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Chapter Twenty Two

Falcon found Kiri back at Toby's grave once more. Trying to be chivalrous, an action he would never have considered before, he had made sure Kiri was escorted to his room. In truth, it had taken more effort than he wanted to use, to stop his baser urges from over ruling him and putting Kiri into his bed. It was where he felt the Avatar belonged. But here Kiri was, only two hours after collapsing, and he was up and about once more.

The healer within Falcon disapproved, and the Prey Prince was about to give him a tongue lashing for getting out of bed too soon, when he saw the Avatar's face. Thick tears slid down his face, and he huddled in upon himself. Falcon's heart lurched and he wrapped his arms around Kiri. "Tell me who has hurt you this way, and I'll take care of it for you," Falcon whispered fiercely into Kiri's ear.

Kiri rubbed at his eyes, furious at himself for crying. He gave a watery laugh as he felt Falcons arms tighten around him. "This isn't something that you can resolve with fighting." Turning around, Kiri laid his head in the groove of Falcons neck. "But thank you for the sentiment."

Unaware by Kiri, Falcons eyes blazed in his face. He looked down upon the curly head resting against him, and he hugged the Avatar tighter. He gently kissed his curly locks and swore to himself that, if Kiri ever felt the way he did about him, he would spend the rest of his life making sure he made it up to the Avatar. "I want you to go back to bed and rest. You shouldn't be out of bed so soon," Falcon said.

Kiri raised his face and pouted. "I think I know my own body and what I can or can't handle."

Falcon smiled, unfazed by the defiant look in Kiri's eyes. "You're a wonderful healer but, as patients go, you should be showing a proper example. Go back to bed." With that, he began ushering Kiri toward his rooms.

"I don't want to go back to my own bed," Kiri said softly. "Can I sleep with you?"

Falcon had to count to three before he could reply. This chivalrous thing was damned hard to stick by. "Damn it, Kiri. You know that, if you come back to my bed, you won't be sleeping for quite some time."

"And that would be a bad thing...why?"

Falcon took a deep breath. He felt Kiri's fingertips trace over the side of his neck. The sexual heat that had been simmering in him for Kiri, since the first time he laid eyes on the Avatar, burst to the surface. His cock rose inside his pants, and he heard Kiri sigh his satisfaction as it bumped into his belly. "Your body is still healing, and I can't be gentle with you. It's been too long since we last...made love."

Kiri stared up at Falcon. He didn't want gentle; he wanted wild and furious, and to see Falcon unbridled in his pleasure. His own cock began to pulse, and he pushed it against Falcon's. He needed to drown himself in pleasure. But first, he needed to convince Falcon. "I am the Avatar. My body was built and structured by both The Masculine and Feminine, and I'm a lot stronger than you give me credit for." Pushing his hand down to Falcon's cloth covered cock; he sent a pulse of power through his fingertips and into the Prey Prince's hard member. Falcon jerked and uttered a shout of pleasure. He looked wildly at Kiri and lifted him up for a deeper kiss.

There was a demand and plea for surrender, and Kiri craved that. He opened his mouth, allowing Falcon to kiss deeper. He trailed his hands over Falcon's back, and sent power sliding into him. The Prince arched his back and ground into Kiri. The Avatar moaned and felt Falcon's tongue swirl and tickle every crevice inside his mouth. Pulling his mouth away, and gasping for breath, Falcon said, "I'm trying to do the right thing here. If you come back to my room, I...."

Kiri looked into the glazed eyes of Falcon and smiled. He heard the unspoken question. At this moment in time, Kiri was willing to give it to him. But Falcon surprised him. The Prey Prince pulled away from Kiri just as the Avatar decided to deepen the kiss.

"What are you trying to prove?" Falcon asked. "Don't get me wrong. I really like this affectionate side to you, but something doesn't feel right here, and I need to know what that is." A part of Falcon screamed at him, calling him ten different kinds of fool. But he wanted something deeper with the Avatar. In the short time he had known Kiri this was too sudden. Falcon knew that, when the Avatar gave his heart, he gave it with all he had. As much as Falcon wanted to believe that Kiri loved him, this seemed too good to be true. And Falcon had learned to deal with the practical side of ruling, and the harsh realities of court life, at a young age. One of his Father's favourite sayings, while he was growing up was...`If it's too good to be true, it most probably is.'

