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Chapter seven

Kiri slipped back into his body, Fey were abasing themselves all around him, their heads touching the ground. He and Kale were in a small circle all their own, and Kale had his head bowed like a man waiting to be knighted. But this was not the same Kale he had remembered. Old, grey and white streaks flowed where rich brown hair once was. Wrinkles marred the brackets around his lips, nose, and mouth. Kiri gasped, and touched his mentor, "What happened to you Kale?"

Keeping his head bowed, he replied, "I would do it again, I had to make up for my father's..." Kale swallowed before continuing. "You are more important...Avatar"

Kiri went down on his knees, and touched Kale, "You shouldn't have done this, Kale," A tear slipped down Kiri's face. There had to be something he could do. Digging his hands into the earth, he listened to what the world had to say. The trees showed him images of the past. The land whispered of who had set foot on their ground. Secrets had been hidden in many dark corners of this forest and, now that the font of the Feminine was under Kiri's control, there were many things he was being shown.

The Forest showed him what had been done to Kale in his youth; the sacrifice of leaving his home, and Kiri cried more. He watched as the Fey bound him in mortal flesh and drove him away as outcast to all Fey. Pulling his hand free of the soil, he looked at Kale who sat with his head still bent. The world whispered around Kiri and, closing his eyes, the silver sigil glowed upon his forehead. From the centre an eye appeared and opened, shining the same silver as Kiri's natural eye colour. The diamond sigil, dark silver, highlighted the burgeoning light grey eye. Kiri now could see the old tongue that bound Kale to his human form. Bluish green designs crawled over Kale hiding his true face behind the designs.

"I can't break the ageing, but I can break the bonds that hold you to your mortal shell, Kalemendari, and make you what you were before you were bound," Kiri said; his voice full of thunder and storms. "This must be your choice."

Kale looked upon Kiri and saw the face of Feminine, the female power of Architect. Yet it wasn't the dark glory that had been present earlier; this was the nurturing aspect. He could see the essence that made Kiri just-him, inside that power-ridden body, and he relaxed. Kale looked back on the years he had spent as a human. It had taught him to appreciate the small things in life and cherish everyday as if it was the last. No, that had been Kiri's mother, with her quiet understanding and inner strength.

But being human had given him a different perspective on the events outside of the forest. The Fey, if they didn't change, would be lost under the new and innovative ways of the Predator/Prey societies. These societies were slowly beginning to monopolize the country by outbreeding, developing magical and physicality advances. The Fey were just too stubborn to realise, stuck in their superiority, to notice that those they considered, `lesser' were evolving around them.

Kale knew. He had lived within the Prey cities before settling in the village with Kira the High Priestess. They were doing things with their spirit animals that had never been thought of one hundred years ago. Their buildings and cities were becoming more elaborate as each noble house tried to outdo the other in elemental manipulation. And, in the spirit of comradeship, they established a mage university to benefit all of Prey-kind.

He had lived 14 years with the Predator society. Although the Predator Society didn't have elaborate buildings, their structures were sturdy, and so well built that many had lasted over the generations with little or no maintenance. Their hunting and tracking skills were second only to the Fey. And if a bunch of predators were to surround a Fey, in all likely-hood the predators' endurance and speed could wear the Fey down before the Fey could effectively counter-attack. Of course, both societies feared the Fey, and the Fey had made sure to maintain that image over the centuries. But Kale knew the Fey's weaknesses, and one day the Predator/Prey societies might discover it on their own. Would the Fey be ready when that happened?

Kale severely doubted that. Did he really care what happened to the Fey, or, becoming a bastardised version them of once again? Being outcast had left him bitter, and he felt his sacrifice had been in vain. No one had cared enough to find out the truth. Yet... He made his decision.

Sonny was sitting in the clearing near the outskirts of Trobal forest. Now that he could sit and think, his mind started to wander to Kiri. Worry made him frown, and he absently started to shred grass. Kiri had destroyed ten Fey. No one had ever been able to kill one and live to tell the tale, let alone ten. That made him a little apprehensive, but it was the trouble that Kiri would be facing. Sonny suspected there were a lot of things going on that he needed to be aware of. But like a jigsaw puzzle, things needed to be sorted out into the right shape and order to fit. That was why Sonny was shredding grass impotently.

