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Chapter Nineteen

Kale was at his wits end. Toby had managed to charm many of the females, and now anything he did to reprimand the kid was frowned upon. Kale snarled to himself as he recalled an earlier incident. He had tried to sneak away to view world events in the pond, only to be told that Toby had once again tried to run away. Yet, the child had innocently claimed he was searching for mushrooms to make a special broth. Kale wasn't fooled, and was about to confine him when Nuala and her haggle of clucking hens rushed to the boys defence. Kale had gritted his teeth and allowed the smirking boy to saunter off. Now, the ladies laughed uproariously at another anecdote from Toby. As Kale tried to get near, everyone would hush and look at him speculatively before breaking out into giggles once more. It left Kale feeling disconcerted, and eager to know what they were talking about. Kale could very nearly swear Toby could read minds; the boy gave a cloyingly sweet smile in his direction, h i! s knowing eyes sparkling. Meanwhile, Kale gritted his teeth at hearing sighs of "how adorable" from the ladies. That little trouble maker was lapping it up for all he was worth.

Kale walked away, trying to keep his dignity intact, as the giggles turned into peals of laughter. He had to admit that he hadn't thought this through when he invited Nuala to take Toby under her wing. The boy was up to something. That devious little mind had half the fey wrapped up in his grubby little hands. Kale could only whimper at the idea of what Toby could wield that power for. Yet, he had to thank the boy for distracting him and his people. He felt burdened by fear and worry for the Avatar. And, as the Elder, he had to remain cool and calm, but that was hard when a loved one was in danger.

It was as he was walking towards his abode, that he felt the world shift. Three days ago, the Avatar flowers in Trevailier forest had screamed in pain, before quieting down and muttering to themselves. This had worried Kale so he had observed the flowers every day since. He had tried contacting Kiri, even scrying to no avail. Kale consoled himself, believing he would know if Kiri was dead. He knew that in his heart. Today, the world felt brighter; the air crisper and sharper. Trevailier Forest sang and rejoiced. Kale looked around and sensed the oceans and rivers flowing a little bit faster. Kiri was back, and he was complete. He could hear the gasps from the Fey, as they too felt the shift in the world.

Toby came rushing over to him. "Is Sir Kiri back?" There was excitement as he searched around Kale, hoping to see the Avatar. Kale gave a tremulous smile. A tight spot in his chest eased. Not trusting his voice, he only shook his head. The light faded out of Toby's face. "The ladies were saying that...Never mind." He turned around and his shoulders slumped.

"Toby" The boy stopped and turned slowly back. "Kiri will be back. He protects those he cares about with all he has within him. You are one of those people that are at the top of his list. In many ways, you are the younger brother he wishes he had."

"You really mean that?" Toby asked. There was such longing to be wanted and needed in the boy's eyes. It made something lurch hard within Kale.

"As the man who changed and fed Kiri, who watched him grow into the man he is today, I know Kiri well enough to say that with sincerity."

Kale watched as the boy stood taller, nodded his head, and walked back down to the gathered Fey Ladies. Giving Kale a sly smile over his shoulder, Toby said, "Sir Kiri talked a lot about you, when we were on the road. We were on the road for nearly two weeks. All those interesting tales to fill up that time." Laughing, he bounded off, back to Nuala and the other Fey.

Elder Rain smiled, watching the departing boy. A few seconds later, the import of what the kid said sank home. What kind of stories had Kiri talked about? He had the strongest urge to rush down to Toby and demand he tell him what kind of stories, but he had his dignity to uphold. He watched the boy move his hands animatedly to his gathered crowd, and look directly in his direction, before finishing his sentence. Kale heard a chorus of laughter. Damn Kiri, what tales had he been filling that boys head with? Disgruntled and trying not to look like he was fleeing from a child, he walked away as sedately as he possibly could, cursing Kiri and Toby under his breath.

