Chapter 01

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May 10, 2016

Seattle, Washington, U.S.A

4:05 p.m. Pacific Stand Time(PST)

Dave Adams decided to spend the sunny, breezy and cool afternoon in his neighbourhood park, Discovery Park.

Discovery park was a beautiful 534 acre, natural park that stretched two miles of sandy clean beaches, dense forest groves, crystalline streams and open meadows.

The park was a favourite spot for Seattle urbanites to seek tranquility, peace of mind, and to get away from the stress, noise pollution and overcrowding of a large metropolitan city.

Discovery park also occupies the former Fort Lawton site, which was patrolled and looked after by the Seattle Parks and Recreation Department.  

Dave, loved spending his quiet afternoons in this park.  

Afterall, the old fuck was recently retired.  So, he could get up, whenever he wanted and spend his entire day doing things either constructively or by doing, fuck all.

Most times it was, fuck all.

Dave lived on a modest, yet confortable income.  Not having had any kids in his last three marriages had actually been a good thing(for him).

The old grouch had heard enough bitching and complaining from his friends about how much their kids and  snot-nosed grandkids took advantage of "sweet" grandma and grandpa.

At least, Dave didn't have to worry about noisy grandkids coming over to bust his balls, and no "boomerang kids" to leech off him and dry up his modest retirement fund.

No siree, the old-son-of-a-bitch was quite happy and truly enjoying his twilight years.  And he certainly didn't need to rely on any fucking pets or some old cooch to make his life any more meaningful or better.

Fuck, that shit! Had always been Dave's motto.

So, on this breezy and chilly day, Dave casually strolled over to his favourite spot on Magnolia Bluff.  There he found his picnic bench empty(thank, goodness) which overlooked the scenic Puget Sound.

Dave sat on the bench and absorbed the warmth of the sunshine.  It was a breezy afternoon and the sun was doing it's best to peek through the dense clouds.  

Dave looked around the park and could see that spring was just around the corner.  

You could feel it, smell it, see it.  

The trees and flowers were blooming and the birds...

Wait, there were no birds?

No seagulls, ducks, geese, or even the vermin of the sky, the filthy pigeons.  

Usually, around this time of the day, people would be feeding the ducks and geese.  Then the seagulls would show up, then the pigeons would descend.  But, now?  

No one, around the park and no birds.

Just, silence.  

That, was weird?

Oh, well the park was a beautiful place, with or without the fucking birds.  

Dave unfolded the daily newspaper, took out a fat stoggie from his shirt pocket and lit it up.

"Ahhh, fuck ya!  Now, this is the fucking life!"  Dave, said out loud.  

There was nothing like a flavourful Cohiba cigar, to hit the spot(well, perhaps some young and tight pussy!)

From this bench, Dave could see the spectacular view of both the Cascade and the Olympic Mountain ranges. Plus, it also offered a great view of the young broads, jogging by.

This was the perfect spot.  

This really was hard-on, heaven.

The regular broads would always wave and smile at Dave as they jogged by.  Little did they know that the old pervert was having some nasty, lewd and quite vulgar thoughts at their expense.

Well?  Dave thought.  Who the hell told these stupid bitches to go around jogging while showing so much skin?  The way some of these broads dressed nowadays, it was like these stupid bitches were asking for trouble.

"Don't, dress like a whore, if you don't want the attention.  My mom used to say."  Dave said outloud, and he didn't give a shit, if anyone heard him.

But, man!  If, he was only twenty years youngers, he'd tap that shit, for sure!

Dave started reading the paper and it was the same and usual, boring shit.

War in the Middle East...

War on drugs...

Oil prices going up...

Tension with North Korea...

Famine in Africa...

The efffects of the bubble bursting, in the American housing market...

Fragile economy...

Unemployment rate going up...

Yada, yada, yada same old shit.

God!  Fucking news are depressing!  Why, do I bother reading this shit?

But, it was a small article at the bottom of the page that caught his eye.  Dave was sure that 99.99% of whoever read the paper would miss it, or would care less.

The Morning Herald
May 10, 2016

Father Asher McAllister, from St. George's Catholic Church, has been trying to get information from the Seattle Police Department in regards to the hobos and homeless that show up on a daily basis, to his Soup Kitchen.  

Father Asher goes on to say,

"I haven't seen my "regulars" in over a week, that's just not like them.  These men and women, depend on our church for food, clean clothes and the occasional shower.  

But, they've all gone missing.

