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Chapter Twenty Seven

Illiana rubbed her small belly with a little bit of anxiety. Inside her lay the next Royal Prince or Princess. Well, she hoped so. Her heart skipped a beat when the news came that Sonny was now the King. Her joy was tempered only by the sad fate of the old King. Sonny's father had changed into his animal form and become feral. There were two options left for him. Keep him caged until he died, or kill him. Either choice was a difficult decision for Sonny, but Illiana vowed she would be there for Sonny in any capacity needed. After all, she would become Queen to Sonny's King, and she needed to be a good role model for the Predator Clans.

She felt the Avatar's presence, and looked up as he approached. There was an indefinable expression upon his face, but oddly, it moved her. She stared at Kiri and, although there had been undercurrents between him and Sonny, she believed she could become a good friend to Kiri as well as a confidante. However, a more pragmatic voice whispered that being allied and on friendly terms with Kiri could be beneficial, while dealing with him in his capacity as Avatar.

She smiled warmly at Kiri. "Welcome Avatar, is there something you need?"

Kiri gazed at her, not saying anything until the silence became uncomfortable. He knelt down and placed his hand over her womb. A smile crept across his face as he sensed the life growing inside her. He turned his lightning splashed eyes her way. Illiana felt like squirming under that gaze. It was as if Kiri was reading her deepest, darkest secrets, and perhaps he was. A chill started to crawl up her spine, but she refused to show how intimidated she truly was. Her deepest fear was discovering that the child within her wasn't Sonny's and, in fact, belonged to Tian from the Lion Clan. He was the other man that had been with her on the night Sonny made love to her for the first, and only, time.

Kiri looked at her with understanding. "The child is Sonny's so rest at ease." The muscles in Illiana's shoulders relaxed under Kiri's assurances. She was about to ask how he knew about the tryst in the forest when he distracted her. He rubbed her shoulders before continuing, "Your daughter will be a handful."

Illiana gasped in excitement and looked at Kiri pleadingly. "Will she be healthy?"

Kiri nodded, "Your daughter will be a healthy baby and, when she matures into a woman, she will also be fertile."

Illiana clasped Kiri's hands in her own and squeezed. "Thank you, Avatar."

Rumours had flown about Sonny and Kiri being more than just close cousins, but Illiana had refused to listen to such scandal. However, she had seen the look the Prey Prince had given Kiri and, although he was from an enemy nation, he moved and fought like a predator. After all, it was Falcon who had come to their rescue within Trobal forest. His image was etched into her mind as her saviour, no matter how much she thought about Sonny. Although Predators knew that male on male partners existed, it was done behind closed doors and not so publicly as the Prey Nation seemed to do it. The glances Kiri had given Falcon and, more importantly, the way the Prey Prince returned those looks made Illiana speculate that perhaps Kiri welcomed male attention. He was just discrete about it. Sonny, on the other hand, was too masculine to fall for Kiri's charms, she concluded.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" Illiana asked.

Kiri nodded before he spoke to her about his plans. She gasped and nodded in excitement as the two brought their heads closer together.

The Ciaran General, Ursh, watched his men on a holographic projector within the mounds. Kiri had restructured his spells so that Ciaran technology would work alongside them. This ensured a symbiotic relationship. Ursh had watched with more awe than he was willing to admit at the ease with which this was done. Kiri was able to bring a hybrid of Ciaran, and Architect designs into one flawless tracking and viewing device. This screen was the perfect example. Kiri had explained that, because Ciaran designs had been unrecognised within the Earth's core, they were hard to track using magical methods, and appeared as blank spots. Now that the Ciaran design was integrated into the Earth's core, their life signs came up on any magical tracking device. Kiri had also devised a way to track anything that was not a Ciaran or Architect design by using the blank spots as an indicator of things outside the Architect's knowledge. It was the only way to track the new threat, since Ciaran technology was outdated, and the World Eater had evolved past the systems they were currently using.

