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Chapter three

Sonny stood in the clearing with all the other young adults going on their quest journey. An extremely attractive young woman glided towards him. He could smell the pheromone wafting off her. That was a talent from the tiger clan and her seductive hips promised treasures unbound.

All around them, males watched her surreptitiously and some with open hunger. Although his body responded with lust, his mind felt strangely disconnected. It seemed the more he resisted, the stronger she pursued, and he found that, at times both exhilarating and annoying. He had had dalliances in the past with other girls, and found it much more fulfilling when he talked about his conquests to his cousin Kiri. Watching the expression on his face go from awe, to admiration, to envy always made Sonny feel on top of the world.

Kiri had a way of listening that allowed Sonny the ease to confide his fears and troubles that he could never have done with the other children of the clan nor to his parents. They expected him to be the epitome of the panther race, and admitting to fears was something that was not allowed in the royal family. With Kiri, it was easier to relax and just be himself.

All that changed a year ago. Kiri had been acting quieter than usual and Sonny had thought he was sneaking off to fool around with one of the girls in the clan. Knowing how shy and embarrassed his younger cousin was about intimacy, he decided to follow Kiri one night. Sonny was impressed. For all the ridicule about how inept Kiri was at forestry, he kept a light foot on the ground and hid his tracks with competence.

Stopping abruptly, Kiri spun back as if he sensed Sonny prowling from a distance. Sonny froze. Kiri scanned back and forth through the foliage for a while. Head still, but eyes frantically searching the surroundings. Time passed and when Kiri saw neither movement nor sound out of the ordinary, he continued his tracks.

Sonny, playing on the safe side, made sure there was more distance between him and Kiri as he played the cat and mouse tactic with his cousin. They went all over the forest, until Kiri ducked down into the foliage and disappeared. Sonny lightly puzzled and intrigued went to take a look. Pulling back the fern fronds that Kiri had ducked beneath earlier, he felt a light tickle of energy that faded as he entered.

Brushing it aside as unimportant, he snuck behind a grassy mound and peeked over the top. Standing upon a grass mound that seemed too symmetrical to be natural, was Kiri, legs folded Indian style. A small flute began to play a haunting melody.

Kiri rose from his sitting position and raised his hands into the air stretching his body out in a graceful curve. Gone was the lanky shy boy. He was beautiful to watch. Legs flew and hands tumbled as he did acrobats and pivots around the clearing. From the shadows rose, something that made the back of Sonny's neck stand up.

The wild fey. Silver headed, blue eyed children of the forests. They were the first born, gifted with all the talents of both predator and prey. They were in a league of their own and were left to their own devices. Kiri was secretly meeting with the wild fey, and dancing and singing for them?!!

They in turn, danced and cavorted around the clearing as Kiri's voice rose in crescendo. It was a pure clear note that sent something hard and soft clinging inside Sonny's heart. But it was the way that Kiri moved and the expression on his face, that held Sonny spell bound.

Joy spread across Kiri's face, as he swirled, and glided across the clearing. Hair danced around his face in frenzy. Round and round Kiri danced, laughing and pleased at his fans eager hands clapping, as they too joined in the dance. His body shone as the moon bathed him in its glow. It was as if Kiri was absorbing the light of the moon and reflecting it under his skin. His hair seemed to float in a wind felt by none. And as his face lit up with another smile, Sonny realised how beautiful his cousin truly was. He saw Kiri in his own element, and he felt awe, admiration and even a touch of envy. Something tugged and coaxed at Sonny's body, calling him out to play.

Kiri moved with grace and his audience were rapt as he swirled in and out of them. Heat flooded Sonny's loins. Kiri's dancing drew him with heart and soul. That something that teased his body wanted him to dance. Sonny could no longer resist the pull that dragged him out into the open. Shock flashed into Kiri's eyes as he saw his cousin standing tall and proud in front of him. A spark flickered and trembled between the two cousins. It felt as thick as rope, and as sticky as a spider's web.

Looking down, Kiri's mouth went dry as he saw how hard Sonny was in his pants. Looking back up, he saw desire and fear fighting for supremacy in Sonny's eyes.

A loud hissing distracted the two cousins, and Sonny was soon surrounded with bolts of lightning, clawed fingers, and shadows turned flesh ready to pounce.

"NO!" Kiri shouted. In a quieter voice he continued. "Please, this is my cousin and he doesn't know what he interrupted. The cycle can still continue; blood shed is not needed."

A young boy walked up to Kiri. He spoke in a tongue that made Sonny's gut clench in recognition. It was the old tongue. The building blocks of the universe. This young boy was obviously an Elder. Sonny began to tremble.

