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Chronicles of a Kingdom 1
J. Cob

The caravan set up camp near the boundary of the kingdom of Eadzon. Javan, the caravan's master, opted to wait for tomorrow before coming home to his country because it was already almost nighttime although he knew they could be home by midnight then be ready to meet with the kingdom's traders in the morning. As he was fond of saying, every second is a fortune, gain it, not spend.

But the last trade has been a success and he still thinks it's the best deal he'd ever made. Two bars of gold for three Hegien Horses! These are the best breeds of horses, it must be a joke, he thought at first. But the man was serious. So that's a quarter of Eadzon less than two bars of gold... plus three horses that's worth half the kingdom for his son. He smiled at the thought. He will do anything for his son.

Arevan rode on one of the horses his father gave him. It had been a while since the caravan had set up camp but he just can't seem to want to get down from the horse. One of the horses is a female. He hoped they would produce offspring so he could trade them for the fortune that he thinks they're worth. My horse, he thought, this one would be my horse. It is white, with manes and tails like silver threads whenever light shines on them. Its muscular body seemed to say it would outrun anything. He named it Fiero, after the city where it was bought. He feels so proud. They came near the river and he got down. He tied the horse up and sat down on the grass and stared with quite a smile at River Omen, the holy river. His slave, Eilon, sat down next to him.

"So what do you think?" He asked his slave.

"It certainly is the best, master," his eyes sparkling. Eilon liked to travel. And though he has a slave, he was thankful he was born at a caravan, his father and mother both slaves of Javan, the trader of the world.

"Oh, quit that!" Arevan leaned on his slave, his head resting on his shoulder, "When we're not with the caravan, you're not my slave, you're my best friend. I can't imagine the world without you."

"I know." Eilon put his arms around his master and friend. They sat in silence, each one enjoying each other. They practically grew up together, with Arevan born a day after Eilon. The slave never left his master's side, sometimes even taking up punishments for his master's acts, their deep friendship never having doubts for each other.

"Come spring, we would be leaving Eadzon again," Arevan sighed.

"You don't seem pleased."

"Oh, you know how much I hate leaving. Travelling once in a while is good, but every year?"

"Your father bought you a horse, didn't he? Besides, you're his only heir. You have to study the ways of trading."

"You're right. But listen. I heard my mother wouldn't be coming with us next year. Her sickness is becoming worse..." Arevan trailed off. Instinctively, Eilon pulled him closer to him as if to comfort him. "I could stay. Would you want to stay?" He looked up at Eilon's hazel eyes.

"If you wish."

"Listen, Eilon. You're not my slave here. I'm asking you what you want. I know my father would want to bring you with him. You're one of his best fighter." Indeed, Eilon had proven himself defending the caravan from thieves that threatened it.

"But that's what I want."

"I know you like to travel." Arevan said looking away. He hoped Eilon would say he doesn't. But he looked away too and kept his silence. He knew he couldn't argue this because they both know how much he loves travelling with the caravan. Arevan stood up and climbed on Fiero. "Let's go."


"My lord, your father has been waiting for you. He told me to tell you to be at the tent immediately for supper," the headservant said with his head bowed. Arevan quickly got off of Fiero and was trying to decide where to tie his horse when Eilon stopped him.

"I'll take care of him. I'll put him near your tent," he said, reading his mind.

Arevan smiled. "Thank you. I'll find you in my tent, won't I?" It wasn't a question.

Eilon smiled back. "Your father is waiting for you, Arevan." This drew a frown from the headservant.

"You are obviously becoming too familiar with our master." He turned to Arevan. "My lord, allow me to punish him."

"None is needed," he almost laughed looking at Eilon pretending to bow and trying to look chastised. "I think you could rest now, Gendor." And he walked towards the biggest tent of all. He smiled at the slaves he met on the way and got the obligatory bows. He also noticed more slaves by his horses. They were guarding them. He went first to his mother's tent but saw no one inside, not her physician or even her slaves. They must have been waiting for me for a long while, he thought. He ran to his father's tent even if it was only a few steps away. He found his parents seated, supper on the table, all waiting for him.

"This is the only reason why I wouldn't want to buy those horses," Javan said smiling.

"As if he's never late for supper," Sera told her husband with a mock frown.

