Corruption 01

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Greg was a wolf, a male who had a quiet pride in who he was. He never felt the need abase someone else to make himself feel better. He had a good job, good friends and a girlfriend who he hoped to be mated to one day. If anyone had even hinted at where his life would go over the following weeks, he’d have laughed in their face.

It started on a Friday evening; he was with friends at the coffee shop as was their weekly habit after work. They’d been talking for almost an hour when he started to pant. He loosened his collar, but it didn’t seem to help with the raising heat. None of his friends seemed to be feeling it so he excused himself.

With the bathroom door locked he splashed water on his face, and then rubbed it through his fur. His panting only got worst.

“You don’t look too good there buddy.” Greg looked up in the mirror and saw a lion leaning against the far wall. He was about his height, and muscular, the light shirt he was wearing clinging tightly showed it off. The jeans seemed to be more comfortably cut. Greg could only shake his head, his throat too dry for words.

“Why don’t you tell me what you’re feeling, I know a thing or two about the body. I might be able to tell you what’s wrong.” The lion had an amused smile. “You’ll want to drink some water first, your throat’s probably parched.”

He did as the lion recommended and sighed as the tightness in his throat eased. “I just started feeling hot all of a sudden,” he managed to say between pants, his eyes not letting go of the lion “now my breathing’s shallow, and my body’s shaking.”

The lion mouthed a silent ‘ahhhh’ “The breathing and shaking, that started when you looked at me, right?”

Greg nodded “you know what’s wrong?”

The lion chuckles “definitively. You’re horny.” As he said that he slowly ran a paw ever his crotch.

Greg looked away from the lion, at his hands “that can’t be right”

“Look at me Greg,” the lion said. The voice was in a conversational tone, but Greg none the less found himself looking up, his eyes drawn to the lion’s reflection as he lowered his pant’s zipper. “Of course it’s right. Can’t you feel you cock straining in your pants? It’s getting harder than you’ve ever felt it as you look at me, isn’t it? Don’t lie now.”

Greg swallowed as the lion took his cock out of his pants and stroked it to hardness. He had no choice but nod as his own now felt painfully constrained.

“That’s right, look at it. See how hard it is, how watching me stroke it is turning you on. You like my hard cock don’t you?” The lion then moaned and shivered. Greg found himself trembling in anticipation, his panting increasing. “Oh yeah.” He gave Greg a smile. “remember how you’re feeling right now, cause that how you’ll feel when ever you see a male’s cock from now on. You won’t be able to resist looking at their crotch and wondering what’s hidden behind that zipper. And when there naked . . . you’ll find yourself wondering what their cock feels like, what they taste like. . . .” The lion moaned and his entire body shook as his cock shoot streams of cum in the air.

Greg’s body shook in response, his cock throbbing, just on the edge, but unable to go over.

The lion remained unmoving, his eyes closed and a satisfied smile on his face, as his cock finished throbbing. He shook his head and gave Greg an even wider smile. “Oh yeah, this is what’s it’s about.” He licked the cum that was on his paw. “Now, where was I? oh yeah.” He moved forward, his softening cock swaying hypnotically. “you’ll be wondering about that, but not strongly enough to do anything about it, not yet.”

Greg watched the cock until it fell out of view. He looked up into the lion’s eyes as hew stood behind him, his muzzle beside his ear. “You can cum. . . Now.”

Greg grabbed the sides of the sink as the orgasm hit him, his body rigid under its intensity. When it finally passed he was left panting, wondering where that had come from, he couldn’t recall ever having one that strong.

He looked over his shoulder, expecting to see someone there, but that was crazy, he was alone, and the door was locked; which was probably a good thing, all things considered.

He looked down at he wet spot on his crotch. Great, even if he managed to dry it completely his friends were bound to smell what had happened.

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