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Chapter sixteen

Falcon burned. He lusted, and hungered to devour something, but what? He wasn't sure. All he knew, was that there was a strong pull drawing him ever onwards, and he burned for that silent call. Fire so hot it melted the rock around him, dribbling down the sides of the tunnel he created. Falcon raced through the earth, burning a tunnel like it was taffy. Faster and faster he went, pushing more energy into the all consuming fire that surrounded him.

The earth buckled, and gave way to the fury that was Falcon. He travelled at speeds that swallowed the miles in only minutes. He sensed his destination coming closer, and roared with triumph. His wings burst through the earth's crust into sand. Red and pulsing, the wings fanned the heat outwards. The temperature was so high that the surrounding sand turned into glass. His beak, body, and feet broke free and he roared once more in triumph. He stood on a sandy dune, wings spread wide. Four hundred metres away, on the left, was a cliff with a cave.

Crouched naked in the sand, only a few metres away, Kiri's beast sat, disguised as the Avatar. It had travelled here earlier, and lay in wait as distraction for Falcon. Kiri would soon be catching up. It watched the fiery display as Falcon roared, and cocked its head. Lips curled in a snarl, it half crouched, half walked, towards Falcon. The heat from Falcon beat against the beast like a physical blow. It flowed over its pale human-looking body, coating it in a sheen of sweat.

Steam swirled around the griffin, as he turned the air frigid. He focused his eyes upon the Falcon-firebird and leapt. He spun through the air, his hands interlocked and pointing towards Falcon. A blue shimmer appeared around his locked fingers.

The firebird looked up at the last second, and screeched as the griffon plunged into its side. His icy hands seared into Falcon, and he roared in pain. With a sudden jab, Falcon knocked the beast to the side, partially blocking the full effects of his attack. The griffon flew sideways, twisted in the air, and landed on his feet. He lowered his head, eyes boring into the Falcon-firebird. An animal snarl rumbled from his chest, and he circled the now watchful firebird. The firebird sank beneath Falcons skin and his body gave off a hazy heat wave. A vicious smile curled his lips.

Faster than the eye could see, Falcon attacked. The griffon went flying backwards as Falcon's fists hit hard and fast. It twisted in the air once more, but Falcon had seen that trick earlier, and before it could get his feet beneath him, he was knocked off centre. He fell in an untidy heap at Falcon's feet.

The Prince smiled triumphantly and went in for the kill. He closed his hands, his fingertips shaped into a beak, and punched downwards. It connected with the thick, fleshy part of the griffon's stomach before piercing the sand through the hole he had made. It screamed. It came out as a panther's yowl of pain. His body shifted, and changed into the red, feathery fur of Kiri's beast. It lay on its side panting hard, pain glazing its eyes.

Kiri's beast tried to fade into its spirit form, but Falcon snarled and twisted his hands inside its entrails. He pulsed Masculine power through his fists, and slowly pulled his fingers away. Kiri's beast was stuck in corporal form indefinitely. It shivered as its life blood oozed and its eyes began to glaze

Sonny opened his eyes and looked around. He appeared to be at the base of an enormous oak tree. To the left, he saw a palace that looked delicate and oddly forlorn. People were wandering around, lost. When Sonny appeared out of thin air, they ran away, screaming. He crouched down in attack mode, searching ...no, they were prey. He could smell their scent. He searched through the prey crowd for his missing cousin, Kiri. No red hair stood out in the scrambling mass.

"Kiri!" he shouted.

More screams erupted when he called out the name. Guards and warrior mages appeared, holding muskets pointed directly at him. The rage inside Sonny came to the fore. His eyes blazed; one a pure gold, the other crimson red, with black lightning pulsing through its depths. His Silver Sigil shone, spearing into the warrior mages' hastily built up spells.

"Halt, we mean you no harm, friend of the Avatar," King Anson shouted, walking out of the front doors of the palace. "Men, put you weapons down, now." His voice echoed through the entire courtyard, enhanced by magic. It faded as he got nearer to Sonny. With some reluctance, they lowered their weapons, looking at the steadily glowing silver Sigil upon Sonny's forehead.

"Where is my cousin?"

"From the information we have gathered, you must be Prince Sonny, heir to the Predator throne," Anson said, bowing his head formally. "I am The Prey King Anson, and if you are here on behalf of the Avatar, then we welcome you."

