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The Catamyte Corps

by Hermes

Chapter 5

I awoke that morning with the most exquisite of feelings. My Rex, my lover, fully imbedded into my PermaLubed backside and at the same time, my own slightly less than 6.5 inches of everhard cock deep inside my former roommate/lover/supervisor, Jack. I was the toasty warm center of a love sandwich and enjoying every second of it.

Enjoying the sensations, but realizing this was to be our first day of training, I reached back and caressed Rex on the cheek. He opened his eyes and smiled. "Good morning, lover."

I grinned, wished him a good morning and then got a devilish thought. "Watch this, Babe." I then proceeded to give a mighty shove with my prong into Jack. This had the effect of pushing him to the point on the bed where gravity took over. He slid off the bed. He woke with a start and looked up at me. I lost it. I began laughing hysterically.

"You know, that could constitute assault on an officer." Jack stated with a straight face.

My laughter disappeared and a look of worry implanted itself on my face. At that point, Jack lost it. "GOTCHA!"

Rex could no longer contain himself and burst out in laughter, followed by Jack. I had no choice but to laugh as well. He truly got me. We all got out of bed and walked naked down the hall to the showers. There were maybe 10 others in the shower room. Eight of them appeared to be about 11, like Rex and I, one of the others looked about two years older than Jack; which would have made him about 14. To my surprise, the other there was much older. He was in my estimation in his late 20s to early 30s. We started to shower and introduced ourselves to the others. Jack did not tell us anything about the others so I will introduce others in my training group as I interact with them individually in this narrative.

We finished our shower and returned to the room and donned uniforms as instructed. Looking at the clock we had about 20 minutes until chow. We would have 30 minutes to eat then we had to report for our first training. After we'd dressed, Jack said he'd see us later, he had to go to a briefing with the other trainers. We hugged and he left.

Rex and I walked to the chow hall. Instead of the long tables with bench seats we'd expected, there were tables and chairs. The tables were set for either 4 or 6 people. The food was much better than I had anticipated. It was served buffet style. Rex and I got a tray of food and took a seat at a 4 seat table, leaving the other two seats open, hoping someone would join us. We were not disappointed.

A few minutes after we'd started eating two other trainees walked over to the table. Both appeared to be our age. One was taller, brown haired. He had the most amazing eyes. Sort of Blue with flecks of green in them. The other, the shorter one, was a blonde. His eyes were captivating pools and their color seemed to change as he looked at us. From grey to my favorite, deep blue. He then looked over at Rex, and his eyes changed again to a rich brown color. Brown eyes were Rex's favorite.

The taller of the boys spoke. "Mind if we join you?"

We invited them to sit. The smaller boy then spoke. "I'm Richard, but my friends call me Richie. This is Blaze," indicating the other boy. I kept staring at his eyes which switched between brown and blue depending if he were looking at Rex or me. I knew Rex had noticed as well.

I guess Richie had heard it all in the past because he explained. "I'm empathic. My body reacts to the person I'm focusing on by making slight changes to make me more desirable to the person. The most apparent is my eyes."

I'd heard of Empaths before, but I'd never met one. Richie was going to be an interesting person to get to know. We chatted while we ate. Both were 11, like us. Richie had come from an enclave about 200 miles from us, while Blaze had lived with his biologicals since he was grown. It's not common, but some biologicals want to keep their offspring with them until their majority. As it was with my biologicals, Blaze's were both males.

He didn't refer to them as his biologicals though. He called them his Dads. We talked for the entire 30 minutes but it was time to get to our training session. We agreed to meet up later in the day.

Rex and I went to our first class while Richie and Blaze went to theirs. The way our training worked was that there were 10 of us in this training group. We were broken into five groups of two. We had five sessions of two hours a piece each day. There was 15 minutes between each and an one-hour break after the third session for lunch. We started each morning at 0800 and finished at 2000 (8:00am to 8:00pm for you archaics out there who are not familiar with military time).

All five groups had the same courses, but in a rotation. The classes (in the order that Rex and I had them) were:

  1. History of Sex (0800-1000)

  2. Anatomy (1015-1215)

  3. Male/Male physical pleasuring (1230-1430)

  4. Lunch Break (1430-1530)

  5. Male/Female physical pleasuring (1545-1745)

  6. Military Policies and procedures (1800-2000)

Training for the Corps consisted of 3 months. So we had to get the equivalent of a college education in each subject at a rapid pace. To say the material was intense was no understatement.

