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Chapter two

Sonny had been searching for a whole day. No one knew where Kiri was.

Kale, the Prince Protector had told the King that he was taking Kiri out into the woods for hunting and physical training. Sonny still feeling guilty had decided to go and watch his cousin train in secret. Just to assure himself that Kiri wasn't hurt. But the training grounds were empty. Thinking that Kale had sent Kiri into the forest for tracking practise, Sonny went home dejected.

Hoping to catch a peek later in the evening of Kiri, he returned as the sun was sinking below the Charon Mountains in the west. No fire burned, nor could he detect any scent of either Kale or his charge, Kiri. Puzzled he walked into the centre of the training grounds.

Switching to night vision everything came into clear sharp focus. The trees glowed a fluorescent green at its tips and darkened as it moved towards the branches and trunk, while the earth which still held a touch of the suns warmth shimmered a warm red in his eyesight. With practised ease he blocked out all distractions around him. Staring upon the ground he took a deep breath and let it out slowly. With a slight click in his mind, the ground zoomed closer and the soil was seen in full detail.

Moving his head back and forth he searched along the ground. A frown marred his face. No footprints of Kiri or Kale were recent. In fact, judging by the tracts, the last time they had entered the training grounds was a week ago. A slow curl of fear crept into Sonny's heart.

Sighing, he shook himself like a dog, trying to ease the tension that was building between his shoulder blades. He knew that nothing would happen to Kiri. Kale was a skilled hunter and warrior. He had managed to evade the warriors that kept sentry around the forest to enter the village square and request an audience with Prince Cain when Kiri was still a babe. That feat had earned him great respect among Sonny's people.

Yet, fear was niggling along the edges of Sonny's subconscious. Rationality had little to do with the feeling that was growing with each scan of his night vision, over the ground. Further out he scanned, covering ground rapidly as he spread his search away from the training grounds.

"Where could they be?' he muttered to himself.

A dark part of his mind whispered he knew the answer. But he wasn't going to go down that track until he knew for sure by searching the entire forest and the surroundings as long as possible. Earlier track marks of his foray, caught Sonny's eye and he followed eagerly to where it led.

Dusk saw him within the village. He sat in Kiri's room, an old shirt held in his hands. The inevitable truth sat hard at the back of Sonny's throat. Kiri was no longer on Panther Lands. He had followed their tracks all the way to the eastern side of the forest and as if the land had swallowed them, the tracks disappeared atop a hill.

Three more days and Sonny was to take his quest journey. It was something that every person in the tribe both male and female had to take. It was the first time a fully grown adult was allowed to be blooded in animal form and travel outside the Panther forest. Five leagues from the west of Panther lands lay the Trobal Forest. This was the birth place of all feline predators great and small. Here, they were tested with Clan lore, Blood lore and Power lore. It was also where marriage alliances were made. Being the oldest male and heir to the panther clan it was his duty to make sure the line continued, and as tradition dictated, his father had arranged a marriage for him.

Kiri's face appeared in his mind. The fear and pain that etched itself into his porcelain skin and the eyes that held emotion the way water held a cup. They stared back at him accusingly. He stifled a sob as he remembered watching Kiri back away from him after shoving him against a tree. Now that his cousin was no longer in the village, it seemed a darker place to be. It hurt him to realise that Kiri had rather run than face him. It hurt deeper, because Kiri was justified to run from him. The closer to the quest journey, the harder it became to hold the beast.

"I didn't even get to say goodbye" he said as he held Kiri's old shirt against his face, inhaling the smell of a sunny day in spring, where the suggestion of thaw tickled the senses, and the hint of flowers flew on the air. This was Kiri's scent and it was still strong in his room. Sighing he Bundled the cloth up. Rationally, it was the only course Kiri could make, to escape the degradations, but his heart screamed and Sonny felt stung by rejection.

He made a vow. Once his initiation was done on his quest journey, he would search the country, if necessary to get Kiri back. Even if he had to drag his cousin screaming and kicking. Kiri, belonged with family that loved him, yes, his family loved him and needed him by their sides.

Happy with this conclusion, he shoved what his subconscious was trying to tell him into the back of his mind. The King, treated Kiri lower than a servant in the village, and Uncle Cain, Kiri's own father, felt he was a disgrace to the panther family line, and there had been a few bruises from the heavy handed man. So aside from himself, what did Kiri really have in the Clan?

