Corruption 02

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Greg sat at his usual table. None of his friends were there yet. He wasn’t sure how he’d managed to arrive early since he’d felt like he was running behind all day. Still he appreciated it; it gave him a chance to think. This last week had been insane, and the week before that not much better. He couldn’t seem to stop looking at the guys in his office; he’d never done anything like that before. And at the gym it was even worst. A lot of the guys there wore tight Speedos and those left nothing to the imagination. He’d found himself getting hard at the sight. And then, seeing them naked in the showers. . . .

 The first time it happened Greg ran to his girlfriend’s place and fucked her brains out just to prove to himself that he was still ok. He just told her that he missed her that much when she asked what had brought that on.

He looked up when someone sat at his table. It wasn’t one of his friends. “You don’t mind if I sit here, do you?” said the lion as he put down his cup of coffee. There was something vaguely familiar about him.

“Do I know you?” He asked, not able to pinpoint why he was familiar.

The lion smiles “You don’t remember me.” It wasn’t a question. “We met about a month ago, on the train, you were coming back from that business trip. You were quite a find. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as well adjusted as you. We spent the entire trip talking, well, you talked I listen. You told me everything about you. From your first memory to the last time you’d fucked your girlfriend, in great detail.”

Greg frowned, as hard as he tried he just couldn’t remember, the trip was clear in his memory, and he even thought he could glimpse something about talking with someone, but the lion was no where in there, let along an extended conversation.

“Don’t bother trying to remember, you won’t. It wouldn’t do for you to have an idea of what I’m planning.”

Greg focused on him “planning?”

The lion smiles sweetly “now now, don’t make a scene. You don’t want your friends to catch you making a fool of yourself do you?” At the mention of them Greg looked toward the door. “Don’t worry they’ll be here on time. I wanted you here early so we could talk. I like the way you’re progressing.”

“P . . . Progressing?” Greg asked, worried, somehow he got the impression that what had been going on was this male’s doing.

The lion nodded, a pleased smile on his face “do you have any idea how delightful it is to see you fight it, to try and resist those baser instinct I have implanted in you.” He leaned forward as if to share a secret, and Greg found himself leaning in too. “And you’ve started giving in.” He said in a whisper.

Greg sat up, no. he hadn’t been giving in. He couldn’t, he was straight, he had nothing against gays, but HE. WAS. STRAIGHT. The lion was looking at him with an amused smile. Could he tell how much the internal conflict was taking out of him?

“Keep fighting it,” he said as if hearing Greg’s silent question, “it doesn’t matter to me, you’ve already lost that battle. It might not have reached your conscious mind yet, but your subconscious? Well, that’s been completely turned around.” Greg shook his head. “No? weren’t you wondering what my cock might look like when you saw me sitting down.” Greg wanted to deny it, but he kept seeing a male’s cock in his mind when he looked at him, with a hand moving up and down his hard length. Greg swallowed hard. “Or maybe remembering it?”

The lion took his cup of coffee and took a sip from it. Over the rim he looked at Greg. “you’ve been getting turned on by cocks for two weeks now. So from now on, on top of that, every time you get sexually excited you’re going to think of cocks. It won’t matter what’s exciting you, cocks are going to take over. It’s not something you’re going to be able to stop.”

“You’re insane. You can’t tell me what to think.”

The lion just smiled at him. “We’ll see, won’t we?” and put his cup down

The cup made a loud thud as it was put on the table in front of him. Greg looked up at the waitress in surprise.

“You must really be out of it tonight Greg. I called your name three times to let you know your coffee was ready. Where did your mind wander to?”

Greg looked at the empty chair facing him, and then back at the waitress. “I don’t know.” He said as he tried to remember, “I guess it didn’t wander to anywhere in particular.” He finally said with a shrug. “Thanks for bringing it to me.”

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