Kiri needed him near, but there were things that needed sorting out here. First off, he needed to know what the scrolls were. If it could help Kiri in some way, than even better. But he also had a responsibility to those that were in his charge, namely the predators he brought here to Trobal forest. His beast had nearly ripped out of his chest, earlier this morning, at the sight of the Head Priest Taal, and Sonny knew things weren't what they seemed here.

Those under his protection had to be cared for before he went hare-braining to Kiri's side. There were too many undercurrents here. When a predator was in unsure territory, it was better to observe first. That was a saying from his father, and one that Sonny was going to heed.

A scream pulled him from his reverie. One of the young women of the jaguar clan came rushing towards him.

"Prince, there is something you need to see."

Sonny nodded his head. "Lead the way."

They rushed towards the entrance of the training grounds. His nose smelt it before his eyes saw: blood and offal. The place smelt like a slaughterhouse. A few seconds later he came around the corner to see the body of Priest Ancon. His face paled at the sight, and he slowed before resuming his move toward the corpse.

"Go get one of the priests, Eela. Wait. Find the Head Priest, and take someone with you. No one is to go alone," he said to the jaguar-ess. Sonny didn't trust the Head Priest, and he wanted to see the reaction of the man when he saw him.

"Then I will wait here until others arrive," she said. Sonny gave her a slashing look. She stood her ground, her lips firm.

"You are our Prince and you're alone; not a good tactic, Prince."

His face lightened and he bowed to her wisdom. The perpetrator could take this time, while he was distracted by the body, and attack again. If someone could take out a Priest of Trobal forest, and no one heard it, then whoever it was, was someone to be reckoned with... or a person that Ancon knew.

Returning to the body, he switched into night vision mode. Pain slashed at him as he felt sunlight hit the back of his retinas. In this mode he could zoom in on small minute detail that his normal eyesight could not. But it wasn't called night vision for nothing; daylight was painful. However, he needed to see what kinds of tracks were around the body. His eyes watered, but he scanned the body for claw marks or prints of any kind. Finding none, he frowned and scanned the ground around the body. It was clean. There were no traces of footprints, not from the corpse or from the assailant. Normally predators could smell the scent of fear on the air, but there were no trace scents. The only marks near the body were his and the Jaguar-ess. This was not possible, unless...magic was used. But how? No magic outside of Fey could get past the Royal Sigil. Generations of Royals had travelled to this forest every year. And each Royal body was entombed in this Forest. The place was steeped with the protection of the Sigil. It would have been renewed the moment he walked onto its hallowed grounds. Another thought raced into his mind on top of the last. Where were the scrolls?

Others came to see what the ruckus was, and gasped at the dead body of the priest. "Do not come any closer," Sonny yelled. Pointing at two from the leopard clan, he bade them go and get aid from the priests, instructing that none go anywhere alone.

Taking a shallow breath to prevent the smell from making him retch, he examined the body. A hole had been punched through the chest cavity, and the ground could be seen in the perfect circle of the hole. Sonny could only imagine that something cylindrical, with great speed, and extremely sharp could puncture a hole like this with the edges so clean and precise. For such a large wound there was very little blood. Sonny assumed that the body had been killed before it was dumped in the middle of this training field. That was the only other explanation, outside of magic, for no blood trail, and no scent of fear near the body. So the only thing that could do this without detection was the Fey, and why were they giving a warning? And if so...who was it for?

A rustling from behind Sonny made him snap around in defence mode. Head Priest Taal was standing there with a cloth to his nose and a face that looked pale. The Jaguar-ess went into defence position only moments later. Sonny wasn't taking any chances. His beast hadn't trusted this man on sight, and it was enough for Sonny to be wary of him.

At that thought, the beast stirred inside Sonny. It attacked before Sonny understood what was happening. Taal screamed as he felt his mind being invaded against his will. His fear spiked and the predators could smell it. The priests behind Taal rushed towards the Prince. From the entrance of the training grounds came the warning snarls and growls of the other young initiate predators. They loped towards the priests menacingly. Some came hesitantly, namely those from the lion clans. Most of the priests were from their lineage. But they came to protect Sonny and he took note of that with gratitude.