But that was not the point as far as Sonny was concerned. He needed Kiri and that was all that mattered.

With his musings filling his head, he curled up on his cousins' bed and fell into a deep sleep. His last thoughts, of informing his father the King, that Kiri was no longer on Panther lands. But maybe allowing Kiri more time to escape from the other warriors, who would no doubt be sent to find him, was good stratagem. After all, Kiri was his to deal with, and he couldn't allow anyone to catch him until he had completed his quest journey. Giving the two fugitives more time to escape and leaving a cold trail was advantageous for him. After all, Sonny had a way of tracking Kiri, one his cousin had taught him. So finding him wouldn't be a problem. Convincing him to come back would. Sonny smiled as his eyes closed. He was up to the challenge. On that note, his mind wandered into dreams; a purr rumbling from his throat.

Sonny wasn't the only one aware of Kiri's absence. Cain had sensed the moment the child had walked out of the Panther forest. The cord that had tied him to the child since first touching the sigil on his forehead as a babe snapped. The back lash ricocheted and knocked Cain unconscious. When he awoke, the worried faces of his men were staring down at him.

"Gather your things men! We leave soon; I fear my son has done something foolish."

Stares met with this statement. Cain slashed them a warning look from his dark eyes. "I said gather your things! We hunt for my son; he has left the forest and is heading east, now move!" His two seneschals nodded and the rest of the men walked out leaving their Commander and Prince to prepare himself.

His hands shook as he attempted to dress himself. He cursed his son. Just less than fourteen years ago, he had discovered that Kiri had the power to transfer raw power to others.

It had happened the moment he had touched his sons' sigil. It was with this realisation that Cain had found immense joy and great power. With the link to his son, his strength had been inexhaustible. His lust for killing and sex had made him someone to fear on the battle field and in the bedroom. Many of the women and some men had begged him to finish after five hours of continual thrusting. But Cain was selfish in his own pleasure. Their screams fuelled his pleasure and the more they begged, the longer he prolonged himself and their pain.

Yet, he cursed the fact that it was his son who was the key to his power. Coveting him, yet always despising the weakness he sensed in Kiri. But that wasn't the only thing Kiri had bestowed upon him. Cain could read minds and dream walk; a royal talent that had been thought long forgotten.

In ancient times, before the Royal Sigil was born, mind reading and dream walking were common. Yet it was his weak looking son, who gave him the strength that had made him a legend within the Clan. The more he craved the power his son fed him, the stronger his resentment grew. It was a love hate relationship that had made him harsh towards his son; beating him one moment and gentle the next.

Not to be outdone, Cain's own brother and King, had boasted about his own sons ability to read AND control minds. Cain had smiled smugly as the years passed and his conquests were heard far and wide. His reputation grew, and so did the animosity between the two brothers.

Snapping back to the present, Cain's face twisted in anger, once more. If his son didn't come to his senses, then he would give the same treatment he gave those who entered his bed. The blunt force of his anger in quick, unrelenting, fury. A small smile crept across his face at the thought, and his loins began to tingle in anticipation. After all, if the child was not going to act as a predator, he would be prey.

The hunt was on.

Pain lanced through Kiri's stomach. Hot flushes swarmed through his body like stinging wasps, to be replaced with a bone chilling cold. They had travelled half a day on the tide of earth magic that Kale had channelled. The Prince Protector had been surprised and puzzled to realise how far they had travelled, using the ley lines like a boat would use the fast flowing river to take it down stream. He felt tired and exhaustion was pulling at the edges of his consciousness. But for the speed they had made and the amount of power he had channelled, he should have been unconscious.

Kale now watched with concern as he saw blue shadows under Kiri's eyes, and how transparent his skin had become. The blue veins beneath the skin on pulsing with his heart. The further they had travelled from the Panther Lands, the weaker Kiri had appeared, but speed was of the essence and both knew what would happen if they were captured.

Pulling out of the earth flow, Kale had quickly set up camp. Kiri was half delirious with fever. Blankets and a roaring fire were set in place for the convalescent. Mopping his brow and replacing liquids as the boy alternately shivered and thrashed the blankets off, Kale soothed and petted when it was needed.

