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Chapter ten

Kale sat on the knoll where Kiri had become the Avatar. Red flowers grew in a circular patch, swaying and singing Kiri's name to each other. They raised their petals to the sun. Yellow stamen billowed gently, full of pollen. Within each flower, bees hummed busily, collecting nectar and pollen upon their backs. The silver stems swayed gracefully; silver that perfectly matched the colour of Kiri's eyes.

As long as they thrived and grew, Kale knew that Kiri was alive. Just as the forest had become a part of Kiri, Kiri had left a part of him here. These unique flowers were the symbol of his connection to Trevailier forest, and his anchor to the Feminine. As fragile as these flowers seemed, their roots dug deep, and they were hearty plants once their roots were firmly set.

He spoke in the old tongue, asking them to talk to Kiri on his behalf. They sang louder and refused his plea. Kale smiled, and ruefully thought that the plants even had Kiri's stubbornness. The land and forest curled around Kale like an old lover. He felt the energy of the land embrace and hold him. Sighing, he mourned the loss of his spirit beast, but accepted the necessity. Fey didn't have spirit beasts to channel the elements. Their bodies were their vessels.

He got up from his perch among the flowers and walked towards the main centre of the fey city. The forest hid it well from prying eyes. Kale looked up. Floating coloured lights hung above the branches of the trees, indicating pathways from one enormous branch to another.

The trees soared high above, getting lost in the gloom. The branches were thick and strong, blocking the sun out entirely in this part of the forest. Beneath the canopy, arched doorways made out of entwined branches opened to the main corridors of the city. Fey casually strolled along the forest floor. Some of them were performing mage arts with the small flowing creeks that trailed past, raising water above the surface and turning it into animal, plant, or fantastical shapes.

Their audience nodded appreciatively, keeping silent, but showing with body gestures their awe and amazement. They turned to each other, talking mentally, and laughing with merry eyes. Kale walked past them sedately, but with purpose. As one, they turned and bowed to him, polite and formal.

Kale mentally sighed; he was used to hearty laughter and earthy banter. His years away from the Fey had changed him. He was surprised to realise, now that he was back, how much he missed the many aspects of this world he had left behind. He followed an arching corridor towards his left. At the end of the corridor a pagoda, made out of living wood, stood upon a ledge overlooking a cliff view of the ocean.

The setting sun sent rays of gold, orange and pink shooting into the darkening sky. He walked inside the pagoda and placed his hands upon the rail. The wood beneath his hands whispered, and shivered in pleasure, at his touch. He smiled and petted the railing before concentrating on the ocean below. He needed to feel the sea beneath him in order to contact the three Fey Elders. Even though he had a connection to all elements, as the Elder Rain, his connection was mainly with water.

He took a deep breath, centring himself, before beginning. He felt the waves, far below him, sway and move with the pull of the tides. He raised his hands above his head and waves, two hundred feet below, rushed up the cliff edge to spray against him. The spray created a backdrop, for the last rays of the sun, creating a rainbow before crashing back down to the sea.

Kale sent his call out over the waters. The ocean became a living link and transmitted his call. He looked up to the sky, and saw clouds racing above. Reaching out his hand, he drew them towards him, whispering his message upon the moisture-laden air. They scattered away from him, racing to the four corners of the earth. The ocean called out his words, and passed them on to the many streams that flowed into her. Rain whispered over the land, singing the message to those who could hear and understand it. Ponds passed the message to the animals that drank from them. Three times, he sent his message, hoping that the other elders would respond to his call before it was too late.

Sighing, he lowered his arms, and moved away from the pagoda. He walked into the shadows of the woods, and leapt up to the second level of the city. This high up, he could look down upon the main thoroughfare on the forest floor. From where he was standing, the arched doorways acted as bridges between the trees and he leapt from one archway to the next, watching as the Fey strolled back to their residential areas.

Kale had wondered about one particular Elder; that of Fey Elder Wind. Kiri had told him that he visited the Elder once a year, on the eve of balance. None of the Predator clans knew of or celebrated that day. After all, none knew what it represented. The meaning had been lost in history.

He had been avidly curious, and yet feared the Elder while living with the Panther Clan. His fear of being discovered, for what he truly was, clashed with the yearning to be among people he had been raised with. His fear had beaten him, time and time again. Kiri had never asked, after the first time, if Kale would like to join him in his visit.