Jack was the instructor for the History of Sex. He handed us our course materials on a holographic memory stick which would be used to hold our course texts as well as our work for the course. That way Jack could retrieve our work, grade it and update the database.

I was glad that Jack was the one to give us this class because it was pretty boring. He had a way of presenting the information to us in a way that made it fun. The course outlined and explored the history from sex from the earliest days of human culture and progressed chronologically to the present day. I won't bore you with details of this coursework. I make mention of it only for the sake of completeness of this report.

Our second class, Anatomy, taught me things I'd never known. Our teacher for this class was one of the other guys in the shower that morning. When I saw him I estimated his age at about 14, but found that I was way off. It seems that he had been one of the initial test subjects of PubeArrest. He'd taken it from the time he was 13 and had stopped taking it about a year ago. Whereas his body appeared to be 14, he was actually in his early 20s. He'd been on various forms of PubeArrest for nearly 6 years. His name was Thomas. At the end of the three months both Rex and I had enough knowledge of the anatomy of a human, including all of the biological and cybertronic enhancements that could be made.

I will go into detail of the two 'pleasuring' classes as they progressed through our training in a few paragraphs, but first let me skip to the military policies and procedures.

You might think that this would be a very dull class, but both Rex and I found it fascinating. Neither of us had realized how structured the military was and this class made it both clear and understandable as to why. During the three months of the class, both Rex and I learned the proper procedures for various aspects of military life. We also learned what we could and could not do. The one 'special' aspect of this was that even though we all had official ranks in the military, normal courtesies for this rank were suspended while in a Corps facility. The entire purpose of the Corps was to allow service members a chance to rest and relax and it was felt by the Commanders that dispensing with military courtesies was a good way to allow this to happen. The instructor for the class was the other boy from the shower. His name was Omar. He came from what used to be called "Mexico". His coffee complexion was very attractive. His manner of speech and the way he carried himself made him quite alluring.

Our class for "Male/Male Pleasuring" was taught by the older person we'd seen that morning. His name was George, and he was 34 years old. a career military officer. He was also gorgeous. The first thing he said to us after introducing himself was, "From this moment forward, when you are in this and the next class, which I will co-teach with another instructor, all participants and instructors will be nude." He then started to disrobe. Rex and I followed suit.

George's body was absolutely amazing. He was about six-foot tall. His chest, abs, legs, even his feet looked as if they had been chiseled out of marble. There is an archaic term that truly fit him. This man was a true Adonis. His penis, (hard, since he also was on NeverSoft) was nearly 8.5" long. His balls were each the size of a small apricot held in a sack of skin that was about the size of a small orange. When he turned around his ass looked strong enough to shell walnuts between his cheeks. Just looking at him caused my PermaLubed ass to begin excreting it's juices. I was severely turned on by his body.

He seemed to know a lot about both Rex and I. He knew the level to which our relationship had developed, and knew we were no stranger to anal sex. "First off, let me tell you that even though most of your clients will desire to have anal sex with you, you need to know how to physically stimulate a male other than just letting them fuck you. But, I believe in starting on common ground. Have either of you ever had sex with someone as physically developed as I am?"

Being that both of us were less than 10 days after our eleventh birthdays our response was negative to his query. He then told us that he would correct that situation for today's session. We had to experience that first-hand to make certain that we were right for the corps. Over the next two hours, and if we chose to, during our lunch break as well, he would penetrate both Rex and I several times. This would be done to show various techniques that might be enjoyed by our clients. He then asked, "Who wants to be first?"

I looked at Rex and we passed an unspoken communication. I then stood indicating that I would go first. The room consisted of two desks with two chairs and a king-sized bed. I stood from my chair at one table at the same time George did and he led me to the bed. He turned to Rex and told him to move his chair next to the bed so he could observe properly.

George told me to lie on the bed on my back. He then explained that the most common position was where we were on our hands and knees and the client would enter from behind, he referred to this as "Doggie Style". His personal preference was with his partner on his back, legs either held back by his partner or resting on his shoulders. He called this the "Missionary" position. He said that there were literally hundreds of positions, but those two were the most common. We would learn others, but he wanted to use Missionary because it gave him the ability to gauge the reaction of his partner. This would be especially important for the first time we 'took' a penis as large as his.

