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Chapter eleven

Falcon thrust into the willing vessel beneath him. He looked down into the lust filled eyes of the young noble. They were always sneaking into his room. Male or female, he always forgot their names, and never looked twice at them after he had finished. He considered himself a connoisseur of sex for both genders. Each held its appeal. He loved the way a woman quivered as his cock thrust into her moist crevice; how a boy's ass griped his cock in a tight clasp, tighter than a pussy at times. He loved the animalistic, primal energy of males; yet enjoyed the feminine wiles and attention of women.

The noble girl grunted and thrust her hips up for deeper penetration. He willingly obliged, yet his mind kept focussing on Kiri. His dick hardened even more as he remembered the rich red wings unfurl upon Kiri's back. Kiri wasn't prey. He was more, maybe the next evolution of prey? Falcon had briefly thought Kiri was predator, especially with that power display. He had also watched the expression of horror when the entertainment was announced as a prince of the predators. Everyone knew that was impossible; Hail didn't have a Sigil upon his forehead. Yet Kiri had reacted with very strong emotion. Predators were an earthier, excitable lot. Kiri seemed gently bred, and...distinguished. Either way, he was an enigma; one for which Falcon wanted to find a solution.

Falcon grunted, as the girl beneath gripped him with her inner muscles. He thrust harder and groaned as he envisioned Kiri beneath him, opening to him willingly. The sight was enough to trigger his orgasm. He jack hammered into the screaming girl, and shouted his pleasure as his orgasm shook his body. He kept his body melded to the girl who was moaning and squirming, before he collapsed on top of her.

He had enough sense to roll off before he squashed her. Panting, he moved onto his side and looked at the red blotchy marks of passion on the girls' neck. She lay half prone, eyes fluttering in post orgasmic bliss. He smiled and scratched his armpit, before shaking her from her stupor.

"That was great. Now its time for you to leave," he said.

She didn't move, looking at him with lids half closed. A contented smile curled her lips and she settled deeper into the bed. He frowned. Most of those who came to his room knew the drill. They fucked, and then they got out.

"Did I not please you, your Highness?" she asked coyly. "Keep me as your mistress, and I will be your willing slave." She licked her lips and stared at him appreciatively.

Falcon gave the girl a menacing look. He went to his door and flung it open. Storming back to the bed, he picked the girl up. Tossing her over his shoulder, he heard her shriek as her face solidly hit his back. Her legs kicked the air futilely, and he slapped her naked ass hard. She squealed louder, bunched her fists, and pounded his back.

He threw her off and watched dispassionately as she landed in an ungainly heap outside his door. She screamed as her ass hit the marble floors, and glared at Falcon.

"Next time bitch, I'll throw you in the fucking dungeon." With that, he slammed the door in her face.

He hopped back in bed and closed his eyes. Kiri's silver eyes looked at him with condemnation and sadness. Guilt crawled inside his chest. He snarled, and stormed out onto the balcony. The wind from the ocean blew against his skin, cooling the sweat on his body. He embraced the cold and hunkered down a little, to look at the stars.

He was a Prince of all the Prey Clans; he could do as he pleased. Yet he worried what Kiri would think if he knew what he had done. This was an entirely knew dilemma for Falcon and he wasn't exactly pleased about it. No one had ever affected him to this degree. Thinking it would ease his conscience; he would send jewellery as an apology to the girl. He would have to ask his Seneschal, Harry, about who the girl was, but Harry was good at that sort of thing.

The decision made him feel a little better. He glanced to his left and saw Kiri's light on in the left wing. The wind blew against him, and now he shivered. His phoenix spread out and wrapped warm feathers around him. Sighing with relief, Falcon gazed at the lit window and wondered what Kiri was doing.

The longer he stared, the more he wanted to be on that balcony, looking into Kiri's room. An idea struck him, and a wicked smile spread across his face. Closing his eyes, he heard his phoenix scream her war cry, and they pulled away from his physical body. Together, they soared towards Kiri's balcony and hovered outside the balcony doors peering in.