Walking towards his Oak tree, he pushed his hand onto the bark and felt the air ripple and open in the centre of the large tree. His home beckoned, and with more speed than necessary, he walked through the dimensional door, closing it behind him with a deep sigh. He walked towards the small waterfall in his garden and sat down. Twelve feet above, water trickled over rocks and down into a large pond. The sound of water cascading over rocks was music to his ears, and he closed his eyes to concentrate.

Spreading his hand over the water, images appeared. His fingers danced over the images, erasing some, keeping others. All while his eyes were shut. The pictures moved around, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Two in particular had him opening his eyes and staring at them. In a small square portrait stood Elder Flame, and in another Elder Wind. They stared back at him. "Welcome, Elders. It is a pleasure to finally meet the both of you."

Elder Wind smiled warmly, before nodding his head. Elder Flame seemed to ponder something, eyeing Kale, before slowly nodding his head too. "The new Avatar, Kiri, spoke highly of you, Elder rain," Elder Wind said. Kale nodded his head in acknowledgement.

"Why have you summoned us?" Elder flame asked abruptly.

Kale looked at him. "I am going to assume that you're aware of the threat to our world?"

"What of it?"

Kale sighed; he had no patience for people acting obtuse. "As the first born of the Architect, it is our duty to go out and protect the planet as best we can. I am calling on all the Fey for their assistance."

Elder Flame leaned forward and smiled, as if Kale had said just what he had wanted. "You forget one thing. You aren't pure Fey. In fact, there is not a trace of Fey blood running in your veins." Elder Flame's face hardened. "You're impure, and I don't listen to freaks."

Kale's face turned dark with anger. "As an Elder, you are the focal point for your people; you represent the best in what it is to be a Fey. But all I see is someone too conceited to put aside his prejudices."

"You arrogant pup!" Elder Flame roared. Water bubbled and sizzled around his image. He pointed his finger at Kale and shouted. For a second Kale thought he would walk through the image into his haven. "Who are you to judge me?"

Kale clenched his teeth, his own anger building. "You stand there shouting at me because of a slight to your over inflated ego. And brush the importance of the danger to our world aside. Why should I not judge you?"

"ENOUGH!" Elder Wind shouted. His voice echoed around the clearing, almost drowning out the sound of the trickling waterfall. Ripples travelled over the pond, turning into small wavelets, as they raced to the edges. The pictures distorted, and Kale spread his hands over them, strengthening them. "Cassen," Elder wind continued. "What does your vision show?"

Cassen glared at Kale before speaking. "I see the potential for great war. I see the potential for great loss, and the Fey fading into extinction. If we follow the path this tainted imbecile here wants us to travel."

"I said enough, Cassen" Elder Wind said warningly. "Tomorrow, I want you to link with me. Let's see if my ability to foresee the future, and your talent to shift possibilities can make the outcome more favourable for us."

Kale blinked suddenly, gasping. "But that means interfering directly with the Architect design of the entire world. The Time Line and the fates of the people are a tapestry that we are not supposed to touch."

Elder Wind looked at Kale. "The tapestry works only on those that are bound to the Architect. The alien race that is coming here does not have the same strictures to which we are tied. We are only tweaking the tapestry of Time, to benefit us and the World."

"Maybe it's our time to go. Perhaps that was part of the design from the beginning. What you're doing could have dire consequences further down the line. You could unravel the fabric of time."

"The Tapestry is much stronger than you give it credit for and, besides, did it ever occur to you that the Architect gave us these abilities for a specific reason? We, the Elders, have certain abilities to tap into the Architect's design of the world. They have been given to us, for emergencies, by the Architect itself. Don't spout history at me, boy, you'll lose," Elder Wind said with steel in his voice. Cassen, the Elder Flame, looked at Kale and smiled smugly. "Cassen and I will join you tomorrow, Kalemendari. A new Elder Earth was chosen last night. We will bring him to Trevailier forest, where you can officially meet." Elder Wind paused before continuing, "Have you heard anything from Kiri?" Kale stared at Elder Wind, before shaking his head no.