Using the sensors on the Ciaran ships, with each ship acting as a beacon, the images were communicated on a grid. It was this grid that helped create a panoramic view of space, and the view at which General Ursh was looking. But Kiri had expanded upon this idea by delving into the spiritual structure of the entire solar system. After all, it was designed by the Architect. Each aspect of space and time was an Architect design. Therefore, Kiri could tap into their designs; it was why the Architect was omnipresent, and all seeing, and how Kiri could understand so many Architect secrets. Each molecule held the wisdom of the Architect, and Kiri was able to hear that wisdom.

Using his instinctive understanding, Kiri had devised a way to use space to `track' and `see' the enemy. As each ship passed through space it triggered a response that could be picked up and received as data. Those data could then be transferred into images and information. This was how Kiri had enhanced the Ciaran devices for viewing and scanning, which had made many of the Ciaran scientists and engineers buzz with excitement. However, the type of magical energy required to operate these systems was something that Kiri had kept to himself. General Ursh had argued vociferously that he needed to learn about this, but Kiri had absolutely refused and threatened to cut the Ciaran technology out of the equation, effectively cutting off a new form of technology. To a Ciaran that was sacrilege, so Ursh had conceded defeat. However, there was a faction within the Ciaran facility attempting to discover how Kiri had managed to meld Ciaran technology with the power of Architect, so t he battle wasn't over by a long shot.

Trying to concentrate on what he was seeing through the magically enhanced screen, Ursh watched his men fly out to meet the oncoming Malasii as they entered Earth's atmosphere. His men were the first line of defence. The second line was made up of the dragon riders, with Falcon among them. They flew just above the highest mountain peaks, circling near the areas that were rife with Oak Heartwood Trees. On the ground near the hot spots was the third line of defence, the ground troopers, and Sonny was in charge of them. Terse was in reserve, but her skills would be mainly used in the healing facilities. It was Kiri, however, that everybody was worried about. He had assigned himself to deal directly with the World Eater, and he had been very vague as to how he was going to tackle that problem.

General Ursh thought back to his conversation with the Avatar. He had explained that his people had been running from the World Eater for centuries. Its mass was three times larger than Earth. How could Kiri manage to destroy something that large? And besides, its defensive and offensive abilities would destroy any ship or weapon that got within a two hundred mile radius from it. Kiri had turned towards the window and calmly said that it would be done. There had been no doubt or uncertainty on Kiri's part, and the General had to ponder why Kiri was reluctant to explain his methods.

Pushing aside his musings, Ursh looked towards the screen. He had six other screens to view, each designated for certain parts of Earth. One of the screens showed a view of earth from space. There had been a huge tsunami that had rushed around the entire globe after Kiri had performed his feat of moving two-thirds of the landmasses. The land had only disappeared for ten seconds but, when it was returned to its original configuration after the evacuation, the damage was already done. Many of the fey and the Elders had been assigned the task of controlling the damage, and they had found it tasking upon their skills. Some of the civilian Prey had offered their assistance, and Ursh had watched in surprise as the stiff Fey had accepted. It certainly was a new era.

Lights flashed on one of the screens and Ursh looked back to watch one of the Malasii ships shoot off an energy beam. His men dodged, and the fight truly began. The Malasii ships were bulkier than the smaller Ciaran vessels, so they couldn't avoid a direct hit as quickly as the Ciaran. However, the Malasii had amazing regenerative capabilities, and he watched as one of his men shot a particle beam at a Malasii ship, only to see a gaping hole regenerate and repair itself.

The only way to prevent the ships from regenerating was to keep attacking the same spot. So he watched his men break into a triangle and attack one after the other. There were too many ships to use this mode of attack effectively, but it would cut down the number of ships that made it to the surface. Soon, other Malasii ships began to join the fray, and Ursh knew his men were outnumbered. They fought valiantly, but, he watched as one ship after another was eventually hit.

