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Chapter Twenty Five

Kiri had taken a page out of Killara's book to create a table that was perfectly round. It meant no one had status higher than the other, and that everyone present at the table were considered equal, as far as Kiri was concerned anyway. There had been grumbles as everyone sat down. The most evident to show displeasure was the Predator King.

Before Kiri could react, Sonny gave his father a warning look, which the King surprisingly acknowledged and refrained from further comments. King Connor eyed the Prey King across the table from him, but held his tongue. The Banquet last night had not gone smoothly. In fact, King Connor had been making snide remarks all night. Had it not been for Sonny's interference, there could have been a fight between the two Kings. Staring at his cousin and lover, over the war council table, Kiri gave Sonny a grateful glance before he got down to business.

"Good morning, everybody," Kiri said, "We all know why we are here, and I'm not very good at being diplomatic. So, I'm going to get straight to the point." The rumbling settled down as Kiri stared everyone in the eye before continuing. "We do not have the artillery, or man power, to protect every part of this planet, so I have narrowed it down to the major areas that host the Oak Heartwood Tree's. This means all of the coastal villages must be evacuated, as well as any civilians in the major towns, and the clans. Naturally, they will be housed within these walls."

"That's all fine for the Prey and Predator nations, but what about the Fey?" Kale asked.

Kiri looked in his direction. "They, too, will have a place here if they wish it."

"That's not what I am asking," Kale said, "Most of our forests host Oak Heartwood Tree's, which are also the anchors for many of our own residences. Will you also provide protection of our forests?"

Kiri tapped his hand on his chin before replying. "I'm well aware that most of your Forests are homes for many ancient Oak Heartwood Trees and, since it is your home, I would expect your people will be defending them. However, only certain areas of your forests will have surveillance, and it will be up to my discretion on which places get the most resources."

The Predator King, Connor, rose to his feet. "When you talk about surveillance, do you mean Predator people? Because, if you do, our lands do not hold many Oak Heartwood Trees. Are you telling me that you wouldn't protect your own homeland from invasion, based upon how many `trees' each land holds?"

Kiri raised his hands to quiet the noise that erupted after King Connor's outburst. "I have established magical devices that will act as surveillance. I have also set up traps and barriers around many of the heavily populated areas where Heartwood trees grow."

"Then what do you need us for?" King Connor snorted.

The Avatar stared at the Predator King, his anger coming out as palpable power. It sat heavy in the air, making the room uncomfortably dense. Opening his hands, sparkles of colour flashed out of his palm and hovered over the centre of the table. It shimmered for a second before it expanded into a transparent square. With a click of Kiri's fingers, a scene appeared in sharp focus. Thousands of silver objects were heading towards the planet.

Kiri said, "This is what is coming from the skies, as we speak. Those silver objects are actually flying...ships, that house under a hundred beings called Malasii. Within a matter of hours, they will be landing all over our lands. We have run out of time to negotiate." Silence reigned as everyone watched the horde of Malasii approaching. "Now that I have everyone's attention, here is what I have planned. I will ask that you share resources with each other and that this alliance be a true one. I know that there are factions that will disagree, and prejudices will run high, but we don't have time to soothe egos or use platitudes. We are fighting for our lives." He turned and gave the Ciaran General a considering stare before he continued. "I know that you have similar flying ships to what the Malasii are using, so your people, and many of the Prey whose talents lie in fire and air, will be the first line of defence. Prince Falcon and I have been creating creatures of myth for the Prey, and a few Predators not afraid of heights, to ride upon in the skies. He is at this moment in the abyss, training them to become dragon riders."

Elder Earth gasped, and his face paled. "I have seen the past, and the destruction those beasts were capable of. We destroyed them for a reason."

"Then you forgot part of their purpose here," Kiri said, "Originally, they used to be protectors of the planet, just like I am. They were part of a defence system the Architect designed when even you Fey were still young. The Ciaran and the Malasii are not the first races to come across our planet. Before you were born, it was the Dragons that ruled here. I have to bring them back; we need as much assistance as we can gather."

The Prey King Anson spoke, "If you can gather and recreate many of the great beasts from our ancient past, why don't you use them first, before our people?"

"Even I have limits, dear King," Kiri said, "My body can not channel so much power without consequences. There are only a hundred dragons, at best, that I was able to return to life. That is not enough to destroy the thousands upon thousands of enemy that are coming."