Kiri's back was to him. He seemed to be laughing at something his servant was saying, and Falcon watched with envy as Kiri hugged the boy. The boy briefly hugged back, before scampering off. Kiri stood up. He was wearing a white silk robe, and Falcon moaned as Kiri dropped it to expose his nude body.

Falcon pushed his face up against the window. There were spells upon spells, interwoven into each other to prevent spirit travel through the walls or windows of the castle. The energy of the old spells vibrated against his essence. Falcons' eyes greedily travelled down Kiri's body, marvelling at the smooth contours, muscled back, and taut rounded ass. He moaned loudly, and felt his body respond on his balcony, twenty feet away. He watched, as Kiri brushed his hair and turned to pull the covers down on the bed.

If Falcon had been there in the flesh, he would have smashed the balcony doors in, just to touch what was out of his reach. His eyes stared at the smooth, supple skin, and his heart pounded. Kiri snuggled into the bed quickly, hiding his alabaster skin from sight. He turned his face towards the balcony, eyes closed.

Falcon's heart and breath stopped as he stared at Kiri's face. Upon the young man's forehead stood the Silver Sigil of the Royal Predator clans. It had an eye in its centre, which distorted it, but it was still the same design as the predator royals. The silver eye opened and held Falcon with its stare. He screamed.

Elder Earth snuck into Prince Falcon's room. She glided over the floor and out onto the balcony. Falcon's body lay prone on its side, as his spirit hovered over the avatar's balcony. There was a flash of silver, and the Elder gasped as Falcon's spirit was caught in some kind of projection beam. The silver light shone from inside the avatar's window. Her hands shook as she took note of how the protection spells moved around that beam without alerting the guard mages. She truly might have misjudged the avatar; such adept skill in such a young vessel. Indecision was written plainly on her face, but she couldn't take the chance. It was now or never.

She snorted to herself. She was doing this, not only for the Fey, but also for the continuation of predator and prey. However, interacting with Kiri, she knew that the avatar wouldn't understand. It was this realisation that made the decision for her.

Closing her eyes, she laid her hands on Falcon's body, and summoned the dormant part of his heritage. Deep beneath the earth, far to the east, something responded. It raced towards him and filled Falcon with indescribable pain. His dormant part awoke.

Kiri was dreaming the dream again. It started off with him standing on the spire. In the distance, he watched as a beam of liquid light burst from the sky, and decimated the Prey Capital. He dropped down to the snow, and knew it was the beginning of the end. He had failed to attain the Masculine, and now the World eater had found him. The Ciaran's enemy, and now the avatar's, were here. This was when he normally woke up, but this time the dream showed him more.

The scene changed. Two beacons of light stood against a war they couldn't win. Sonny stood, side by side, with Falcon. Sonny had metal limbs and they smashed into the enemy with deadly and fatal precision. Falcon stood in a blaze of fire that melted the enemy with its touch.

The war with the minions of the World Eater had taken its toll. Many Predator and Prey lay dead. The two Princes were no longer enemies, but allies, fighting against a common foe. They were fighting for survival.

Kiri tried to run to them. The faster he ran, the further away they got. The minions looked like liquid silver in human shape. He watched, as the remaining predator and prey worked together, back to back, just like their leaders. Yet, with each claw or burst of elemental energy, the minions reformed their bodies, or divided into two copies of themselves. Soon, the minions outnumbered the Clans. Sonny and Falcon were all that was left. The two beacons of light flickered and went out.

The scene changed once more. The Heartwood trees were dying. Everywhere he turned, the ancient oaks were turning to dust. He ran around futilely, trying to reach them, but he was always too late. Kiri scanned the ground, praying that seedlings would appear. The soil was dry and grey. He dug deeper, hoping and praying. There were no signs of life.