"Did you foresee the attack by the World Eater in your visions?" Kale asked.

Elder Wind stared at Kale, until the silence became uncomfortable. "My power does not work upon things that are not from this world. It can be unpredictable if I venture away from things involving the Architect. Till tomorrow then." Nodding his head, his image disappeared from the pond.

Cassen's face stared back at Kale. He said, "I sense a human male child in your village, who has the potential for great change inside him. For the better or the worse, I can't tell. But, I don't like unknowns, and this child reeks of something that could turn dangerous for us. I expect him to be gone by the time I arrive."

Kale did not like this Elder, and it showed in his eyes. "I'm afraid that won't be possible. You see, the Avatar," Kale stressed his last word, "has that human child under his protection, and has charged me with that responsibility until he gets back. Therefore, that child's not going anywhere."

Cassen could sense the cold steel beneath those words, and gritted his teeth. "Your ignorance astounds me Elder Rain," he said sneeringly. "If that child interferes with any of our procedures tomorrow, well, I won't be responsible if anything un-towards happens to him. After all, it's not like I have the ability to, `make' bad things happen, if I don't wish it, do I?"

Kale went cold inside. He clenched his fists, wanting to smash the smug look off Elder Flames face. Taking a deep breath, he held his temper on a firm leash. As threats went, it was as blunt as an ox running over you repeatedly. Cassen's talent was unique. He had the ability to see the potential in any situation and alter things subtly to turn the situation around for his benefit, or against those he considered foes. In some Fey circles he was called the Lucky Flame. For those who angered him, he was called the Unfortunate Flame.

But Kale wasn't going to let an egomaniac bully boss him around. "If a tree branch accidentally falls on the boy's head, or he trips and tumbles down some stairs, I will see you dead. That's a promise." Cold fire burned inside Kales eyes as he stared at Cassen.

Elder Flame smirked and laughed, loud and hardy. "How can you challenge me, if you also die accidentally?"

It was childish and immature, but Kale couldn't resist what he did and said next. It was something he would have said, while still living amongst the Predators, but never to a Fey Elder. Tossing his head back, he shook it side to side, never taking his eyes off Cassen. "How pathetic! Having to hide behind your powers, because you're scared I'll kick your ass. You aren't a man; you're just a bastard prancing around as a one. And a poor imitation, I might add."

Elder Flame screamed in rage. Froth flecked his lips, as his face filled up the image. "You're dead!"

Kale smiled back calmly. Toby had been showing him a vulgar practise the Prey used, where the boy grew up. It was a sign to show their dissatisfaction for those in authority. Kale had been on the receiving end of that practise since the boy had gotten here. He raised his hand, closed in a fist and raised his middle finger. "Sit on it and rotate." He blanked out the image, satisfied with a deed well done. Scratching his head, he muttered, "I think Toby's been a bad influence on me." Shrugging his shoulders, he went whistling into his mansion, preparing everything he would need for the gathered Fey nations tomorrow.

Sonny stared down at the clothes he wore. They were light, and flexible enough to feel like he was wearing next to nothing. He had on tight fitting pants and a matching top, which were in mottled greens and browns. He had been assured that his clothes would change; depending on the environment he was in. He looked at the maker of his clothes and shook his head in wonder.

Kiri had decided the first order of the day was clothing. Grabbing Sonny's hand, they had appeared within the Western Fey's silk and cotton fields. Now, Kiri danced beneath groves of Mulberry trees, and from out of the tree's leaves and branches, delicate silk threads danced in the air, weaving and twisting together. To the far right, fluffs of cotton rose from acres of fields, blending and twisting into thread. Using a technique only the Fey knew, Kiri melded the two materials together; creating the fabric that was exclusive to fey clothing.