Even back then, Kale suspected that Kiri knew more than he was saying about Kale's true identity. That child had been born with knowing eyes. Kale dropped down from the branches, using wind to cushion his descent. He came to his own abode, placed his hands against the bark, and sent his essence flowing through the tree.

A shimmering line appeared, at the base of the tree, which grew into a large, arched doorway. The tree was not the actual house; it was an anchor to another dimension where Kale's pink quartz mansion stood. The door could only be activated by the essence of the owner. All Fey were private people, and only shared their houses with family and very close friends.

Kale's `real' family was all gone, except for Kiri. If his true father had living relatives amongst the hidden Ciaran, Kale didn't want to know. He looked upon the home he had made with a small sense of pride. It stood, rectangular in shape, sturdy and blocky...just like him. He tapped the ancient oak with affection and stared upon his creation. He had drawn upon the crystal veins of the earth, and pulled his house into being. He used the ancient oak tree as the channel to the real world, and allowed that energy to manifest in his pocket dimension.

With a contented sigh, he was preparing to walk through the entrance, when he heard footsteps behind him. Turning, his heart nearly stopped before continuing to pump. Nuala was the spitting image of her twin.

"I'm sorry, Elder," she said, bowing her head. "I am disturbing you. I will depart."

"No, its fine, Nuala. Is there anything I can help you with?"

She bowed once more, before replying. Kale had to stifle his sigh at the protocol of fey to Elder. It was one rule he was considering abolishing. His people needed to get comfortable around him and, if they were continually bowing and abasing in front of him, there would forever be a wall between him and his people. His father had trained them to obey, and they thought they had no alternative.

He tuned back, to listen to what she had to say. "I wish to cordially invite you to dinner at my abode."

He felt surprise and pleasure spiral through him. "Under two conditions," he said, raising his middle and index finger in the universal symbol for two. "Call me Kale, ditch the bowing, and I will humbly accept."

A small smile crossed her lips, and she looked Kale in the eyes for the first time. "Accepted...Kale."

He closed the portal to his house and followed her lead. They chatted amiably, mind to mind, before stopping under a great elm tree. She flicked her hand across the bark, and a square door opened. She turned, smiled shyly at Kale, and beckoned him inwards.

The scenery was spectacular. A wooden cottage stood at the head of a serene pond. Large tiger lilies floated on the water, and Fey lights hung upon the winds. Trees swayed, and whispered their leafy song. It was night in this dimension, and Kale asked if time was in sync with the real world. She smiled impishly, and nodded. Kale was impressed; it was an intricate amount of mage work to achieve.

When a dimension was created, drawing upon the elements to create green life was easy. But to maintain an eco system that worked, exactly like the real world, required great delicacy and continuous maintenance. To create the moon, stars, and sun, was a true work of art. It required intense study of the world, how each planet affected the other, the relationship of the sun and the planets, the intricacies of the moon's motion, and many more technicalities.

Kale looked upon Nuala with new eyes. She had the potential to become a great Elder. A flash of premonition brought a chill up his spine. If it was an omen, he wasn't about to brush it off. Putting it in the back of his mind, he smiled at Nuala and bade her lead the way. A quiet dinner with an old friend would do him wonders, he thought. Ill omens, and premonitions of dread, could be saved for another day.


Sonny was wrapped in a thick blanket of darkness. He transformed into his beast form, and took note of the heat signatures around him. In this form, he had the full force of his telepathic abilities. He could hear the fear skittering inside the minds of his warriors, and spoke to them. They sighed with relief, as Sonny soothed them.

"Stay in formation, and trust that the fey will be able to protect us while we do what we were born to do. Attack and conquer."

Attack and conquer was the royal motto, and one with which Sonny could empathise in this situation. His people spread out into a wider circle. A few feet away the fey swirled in and out of sight, always moving, almost too fast for the eyes of a predator. Sonny grimly thought about those left above. He had deliberately brought mostly Lion Clan people down with him, and left two thirds of his clan above.

Complying with a strong nudge from his beast, he had given leadership to the Tigress. Although she could be arrogant and bitchy at times, she was still the right choice. While he had driven the Clans here, to Trobal forest, she had encouraged, soothed and bullied those lagging behind, to keep up the pace. She had made sure that she was the last in the line, and even helped pull some along who were very nearly left behind. He couldn't ignore the fact that, under her catty ways, she still cared for the Clans. His father had chosen well, but Sonny didn't love her; and that made a very big difference to Sonny.