The initiates were forty strong compared to the fifteen priests that maintained the forest year round. "What is the meaning of this?" one of the priests asked Sonny.

"I will tell you in a second," he said, sweat building upon his forehead as he scanned the Head Priest. Taal dropped to the ground clawing at his head. "NO, please no I beg you noooooooo," he whimpered.

Some of the initiates stirred at the sight, and it was the Jaguar-ess that gave them a warning look. Sonny dug deeper, his beast using teeth and claws to find the answers. Taal screamed and lay sprawled on the ground.

Sonny gasped and paled. "What have you done, Head Priest?" he said in a trembling voice.

Taal continued screaming with unseeing eyes. His flesh began to steam, as if a fire was simmering from the inside. His skin melted away like water in only seconds. The screaming continued as bone could be seen. The body disintegrated in only a matter of minutes. Everyone was left gasping.


Kale made his decision. Kiri stared at him for a second before smiling gently. "Before I do this, I need the help of the Elder Tree." Walking through the crowd, his naked body still held a faint moonlit glow. He switched into witch time and within the blink of an eye he was at the heart of Trevailier forest.

Kale summoned earth and disappeared, following in Kiri's wake. The Fey got off their knees, and blurs dashed away as they whipped through the forest towards the Elder Tree. Kale watched as Kiri walked up to the tree. Old memories surfaced and his anger over what his father had done, all those years ago, built within his chest. Kiri opened his mouth and Kale felt the familiar tingle across his shoulders as Kiri used the Old Tongue. A face screamed from the bark of the tree. Gasps and cries came from the Fey that were watching. Kale watched as the Elder, stuck in the Tree, cried his pain and loss. Kiri kissed the wooden, moving cheek of the true Elder.

Kale looked on, as Kiri's hands seemed to slide into the tree. He used his hands to cup the face of the Elder and started pulling backwards. The true Elder Rain screamed his pain. It held an edge of hysteria. Unrelentingly, Kiri continued his task of pulling the Elder out.

The sound was like one would hear if a shoe was stuck in wet clinging clay. The tree reluctantly let go of its cargo, and a human shaped hole was left behind. Cradling the Elder to him, Kiri carefully stroked the still wooden side of the Elder's face.

"Quickly, come here," Kiri said to Kale, never letting his eyes waver from the wooden Elder.

Kale clasped Kiri's hand. An electric jolt speared into Kale's body at the touch. He screamed. The Elders mind opened under that scream. Images flashed through Kale's mind, of the Elders past and his recollections. The Fey in Kiri's arms whispered all his knowledge and experiences into the core of Kale's mind. He screamed as he felt the loss of himself under the onslaught. The Elder's past and his own became intertwined, until Kale couldn't understand where his started and the Elder's ended.

Kiri soothed the onslaught with a whispered breath and the images came slower. Kale breathed a sigh of relief and absorbed the information at an easier pace. His inner self resurfaced and, with each memory that he gained, the more self-assured he became.

Silence wrapped around Kale. He heard none save what the Elder was sharing. It seemed to last an eternity and was only a second. When he opened his eyes, the true Elder Rain lay dead with a peaceful smile on his youthful face. He watched as Kiri waved at the earth beneath the Elder Tree and it parted to create a hole beside its roots. The roots wriggled like worms and slithered out of the ground searching for the body of the last Elder of the Eastern Fey. Kiri gently moved and placed the body upon the roots of the Elder Tree. They wrapped themselves around the body and lowered it into the ground. Soil flowed over the body and smoothed over. The ground looked as untouched as if there was never a body beneath it.

Kale now had silver hair, and the youthful look of 18. His face still looked like the face Kiri remembered growing up with. But it was more refined and, instead of the blue eyes that were common to the Fey, they were brown. Gasps of dismay spread through the watching Fey. Kiri glared at them. His hair had not stopped floating and glowing like spun rubies since he had buried the Fey Elder.