The Avatar moved his hands and the threads began to weave in and out of each other. Sonny watched as an article of clothing was being made in the air. He wasn't sure what it would be yet, but the process was fascinating to watch. Sonny had asked, earlier, where Kiri got the knowledge to weave and create clothes. The Avatar had smiled and explained about the hall of records. Sonny was doubtful that anyone could read about a craft and then weave it like an old hand. Kiri had stared at him, with the flashes of black and gold lightning burning in his eyes, and Sonny had shut up.

Energy trailed off the tips of Kiri's fingers as he danced. It looked like thicker strands of silk. He threw the energy up into the air, and watched as it soaked into the budding cloak he was making. He pushed in spells to protect against the elements, and natural wear and tear. He pushed in spells to protect the wearer from blade and arrows, and he placed a prayer against spell-casting and elemental attacks. Lastly, he put a spell of invisibility through it.

Satisfied with his work, the Cloak shone a dull grey as it floated down and settled in his hands. High up in the air, another article of clothing was being formed and Kiri, watching critically, nodded his head in satisfaction, before walking towards Sonny with the Cloak. When he took it, Sonny was surprised to feel the weight of it in comparison to his other clothing. Kiri saw the surprise, and smiled. Sonny pulled it around his shoulders. There was a cowl, which he promptly pulled over his head; he became invisible. Noting that Sonny's clothes changed colour depending on which spells were paramount, Kiri gave a sigh of satisfaction at his handy work.

"It's perfect," Kiri said. "Even a Fey would have trouble seeing you."

"It's amazing." Sonny spoke from out of mid air. Taking the cowl off, he looked at Kiri with a large smile upon his face. Kiri's heart flipped inside his chest. It was good to see Sonny smiling and looking lighter than before. The anger, and look of betrayal that Kiri had seen upon the Predator Prince's face earlier, would leave their marks upon his psyche. Sonny's smile went a long way to easing his guilt.

"I'm glad you like it."

"I could see the spells you wove into the fabric as it was being made. That was intricate work, impressive!" Kiri ducked his head, a shy smile creeping across his face. He heard a rumble from Sonny, and looked up startled. "If you keep looking like that, Kiri, you'll be on your back with your legs up in the air. And me all over you."

Kiri's heart pounded and lust pooled at the base of his stomach. Taking a deep breath, he turned back towards the fabric that was being made in the air. His legs felt slightly wobbly, but if he got distracted now it would ruin the clothes he was making, and they were important to him. He had been told over and over, he wasn't very good at anything by the Panther Clan. Seeing something beautiful, being made by his own hands, felt like balm over old hurts.

Sonny sighed lustily, watching Kiri's ass sway in front of him. He was tempted to throw Kiri down and have his way. The impulse was too much to resist. Kiri felt hands slide over his ass, cupping and squeezing. "Behave yourself, mister. These clothes are important to me. I've never made anything like this, and I want it to be perfect." He moved away from Sonny with a saucy sway of his hips. Giving a loud, mournful sigh, so Kiri could hear, Sonny sat down on the grass to watch. He heard Kiri giggle and a contented smile spread across his face.

A few hours later, Kiri wore black pants and top, with a black cloak to match. There was another pile of clothing for Falcon, but Kiri thought it prudent not to broadcast that fact. He had made three pair of moccasins and watched as Sonny wriggled his feet in one of them. The shoes moved with his movement, but they were hardy enough to prevent an avalanche from crushing the wearer's toes, if it ever came to that.

Kiri had to admit that it was a shame to cover up Sonny's body, but it was necessary. They were going to meet the Fey tomorrow. First impressions, Kiri had been taught, were everything to many of the Fey. They needed to make a good impression. Many of the designs he had used, to create the clothes, were treasured secrets that most of the Fey had forgotten. However, Kiri had made sure that he added his own signature mark upon his clothing. Sonny's clothing had a trace of Masculine power whispering through all the spells. Within Falcon's, the cloth had the power of Feminine. To Kiri's ears he could hear the cloth sing and whisper the chants and tones that made up the spells. His own clothing had both Powers harmonising with each other. Any Fey with an observant eye would be able to detect the power within the cloth. But today, they would visit Panther Forest. All they were waiting for was Falcon's return.