Sonny glared at the Prey King. He opened his mind and speared into the Kings mind. Anson jerked with astonishment, as he felt his mind raided. With the power of the Sigil behind this attack, he was defenceless. Sonny rummaged through the King's mind, paying no heed to the pain he was causing. His main concern was to ensure that Kiri was safe and alive, and he wasn't afraid to use all means at his disposal to achieve his ends.

Sonny dimly heard men rushing towards them, only to hear the King shout out to remain where they were. The King, in turn, opened his mind and allowed Sonny free access. When it was over, the King slumped to the ground as Sonny stood over him. Sonny's face was cold, and his hands shook with an effort not to lash out.

", I should kill you for allowing your men to shoot at my cousin." Looking around at the King Anson's men, Sonny met each and everyone of their stares. They saw retribution in his gaze and many of them, unconsciously stepped back. He turned to the King. "But that would mean Kiri could end up in the hands of your son, and I can't allow that. Know this, King. There will be a reckoning, and I will see you on the duelling field when this is over."

Anson got shakily to his feet. "I will be waiting." He stared into Sonny's eyes, and bowed once more, before turning away. He motioned his men to return to their duties.

Sonny watched the prey as he backed up towards the Oak Tree. His nostrils flared as he caught the unique scent that was all Kiri. Looking down, he saw flowers the same colour as Kiri's hair swaying gently in the breeze. Crouching down, he plucked one and brought it to his nose. Kiri's smiling face appeared in his mind's eye. Stroking the soft, velvety petals, he opened the pouch on the side of his belt and gently placed the flower inside.

Closing his eyes, he mentally thought of Kiri once more. He felt a sense of disorientation and opened his eyes. He still stood under the branches of the Oak Tree. The prey watched him with fear and curiosity. He frowned, and growled his frustration. Something beyond his knowledge was keeping him firmly planted here, the last place anyone had seen Kiri. He sat down amongst the Avatar flowers and pounded the earth beneath him in annoyance. It was at that moment that he heard Kiri's beast cry out in pain, far to the East.

Kiri shot out of the ley lines and collapsed on the ground, coughing up blood. He was at the entrance of a cave. Outside, he could see sand. But it was on his internal pain that he was focussing. His beast was in grave peril and, as a consequence, so was Kiri. He raised himself up and tried to heal the damage, but no matter how much power he poured into his connection to his beast, it was like something was sucking it up and he could feel the life of his beast fading.

From behind him Kiri felt, more than saw, a presence glide towards him from inside the cave. A hissing sound echoed around the entrance, and Kiri turned around to see what was approaching. Standing, with its hood fully flared, was a cobra the size of a large horse. It raised itself up and towered six feet over Kiri.

"If this is supposed to be my next vessel, I am disappointed," the Cobra's sibilant voice said into Kiri's mind. "You are half dead from the injuries your spirit beast sustained on your behalf, and you must kill me to gain the Source of Masculine." Its tongue flickered out, tasting the air like it was fine wine. "Your spilt blood calls to the hunger of this reptile. However, I have another vessel coming and, if I kill you, he will be the only option." With those words, the Cobra opened its jaws wide and venom sprayed out.

Kiri closed his eyes, and blurred out of the way of the spraying venom. He wobbled on his feet, and stared at the Cobra. He knew he couldn't defeat it. It held the power source of Masculine within its body. The Serpent quickly turned and sprayed his venom at Kiri once more.

Kiri raised his hand, and wind rushed around him, acting as a shield. The venom was caught up in the funnelling winds, and swept around Kiri. He closed his eyes, and opened himself to the Source of Feminine. His power lay in creation, fertility, love and life. These were the tools that he had to work with. His beast was his balance, the rage and anger of the Feminine power, and it was dying.

He felt the Cobra rushing in to strike with its venomous fangs. Kiri's body shone as the Power of Feminine filled him to the brink. "Toooooo late," the Cobra hissed triumphantly, as it sank its teeth into Kiri's shoulder. The Avatar screamed as the venom pumped into his body, rushing through his veins in a race to get to his heart.

Only four hundred metres outside the cave, Falcon raised his head and began loping towards the true Kiri's scream. Kiri's beast lay on the ground, its heart rate dropping steadily. Far to the west, Sonny screamed as he felt the excruciating pain of the venom coursing through Kiri. Within Trobal Forest, Sonny's beast roared its pain, and thrashed upon the ground.