Kiri sat on his knees staring eye to eye with the Fey Elder. Silent communication travelled between the two and Kiri blushed, turning a furious scarlet before looking down. A peal of laughter escaped the Elders lips and he gave Sonny a speculative look. Turning back to Kiri he spoke the old tongue once more. Kiri seemed reluctant to answer, but finally nodded his head in agreement. The Elder looked smug and then lifted Kiri's chin up.

Clapping his hands, everyone that had surrounded Sonny began to fade back into shadows. With a gentle shove, the Elder pushed Kiri towards his cousin.

"What's going on?" Sonny whispered as Kiri approached him.

"You interrupted a ceremony that is as old as the world you idiot" Kiri answered. "I have convinced them that you're not a threat and since you interfered, you have to pay recompense."

Sonny looked slightly alarmed. "Do they want jewels?"

Kiri laughed, and then sobered. "No, they require your participation in the dance and, uh, well..."

"Spill it out already" Sonny said impatiently.

"You have to mate with the one who is the epicentre of the dance." Kiri answered quietly.

Sonny looked around the clearing at the females who had danced with Kiri. They stared back at him with avid interest. They watched him as if he was an insect under a magnifying glass.

"I think I can handle that." He said with cocky zeal. "How many of them do I have to mate with?" He asked rubbing his hands together.

"Just one...Me" Kiri whispered.

Sonny stared hard at his cousin. His heart hammered and fear leapt into his eyes. During the time he had seen Kiri speak with the Elder, he had convinced himself that it was the power of whatever the fey had been doing in the clearing that had caused him to feel lust for his cousin. It was natural to see such amazing grace and lust after it. It was normal for a young man to get horny at the drop of a pin. So Sonny had brushed away the attraction as artificial and nothing more. And this was his cousin after all, he knew deep inside that if they crossed this line, something would change between them and he feared breaking what they already had.

Kiri stared at his cousin with understanding. "If you don't do this Sonny, then they will kill you."

"I don't know if I can do this with an audience." he whispered, glancing at the avid eyes of his onlookers.

Kiri looked at him surprise showing upon his face. Predator clans were not shy about sex, it was part of the life cycle and a common thing to watch, see, or participate. "But you have had an audience before? Why is this different?"

"Because I have never fucked another male and I don't want to hurt you" he said looking away from his cousin.

"BEGIN!" the Elder shouted from his place in the clearing.

There was no more time to talk. Taking a breath, Kiri walked backwards his eyes still on Sonny trying to assure him. Standing in the centre of the clearing once more, he raised his hands towards the moon. That same sliver glow that infused his skin, shone and danced along his hair this time as well. The music began, and Kiri's melodic voice rose as he swirled and swayed in concentric circles.

That same sensation of coaxing and tickling crept along Sonny's skin. He shivered and an involuntary groan dropped from his lips. The sound of his cousins voice began to weave its way into the coaxing and teasing that was trailing all over his body. It was like invisible delicate hands tracing all over his body, gliding, and teasing his erogenous zones.

He felt his cock thicken and lengthen as the tickling travelled up and down his shaft and all over his balls. Warm wet mouths licked and caressed his nipples and then down his stomach. Hands guided him towards the centre, but he was beyond caring and didn't realise he was naked and lying down until he opened his eyes to see his cousin lying between his legs. He gasped as the invisible mouths faded out to be replaced with the true warm wet mouth of his cousin.

His beast trembled within him and rumbled its pleasure along with his own. The red lush lips of his cousin became an obsession to Sonny, as he watched them tighten on his cock and consume a few more inches. He felt Kiri swallow and the rest of his length slid down the back of his throat. Sonny groaned and bucked his hips up to ensure Kiri's face was wallowing in his pubic hairs. Kiri's eyes shimmered in the moonlight, and Sonny watched as the silver shine turned into the paler luminescence of the moon. They held heat to them and he stared at Sonny with relish as he devoured his cock once again.

Sonny arched his back and flung his head back onto the ground. He clawed the grass, digging dirt up with his fingernails as he shuddered in pleasure. No one had ever been able to swallow the whole length of him before and this new sensation was driving him closer to the edge. The beast rumbled agreement and decided it was time to take over.

Kiri was flipped onto his back as Sonny loomed over him. The eyes of the beast stared into his moon coloured ones and a shiver of anticipation made Kiri hard and ready for what was to come. With a rumbling purr, Sonny kissed him. The vibration travelled from his lips to Kiri and all the way down to his groin. He moaned as Sonny cupped his face and tilted it for a deeper kiss. The beast purred again and it shivered over Kiri's chest. He wrapped his legs around Sonny and ground his hard cock against the other. Precum made it easy to slide and more pleasurable as they continued kissing.