Falcon had been watching the two Predator Princes for five minutes, Sonny with his dark masculine charm and Kiri with his pale skin and bright eyes. The two were a contrast that looked perfect together. "Suck it up, Falcon," he muttered to himself. He didn't know how to act around Sonny, or even Kiri. This was new territory, and he felt he was floundering. He was used to men and woman falling into his lap. He had never had to cajole, or charm, anyone. But Kiri was different. And, of course, there was Sonny, the biggest obstacle in his path...and the stronger contender for Kiri's affections.

Walking up to the two, he heard Kiri laugh at something the Predator Prince was saying. Falcon gritted his teeth. He could do this. He had to. There was something building between him and Kiri. Well, he hoped there was. And if that meant including the Predator Prince, he had no choice but to accept it. It was just going to take a little time.

When Sonny turned and looked at him, there was a warning in those eyes, one that warned him to back off. Falcon's noble intentions almost went out the door. It was Kiri, distracting him with clothes, that helped push the jealousy, that just simmered at the edge of his mind, onto the back burner once more.

"I made you some clothes. I hope you like them," Kiri said, shoving them into his hands. Falcon forced himself to look down. He gasped. He could see the intricacy of the spells and how the light seemed to absorb into the cloth. The stitching was perfect and the clothes were beautiful.

Looking up at Kiri, he smiled genuinely. "They are beautiful." An idea came to him and he made a show of dressing. The pants fit perfectly, but they left his bulge protruding, and Falcon smiled, proud of how big he was. He peered at Sonny, making sure the Predator Prince saw the competition, before covering up his body. Sonny seemed to smirk and slightly adjusted the bulge in his pants, trying to show how big he was also.

"When you two have quite finished waving your dicks at each other, I'll be waiting." Kiri arched his brow; despite the folded arms and the scowl, he was secretly rather amused. Struggling to hide a grin, he continued. "Or, if you must persist, I'll leave the two of you alone to your pissing contest. If that is not `manly' enough, I could channel the Masculine, and you can battle me."

Sonny turned to Kiri, defiance on his face. "How about you let Falcon and I battle it out, and the winner gets you." Falcon looked at Sonny and smiled his agreement.

Kiri's expression turned stony. "Here are three very good reasons not to do that. One, I am not a trophy. Two, you are both needed. I need your support, and your strength. And third, and most important of all, I need you both to trust that I am doing this for your benefit and the benefit of Predator and Prey alike. You two are the next rulers of your respective nations. You must understand that this is bigger than all of us. We have to put aside our own personal choices for the betterment of our Peoples.

Feeling chastised, the two Princes bowed their heads in acquiescence. "Yes, Avatar," They said in unison. They glared at each other, before the humour of the situation had them chuckling. The laughter died, and the two, looking awkward, walked away from each other. Kiri sighed deeply. At least it was a start, he thought to himself.

Kiri took the lead, with Sonny and Falcon shadowing behind him like bodyguards. It was Sonny's suggestion to appear like this within Panther Forest. He wanted the Panther Clan to know that Kiri spoke for all of them. Kiri had argued, stating that it would be Sonny that the Predators would listen to while in battle. Sonny had replied that it was time the Predators got to know Kiri better, and this would be his first act. He thought Kiri needed to face the home he ran from. Kiri couldn't argue the logic, and reluctantly took up the front position.

The Avatar's heart pumped uncomfortably in his chest as he heard the whispers and calls from the scouts and watchers around the perimeters of Panther village. He pushed his shoulders back and looked around with a calm serenity he did not feel. The whispers got louder as they neared the village centre.