I've even gone looking for them all over the city, the parks, alleys, but I can't find them.  The police dosen't seem to care..."


What, the fuck?

Actually, now that Dave thought about it.  

He hadn't seen the usual bums begging for spare change around the front gates to the park, or even around the downtown streets, either.

That, really was odd?

Then again, these fucking bums were always a fucking nuisance.  

Every fucking time, he'd walk into the park, he'd be ambushed by these dirty, smelly fuckers asking for spare change.

But, since Dave always so eloquently told them to, "Fuck off!"  The bums would shy away from him and leave him alone.

Dave, now wondered where the bums had gone?

"Oh, well.  Good fucking riddance.  Fucking, gutter trash." Dave, bellowed outloud.

As he continued to read the paper, he noticed that the park was pretty quiet and deserted for this time of the day.

"That's weird?  Where, the fuck is everybody?"

Around this time of the day, there be nannies with strollers going by, or even those fucking annoying cyclists speeding by.

But, now?  


No one...

He was the only soul in the park.  

Dave kept looking around, but couldn't see anyone, much less hear anything.  

The place was dead silent.

"Huh." Dave muttered.

Suddenly, a cold gust of wind picked up from the ocean, and a chill overcame him.

"Fuck!  I should have brought a fucking coat.  It's getting chilly, here."

Dave went back to reading the paper, but something didn't feel right.  

I't's hard to explain, but he got this odd feeling.

"Why, is this place so deserted?  I'll give it, half-an-hour more and then I'll head home."

And that's when Dave heard a siren in the distance, but he didn't think anything of it and continued reading.

Not five minutes had gone by, when he heard another siren.

"That one sounds like a police car."  Dave said.

That wasn't so unusual, it was afterall rush hour traffic.

But, in less than a minute he heard two more sirens.  

One was a fire truck, that he was certain.  The second one, another cop car or ambulance?

"There must be a fire somewhere, or a bad accident."

The wind was picking up and the trees were swaying back and forth.  The heavy branches were making alot of rustling noise, yet the silence in the park was deafing.

Suddenly, Dave thought he heard something.

"Was, that a scream?"

Did, he hear someone screaming?

Dave stood up from his bench and listened.


Just the branches and wind.

Dave snickered and shook his head.

"You, old fuck!  Now, you're hearing shit!  Stop, being so fucking paranoid!"


A scream.

This time it had been clear.  Dave had heard someone screaming.

He got up from his bench, closed his paper and again, listened.


Then he heard the loud siren of an ambulance coming close to the park. 

"What the hell is going on?  Well, I'm not sticking around to find out.  Fuck, this shit!  I'm outta here."

Dave started walking and realized that he'd left his paper on the bench.  As he headed back to the bench, he heard another fire truck and then another ambulance.

"Fuck it!" Dave left the paper and started walking back to the main entrance.

Something was happening outside of the park's gate.  

Something, bad...

Dave had never heard so many sirens going off in one afternoon.  Was there a massive fire in the city or God forbid, a terrorist attack?  

As he walked, he kept looking around, but he couldn't see anyone.  Dave started sweating, but it was cold sweat and he was getting nervous.  The park was still completely deserted, yet somewhere outside those gates ahead, there was alot of commotion happening.  

He felt it in his bones.

He felt it in his gut.

Something, wasn't right!

"Where, the fuck is everybody?"

It was quite a bit of a walk from his favourite spot to the entrance to the park.  So, Dave hurried his steps, but his arthritis was acting up.

"Sucks, getting old."

As he came around the corner, he came to a sudden halt.

There was a man kneeling in front of a woman, who was laying on the floor.  

The woman's feet were twitching, maybe she was having an epileptic seizure, Dave thought.  

Dave couldn't see what the man was doing to her, because he was hunched over her.  Next to her, another man was slowly reaching into a stroller.

Dave walked up behind them and wanted to offer any assistance.

"Hey, buddy.  What's going on?  I've been hearing alot of sirens.  Is there anything, I can..."

But, Dave didn't get a chance to finish his sentence.  

What he saw, made the hairs on his arms and on the back of his neck stand up on end.

Dave, actually recognized the man looking back at him.

It was the same old guy that always asked him for loose change at the entrance to the park.

It was one of the homeless guys!

But, where before the bum would be covered in filth and grime.  This time the homeless man was covered in blood.

"What the fuck!  What are you doing?..."  Dave took a small step back and quickly looked over to the other man standing above the stroller.  