"This is the wish of the last true Elder," Kiri replied to the looks of distrust and fear that were on some of the Fey's faces as they stared at Kale. "Disobey at his displeasure, and my wrath," Kiri continued in a forbidding tone.

Kale touched the shoulder of the young man that had been a son to him. Now he looked upon a man that had once been a child not so long ago, and sighed. Although the panther clan matured at a very young age, he had still considered Kiri merely a child. Now Kiri was more. He had grown into his power and knowledge at a considerable rate and Kale gritted his teeth at how brutal the process had been. The sight of Kiri's biological father raping him would forever be etched into Kale's mind, and he was fiercely happy Kiri had killed him. If he hadn't, Kale would have found a way to do it himself.

Brushing that aside, he watched as that fierce look of protectiveness that was an inherent part of Kiri surfaced to protect him as Kiri stared at the crowd of Fey. "Enough, Kiri," he said gently. "They have a reason for their fear and uncertainty. The person they considered the true Elder Rain, was a lie, and it is a harsh realization for anyone to bear. I am the impostor's son by blood, but not by choice. They fear that alien-ess inside me. Now that the impostor is gone and the real Elder released from the tree, they are confused. The true Elder Rain gave his knowledge to me freely, a false Fey. It is a lot to take on and understand."

Kiri stared at Kale. He wanted to argue, but the look on Kale's face changed his mind. "Very well, Elder Kalemendari Rain, the new Elder of the Eastern Fey. I hereby grant you the blessing given to me as the Avatar of the Architect. May you guide wisely." With that, a new Elder Rain was born.

Kiri sat on the ground beside a flowing stream. His knees were up against his chest as he hugged himself. He listened to the words of the world and absorbed its teachings. He looked at the trees, heard them greet him, and absorbed their joy. He watched as the Fey came up to their new Elder and spoke mind to mind. The forest gave welcome to their Elder, and the Fey followed suit. Kiri finally understood why Kale had decided to turn back into what he was. It was partly to help him on the journey that was now laid out for him, but Kale still cared for the people he had once considered his. Once Kale decided you were a part of his family, he fought tooth and nail for you until his last breath. This kind of loyalty humbled Kiri. Kale had given his all to keep these people safe from his father's power, by pulling out of his father's equation. In doing so, he had discovered the true avatar: Kiri.

He tried to read Kale's life path but now, as with most Fey, he couldn't read him. Kale, like the Fey, was immortal and so was kept out of the life cycle that the Architect had built. Kiri was going to change that. Many of the predator clans had a touch of Ciaran blood in their veins. He suspected the Prey clans also had the same thing. This meant that the Architect's plan would not recognise a lot of the next generation of humans being born. The land was slowly rejecting them because of it.

Now that the western Fey had a Ciaran Elder within their midst, their lives would be touched by the insinuating deeds of the Ancients. They would be drawn into the war that was brewing. Their strength would be needed in the events to come; Kiri knew this.

Power trickled across the back of Kiri's neck. He looked up. There, sitting with a ray of sunlight shinning on her shoulders, was an old woman. Her silver hair and fine features indicated one with Fey blood, but her sightless blue eyes and old age indicated otherwise. The Fey were immortal. This person, that looked Fey, was mortal.

"Who are you?" Kiri asked, readying a spell of protection. He quickly glanced over to the Fey and Kale and gasped. They stood motionless. If Kiri didn't know better, he would have thought they were frozen in time, but the land beneath his feet still sang her song of greeting, and the trees rustled around him.

"I am Killara, the very first Avatar of the Architect," she replied. Kiri shivered as he felt her use the old tongue to prove her words were truth.

Kiri shook. She had used witch time to travel into the future, something that was beyond his knowledge or power. "Have I done something wrong?" Kiri asked.

"No," she said. "But, you have not been able to assimilate the full powers of the Architect because your design is flawed."

Kiri smarted at her words and frowned. "If I was as flawed as you say I am, then how come I can tap into the knowledge of the Architect at all?"