There were other clans, walking through the village, and Kiri cursed Sonny once more. The other Predators had not gotten back from Trobal Forest, and representatives from the other Cat clans were here, waiting for their return. Falcon had assured Kiri that the Predators had been set free from their prison. He thought back on the fossilized Malasii Falcon had given him. Kiri had managed to study their physiology and sink into its mind. The information gathered had left him very little time to act. He had informed the two Princes about what went down in the interrogation with the Malasii, and had told them the mounds would be their bases of operations. Kiri and the two Princes had then started rebuilding the water systems, fertilizing the lands, and bringing the sun and moon back into The Fey mounds. He had been happy about their productivity, and a little excited about the prospect of having a place he wanted to call his own. He wanted to see the expression on Toby's face w! hen he informed him that the mounds would be his new home.

Still smiling in remembrance, he entered the centre of the Village. The Elders of each Cat clan and the Panther King sat waiting. Seats had been placed on a dais, with the King sitting on the highest and largest chair, while the Queen sat to his left. On the right was an empty chair. The chiefs of each Cat Clan sat on both sides of the King and Queen. Kiri stopped in front of the King. He gave a small bow and spoke. "Greetings, King Connor, my uncle, and Ruler of the Cat nations."

King Conner stared at Kiri before his eyes slid away and stared at Sonny. "Why have you not greeted me, my son?" he demanded.

Sonny bowed before replying. "I would have done so, father. However, since Prince Kiri is now the Avatar, I felt he outranked me."

There were whispers around the clearing, and the King raised his hand to silence them. "The only one who outranks you, is me. Come, I wish for you to sit by my side and tell me about your travels." Kiri put his hand out to stop Sonny from moving. The Predator Prince bowed to his father, but remained where he was. There was stunned shock on King Connors face. "You defy me, son?"

Kiri answered instead. "He defies you at my request, King Connor."

"SILENCE!" the King shouted.

Kiri felt the Masculine rumble beneath his skin, and the Power Source had had enough. It filled his skin with power, and Kiri felt his hair sway and move. There were no snakes, but his multi coloured hair moved sinuously, searching. He pushed his power out like a hurricane. People were screaming, and chairs went toppling as the power knocked them off their feet. The top half of the King's chair snapped and flew away, but the heavy mahogany base remained. The King clutched the chair with a death-like grip.

"I am not a child to be ignored, King Connor. I came here hoping we could talk amicably, but I have no qualms in using force if necessary." With those words, Kiri's mind sought out all the predators within Panther Forest and bound them to him. He heard screams of fear as the Predators realised what he had done. One conscious mind sparked Kiri's interest; he raced towards the mind and gasped in recognition. Hail was barely conscious. He had been beaten to within an inch of his life. He had come back to warn the King of the danger, but the King refused to hear, and he had been punished for returning. Anger flared along Kiri's senses and the trapped Predators felt it and shivered in fear.

Sonny was about to interfere when Falcon placed his hand on the Prince's arm. "We have to trust him, Prince Sonny. That was one of the things he asked us to do. So, just watch how this unfolds. Okay?" Sonny snatched his hand away, but couldn't refute Falcon's statement either.

Kiri turned his attention to the King. "I had hoped to show you the danger to our world in a different way, but this may prove to be the most effective for the stubborn among you." And, with that, Kiri showed the predators the dreams that had haunted him; the death of the world, and the World Eater and its minions. He showed them everything. He heard the predators cry out as the dream was relived; he heard them cry as they saw the world crumble into the black abyss, and the hopelessness Kiri had felt. He showed it all to them.

The power died down in the clearing. Kiri stood, his hair swaying and dancing to an unheard beat. The King sat upright in his chair. His lips were bloodless. It was the only indication of how much Kiri's display had affected him. "What do you want from us...Avatar?"