He raised his face and looked upon a desolate land. The trees had held the land since the beginning of time. With the destruction of the heartwood sentinels, the land lost its hold. Chunks began to fall away. The trees had held sentinel duty, always watching over the land, and now they were gone. Kiri looked down, expecting to see lava bursting through the soil, but even the Earth's core was dead. The planet was breaking up and pieces were floating away into space. He sank down into the dust. His piece of land was the only thing left floating in a void of nothing. He screamed with fear and loneliness into the silence.

In the darkness, Kiri felt something take note of him. It was cold, inhuman, and hungry, and it was coming for him.

Kiri fell out of bed, panting and gasping for breath. Toby rushed into the room from his own small cubbyhole. He had refused to sleep in the servant's quarters. His hair was dishevelled, and he had a fire poker in his hand. Seeing Kiri on the floor, Toby lowered his weapon and went to his side. "Was it the dream again, sir?" he asked worriedly.

Kiri looked up and gripped Toby's hand. "I'm running out of time. I have to act now."

Toby frowned, but a firm knock interrupted them. Looking at the silver Sigil upon his master's forehead, he rushed to the dresser and began hastily applying the fey dust to cover it. Dabbing Kiri's forehead, and nodding his satisfaction as the Sigil disappeared, he went to the door. Pausing, he waited until Kiri had his robe wrapped firmly around his body before opening the door.

Toby looked into the haunted eyes of Prince Falcon, bowed, and muttered a welcome.

"I wish to speak to your master, immediately."

Toby bowed once more before replying. "Avatar Kiri is improperly dressed, your Highness..."

Falcon cut him off. "I will see him now, or I will tell the entire court about what is truly on his forehead."

Kiri walked up behind Toby and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. He stared at Falcon. Impatience, and wary suspicion, shone from his face. "Come in, Prince."

Falcon walked in and Kiri ushered him into the parlour. They sat opposite each other, and Kiri waited, hands twisting, for the prince to start.

Falcon sat with elbows resting on his legs, as he clasped his hands together. "I want to help you stop the World Eater," he said.

Toby looked at Kiri. "What's going on?"

Kiri looked at Toby. "Do you remember me telling you the reason I was coming here?"

"Yes, sir." Toby replied.

"Well, we have less than two weeks to accomplish it. The Enemy has found our planet."

Toby's face blanched. During their two-week journey to the capital, they had built a strong rapport with each other. Kiri had told Toby who and what he was. Toby smiled in remembrance. Kiri had expected the boy to go running for the hills, but he had done no such thing. In fact, Toby had felt honoured that Kiri had shared anything of his past with him. In his limited experience, he had been considered a nobody; someone who was overlooked in a room. It had its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage had been his ability to gain information without anyone knowing. Nobody saw him, and therefore he heard a lot.

But Kiri was different. Kiri had treated him like someone of worth, and Toby felt honour bound to repay him tenfold. Kiri told Toby about the World Eater, how the Ciaran, known as the ancients, had fled their world to escape the destruction. Something called the Malasii were scouts, searching galaxies for potential planets to feed upon.

Toby had asked how Kiri knew all this. He had given him an enigmatic smile before saying, "My beloved will discover the secret to destroying the World Eater. I must give him the time to find it."

Toby sighed, and looked at his master with concern. There were shadows under those silver eyes, and fear in those depths.

Kiri sensed Toby's stare, and looked at him. Something sparked between them, an understanding. Toby felt a chill run up his spine. Something was going to happen, and Kiri was trying to tell him what it was. Yet, he couldn't decipher the meaning, only the feeling of doom.

Kiri turned back to the Prince. The planet kept whispering about danger coming from the sky. Kiri, and the world, shuddered as they felt the destruction of one of its sister planets. An outer planet, on the edge of the Architect galaxy, had been devoured. The World Eater was making its way here.

"I need access to your catacombs," Kiri said to the prince.

Falcon nodded his head. "Done. Is there anything else you will require?"