Time slowed as Kiri's head fell to the side, the power of Feminine fading under his skin. The serpent gnawed, and continued biting. Satisfied that the weak vessel beneath it wasn't moving, it attempted to open its mouth. Its mouth remained locked, unable to open.

The Avatar's eyes opened, sightless and white. His left hand slapped one side of the Cobra's face. The snake screamed in pain and astonishment, as Kiri's hand sank beneath the skin. On Kiri's left arm, the dormant Metali, the living metal serpent, had come to sudden and furious life. It washed out the poison as fast as the Cobra could produce it, but it was taking a toll on Kiri's body and the abilities of the Metali.

At the same time, Kiri's attack, although slow at the beginning, proved effective. As the Source of Feminine, he drew the power of creation into his hand, and began altering the Cobra. He caused the fangs to retract, changing the Architect design to render its poison obsolete, and shrank it down to a normal size. The Masculine within the Cobra screamed in futility. It bit down harder, hoping to rip Kiri's arm off in an attempt to stop him.

Kiri opened his mouth; a high piercing note came out. The Cobra shook him once more before it was paralysed by Kiri's song. Blood trickled out from Kiri's lips, but the note never wavered. The Cobra could no longer hold its grip on Kiri, as the fangs shrank. Its body returned to the original size it once was, before the power of Masculine infused it, all those centuries ago.

But Kiri wasn't finished with it. The body kept shrinking. It lay in the palm of Kiri's hand, frozen by the power of feminine. The avatar's eyes stared blindly at the Cobra. Kiri raised his hand, tilted his head back and swallowed the serpent whole. The pace of time resumed. From out in the desert, the Griffin took its last breath, and died.

Kiri felt the death of his beast, and howled. Inside his stomach, he felt the burning power of Masculine twist and turn. He crumpled to the ground in pain. Nights and Days flowed through his mind, and the world responded. Rain and storms lashed outside the cave, in a matter of seconds, before the sun returned, burning the spent rain until there was no more. Grass grew and died on the vast desert, and plants and animals that had not previously seen the light of day rose and returned to the earth.

Kiri was lost. His beast was the physical and spiritual connection to balancing his Feminine source. More importantly, it was also the tie that held him to his beloved, Sonny. Without that anchor, the powers of Masculine and Feminine raced through his body, unstoppable and chaotic. He felt as if he was being pulled into two separate directions, as the two Sources fought for dominance.

Falcon waded through the forest, and the storms that were ravaging the landscape, as he made his way towards the cave. Everything had come out of no-where, and only his quick movements had prevented him from being impaled as the forest rose around him. He also avoided being trampled as animals, as large as some of the prey mansions, rose and walked around him. Now that the urgent call was gone, he could think once more. Kiri's scream of pain from the cave had made something lurch inside his chest. Guilt coursed through him, and was a heavy weight upon his shoulders. Images flashed into his mind of the things he had done to Kiri at the palace, and he gritted his teeth to prevent the guilt from rising to his throat as bile.

He hadn't wanted that for the Avatar. He wanted Kiri to know that there was more than dominance inside him, but something had happened, and a darker, scarier side of him had risen and taken over his mind. The hunger wasn't gone completely, but it didn't consume him the way it had earlier. More images of Kiri being knocked about splashed across his mind in vivid colours. He raised his hands and stared at them. They had strong, blunt fingers, and he dropped his hands to his sides in disgust.

He wasn't sure what happened, but there was a hazy recollection of the Elder earth being involved. What had he done? He remembered the sex Kiri and he had shared and, before the culmination, he had hoped that there could be something more. But that's when things got hazy. The only definite memories were the times when carnage was involved. His mind remembered those vividly, and it was the savage joy he felt then that burned a hole in his chest.

He stood at the entrance of the cave, too scared to walk in. Kiri had every right to despise him. Those beautiful silver eyes appeared inside his mind's eye, showing great joy and pleasure as they coupled together. Falcon's shoulders drooped. He had never wanted for anything, his entire life. And the one thing that could have mattered, and made a difference to his personal happiness, he had destroyed with violence.

A strange rasping noise made Falcon peer into the cave. Something moved in the back, hidden in shadow. "Avatar Kiri, is that you?"

He walked further into the cave. The rasping came again. Falcon walked cautiously closer. Something was huddled on the floor. It was too dark, this far into the cave, to really see much detail. Falcon moved closer and crouched down. A moan escaped from his throat as he stared down at what used to be the beautiful hair of the Avatar.