The Prey King looked down at the table before speaking. "So anyone we put on the front line will be annihilated."

"This is war, King Anson. There will be death," Kiri said succinctly. "However, Prince Sonny came up with a brilliant idea, and it will help to a certain degree. We have created little insignias that have a one-way teleportation link back here to the mounds. Once a person touches it, the spell is activated to only recognise the wearer, and all the wearer has to say is `Avatar' and he will be back here. I have placed upon these insignias layered spells. Not only does it recognise the wearer but, as added safety and protection, the insignia will self destruct if it is taken by the enemy." Kiri watched as nods of affirmation went around the table. "There are also communication devices that I will distribute to all of you for each squadron and faction. I have set up three hospital sites with the necessary medical supplies, and I would ask that the Ciaran, Fey, and any Prey with water as their talent come forth to help facilitate and support the effort."

Kiri saw the sober looks upon the faces of those gathered. "Now, to make the most of the limited time we have, I propose we take this meeting into the abyss. That way we can talk and plan without the problem of time bearing down on us. Any objections?" There was an uncomfortable silence, especially from the Fey. Kiri kept his eyes upon Terse, noting her reaction. She sat rigid in her seat, and Kiri smiled with satisfaction as everyone reluctantly agreed. He stood up from his chair and gripped the table before opening a door into the abyss, taking the table, chairs, and people into a room he had designed for the purpose.

Everyone resettled in their chairs, some looking paler than others but physically unharmed. Kiri sat down, and the meeting commenced, with strategic plans set out, others altered and adjusted, and a lot of the smaller details ironed out. It became long and arduous, with heated debate but, as far as Kiri was concerned, it was constructive. Six hours went by and still the discussions raged, with most giving input. In the real world only half a second had passed since they left. Kiri subtly directed the discussion, giving more input when the discussion lagged, moving the topic along when he could see they were going around in circles. It surprised the Avatar at how easily he was able to direct the meeting in directions of his choosing, without most being aware of it. But even he needed a break.

Using mind speech, Kiri sent a message to the kitchen for food and teleported it as everyone continued speaking. Terse remained silent, and Kiri couldn't blame her. She had been isolated, and knew very little about strategic battle plans. Nevertheless, she was the biggest threat to Kiri in the room. There were sighs of approval as the smell of roasts and meats in heavy gravy floated toward the table. Fresh vegetables and hot steaming loaves of bread followed. Plans and designs were put aside when everyone got down to serious eating.

The Avatar watched as everyone commented on the fare. The Chefs had outdone themselves, once more. Kiri watched the patterns within his web start weaving into the new design he had seen the other day. Each of these major players represented a strand within his tapestry. Yet, the final strand was missing that would make this moment complete and help what he had foreseen progress.

It was as he was contemplating this dilemma that the last strand of his tapestry walked into the room. Falcon made an appearance with a rumbling stomach. He clutched his stomach, and grimaced as his grumbling could be heard over the sound of conversation. Kiri looked startled for a moment, still lost in seeing the last of his tapestry come together. He looked at Falcon, blushing as his stomach gave another growl. Kiri burst out laughing as the Prey Prince rubbed the back of his head ruefully.

"Come sit, Falcon, and bring your trainees in to join us."

Falcon smiled and his stomach rumbled once more. He said, "I'll be doing that with my thanks, Avatar." Falcon glanced at Kiri with a sly look. For him, it had been over five months in the abyss and he hadn't seen Kiri. The sight of the Avatar made him tingle all over, and he turned around to retrieve his men and hide his attraction from their watchful audience.

Kiri sent another message to the kitchens for more food. He saw the rest of the trainees walk into the room. The looks on their faces, as they took note of the different races, seemed comical to Kiri and he chuckled one more time. "Come and take a seat," Kiri said, "There is more food coming. Help yourselves, soldiers."

Kiri could almost feel the resentment from some of the dignitaries as the soldiers sat and spoke amongst themselves. They, too, felt the awkwardness between them and those in authority. Kiri continued talking and exchanging pleasantries with them, until there were sighs of satisfaction from the hungry trainees. Falcon rose after conversing with his men, and ordered them out. He gave one lingering look at Kiri, and nodded his head before he, too, left.