Kiri turned away and folded his hands over his stomach. The silence stretched as Kiri tried to find the right words. "You're right, Falcon, and I'm not being fair to you." He stared over at Toby's statue before continuing. "Doing what's right for everyone is a hard and thankless job. But I was taught, as one of Royal blood, that we do not have the privilege of delving into our own selfish desires, especially if it is to the detriment of our people." There was an ache that sat uncomfortably in Kiri's throat. "It hurts so much right now."

Falcon clenched and unclenched his hands. "You're talking about Sonny aren't you?"

Kiri shook his head slowly. "Not just Sonny, but the harsh steps that have led me to where I am right now. Everything I have done has been accompanied by pain of one kind or another. I'm starting to wonder if I'm the Universe's personal whipping boy."

"I'm not going to feel sorry for you, Kiri." Falcon watched as the Avatar stiffened. He grimly continued, "You seem to forget all the amazing changes you have made. Tomorrow, I have representatives coming from the Prey Capital; they want to start trading enterprises with the Predators. I would never have thought that possible. You have brought back many of the old magics that have not been seen for many generations. And, most important of all, you are the shield against a threat that comes from the skies. The people that count know this, and understand your plight. You've just got to learn to let us help you."

Kiri turned back around and looked at Sonny with wonderment. "When did you get so wise?"

Falcon shrugged deprecatingly, "I'm not wise; your perspective is slightly askew."

Kiri shook his head. "No, I keep underestimating you, and I'm sorry." Grabbing the Prey Prince's hand, he led Falcon towards the crystal buildings. "I'm not sure I can feel for you the way I do with Sonny, but that doesn't mean I don't care deeply about you."

A smile lit Falcons face. It brightened his features, and Kiri smiled at the look of pure pleasure on the Prey Prince's face. "I never thought I would hear those words from your mouth," The Prey Prince said, "Just so you know, I've never felt this way about anybody before."

Kiri nodded his head in understanding. The Prey Prince stood with rigid shoulders. If anyone was to stare at him, they could easily assume he was being menacing, but Kiri saw behind the tough exterior. Falcon was as terrified of rejection as Kiri was of admitting his own growing affections towards the Prey Prince. "One day at a time, Prince Falcon, one day at a time."

"In that case," Falcon said, "If you come to my room, sleep will be the only thing you will be doing."

"You're turning into an old man," Kiri lamented.

"Somebody has to be the adult about this. I'm kind of surprised that it will end up being me. But then, my resolve to act chivalrous has been suddenly renewed." Kiri smiled up at Falcon and they walked hand in hand back to the Prey Prince's apartment.

Sonny was in the healing shack, watching Hail talk to one of the nursemaids that were by his bedside. The Predator seemed whole and hearty. He kept looking toward the door that led into the mounds. Sonny had his suspicions about who the Predator was searching for. That sensation of something not right clouded his sight. Everything went into sharp focus; his body began to respond as if a threat were near. Yet, he wasn't aware where the danger was coming from. Something was definitely off with him.

A young Panther came up to Sonny. "Prince, your father wishes to speak with you."

Sonny nodded his head absently, shook himself to settle his battle instincts, and turned to walk out of the shack. Tomorrow was the day of the meeting, and things had to be organised. Falcon had informed him about what had transpired with Kiri and the Fey, and that both Ciaran and Fey were arriving tomorrow for the meeting. The Prey Prince had then told Sonny that Kiri was resting after overusing his powers. Falcon had grumbled about Kiri wanting to stay awake and move about, instead of resting his body. It had taken the Prey Prince an hour before Kiri had finally closed his eyes. Sonny didn't like this small camaraderie the Prey Prince and Kiri had going.

Sighing, he rubbed the back of his neck, as his long stride took him to the stone walls that made up the front of his father's house. It was a one–level, large building, shaped like an L. It was built around the trees, and up against the side of a cliff, blending into its environment.

Inside, tall spindly plants were placed decoratively around the house, which helped draw out the moisture of cool nights, and prevent mildew from growing. The smooth stone walls were covered with thick interwoven mats made of flax. During the summer, they kept cool air inside and, in winter, prevented warm air from escaping. A preservative was rubbed into them during the weaving process, which made them flexible and soft, but also durable against ageing. This same preservative was used in their clothing.