Daylight found Kiri calm and fever free. With a shaky hand, Kale sent a light compulsion spell around camp to repel animals. It was all he had strength for, and sank into much needed sleep beside the boy.


Kiri was dreaming. He stood on a dividing line. The left side of the line held heady heat and exotic flowers from an untamed forest. Ferns grew in abundance, and trees curled in and around each other hiding the sky from the forest floor.

On his right, stood a line of high cliffs overlooking a large expanse of water. The likes, Kiri had never seen in his fourteen years. Above, the sun shone its splendour upon the grassy knolls and white cliff face. The tang of salt, dancing on the wind.

"Walk the great divide" a voice murmured into the air.

"What does that mean?" Kiri cried.

A low rumble that could be felt beneath the feet flowed from the forest on the left. A strong Clarion call responded from the right of of the dividing line. Kiri's body reacted as if two jigsaw pieces that had once been one, but had grown too big to fit, clashed deep inside. He felt sucker punched; his chest and solar plexus reacting to the clash.

Blood spurted from his mouth on impact of the clash. He could feel invisible talons and claws raking through him. He screamed as he felt a battle wage within his skin. Something inside him began to rise, slowly, but with certainty. The smell of blood seemed to draw the attention of that great rising being within Kiri. An all consuming urge to taste his own blood filled Kiri with intense longing.

Watching the drops of blood slide down onto his hand, he surreptitiously licked it. The taste of blood triggered an electrical response that left him gasping in pleasure. That strange...something filled him like the ocean. It screamed and roared with triumph as it raced from the depths of Kiri's soul to fill his body like wine to an over flowing cup.

A feral cry of freedom soared from Kiri's throat. He felt himself shifting and changing. Bones became liquid and although it moved and flowed, in ways not human, it seemed so right to Kiri. He dropped to the ground and watched as his hands shifted into paws with a rich reddish brown covering of soft feathers. He screamed and heard it come out as an exultant screech. Something tickled the back of his shoulder blades and he felt a draft as he shook the sensation away.

From his peripheral, red wings shook down his back and curled into the sides of his flanks. He felt the muscles stretch and tighten as he spread those wings wide to look at them closely. The two worlds of forest and high cliffs began to merge. The world tumbled on its axis spinning faster and faster until Kiri dropped to the ground with vertigo. He could feel it. Someone was coming for him, trying to break into his dream world.

But Kiri was not going down without a fight. The one thing the Clan had taught him was that. To run from your fears was to lay down and die. Kiri was done running, he wasn't going to endure things any more. No, not this time.

From his paws, sharp black claws grew. They dug deep into the ground, holding for all it was worth. A male scream of pain echoed in the distance, sounding strangled, until it turned into the roar of a panther. His world shredded as he felt claws scraping against his mind. He screamed in pain and for a split second his claws retracted. That was all the intruder needed to enter his mind.

"Mine" screamed the Silver Panther into Kiri's mind. "I want it back!"

Kiri pulled back his lips in a snarl and faced the Silver Panther head on. Crouching ready for a pounce, Kiri bunched his back leg muscles and leapt. He felt his wings tighten and they felt heavy as if they were weighted down. With an aerial manoeuvre, he twisted his body in mid flight. Each feather on his body had become as sharp as a serrated knife, still holding their flexibility. His wings slashed at the pouncing panther and a rumble of pain shook the sky as the newly enhanced wings sliced into the descending panther.

Kiri dropped down from his aerobatics not allowing the panther to gain his legs as it fell clumsily. He jumped on the back of the panther, but the old Silver was not easy to keep down. He rolled and pushed Kiri beneath his heavy weight. Blood flew from the Silver Panther, as Kiri's razor sharp feathers slashed at him. But he had gone into berserk mode and old Silver was beyond the senses of pain. They thrashed until old Silver lay on top of Kiri, his razor wings pinned to the ground. He bit into Kiri, locking his jaws on the back of his neck. Venom from old Silvers fangs seeped into Kiri. He became lethargic and was close to being paralysed.

Kiri thrashed harder in a last ditch attempt, blood seeped from his neck, and from the paws that held down his wings. But the old Silver would have none of it. He bit harder into Kiri, tasting blood, refused to remove his paws from those lethal wings and began to purr. As the blood eased the berserker lust that had consumed old Silver, he began to purr.

