Corruption 04

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Greg sat on the bench, his fur still dripping slightly, looking in front of him, but not seeing anything. The locker room was quiet. As far as he knew he was the last one in the Gym.

He’d followed Joe’s advice, and let himself watch guys, watch their crotch and wonder what was being covered. At work it had become a minor distraction, he had to constantly stop his daze from moving down when he was introduced to a client, or simply talking to a coworker. It hadn’t overtly affected his relationship with his girlfriend. They still had as much sex as ever, even if he constantly found himself thinking about guys while they were doing it, or he had to suppress the slight disappointment he felt each time he reached between her legs and didn’t feel a ball and cock.

He hadn’t told her about his recent interest in cocks. Since it hadn’t affected their sex life he figured it didn’t really matter, and he had no idea how to broach the subject. How did you go about telling your girlfriend that you kept thinking about cocks while having sex with her? Or that you’d been thinking about sucking on one recently, to find out what it was like.

The gym had proven to be the worst. He’d tried to go back to his regular hours, but seeing those almost naked bodies, and some of the shorts worn barely hiding anything, had been too much. Not only was he incapable of focusing on his training, but he spent is entire time there with a hardon. So he came in during the last hour, when there was hardly anyone. And tonight there had only been two or three others, who all left before he was done.

He looked up when he heard a shower being turned off. He had been so lost in thought that he hadn’t even noticed it being on. A few moment later a lion, his head covered by the towel he was using to dry his mane, came into view, and, as was Greg’s habit now, his gaze immediately went down to his groin. The cock he saw made his mouth salivate. Flaccid, it was the length of his hand, and had a good girth to it. The balls under it looked like they could be a good handful.

“Is everything ok buddy?”

Greg looked up, the towel was now on the lion’s shoulders, “what?” The lion pointed at Greg’s crotch. Frowning he looked down to see his cock hard. His ears burned as he grabbed his towel to cover himself. “Sorry” he said, looking back at the lion.

“Don’t be,” was the response, “looked like you were enjoying looking at mine. There’s nothing wrong with that.” The lion spread his legs and made his cock swing, the movement becoming shorter as it became harder. Greg’s gaze never left it, and drool dripped from his opened mouth. “Looks to me like you’d like to do more than just watch now, it’s ok, you can touch it.”

Greg reached out hesitatingly, his hand pulling back just as it’s about to make contact. “It’s ok Greg, remember what Joe told you, the desire’s coming from your own mind, so it can’t be bad for you.” Greg nodded, just half listening. He put a finger on the hard length and was amazed at the heat coming from it.

He moved a little closer, closing his hand around it, feeling the texture the veins created. His other hand cupped the balls, and they indeed were a handful. He couldn’t believe how nice the velvet covering them felt, he couldn’t remember his ever feeling this nice when he touched them.

He moved closer still, and could now smell the lion’s groin. He was momentarily surprised at the lack of scent, but he then remembered the lion had just gotten out of the shower.

“You don’t just want to touch it, do you? You’ve been wondering what a cock tastes like for the entire week, now’s your chance, go for it”

Greg felt his heart beat faster in anticipation. He squeezes the lion’s cock and a pearl of liquid appeared at the tip. He was mesmerized by it. He moved his muzzle close, and caught a hint of manliness in the smell. Using as much self control he could muster he slowly licked the drop.

He was amazed at the taste and he felt his blood boil with desire, but he still had enough control to take his time. He wanted to appreciate this experience for all it was worth.

Holding the base with a hand he slowly licked the entire length, making the lion sigh, which pleased Greg. It tasted good, so good that he had trouble stopping himself from simply inhaling the large shaft, as it was he had his lips wrapped around it, before he ever realized it, and he was sucking on the tip.

“Oh yeah, that’s good.”

Greg almost purrs at the compliment and pushed more of it down his muzzle, its girth stretching it slightly.

“Watch the teeth buddy. You don’t have to take all of it, not yet anyway, this isn’t a contest, just take as much as you’re comfortable with.”

Greg nodded and pulled it out a little. He closed his eyes and slowly moved up and down on it while he continues to massages the lion’s balls, loosing himself in the sensation and motion.

“Go faster Greg. That’s it.” He added once Greg complied. A few second later the lion added “get ready for it.” Greg didn’t have time to wonder about it that the lion’s cock exploded and he was fed cum. He had enough presence of mind to swallow between spurts instead of drowning in it.

He was so busy swallowing it that he didn’t have time to examine the taste until the lion pulled out of his muzzle. There was some bitterness to it, but it was a pleasant kind, and the multitude of nuances to the taste made his head swim.

The lion scratched the base of Greg’s ear. “Yeah, you were really good. And you like the taste don’t you?” Greg nodded. “That’s good because you’re going to be getting much more of it from now on. You are going to desire cock now, licking them, eating them. You’re doing to desire them more than you desire females, more than even that girlfriend of yours, what’s her name, Sara?”

“Sasha,” Greg provided dreamily.

The lion nodded “that’s right, even more than Sasha.

Greg nodded.

The lion bend down and whispered to him, “you can cum, now.”

Greg closed his eyes as his orgasm hits, spraying his chest with jets of cum. Panting he opened them looking around and sighed in relief at still being alone. That had been one hell of a fantasy, he hadn’t even touched himself, and he could still imagine the taste on his tongue.

He looked down at his cock which was still hard. He watched a drop of cum run down its side and wondered if it would taste the same as it had in his fantasy. Instead of wondering he picked the drop up with a finger and brought it to his lips. His tasted saltier, but it was surprisingly close.

His eyes stayed glued on his cock, which still didn’t show any signs of going down. He licked his lips and realized he was drooling. He gave himself a quick chuckle and then shrugged, why not, it would be interesting to find out if that also compared to his fantasy.

He moved to the shower so there wouldn’t be anything to hit his head or fall off. He threw his towel on the floor and sat on it, with his back against the wall. He hooked an arm under his knee and slowly pulled himself down, closer and closer to his cock. He would never have guessed that those flexibility exercises he did before and after each gym sessions would ever come in handy for this.

His muzzle finally reached the tip of his cock; it was about the same length at the one in his fantasy, but not as wide, and closed around the tip, sending electricity up his spine. He was able to take about half of it before his back started protesting. He didn’t force it, just sucked as much as he could and enjoyed it.

Even with having cum only minutes earlier it didn’t take him long to cum again. He was planning on swallowing it, but the spasms that accompanied his orgasm forced him to straighten his back and the cum flew in the air.

As his panting quieted down Greg came to the conclusion that the only way he’d get to taste cum again would be to suck someone else

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