A sharp yelp to his right pulled Sonny back from his musings. Cursing his wandering mind, he focused upon the task at hand, and saw a fey flashing in and out. The light had blinded one of his people, who had been staring too hard, using night vision, near where the fey had flashed.

Still in panther form, he grumbled a warning to the Clan. He became aware that he was picking up on the thought energy of the fey and the shock almost had him shifting back into his human form. The minds of the fey were just out of reach; almost as if he just needed to mentally adjust his perception and he would be able to read them. He had never been in animal form around a fey, and never in his wildest imaginings did he believe he could tap into their minds. This wasn't the time to test how far he could use his telepathic talents against his unusual allies.

Keeping his eyes on his whereabouts, even in this false dark, he decided to see if he could reach out, with his mind, to whatever was causing this unnatural night. He stretched his mind past the strange buzzing of the fey minds, and searched the darkness. He came up against a solid blank wall. He backed away from the wall. His beast rumbled in his mind and, before he knew what was happening, he felt his mind expand and open. Like a ripple of water, his telepathy pulsed over the entire area. It was as if his beast was in spirit form, dashing around the place, mapping out the area within only seconds.

He now knew the dimensions of this room, and that the only place he couldn't penetrate was the blank wall he had come up against earlier. Heart pounding at the unusual turn of his abilities he frowned at his beast, which only purred deep in response.

He mentally commanded his people to halt, and assessed the wall. He tried searching for his missing men, but no sense of them could be found. This was a good sign, he felt; for it meant there was a chance they might still be alive.

A presence appeared beside him, and he responded with his claws before he realised it was the Elder. His claws scraped cloth, before the Elder managed to side step.

"Be at ease, my friend." the Elder said, in Sonny's mind.

Sonny felt the Elder slide into his mind, trying to open the doors to his secrets. Sonny and his beast growled. They didn't like it that the Elder could enter their minds at will. With a click that reverberated inside Sonny's skull, something closed, and the Elder rocked back on his heels.

Elder Wind looked at Sonny, and bowed his head in apology. He waited outside the mental barrier Sonny had made. Sonny's beast stood on guard, while Sonny slowly opened his mind.

"I felt it would be easier, this way, to talk and avoid any unnecessary noise, including divulging our strategy plans to our enemy. I would also like to apologise for my discourteous behaviour." the elder said.

Sonny's beast yowled, but remained sitting on his haunches, tail switching back and forth. Sonny hid his smile before turning serious. He felt the Elder scrutinising his beast and, in that instant, the doors of the Elder's mind opened. There was uncertainty and curiosity about Sonny's beast, and the Elder was afraid, deeply afraid. Pulling out before he was discovered, he thought that it was interesting and somewhat frightening to know that the Elder found his beast strange, and that he was afraid of it. He was always led to believe that fey were indestructible and feared nothing.

"Now that it's established that we can link minds," the Elder said, unaware that his mind had been invaded, "I think it prudent that we stay in contact with each other, this way, until we decide to approach that strange corner."

Sonny, overwhelmed about his discovery that he could read the Elder, nodded his head. His beast looked at him steadily, with an expression he recognized but couldn't exactly place. But it helped. He felt his heart rate slow, and he could think more clearly.

"Do you know what is behind that wall?" Sonny asked.

The Elder frowned. "It's metallic and electrical in nature. That is all we could discover."

"I tried sensing past it, but couldn't pick up anything living. And there seems to be some strange blocking device preventing me from probing any further."

The Elder gave him a sharp look. "I wasn't aware that Predators could scan for living things. That talent was lost centuries ago."

Sonny looked at the Elder. "I guess I'm just lucky. Besides, we royals have been known for unusual talents."

The Elder nodded, considering. "My people have scanned both sides of the blank wall, to see if we can tunnel our way around. The walls are primarily made up of iron ore. We can manipulate it and create a tunnel. With your scanning talents, we might be able to avoid anything unpleasant. Just be aware; this will take the concentration of all the fey, so we are counting on you to protect us while we work."

Sonny nodded his head in agreement. "That bit of mage work you did earlier, when you went after my missing men, what was it supposed to do?"

"It acts as a beacon, so I can find them anywhere."

"Does it tell if they are still alive?"

"One of them still lives Prince, barely, but one is better than none."

Sonny, still in panther form, yowled his anger, and vowed that those behind these nefarious traps would feel his claws. Blood for blood. His beast rumbled agreement and flexed his claws in preparation.