A bell rang within the mound signifying the return of his pilots, as they were teleported from the destroyed ships. He continued watching as the remainder shot off beam after beam, dodging attacks, and making the Malasii work hard for their hits. There were four thousand Ciaran ships, compared to over forty thousand Malasii but, for better or worse, Earth was now their home, and it was time they stopped running.

Kiri had changed the Ciaran. They feared him, respected him, were awed by his feats, and some had even converted to calling out the Architect's name when under duress or stress. Knowledge had always been important among his people. They did not believe in an amorphous being that was considered a God or Goddess. There was always a rational explanation for everything. Killara, the First Avatar, had been their first taste of what it was like to understand something that was beyond their scope of understanding. However, their technology had been able to stop her to a certain degree, and the Ciaran had felt invincible because of it. Kiri was an entirely different kettle of fish. None of the safety devices installed for when the next Avatar came were effective against him. For the first time since the World Eater, the Ciaran understood how small they were.

There were only a hundred Ciaran ships left against the multitude of Malasii, but there was a surprise in store for the enemy. Ursh ordered his remaining men to set the trigger, before teleporting out of their ships. A bell tolled again as his men evacuated out of the remaining ships. He watched as a fiery shield surrounded the Ciaran ships, courtesy of Kiri and Terse. On Ursh's urging, Kiri had installed tracking devices within each Ciaran ship and they were now set on auto pilot. The Fiery shield sent a tendril out towards another Ciaran ship making a link, and this continued until all the ships were linked to each other. They raced towards the Malasii who, seeing a possible threat, began to attack.

The Fiery shield absorbed the beams of energy and this helped power its defensive capabilities. The barrage from the Malasii made the shield glow a bright red, almost turning supernova. The Ciaran ships moved faster. The closest Malasii ships attempted to avoid the chain of Ciaran ships, but a fiery tendril latched onto them and pulled them into the ball of fiery energy. The Ciaran ships continued to where the Malasii were most concentrated. More fiery chains lashed out and latched onto any surrounding Malasii.

Ursh smiled with satisfaction as he closely examined the attached Malasii. The enemy ships were being consumed, to power the fiery shields and propel the Ciaran deeper into enemy territory. He looked at the brightly glowing Ciaran ships and gave another nod of satisfaction. Once the shields reached critical mass they would explode, causing a nova effect and wiping out as many of the enemy as possible.

The General smiled as the Malasii opened fire, using their full arsenal of weapons in an attempt to dislodge the chains that connected the Ciaran ships and their fellow allies together. The Fiery shields brightened and the ships sped up. Many of the Malasii ships on the outskirts began to scatter. They knew something was up, but those closest to the brightly lit Ciaran ships were caught. The energy was now creating a gravitational field that was pulling the Malasii into range for more chains to latch onto them.

Suddenly, it came from out of nowhere. General Ursh was still gasping in shock. A white beam of light, about a third the size of the earth shot towards the trapped Malasii and the fiery Ciaran ships. It encompassed them and destroyed everything, including any Malasii in its path. The beam continued towards Earth. It was going to be a head on collision, and the mass and strength behind that beam could destroy the planet. General Ursh looked pale. This was the apocalypse that his father had tried to escape all those centuries ago. Standing in the position that his father must have had to face when they first escaped their doomed planet, General Ursh wondered bitterly why he should have trusted the Avatar after all.

"LINK WITH ME!" Kiri shouted mind to mind with Sonny and Falcon. There was no hesitation as they joined together. The Princes had felt the imminent danger. Kiri could feel the immense power of the beam disintegrating the very molecules of the Earth's atmosphere, as it tried to punch its way through, splitting them into their component parts. He went deep into his power and created a solid wall of kinetic energy in the direct path of the beam. The beam smashed against the wall and Kiri screamed from the effort to hold off the force behind it. The Princes screamed with him as they felt the pressure bear down upon their hastily built spell. Raw energy poured from all three in vast amounts, leaving the two Princes light headed.