Kiri looked at the King. Anger simmered behind those golden eyes. They were an exact replica of Sonny's; even the strong stubborn chin was the same. "I need warriors. The World Eater's minions have already landed, and the Predators returning from Trobal Forest will verify what I say. However, there will be more coming and, when they do, they will target our forests, rivers, mountains for minerals and ore, and livestock. It is imperative that we stop them. Without these resources they cannot create more killing machines." Kiri still had control of their minds, showing them pictures of the machines that had wiped out other civilizations from distant galaxies. He had been thorough with the captured Malasii, and he imparted relevant information into the minds of the Predators as they began to realise the enormity of what was about to take place.

Now that the Predators, and specifically the King, were allowing talks to proceed, Kiri broke the mind link. He handed the negotiations over to Sonny. More Predators began asking questions as Kiri stepped down. The Avatar looked around the clearing at the gathered Predators. There was now fear in those eyes, as he tried to make eye contact.

Falcon placed his hand on Kiri's shoulder. "Rulership can be a burden, Avatar. But I trust you, and will follow wherever your lead takes us."

Kiri turned and smiled up at Falcon. "Thank you." He looked towards Sonny, and watched as his beloved spoke with passion and maturity, acquired from his experiences of his quest journey.

"Come with me." He said, turning to Falcon. The Prey Prince nodded, and the two of them left the clearing. Sonny watched them go, and narrowed his eyes before he turned back to answer the next question directed at him.

Kiri followed a track that led down toward an old shack that was in disrepair. Inside, he found Hail curled on his side. His eyes were swollen shut, and his face was bloated and purple. Kiri opened his inner eye and checked for internal injuries. There was internal bleeding inside his skull, blood was clotting his punctured lungs, he had broken ribs, his left hand had been mutilated, and both his feet had been smashed with a blunt object.

"We have very little time left," Kiri said.

Falcon nodded, closed his eyes and felt the Power of Feminine slide through him. He opened his eyes, and could see the spells needed to repair the damage. Together, he and Kiri began the healing process. Every time he used this new Power, Falcon felt energised. He had always been told that power of any kind was supposed to exhaust the user. The spells he was using were way beyond the talents of the healers he knew, and only the best were allowed to treat him and the Royal family. Yet, he wove the spells in counterpoint with Kiri and they felt easy. Kiri looked up from their handy work and smiled. "Why am I not tired?" Falcon asked. He looked down at Hail. The Predator was whole and his breathing was deep and even. Hail would not wake for two days. His body needed the sleep. He looked back up at Kiri waiting for him to answer.

"You draw from the Power of Feminine. Its source is infinite. The more you use its power, the stronger you become, and the closer the ties bind."

"So what's the catch?"

Kiri smiled, "Have you attempted to try and do the smaller magic's? Minor ones a Prey child could do in his sleep?"

Falcon shook his head no. He looked at a pebble on the ground, concentrated, and tried moving it. Instead of the pebble moving, the entire ground shuddered. He looked up, wide eyed, and heard people outside mutter about a minor tremor.

"Our power is based on working with the entire world. It is built that way because we will be dealing with nations, and not individuals. This includes the Fey. Our power is like the ocean, where most people's is like a trickle of water off the edge of a leaf. The important lesson here is not so much about how much power we have, but learning to restrict the amount of power we use. Otherwise, our bodies will not be able to contain it."

Falcon blinked suddenly, absorbing that last bit of information. "I understand about the magic side of things. But Sonny is the Masculine. What will he lose?"

"Sonny has all his physical senses heightened. He has it harder, in many ways. Can you imagine having to hear the sound of thousands of feet trampling for miles around? Be it animal or human? The Masculine taught him discipline and to control his heightened senses, but he must constantly be on his guard."

"Is his magical skill as advanced as mine?" Falcon asked.

Kiri could detect a note of jealousy, and sighed. "His magical talents are more attack based. Because you are the shield, you have a natural immunity to lethal spells. His attacks have great potency physically and magically. Although he can heal himself; healing others would take more out of him than it would you. After all, that is a field of expertise belonging to the Feminine Power. Vice versa, using fighting skills will tire you out faster than Sonny."