King Anson raised his head and looked at his son, and then towards the Avatar. His son had matured in many respects, in part because of the young Avatar. He observed the way each race seemed to interact together, albeit reluctantly, but he had never thought he would see this day. Had somebody told him he would have been in the abyss and talking to the four races of mankind, he would have laughed and locked the person into the deepest dungeon he possessed.

One of General Ursh's tacticians stood up stiffly, once the soldiers had departed, and spoke. "Avatar, there are protocols to follow, and that was inappropriate to have mere soldiers interrupt us while we discuss important matters."

Kiri heard King Connor rumble his dissent, and raised his hand to stall the Predator King. In Predator society, it was customary to see the King mingle with his soldiers. It meant that his people could truly understand their King and his presence. Kiri looked towards the Prey King to see his reaction. Anson seemed deep in thought, with an enigmatic expression. In that respect he was much more diplomatic than his son; a patient king in some regards.

Turning to address the Ciaran tactician, Kiri replied "You would put down those who will be sacrificing their very lives in the coming battle, Tactician? Lives laid down to protect your own selfish hide? Do not forget, ever, that each one of them is someone's child. Lover. Husband. Wife. You would do well to show those brave soldiers more respect." Kiri's face was cold and hard as he glared at the tactician. The Ciaran flushed with embarrassment and sat down, mumbling an apology with lowered head.

"Now," Kiri said, "Let's sort out the loose ends, and conclude this meeting so we can get some rest. We will not be going back to the Earth plane just yet." The Fey groaned and Terse hissed as she rose from her chair. Raising her hands into claws, a weak flutter of arc lightning danced over her fingertips before dying. Kiri gave her a bland look before continuing. He stared at The Ciaran General Ursh, and said, "If you want to play my cousin against me, you should have remembered one of the most basic rules of the craft. Know your enemy. I knew the moment she was set free. I have all of our grandfather's memories and talents at my disposal." Turning to Terse, Kiri continued, "If I had wanted to destroy you, cousin, I would have reinstalled the spells that kept you prisoner, or turned you into dust the moment you set foot in the mounds." Pausing, Kiri walked up to Terse and searched her face. "But your strength and skills are as necessary as mine." His eyes turned dark and menacing. "Don't think about double crossing me, cousin. You won't like the consequences. In return for your co-operation, I will give you access to your mother and father's successful experiments and anything else in relation to them." Terse's eyes lit up with greed. She gave her cousin a small bow, acknowledging him as the worthy opponent he was. Kiri nodded his head. "Let's finish up this meeting, people."

General Ursh roared his frustration. He stared out a window onto a land he had never seen, and hoped to never see again. Purple streamers of lightning kissed the ground at regular intervals. It was rocky terrain with lightning providing the only colour in a desolate place. To the far right, he could see a large, murky lake. He shivered, staring at it. He had been told that was where the last Elder Wind resided.

He looked up and saw large winged creatures dodging the bolts of lightning, swirling and cavorting, or even flying right through them. The Lightning flashed on their draconian bodies, and Ursh could see small figures riding on their backs. Another dragon dove into the lightning, sending it flashing over its body. The dragon seemed to enjoy it, as its body shivered and the lightning showed the multi-hued colours upon its scales. The rider seemed unaffected too, and both rider and dragon wove in and out effortlessly.

The old Primal instinct to flee from something bigger and larger overcame Ursh, and he moved away from the window. Turning, he glared at Terse. "Your cousin walked all over you, and all he gave you were some pretty trinkets of your parents!"

"I'd stop right there, if I were you," Terse said threateningly.

Ursh laughed, and scoffed at her. "You're just as powerless as we are. As far as I'm concerned, you're just extra baggage now."

The General didn't even see her move, but he felt the impact of her punch. The wind was knocked out of him as he was lifted off the ground and thrown to the other side of the room. He felt pain flare through his back when he landed, and his lungs struggled to breathe.

Terse walked toward him, calm and cold as ice. "I may not have my magical talents, but I can still kill you with just strength, Ursh. And let's not forget that all your technological gadgets were fried when Kiri teleported us here, so you are more dependant upon him than I am. After all, thanks to you, I'm a little more familiar with how your communication links are set up inside your head, so imagine what all that circuitry in your head would do if it was malfunctioning. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the Avatar's healing power that is keeping you alive right now."