Kiri's hair now had broad streaks of white throughout the red. His face was wrinkled and old. On the right side of his body, where the snake had bitten him, his arm was covered with scales. On the left arm, the Metali was rusted and still. Falcon pulled the unresisting body into his arms. Only skin covered the bones, and he held the body tenderly to his chest.

Heart pounding, Falcon raised Kiri's mouth to his ear. A faint breath whistled in and out, growing fainter with each gasp. He was too afraid to hold him tighter, but the urge to do so was overwhelming. He placed his hand over Kiri's chest to check the beating of his heart. Closing his eyes, he rocked Kiri back and forth. "I'm so sorry." He kissed Kiri gently on the forehead, right over the Silver Sigil. A spark of electricity made him jolt back, eyes wide in surprise.

The Silver Sigil faded once more. Heart pounding, but hoping for the best, Falcon pressed his lips firmly against the Sigil once more. The tingle on his lips was stronger. He felt his body lock into place as the tingle became an electrical current that travelled down his spine.

Kiri's body disappeared, and he fell forward with surprise. Opening his eyes, he found himself on a polished black floor. A light shone down in front of him. It moved forward and Falcon followed its lead. It was silent and dark all around; his bare feet made the only sound in the oppressive gloom, and the light was his only beacon in the dark.

The light stopped. Falcon looked around expectantly. The beam of light expanded, until Falcon could see steps leading up to a marble dais. A large chair stood atop the platform, as black as the marble floors around it. Yet, it wasn't the chair that held Falcon's attention.

An altered Kiri looked down on him. Gone was his red hair, replaced by writhing serpents. His lips were now dark green, and his eyes were as black as the floor beneath him. A cruel smile lifted his lips, and he glided off the chair to walk down towards Falcon.

Long green claws slithered out of Kiri's fingers, just as he came face to face with Falcon. "If it isn't the `other' vessel," Kiri said.

Falcon dropped to one knee, and looked up at Kiri. "My life is yours to do with as you wish."

"Like you had a choice," Kiri stated.

Falcon could only stare up at Kiri. He didn't know what he could do to appease this god, for that is what Kiri had become. A god of Chaos. His heart felt heavy, and he clenched his fingers in desperation. He needed to call on the old Kiri; the loving, gentle avatar. But he didn't know how to go about doing it.

Kiri crouched down and trailed his claws across the side of Falcon's face. The Prey Prince jerked and gasped as the poison on Kiri's claws burnt into his flesh. He clenched his fists tighter. He could smell his skin burning, and a groan escaped from his throat before he could stop it.

Kiri smiled gleefully at the sound, and licked the sizzling skin. Falcon screamed. The pain across his face extended over his entire body. From that one lick, Falcon tumbled to the side, shivering in his pain.

"Why don't you fight back?"

"My...life is...yours," Falcon gasped.

Laughter rumbled out of Kiri's throat. "Are you hoping that, miracle of miracles, the old Kiri will come back? That sickly sweet weakling?" Kiri grabbed Falcon by the chin. "Fat chance!" he snarled.

Kiri dug his nails into Falcon's chest and clawed downwards. Blood pooled in the scratches, and Kiri licked it up. Falcon screamed again as Kiri's poisonous tongue sent bolts of agony shooting through his body. Over and over, Kiri licked up and down the wounds. Kiri's body began to glow in his excitement, but there was a black sheen over the white glow.

Spittle flecked the sides of Falcon's mouth, as he lived in a world of pain. Self doubt racked him as he huddled there, barely conscious. He had hoped that Kiri's compassion would peak, but his ploy had failed miserably. He was going to die here and, in many ways, he had only himself to blame. He didn't blame Kiri. If he could, he would take the pain and grief inflicted upon the Avatar and lay it upon himself. Perhaps this was a just and fitting end; to die by the hand that he could have loved, and the one person he may have hurt the most. With that last thought, he let go; let go of who he was, and everything that made up his personality.

Kiri drove his claws into Falcon's chest, revelling in the Prince's last gasp. Then he felt something burn the claws swirling inside Falcon. It travelled up his arm and into his chest. The burning pain made him pull his hand out of the body beneath him and he collapsed on the ground.

Gold and red energy, like delicate silk threads, trailed from Kiri's claws to the wound he had inflicted. He looked on as the wounds began to heal over. Those delicate lines of energy became handcuffs, binding Kiri to Falcon's body. Deep inside the avatar's body, Kiri's personality was struggling to resurface, but the Masculine would have none of that.