George joined me on the bed, lifted my legs to his shoulders and proceeded to insert a finger into my anus. He then smiled saying, "I guess I missed the fact that you were on PermaLube when I reviewed your service record, Anthony. That will make this easier."

He continued, "Some clients will be gentle, others will not." He then moved the head of his penis to my Permalubed and dilated anus and in one swift shove pushed himself into me to the root. Due to the PermaLube changes made in my body the normal excruciating pain of being entered by a member as large as George's was instantly converted to a surge of raw pleasure. As soon as his penis head grazed my prostate it caused a violent orgasm. I shot instantly and it was more powerful than I'd ever felt. I thought my testicles were going to shoot out of my dick. That shot went far over my head, hitting the wall behind the headboard of the bed. It was followed by 3 additional squirts, all of which hit either my face or my chest. The feeling I had once he was fully inside me were amazing. I'd felt full before when Rex was inside me, but with George, I was certain I would feel his cock head in my throat. I didn't, of course, nobody is THAT long.

George then started power fucking me. He took long strong strokes in and out of my love canal. I was so sexually charged that after only a few minutes of this I fired off again. He power fucked me for about 5 minutes then leaned down and began kissing me, forcefully pushing his tongue into my mouth. Rex told me later that watching that had turned him on something fierce. After another ten minutes, I felt George's cock increase in girth inside me, I knew he was getting ready to breed me.

I felt the first volley of his semen enter my colon bathing my insides with warmth. He seemed to cum for minutes when in actuality it was merely seconds. I did remember one thing I thought I would do to impress him. Once I felt his first shot inside me, I consciously willed the muscles inside my ass to contract, effectively milking him as he unloaded.

Once he'd finished, he pulled out forcefully, drove his tongue deep into my mouth with one last kiss, then disengaged from me, standing back at the foot of the bed. I stayed prone on the bed as I recovered from the most intense and powerful sex I'd ever had.

I closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them, Rex was there lying next to me. I must have passed out or fell asleep for a moment. When I awoke, George was not in the room. "That must have been pretty intense, Babe. You've been out for about ten minutes. George actually went to bring a med-tech back."

"I'm better than okay. Yeah, it was totally amazing. You gotta try it, you'll love it, especially since you like it rough sometimes."

George and the Med-Tech showed up. They did an examination of me and I was declared fit. The Tech told us that it was merely a case of sensory overload. Not totally unexpected. They helped me to the chair and, after the Tech left, Rex turned to George and said, "Okay! My turn!"

This caused George and I to laugh. George nodded and Rex took his place on the bed. I am not certain if it was just the fact that I had the reaction I did, or if it was George's plan, but things for Rex were the exact opposite of what they were for me.

George started by using a goodly amount of UltraLube on Rex. He worked one, two, then three fingers in and around Rex's anus. All of his movements were decidedly slow and gentle. The constant slow stimulation was taking it's own toll on Rex. He was becoming more and more aroused; more than I'd ever seen in him before. His penis was throbbing, he was leaking precum like a faucet with an incurable drip. After about ten minutes of this, Rex could take no more. In a pleading voice Rex actually begged George to fuck him. "George, PLEASE! I need you in me NOW! I don't know how much more of this pleasure torture I can endure!"

Slowly, George withdrew the 4 fingers he had stretching Rex' anus. He placed the crown of his penis at the entrance and ever so slowly entered. With almost painfully slow movement, George sunk into Rex millimeter by millimeter. His eight and a half inches taking nearly 4 minutes to bottom out into my lover. Without stopping, as soon as he was fully in, he began another 4 minutes of retracting until only the head of his penis was inside Rex. He then reversed and began reinserting himself. Rex was in absolute ecstasy, his head thrashing from side to side as George ever so slowly increased his tempo.

About the time where George was taking about a minute for insertion and another for extraction, Rex shot his first load. It was just as powerful as mine had been. George kept his pace, gradually increasing speed.

The fact that George was doing all this and had yet to cum himself was absolutely amazing to me. The ability to have that much control was something I needed to learn. When George was at the point of it taking only a minute for a full in and out, Rex shot his second no-touch cum. His hands were tightly gripping the sheets. His head snapping back and forth on his neck so rapidly I was worried he'd snap his own neck.