"Forgive me, father, mother. I did not notice the time pass by."

"Same excuses. Sit down now and let's have supper." His mother said with smiling eyes. It almost made Arevan sad. They wouldn't be eating at the same table next year. He sat down across his father anyway and surveyed the food. It's roasted goat and turkey at the table and some fruits. He thought of Eilon and how much he liked goat's meat. He would bring some for him later.

"What's with the feast, father? There's only three of us."

"The last deal was the best I ever had, son. Don't you think so?"

"That's an understatement, father," he was chewing the turkey's breast, his favorite part. "I'm so happy you gave them to me."

"Hush. You two, enough talks about trades. Eat."

"Forgive us, your highness!"

Laughter spilled out of the tent.


Arevan brought a bottle of wine and both of the goat's hind legs to his tent. "Eilon."

"Roasted goat!" He was lying on Arevan's bed but perfectly hidden by the thick blankets.

"I wonder when Gendor would catch you doing that."

"Never. He's too busy." Arevan was used to Eilon's short answers. He would be surprised if Eilon would suddenly talk for a long time. He is simply quiet but sees everything before making a short comment. They both sat down on the carpet beside each other, the food and wine in front of them. Eilon started to eat one of the legs. His master and friend took a sip from the wine. He couldn't help but notice Arevan staring at nothing. He had been like that for quite some time. Always thinking of his mother. If only I could help, he thought. "Your mother is going to be alright. Shaya told me the physician said she just needs a year of rest."

Arevan smiled at his slave. He could always read his mind. He leaned on him again as he always would when they're alone and started sipping what's inside his bottle. That sweet liquid that makes him feel warm all over. Eilon put his arms around him. I would eat later, he thought. He took the bottle from Arevan's hand and drank as well. He felt fortunate to have him as master and much more so having him as best friend.

"Why don't you eat already?"

"Someone's much more important to me than that."

"Gendor gave me a hard time getting those out and you won't eat them?"

"If you'll promise me you're alright."

Arevan sat up and looked him in the eyes. He could hear a light drizzle of rain falling outside the tent, the footsteps of slaves and guardsmen walking around the camp, and the snorting of the horses. He could feel the coldness of his tent. The only light coming from a candle seems to even make the tent look darker. The only warmth he felt was coming from his slave beside him. And slowly, but very much softly, he kissed him on the lips. One of the many they have shared but one so much different from the rest. This time, there was hesitation.

And there were tears. They dripped as Arevan, now revealing much more of what he has been hiding the whole time, looked at the eyes of his slave. He collapsed on his slave's chest and wept silently. "I can't, Eilon. I can't."

Eilon embraced him tighter, his own tears threatening to fall. He felt his master shaking as he was overcame by sobs. He couldn't think of any way to make Arevan feel better than to let him weep his grief out. "She was... so happy tonight. But I... I would catch her looking at me... with sad eyes then she would look away. I'm not stupid, Eilon!" Arevan nearly shouted.

"Listen," Eilon held his face with both hands, "She is going to be alright. You are going to be alright. I'll be here no matter what." Then he kissed him. He never let go of his face. He felt him relax and he almost smiled with his lips on Arevan's. When he felt Arevan's tongue on his lips, he pulled back just enough for him to smile and still feel Arevan's lips then he looked at his eyes and saw the tears already gone. Their faces were so close he could taste his master's breath. He felt him put his hand on the back of his neck. They were cold, making shivers run down his spine. He closed his eyes and leaned in again to kiss him, the faint taste of wine intoxicating him.

He felt Arevan tugging at his clothes. He started taking off his shoes and refused to let go of Arevan's lips. He sucked on his tongue, then on his lower lip. He felt for Arevan's tongue with his own then started to suck on it again. He couldn't seem to get enough. He felt Arevan kick off his own shoes. He surrendered and finally let go of the kiss as they raced to get naked. Arevan won and helped him out of his clothes. They dove under the blankets as their lips found each other's again, their naked bodies entwined in a tight embrace. Eilon licked his way downwards from Arevan's lips. He could taste his sweat and its smell filled his senses. When he found his nipple, he began sucking furiously. His hands found Arevan's hardness and stroked him gently up and down. Then he began to lick his way down again, stopping only to lick the belly button in front him. He bit on the skin below it and heard a moan escape his master's lips.

