Corruption 05

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“You wanted to see me sir?” Greg said as he closed the door to his boss’ office.

“Yes,” said the cat sitting behind the desk. “I’ve been going over your numbers, and I have to say that they’re disappointing. You’ve had a thirty percent drop in productivity over the last month.”

“I’m sorry sir.”

“Sorry doesn’t do you much good in this office.” He moved from behind his desk. He didn’t bother getting out of his chair, he was so fat that it could barely contain him; he just rolled it until he was next to the desk. “However, having said that, I’m sure there’s something you can do for me that would make me overlook these numbers.”

“Excuse me?” Greg asked, confused.

“I’ve been hearing rumors about you on the floor.” and to make sure there was no doubt as to what the cat meant, he rubbed his crotch.

Greg looked his boss over and kept his reaction from showing “You shouldn’t believe every rumor you hear. Sir.”

The cat was visibly displeased. “In that case you’d better bring those numbers up fast if you want to keep you job.”

Greg had headed straight to his cubicle and worked like a maniac for the rest of the day, and headed straight to the bar after work.

  * * * * *

Greg looked into his drink, trying to figure out what was going on, again. After that experience at the gym it took him a few days to work up the courage to go to a gay bar to pick up a guy, any guy, but he wasn’t successful. Nor did he have any on the following day. It wasn’t until he gave up that things changed. He’d ordered a Scotch and was just nursing it, when a squirrel came up to him, and asked him if he wanted to have fun. They didn’t go further than the alley behind the bar. He was forced on his knees and had the cock shoved down his throat, hard and quick. Luckily it was of normal size.

And it left him knowing he liked it. He dropped his coffee group for the bar. Every few days he was there, and he quickly gained a reputation as an eager cock sucker.

If that was all that had changed with him he wouldn’t have been that bothered by it, but he found himself desiring Sasha less and less, and that troubled him. He knew he loved her, he could feel it deep inside him, but her form didn’t seem to stir him anymore. They still had sex, but he had to imaging himself fucking a guy just to stay hard.

The other thing was at work. He had gone from watching the guys, to doing them. He started it with one he knew to be gay. He’d been curious about him ever since he’d started letting himself watch guys. He followed him to the supply closet and almost forced him to take his pants down so he could suck him off. He must have enjoyed it because it became a regular thing. And then other guys there made sure he knew they were interested in what he was offering.

And then came the call to his boss’ office. Greg had been relieved not to feel any desire to suck him off.

An arm came to rest on the bar next to Greg, it was big and covered in coarse brown fur. “You look like the kind of guy who can appreciate a real male.”

Greg glanced sideways at him, he was a brawny bear, his denim shirt hanging open, showing large pecs and an ample belly under that fur, but he only paid that the barest of attention, his gaze went down immediately to check his crotch, there was a nice sized package covered by those jeans.

“Why don’t you go get lost,” said someone behind Greg.

The bear looked in that direction, “and why don’t you mind your . . . .” he didn’t finish, he simply walked off.

Greg turned around and found himself looking at a lion. He ignored the bare chest covered only by an open sleeveless leather vest and looked directly at the large, jeans covered, bulge, framed by the chaps. He had trouble stopping himself from drooling.

“Why don’t you finish your drink so we can go to your place.”

 * * * * *

Greg’s hands roamed all over the lion’s chest and he went down on his knees. He looked at the bulge and his hands joined him, lightly caressing the covering jeans. He looked up and the lion smiled at him, nodding.

Slowly Greg undid the belt, then the pants, and took the lion’s semi hard cock out. He rubbed the side of his muzzle against it, leaving his sent on it; just as the precum leaking from it was putting the lion’s scent on him. When he was done it was erect and throbbing.

He didn’t lose anymore time and took it all in, without any problems. He kept it there for as long as he could hold his breath and then slowly sucked on it. This was what he lived for these days, bobbing his head up and down on someone’s cock. It didn’t matter to him who’s it was, how big, or small, only that it was in his muzzle.

He had no idea how long he’d been savouring the cock when the lion had him stop. “It’s time to move on to something new” He said as he pulled Greg up, and tenderly removed the wolf’s clothing.

Once they were both naked he moved Greg to the bed, getting him to lie on his back. The lion climbed between his legs. “I’ve never done this” Greg told him as he guessed what the lion intended.

“I know.” He said as he lubed his cock. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you enjoy this.”

Greg nodded and gasped as the lion pushed a lube covered finger inside his ass. He felt himself relaxed as the finger moved in and out.

“How does that feel?”

Greg smiled “Very good,” he moaned, “specially that spot.”

The lion nodded “Yeah, that’s the special spot. When you know where it is you can make any guy melt.” He pulled out his finger. “But that tunnel’s made to house something you’ll love much more than my finger.”

The lion moved close and lifted Greg’s legs, resting them over his shoulders. He used a hand to line up his cock and pushed.

      Greg felt the pressure against his ass, and for a moment was torn between resisting and relaxing, but the decision was made for him as the tip of the lion's cock pushed its way inside.

      Greg gasped and the lion stopped moving. "Take a deep breath and relax." he said, softly rubbing a paw on the wolf's belly. "We're going to take our time, we have all night."

      Greg nodded, relaxed, and the lion pushed in a little more, and then again. Greg couldn't believe how good it felt to have a cock inside him. And when the lion bottomed out he couldn't help but moan.

      "That's a good boy. I told you this would be good. Are you ready to experience pure bliss?" Greg nodded and the lion started to thrust slowly.

      Greg moaned louder as the cock pulled out He'd never felt anything like that, it felt even better than when he's had sex with Sasha, and part of him wondered if this was what she had felt.

      After a few more thrust Greg's mind couldn't form thoughts anymore from the overload of pleasure he was feeling from the cock being pumped in him. He had no notion of time, only that at some point the thrusting increased in speed, then his own cock was stimulated. He opened his eyes to see the lion's glistening paw stroking his cock and his back arced as he came all over himself.

      As the orgasm faded memories came back to him; the conversation on the train, the altercation in the restroom, as well as the one in the locker room. He looked at the lion with horror as he realized what had been happening to him. The lion responded with a smile, and by holding him down when he tried to move away, his thrusting still going on.

      "that's right, remember everything." He said, eyes locked with him. Greg tried to pulls away again, but he couldn't get leverage. "Oh yeah, fight it, I'm almost there." The lion's voice had no friendliness left in it; before Greg could do anything else the lion slammed himself inside him, making Greg moan in pleasure, and filled him with his cum.

      As soon as the lion relaxed Greg pulled away, making them both groan as he moved off his cock, and backup against the wall, his ear splayed against his skull "what did you do to me?"

      The lion raised an eyebrow at him, while wiping himself off with a corner of the bed covers. "I think that's pretty obvious."

      "I think I'm going to be sick." Said Greg, hugging himself

      "No you won't"

      And the lion was right, as much as Greg wanted what he'd done to feel wrong, his body wouldn't cooperate, his body was still tingling at the memory of the lion's cock up his ass.

      The fear he felt at the lion turned to anger. "Get out."

      "I'm not sure I . . ."

      "Get! The! Fuck! Out!"

      The lion shrugged, grabbed his clothes and walked out the door, silently closing it behind him.

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