Ursh looked up at Terse, still trying to breathe. She gave him a sinister smile and walked towards the door. "The problem with the Ciaran," she said, "Is that they believe they are the superior race on this planet. Even after thousands of years, and many experiments, they still believe they have the power of the Architect. But you are just little ants in comparison to what my cousin has become. He is an Apex predator. The sooner you realise that, the better off you will be. My cousin is offering me a wealth of knowledge and, as you know, that is a form of power too, I don't need your support to get what I want."

Kiri was still basking in the after glow of great sex. He was hot and sweaty, and still out of breath. Sonny lay sprawled beside him, his arm still possessively holding Kiri. He felt Sonny nuzzle the side of his neck and say, "I think another round is in order, my commanding little Avatar." With that, he slid back on top of Kiri and rubbed his growing erection against Kiri's stomach.

The Avatar gave a small chuckle and wrapped his arms around his lover's neck. "You know you're insatiable, don't you?"

"You're not complaining, are you?" Sonny asked with a knowing smile. Kiri chuckled before Sonny continued, "I watched you today at the meeting, and seeing you so self assured got me rock hard. Watching you direct the whole discussion, I was so damned proud of you."

Kiri blushed and, before he could say anymore, he felt Sonny reposition himself and enter him. Groaning at the sensation, he felt Sonny grab a pillow and shove it underneath his butt before holding onto his legs and wrapping them firmly around his waist. Kiri looked up into Sonny's deep golden eyes, watching the look of deep satisfaction, and even love, as he stared down at him. "Feels really good, baby," Sonny whispered. It was deep and leisurely this time round.

Kiri moaned and rose up to kiss Sonny. It was a sweet kiss, one that lingered and held a taste of love. Sonny moaned, and held his hips up flush against Kiri, savouring the kiss. He wanted to get deeper inside Kiri, and claim every part of him as his own. It was as if he couldn't get enough. Kiri, held his heart with a grip that he believed no one else would ever have. This was his Kiri, moaning and matching him thrust for thrust. This was his beloved, whose arms were wrapped around his back, coaxing him to move faster, with his legs locked around his moving hips. Sonny moaned, not only because of the intense physical pleasure that only Kiri seemed to evoke, but also because of the passionate and binding connection that joined his heart to Kiri's. The emotional and loving bond from childhood could be felt in this lovemaking.

Sonny was almost overwhelmed from the whole sensation, knowing that his cousin and best friend was also the one person needed by so many people as the new Avatar. He thrust a little harder into Kiri, trying to bury the thoughts of jealousy. But they lurked just beneath the surfaces of his thoughts. Kiri moaned and kneaded his skin eagerly. Sonny held Kiri tighter, closing his eyes and wallowing in the sensations. Kiri gripped him so tightly, deep inside, that Sonny felt his beast respond to the sensations and he made small rumbling sounds of pleasure as he thrust in and out.

His beast flowed beneath his skin as heat and energy. Kiri felt the flow of energy across his senses as pin pricks. He gasped and responded by pushing his own simmering energy back into Sonny. The Predator Prince arched his back as the pleasure spiralled to flow over his entire body. Sonny's beast rumbled and wanted out of its metaphysical cave, trying to fill Sonny's skin and touch Kiri. The Predator Prince held on firmly, but Kiri wasn't making it easy. The Avatar gripped Sonny deep inside and twisted his hips. Sonny roared and the beast echoed him. Kiri could feel the beast trying to fill Sonny and he pushed his power against the Beast. It rumbled contentment as it felt Kiri's presence glide against its own.

Kiri arched his back as he felt the sensation of fur rub against his body and inside his mind. He trailed his own power around the beast and heard its rumbling purr shiver over him. Sonny grabbed Kiri's face, forcing the Avatar to stare him in the eyes as his beast pushed pleasure into him, the same way Sonny's member was doing. The Avatar shouted out as Sonny pushed hard into him. The Predator Prince's eyes had turned a shade of dark amber. His look was intense and focussed solely upon Kiri's expressive face.