"The same way the fake Elder had done. By masking your original design with one that is already here. However, I am here to help as best I can. After all, forewarned is forearmed. That is why you must alter the design of the Architect. The Sigil on your head is a Ciaran design, and one that has been incorporated into your society. If the Fey were to destroy the Sigil now, it could possibly wipe out all of the predator clans in the next few generations." She smiled at him as she watched him trying to absorb everything. "But, if you incorporate your essence with the Architect's design, you may help the predators and also be able to tap into the full potential of the Architect." Kiri nodded, his shoulders relaxing under the pressure he hadn't realised he held. "I have one last bit of help. It is a prophecy and a warning. Use it wisely." Killara said.

"Wait!" Kiri said. "Why have you not stopped this great threat that is coming? Your powers obviously surpass mine?"

She gave a great smile, as if he had said something of great importance. "My role has already been played, and my power works within the Architect's design the way it is right now. Your power is unique. If I was to go up against the threat you will be faced with soon, I would doom our entire world. The design of the Ciaran that is within your veins is the key to destroying the foe."

Kiri looked towards the frozen bodies of the Fey and Kale and sighed. "I still don't understand. I know that there is a foe that the Ciaran ran from when they first came here. I know that I have Ciaran blood. The evidence is the Royal Sigil still active on my forehead. But how will this help me with the foe? I need concrete evidence. Can you shed more light?"
She shook her head sadly. "No, but the answer is within this prophecy."

`What manacles hold your wrist
Bind your tongue and
Keeps safe your sanity?
Hold tight these chains
Beware the whispers in the dark
as the darkness gathers round
Set careful the spark
that lights the flame
And onsets the folded darkness
as you chase the fire, to the fuel
You'll find that once lost
that your blood inspired
and spilt its gore upon the land
Let the apple-seed reason
the poison that the bloom inspired'

Something clicked in Kiri's mind and he shuddered at the ominous prophecy. Images and emotions flowed into his head. The first part spoke of his beast and the power that lay within that vessel, whether to do right or wrong with that potential. The second one talked about the cause and effect of those actions. And the last?

The way he understood, it meant that there was something within his ancestry that was the key. `Apple seed reason, the poison that the bloom inspired'; that was the beginning of his birth. The circumstances around how he was born. He shook his head and looked away from the first avatar. He sensed movement and the rustling of bodies. The Fey and even Kale were still talking as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Killara the First had disappeared.

He had to get to Prey lands. Part of his mystery lay within the other half of his ancestry. Kale would have to remain here. The Forest lay depleted, and it would take all of the Fey and their new Elder to rejuvenate the place after the battle that had been waged here. It would be needed again in the upcoming battle.


Sonny felt the beast roar inside his head and his Sigil flared. The murmurs and protestations died down, as the Sigil became a blinding light. The gathered predators covered their eyes. When it died down, the predators turned as one. A metal grating sound came from the temple to their left.

"On your guard!" Sonny shouted. The predators went on guard point.

"What is that noise and what does it mean?" a Lion asked in a menacing growl. His eyes had turned amber, and he stared at the priest that had been the lead speaker. The bald man was shaking and pale.

"It is the opening to the sacred chamber beneath the forest," the priest said. "Being of Royal blood, it has opened to our Prince's call."

Sonny laughed, and it was full of anger and rage as he directed his stare at the priests. "You idiotic fools, all of you! I can taste the half-truths in your words. But never worry; our now deceased Head Priest knew what it was all along, and I have the answers I need." The bald priest looked affronted and confused. Sony continued, "It's been a tradition that has passed down from one Head Priest to the next. Beneath our feet is one of the homes of the ancients. For less than two thousand years, they have used the strongest amongst us as guinea-pigs for some kind of experimentation." He laughed bitterly, and swallowed to clear the nasty taste from his mouth. Gasps and murmurs rushed around the clearing.

Sonny looked at the spot where Taal had last lain before turning to dust. "Your leader, Priest Taal, had made a pact with the Ancients. In return, he was promised the ability to shape shift and retain the Royal sigil amongst his children. So what do you think he offered in return?"