"There is, but your people will not be pleased."

"Name it, and I will do all in my power to see that it is done."

"Hang on," Toby said. "What's going on? How is it that you know about the World Eater?" Toby said, staring at the Prince.

Prince Falcon glared at the servant. He had never been spoken to in such a tone by a servant, and found it not to his liking. Toby quailed. He had seen that stare on the Innkeeper's face too many times, and knew he would be punished for it. He swallowed, and barely kept his knees from knocking, as he felt the heat of the Prince's spirit beast. It raised its head and caught him with its eyes.

Kiri stood up and walked in front of Toby, breaking the spirit beast's hold on the boy. "This child is under my protection, Prince; you would do well to remember that."

Falcon shook himself, looked disdainfully at Toby, and bowed his head to Kiri. "Forgive me, Avatar. Being caught in your dream last night has broken much of my self-control. I find I am less tolerant this morning."

Kiri assessed the prince, watching for any sign that he might harm Toby. When the prince remained calm and collected, he turned and rubbed Toby's head. "I'm starved. How about you go and get us some breakfast, and we'll eat it here."

Toby bowed his head. "Thank you, sir, but I'll have mine with the other servants." He turned and bowed deeply to the prince. "Is your Highness having breakfast here too?"

Falcon assented, and Toby bowed once more, walking backwards until he was at the door. He opened it quickly, never raising his eyes, and departed. Kiri watched the entire scene, frowning. He glared at the prince. "It took me over two weeks to get him out of his shell. I don't need another bully making his life hell."

Falcon looked apologetically at Kiri. How could he tell the avatar that he was jealous of the boy? The child had the privilege of sleeping, merely meters away from Kiri. Only this morning, his seneschal, Harry, had told him that the boy refused to be parted from his master. Falcon had observed the affection and camaraderie the two shared with each other. He had never envied anyone; yet he envied that boy. He wanted what Toby had; to be a part of Kiri's life. It was disconcerting, and down right frustrating, to know that he wanted Kiri like he had never wanted anyone before. Usually, Falcon only needed to look at a person and they came running. Even under Kiri's blushes, the avatar had managed to keep a polite distance between them. Refusing the Prince, and his not too subtle advances, was a blow to his ego. "I humbly apologise," Falcon said.

"If you truly mean it, I want you to apologize to Toby when he gets back with breakfast," Kiri said, crossing his arms and looking doubtfully at the prince.

Falcon grimaced, but bowed his head in acquiescence. Kiri nodded his head, and sat back down, opposite the prince. "What is it you wish me to do?" Falcon asked.

Kiri leaned forward. "I need you to return the ley lines back to their original positions."

Falcon shot to his feet. "Good god, do you know what that would do to the capital!??!"

"You saw my premonition, prince; there won't be a Prey capital if the World Eater has anything to do with it. However, doing it my way ensures we have a chance."

Falcon sat back down, shuddering in remembrance. "We will need to get my father involved. I don't have the strength to shift the ley lines by myself." Rubbing his tired face, his shoulders slumped. "That's why you were angry at me about the Heartwood Tree, isn't it?"

Kiri stared at Falcon, expressionless. "The Oak Heartwood trees all over the world are the main anchors that keep the world together. I know of one tree that even holds an Elder Fey within its trunk, and has the bones and essence of the Fey Elders before him, buried beneath it."

Falcon frowned. "Aren't the Fey immortal?"

"Yes, they are but, just as the moon waxes and wanes and the seasons change in a year, so does the power of an Elder. When another Fey hits a plateau of power, it is a calling to the Elder to come out and test his strength against the newcomer. Should he fail, he is replaced and returns to the land."

"You mean he is killed?"

"His body may die, but his essence returns to the land, just like yours and mine will someday."

"So, the Heartwood Trees are the only things that hold the land together?"