Arevan felt his whole body tingling. He moaned with pleasure when he felt his cock slip inside Eilon's mouth. He was almost pulling Eilon's hair. He felt like he was floating in the air as his cock slid in and out of Eilon's slippery and warm mouth, the sensation of which he could never explain. Eilon's tongue was working all around his cock, while he threw his head everywhere because of pleasure. He shuddered when he felt air on his damp cock. He looked down to find Eilon with a different look in his eyes.

"Arevan, I... I want to be inside of you."

He felt Arevan pulling him up. When they were face to face, Arevan kissed him lightly on the lips and with all courage he could muster, he said, "I want to taste your cock first." He had been thinking of the day Eilon would finally own him like this. He felt scared that they would pass the point of being master, slave, and friends, to becoming abominations. This day has finally come, and his heart is the only one that encouraged him. He started sucking on the head and felt Eilon squirming under him. He suddenly plunged downward eliciting a moan from Eilon, then pulled back up letting his teeth lightly touch the head this time making Eilon moan louder. He kissed the tip of the head and kissed his way up to Eilon's welcoming sweet lips. Their tongues danced together like the flame of the candle. Arevan pulled himself back and looked into Eilon's eyes, "I'm yours."

Eilon helped him to his hands and knees and softly caressed the soft skin of his buttocks. He pointed his member to Arevan's orifice with his left hand while his right hand began to wander. He squeezed Arevan near the waist and pushed into him. He felt Arevan push back and heard him groan. The head squeezed in with an almost audible pop as the ring-like muscle clamped tightly on it. They were both now covered with sweat.

Arevan breathed hard. He was almost panting. Beads of sweat trickled from his forehead to his nose and dropped to his bed. His eyes were tightly shut and his jaws clenched together. He felt like he was burning back there. It hurt so much. He was trying to keep himself from screaming. He finally relaxed and felt Eilon pushed further. He moaned when he felt Eilon brush on a spot inside him. After what felt like a long time, he finally had all of Eilon inside of him.

They began a slow rhythm. With each move, Eilon's penis brushes on Arevan's prostrate causing him to leak. His moans became louder and he almost scream when he felt Eilon's hand on him, who was now moving in and out of him faster than before. He began to pump hard into him stroking Arevan at the same pace. All the gentleness evaporated as lust consumed them, both of them euphoric with the pleasure they are experiencing. Arevan began to shoot his semen, squeezing Eilon's cock with his hole in the process. With a shudder, he released his load inside Arevan. Eilon collapsed on top of him after pumping the last drop. Their sweaty bodies both fell on the bed. They kissed each other one last time before falling asleep in each other's arms, basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking.


A fire lit the inside of a cave at Mount Hosoan. The cave was one of the twenty found at Hosoan, but it was the only one that faced the kingdom of Eadzon. Time and time again, spies from other kingdoms have used it to spy on Eadzon. This was known because they have always been caught, their heads pitched on the roads with the word Terosh, or spy, branded on their foreheads. For a long time though, no spy had invaded the kingdom, and the cave became the home of a man long thought to be dead by all.

The crackling of the burning woods resounded throughout the cave and the singing of the crickets echoed from outside. The man sighed as he watch the flame dance and scatter light inside the cave. He ate the last of the deer he had hunted and took a swig of water from his leather pouch. He tossed the bone into the fire and gave out a sigh again.

"I would need to hunt for food again tomorrow," he whispered to no one. He couldn't remember how many times he had uttered those words in all the five years he had lived there. He reached for his staff and got up to go outside the cave. Something seemed to call him from outside. He realized as he stood facing towards Eadzon, that the crickets had fell silent. Everything was silent. He heard no sound. He felt no breeze. Everything was still and seemed to wait on something. He felt his heart start to beat faster. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as he surveyed his environment. His senses told him of no danger but nature seemed to tell him otherwise. Suddenly, the night sky was lit with short streaks of light from what must have been a hundred falling stars. Even as his eyes were filled with wonder, understanding dawned on him.

"The sign," he said still staring at the sky long after the spectacle had gone, the crickets continued singing their song, and the breeze caressed his face. "Stars shall fall..." he whispered, repeating his grandfather's words. He turned around and got back inside the cave with a smile on his face, his heart now full of hope.

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