Confused stares met that question. Sonny stared at everyone watching and weighing their responses. He felt that he could trust those that came with him, but most of the Trobal Priests were Lion Clan, and therefore, some of the initiates from the clan could be suspect? He kept his council, and his face calm as he continued. "The traitor Taal promised every single one of us as the next guinea pigs for some kind of danger that is coming to our lands. Within his mind, I have seen the types of experimentation that is done to those that are `chosen'. They are prodded and cut and bled, and some have gone missing over the past years." Rumbles and dissent began spreading through the crowd.

Sonny raised his hands to silence them. "These are the ones that we have been told were failures to the clans."

More groans of dismay. It had been known in the past for some of the initiates to never return, in recent years, the failures had started growing exponentially. Sonny spoke, his voice shaking with suppressed emotion. "As tradition dictated, these `failures' disappeared at the discretion of the priests. For those that survived the tests, when their experimentations were done, their minds were wiped of any wrongdoing and they were sent back here; unaware they had been violated!"

The atmosphere changed as Sonny spoke with passion. Predators were not known for tolerance, and their ire could be felt along the hairs of ones nape. It tickled and taunted, goading the beasts to rise in rage. Sonny continued. "Because of their experimentation, our own designs have been altered. Why do you think that barely half the Predator population can shape shift? It's well known that my royal family is having problems conceiving children. All this has been because of the ancients' dabbling in our own architect designs! They have angered the great Architect and we, the children of those experiments, are suffering because of it!"

Roars of rage echoed around the clearing. Some of the priests looked as shocked as the crowd. Yet, it was the ones least surprised that Sonny kept a close eye upon. Later, he would scan them also and see what he could pillage from their minds. They had lost any courtesy due a priest when they betrayed the people, and Sonny had no hesitancy in using all means necessary to gain information.

It was while the people were gathered together, talking, that Elder Wind and his Fey followers appeared between the crowds. Fear spiked amongst the predators, and they rushed around Sonny in battle mode.

"We mean no harm here," Elder Wind said. He placed his hands together in between his sleeves and the rest of the Fey followed suit.

"Back down," Sonny said to the predators. They reluctantly did as told, but their hands remained in the open, ready to combat with teeth and claws if necessary. Looking towards the Fey Elder, he bowed in respect. "What brings you here, Elder?" he asked.

The Elder smiled his approval at the respectful gesture. "I wish to accompany you into the underground city. My people have not been able to penetrate its defences. With you in tow, I think our favour of getting past any nasty traps might increase. In return, you will have Fey warriors added to your arsenal, and under your command for the duration of our journey into the underground city."

The predators gathered, gasped. It was an unheard of boon. Sonny remained still, and searched the face of the Elder in front of him.

"Thank you, Elder. Your presence, and that of your warriors, will be welcome." Going on a hunch, Sonny continued. "Do you have any idea what happened with our deceased Priest, Ancon?"

The Elder looked at Sonny, nodding his head sagely at the quickness of the Prince. "It was I that dragged the body here for you to see. Your Priest was killed by the defences of the city beneath our feet." Pulling something out of his sleeves, he handed over the two scrolls that Sonny had awoken with this morning. "The priest had a death clutch upon these. They would be put to better use with you in charge of them."

Sonny grabbed the scrolls and looked down at the Elder. "Do you know what they say? Ancon was going to decipher them for me before he...died."

The Elder nodded his head. "One of them is a diary of the priest that hid the scrolls; the other is a prophecy. Shall I read the prophecy for you?" Sonny nodded his head in agreement. The Elder closed his eyes, and then opened them with a vague look upon his face.

"Light foot treads on battered path
Each step judged with careful math
Each thorn and bump across I meet
Move graceful with my aging feet
Destiny shaped with the choice I make
When I find two roads that I may take
In one path, the thorns draw blood
The dirt is dry, no life in bud
The other path holds a gentle rain
Gentle ground, no wounds, and no pain
Judge each with a measured eye
Beware the truths that nature lie
Think now where I want to go
And what seeds each path would sow
Take the path with most reward
Paid in pain I can afford."

Shaking his head, the Elder pulled out of his trance and looked towards Sonny.

"I don't know what it means," Sonny exclaimed.

The Elder smiled at him with understanding in his eyes. "It means that you have a hard path ahead of you, and that some of the answers that you have been seeking will be discovered underneath our very feet." He gestured his hands towards the opening to the underground entrance.