Kiri shook his head. "No, the other trees have a smaller role in holding the land, but the Heartwood trees are the main anchors. That's why all trees are called sentinels. They keep watch on the pieces of land they hold. Without the ley lines running in the proper channels, the trees wither and die. Your Heartwood tree, out in the courtyard, has been holding on for dear life. Another decade, and this part of the land would have fallen into the sea."

"How come we don't know any of this?" Falcon asked

"The first, and obvious, reason is because the knowledge is stored in Trobal forest." Kiri nodded his head as he heard the growl from Falcon. It was understandable. The Prey had heard of and feared that place since the Predators had claimed it as theirs, so many centuries ago. Kiri continued. "You have forgotten your ancestry, and my predator relatives are partially to blame for it."

"So you are a predator," Falcon stated.

"I also have prey blood flowing through my veins. My mother was prey. She was a priestess to the female aspect of the Architect."

Falcon gasped. "You're talking about Kira, the High Priestess?"

Kiri looked surprised, and nodded. A knock interrupted them as Toby walked into the room. He wheeled in two plates upon a metal trolley. They steamed, and the smell was fresh and succulent. "Breakfast is served, Highness, sir." Toby said.

They gave a cursory glance as Toby began setting up. "How do you know about her? I was told she lived in a sea village. Surely a person from that part of the land wouldn't be considered of importance in the capital." Kiri said.

There was an odd expression on Falcon's face. He turned and looked at Kiri, searching for something, Kiri was eager, yet afraid to know the answer. Falcon looked down at the marble tiles.

"Do you know something about my mother?" Kiri asked.

"She disappeared nearly fifteen years ago. It was said that she walked into the ocean, never to be seen again. But sailors have sworn that they have seen a fair-haired woman with silver eyes gliding upon the waves, dancing. She was last seen, dancing east from here, near Hollow Island. When she dances, it means there is a storm coming. She has been a harbinger of storms for the villagers up and down the coastal region for over ten years." Falcon suddenly looked uncomfortable. "In the citadel, she is...ridiculed, and an effigy of her is built, placed upon a pyre, and burnt."

"Why?" Kiri asked. His voice dropped an octave, and Falcon felt Kiri's anger, like a stealthy spider, crawling up his spine.

Something inside Falcon shivered at the sensation, and his body responded. He felt his nipples harden and his cock puff up slightly. He swallowed and looked down, avoiding eye contact as he tried to control himself. "She was not noble born, and her parentage was murky. None knew who her father was, and her mother refused to name the man. The King felt it was a mockery of those who had royalty in their veins, to deify a peasant."

Anger flashed inside Kiri's silver orbs. A growl escaped, and a small part of Falcon's mind embraced the pain he was inflicting on Kiri. He knew it was wrong, yet that inner voice, that normally told him this was not right, was missing. It was this realisation that stopped him in his tracks.

Toby came to the rescue and broke the cold rage burning inside Kiri. He walked up to the snarling, unseeing Kiri, and stamped his foot down hard on Kiri's toes. Kiri roared in pain and looked around to see what had caused it. Spotting Toby, he snarled and began stalking towards him.

Toby backed away slowly, but showed no fear. "Sir, you ruined your breakfast with that winter display earlier. Besides, if you're going to visit your mother, then I think you'd better start getting dressed. Your robe is open and flashing your privates to His Highness."

Kiri stopped snarling, and blinked. Toby watched, as awareness began to filter into Kiri's eyes, and sighed. Kiri looked down and saw his sash had come undone, and indeed he was flashing his privates. He squeaked, hastily redid his robe, and turned scarlet.

Glancing at the Prince, who was staring intently, Kiri turned and frowned at Toby. "That was a very dangerous thing you did."

Toby smiled up at him serenely. "When we first met, you promised me that you would never hurt me. I have seen that, when you make a promise, sir, you always keep it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must prepare your clothes for your visit."

Kiri looked at Toby's retreating back with affection. That boy was amazing.