The man turned around very slowly, almost like in slow motion.  But, the sight was so terrifying that as Dave took another step backwards, he tripped and fell on his ass.

The other man was a bum too, and he was holding what looked like a baby.  

But, there was no head on the baby.  

The bum was chewing where the baby's head, had once been.  

He kept chewing and tearing flesh from the baby's body, as blood splattered and dripped everywhere.

One of the baby's arm, even fell to the ground.

"Oh, Jesus Christ!"  Dave, muttured.

Dave, then threw up at the sight before him, and recoiled in horror.

The man that had been hunched over the woman was now, slowly walking towards him.

The first thought that came into Dave's mind was,

"This is a fucking dream!  Wake up!  Please, Wake up!"

But, sadly for Dave.  This was no fucking dream.

The bum's face was completely absent of thought.  

His eyes were clouded and grey, his mouth was full of blood and flesh.  The old man even looked purple and bloated.

The bum stretched his arms and was now moaning and lounging at Dave.

Dave tried to get up, but fear had taken over and he froze on the spot.

The bum was inches away from Dave, as he lounged forward and tried to grab his right foot.

Dave gathered all the strength he could muster and kicked the bum in the face.  But, the bum didn't like that, he grunted and tried even harder to take a bite out of Dave's ankle.

Dave kicked him hard on the jaw with his sneaker.  He even heard a loud crack and Dave was sure that his kick had dislocated the bum's jaw.   He even saw a few of the bum's bloody teeth fly out and land on the pavement.

But, the bum didn't even flinch and it certainly didn't stop him from advancing towards Dave.

More sirens could be heard, going off in the distance.  

From where Dave lay on the pavement, he could kinda make out a cop car by the entrance.  He could see the flashing lights and hear alot of screams and commotion.  

Dave had to call for help.  

Someone had to hear his plea and come to his aid.

"Help!  Someone, please help me!"

As Dave struggled with the bum, he could see two cops running towards him.

Thank God!  Help, is on the way!  He thought.

The bum was now crawling on top of Dave and trying to take a bite out of his stomach.  

But, Dave fought him with every ounce of courage and strenght that he had left.  He kept kicking and pushing the blood covered, bum away.

"Get, off me!  Get, the fuck, off me!"

But, as the cops got closer to this nightmare of a scene, Dave's heart sank.  

Dave saw that the two officers, were themselves covered in blood and foaming at the mouth.

"Help!  Someone..."

And as more hands fell on him, the last though that Dave had, was...

He should have stayed home, and not had come to this fucking park!

May 10, 2016

Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A

7:05 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time(EDT)

Sergeant Nathan "Nate" Bauer and his partner, Sergeant Detective Eric "Jamie" McCarthy were almost done with their shift and on their way back to the station.  They had just finished following some leads in a sexual assault case.  
Now, it was time to head back to headquarters and fill out a mountain of paper work(they both detested this part of the job) before heading home.

"C'on, Nate.  Just give him a call, I'm sure that by now, he's cooled down.  Afterall, it's been two weeks and he probably misses you.  So, what if he calls you a cheating asshole, at least he's talking to you."

Nathan looked out the window and sighed.

"Thanks, man.  I needed that."

Jamie, lightly punched his partner in the arm and rolled his eyes.

"C'on, bud.  You, know what I mean."

Nathan nodded as he looked out the window.

Nate and Jamie had been partnered right out of Police Academy almost ten years ago.  

They had hit it off perfectly and been a perfect match ever since.  They had both risen through the ranks and their outstanding record and behaviour, had earned them a well deserved promotion and career advancement.  

Nate and Jamie were more than partners and co-workers, they were best friends.  

And Jamie didn't mind that his partner was, gay.  

Nope, not at all.

They were practically brothers, and if there was an example of "bromance" then these two were the embodiment of the phrase.

But, no matter how open minded Jamie was, he just couldn't understand what Nate saw in men.

Just by looking at Nate, there was no way that you could tell that he was well, queer.  

Nate could only be classified as a, man's man.

Masculine, not bad-looking, deep voiced, muscular, loved sports, straight looking and acting, but liked, dick.

Oh, well.  Go, figure.  

Who the fuck, was Jamie to say anything?

Afterall, it was because of Jamie that Nate had met his boyfriend, Sean.

When Nate and Jamie graduated from the Academy, Jamie's parents threw a big barbecue party and also invited Nate over.  

The family had heard great things from Jamie in regards to Nate.  So, he was instantly welcomed into the loving arms of the McCarthy clan.  