"Did you think you could escape me Son?" The Panther growled into Kiri's mind. "We are linked and you will always be mine." With that, Cain the Silver Panther, hunched on top of his son. "I like your wings." Biting down harder he continued. "Now lose the sharp edges on your feathers or I will make sure that the rutting lasts a very long time."

Images flew into Kiri's mind of what his father wanted to do. It was rape, plain and simple. Cain was a throwback, his penis was barbed like a cats', and from the comments of those who had shared his fathers' bed; many had come out with internal bleeding. The lethargic feeling that had frozen his body began to melt with the rush of adrenalin and fear.

"Bind yourself to me Kiri, or I will plunder your ass, and even though this is a dream, I am standing over your body in the real world, ready to fuck you."

Kiri began hyperventilating. His first taste of freedom and he was once again the victim. It seemed his past was not about to let him leave willingly. Memories flashed into his head. His father laughing at the clumsy way he tried to stalk a deer. The encouragement he gave the other boys in training, ignoring the attempts his son had tried in order to please him. The sly remarks Cain shared with the other children of the Clan and clamping up when he walked past them. Hearing the snickers when he looked back, hiding his hurt from them.

Anger, resentment, pain, they were feelings that he knew well. It churned and boiled within his chest. He was tired of being a puppet. Using that well of emotion, he shoved it down the throat of his beast. Eyes that were amber with silver slits, dilated and turned red. Further inside, Kiri dove. He needed more energy and rage to cleanse this dream world of the stench of his father. The image of what his father was about to do turned the rage into to hatred. Like a canon ball, he dove into the core of his power.

Cain jolted as he felt a zap of static electricity shoot up and down his spine as he held onto Kiri. Unease trickled into his mind and he decided to torment his Son by prodding his ass with his barbed penis. Like a thousand bees swarming, a cold chill ran up his spine.

"Don't play with me boy." Cain mumbled extending his penis out from beneath him. He pushed the tip into the ring of Kiri's ass.

"You want to play with me father?" Kiri said in a sibilant voice. "Then play we shall." He impaled himself onto his fathers cock.

Cain shouted in pleasure and thrust harder. He felt the inner walls of his sons ass shred on the down plunge. Attempting to pull back out and thrust in harder. Something gripped him and held him in place. He watched as Kiri's ass bled, but still he could not move back or even forwards, luckily, that was still pleasurable.

A tingle started at the tip of his cock inside Kiri. The sensation started to build until it felt hot and burning. He attempted to pull out again to no avail. Then he felt it. His cock burned; it felt as if he was dipped into a batch of acid. He screamed out in agony and scratched Kiri's back with sharp claws, trying to pull out. The wounds he inflicted seemed to close before his eyes, while the pain he was in, intensified.

"Shall I bind you father? Shall we dance this dance for all eternity?" the sibilant voice asked, giving respite from the pain for a few seconds only to repeat the torture. "You have brought my feral side out just like you always wanted father, and still you're not happy. Tut tut tut". The panther blood that flowed in Kiri's veins wanted to play with his prey. The part that held the human essence of Kiri was hiding inside the cave that the beast had left.

Invisible hands locked Cain into place as Kiri pulled himself off his father. Cain screamed. His penis was a mangled piece of meat, bubbling in the air, blood and a string of semen holding it together. The muscles in his penis were visible and were already dissolving as he watched.

"Time for the kill" Kiri replied with glee. Claws grew as he slashed downwards. A cry of insanity reverberated through the dream landscape and in the real world. Kiri rejoiced at the sound, his beast roaring its triumph.

Kiri ran, through shadowy forests. Blood covered his feathers. The world had turned red. He hunted. Seven shadow men had fled after he emasculated his father. He had to slit his fathers' throat to stop the infernal screaming. The hunt for the seven men had been disappointing. They were easy victims and had given no screams when he tortured them, for his beast to wallow in.

"Come back" a familiar voice whispered through the ground Kiri's beast stood upon. The beast snarled a warning. "Wake up Kiri, master your beast, there is no one left to hurt you."

Now that the beast was out of its cave it was reluctant to return. Taking loping steps, it flung itself into the air. Away from the earth, the insistent voice could not remind its human half to return and the beast flew on.

"...Kale?" Kiri asked uncertainly within the cave that now felt like a prison.

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