George continued his 'assault'. For some reason, I was compelled at that point to take my lover into my own mouth. George saw what I was doing and smiled at me as I took Rex to the root. This caused Rex' head to stop thrashing. His eyes opened wide along with his mouth. He was heard to say, "Oh. My. God! This is fucking amazing!"

George had been fucking Rex for nearly an hour already. I had been going down on Rex for about three minutes when he gave me an early lunch. The load he gave was larger than usual, even though he'd already cum twice in the last hour.

Finally, George was heard to groan. The groan came from somewhere deep in his soul. Rex was not in control enough to milk George, but George flooded Rex's colon. Rex told me later that he felt seven blasts of cum before George withdrew completely, moved quickly and added three more jets directly onto Rex's face, painting him with the last of his seed.

George then collapsed onto the bed next to Rex as I moved to my lover's face and licked the cum from his skin. When I had finished I looked around the room and saw the faces of the other trainees, as well as Jack and the other instructors. A quick glance at the clock told me that it was half-way into our lunch break. This session became one of the talks of the Corps for years to come.

The next class of the day, Male/Female pleasuring, was canceled. It was determined that Rex and I, and probably George, needed some time to recuperate. Rex and I went to the Chow hall to have something to eat, then returned for our final class of the day before returning to our room.

We relaxed on the bed and talked about our experiences. We both agreed that we were at first scared of having sex with a fully developed 'Man'. If this experience was anything like what life in the Corps was going to be like we both knew that we'd made the right choice in joining.


At the home, the six boys from the 'outside' were adjusting to their new surroundings. They had undergone the necessary medical examinations. The two boys who were 11 years old or older were taken to be tested for aptitude to determine what they might want to do for their occupation. The remaining four were told they could go to the day room and get to know the other boys who they'd be living with.

The youngest, Eddie walked into the room and was almost immediately noticed by several of the boys. One boy in particular wanted to get to know him better. Eddie was approached and heard a high voice say to him, "Hi, I'm Jake. What's your name?"


The Recruiter sat talking to a group of other officers. They needed to ascertain the level of loyalty they could expect from the newcomers. Especially the two that would be leaving the home in a week or so to start working in the Enclave. Plans were being developed. It remained to be seen what would need to be done after those plans were put into action.

The Recruiter and his team's diligence was far from unfounded. One of the boys had come into the Enclave to see if he could get some information that would be useful to some of those outside. He'd been having a relationship with a man, and had been since he was seven. It was his idea to try to get the inside information and pass it to a man on the outside. He knew his man had contacts in the enclave. He told his man to have his contact find him and to have the man use the phrase, "I don't see how it can be so cold in a totally climate controlled room."

The Recruiter read the message and excused himself. He went to the motor pool and checked out his armored vehicle and drove out of the Enclave. He went to the designated location and his contact was waiting for him. The man entered the vehicle and the Recruiter started driving again.

"I can't let him throw this chance away. I don't care if I have to go to detention for it. Just please, make sure he stays safe. He's expecting his contact to approach him with the phrase, 'I don't see how it can be so cold in a totally climate controlled room'. I will surrender myself to you now, if you wish."

The Recruiter appraised the man. He was known. He was an honorable man who just didn't agree with the way things were, either inside or outside the Enclave. The Recruiter turned to him and said, "You have done something I never expected. You had an opportunity to drive a stake into the heart of the Conglomeration yet you chose to honor the person you love. I cannot fault you for that. I will do what I can for the boy. As for you, I don't know what I can do. You're not on our 'detain immediately' list, so I can just stop the vehicle and let you out. However, I want to offer you something. Come to the Enclave and I'll put you to work. You won't be required to do anything that will hurt those out here, but you will be more comfortable, and in time I can reunite you with the boy you love. For the first two weeks, I'll have to keep you isolated, but it will not be in a prison or jail. I will put you up in one of my apartments. You will be under guard and unable to leave, but you'll be comfortable.

It was agreed and the two returned to the Enclave. The Recruiter showed his credentials and the order for the man to be taken to the apartment. They were granted entrance. The man was left in his suite and the Recruiter returned to start making his plans.

Coming Soon -- Chapter 6