Falcon looked at the floor. Something was wrong with him, yet he couldn't put his finger on it. He could feel his cock rising, and he wanted to fuck Kiri while he was in that cold rage. The feral side of Kiri was something Falcon wanted to see again. No sane person should be thinking this. What was wrong with him? He tried shoving his thoughts into a corner of his mind, as he straightened his shoulders and looked at Kiri.

The avatar was self consciously straightening the sash. Falcon wanted to rip the robe off. The urge was so strong that his fingers were halfway towards the offending robe before he realised what he was doing. He pushed his hands behind him. They were shaking. Where was his self control? Lust surged through him, and he shuddered. Dark thoughts escaped from their prison and started to flood his mind. With them came an exhilarating amount of power.

The hairs on the back of Kiri's neck stood up. He looked up to see the Prince lunging towards him. Side stepping, Kiri was unprepared as the prince turned sharply and backhanded him. He went flying, and landed against the wall. The wind was knocked out of him, and he slumped down into a messy pile.

Toby came rushing in to see what the commotion was about, and gasped. He summoned his spirit beast and tried tying the Prince down with gravity. A bird's roar screamed from Falcons throat as his legs were held to the spot. He grunted once, and pulled, breaking Toby's hold. It was enough distraction for Kiri to get back up on his feet.

Kiri was too slow to stop what happened next. Falcon turned and threw a whip cord of fire at Toby. The lash stung and sizzled across Toby's hand, as he tried protecting his face. Toby screamed in pain as his hand blistered in front of his eyes. He dropped to the floor, cradling his left hand to his chest. Kiri snarled, and lashed out. He opened his Sigil and ripped Falcons power source away.

Falcon looked at Kiri, smiled, and charged. He bunched a fist, and Kiri was horribly surprised when the fist heading towards his face turned to flame. He managed to intercept the punch, and blew on the fiery fist, as if to blow it out. The flame flickered, died, and then burst into flame once more.

Falcon roared and flipped Kiri onto his back. Kiri landed heavily and Falcon pinned his body to the ground by lying over him. Falcon's nostrils flared, and his eyes were red and dilated. Kiri heard Toby shout, and Falcon was knocked sideways. Falcon roared, and twisted his hand. Toby was knocked backwards by a gust of wind and his head rebounded against the wall with a solid thwack. The boy crumpled to the floor, unmoving.

Kiri screamed. He drew upon the power of the Feminine and threw Falcon from him. Razor wings flashed wide open behind him. He growled and the sound of baying hounds rumbled in the room.

Falcon looked at Kiri with a fierce smile. He screeched, and flames shimmered all over him. His clothes melted from the heat, leaving him naked. His cock stood proud and ready, and he cupped himself, feeling an all-consuming lust permeate his body. He wanted Kiri, and he was going to get him.

Kiri stared at Falcon. He could feel his beast wanting to vent its rage unfettered, but Toby was still in the room, and there could be devastating consequences if it did. He slipped in and out of witch time, attacking Falcon from all angles. Kiri was confused and starting to get scared. Falcon met him with equal force and speed. This was not possible. Kiri had used the power of the Feminine and destroyed Fey. Yet, here Falcon stood, matching him.

Kiri spread his wings, slashing with claws and razor sharp feathers. His attacks weren't even denting Falcon. The prince opened his mouth and a deep bass note reverberated in the room. Kiri felt his face tighten, as if a great pressure was building. Kiri's stomach dropped. He opened his inner eye and gasped. A bilious cloud was running through Falcon's body. It called to the Feminine within Kiri.

Kiri stood in shock, as Falcon picked him up and slammed him down on the marble tiles. He saw stars as his head was slammed against the floor. He tried to stop what was happening, but the Feminine was responding to that bilious cloud like a lost lover. His robe was ripped to shreds as Falcon growled and looked upon Kiri's naked flesh.