The Beam continued for ten more seconds; a length of time that seemed infinite to the three holding against its attack. Kiri dropped to the ground when the beam finally stopped. He took deep breaths trying to regain sensation in his arms and legs. Still linked to Falcon, he felt the Prey Prince drop from his saddle on his dragon. One of his men caught him in midair, and Kiri sighed in relief. Sonny was little better, lying sprawled on the ground, his men milling around and worried.

Fear flowed through Kiri. That beam had to come from the World Eater itself. If it could produce enough of those beams in rapid succession, it would eventually wear down his immense strength. He needed to find a way around that problem. He could only assume that the closer the World Eater got to Earth, the stronger the beam would get.

His fear turned into grim determination. Where the beam had passed, it had utterly destroyed everything, leaving a vacuum that had quickly collapsed as the air rushed to fill the space. Nevertheless, he vowed that he would be more prepared the next time. He stood up shakily and checked on the two princes. He sent them a glimmer of power to awaken and rejuvenate them. He felt them stir before he broke the link.

He would create one more spell to arm his people against that awful beam, and then he would concentrate his sights upon the World Eater itself. Everything was almost in place, as it was. Opening a portal into the Abyss, he grimaced as he felt his power flow sluggishly through him. He needed to recuperate, and time spent in the Abyss was the most efficient way to do that. It was also a way of completing the protective spell against the next beam attack in the limited time he had.

Kiri suspected that once the beam was recharged, its devastating effects would hammer into the Earth once more. Not sure when the next attack would come, he kept his senses open as he set out his tools for a protective barrier. The work was meticulous and arduous, but Kiri was determined, and lives were at stake.

To enhance the spell and make it as potent as possible, he gave three drops of his own blood. The spell seemed to vibrate with the thick smell of blood-power and potential. Kiri nodded his head once the spell was complete. He closed his eyes and teleported it to Sonny. The spell needed to be planted firmly into the earth. After all, it was the earth that it would be protecting. Satisfied that the barrier was complete, he stood up, and opened the doors of his palace to walk upon the jagged plains of the Abyss. The lightning once again struck the ground all around him. In the distance, he could still see the glow from the sacred symbols shinning with power. An air dome had been built over the site protecting it from lightning. Although the spell was now inactive, the power would forever be locked into its geometric shapes. It was also the starting point for his next spell.

Straightening his shoulders, and breathing in the sharp scent of ozone, he rose from the ground and moved towards the spell site. For a split second, doubts assailed him but he brutally crushed them. Landing upon the inlaid symbols, he activated each one as he walked past it, until he reached the Triangle and stood in the centre.

This spell would take five days to generate the amount of power required, and it needed to be in a controlled manner. Calling forth a silver knife, he cut himself once more and dabbed the three points of the triangle with his blood. The Triangle began to hum, and a bright blue fire crackled around its outline. This would be the power source for the entire spell.

Closing his eyes, he gathered all the items that were precious to him, and also necessary for this spell. Kiri thought of his young and now deceased squire, Toby, and brought forth a piece of amethyst that had been part of his effigy. He placed it on the northern section of the sacred Circle. The amethyst glowed with love, and the memories he had poured into it previously. This would represent the Prey nations. To the East, he placed an ancient artefact called the Carmi, a medallion that was rumoured to have been made by the Architect, and a gift from his old mentor Kale. That would represent the Fey. To the west, Kiri placed a miniature wooden panther Sonny had made for him on his eighth birthday, a precious gift he had guarded furiously. This represented the Predator Clans. And lastly, to the West, Kiri placed one of the scrolls that Killara had written about Ciaran technology. This would represent the Ciaran race. These objects were the four races, representing mankind and the dominant species in the circle of life.

Now that the representations of his people were in place, he concentrated on the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the insect kingdom, and the organisms that could not be seen. Each was as important as the other in the chain of life. It was important that Kiri get all of the details down right. The Circle hummed and, one by one, the amber pieces began to fill with small bits of each known plant, insect, and a strand of fur or feather for each of the larger animals. Once complete, the Circle began to hum a higher harmony to the Triangle.