And it was there that Nate met Mr.&Mrs.McCarthy and Jamie's two younger siblings.  

Lauren Grace McCarthy(middle child) and Sean Riley McCarthy(youngest child).

When Jamie introduced Nate to Sean, sparks flew.

For Nate, it had been love at first site.

Nate had always had a violent attraction to red heads(in Sean's case, strawberry blond).  

So, when Nate firmly shook Sean's hand, he couldn't help but to feel an animalistic desire for Sean.

Nate's heart was beating a million times a minute, as he gazed at the cute, baby faced, strawberry blonde, with deep emerald eyes, porcelain and flawless skin, and luscious red and pouty lips.

Nate swears to this day, that he got an instant hardon the moment he and Sean shook hands.  He wanted nothing more than to take the kid's cherry right there and then.  

It didn't fucking matter to Nate, if he sodomized Sean in front of his parent's, family, friends and even local fucking priest.

That evening and all through the night Nate and Sean had eyes only for each other.  

The connection had been that electric and they both felt it and knew it.

But, Nate's heart sunk when he realized that Sean was underage.  He knew that he had to wait two more years to make his move.  

Nate and Jamie were Catholic and at least, for Nate, he knew the rulesof engagement and he followed them to a tee.  

If his "feelings" were right in regards to Sean, then he was supposed to wait until Sean was of legal age to make his move.

Nate was 8 years older than Sean.  But, Sean being the hormonal teenager wanted Nate, badly.

It was under the big Oak tree by the tool shed, that Sean cornered Nate.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were avoiding me." Sean said to Nate, as he leaned against the tree.

Nate blushed and was instantly, tongue-tied.

"Ummm, not really.  Just, enjoying the party."

Sean wanted to laugh, but he bit his lips.  Nathan, was just too cute.

"Oh, I'm glad we're not boring you."

Nathan smiled and takes a sip out of an empty cup.

Sean looks at the empty cup, giggles but says nothing.

"You're, too cute.  Am, I making you uncomfortable?"

Nate is starting to sweat and blushes a deep shade of red.  

Nate dosen't do well, when he's the one being chased.  He's always been used to being the chaser, the agressor, the Alpha male.  

He dosen't know, if Sean is flirting with him, or playing with him, or both?

"Whaa?  Umm, no.  No, you're not.  But, isn't getting late for you?  I mean, don't you have to go to bed soon?"

Sean gives a good hearty laugh.

"Oh, my god.  You're adorable.  It is getting late, maybe I should get to bed....but, it gets lonely, just by my lonesome."

Sean was batting his thick eyelashes, which even under dark sky, one could tell were blond.

And that pretty much, did it!

Nate threw caution to the wind and threw himself towards Sean.  They both embraced and started kissing each other passionately.

That, had been 8 years ago...

"I just can't believe you told, Sean!  Jesus H. Christ, haven't I taught you anything?  I mean, it's one thing to fuck around and then be remorseful, but be a fucking man and keep it to yourself!  What, on earth would possess you to come clean?

Nate?  Nathan!  Are, you fucking listening to me?"

Nate sighed again and came out of his stupor.

"You, wouldn't understand."

Jamie knew that his buddy was hurting and he was going to do his very best to help him.

"Really?  Well, fucking try me, bud!  My mom called me last night, she was balling her eyes out, fucking crying for hours.  She said that Sean told her that the two of you were breaking up.  I love you man, but you fucked up.  And you broke my baby brother's heart!"

Nate felt like shit.

"Look, you've been staying with me this whole time.  You still haven't told me the real reason, why you did this.  We have to figure out a way to get you guys back together.  Afterall, you still love Sean, right?"

Nate felt lower than shit.

Ofcourse, he still loved Sean.

 More than ever, if possible.

They were looking to adopt or even playing with the idea of getting a surrogate.  

Sean had been talking to a lesbian couple that he knew from work, and the lesbians were considering in helping them out.  

But, it was Sean that wanted a baby, badly.

Sean had been going for months that all his friends were getting married and having kids of their own.  Now, he felt his own biological clock was ticking(whatever, the hell that meant)and wanted to start a family.

But, Nate on the other hand.  Well, he didn't want to have any kids.

He had come from a large family and he knew how much his parents had struggled with raising five sons, one of them being gay.  There was always issues with money, food, clothing, school, curfews, babysitting, etc, etc, etc.

Nate was pushing close to being 30 yrs old and he was feeling a bit claustrophobic.  And Sean wasn't helping the matter, because he wasn't listening to Nate.