They went for the wall on the left. Bright arcs of blue shot from the fey hands into the wall. The metal melted, and opened before the watching eyes of the Predators. The fur along Sonny's spine stood up, and he turned towards the dark.

"Battle stations, now!" he mentally commanded.

In a controlled formation, they created the arrow head, with Sonny at the front. The fey continued working behind them, as Sonny peered into the dark. His senses were on full alert. Nothing living was out there, yet he knew that something was stalking them. He felt his beast flare and slide alongside him. His fur rippled under the sensation and, like before, he felt his telepathy scan the room. This time, it seemed to stalk and skulk and, like a cat getting wet, his telepathy hissed and made his own fur stand on end. He roared a challenge.

Thick black tendrils lashed at Sonny's head. Faster than the eye could see, Sonny slashed back at the black substance. His claws shone a steady silver as they sliced through the tentacles. The `thing' didn't scream or hesitate, but began to attack faster and more strongly. He heard the shouts of his people as they, too, were bombarded by black tendrils. Swords and claws flashed in Sonny's peripheral vision, but he was too busy hunting down the head and body of this monster.

He followed his telepathic signal, which gave him a picture of his surroundings, and he could see where everything was, as if it were daylight. The tendrils were coming from the ceiling, and Sonny leapt. One tendril shot out but was met with a shining silver claw for its efforts. The Ceiling was 12 feet high but, for his panther form, it was child's play.

Dropping back down, he roared, and watched, as the sound reverberated across his teeth and into the mass of tentacles. They exploded into black ribbons on the sound wave. He spun around, and leapt back up, into the gaping hole where the tentacles had been.

Above the ceiling, lights and metal flashed, whirred, and groaned. Sonny snarled once more, and clawed the metal objects. Smoke and a strange noise, like a kettle ready to boil, began emanating from the metal objects. Sonny leapt back down to the floor in time to see that there was a large hole where the fey had been working. He ordered his people to retreat into the hole, just as he heard a large explosion shake the ceiling. He put on an extra burst of speed. Part of the ceiling collapsed where Sonny had been standing. He shot through to safety and heard the metallic screech of metal on metal. The room they had just been in collapsed. He slid past the Elder, who was on the other side of the entrance, and watched him create a shield that prevented the impact of the explosion from entering their cave.

They barely had enough time to sit and catch their breaths, when the walls began to move. It was as if they were rebuilding themselves and, just as Sonny and the Elder backed away from the now blocked cave entrance, it closed up entirely. The rubble rebuilt and sealed itself. As one, they both turned and mentally told their people to keep moving, the walls would be closing in on them soon. They raced ahead, as the fey continued burning a path. The predators handed over water and food when necessary. Everyone frequently looked back to see that the walls were rebuilding at a steadily increasing pace. Sweat was running down the fey's faces as they tried to work more quickly.

It seemed like they had been inside the walls for a long time. Still neither Sonny, nor the Elder, could sense life, or any pockets of air, to indicate that there was a space ahead, or even to the sides. The blank wall that they had assumed was a doorway, had disappeared the moment they created the tunnel. The Elder seemed to be the most taxed, as he steadily kept creating fresh air to breathe. He was removing the toxic fumes from the melting metal, and doing his share of the work in breaking down the wall.

The predators were even less happy than the fey. Used to wide open spaces, everyone was now in two narrow lines. To make the space larger was too taxing on the fey. Making it any smaller would cause a riot. Predators, in general, are claustrophobic. This close to their lore rites, it was even harder to control their beasts.

It was just when the Elder sensed a large open space, sixty metres to their right, that disaster struck.

Sonny was in trouble. He watched as holes appeared above their tunnel. Black tentacles lashed down upon him. The fey kept burning a path in front of them, as the Elder instructed them towards the pocket of air he had sensed. They continued creating the tunnel, putting as much speed into digging as they could. The Predators hacked and slashed, keeping the tentacles occupied, trying to protect the fey as best they could.

"Defensive moves." Sonny mentally projected.

He ran around the tentacles, dodging and swaying, slashing when one got too close to the fey. He snarled and became a black blur. The predators were tiring, and watching their Prince attack with vigour, gave them that extra boost to keep going. Sonny encouraged, and commanded. His mental voice calm, but firm.

Then more holes opened in the roof, and the predators were bombarded. The mental screams of his clan had Sonny snarling in rage. With a defiant roar, he thrust his anger into his tired muscles. His beast called to the animals that lurked within each predator around them, and set them loose.