Some kind of magic outside of understanding made the hairs on Sonny's neck stand up, while sparks of electricity played with Kiri's auburn locks. The beast was ready to mate and with that instinct riding him, Sonny bit down on Kiri's neck and entered him at the same moment.

Kiri gasped and his body resisted for a second, before that neck ruffling sensation from around the clearing took his breath away and his body was loose and more open to receive the long length of his cousin. The power built with each plunge creating a bubble around the two lovers. Kiri moaned out loud as Sonny rubbed against his prostate, locking his legs more tightly around the small arch in Sonny's back.

Sonny clenched his teeth as he felt the tight warm passage of his cousins ass grip and release with each thrust. He was getting closer and he increased his speed. Sharp sounds of skin slapping skin filled the clearing. Sonny dimly realising the two of them were alone. Kiri bit into his cousins' shoulder and Sonny roared with pleasure pain. Lifting Kiri's legs up onto his shoulders without missing a beat he plunged in deeper at this angle and collapsed onto his cousin.

Kiri was delirious with pleasure. The hard, fast pounding and the guttural sounds his cousin was making drove him to the edge and over. He screamed out his pleasure, shooting his seed between the two of them. The power that had been building within the clearing snapped and rushed like a wave outwards from where they were making love. Sonny shouted out a long heartfelt moan as he felt himself shoot deep inside Kiri. The beast roaring as it claimed Kiri as its own.

They lay in the clearing, sweat cooling off them, sex redolent in the air. Kiri was lazily tracing circles on Sonny's chest. Grabbing those hands that had done amazing things to him. Sonny gently pushed them away before sitting up, back towards Kiri.

He put his head in his hands. Mental images of his parents, and uncle screaming ridicule at him reared their ugly heads, with the Clan screaming and stoning him as he ran out of the village. Sex with a guy wasn't supposed to be this great. He wasn't supposed to feel replete and sexually satisfied. Not with another male any how.

"Don't make this into too much Kiri" Sonny said. He saw his cousin stiffen a little before recovering and he felt ill to the stomach for the lie.

Kiri's heart lurched painfully in his chest, his words of love dying on his lips. Quickly wiping suddenly moist eyes he shrugged at Sonny.

"It never crossed my mind, and don't worry this is our secret, no one needs to know." Kiri hated the way he always tried to make sure everyone else was okay except for himself. But there he was, making sure that Sonny felt okay about what had just happened. Trying to make light of the situation to give him an escape route, and just like that, Sonny got up and walked away, never looking back once.

If he had, he would have seen Kiri curl into a ball and weep like a lost child. From then on, the closeness they had was replaced with awkwardness and heavy silences.

Sonny snapped out of his reverie when he felt someone stroking his hard cock. The tigress and soon to be wife was panting and rubbing against him.

"Ooh is this for me is it?" she whispered seductively. He grabbed her hand and applied pressure until he heard her whimper.

"Touch me without my permission and I will break your wrist." She snarled at him, snatched her hand back and walked away. She was not foolish enough to embarrass him in public. The Royals in the Panther Clan were the only ones who could shape shift into animal form, and the reason they were the ruling Clan closest to Trobal forest. No other clans Predator or Prey had this ability any longer, and to hurt or embarrass a royal of the Panther Clan meant the Royal in question had the right to duel.

Female or not, the Tigress was a warrior and there were no differences in the sexes when it came to battle. She knew she would lose. It was always the winner that had the right of the matter in an argument, which would mean her status, would drop within the Cat Clan Hierarchy. That was one thing she refused to loose.

A stocky youth from the Lion Clan attempted to calm the Tigress and puffed up when she took his arm. It was common for the Cat Clans to have sex with many partners before a marriage. In fact it was expected. The Tigress lifted her nose as she walked pass Sonny, while the Lion Cub gave Sonny a measuring look. There was old rivalry between the Panther and Lion Clan. Many centuries ago, the Lion was the unprecedented ruler of the Cat Nations, until they lost the ability to change into their animal form. The Panther Lands originally belonged to the Lions. But the Royal Sigil responded only to those that could still shift into animal form, and the Lions were reluctantly replaced.

Fear surrounded Kiri. It trapped him on all sides as he wedged himself deeper into the cave. He could hear the beast roaring outside and knew that as long as he stayed within, the beast couldn't hurt him nor enter the cave. Neither could the world waiting outside.


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