Falcon felt his soul being lifted out of his body. His essence flew into Kiri, and he fell into the void that the two powers had created. He found the `true Kiri,' on his knees, hands spread outwards. On one side of the Avatar, a seven-foot tall man pushed against one of his palms. He wore black all over, with a cone shaped helmet that masked his face. A red aura billowed about him, with black streaks of lightning trailing over his body, almost blending into his black armour. On the opposite side, stood a six-foot tall woman. She had an aristocratic air about her, with golden locks trailing down her golden toga, and gold encrusted sandals.

The hand that held the armoured man away from Kiri, was bent in half, and almost touching his shoulder. The Golden lady was barely holding onto the tips of Kiri's fingers of the other hand. The Avatar looked up at Falcon. There was great pain and struggle upon his face as he tried to brace the hand that held the man, and therefore the Source of Masculine, at bay.

Falcon rushed towards the struggling Avatar. "Don't touch me!" Kiri warned. "One touch and the rage of the Masculine could consume you."

Falcon knelt in front of Kiri. He looked at those silver eyes with relief. This was the Kiri he knew. "If I touched you, would it help you better control the Masculine?"

"You don't know what you're asking."

"Please, Avatar Kiri, I need to do this."

"It will change you permanently."

Falcon smiled bitterly, "I've changed so much, in such a short time, as it is. I-I want to prove myself." His heart pounded as he spoke, yet he couldn't take those words back. He wanted to say much more, but words seemed paltry to what he was feeling. The air felt rife with tension and expectancy.

"I give you a choice, Falcon, Prince of the Prey," Kiri said, in voice that was at once deep and masculine, and yet, light and Feminine. "Sword or shield; which one do you choose?"

Falcon stared at Kiri, trying to find the right answer. He looked back on his past, and grimaced. It was as if, being inside the soul of the Avatar, all his selfish deeds and flaws were made abundantly clear. The selfishness, the arrogance, the brutal way he treated his people and his servants. They flashed through his mind with lightning speed, but each image left an impression.

The Masculine turned his head, and looked at Falcon. "Choose me, and I will give you the power to stand on your own two feet. And, if you wish to mate with the Avatar, you will meet him on equal ground, as a power to be reckoned with."

"Are you the sword or the shield?" Falcon asked.

"I am neither, yet I am both. But I speak, for I give you another choice besides the sword or shield."

Falcon felt the old craving come bearing down on him. His body shook with the sensation, and he looked at Kiri, ready to devour him. The Avatar looked up at Falcon, understanding on his face. He bowed his head, awaiting Falcon's decision.

The Feminine turned her head and stared at Falcon. "You have been a bane to the Avatar. I will not grant you power of any kind, for you must earn it, and you are most unworthy."

Those words revived the guilt and self-blame inside him, and it managed to reduce the craving inside.

"Sword or shield, Prince." Kiri reiterated.

Falcon had never thought of anyone but himself. He knew what he had to do and, if it took the rest of his life to redeem himself, then he would pay that price. Looking into the silver eyes of the Avatar, he made his choice. "I choose shield."

Kiri disappeared. The Feminine looked at Falcon and smiled, before she too disappeared. The Masculine gave a mocking laugh, and looked at the space the Avatar had held. "You must've been a good fuck, Avatar." He turned to stare at Falcon, menace emanated off him, even though his face was hidden. "You asked for it, Falcon."

From his side, the Masculine pulled out a whip with a cat-of-nine-tails, made of fire. "As the shield, you have chosen to bear the brunt of the Avatar's pain, and protect him from those who would harm him. Therefore, you must be hammered into shape. I will not go easy and, by the time I have finished with you, your soul will no longer be recognised." With those words, the whip lashed out. It struck Falcon on the face, and he keeled over, screaming in pain. His essence lost bits of itself to the whip. The lashes came hard and fast, and Falcon lost his voice after the fiftieth lash. His spiritual body was no longer recognisable.

For every misdeed he had done in his life, the lash bit into him, and there were many. As the tally was weighed, he was found lacking. The whip gave him the full brunt of its attack, with no quarter. Falcon begged for the darkness of unconsciousness, but this wasn't his physical body; it was his soul, and he could not hide from the lash or its terrible retribution.