Kiri tried calling to the rage in his beast, but it looked out from its metaphysical cave, and refused to budge, fur flat down its spine. That fierce, hungry smile filled Falcon's face. Falcon rumbled, and it travelled over Kiri's body like a sweet caress.

Kiri snarled, feeling betrayed when his body responded. That bass sound travelled over Kiri's body, and he felt his body respond by relaxing. Falcon nibbled his way down Kiri's body. He trailed bites and gentle swabs of his tongue over Kiri's nipples, down his stomach, and into his navel.

Kiri's mind seemed to sink into a deep haze. He called to his beast, pleading once more. It stared at him. `Masculine' it whispered. He whimpered in shock, his body too lethargic to move.

Falcon, believing Kiri was whimpering from the pleasure of his touch, smiled triumphantly. "You led me a merry chase, Avatar, but soon I will claim you." He petted Kiri's hair.

Masculine was the personification of destruction, and control. Feminine was usually more intuitive and nurturing. There were times when Feminine could tap into the destructive forces, just as Masculine could be more nurturing, but their power bases remained locked in the assigned roles.

Yet, Kiri intuitively knew that Falcon was not a power source, the way he, himself, was becoming. Each day he held the Feminine within him, the stronger became his power base. However, he couldn't deny that Falcon was attuned to the Masculine, and it was for this reason that Kiri was trapped beneath him.

Masculine was about dominance. Falcon was using it to subvert Kiri's will. How the prince could tap into the Masculine, while the true power source lay further to the east was a mystery. Kiri gave one last attempt to struggle against the bonds that were holding him in place. He couldn't budge. He let the fight go out of him. If this were to happen, he would lie there like a sack of potatoes.

It was as he let the fight flow out of him that his intuitive side come to the fore. The Feminine won power, not by breaking a branch in half, but by bending it a little until it stayed bent . Kiri opened his arms. Instead of struggling to battle Falcon, he embraced the Prince. The masculine power was being allowed to enter and, because it was no longer a fight, Falcons power waned. Kiri began calling on the Feminine. He did not attack since that was the domain of the Masculine. No, Kiri used the feminine to coax and tease.

Kiri pushed tenderness, love, and yearning into Falcons body. Falcon reacted like a man starving. He grabbed Kiri tightly to him. He cupped Kiri's face in his hands and stared down at the face he had just met, but couldn't get enough of.

Kiri looked back at Falcon. His face began to shimmer with its own inner light and he smiled gently. Raising his hands to trace over Falcon's face, he felt the stubble growing there. Falcon kissed the palm of his hand, and Kiri smiled, trailing his hand down Falcons neck. Throat muscles swallowed convulsively, and Kiri felt the slick pull of smooth skin.

"You have bewitched me." Falcon shuddered.

Kiri pulled Falcon's face down to his own. He put his lips close to Falcon's, and felt the prince shudder as seconds separated the touching of lips. Like gravity pulling them together, their lips joined, and Falcon moaned his satisfaction. Kiri opened his mouth and kissed deeper. He slid his tongue inside the Prince's mouth, and Falcon rumbled his satisfaction, gripping Kiri's face tighter.

Falcon angled Kiri's head and went for a deeper kiss. Their tongues duelled, and Falcon placed his hips between Kiri's open legs. Flesh rubbed against flesh, and the two young men moaned in unison. Love crashed against a wall of lust as the two grappled with each other.

Kiri moved on top, and slid down Falcons body, never taking his eyes off his face. His pink tongue slid down to Falcon's navel and avoided the area that he needed the most attention to. Falcon grabbed Kiri's head, intending to make sure that Kiri touched the area that craved his mouth.

Kiri smiled a seductive smile, and gently pushed Falcon's hand away. He moved up Falcon's body and went in for a deeper kiss instead. Falcon was hard, and leaking against Kiri's stomach. As he lay on top, Kiri traced his hand over Falcons cock, and heard the man croon his pleasure. Falcon nearly lost it. Kiri's hand was smooth, warm, and knew which buttons to push to get Falcon swearing and thrusting his hips up for more.