Sonny walked into the large living quarters. The room had his mother's personal touch all over it. She was from the cheetah clan, close to the plains. Along the walls were murals made of semi-precious stones. Upon a small table was a heatwave plant. Its red petals rippled like heatwaves, feeding on the light of the sun. During winter, his mother had discovered that if fresh blood was soaked into its roots each day, it could generate enough heat to warm the entire room, and its petals take on the colour of fresh blood. His mother rather liked the effect. Chaise chairs and couches using the flax design were sprawled comfortably around the large room.

His mother was sitting in a comfortable wooden and flax chair. Her long, brown and gold hair sat in intricate piles upon her head. She was the gentle influence in the family and his father adored her. Sonny had never seen his father raise a hand to his mother, but that hadn't stopped the King from `disciplining' his son. Pacing back and forth in front of his mother strode the King. Sonny braced himself, as he watched the furious look race across his father's face. He had been expecting this. His father was not one to be ignored and, for the last couple of days, Sonny had been doing exactly that. Now he was prepared to listen to his father's wrath. Sonny was an adult in the eyes of the people, so his father could no longer discipline him with his fists. But, just in case he did, Sonny was prepared. He wouldn't hurt his father, but he could disable the man and prevent him from hurting himself if it came to that.

King Connor turned his golden eyes upon his son. "For the last two days you have corrupted our people!" he said to Sonny. "You are not King yet, boy. Any more acts of insubordination and I'll send you into exile!"

"That's enough, dear," the queen said gently, but firmly, to the King. He held his tongue and continued pacing. She turned and looked at her son. He had changed after his quest journey. Everyone had taken note of that, especially the females. She knew he was now anchor to the Masculine Power source of the Avatar. It was the talk of the village. She had always understood her son, more than he realised. But he had never seen it that way. Staring up at him, she smiled. "How is our dear Kiri?" Sonny jerked and flushed. Interesting, she thought to herself. He had always been touchy when the topic of Kiri was raised, but this level of embarrassment was something entirely different. "Come and sit beside me and tell me about your travels." Sonny bowed his head, and sat down at the foot of her chair. She smiled down at him and touched his hair. He had grown much taller and his head came up to her waist, even crouching as he was.

He kept the conversation pleasant and avoided anything relating to his cousin. In time, she had hoped he would confide in her but, in many ways, he was as stubborn as his father. She liked Kiri. The Panthers were a rambunctious lot, but Kiri had the stillness that had been spoken of in the old stories. The problem lay in the fact that this was not her home of old. This was the Panther clan. They saw things very differently from her, and Kiri was a panther, born and bred. It meant he had to learn the rules of that clan. She had held her tongue when it came to Kiri. Now she was wondering whether that was a foolish thing to have done. The Panther Clan was now facing a person of power, in Kiri, the new Avatar. He was a young Prince who had no true love for his clan except, perhaps for Sonny, her son.

His father listened and grunted his disagreement every so often. The Queen raised her eyebrows at him, and reminded him to keep quiet. This was not the time to start conflict and, as stubborn as her husband was, he knew it too. Standing in front of them was one of the two keys that kept the Avatar from unleashing his fury upon their heads. The Queen had no doubts that Kiri held resentment against his own people. In his shoes, she would have felt no less. Sonny was the only link that could give them an understanding of Kiri's capabilities. The biggest resentment that held the King in thrall was the idea that Kiri had chosen a Prey as another anchor, and that they were being welcomed within the newly opened mounds. The King felt that, since Kiri belonged to the Predator society, the mounds should have been solely the predator people's property.

"I want you to answer one question honestly," the queen said. "What holds the strongest influence on you, the safety of your people, or the influence of the Avatar's power?"

Sonny pulled away from his mother's gentle hand. He stood up and looked at her through a cold mask of indifference. "Do you think I don't know where you're leading me with these questions?" Sonny asked. "Have you forgotten that my natural talent was the ability to read minds? Imagine what the strength of the Masculine has done to that skill. I don't need to concentrate to know what you are thinking anymore. I just need to stare at you to know even your innermost thoughts and darkest desires." Bowing, he looked at both his parents. "I understand that you are concerned about our people. They are a priority for me too. I had thought you, of all people mother, would have had a little more faith in me." He turned swiftly and left his parents in shocked silence.

