Corruption 03

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“I’m going crazy.” Greg said, his head on the table, arms over it. “Please tell me that I’m going crazy.” He looked at the rabbit sitting across the table from him. His face remained mostly neutral, only the rabbit’s lips twitching indicated that he was trying not to smile. “Please tell me you don’t think this is funny. And why are we in your kitchen instead of your office?” He pointed to the partially open door.

Joe took a drink from his beer to give himself time to regain his composure “I’m not sure you realize just how rare it is for someone to come to me asking to be told they are crazy. And we are here because I’m hoping to help you as a friend, not a shrink. Why don’t you start by drinking your beer and telling me why you think you’re going crazy.”

Greg looked at the bottle he’d been ignoring and sighed. He picked his head off the table and took a long swallow. “Last night I was on the phone with Sasha. We hadn’t talked for a while, and the sound of her voice turned me on. As we talked I imagined us in bed. I was caressing her, running my paws down her body, admiring it. When I envisioned myself massaging her balls and caressing her hardening penis I dropped the phone. I couldn’t think. When I was finally able to pick up to phone I told her I’d had a dizzy spell and that I wasn’t feeling well.”

Joe tilted his head “she doesn’t have . . . ?”

“Of course not!”

“Just checking.”

“It’s not just that. For a while now I’ve been . . . . looking at guys crotch, getting excited by it. At the gym I’ve taken to going there last so I won’t have to fight a hardon all the time.”

“I don’t see why you’re so worried about that?”

“Excuse me? Are you telling me that what I’m feeling is normal?”

The rabbit took a long swallow from his bottle. “First you have to realize that no one’s one hundred percent straight, or gay. It’s all a question of degrees. Knowing you, I’d say you’re up there in the high numbers, but that still only means in the nineties. There’s still a small part of you that that’s going to be interested by guys.”

“I’ve never been interested in guys. And what’s been happening isn’t just a ‘little’. It almost feels like an obsession.”

“Are you telling me that you’ve never done anything with another guy? Even as a kid?”

Greg shook his vigorously, and then slowed it, as a memory came back to him. “Well, there was this one guy when I was young.”

“What did you do?”

“I don’t remember. I just remember being curious. It was only that one time.”

“Just one?” Greg nodded. “Do you think it was because of your father?”

“Of course not, why’d you ask that?”

“From what I remember you saying about him he was rather set in his ways.”

“well, ok, he was a ‘sex is for breeding’ kind of guy, but it’s not like he knew what I’d done, so he couldn’t have said anything.”

“Maybe, but you knew how he was. And what he’d be likely to do if he caught you. That could have affected how you behaved.”

“I . . . I guess. But I don’t see what that has to do with what’s happening now.”

“Well, if you didn’t go through the normal exploration of youth, it’d be bound to catch up with you at some point.”

“Wait, are you telling me that it’s normal for a straight guy to fool around with another guy? Are you saying that you’ve done it?”

“Yes, it is, and yes, I have.”

“Since Marsha?”

Joe chuckled, “of course not, we made a promise to each other. I got it out of my system before we were mated.” He straightened up. “And I think that’s what’s happening with you!”

“What do you mean?” Greg asked frowning.

“You’re planning on getting mated with Sasha, right?”

“Yeah, but not right now, although I’ve started looking at rings.”

“Then that has to be it! Your subconscious is forcing these feelings to the surface so you can deal with them before you make the promise, instead of having to live with them afterward.”

“Are you sure?” Greg asked, doubtful.

Joe shrugs “I can’t be certain, the mind is a complicated place, but it usually knows what it needs to do, even if we don’t always understand it ourselves.”

“So you’re telling me that I should just go with it? That imagining the girl of my dreams with a cock is normal?”

Joe sighed. “Greg, you asked for my advise, and both as a friend and a psychologist, I’d suggest that you let your mind take you were it feel the need to go. If it’s making you feel those things it’s because you need to explore them. Once you’ve done so they’ll just go away.”

“You’re sure?”

Joe nodded. “If you keep resisting them and pushing them back you’ll just end up turning your fear into a self fulfilling prophesy. I mean really, what’s the harm? Just get it out of your system.”

Greg nodded thoughtfully

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