The Avatar thrust his head side to side, as the intensity of both man and beast untied to bring out the utmost pleasure in him. Sonny's heart turned over as he watched the joy and almost desperation on Kiri's face. This was what he wanted to see. This was what helped ease the possessive streak, which was a natural part of his nature, from overtaking him entirely. Watching his beloved shake and shudder beneath him gave his ego the easing it needed, and Sonny wanted to milk it for all it was worth. Regardless of how impressive Falcon was in bed, watching Kiri react to his lovemaking made Sonny decide to push Kiri even further into bliss. Summoning his own power he shoved it into Kiri and watched as the Avatar arched his back with eyes half shuttered. Sonny's power wasn't one of great seduction the way Falcon's could be. His had much more of a bite to it, but Sonny knew that Kiri had a taste of the Masculine, and it would be that aspect of him that would respond.

Sharp electrical pulses shuddered through Kiri at the same time as the intensity of pleasure. The two became irrevocably mixed, and Kiri loved it. He gritted his teeth and scratched down Sonny's back. The Predator Prince arched his own back as he felt blood trickling down and thrust a little harder into Kiri. The Avatar looked up into Sonny's eyes. There was a look of feral lust there and Sonny rejoiced as he saw it. Kiri flipped them over and meshed his lips with Sonny's, controlling the pace.

Kiri smiled back at Sonny and sent a sledgehammer of power, in the form of lust, into him. The Predator Prince screamed out his pleasure, and retaliated, sending pleasure pain slicing into Kiri's senses. Their bodies were drenched in sweat, and the air was redolent of sex and the clash of the Feminine and Masculine powers.

Sonny felt the clash of the two energies. He had been practising the talent of drawing upon the friction, when both powers clashed directly, and subconsciously he began feeding upon the energy. The pleasure built thick and heavy as the lovers vocally expressed their pleasure. More energy flowed around them, and Sonny could feel himself getting light-headed from the amount of energy he was absorbing.

With one last thrust, Kiri came, screaming out his pleasure. Sonny raised himself up and clasped Kiri to him as he felt his orgasm come crashing into him moments later. With it, he felt Kiri's mind walls come tumbling down, and just as if he were still absorbing the kinetic energy of the feminine, something clicked inside Sonny's mind, and one image seeped into him from Kiri.

The Avatar, realising what he had done, quickly slammed his walls back into place, but it was too late. Sonny had seen a partial image of Kiri's tapestry and he was trying to sort it out. Yet, his beast snarled and paced back and forth at the edge of its metaphysical cave, trying to tell Sonny something. It was almost as if Sonny were surrounded in thick cotton wool and looking at his beast through a window. Close, but never touching. He kept staring at his beast, snarling and pacing, and still he couldn't quite figure out what he was missing. The partial image of the tapestry appeared once more, and his beast roared at him in frustration.

Kiri watched Sonny's dazed looked with dread. He was trying to wipe the image from the Predator Prince's mind, but the beast was helping Sonny by keeping part of the image just out of Kiri's reach. If he didn't hurry, Sonny would catch on, and the plan the tapestry had set out would fall to pieces. For the sake of everyone here on the planet, he couldn't allow that. But, if he pushed too hard, he could damage Sonny's mind. In order for the tapestry to work out, Sonny must not know about certain things. So, he began ordering the beast to the surface. It came reluctantly, but Kiri was the Avatar and it had to respond.

As fast as a viper, Kiri snatched the memory from the beast's mind. It roared in pain, its tail flicking back and forth. Kiri realized what he had done and soothed the beast, apologising for his behaviour. It looked at Kiri, pleading with its eyes to allow Sonny to know the truth. Kiri rubbed its head and told the beast to return to its cave. Kiri sighed with relief as Sonny shook his head and looked at Kiri with dreamy, sated eyes. "Can we do that again?" Sonny asked cheekily, rubbing his member up and down Kiri's ass.

Kiri laughed with giddy relief, thankful Sonny hadn't realised what he had done. "I need to get up and prepare for evacuation of all the civilians on the Earth plane. So that" Kiri said, kissing him on the nose "will have to wait."

Sonny sighed and muttered, "You're no fun." Kiri turned around and winked before he sauntered off.