Feral snarls and ragged roars of vengeance filled the small tunnel. Half man, half animal shapes blurred and attacked with such ferocity, the tentacles were slashed in seconds. More took its place, but the predators couldn't be stopped. They fought like never before. Pain dimmed as rage consumed them. The enemy was in their sights, and nothing short of death would stop them from annihilating the foe.

Teeth and claws ripped and bit. Sonny swirled around his clan. He felt the pull of rage that coursed through every predator here. But his mind was clear and his beast siphoned off the strongest rage urges. Fresh air assaulted his nose and he turned to see the fey had opened into a cavern that was made of natural rock.

His beast called to the predators still in berserker mode. As one, they turned and raced towards the exit of the constricting cave.


Kiri stood in shock. He was in a huge ballroom and before him was someone he knew. Hail was his name, and he had fond memories of this man, as he was the one who had introduced him to his own sexuality.

Looking at Hail's predatory and resigned look, made something lurch hard in Kiri's chest. He had always wondered what had happened to him after his banishment. Kiri's father, Cain, had hated the man on sight and challenged him, one day, for some insult to his royal person. Hail was forced to meet him on the duelling grounds. He lost, and he was banished.

Kiri had been devastated. He thought that the only man who had paid any particular interest, outside of Sonny and Kale, was leaving. Hail had been put in charge of training the ten-year-olds. The boys developed very early and so looked more like sixteen-year-olds, than little children. Hail had paid particular attention to Kiri. He was particularly attentive to him when he was feeling inadequate. Kiri was small, compared to the other Predators, but Hail didn't mind that one bit. Cain used to observe and snarl, and Kiri wasn't sure why. He thought it was because he was poor in his training.

In hindsight, Kiri realised that Cain was jealous. Not as a father protecting his son, but because his power base was in danger. Kiri was the power base. Flashes of his father's last moments crossed Kiri's mind. He gritted his teeth, and pushed the images away. He had ripped his father's mind and spirit from him, taking all his memories and absorbing them into himself.

Staring at his very first lover, the one who taught him the art of love, Kiri clenched his fingers. His concentration was solely on Hail, who was brought into the middle of the floor. Trying to break the tension within, he listened to what the announcer was about to say, as the King handed the floor over to him.

Kiri was unaware of the scrutiny being placed upon him, Elder Earth watched the expressions flying across the avatar's face with avid interest. She smiled secretively, and nodded her head. Things were running according to her plan.

"Ladies and gentleman, tonight's entertainment will be filled with decadence and lust. We shall see a man's soul plumbed to the depths of desire, and wrung out like a sponge. We shall feel the essence of life flow through us, in honour of our guest, the Avatar. Please welcome the Predator, Prince Hail."

Loud applause, and catcalls, echoed around the room. Lust and expectation was ripe in the air. Kiri turned away from Hail and looked around. Excitement rose around the room, moving through the crowd as Hail was released from his chains. And that's when Kiri felt it. Hail rumbled a panther growl, deep within his throat. Heat and power caressed Kiri's skin. The audience, sensing that power, shivered. Like a snake hypnotising its meal, the Prey stood spellbound.

Hail wore black leather pants, and nothing else. His eyes bore into Kiri, and he rumbled deep in his throat once more. Kiri's own beast peered through his silver eyes, and responded to that call.

Kiri never heard Falcon call his name, as he glided across the floor. He strutted, walking as graceful as only those of the Cat Clans could. Hail's nose flared at the scent of another cat, and with dawning recognition of the young man who stood before him. The masking of his Sigil had fooled him. Kiri felt his hair come loose and fall around his face. His hair ribbon wrapping itself around his wrist. Red locks swayed of its own power, as his beast projected power against Hail.

The audience gasped as one, as the two cats danced and projected power into each other. It was a ritual that had been passed down from one predator generation to another. It was a signal that a child had matured into an adult. It was part of any Predator's rite of passage; the quest journey. This test was the basis for power. This rite determined the category of Predator you became; Alpha, the leader; or beta, the follower.

Around the two circling predators, the audience groaned with lust, and unfulfilled desires. The backlash of power seemed to affect the prey clans differently, but Kiri was too busy to pay attention. The prey began to tear into each other, as Kiri and Hail circled faster and faster. Clothes slid to the floor and the sounds of pleasure cascaded around the room.