Kiri was dreaming. Toby stood at the edge of an enormous crater. Blood trailed down his naked torso and his eyes were missing. Yet, he looked at Kiri with those bloody sockets and pointed towards the sky. Kiri looked up and saw a shadow cover the moon. Some of the stars winked out as the shadow grew until it covered the entire sky. Unnatural thunder storms lit up the night sky. "Time is running out" Toby whispered into Kiri's mind. The avatar jerked as Toby's head fell off his shoulder.

Kiri shouted and rose out of bed. Falcon awoke suddenly, and turned to hold down Kiri's out-flung arms. The Avatar screamed louder, still stuck in his half dream. "Kiri, calm down. It's me, Falcon."

Kiri opened his eyes. Tears clung to his thick lashes. Falcon released his grip, but Kiri held onto him like a lifeline. "No matter which way I turn, someone seems to die," Kiri whispered into Falcon's shoulder. "It's like in every corner someone important must sacrifice themselves for me." Falcon held the Avatar and rocked him. Kiri felt his heart beat slowing down, and his breathing returned to normal. "I need you and Sonny to work as a team for the next five days, after the war meeting."

Falcon sighed. That would be an interesting endeavour, he thought. "Why do I find it hard to say no to you?" he asked, exasperated. Kiri relaxed in his embrace, and began trailing his fingers in a circular fashion over Falcon's arm. "By the way," Falcon said, "what kind of spell requires that you take five days to complete it?"

Kiri's fingers stilled in their play; then resumed a little more forcefully. "Did you know that Elder Wind is, in actual fact, my grandfather? In fact, he is your grandfather too. And even Sonny is descended from him, but get this; it is through his mother's line."

"What?!?" Falcon shouted. Kiri sighed; secretly relieved he had sidetracked Falcon effectively enough to change the subject. As if Falcon had read Kiri's thoughts, he tightened his arms around Kiri. In retrospect, with the feminine power at Falcon's disposal, he could probably intuit it. "Don't think I forgot my earlier question about the five days," Falcon said, "but this tangent is far more interesting. Explain."

Kiri mentally pouted, wishing Falcon wasn't so perceptive. "I discovered part of the answer in the hall of records, and the rest within Elder Wind's mind. In fact, the last Avatar, Killara, left a diary of sorts behind. I found that the Fey use quartz crystals to store visual teachings such as dance steps and fighting techniques; unfortunately, none had sound. I can only assume that Killara was working on that feature because; in a glass case all on its own, there was a smoky quartz crystal. It was a record of her deeds and the things she had discovered and learned."

"Are you going to get to how you discovered we're related to Elder Wind? Or is this another distraction tactic?" Falcon asked.

"If you keep interrupting, I won't finish my story, and we won't have time for wake up sex. Now, are you going to listen and behave, or go without?"

"Sorry. I'm all ears, and speaking of waking up, something else has perked up too..."

Kiri laughed, wriggling his backside on the growing member beneath him. "Now who's distracting who?"

Falcon nuzzled his nose into the side of Kiri's neck, groaning slightly. "Behave yourself and finish your story." He pushed Kiri off him with a lusty sigh and sat back to listen.

Kiri's lips twitched. "In Killara's diary, she talked about Elder Wind. He is the oldest living Fey in memory, and has held the title of Elder Wind since its inception when the Fey were still young. In fact Killara suspects that Elder Wind was the first Fey the Architect created and, from the memory probing I did of Elder Wind, I know it for a fact. The biggest discovery to come out of her diary, aside from all the neat little spells and creations she made, is her disconcerting way of saying Elder Wind when talking about how he rebuffs her, and then calling him father, when she gets reflective."

Falcon stiffened at that last statement. "So Killara was Elder Winds daughter?"

"Yes, just as my mother was."

"You're confusing me, Kiri. I don't see the logical step here. Your mother was Prey, not Fey correct? Not to mention, if you think you're descended from Elder Wind through your mother, how am I related to him?"

