesting asylum. They are supposed to be turned away from what I'm told and I am of the belief that they will be killed for having requested this... Yes, Sir. If it could be done, Sir, I would very much like them to be taken to the home I just moved out of. Yes, Sir. Gate Alpha-3. Yes, Sir. Thank You, Sir." I disconnected the call.

Before I had an opportunity to tell the others what had been said we heard the comm at the gate going off. The sentry answered it then you could see the change in his demeanor. A few minutes later he told the 6 boys that somehow, someone was looking out for them. They should wait and someone would escort them to their new home. He further said that any of the boys who were over the age of 11 would still go to the home for orientation and to arrange for more permanent accommodations for them and for their employment.

Rex and I returned to the Armored Vehicle and when the Recruiter got in he turned to me. "Anthony, you can't know how proud I am of you. Thank you. You may well have started something that will catch on. I believe that Mr. Cooper knew nothing of the policy to automatically turn down anyone showing up at the gate asking for asylum. I believe now he will do something to rectify that."

We were admitted to the Enclave. As we were driving toward the main entrance to the base we saw one unarmed security man escorting the 6 boys to the Maglev station. I would have to take a trip there to meet them, I thought.

We arrived at the base and our identifications were checked. Once that was done, the Recruiter drove us to the Corps training center where we officially reported for duty. The next several hours were taken up with the typical administrative stuff. Issuing our uniforms, filling out endless stacks of forms, medical examinations, explanation of the rules of conduct, and finally assigning us to our rooming assignments. Of course, Rex and I were in the same room.

We were given directions to our home while we were at the training center. We opened the door and found that the room was occupied. Well, there was someone in it. Laying on one of the beds, wearing nothing but a smile. His everhard prong sticking straight into the air was none other than Jack.

"Welcome to your new home, guys. I figured that since we're all adults now..."

From that time until the next morning when it was time to report Jack and I got reacquainted and Rex had the opportunity to get to know Jack from what the old ways would say a 'biblical' perspective.

To Be Continued.