Sonny watched as Kiri opened the door and entered the bathing rooms. From deep inside him, the beast purred as it relayed a small fragment of the image it had managed to keep from Kiri. Sonny frowned as he saw a single red strand wrapped around a large cracked frame. His heart beat unsteadily as he stared at it. The knowledge of what it was seemed to skirt around the edges of his memory. Clearing his mind, he knew that, in time, he would figure it out. The Beast roared at Sonny, almost demanding that he not forget this image. Sonny frowned at his beast, but acknowledged the unsaid statement. His beast gave him an enigmatic look, before it went back into its cave.

Falcon was flying through the air. The altitude was colder and less dense, in comparison to the Earth plane, this high up, but it was ideal training ground. It would make it easier for the trainees to deal with higher altitudes on earth. The hair on his neck stood up as he felt lightning flash down towards him. Celeste, his Dragon partner and the only female, roared with excitement as she dodged it.

This close to the elemental downpour, it looked like rivers of purple light. Each strike was unique. They would sometimes rush towards the land in long thick trunks, or fork across the sky and zigzag down to the ground, trying to find the path of least resistance. The dragons seemed to wallow in dashing into these ionised particles, their scales able to repel the strikes. Falcon had created armour that prevented his trainees from being hurt, and now they too loved rushing through the thousands of volts of lightning. However, the real purpose was to dodge the strikes of lightning. It was to help them adjust to manoeuvrability in the air, and to improve their reflexes. Because the lightning came randomly, the dragon riders and their partners had to become proficient, in a short amount of time, in dodging. Lightning shot down at speeds under a fraction of a second, so trainees had to be alert at all times. The slowest to adjust were, in fact, the Predators. They were land cre atures, and great distances from the ground made most predators uncomfortable.

Watching the fluidity with which the predators rode their dragon partners, Falcon experienced a small bubble of contentment, and felt like a proud father as his trainees swerved and dodged the lightning. Falcon gave them marks on the number of times they successfully dodged, and, deducted points when lightning struck them. Over the past week all his trainees had managed to avoid the unpredictable streaks of lightning. Some had gotten complacent as they avoided each and every strike with ease, and Falcon decided to spice things up.

That was why he was riding his own dragon, instead of observing them. Raising his hands, balls of lightning coalesced in the air above him. They were thirty centimetres in diameter and numbered in the thousands as more and more popped into existence. The light from the gathered balls of lightning highlighted him in a blue glow of power.

The riders took note of it, and prepared themselves. Falcon let the balls of lightning shoot towards the riders at the same speed as the bullets in Prey muskets. The dragons darted off in different directions with the riders using their talents to deflect the blows. The Predators had makeshift hand shields and yew wands as firing weapons to compensate for their lack of magical talent. It made them more awkward, but they had adapted exceptionally well, especially as they had faster reflexes than their Prey counterparts.

The lightning balls darted and followed the riders, as the dragons stretched out their bodies and pulled on the winds around them to push for more speed. Falcon watched as one predator shot at a lightning ball making it explode in a gaseous ball of flame. Falcon created more, until about a dozen balls were following each dragon rider.

Beneath them, under a light shield Sonny had created, the war council watched in awe and amazement at the acrobatics and pyrotechnics of the trainees. Kiri watched with a small smile, as Falcon orchestrated the lesson. Beside him, Sonny gave a running commentary on the things Falcon had not taught his trainees. Kiri nudged Sonny and told him to hush, only to hear the Predator Prince mutter under his breath. Kiri sighed once more and looked up to watch the air battle.

A chill went down his spine as he realised that these men and women would be putting their lives on the line once they left the abyss. This might be the last time they would be laughing and sharing a meal with him, so Kiri vowed that they would dine as Kings and Queens from now until the time they left the abyss. Looking at Sonny, he reached out and touched him. The Predator Prince turned and gave him a quizzical look before he saw the intensity of love that shone in Kiri's eyes.

The beast inside Sonny perked up and the image of the red strand wrapped around a broken frame flashed into his mind. He gripped Kiri's hand tighter, ignoring the stares of those surreptitiously watching. What was with Kiri's look, and what his beast trying to tell him? A cold shiver of dread went down his spine.

Behind them, Terse watched the interplay, and a look of yearning crossed her face. Looking back up at the acrobatics of the dragon riders, she gave Falcon an assessing gaze. There were more ways than outright attack to hurt her cousin, and what better way than to steal one of Kiri's anchors? She had lived in isolation for too long. She wanted to experience everything, and the hearty masculine laugh of Falcon would be just perfect for her.

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