"Before I step into the door, I need to ask you a few questions," Sonny replied. "Do you know what happened to Ancon and how did you end up with the scrolls?"

The mouthy priest spoke up at this. "I think we all would like to know how that came to be."

Sonny glared the priest into silence once more. "Forgive him, Elder; he doesn't know any better."

The Elder Wind walked up to the priest that had spoken. He lifted his hand. The priest jerked as if ready to be hit. The Elder paused, and smiled, before tracing his hand over the cheek of the predator priest. The priest relaxed. A red trail appeared where the Elder had traced his finger and the priest began to feel a sharp burning pain a moment later. He screamed and tried to pull away, but a force was holding him in place.

"Elder Wind, although there is a possibility he is a traitor, he is still one of my vassals. I must beg you to leave him be until I have interrogated him myself." Sonny stood half a length from the elder and walked closer. The air became thick with tension as everyone stilled. Any false move and things could go pear-shaped. "We are supposed to be allies, are we not Elder?" he continued.

The Elder shook himself like a dog shaking out its fur. "Forgive me Prince; you are right."

"Thank you, Elder. Now, before we were rudely interrupted, you were going to tell me how you came across Priest Ancon and the scrolls?"

Whimpers could still be heard from the wounded Priest, but none dared pay him heed in front of the Elder. "Of course, Prince, after all it was I that transported the body here." Gasps slithered through the listening crowd. Sonny nodded his head at the confirmation of his guess earlier. "I found his body 3 miles west of here." The Elder said, "There is a slight mound in the ground. Our people had discovered that it was another entranceway into the underground city. The priest must have found it in this diary scroll of yours, and went to investigate. I found him impaled on a metal cylindrical device of some kind. So I decided to move his body here for you to see. Another hour, and the device would have consumed the entire body."

Sonny wanted to ask more questions. In particular, why had he not protected the priest? After all, the Elder had set him a task to follow. Yet, instinct told him, the Elder had finished answering any more questions, down this line of thinking anyway. It was time to descend into the entrance and hope that the Silver Sigil could keep all those with him safe against something that could eat an entire body. He looked steadily at the entrance. Gathering his thoughts, he looked at the Fey that were now under his command.

He felt inadequate to the task, yet he hid it well. He wasn't sure how well Fey would take orders from him and, never having worked with Fey before, he wasn't sure how well they would blend into the formations that made up many of the tactics common to Predators.

"Are your warriors able to use magic this close to my Sigil?" Sonny asked the Elder.

The Elders face remained passive for a second, yet Sonny detected a tightening around the eyes before he replied. "The warriors I brought with me are known for their physical capabilities. Their magic is more defensive and will be able to work around your sigil, as long as they are in close proximity to me."

Sonny nodded his head quickly and entered the doorway to the underground city.

Kiri was walking down a dusty and winding track, the trees above acting as shade from the heat. It had taken three full days to convince Kale to remain with his people while Kiri travelled into Prey Lands. Kale had ranted and raved, but Kiri's calm demeanour had never wavered. Kiri knew that Kale needed to remain with the Fey. They needed their Elder, and so did the forest. Kale had finally accepted the inevitable, and here was Kiri walking towards his destiny.

He had on a long white cloak with gold trim and the Western Fey Emblem of the moon and stars. It kept him snug and warm at night, cool during the warm weather, and dry on stormy days. Long green trousers and a green and gold doublet finished his garb. They held spells of protection against all elemental and physical attacks. They also had a neat cleaning spell that prevented any dirt from covering the garments. The Fey had turned clothing into a form of art that was indestructible and highly sought because of its properties. Kiri smiled at Kale's insistence upon the clothing and food.

Kiri sensed the presence of two people ahead. He wrapped the wind around him in a cloak of invisibility. Two young males, no older than 18, were racing through the woods towards Kiri. He sensed their eagerness to be alone, and the taboo against what they were planning to do. Lust dripped off them like a heavily scented flower. Lust still had a powerful draw on Kiri's libido, and he followed the psychic trail of desire. Over one rocky mound he came upon them. They already had most of their clothing off, and they were lying on the ground, one on top of the other.