Satisfied that he had covered every aspect possible, he went onto the last geometric shape. Kiri looked at the Square and promptly summoned an element for each corner. On the top left corner, Kiri had rich fertile soil in a neat pile. To the top right, a coiled fire chain burned, letting off heat. The bottom right corner, a feather dangled in the air, held aloft by wind chains. To the bottom left, was a bowl of water, constantly swirling. These were going to be part of Kiri's arsenal against the World Eater. He removed the dome that had protected the spell site from the lightning, and called it forth to strike. He raised his hand to the sky, and purple lightning struck his palms in quick succession. Closing his fingers quickly, he directed the built up energy into the Square and watched as the ruby gems flashed and glittered eerily as the lightning was absorbed into their depths. The sky above rumbled and lightning flashed again. Inside the rubies, the purple lightning lo oked blood red, as it flashed in response. The representations of the elements had disappeared, to be replaced by symbols etched into the ruby plates they had been placed upon. The Square hummed a deep melodic tone that became the lower harmony to the Triangle.

The spell was now ready for stage two. Sitting down in the middle of the Triangle, Kiri began to draw upon his two Power Sources ensuring that only a controlled amount went into filling every part of the spell evenly. Raising his hands, the tips of his fingers began to spark, and he drew intricate designs in the air. They shone silver and floated over the sacred shapes, dropping and being absorbed.

For five days, Kiri created one layered spell after another, never stopping. His body grew thin, to the point where he looked like skin over bones. His body was not designed to channel so much power in such a short span of time, regardless of how much training the Masculine had done. His body was trying to absorb nutrients that it was not receiving, and channelling any kind of power required that the body be replenished with large quantities of food. Kiri couldn't afford to eat. It was delicate and dedicated work, and any interruptions would cause the second stage of the spell to disperse. He was willing to pay the price in order for the spell to be ready. His bones grew frail and it was painful to move his joints. Still, Kiri continued. His eyesight grew bleary, so he closed them and used his other senses to guide him. Through it all, his mind stayed sharp, no matter how much his body screamed at him. This was his trial and, by the Architect, he was not going to lose.

Falcon flew through air on the back of his dragon. He pulled currents of wind around him, like silk strands. They were his beacons to warn him when the Malasii entered earth's atmosphere, and if they were low enough for his men to fly out and intercept. He felt the Malasii enter near his section and prepared himself. Even after the devastating attack from the World Eater itself, destroying a large portion of Malasii in the process, the dragons and his men were still vastly outnumbered. But he knew that those in his squadron were determined and ready.

Falcon bent down, and spoke in the old tongue to his dragon. She hissed her agreement and, with his next breath, teleported to a closer proximity to the arriving vessels. Roaring out a challenge, she opened her mouth and let out a ball of flame, to which Falcon added a touch of his own power. It collided with one of the ships and created a splash effect that spread to the other ships around it. Falcon watched in satisfaction as those it contacted exploded. A few more Malasii ships attempted evasive manoeuvres, but the training within the Abyss paid off. One of his men teleported a few paces ahead of one fleeing ship, and both rider and dragon summoned a fireball, which spiralled around them and then shot towards the Malasii. It smashed against the bulkhead, and began to burn the metal like acid.

Falcon nodded in satisfaction. When he had come to the rescue of the Predators trapped by the Malasii scouts a month ago, he had studied their physiology and, with Kiri's help, he had been able to obtain a lot of vital information about them. Seeing how effective his spell was against the Malasii ship, Falcon felt the confidence of his men around him rise.

More ships triggered off his wind sensors, and the euphoria of his success slipped as it became apparent to Falcon that he would be overrun shortly. Nevertheless, he would make sure that as many ships as possible never made it to the surface. He pulled on the winds to sense how the rest of his men were coping in the sectors allotted to them. There were ten squadrons, and each had a quadrant they were taking care of. Falcon kept all the teams informed about the Malasii ships locations. Soon, there were too many to count as each Squadron reported that they could see the enemy everywhere.