"Sorry. I'm not explaining this properly. In her diary, Killara talks about how her father told her that his blood and, therefore, that of his lineage are the only ones able to tap into the male and female aspects of the architect. In order for that aspect of his bloodline to activate, he had to breed outside his race. It was a condition that the architect insisted upon. It was to help bridge an understanding between the different races that were going to be born after the Fey." Kiri groaned pleasurably as he felt Falcons hands glide over his chest from behind. Falcon's hands circled his nipples. "Stop that," Kiri admonished, slapping his hands away. "Now, where were we? Oh, that's right. When danger approached, or the earth sensed great change, a member of his lineage was chosen to become an Avatar. I learned that was part of the reason why Elder Wind came to visit me, and teach me the dances of the Fey. He was showing me another part of my heritage. Another factor; the dance that my mother used on the night I was conceived was a fey dance. It was one that no one but another Fey, or someone with fey blood, could perform. Just like the old tongue, the dance she used would have burned anyone else. Killara also goes on to explain that it is the females of her father's lineage that hold the power to pass on the Avatar gene. Therefore, your mother was a daughter of Elder Wind too. I know this with great certainty. Elder Wind ensured that he kept track of all the children he sired."

"Wait a second," Falcon said. His body stiffened. "Are you telling me my mother was fey and that I'm what...half fey?"

Kiri nodded his head in the affirmative. How could he have forgotten Falcon was still unaware of his true heritage? He turned around and reached up to hold Falcon's chin in his hand. "I was told that my mother helped a fey woman conceive a half-breed child. The Oak Heartwood tree showed me who that woman was." Kiri held onto Falcon's hands. "You are the son of Elder Earth, also known as Seranan, and Anson, the Prey King. Your mother was the last of Elder Wind's pure-bred children. Therefore, you have the Avatar gene within you."

"So why couldn't my father tell me himself?"

Kiri stroked the side of Falcon's face. "I don't know; you'll have to ask your father when you see him."

"What you are telling me about my...moth... I can't say it. I've never considered Elder Earth as my mother. But, I guess it makes sense now, why she seemed to enjoy my company so much as I grew up." Falcon shook his head, to clear it of distractions. "Why would they lie to me about my heritage?"

Kiri heard the bitterness. He got comfortable in Falcon's lap, placing his ass directly over his groin and wrapping his legs behind his back. "No half-breed children were allowed, except by the divine rule of the Architect. Our grandfather wanted to maintain the purity of the Fey race, but was compelled to breed outside of his race if he wanted to keep his powers. Through the mental influence he had over all of the Elders, he made the Fey believe he, as the oldest Fey, had the divine right solely, and that others who broke the rule would be punished. However, somehow your mother became immune to his influence. With the kind of mind power that she possessed, she was able to control a small number of people from falling to her father's persuasive talents and so created a number of factions."

"Kiri, how do you know all this?"

The Avatar smiled bitterly. "I know all this because Elder Wind knew exactly what his daughter was doing, but was more than willing to see how far she would go. It became an interesting cat and mouse game for him, watching his own daughter squirm in the predicaments she had gotten herself into. I have all his memories stored within my own mind; the good and the bad." Falcon stroked Kiri's hair, marvelling at its soft texture. "Our grandfather was one of my mentors, growing up." It was Kiri's turn to sound bitter. "He was also the man who killed my mother. She very nearly managed to escape her death by calming the mob down with one of her dance rituals in the village. But Elder Wind's pervasive influence had the crowd screaming about a hanging, and my mother was hung and quartered within the hour."

"I'm sorry, Kiri. I thought I lost my mother too when I was a babe, so I know how that feels. I also know about what happened to Elder Earth, my...true mother. About her death, that is." Kiri froze in Falcons grasp. "I didn't know her very well, and I want you to know that I don't blame you for the things you did."

Kiri paused. "Why are you not angry with me?"

Falcon looked into Kiri's silver eyes. He touched Kiri's hair lightly. "Because you're you. At times, you're like a force of nature. You hold onto things that you feel strongly about and never let it go." Falcon looked down, refusing to meet Kiri's eyes. "I have done horrible things to you in the past, and yet you forgave me. I couldn't do anything less."

Kiri hugged Falcon to him. Normally the Prey Prince would have wanted sex first and talking later. This was a pleasant change, and one Kiri appreciated. Although he didn't mind the sex, there were times he needed to talk. This was one of those times.