"So the more Sonny fights, the stronger he becomes?"

"I think you already know the answer to that question, Falcon. After all, what did this healing lesson teach you?"

Falcon looked thoughtful before asking his next question. "What about you? As the Avatar, you have both powers flowing through you?"

"And that is why I need the two of you as my anchors. I have inside me enough generated power to create two suns in the sky. The Masculine and Feminine have repelled and come together, since the beginning of Architect creation. That eternal struggle generates massive amounts of power. Therefore, I must siphon off that energy one way or another. You and Sonny, as my anchors, are the first places I can safely deposit that power. The rest, I try to use in every day life."

Sonny walked into the shack, just as the sun was setting. "I have a few helpers, and trainees who are willing to come with us into the mounds. If that's okay with you," he said to Kiri. He looked around in surprise.

There was a stone floor, a fire place burning in one corner, and a cot set up with Hail resting peacefully. A wooden table stood in the centre, and a large kitchen with wild herbs hanging on racks stood to the far right. Stepping back outside, Sonny looked at the hut. There were holes, big enough, to put his hand through, and the hut wasn't large enough to sport the amenities that he had seen inside.

Placing his hand over the crumbling door, he felt a tingle. Stepping back inside the cosy place, he arched his brow and gave Kiri an appraising look. The Avatar smiled cheekily, before replying quietly. "I didn't want to move Hail. He seemed to be resting so peacefully. So I decided to create a homier environment." Pointing his finger towards the far end of the hut, Sonny saw a door. Kiri went on to explain, "That door leads into the mounds. I figured you might want to bring Predators back and forth and thought this would be the best way to do it. Tell your men to walk quietly. If they have armour or weapons they need to bring along, they can do it tomorrow. My patient needs the quiet."

"Yes, mother hen," Sonny said, coming up to nuzzle Kiri on the side of his neck. Looking around, he noticed Falcon was not in sight. Acting as nonchalant as he possibly could, he asked where the Prey Prince was.

Kiri's eyes lit up with amusement. "He wanted some Mulberry groves and cotton fields. So I assume he's at the mounds, getting mucky in the dirt. He said he wanted sheets on his bed tonight."

Sonny pulled him closer until their bodies were moulded to each other. Kiri could feel Sonny stirring and he moved his hips up and down. "And where will you be sleeping tonight, Avatar?" Sonny asked; his voice turned husky.

Kiri found it hard to talk. Swallowing, he looked up into those golden eyes. Then a slow, teasing smile curled his lips. "Depends on whether your going to stay up all night talking to your men, or not?" He proceeded to glide his hand over Sonny's groin.

Sonny groaned deep in his throat. "I think an early night, with a fresh start in the morning, is a good idea."

Kiri laughed. "I thought you would see it my way." Sonny came down for a hot, lingering kiss. It was soft and demanding at the same time. Kiri wrapped his hands around Sonny's neck, and felt the corded muscles beneath his palms. Sonny's tongue entered his mouth, and he forgot where he was. The kiss deepened until he felt Sonny's hands sliding up under his shirt. He shuddered at the sensation. It was at that precise moment that Kiri's patient began to mutter in his sleep. Kiri stopped and Sonny cursed, resting his forehead against Kiri's throat. "Go and get your men sorted out, and ask if anyone in the village is willing to keep an eye out on Hail. Otherwise I will have to stay here."

A rumbling snarl came out of Sonny's throat. "Like hell you will! I will see to it, personally, that your patient has a nursemaid. But you're right; I need to get my men settled in." Slapping Kiri's ass, he gave him one more kiss before walking towards the door. "I expect you to be nude, and waiting in our room in an hour's time," Sonny said as he sauntered toward the door.

"Humph" Kiri said, trying to hide a smile as Sonny winked and departed.

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