Sean just wanted a baby and he wanted it, yesterday.

Nate swears that if Sean had been born with a womb, they've be on their fourth or fifth kid by now.

I guess the real reason he fucked that young kid at the gym, was to get back at Sean.  

It was stupid, inconsiderate and cruel.

The sex had meant nothing to him.  

It had been just that, meaningless sex.

But afterwards, Nate felt guilty.  

He felt sick and he couldn't look into Sean's beautiful, emerald green eyes.

He just kept seeing himself,  fucking that little twink at the gym.  

God, he felt disgusted!

He had to come clean, this was eating him from the inside.  Especially after Sean started decorating their spare room into a nursery.

"It was just sex, Jamie.  Nothing, else..."

Nate couldn't look Jamie in the eyes and tell him the real truth.  

He felt that ashamed.  

Afterall, Nate had promised to love, care and protect of his sweet, baby brother.  

Nate had been Sean's first love, first of everything and to treat him this way, fuck!

Jamie looked straight ahead and tightly gripped the steering wheel.  

"So, let me get this fucking straight.  You're telling me, that you threw away 3 years of a relationship, for a piece of ass?"

Jamie's tone was getting angry.

Suddenly, a call came in on the radio.

"Attention, all available units.  Please, report immediately to the corner of Beacon St, and Charles."

"We have a 10-50, in progress.  Proceed, with extreme caution.  I repeat, extreme caution!"

Nate took the mic and called the station.

"This is cruiser 33.  Ten-four, we're on our way."

Suddendly, 4 helicopters flew overhead.

Jamie and Nate both looked up and then at each other.

"What, the fuck?" Jamie, said.

Suddenly, out of nowhere and quite abruptly, Jamie had to break as three cop cars, appeared from his left side. They cut in front of him and raced with flashing lights and sirens, towards Boston Common.

"Holy shit!  Stupid, mother fuckers!"

Jamie looked at Nate.

"What the fuck is going on?  Was that squad 45, 28 and 17 that cut us off?"

Nate looked ahead and then overhead, as three more helicopters flew by.

"Yeah, Sullivan and Wilson on 45, Davis and Evans on 28 and Taylor and McNamara on 17."

Jamie spat out the window and punched the steering wheel.

"Stupid, mother fuckers!  Wait, until I get my fucking hands on them."

Jamie looked up and saw three more helicopters flying by.

"What, the fuck is going on?  Are, we under attack?" Jamie said, as he looked at Nate.

Jamie then grabbed the mic and called the station.

"Hey, Tammy.  This is Jamie on 33.  What, the hell is going on?  We counted 10 choppers heading over to Boston Common?"

Nate took out his cell phone and even though it was strictly against regulations, made a call.

"Hey, Jamie.  I don't know, what's going.  We're getting so many strange calls.  People are panicking, we're getting calls of riots, people fighting, biting each other.  There are crashes and fires, everywhere.  It's like everything is going to hell."

Nate was calling Sean.




"Please, pick up!  Please, Sean...pick up, baby!"

But, the answering machine came on.

"You've, reached Sean McCarthy.  I'm unable to take your call right, now.  So, please leave me a detailed message, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.  Thanks."


"Fuck!  Sean, this Nathan.  Hun, please pick up.  This is important, if you get this message, please turn on the news.  Something, is happening in the city.  Remember our emergency drill?  What, we..."


"Fuck!" Nate, spat out loud.

Jamie was looking at Nate.

"What?  Sean, not picking up?"

Nate, shook his head and speed dialed again.

"He's not picking up.  The fucking answering machine cut me off!"




"You've, reached Sean McCarthy.  I'm unable to take your call right, now.  So, please leave me a detailed message, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.  Thanks."


"Sean, you're fucking killing me!  Listen, turn on the news.  Remember, our emergency drill?  Something is happening, I want you to head home.  Take a cab and please, head home!"

More patrols cars could be seen ahead.  

A big cloud of smoke could also be seen in the distance, people were running and screaming all over the place.

"Jesus Christ!" Jamie muttered.

What lay ahead was something out of a nightmare.

Jamie called dispatch, as Nate tried once again to call Sean.

"Tammy, this is..."

Suddenly, an oil tanker truck that was on fire was coming straight at them...

"Jamie, watch out!"

Nate's phone flew off his hand and suddenly, their squad car was airborne.

The last thought that Nate had, was of Sean.

Please, my love.  Forgive me!

To be continued...