He lost his mind; the strain of holding up to the torment was enough to break him. The masculine laughed, and sped up the lashings. Falcon sank deeper and deeper into a miasma of torment. Yet, through the pain, he saw so much clarity. He saw how the hypocrisy that ruled his people was killing the land. In their blind arrogance, they believed they were masters of all living things, and that Prey were owed. This was a conditioning that was burned out of him. For, in the end, the world was a living, moving organism; the greatest design of the architect. And every organic and non-organic thing was part of the whole. Falcon realised that he was only a tiny dot on the tapestry of creation, and he needed to understand the part he had to play in that pattern.

The lash beat into him, showing how insignificant he truly was. The strikes became hypnotic as Falcon began to embrace the pain, pulling it into himself, and learning the terrible truths that made up his life as Prey. The lash showed him the lost magical arts of his people, and the teachings that were discarded as too hard to abide by. With each rhythmic strike of the whip, he learned more and more about his people's lost past. His mind filled with the old teachings, discarding the trappings of a Prey Prince. His essence began to shift and move, changing colour and losing the shape of his phoenix. The whip smashed through their spiritual connection.

The phoenix cried out as it was separated from its master. Falcon felt the connection snap, like someone had cut his heart out. He screamed in agony. The phoenix shrank, becoming the size of a sparrow. Kiri appeared, and gathered the fallen phoenix into his cupped hands. The masculine hissed at him, but didn't touch the avatar. As Falcon's spirit beast was cradled against Kiri, he disappeared once more.

For Falcon, it was like seeing water for the first time, after walking through a desert for a week. He wept bitterly, as the afterimage of Kiri faded from his retinas, only to be replaced by the lash. The whip tried to dominate him, but now Falcon had that last image to keep him going. He pushed it deep inside his mind, storing it, with the old knowledge gained, as a totem of his new reason for living.

It seemed like an age, it could have been only seconds, but Falcon felt the sting of the whip change. It was subtle, but Falcon had become very intimate with the power of the whip. Falcon felt solid, surer of what he needed to do. The whip no longer held the same kind of power over him as it had previously. That small nugget of Kiri's kindness burned deep inside him. It fuelled his need to endure, and a smile curved his lips as the Masculine increased his pace once more. Lost knowledge from the Predator clans was next, and began to race through his mind. He became a sponge, absorbing and changing.

The Masculine snarled in disappointment. Had Falcon chosen sword, the Feminine, as her right, would have shaped him to become the Masculines anchor. As the Source of Destruction and physical strength, Masculine's ability to see past the defences of foe meant he could see the weaknesses in any defence. He shaped Falcon to withstand any attack that he, as the Source, might send out. The boy had endured, but the true Avatar had interfered in the training, altering and changing the shape of what the Masculine was trying to create.

Kiri was very different from Killara. He had the capacity to share, a trait the first Avatar lacked. The Masculine grumbled as the Falcon-anchor grew and developed, his aura changing, becoming stronger and firmer. Kiri was doing something very new, for soon the anchor the Feminine chose would be upon them. The Masculine could sense Killara riding within this `other' anchor and the touch of his old master and comrade, gave him pause. Perhaps this Sonny, as the sword, wouldn't be so bad? With that thought, the Masculine smiled cruelly, and made the final touches on the newly made Falcon-anchor.


Kiri opened his eyes. He felt the hard ground beneath him, and the heat from the cave opening. He was alive? He remembered being bitten by the Cobra, and the death of his spirit beast. He called out, hoping that was a dream. No response came back. Tears came to his eyes.

A hand appeared beside his face, and wiped the tear away. Looking up, he stared into the green eyes of the Prey Prince. He had subtly changed. His features were still the same, but now his presence was larger. "Welcome back, Avatar," he said.

Kiri tried to rise, but Falcon was faster, lifting him in his arms in one easy motion. "What happened?" Kiri asked.

"You now have the two Powers within you."

With those words, images of Falcon thrashing in pain as he was shaped coursed through Kiri. The Feminine responded. It filled Kiri, and his skin began to glow with her power. The Anchor had been created, but he needed to be filled with the power of Feminine. This was Kiri's shield.

Falcon shuddered with pleasure, as the power of Feminine caressed his skin. He looked into the newly revitalised face of Kiri, and his heart ached at the beauty before him. Kiri's hair no longer was pure red, but stripes of black, gold, and white. It enhanced the beauty of his face. Those silver eyes now had streaks of black and gold lightning that zigzagged back and forth inside.