Falcon interrupted the comfortable silence with another question. "You said that Elder Wind had a strong influence over the other Elders. How did my mother," the word seemed to hitch in this throat, "How was she able to prevent our grandfather from influencing me, they way he did with you?"

Kiri took note of Falcon's acceptance of believing they were related, before he continued. "What I gathered from Elder Wind's mind was that, because of your mother's strange immunity to her father's invasive talents, she paid him lip service, and remained mainly around the prey Capital. To protect you and herself from her father, she deliberately began stripping the ley lines away from the land surrounding the castle. Without the power of the ley lines, Prey Citadel became a dead zone. The only one who could have notified Elder Wind about what was going on, was the `true' Elder Rain. But he was stuck in a tree, and that talent was stuck with him until I released him and inducted Kale as the next Elder."

"I'm still not sure that I have the Avatar gene."

"It's the only logical explanation as to why you can tap power they way you do," Kiri persisted. "Fey blood runs through you strongly. After all, your mother was the Fey Elder Earth. I know for a fact that Seranan was Elder Wind's last `true,' pure-bred child, making you a perfect vessel for the avatar gene. It also explains why both the Feminine and the Masculine power gave you a choice of choosing to become a separate power from me. I was surprised when you declined."

"I needed to prove myself to you," Falcon said simply.

Kiri stared into Falcons eyes. "Oh Falcon, I'm not sure I can love you the way you want me to. We have only just met and things have happened so fast lately that..."

Falcon placed his thumb over Kiri's mouth, rubbing back and forth. "That's enough. You're here, and that's all that matters."

Kiri stared at Falcon's square chin. He raised himself a little and began trailing his tongue over the stubble that had built up over the last two days. He felt Falcon tremble a little beneath him and smiled. They locked eyes, and Kiri continued his ministrations. He watched as Falcon's green eyes turned murky with need.

Beneath his ass cheeks, he could feel Falcon rise and rub against his back passage. It left Kiri gasping and moaning. Their breathing deepened and Kiri placed both his hands upon Falcon's face. The Prey Prince held him firmly on the spot. It also gave him access, to rub his cock up and down Kiri's crack.

The Avatar shuddered at the sensation, closing his eyes and moving his body to enhance the pleasure. He could feel the fat spongy head tickling against his sphincter muscles. It felt silky and moist with precum oozing out. The guttural groan of Falcon beneath him made him smile and rub his ass more firmly onto the head.

The Prey Prince gripped Kiri's hips, preventing him from moving, and laid his lips on Kiri's upturned neck. Falcon looked towards the bedside table and mentally opened the drawer. A bottle floated towards him, and he opened his right hand, palm up, as the bottle tilted and poured. He moved his hand towards Kiri's rotating ass, and massaged the oil into his cock and then Kiri's sphincter. A moan of delight was uttered from Kiri's mouth and Falcon hardened more at that sound.

The bottle was still floating in midair when Falcon returned for the oil to be spread upon two fingers. Watching the thick clear liquid slide on his fingers, he quickly, but gently inserted the oiled digits into Kiri's ass. The Avatar unexpectedly bit down on Falcon's shoulder, and the Prey Prince hissed, shoving the fingers deeper into Kiri in retaliation. The Avatar mewed his pleasure, kissing and licking the spot he had bitten.

Falcon had to take deep breaths to stop himself from shoving deeply into Kiri right then and there. His body shuddered with suppressed desire. He rotated his fingers, spreading Kiri's hole by using a scissor motion with his two fingers. He pushed his fingers in deeper until he found the Avatar's prostate.

Kiri jerked and shouted his pleasure. Falcon held him with one arm around the waist, preventing him from slamming down upon the fingers wedged deep inside his ass. He bit the Prey Prince once more in hopes it would push Falcon closer towards the edge. The Prey Prince hissed his pleasure through clenched teeth, and rubbed faster and harder against Kiri's pleasure button.

Falcon was not out to play fair and Kiri gasped in his frustration. His member was hard and ready, and he rubbed against Falcon's stomach. Grabbing fistfuls of hair, Kiri pulled Falcon's head back to stare him in the eyes. The Prey Prince's eyes had gone dark with need and he was panting as deeply as Kiri. The Avatar said, "No more play, Falcon, I want you in me right now." Falcon's lips curled into a sensual smile of satisfaction. He pulled his fingers out of Kiri, and held his thick penis while urging Kiri to sit upon it.