Dark clouds rolled across the sky, bringing thunder and wind. Falcon half smiled, grimly thinking that it had been odd, not seeing thunder flash in the sky after living within the abyss for so long. The weather patterns were still out of sync after the great spell. Thanks to the Fey, the effects had been reduced dramatically.

Falcon wove in and out of enemy fire as four were hot on his tail. He teleported back, and forth, blasting them with fire, moving on to more targets. He heard a scream of pain from one of his men in a different squadron, but sighed in relief as the winds informed him that the injured man and his dragon had been teleported to the mounds. There, they could recover, and return back to duty once they were patched up. More of his men began to call out in pain, or distress, as the enemy overpowered them by their sheer numbers. Keeping his eye out on his own squad, Falcon told his second in command to take over while his dragon teleported him to the squad most in danger of being wiped out.

He saw the problem instantly. The enemy had separated the dragons until there were ten ships to one dragon. Although the dragons were faster, the Malasii were inexhaustible and their attacks were continuous. He could see the dragons tiring and their riders also, as they either dodged the missiles or deflected attacks. Many of his men had resorted to defensive manoeuvres, creating wind or fire shields because the onslaught of attacks was so severe. There was one Predator in this squad. Falcon watched the determination, and half bestial smile on his face, as he prevented another beam from piercing him. He teleported near those of his team mates in danger, before flittering off to help another. Falcon's heart rose with pride, admiration, and a little worry.

It explained why none of the men had retreated. The Predator was bordering on turning feral, and none of the men in this squadron wanted to leave him out here on his own. The comradeship that they had built up under the heavy training, within the abyss, had created a new beginning for Prey and Predator alike. Watching as the prey attempted to regroup, to protect a predator, struck Falcon like a sledgehammer. Theoretically, he knew that some of his men could die out here. But watching this close to the action, it brought home the fact that he might never see some of these faces again.

The Malasii had also altered the way they attacked. Falcon narrowed his eyes as he took note of how the energy beams seemed to follow his men around, even after they had teleported to another site. Five different beams were about to hit one of the Prey. He raised his hands and froze the energy balls in midair. The Prey gave him a nod of thanks, and destroyed the balls before continuing on to another enemy.

Falcon dove into the fight, keeping an eye out on the Predator. The Prey Prince could feel the rage building deeper and deeper inside the Predator and knew that soon there would be no return. Falcon had to get closer to the Predator before that happened. He was an asset he didn't want to lose.

Bluish balls shot towards Falcon, as he flew in the direction the Predator was heading. He opened his hands and sent a net, made out of the lightning from the abyss, spiralling out in front of him. It expanded as it moved away from him. The net was designed to pull the enemy's missiles toward it, absorbing them within its electrical netting, and enhancing its drawing power with each missile or energy beam caught. It hovered three hundred feet in front of Falcon.

The Prey Prince continued on his mission and watched as the Predator began teleporting erratically. His dragon was beginning to feel the strain. If frustration set in, the Predator would not be able to stop himself from going into a wild rage, and possibly hurting his dragon partner. Falcon bent down and whispered to his dragon, telling her to summon the Predators dragon towards them.

The Predator's dragon turned in mid-flight and moved toward the call of the Dragon Queen. It was then that Falcon saw an unusual red ball following behind the Predator, and gaining speed. As if sensing Falcon's gaze, the red ball sped towards the retreating Predator, almost reaching the speed of light. Before Falcon could utter a scream of warning, the red ball punctured the Predator's chest and sped through the neck of his Dragon, decapitating it in one fluid motion. Both Predator and Dragon fell from the sky without a sound.

The red ball shot towards Falcon, while he was still trying to adjust to what he had seen. His electrical net flashed as the red ball smashed through and headed towards him. The watching Prey screamed in fear as it raced towards their Prince. Time seemed to freeze in that moment.