Raw need tore into Kiri, as Falcon stared at him hungrily. Something had changed. The Prey Prince held himself in check. He kept his arms loosely clasped underneath Kiri, and the avatar sensed the strength in that loose clasp. His heart began to pump harder. Kiri tentatively placed one hand on the side of Falcon's face. The Prince shuddered and closed his eyes, leaning into Kiri's palm. The Feminine built slowly, but steadily. He tapped Falcon on the shoulder to be let down. Falcon obeyed, reluctantly; his expression looking like a boy who had lost a favourite toy.

Kiri smiled gently at that look. He cupped Falcon's face once more, and stared into those green orbs. He didn't love Falcon. That place was kept solely for Sonny. But Falcon would forever be a part of him now. There was no denying that. Feminine was about creation, and love, and Falcon called to the Feminine within him. This man, before him, had chosen a hard path when he became the shield. Kiri, acting on the Power of Feminine, was compelled to reward him.

His lips grazed Falcon's and the Prince shook when Kiri took those lips away from him. Falcon stared at Kiri, with pleading in his eyes. Kiri felt low; he was tormenting the Prince and, after the punishment he had endured at the hands of the Masculine, this was shallow. Kiri tilted his face up towards the Prince, and kissed firmly. Falcon groaned, and something inside Kiri let go. Arousal flowed through Kiri's veins, and he pressed his body against Falcon as he deepened the kiss between them.

Falcon opened his mouth. This was something he had only dreamed about. His heart flowered under Kiri's gentle attention. He moaned with delight as Kiri's tongue played against his own. He didn't know how he ended up on the ground, with Kiri beneath him, but he took advantage of this to pay homage. His tongue traced over the pink, protruding nipples, and he smiled as he felt Kiri shudder beneath him. His tongue trailed down the pale skin to his navel, and then back up to the side of his neck. Kiri moaned, shivering, as Falcon placed his mouth on the side of Kiri's neck and sucked gently. His tongue swirled over the skin beneath the suction of his mouth.

Kiri grasped Falcon's head, both encouraging and pushing away from the sensations. Falcon's rumble of satisfaction swirled over Kiri. He wanted to leave an imprint of this moment upon the Avatar, for the Masculine had taken great pains to explain the relationship between Kiri and his cousin, the `other' anchor, once Sonny was reforged.

Falcon tried washing his jealousy away as his mouth lay claim to Kiri's body. He had to live in the here and now. He couldn't allow the shadow of someone else mar what was happening in the present. But, just to be certain, he would make sure that he left his mark upon the Avatar. Flipping Kiri over onto his stomach, Falcon traced his tongue down the middle of his spine. Kiri mewled his pleasure, arching his back as the warm tongue trailed further down. Falcon kissed and gently bit upon Kiri's ass, and squeezed it. He spread those pale legs apart, and saw Kiri humping the ground at the sensations he had inflicted. Falcon felt a surge of heat race through his cock as he saw Kiri's evident pleasure, and tightly scrunched up ball sack.

Falcon placed his tongue against the smooth sack and licked gently. Kiri screamed below him. He left it, and heard Kiri moan in anguish. Falcon smiled and traced his tongue over the backs of Kiri's knees. The Avatar shuddered, and moved his head side to side at the sensation.

Flipping Kiri onto his back, Falcon was captivated by the solid pale flesh protruding from Kiri's groin. The end of his knob held pre-cum like a milk on a saucer. He couldn't resist, and his tongue licked up the salty emission, swirling around the fore-skinned helmet in relish. Kiri thrust his hips upward, and more pre-cum filled the hood. Pulling his mouth away, Falcon looked into the glazed eyes of the Avatar, his breath heavy.

With a barely contained growl, Falcon lay on top of Kiri and thrust his tongue into his mouth. Their tongues fought each other, softening, and then changing tempo. But Falcon wasn't over with the torment. He pulled his mouth away, and looked at the swollen lips of Kiri. He looked down at the beautiful pale flesh, and saw the heat of excitement on his chest. There was one last place he wanted to venture.

Blowing gently on Kiri's skin, he kept eye contact with the Avatar as he moved his body down the valleys of Kiri's chest and stomach. Falcon finally took his eyes off Kiri's, and looked at the cock that was as hard and tight up against the body as a dog's would be. But his eyes only lingered a moment before centering themselves on Kiri's slightly exposed ass.

Lifting Kiri's legs up over his shoulders, he flicked his eyes up towards the Avatar's. There was puzzlement and curiosity on his face. Falcon's heart lifted. Perhaps the Avatar had never had this done to him. If Kiri was a virgin to what he was going to do to him, then Falcon felt he would leave his mark of pleasure upon him. No matter how many others would do this later, he would always be remembered as the first.