A grateful sigh escaped Kiri's mouth, as he centred his ass over Falcon's cock. This was going to hurt a little, Kiri knew, but he wanted the pain. He knew what waited for him after the initial twinge of penetration. He grunted as the spongy head pushed at the muscles to his ass. It didn't stop him, and he pushed further. His ass began to stretch uncomfortably as the thick head opened him. Kiri scratched his fingers down Falcon's back as he kept pushing until the head made it through his opening.

Falcon was in a fog of desire and Kiri's fingers drew red welts on his back. He loved it. The Avatar could be gentle and giving at times, but fiery and demanding in bed. It was a contradiction that had Falcon panting and wanting more. The heat and tightness of Kiri's ass had him moaning and shuddering as the Avatar kept sliding all the way down on him.

Kiri felt Falcon's pubes as he sank all the way to the base. Falcon's large hands were now firmly kneading Kiri's ass, almost coaxing, and thanking those ass cheeks for taking all of him. Falcon raised his face for a kiss, and Kiri accepted willingly. He lashed his tongue deep into Falcon's mouth, demanding and coaxing with his tongue at the same time.

Falcon had enough. He thrust his pelvis up and heard Kiri grunt while they kissed. The Avatar snarled and pulled Falcon's head back. "I'm in control here; you sit back and enjoy the ride."

Falcon's cock got even harder as Kiri rode up and down, harder and firmer. There was such intensity in Kiri's eyes that held Falcon spellbound, and he could only mewl his pleasure as Kiri controlled the direction this was going. Falcon felt himself building towards culmination, and shouted his frustration as Kiri stopped riding him. The Avatar did it once more, and Falcon was now pleading with Kiri to end it. The Avatar only smiled and waited it out, before beginning once more.

Sweat dripped down both of them as they clung to each other, riding the waves of pleasure over and over. Falcon had had enough, and he was going to reach his fulfilment. He grabbed firmly onto Kiri and flipped him onto his back. The Avatar had other plans, and turned the tables around. He pushed and Falcon fell off of him. Quicker than the eye could see, Falcon was lying on his back, shackled by invisible chains. Kiri smiled seductively down at Falcon. The Prey Prince struggled futilely against his bonds, but couldn't break them. His cock ached for release, and he looked at Kiri once more. Gone was his pride. He needed release and Kiri was the only one who could give it to him. He had never been one to wait submissively for anything. It felt oddly exhilarating and scary at the same time.

Falcon arched his back as Kiri's hands touched him. He was so sensitive he knew he was on the edge and ready to tip over. Kiri lowered his mouth and blew power onto Falcon's erect penis. It pushed the Prey Prince back from the edge and Falcon howled his annoyance, and yet he admired Kiri's prowess at the same time. Kiri's laugh echoed through the room, sending more thrills racing through Falcon's frustrated and over stimulated body.

This time Kiri took pity on him. He lowered himself back onto Falcon's eager cock, and began to rotate his ass in a corkscrew motion up and down the shaft. He twisted Falcon's hard cock all the way up the shaft and back the other way on the downstroke. Falcon's body tensed underneath Kiri, his muscles and facial expression straining, in contrast to Kiri's angelic look of pleasure. The pinnacle built and Falcon was afraid Kiri would snatch it away from him again. He could feel the pleasure building from the base of his stomach, and spreading across his chest. His toes curled as he felt the pleasure spiralling with each successive thrust Kiri made. He dimly heard Kiri shouting his own pleasure and felt the Avatars sphincter contract and pulsate as he came. Falcon shouted and shot deep inside Kiri. He saw stars and galaxies swirl as his pleasure erupted.

Kiri felt hot to the touch. With his back arched, he felt the Phoenix rise to the surface and out of his body, into the prone figure of Falcon beneath him. The Prey Prince jerked as his spirit beast flew into him. Falcon collapsed and passed out. Kiri got up shakily, and moved away from the bed. The sex had invigorated him, but the after-effects of pleasure were still coursing through his body and he was unsteady on his feet. Looking back on the blissfully sleeping Prey Prince, Kiri smiled sadly. "Thank you, Falcon, for everything." Turning away from the bed, Kiri teleported.

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