One was blond and lay on the bottom, while the other was sandy haired. They had their lips locked with each other and neither seemed inclined to come up for air. The sandy haired boy started licking down the column of the other boys' throat and the blond groaned his pleasure to the world. Clothes went flying and Kiri got up close and personal to observe.

Flashbacks of him and Sonny flew through his mind as he watched the sandy haired youth lift the legs of the blond boy over his shoulders and slide his tongue into the crevice of the blond's ass. This was something that he had never thought of doing and it intrigued and excited Kiri to see it. The blond moaned his pleasure and thrust his ass up and down to get the tongue moving all over the hot pink sphincter. Kiri shuddered and felt as if it was his ass that was being coated with a hot moist tongue. He watched as the tongue darted in and out of the hole like a miniature cock. The blonde's head was thrown back, and his eyes were half closed in pleasure. His pale fore-skinned cock was hard and full. It leaked a small amount of pre-cum on his belly, as the sandy youth continued his ministrations with his tongue. It lasted for 5 minutes and Kiri was panting with avid interest.

The sandy haired boy raised his face up from the blonde's ass with a mischievous smile. He glided up over the blonde's body and kissed him full on the mouth. The blond moaned his pleasure and wrapped his legs around his lover above him. Kiri watched as the two boys rubbed their cocks against each other. Pre-cum and sweat making a wet, warm lube for friction. They both moaned and ground into each other harder. The blond rolled and ended up on top. With a triumphant smile, he kissed and bit on his lover's nipples and watched as the sandy haired boy moaned and shuddered beneath him.

Kissing his way down the smooth skin of his lover, the blond licked the tip of his lover's engorged cock and a trail of pre-cum came away like a delicate spider's web upon his tongue. The blonde smiled and licked once more, before sliding his lover's cock into his mouth. Kiri gasped and shuddered as he watched the blonde push the cock to the back of his throat. Taking a deep breath, he pushed it further down his throat. The sandy youth, gripping his lover's head, swore viciously at the pleasure coursing through him, and held onto the blonde's head.

"Stop or I will shoot!" the sandy youth exclaimed. "I want to be inside you when I cum," he finished.

The blonde smiled with satisfaction at a job well done, and spoke. "Ohhh yes please, Aramis." He gave a lascivious smile as he said it.

Aramis groaned. "Sharle, you will be the death of me."

"But won't it be a glorious way to go?" Sharle replied.

"Then put me inside of you," Aramis whispered, his eyes a deep dark pool of need.

Sharle continued to do just that. He put a large amount of saliva over the cock head, kissed it once more and told Aramis to hold it firm while he spread his ass cheeks. Sharle fumbled for a little bit before he had the head planted firmly over his sphincter, and then pushed down on it. The spongy head forced its way through the tight sphincter and Sharle gasped at the sensation until the large head popped past the muscle and deeper into his bowels. Aramis groaned and gripped onto his lover's hips. The pressure of his fingertips left red imprints on his sides, but Sharle didn't seem to mind in the least.

The two lovers grunted with satisfaction as Sharle sank all the way to the base on his lover. An ode to the fertility aspect of the Architect took place. Sharle rose up and down on Aramis, and felt his prostate being bumped and rubbed on each down stroke. He whimpered his pleasure and increased his pace. Aramis thrust upwards, and Sharle thrust down, and the rhythm increased as the pleasure began reaching to a point of no return. Moans and whimpers soon turned into grunts as the pace sped up, and the slapping of flesh on flesh became as loud as the grunts of pleasure.

Kiri felt the earth beneath the two lovers respond to the emotion and pleasure being played upon its skin. His inner eye opened and he watched the silver energy of the two merge with each other as they climaxed and screamed out their pleasure. The power generated was immense and pure; it almost became supernova in Kiri's inner eyesight. He flinched, before the power sank beneath the earth and regenerated the forest and plants in a six-mile radius.

The two lovers collapsed in post orgasmic bliss, and Kiri walked on, smiling at the amazing scene he had witnessed. The Prey society had a lot to offer if those two were anything to go by.


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