Unaware that the avatar was also a predator, and someone he knew, Hail had started the rite knowing the lust it produced in the Prey. But, he was horribly surprised when the answer was returned. Once a rite started, there was no turning back. If a predator was unblooded in his rites, the beast within could turn feral. These rites were important in controlling the inner wild.

As an uninitiated male, who had never been on a quest journey, Kiri was still locked into his heritage. He responded to the call, and began the dance. Heat radiated from his skin, and turned to power. It brushed up against Hail, and then through him, like a claw.

Hail gasped with pain, and then was shocked as the pain turned to pleasure. He shivered, and heard himself issue a satisfied purr. He locked eyes on Kiri, and pushed more power back. As a blooded Alpha male, he knew the right amount of power to use with each successive taunt. That was where any rational thought ended. Hail's beast was in control, and it was getting harder and harder to remain in human form, as Kiri met each thrust with one of his own.

Hail was coming to the threshold of his own strength. Like a snowball, his and Kiri's power had built and built, yet, Kiri met each bout with concentration, and bated desire. Two more bouts, and Hail met his limit. He threw power back at Kiri with all he had, and was unsurprised when Kiri returned it with an even more powerful volley.

Power rushed over and consumed Hail with its heat. He bowed to the power that was present, and who it came from. The moment he acquiesced, the power turned sexual. His beast roared and he felt fur cover his body. Pleasure spiralled up and touched him in places he had not been touched in a long time. It brushed against his mind, and all his deepest, hidden fantasies burst to life. Hail writhed on the floor, lost inside his mind, living his fantasies over and over in a loop of sexual pleasure.

Kiri floated above the floor, wreathed in a halo of white light. Blood red wings flapped lazily behind him, buoyed by his power. He sang, sent it out to the fornicating audience, and to the man who taught him about such experiences. He sang to Hail, a Predator of the Panther clan. Falcon stood alone, staring in wonder at the avatar. He had pulled the pleasure into him, but refused the bounty of those present. Kiri, sensing his stare, turned, and sent his song of fertility to the Prey Prince.

Kiri sang to the earth that pulsed beneath him. He felt mild vertigo, before the First Avatar appeared before him. Everyone stood, frozen in time, with raptures of lust pasted upon their faces. His power sparked against the gold light of Killara, the First Avatar.

"You have been blooded by your father, and now tested by an old lover. You have passed two rites of your Predator heritage. The last is yet to come, but be wary, my dear little avatar. Everything is not what it seems, and sometimes we don't see the obvious until it's too late." With these cryptic words, she disappeared, and everything began to move once more. The energy of lust dissipated as Kiri's beast sank back down, satisfied. Kiri was now an Alpha male. His scent would notify all predators of his status.

Kiri walked over to Hail. He was lying on his back, and a large damp spot could be seen on his leather pants. Hail's golden eyes opened and stared at Kiri sleepily. Lust curled through Kiri's stomach, but he held it back with an iron will. Kiri was relieved, when he felt the beast remain in its metaphysical cave. Any form of sexual interest would have had the beast rearing its head to investigate.

"Hello Hail. It has been a long time," Kiri said.

Hail looked into Kiri's shinning face and smiled. "I missed your tender mouth, kitten."

Kiri blushed. He had forgotten the nickname that Hail had given him over those three months they were together. Hail smiled.

"Not a kitten any longer, I see." He scanned over Kiri's developed muscles with appreciation.

"Have you two met?" Falcon said behind Kiri.

Kiri kept his eyes locked on Hail's, signalling him to follow his lead. "As I said, I grew up among the fey. We moved around a lot, and I came across `Prince Hail' on one of our journeys. We have met, but when I was very young."

"Oh, so you have history?" Falcon asked.

Hail gave Kiri a warning glance. Kiri stood up and turned to stare at the Prey Prince. "If you must know, I knew him very briefly, but he left an impact on my young mind."

Falcon waited for Kiri to continue. Kiri looked at Falcon with a look of finality on his face. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I thank you for the entertainment, but I have had a long trip and will retire. Good night, Prince Falcon."

He turned and walked away. He briefly heard Falcon order the mages to put the Predator back in his pen for another night. Kiri shuddered, and vowed he would free Hail if it was the last thing he did. Predators hated being caged. Open space was the place for them. He also needed time to think. Once the fog of sexual lust cleared from the Prey's mind, they would remember the little show that Kiri had put on. There would be a lot of questions, and curious faces, the next day.

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