Kiri smiled in triumph as Falcon, and therefore the channelled power of Masculine, fell under his power. He grabbed the head of Falcons cock, swirled his tongue around the tip, and gently swallowed it. He took it deeply until he felt it at the back of his throat. With a small hum, he relaxed his throat and pushed it past his throat muscles. The head of Falcons cock was thick, and it was difficult to get it past Kiri's throat muscles but, with a small push, the head was swallowed and pulled down as far as it could go.

Falcon looked down with wide eyes as Kiri kept his attention upon his face, his lips welded to his groin. "I need to be inside your ass. Get up here," Falcon pleaded.

Kiri slid up Falcon's body. His red curly hair floated as the power of Feminine flowed through him. He pushed Falcon on the chest, holding him down as he positioned himself above. Falcon's cock had a thick sheen of precum and saliva. Kiri slid his ass up and down on the head, and Falcon thrashed side to side.

Eventually, Kiri relented and held the base of Falcon's cock. He sat on the thick head, and pushed down. His ass resisted but Kiri was determined. He grunted and pushed harder. With a pop, the head got past the sphincter and Kiri sighed in pain and relief that it got through.

Kiri sank down to the base, pleasure and pain riding him. He held his position for a while, adjusting, and then slid back up and down. Kiri's body was awash with a moonlit glow as the pleasure spiralled upward. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes.

"Look at me," Falcon demanded. He flipped them over, with Kiri's startled silver eyes looking up at him. He bent down, and slid his tongue into Kiri's inviting mouth. He thrust his hips forward at the same time. A rhythm began as he timed his thrusts with his sliding tongue. The pleasure built. Falcon grabbed Kiri's legs and wrapped them firmly around his waist. He nibbled on the side of his neck, and increased the pace.

Kiri moaned and encouraged Falcon, meeting him thrust for thrust. He could feel the power of Feminine feeding off the energy, and he ground his ass onto the thick length of Falcons cock. Power and pleasure swam through his system, his entire body shivered, and Falcon shouted as it vibrated against his cock.

There was no gentleness as Falcon gritted his teeth and looked down on Kiri. He pulled Kiri's legs from his waist and placed them on his shoulders. With a feral grunt, he thrust harder. Kiri gasped but gripped onto Falcon's shoulders, encouraging him to go deeper and harder.

Falcon's nostrils flared as he looked down to watch his cock pound in and out. It excited him, watching his large flaring head push and pull the muscles of Kiri's ass. He was getting closer, and began to jack hammer. He grunted and pushed, flexing his ass with each thrust.

Kiri called to his beast inside its metaphysical cave. It glared at Kiri, staying at the entrance but refusing to move further. It raised its head and gave a mournful yowl.

"Trust me," Kiri said. The beast snarled, and its tail lashed back and forth. It turned its head away from Kiri and yowled again. From the south, another panther heard and returned its call. Kiri's beast perked its head up, calling.

"No, don't call him," Kiri said, heart pounding. "I need you to find the link to the Masculine that Falcon has, while I keep his mind and body entertained. I can't defeat him one-on-one, so I have to use what I can."

The beast gave a considering look, flicking its tail as it thought what to do. Walking gracefully out of the cave, his beast gave him a cursory glance before loping off into the ether. Kiri felt his beast travelling eastwards. He pulled on the feminine and the power of his and Falcon's lovemaking. He sent a gold trail of energy out and let it pool around the unconscious form of Toby.

Kiri could feel his pleasure peaking, and moaned as Falcon suddenly increased the pace and ferocity of his lunges. Kiri's mind began unravelling, and he shoved more energy into Toby before he lost control of his senses. Falcon shouted his triumph and Kiri followed right after him. The world shattered into a million pieces, and their heartbeats stopped for in infinitesimal moment. The world spun out of its axis, then righted itself a few minutes later.

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