Using only the tip of his tongue, Falcon licked underneath the scrotum, just before the anus. Kiri jolted, and only Falcon's hands on his thighs kept the boy from jumping. Falcon flicked his eyes up, and saw the look of shock and blind pleasure on Kiri's face. It was enough to have his cock twitch and seep.

Kiri couldn't look away from the burning green pools, which shone on Falcon's face. His body was experiencing something he had never felt before, and it was driving him insane at how slow and meticulous Falcon had been. There was no urgency to meet the culmination, and yet Kiri felt this is what the Feminine inside him needed in order to create a firm bond between the two of them. Another lick had Kiri losing his train of thought.

His body arched and strained against Falcon's hands, as the Prince ran his tongue over Kiri's rosebud. The avatar rose up and gripped Falcon's face in his hands. "What are you doing to me!??!" he panted.

Falcon gave him a hot, wet look and returned his mouth back to Kiri's rosy anus. This time he spread the cheeks apart and used his whole mouth. Kiri fell backwards and pounded the ground in his furore of passion. Falcon was relentless, unheeding of Kiri's pleas to fuck him, as his tongue darted in and out of his ass passage. Falcon moaned and the bass sound vibrated against Kiri's asshole.

"Now, Falcon, now, now, now," Kiri pleaded. He didn't care; he needed to feel the fullness of Falcon slide deep inside. Falcon tested the waters by placing two fingers inside the tight, warm sheath. He pushed firmly and deeply, until he came up against a spongy softness inside Kiri's ass. With a few firm flicks, Kiri moaned and undulated his hips. There was urgency upon the Avatar's face that seemed to burn its mark on Falcon's heart and mind.

He gave a satisfied smile, before lying on Kiri and kissing him deep and soulfully. Flipping themselves over so Kiri was on top and protected from the hard ground, Falcon wanted Kiri to set the pace. "Guide me inside you," he said to Kiri.

With relish, the Avatar sucked Falcon, making sure he was well lubricated with his spit. The head was cone shaped, but the shaft thickened tremendously around the middle. Kiri could barely get it past his throat, but he was determined. Falcon's screams and cussing was music to Kiri's ears, and he thought it was only pay back for the sexual torment he was put through earlier. But now, Kiri wanted more. Falcon's earlier attempts at rimming had left Kiri not only open, but wet and slippery. Grabbing hold of Falcon's thick length, he aimed it at his asshole, and pushed down. There was a small amount of resistance as the ass muscles stretched to accommodate the large girth, but Kiri pushed down determinedly. He knew the pleasure that awaited once the pain receded. When the spongy head hit his prostate, Kiri moaned and then felt Falcon's pubes on his ass, as he hit bottom.

Falcon gritted his teeth. The pleasure was too much, and he feared it would end much sooner than he wished. Kiri looked down on Falcon, and smiled triumphantly before rising up and slowly sliding back down. Falcon was now the one in a haze of pleasure. Kiri used his ass muscles, and gripped tightly, as he lifted himself up, and then released as he sank all the way back down. He squeezed Falcon's nipples and heard a snarl of pleasure released from his lips, as Kiri rode him.

He rose up and down, feeling Falcon's cock hit all the right spots inside. Undulating like a serpent, Kiri's ass grabbed on Falcon's cock with relish. The Prince shot up off the ground and clasped Kiri's body to him, as Kiri milked the shaft buried deep inside him.

The climax built and built. Kiri moaned and moved harder and faster. Falcon's thrusting hips' and urgent hands, were an indication that he was also near. Like the last drop of fine wine, the pleasure spilled out. Kiri screamed to the world, and Falcon followed seconds later. Power lay thick and heavy in the air, and smashed into Falcon.

It was almost too much for him. His body and mind nearly buckled under the pleasure and power. His body began to glow, gold and red. Kiri's Magnesic white skin was complimentary, as the Feminine filled Falcon up with its power. Yet, they remained locked, and Falcon kept thrusting into Kiri. Power and lust became a continuous cycle. The more Falcon thrust into Kiri, the more power and pleasure surged. They griped each other, locked and joined, until Falcon could no longer hold anymore power.

He collapsed on his back, holding Kiri, tight to his chest. Sleep rushed in, around the two of them, and they saw no more.

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