Deep inside Falcon, something he thought he would never experience again began to rise. It filled him with heat and fire. His spirit beast responded, flying up from the depths of his soul to fill him with rage, and great power. From within the abyss, the Masculine Power source strummed in recognition. Falcon opened his eyes, but, he saw more than the physical shells of the mundane. He saw the essence that made up each element of earth, air, water, and even the physiology that made up the dragons, and the men riding them.

Falcon looked at the red ball and could see the intricate designs that made it. It was in actual fact a living organism made out of pure energy. His conscious mind finally caught up to the feat he had done. He looked around and saw everything frozen in place. The shock on his men's faces, the enemy ships in mid-flight, everything. He stared at the sky and saw the intricate spell he had created over the entire earth. Anything that entered Earths atmosphere would be frozen in time. Even his dragon had been pulled into the spell.

Following by instinct, he stared at the red ball and delved into its design. His fingers worked quickly as he sensed that his time freeze spell was about to break. Far below him, he felt Sonny's alarm as the Predator Prince linked minds and asked why everything was frozen. Falcon, busy on completing his task, allowed Sonny to scan his mind as he worked. The Predator Prince seemed grim, but remained silent as Falcon worked.

Sonny grabbed onto the wind, and flew up towards Falcon, watching as the Prey Prince's finger tips glowed with red light. He looked at all the enemies in the sky and decided that, while Falcon was occupied with his spell, he would ensure the destruction of all these ships. He gave his own feral smile and sped towards the ships, looking like nothing more than a blur. He shot in and out of each ship, and saw them turn to dust. Faster and faster Sonny went as he, too, sensed the collapse of Falcon's spell. He also knew that Falcon would be out of the fight as soon as that happened.

Dust fell down like a bilious cloud as Sonny made quick work of the Malasii ships. He teleported to each section that Falcon had set his men to protect, and sped into, and out of, the other ends of the ships. He looked above him, and could see the spell deteriorating. There were less than two thousand ships left, and Sonny was tiring.

He pulled from deep inside him, drawing upon the Masculine, and using the kinetic energy of the feminine to power up and push him that little bit further. If Falcon were going all out, he may as well try too. After all, this was an opportunity to protect as many people as possible. However, the cautious side of him warned that the people would still need someone to lead them. With Falcon out, they would need someone strong enough to help them through the next part of the war. If he wore himself out trying to destroy the remaining ships, people would not have a strong enough leader to guide them.

The link that Falcon and he shared seemed tenuous, and it told him how much power Falcon had drawn upon. He gritted his teeth, and turned away from the ships still frozen in time, to go back toward a now fading Falcon. He teleported besides the drooping Prey Prince, and lifted him out of his harness.

With the last of his strength, Falcon imparted what he had done to the now hovering red ball. Sonny was impressed, and promised the Prey Prince that he would ensure that the red energy life form went to the destination Falcon wanted but was now too weak to project himself.

Sonny teleported the Prey Prince, and his Dragon, to the mounds. They had done their fair share. It was up to him to determine that everything was going according to what they had planned for in the war meeting. It meant he would have to keep an eye on the Dragon riders as well as his men. The masculine within him strummed to the challenge.

Deep in the Abyss, Kiri gave a feeble scream as he felt the Masculine and Feminine Power Source's being drawn upon. His fingers shrivelled and curled as his body attempted to channel the required power that was being demanded. His body was racked with pain, and he could feel his heart desperately trying to pump his life's blood through his fading body. His mind was still sharp and clear but, soon, even that would desert him. However, he still needed to play his part. Images of Sonny, Falcon, Kale, and his dear Toby, were the talismans he held in his head, and the reason behind why he must do what was needed.

The World Eater looked through its long-range sensors and saw a planet full of life energy. Hunger filled its mind as the many workers within its body prepared and created more Malasii drones to replenish those that were destroyed. This Planet would be a feast like none it had had before.

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